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Found It! – Startup Stories from Independent Entrepreneurs

Found It! – Startup Stories from Independent Entrepreneurs

By nuom
We all know the stories of Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Their success stories are told far and wide in the startup community. It's great to hear about Silicon Valley companies driving breakout success.

But what about the hundreds of thousands of small business, entrepreneurs and founders who are making waves in their industry outside the US bubble? We're here to tell their story.

Found It! is a podcast from nuom, a product design studio based in the UK. We work with startups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs to build great products.
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007: The business of laughter with Pete Cann - The Laughter Man

Found It! – Startup Stories from Independent Entrepreneurs

010: Digitising the Legal Sector with Anishka Prasad, founder of resolv
This week on the Found It! podcast we talk to Anishka who is the founder of the LegalTech SaaS platform 'resolv'. Anishka spotted a number of problems & challenges through her 12 years of experience working in the legal space. A sector that's lacked digital transformation. In this episode, we discuss how Covid in particular and working from home was impactful for that sector which just wasn't prepared for remote working. We also talk about the launch of her new product and how it helps bridge that gap and solve a problem in that space.
September 24, 2021
009: Redefining startup success with Guillaume Moubeche, founder of lemlist
Do you actually need to raise funds for your startup to be a successful entrepreneur? Founders often think that getting investors interested in their startup and raising the necessary funds to get their startup up-and-running means that their business is going to be a major success. Could this be a false assumption.  Today we talk to G. CEO and Founder of Lemlist - an automated sales email platform for businesses. We speak to him about how he started lemlist, how frugal innovation drove their early growth and what it was like saying no to a $30m investment when he needed it most. Enjoy Found It? Review and Subscribe 🌟
March 29, 2021
008: Boosting Your Creativity & Mental Wellness With Chris Baréz-Brown & Jim Lusty, Founders of Talk It Out
How often have you found yourself in a rut without any explanation for it? Your family's fine, your job's going great and your day's never been better yet you feel somehow off. Turns out 95% of our thinking is subconscious and we don't have control over it. Or do we? In this episode we speak to Chris Baréz-Brown & Jim Lusty, founders of Talk It Out - an innovative app that brings out your subconscious thinking and allows you to look at what it is that you are really saying to yourself and the feelings that's creating. We also talk about the benefits and challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, and how a mindset change can unleash the entrepreneur within.
March 15, 2021
007: The business of laughter with Pete Cann - The Laughter Man
They say laughter is the best medicine and one man's out there to prove them right. In this episode we speak to Peter Cann 'The Laughter Man' and his exciting journey as an entrepreneur. Pete's a man of many hats - from being a chef and a DJ to building a failed tech project and loosing £150k.  But in these dark times he discovered laughter yoga and after seeing the positive changes it had on his everyday life he went on a mission to share it with as many people as possible. Today, Pete's running a successful business spreading joy and laughter wearing one of his many hats - his red one.  Interested to find out more about Pete's unusual journey? Curious how you can enhance and wellbeing of everyone at your workplace? Tune in to this episode and find out! Enjoy Found It? Review and Subscribe 🌟
March 9, 2021
006: Connecting people with Giuseppe Milazzo, founder of Contapp
Remember business cards? Well handling them is a pain. They contain potentially the connection of a lifetime and you can easily loose them or leave them in your jacket pocket through the wash. Contapp is everything you wished your Business Card could do. It's a revolutionary, user-friendly way of organising and using Business Cards with unique functionalities, compared to conventional paper methods. Contapp is as simple as Scan, Save and Share. We spoke to Contapp's founder Giuseppe Milazzo. He spoke candidly to us about how he became an entrepreneur, why taking the risk is worth it and networking your way to success. Enjoy Found It? Review and Subscribe 🌟
March 1, 2021
005: Helping people spread the cost of purchases without the fuss with James Jones, Founder of AppToPay
AppToPay lets you spread the cost of any purchase made in your favourite stores without charging you interest or additional fees. We speak to their founder James Jones, about how he got started with AppToPay, what it's like jumping from retail to finance and the importance of prototyping.
January 18, 2021
004: Helping people get mortgage free, faster with Jinesh Vohra, founder and CEO of Sprive
Sprive are on a mission to help people live with less debt. Debt can have a significant impact on people’s lives and unfortunately the amount of personal debt in the UK continues to rise, with over £1.6 trillion being owed. In this episode, we talk to founder and CEO of Sprive,  Jinesh Vohra. We discuss the current mortgage market, how Jinesh got out of debt, why he left his executive job at Goldman Sachs to build a startup and why he's got big plans for getting everyone debt free. If you love the show, please give us a review and subscribe. If you'd like to be on the podcast, or know someone who would email us at NB. We had some audio issues with our mics, but we're getting it fixed for the next episode.
November 9, 2020
003: Delivering great experiences during lockdown with Calypso Rose, founder of Indytute and Deal Delivers
Tank fly boss walk jam nitty-gritty, You're listening to the podcast from the big bad city. This is jam hot. 🔥 This time around we talk to Calypso (Clippy) Rose. Clippy is the founder of the Indytute, an online gift experience retailer and Deal Delivers, a hyper-local directory of services such a local restaurants, shops & essential services that deliver direct to your door.  We talk to her about how she started on her journey, how a home-made bag started everything and how you 'do experiences' during a national lockdown.
October 26, 2020
002: Building a revolutionary employee health system with Will Mellors-Blair, founder of Fitpack
We spoke to Will, who is the founder and CEO of Fitpack. Fitpack is a revolutionary employee health system for businesses. We sat down and spoke to Will about his journey to this point, how playing football has shaped his leadership skills and why being vegan was a transformation for him. NB. We had some construction work outside which can be a little irritating but hey, deal with it.
October 2, 2020
001: Putting family fun on the map with Razlan and Leena from Kidz Diretc
We sat down a spoke to Kidz Diretc, a Malaysian/UK based startup helping parents find family-friendly events, activities and promotions all over the world. We sat down with their founders, Leena and Razlan about what it means to them to be entrepreneurs, bad luck, how they had to pivot due to COVID and building a product from your own pocket. We get in deep into the highs and lows of them releasing their first product, moving through the COVID pandemic and now growing and looking for investment.
August 14, 2020
Pilot: Martin & Rob Introduce the Podcast
Welcome to the first ever episode! The genesis. The beginning. The OG. Grandmaster Flash. Batman Begins. Rob and Martin get together in-front of a couple of microphones for the first time to actual put this idea into action. We talk about what we want from the podcast, Martin's background as a founder and also look towards the future episodes.
August 6, 2020