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How to raise $10M in 15 minutes with Vedran Vukman
Vedran talks about his $10M ICO raise with founderbounty and how he did it
August 25, 2022
How to get your startup or business funded by a Venture Capitalist Daniel Dilger
We talk to Daniel Dilger from Plug and play about what it takes to get your business funded by a top tier VC and also how to get into VC as a job.
August 25, 2022
Entrepreneur mindset and "joy" coaching with Sam Pearce
 A very important theme for every entrepreneur going through their first or second company or even doing their side hustle is entrepreneur mindset coaching or as Sam calls it "joy Coaching" with his company Train of thought.
July 12, 2022
Charles Hollinworth. Entrepreneur, and Founder on how to get into modelling and the industry
Our first founder interview was with Charles. A successful model based out of Columbia. We interview Charles about his modeling career and what it took to get into modeling and what avenues you can pursue in this area to get the best out of moving into the industry. The industry itself is known to be controversial. So make sure you are strong on the outside and on the inside. Charles gives us his thoughts on getting into modeling is not easy, managing the client base as well as thoughts about the industry.
July 11, 2022
Raising capital and building a business in the Middle East with Mohamad Kaswani
We had a great conversation with investor, entrepreneur and advisor Mohamad Kaswani who is based in Dubai. He talks about the investing landscape in the Middle East, startups, and his thoughts on the impact of an economic slowdown on early stage companies.   #bubai #founder #business #middleeast
May 25, 2022
How to Build a 100M$ portable battery company with Instagrid's Andreas Sedlmayr
We interviewed Andreas from Instagrid that just closed that 45M$ series B about what it takes to be a founder and about where the portable electric market is heading for the battery as a service company.
May 16, 2022
How to build a corona testing centre with Ed Heywood
This week we interview Ed Heywood a seasoned tech entrepreneur building out a corona test center at the peak of the corona pandemic. He goes through the challenges he has to face as a young entrepreneur and what advice he could pass down to other founders looking to start.
March 25, 2022
How to start a financial recruitment company and get hired in finance by Oliver Rolfe of Spartan International Executive Search
This week we talk to Oliver Rolfe about expanding his executive search firm and advice on how candidates can get hired in banking and finance. Olivers books: US  Amazon -
March 21, 2022
EU funding and grants for startups and companies with Louis Papaemmanuel
We had a chat with Louis, an expert in EU, Norway/Israel and turkey-based funding and grants for startups who owns the company my EU consulting, and talked to him about how he got started and what's next for EU funding for earlier companies, how the process works and whats the best way to get your company funded.
March 15, 2022
How to interview with YC with Founder Raouf Yousfi of Terra (YC)
We got a chance to interview one of the hottest startups in YC, Terra, which is an API that makes it easy for apps to connect to wearables. We wanted to know how they got started, what inspired them to build Terra, and where they see the future. We also wanted to know their thoughts on making good founders and what are the key takeaways in building your own startup as well as getting into YC. After meeting at imperial and meeting them at Antler i had a personal relationship and think they are some of the best founders around.
March 10, 2022