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Founders of Good

Founders of Good

By Fox Geere
My mission at Founders of Good is to share great resources for founders and co-founders of businesses with a purpose. Through interviews I feature fantastic Founders of Good and their skills, services, experience or products, and bring together a community of inspired founders.

I connect listeners to ideas, new approaches, growth mindset and (hopefully) make being a founder easier and get everyones positive impact reaching further.

It's sure to be engaging, exciting and focused on practical advice... with plenty of fun along the way. You can reach me on
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Considering Legacy with Nicky Krete from Very Tales
Today on Founders of Good we are joined by Nicky Krete, the founder of the new company Very Tales! Very Tales is just starting out but the vision for their work is to create visual representations of people's legacy in the format of a children's book. The company is rooted in Nicky's own values and one of the pillars of their work is to locate and explore the values of their customers too. Nicky believes that through this sort of exploration an individual can clarify and crystalize what they really want to be remembered for and how they want to live their life right now! We hear from Nicky about how this idea came about, the process of going full time into this endeavour, and some of the challenges that she has faced already. We discuss the importance of community and how support from peers can make all the difference in following your dreams and achieving them too. Nicky unpacks some of the more practical sides of the business and her hopes for what she might achieve with Very Tales. The company seems decidedly more focussed on values than profit but that does not mean that Nicky is unaware of how to run a functioning business! For this amazing meditation on inspiration bravery and connection, be sure to listen in with us! Key Points From This Episode: Nicky's elevator pitch about her business currently and its occupation with legacy. [0:01:05] The genesis for the idea behind Very Tales and the backdrop for its founding. [0:04:33] Early reactions and feedback about Nicky and Very Tales' work. [0:12:28] Challenges and strategies for the production of children's books about legacy. [0:13:27] The possibility of publicly sharing the books that are created. [0:16:51] Obstacles to these ideas coming to fruition; health and network support. [0:18:30] Resigning from a day job and making the jump into the new business. [0:22:03] How Nicky found her tribe and the benefit of co-working spaces and camps. [0:26:29] The actual work of making a vision come into being. [0:28:41] Stages in the process of the physical creation of the Very Tales books. [0:33:14] Replicating the procedure and standardizing the format for the story books. [0:38:20] The culmination of personal values and skills into a lifestyle and business. [0:45:35] Nicky's belief in making your own unique path, true to one's own ideals. [0:48:00] The essence of good ideas and holding onto kernels of inspiration. [0:51:30] What it means to reconnect with your own values for you and your network. [0:56:10] Links From Today’s Episode: Founders of Good Happy Startup School Very Tales Nicky Krete on LinkedIn Very Tales on Instagram
December 17, 2019