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Found in Estonia

Found in Estonia

By Tiina Pärtel, Kaisa Holsting
We talk with foreigners who have made Estonia their home.
Inspire more open-mindedness by sharing interesting stories and observations that many foreigners with their fresh eyes can offer.

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#14 John Avila from Colombia to Estonia - “Before coming to Estonia I was just a plain software engineer”

He says: "before coming to Estonia he was just a plain software engineer, .." Maybe his life changed after he started drinking kama with keefir for breakfast to blend in more or maybe it was thanks to the clever hack, how he learned to say the letter “Ö” in Estonian and probably getting into composing music had its contribution. We’ll find out through his highly entertaining stories. He also shares, why Colombian people are so intense in making eye contact. And how feelings in general are just not Estonian thing, except maybe, when it comes to our Singing festival. Then it’s a totally different story. Let us know, what you enjoyed the most! *
November 12, 2020
#13 Iryna Krepchuk from Belarus to Estonia
Iryna grew up in Belarus and moved to Tartu 6 years ago. We talk about Belarusian  language and its new wave, about how she uses Russian and English language in Estonia. We dive deep into her musical background. We talk about how much Estonians dislike talking on phones. We get into different local traditions Kadripäev, Mardipäev, Jaanipäev and the story of Tahma-Toomas - let us know, if you’ve heard about Tahma-Toomas before! And there are many more topics that we cover, so let’s start, enjoy! *
October 30, 2020
#12 Jaime Delgado - From Chile to Estonia
After living his entire life in Chile, Jaime decided it’s time to study abroad. After he convinced his parents, that yes this university he found on the other side of the world, is right fit for him, he did a little research, packed his bag and moved to Estona. First impressions after landing - wow, this country is so FLAT! Some other memorable impressions were seeing an Estonian hot dog for the first time, realising that his university building has its own sauna, people eating open sided sandwiches, not being able to find Pisco sour here and so much more. Click play to unfold the conversation! *
October 23, 2020
#11 Mathilde Roch-Penet - from France to Estonia
Mathilde is full of artsy vibes. She loves yoga, tattoos, travelling and Estonia. After her Erasmus year in Tallinn, she has moved away multiple times and always found her way back! Our laid back chat contained hilarious stories about sauna, 3-course eating habits in France, her first impressions about seeing Estonia's highest hill..  Stories behind her tattoos, how safe is it really to walk around in Tallinn, as a female, in the middle of the night. How she is constantly impressed, that you can see stars in the sky here and how she compares Estonians with jam and coconuts. Listen further in the episode itself! *
October 15, 2020
#10 Taavi Suikkanen - from Finland to Estonia

Taavi is from Finland or a guy without land, a European citizen? Yes, he’s going to elaborate on that. He is very open about, what annoys him about Estonia and Estonians. He shares his opinion about whether Estonians actually have their own standards, whether we should accept Russian language as our national language. The pressure of today’s society etc. Additionally he shares his views about HR and music industry. Listen further in the episode itself and enjoy! *
October 2, 2020
#9 Tati Beck- from Brazil to Estonia
Tati was living in Brazil, when 6 years ago, her boyfriend announced, that he is going to move to Estonia. She then read from Google, that Estonia is the best place in the world, to live surrounded by beautiful women. Well after reading that, her decision was easy, she decided she won’t let him move to Estonia alone. Now she says Estonia truly is a sweet spot and she really likes it here. Some things started finally making more sense here - like Santa wearing an actual winter coat and winter boots and Christmas songs being about snow. And something, that Tati was quite shocked about during summer time, was seeing people sunbathing in the middle of the street here. Listen further in the episode itself! *
September 24, 2020
#8 Ada Hisunova - from Ukraine to Estonia
Being born in Ukraine, she fell in love with Estonia and surprisingly came to learn Spanish language and literature here. She is so passionated about dancing, that, when seeing so many girls just waiting for guys to ask them to dancefloor, she decided, she’s going to learn the other side as well and now she’s giving dancing tips for men and women. She is crazy about Estonian pastry kohupiimatasku and she keeps a list of boardgames, that she has played or wants to buy. Oh and btw, her hair is pretty special too - one side of her hair is blue, other red! Listen further in the episode itself! *
September 17, 2020
#7 Shahab Abarjafari - from Iran/KKTC to Estonia

Being born in Iran, having lived in multiple countries and now having lived 8 years in Estonia, Shahab says for him Estonian culture is the perfect culture! He loves speed, cars, A.I., his cat and dog and most importantly the personality of Estonians and Estonian culture in general! He is the only computer vision scientist in the whole Estonia, he established the first and now the largest computer vision lab in the Baltics! He has a startup company: that analyses people based on how they express yourself in front of the computer. He has been elected as the best lecturer multiple times. He’s giving advice to Estonian Police, to many startups etc. And he was also the first person in Cyprus and in Turkey, who finished his Phd in 2 years time! Listen further in the episode itself! *
September 10, 2020
#6 Avery Schrader - From Canada to Estonia
Although Avery grew up in Canada, he still says his startup is Estonian - listen to his story of joining Estonian startup bubble and how he appreciates Estonian entrepreneurs supportiveness, especially how they give back to community. We also covered topics like: the Russian role on Estonia, between Estonian and South Western book salesmen, is his English getting worse here? Which summer hobbies do Estonians have and why does he think our cakes are weird :O - we really went deep with this chat let us know, what you remember from this episode! Listen further in the episode itself! *
September 4, 2020
#5 Buluthan Aktaş - From Turkey to Estonia
New homes can be find through Eurovision Song Contest - at least that turns out to be true for Buluthan. He moved here from Turkey. Among learning, that he now has his own candy here, he also discovered, that Asia is not the only place, where people enjoy eating plain rice. We’ll also make a deep dive into - are Turkish and Estonian languages similar? And how about Turkish and Azerbaijani? Listen further in the episode itself! *
August 28, 2020
#4 Rafiki Salieto - From Spain to Estonia
While watching TV in Northern Russia, Rafiki came to conclusion, that it’s his destiny to move to Estonia! He came here with a hobby, he had started, while living in Uzbekistan - visiting all the museums around him and boy, has he been committed! 200 different museum visits in Estonia and still going strong!? :O and he really says, there’s more to visit! On other topics - he now finds it hard to go to bars in Spain, is a fan of reflectors and made up a new term for Estonian drivers - ”complex of the first in line” - what does it mean? Well find out after pressing play button! *
August 20, 2020
#3 Chris Raastad - From USA to Estonia
Chris, our third guest, says he now feels somewhere between American and Estonian - “I'm never going to be Estonian. And I just, I don't make sense in America.” Turns out, all he needed to start taking Estonian language learning seriously, was to miss one train ride with his Erasmus friends. And thanks to singing in a choir, taking intensive language courses and bathing in “Estonian showers” as he calls it - he can now confidently add Estonian to one of the languages that he speaks. Listen more about, why he enjoys the minus degrees here, how he loves Estonian dairy products, about differences learning Estonian in Tartu vs in Tallinn and how he finds Estonian grocery stores relaxing. 😎 *
August 14, 2020
#2 Sandra Valle - From Mexico to Estonia
Even though the name does sound like Estonian, our guest for today is actually from far away Mexico. Nonetheless after living in Estonia for 10 plus years now, she has loads of interesting stories and observations about both of those countries to share with us. After living in Estonia for 10+ years, she can now honestly confirm her husbands description of Estonia - Estonia and Mexico are opposite. You’re feeling confused? Yep, so did Sandra. Listen to, why there are no SPA’s in Mexico, how Estonian can be used as a secret language, Sandra’s love for “heeringas” and why you shouldn’t smile too much during Estonian winters. Listen further from the episode itself! *
August 4, 2020
#1 Rufat Dargahli - from Azerbaijan to Estonia
Rufat feels home both at Tartu and Tallinn, but was actually born in a city of 4mil people, in Baku, Azerbaijan. We will hear how Rufat recognises Estonians on the street, how he already grew up with the love for potatoes, why the word “allahindlus” made him think all the shops in Estonia are religious! How he managed to get locked up in a local church. Also how Estonian weather is similar to Kinder surprise! Listen further from the episode itself! *
August 4, 2020
#0 Meet your hosts: Tiina and Kaisa
Get to know the hosts of this show - both speak at least 5 languages, have lived abroad multiple times and have introduced themselves and their country to others countless times. Hear how they describe, what being an Estonian means to them, what are their favorite memories growing up and what are they planing with this podcast.
August 4, 2020