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The Byte Talk Show

The Byte Talk Show

By FourZero

We will cover a multitude of subjects each week, Business, Marketing, Services, Tools, Life, food and much more.
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Chrome extensions for web designer or developers

The Byte Talk Show

Coolors Generate or browse beautiful colour combinations for your designs Mobile apps, Figma plugin, chrome Free 5 colours per palette, save 10 palettes, 1 project, 1 collection Pro ups all of this and give much more 3 or 5€ per month Happy Hues - See colour palette inspiration on a real example website. As you click on different palettes every colour on this site updates to give you context of how that colour could be used for your design or illustration projects. Curated colors in context. Not sure what colors to use in your designs or where to use them? Happy Hues is a color palette inspiration site that acts as a real world example as to how the colors could be used in your design projects. UI Gradients - UI Gradients is a handpicked collection of beautiful colour gradients for designers and developers. Who odes not love a gradent Picular - Picular is a rocket fast primary colour generator using Google’s image search. If you ever needed the perfect yellow hex code from a banana, this is the tool for you. Colourmind Colormind is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning. It can learn colour styles from photographs, movies, and popular art. Adobe Colour wheel Colour wheel can be used to generate a colour palette, which can be saved to Adobe CC or any software that supports the format Brandcolours The biggest collection of official brand colour codes around. If you need a brand colour you should find it here. It is quicker that looking on the brands site. Colourlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create and share colours, palettes and patterns, articles about colours and more Most of these sites will give you the RGB value, HSL, CYMK & LAB all will provide you with the HEX
May 03, 2022
Email service and which is the best option for your business
Email service and which is the best option for your business
Zoho Mail GSuite Office 365 Free Hosted No the part that you have to think about is the price you want to spend per month based on the number of users you have some services give you 3-5 users for free with the basic parts provided.
April 13, 2022
Chrome extensions for web designer or developers
Chrome extensions for web designer or developers
Browser Compatibility Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge and any Chromium-based browsers What The Font(What Font New) Window Resizer Clear Cache Image Downloader Grammarly Turn off the Lights Google Keep Notion Boost Bear Emoji Keyboard Show website
April 09, 2022
Intro To FourZero Podcast
Intro To FourZero Podcast
Just a small intro to the new FourZero Podcast.
April 07, 2022