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The Fox and the Phoenix

The Fox and the Phoenix

By Savannah Hauk, Author & Julie Rubenstein, Style Consultant
Understanding the Feminine Crossdressing Experience

To de-mystify, humanize, and celebrate the crossdressing community, providing a positive and realistic understanding through conversation between a crossdresser and a cis-ally.
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058 - Unpacking the Trip
In this episode, Julie shares her angst for her upcoming trip to the beautiful state of Colorado--visiting the picturesque locales of Aspen and Denver. After months in a pandemic quarantine, a reluctant social reintroduction, and a two-week trip to visit family, Julie just wanted to buy clothes for the trip that would serve to allow her to feel comfortable, blend in, and just be seen (or not seen) as one of the hundreds of other denizens in town. Of course, Savannah worries about Julie losing herself to a style and authenticity not her own and shares her own worries and struggles of standing out and blending in when crossdressing and out in public. Sometimes, the efforts to be accepted are not in line or the same as being true to your own spirit.
October 13, 2021
057 - Shrinking From A Fight
In this episode, Julie admits that she took down a post on a Facebook member group after being called out with a "crossdressers aren't trans" comment. What follows is a conversation about being bullied and how it affects our sense of belief and belonging. How do we stand up for ourselves in the face of adversity, whether the adversary is coming from a place of malice, ill intent, ignorance, or superiority? Whether a male-to-female crossdresser or a cis-female LGBTQ ally, it all takes practice and purpose on a daily basis.
October 6, 2021
056 - Wearing Our Labels
In this episode, Julie and Savannah chat about how the next-door neighbors finally happened about Savannah. Smells like an opportunity to share!! On the heels of that revelation, our co-hosts tackle the topic of the subjective labels that women are forced to wear--bitch, slut, whore, sexy, goddess, fierce--and how it relates to how people see us and how we see ourselves. How do these words take our power away.. and how do we gain power from them? How do crossdressing men deal with taking power from their own labels like "tranny", "sissy", and more?
September 29, 2021
055 - A Revealing Correspondence
In this episode, Julie brings a letter from a dual-gender person named Amelia. In this letter, Amelia reveals herself to certain family members she was ready to share with. As the reading goes on, we discover Amelia also was mindful enough to both ask and answer common questions and misconceptions about revealing "I am a crossdresser" to another who is new to being associated to someone in the community. Savannah and Julie dissect the letter and the questions, also adding in their own stories along the way!
September 22, 2021
054 - All in the Family
In this episode, Savannah has news she wants to share with Julie! On a trip back to New York and Connecticut, Savannah's cis-girlfriend, Judy, took things to the next level by sharing Savannah's identity to her daughters and their families. What results is a wonderful collection of stories about revealing one's authenticity, and seeing and hearing acceptance and celebration of gender diversity through the lenses of family members who matter most. 
September 15, 2021
053 - The Language of the Body Beautiful
IN THIS EPISODE, Julie broaches the topic to Savannah of how male-to-female crossdressing people can find ways to tap into their feminine side by way of exploring the art of feminine body language. By exploring the physical space in and around the body, non-binary men can better equip themselves in small unassuming ways with mindfulness of how they carry themselves in public. From paying attention to how women express themselves through delicate hand motions, to achieving the illusion of a smaller physical frame, to practicing posture, poise, and walking... there are always simple tips and tricks to succeeding in our physical feminine presentations.
September 8, 2021
052 - Crossdressing Accords (part 2)
IN THIS EPISODE, Savannah pitches the idea that finding out, discovering, or being told that you are in a relationship with a male-to-female crossdressing partner isn't as glamorous a situation as one might think. From the inherent worry of competing "woman to woman" with your male partner on who can achieve the most feminine expression, to worrying about whether the male partner's expectation for femininity is something outside the significant one's reach, to the concern that the cis-partner will be left behind, what may result is a power play to gain control or the upper hand in the relationship. Whether based in fear, protection, embarrassment, or shame, each partner needs to be held responsible with the human life that hold in their hands. Part 2 of 2.
September 1, 2021
051 - Crossdressing Accords (part 1)
IN THIS EPISODE, Savannah pitches the idea that finding out, discovering, or being told that you are in a relationship with a male-to-female crossdressing partner isn't as glamorous a situation as one might think. From the inherent worry of competing "woman to woman" with your male partner on who can achieve the most feminine expression, to worrying about whether the male partner's expectation for femininity is something outside the significant one's reach, to the concern that the cis-partner will be left behind, what may result is a power play to gain control or the upper hand in the relationship. Whether based in fear, protection, embarrassment, or shame, each partner needs to be held responsible with the human life that hold in their hands.  Part 1 of 2.
August 25, 2021
050 - Book 'em, Dano, The Big Five-O
IN THIS EPISODE, Julie surprises Savannah with a savory and sweet salvo of audio clips from previous favorite and important episodes... all leading up to this milestone 50th episode. Even Savannah has a trick up her sleeve to surprise the lovely Julie. From spending a year of virtual holidays together to talking about a myriad of male-to-female crossdressing topics, Julie and Savannah enjoy a trip down memory lane for the birth of The Fox and the Phoenix Podcast.
August 18, 2021
049 - The Cycle of the Rumor Mill
In this episode, Julie brings up a topic from a friend who was on the verge of purging her feminine life after being subjected to people talking in a derogatory way about queer folx in front of her while in male mode. This brings up all sort of pain points because we, as a community who typical lead a stealth life, overhear so many disgusting and anti-LGBTQ+ viewpoints from friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members. Why would we continue striving for an authentic part time feminine life when all we hear is stigmatic dogma about "our kind"? The answer? Find validation with the right communities and the most relevant resources. From there... the pursuit of truth, authenticity, courage and self-confidence can be found... and fostered.  And, if all that wasn't enough, Savannah finally admits to Julie that Julie was right. Why? Because a certain Starbucks patron and cyclist told Savannah that she had struck his fancy the first time they had met. Must have been the silver sci-fi anime hair!! ;-)
August 11, 2021
048 - To TEDx and Back
In this episode, Savannah and Julie discuss the wild ride of the no-longer secret TEDx Talk Savannah did for the North Carolina State University TEDx affiliate program. The dynamic duo break down the process for Savannah, from the submission development process to actually standing on stage and facing the production crew and cameras. Savannah and Julie's hope is that this TEDx Talk can raise awareness for the community, help to empower those needing support and those who have a loved one struggling with their understanding what crossdressing is, and show that anyone can be visible and vocal--without being the villain!!
August 4, 2021
047 - Road Visibility to TEDx
In this episode, Julie asks Savannah what the hub-bub is about with all the secrecy around one of Savannah's clandestine projects. Well, the secret is out as Savannah shares that she was selected to do a TEDx Talk and that this would be the first dual-gender male-to-female crossdresser-centric TEDx Talk ever recorded!! From the angst of the fast-track preparation to the the pressure Savannah put on herself of wanting to do the best talk she could for crossdressing men everywhere, Savannah talks about how this moment will change her forever, making her more vulnerable and visible to anyone who happens across the Talk once it goes online for everyone to see--including if family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers connect the dots between Savannah's female and male personas.
July 28, 2021
046 - Padding the Truth
In this episode, Julie and Savannah get into the meat of things as they chew the fat on wanting the extra junk in the trunk, bodacious ta-tas, and hips that don't lie. What are the methods in which to transform the inherently male physique into the woman of your dreams, both on your body and staring back at you in the mirror. From water to food products to foam to silicone, these co-hosts cover the bases for getting that base... no trouble.
July 21, 2021
045 - Human Resources
In this episode, Savannah regales Julie with her meeting with a crossdressing man, Johnnie, and their wife, Angie. During that meeting, Angie mentioned her search for resources to help her process what her husband had shared seemed to be a fruitless expedition. From friends and family, to professionals, the clergy, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, the search for understanding what crossdressing is and can mean within a coupling, for them, was wrought with disappointment. Resources are important... very, very important... for both the male-to-female crossdresser and their loved one. How can any of us find enlightenment about what crossdressing means when our thirst for knowledge and understanding is filled with obstacles and misinformation? Check out these resources and know there are so many others to discover. Instagram @the_crossdressers_wife MORE RESOURCES @
July 14, 2021
044 - Quiz Show (part 2)
In this second parter of our ask and answer session, Julie continues quizzing Savannah with her series of long-awaited questions from the listening audience. From advice from one feminine crossdresser to another, to our co-hosts' favorite moments and episodes, to wanting to know if Savannah ever did share the bottom of her feet with anyone for money, Julie and Savannah tackle it all!
July 7, 2021
043 - Quiz Show (part 1)
In this episode, Julie surprises Savannah with a series of long-awaited questions from the listening audience. From advice from one feminine crossdresser to another, to our co-hosts' favorite moments and episodes, to wanting to know if Savannah ever did share the bottom of her feet with anyone for money, Julie and Savannah tackle it all!
June 30, 2021
042 - Blue Sky - The Way Women Are Seen
YOU'RE LISTENING TO BLUE SKY ...  In this episode, Julie speaks passionately and fiercely about how women are viewed and treated in a Man's world, from the workplace glass ceiling for females, to sexual victimization by male predators, to the feelings the fear engrained in the feminine psyche (akin to how many crossdressing men feel when they leave the safety of home) from an early age by guardians and mentors who should have taught them a better way. From there, the conversation gets lighter with Julie's rendition of a song she sang at a wedding and Savannah's inability to remember who became a bloated blueberry at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Lastly, Savannah's talks about her love for crafts and DIYing shows and neutrality about male-centric sports and trivia sometimes leaves her outside social conversations. 
June 23, 2021
041 - Hey, Baby! I Love Giving You Pet Names!
In this episode, Savannah airs her grievances to Julie concerning unsolicited private messages through social media where the opening line sounds more like a catcall or pick-up line than a genuine start to a conversation and possible friendship. Has Savannah "aged out" because she has become impatient and intolerant to the gushing pick-up lines versus being utterly flattered by the admiring attention? Maybe, Savannah is finally getting a taste of what women have had to deal with from pursuing men for a multiple of generations? Where is the line drawn dividing good taste and genuine interest with aggressive and unwanted attention? Julie and Savannah tackle this topic from several angles to discuss the somewhat blurry and moving line of whats wanted and appropriate between consenting parties.
June 16, 2021
040 - Breaking Open the Closet Door... Again
In this episode, Julie reads a message from a male-to-female crossdressing person named Candice. In the social media letter Candice describes her experience of coming out to her wife, only to recede back into a self-imposed closet when it came to her feminine identity and gender. Julie and Savannah tackle personal experiences and anecdotes about what's like to choose to lock oneself--or, surprisingly, find oneself--back in the closet. What are the reasons we pace our fashionable cages like lionesses, under metaphorical lock and key? What can we do to ensure we can be comfortable and free in our gender expressions?
June 9, 2021
039 - Facing the Purge
In this episode, Julie and Savannah discuss the physical and psychological circumstances and conditions for why crossdressing men feed the need to purge everything that serves as a reminder of their feminine expression. But, purging of all of your wigs and heels and dresses and makeup is purely the physical manifestation of a more deep-rooted issue. Whether the purge is based on a partner's ultimatum, the result of self-loathing and the shame of believing yourself abnormal, the fear of a near-discovery, or simply because you don't feel the urge to dress anymore, the real issue is not about the getting rid of the material reminders of the feminine, but of the mental reminders of part of the spirit you embody.
June 2, 2021
038 - Vulnerability on the Rocks with a Tranny Chaser
In this episode, Julie tells Savannah a listener was a little disappointed with the "020 - Gurl Crush" episode. While hearing about how being validated online and in person for our feminine appearance can be fulfilling and uplifting, it neglected to explore the more seedy underbelly of those admirers who cross the line from compliments to more uncomfortable excessive and offensive sexual advances. How do transwomen and male-to-female crossdressers protect themselves from an onslaught of unsolicited sexual propositions, unwanted phallic imagery, and repetitive or unrelenting messages of admiration and objectification? Simply put... you are the one in charge with the power. Don't ever let anyone make you feel "less than" or victimized for the sensual feminine spirit you are.
May 26, 2021
037 - Blue Sky - Holidays and the Chill, Revisited
YOU ARE LISTENING TO BLUE SKY In this episode, Julie and Savannah harken back to cooler weather by revisiting the winter sun and the chill that grips the air from late October to well into the new year. Julie reminiscences about the erotic nature of New England snow days as a youth, breast reductions, the arcane practices of the ju-jus, and how jewish mothers will always want their children to keep back-up diaries. From a podcast so surreal to the want to be deemed worthy by the right people, and from triggers that we recognize but still fall prey to... sometimes it just comes down to a hard cider and a banana muffin with chocolate frosting in the morning to make the rest of the day better.
May 19, 2021
036 - The Divinity of Femininity
In this episode, Julie braves the perceived West Coast-ish juju of the divine femininity and how it applies to those men with necessary feminine personas. We are all comprised of masculine and feminine energy. Some live with these two energies in near-perfect balance and harmony. Other are content with a more consistent masculine or more feminine identity and presentation. For the man who uses crossdressing to express a more binary feminine identity, the idea of the divine feminine takes on a whole new level of meaning.  According to Suzanne Kingsbury, “the Divine Feminine is an energy that has been with us since ancient times. Consciousness is basically divided up into the ‘masculine’ side and the ‘feminine’ side, and we need both to achieve our highest creative potential." 
May 12, 2021
035 - Sexual Healing
In this episode, Savannah reads a Facebook post to Julie from Cristianne K. What follows is a discussion and content dissection about how fetishistic and escapist male-to-female crossdressing early in adolescence and young adulthood can evolve and morph into a more "normalized" and "everyday" feminine expression somewhat disconnected from the sexualized sinews of the past. Savannah and Julie do not demonize or marginalize those who simply enjoy the sexual experiences while dressed enfemme, but focus instead on the fact that some journeys are destined to become grander and more visible as a fully-fleshed and -formed feminine identities. Regardless of the extent and destinations for our feminine dressing, all are welcome and included. 
May 5, 2021
034 - Significant Ones, One Super-Sized Episode
In this episode, Savannah and Julie searched the planet for cis-female partners of MTF crossdressing men. Asking questions about the wonderful benefits of having a crossdressing man in your life to the difficulties that come from such a partnership, Julie and Savannah get to the heart of the what makes these relationships tick... tick... tick... without going BOOM! Each journey has its own story written by two writers. Sometimes the narratives overlap and sometimes they tell completely different tales.
April 28, 2021
033 - Baby's Day Out
In this episode, Savannah is overly excited to regale Julie with her experience when wife Gaby covertly planned a surprise makeover for her husband Kaitlyn. Staying in a local hotel under the guise of relatives meeting their beautiful baby girl, the four of us even took Kaitlyn out for her first time out in public to a restaurant for sandwiches--GASP! Join Savannah and Julie as they talk through the entire experience... start to finish! 
April 21, 2021
In this episode... Julie and Savannah reach 10,000 listens!! 'Nuff Said!! Thank you so much to our listeners!!
April 19, 2021
032 - A Crossdressing COVID Life
In this episode, Savannah and Julie revisit the crossdressing experience as it pertains to life during the COVID pandemic. Julie reads messages from listeners with real stories of how social distancing, masks, and being shuttered at home has positively or negatively affected their feminine expressions. While some have used 2020 as a way to further investigate their femininity, others have had to put their femme experiences on hold until the world opens up again.
April 14, 2021
031 - Hate Male
In this episode, Savannah reads aloud a comment from a social media user on one of her "Living with Crossdressing - Defining a New Normal" Facebook profile post pics. The negative message talks about "... God judging..." her, the fact that no amount of surgery or drugs will change that she "... will always be a man...", and the fact there "... is nothing normal about..." her being a feminine being. Julie and Savannah quickly get to work to unpack the message itself, the possible reasons for such an unsolicited memo, and the whys of the person behind the note. What happens when people receive these messages on a constant basis online--and from friends and family? How do we rise above the negative talk and chaos makers? Take a listen!
April 7, 2021
030 - Blue Sky - Expectations, Karaoke, and Meaty Tucks
YOU ARE LISTENING TO BLUE SKY In this episode, Julie and Savannah cover a gamut of conversation... from setting realistic expectations when going out to the magic of self-publishing... from Savannah's excitement of wearing top-to-toe fashion and accessories in black and white to  doting on her friend Dottie... from the case of the missing laptop to the perils of body positivity... from Julie's musical broadway serenades to her fear of karaoke... all finishing with a love of thigh-high stockings on freshly shaved legs and meaty tucks!
March 31, 2021
029 - Calculating Gender Percentages
in this episode, Julie talks about the coziness of hot apple cider and asks Savannah about the ending to a recent blog post to better understand how Savannah can take up 75% of her closets and dressers, only be visible for a few hours once a week, but still maintain a healthy 50/50 balance between Chuck's masculinity and Savannah's femininity.  How does a dual-gender person keep their femininity "put away" for a large percentage of time without losing sight of that part of their whole self?
March 24, 2021
028 - Luscious, Lavish and Lacquered Lamination
In this episode, Julie dips a toe in the water by asking Savannah about going to get a pedicure with her girlfriend.  From the soles of her feet, to the massaging and lotion on the calves, to the beautiful deep red polish on her little toes, Savannah regals in positivity of the experience. But, feeling pretty and feminine every time one looks down can be a double-edged sword, especially if  violently triggered by the possible appearance of a delivery man peeping at naked painted feet. This, and a lot more, is tackled in this conversation!
March 17, 2021
027 - Semi-Decent Proposal
In this week's episode, Savannah reveals a deep, hidden secret to Julie... namely, the fact that a member of Instagram approached Savannah through a message to ask if Savannah would be willing to send them pictures of her feet for a fee. What follows is an in-depth discussion about Savannah's fascination about the topic and allure of what a foot fetish is (podophilia), how it compares to adoring other parts of the body (partialism), and whether Savannah should pursue this request... and what to charge!
March 10, 2021
026 - Gender and Sexuality
In this week's episode, Julie and Savannah discuss a topic from Savannah's second book, "Living with Crossdressing: Discovering Your True Identity", where Savannah brings up the fact that our biology and gender identity and expression have little authority over who we find attractive and who we find ourselves drawn to sexually and romantically. The conversation soon morphs into how these same concepts can be attributed to how a cis-partner may see their crossdressing partner. Can partners navigate a path to finding the soul of their partners? Can crossdressing men find it in themselves to embrace both their gender identity and sexuality with the understanding that one does not necessarily mirror the other?  QUIZ: My Biology My Gender Identity My Gender Presentation My Pronouns My Sexual Attractions My Romantic Attractions
March 3, 2021
025 - Blue Sky - Crossdressers' Motto... Always Be Prepared
YOU'RE LISTENING TO BLUE SKY In this episode... Savannah and Julie discuss what happens in the situation where after you have revealed yourself to your partner (significant other) and she finally says she's ready to see you transformed into your feminine state, you balk and are hesitate to share your female presentation with her. Why hold back? What are you afraid of? Savannah and Julie get to the bottom of it all!
February 24, 2021
024 - The Effects of Aging... Are We Like A Fine Wine?
In this week's episode, Julie asks a question based on her daughter's perception of how old people look to her and a recent brush with her own recent birthday "trauma". What happens when crossdressing men finally start their feminine journey of self expression? What happens when these feminine goddesses try to race the clock in experiencing all ages of girlhood and womanhood, even if starting at a later age? Crossdressing men face an experience where their time in their feminine presentation is limited in scope, experience, and physical breath of time. More so, how do dual-gender folx find time to find their inherent style without the time to practice and explore and experience their femme life? Savannah and Julie tackle finding one's personal fashion sense and style, the psychology of how wisdom of one's self comes from age, and how nostalgia takes away the importance of our experiences past  and worry clouds our beauty and success in the future.
February 17, 2021
023 - The Cost of Chasing Beauty
In this episode, Savanah brings a text conversation to the table from the wife of a crossdressing husband, highlighting her feelings of insecurity of her own beauty in direct comparison to her husband's makeup skill and the pretty presentations of other crossdressers she has come across on social media. From harsh criticism as a child from parents, to the social pressures to live up to the always-shifting benchmarks of beauty, to finding the fleeting comfort in one's own skin, Julie and Savannah tackle the topic by reinforcing positive external validation, shattering our slavery to what is considered beauty, and asking the listeners to focus on their own internal voice that needs room and breath to shout out, "Hey, I AM beautiful!".
February 10, 2021
022 - Blue Sky - Being Corny, Technical , Inquisitive, and Self-Reliant
YOU'RE LISTENING TO BLUE SKY In this episode... Julie laughs at how corny Savannah is! Then, our co-hosts talk about being their own advocates when it comes to understanding themselves in a way not thought possible and speaking up for their needs. 
February 5, 2021
021 - Leaving Masculinity Behind?
Julie brings the difficult discussion topic in this episode about the how masculinity plays a part in the friction between non-transitioning and transitioning transgender folx.  While dual gender individuals have the privilege of slipping between their masculinity and femininity, transitioning women find that their worlds have drastically changed as they find themselves without the male privilege they had grown up with.  How can crossdressers and transitioned women find both their diversity and their commonalities that will unite them together with understanding?  And, Julie puts Savannah on the spot with a "top three" question related to the topic!
February 3, 2021
020 - Gurl Crushes
In this episode, Julie asks Savannah about what it means to have active admirers on social media. From male admirers looking for intimacy to other crossdressing men searching for validation for themselves and happy to provide it to others, how does one navigate the adoration and, sometimes, the content that crosses from the side of innocent flirtation to the other side of unwanted attention? 
January 27, 2021
019 - Oversexed and Underage
In this episode, Savannah reads a text from Skye--a reader of her first book, "Living with Crossdressing: Defining a New Normal"--where she exclaims  she just realized that she couldn't have had sexualized experiences with her crossdressing at the age of five or six. Julie and Savannah delve deep into the mythos of why both lifelong crossdressers and the general public automatically assume crossdressing is intrinsically linked to sexual gratification. 
January 20, 2021
018 - Feminized By Force
In this episode, Savannah and Julie unpack what it means to be forced feminized, as it applies to male-to-female crossdressers and trans-women. Julie regales Savannah with her experiences with interpersonal interactions, and Savannah responds with her own perspective and experiences. Can a man really be forced into feminization? Or, is that just fictional fantasy erotica stories? And, what does it actually mean to be "forced"? The psychology is fascinating, to be sure.
January 13, 2021
017 - Shame, Shame, Shame...
In this episode, Savannah and Julie discuss the shame that causes many male-to-female crossdressers to continually hide who they are in terms of their developing dual gender identity and need for periodic feminine expression. Why is it so many build bunkers around their hearts and minds purely set on protecting this ultimate secret of the authentic self? Fox and the Phoenix take a stab at dissecting the reasons why and how to slowly break down their self-imposed (and socially-indoctrinated) walls.
January 6, 2021
16.2 - Say Goodbye to 2020, Beyotches!!
YOU'RE LISTENING TO BLUE SKY. In this episode, Savannah and Julie say goodbye to 2020 with a series of terrible 2020 countdowns, some drunk-not-drunk sing-songs, and a conversation of the ills and gains of COVID in 2020. As the balls drop (around the world, that is).  Julie and Savannah give thanks and focus on the possibilities of a brand new year. We look forward to you, oh glorious 2021. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
January 1, 2021
Blue Sky 16.1 - Creature Comforts, the new Sta-bys, and Inappropriate Behavior
YOU'RE LISTENING TO BLUE SKY In this episode... Savannah and Julie discuss selling off companies and franchising, the creation of a new joint restaurant chain venture between a famous coffee chain and America's Roast Beef, Yes Sir, clinging to creature comforts in the wake fo the pandemic, dress shopping adventures, and Julie's inappropriate behavior and how she's matured now that she's all grown up!
December 30, 2020
016 - Where Can I Go?
Bear witness to Savannah's panicky caffeine-ageddon. A listener message leaves our cohosts wondering how best to help crossdressers know how and where to go out in public safely. Julie and Savannah provides a few guidelines about how to figure that out. Then, more conversation about recognizing our self-imposed misconceptions and perceptions about what we think others think about us. The hunt is on for locating safe havens, donning appropriate outfits to serve as our empowering armor, and finding champions to our cause and defense.
December 23, 2020
015 - The Handsome Beautiful Letter
Julie reads a letter from a listener. What are we to do when we want to be described as beautiful and cute and pretty... even if presenting in a way that is more slanted to being described as handsome, rugged or debonair. We use adjectives to describe people, usually using terms that are stereotypically reserved for use to one or the other gender. How do we overcome words that are stereotypical? How can we look in the mirror and see those adjectives for ourselves?
December 16, 2020
Blue Sky 14.1 - Fighting the Stereotypes
What begins as a question about the appropriateness (or editing out) of Savannah trying to do a Jewish accent on air for a previous episode becomes a deeper conversation about Julie's understanding and struggle to hold onto her history and culture in modern America, the debate and circumstance of when to stand out versus blend in when it comes to your unique individual fashion style... and, what is Fetlife?
December 9, 2020
014 - Say My Name!
Julie poses the hard question to her co-host, "How did you come up with the name Savannah?".  From the legendary convention of taking your first pet's name and the street you grew up on, to a deep-dive discussion of the power a name brings or can have attributed to it, Julie and Savannah take the listener down the rabbit hole of what a name means to each of us, and how it can empower or diminish with just the tone of a person's utterance of it. 
December 2, 2020
Blue Sky 13.1 - Gobble Gobble, Y'all!
Welcome to another BLUE SKY bonus episode! In this episode, Savannah and Julie give thanks to each other, the podcast, the listeners, and to those they hold dear in this special holiday bonus. Savannah tells stories of Thanksgivings without travel and turkeys. Julie reminiscences about her love of stuffing,  awkward people watching, and the importance of Friends-givings. At the end, they do a rapid-fire "what am I thankful for" top ten! Enjoy the episode AND enjoy your holiday!
November 26, 2020
013 Make Up Test
What happens when Julie asks Savannah about her make-up routine? Well, the result is a multi-step tutorial from shower to hair... and every step in between. And, as usual, Savannah and Julie meander off topic as they discuss about the psychology of the love/hate relationship of our clothes, understanding the physicality nature of the face, and how to optimize the minutes it takes to be "goin-out" ready! 
November 25, 2020
012 - What Does Transgender Even Mean? (part 2)
NOTE: This episode deals with a topic that may be triggering for some listeners. What happens when Savannah surprises Julie with a topic that Savannah knows is one she and Julie disagree on? Well, in the second of this two-part episode, Savannah and Julie uncomfortably tackle the issue of what the term Transgender means. Savannah has her point of view from her experience and research while Julie brings to bare her own quality time and consultation  with her transgender clients. While their points of view may differ, both Savannah and Julie come to the podcast table with the truth as they understand it in their hearts.
November 18, 2020
011 - What Does Transgender Even Mean? (part 1)
NOTE: This episode deals with a topic that may be triggering for some listeners. What happens when Savannah surprises Julie with a topic that Savannah knows is one she and Julie disagree on? Well, in the first of this two-part episode, Savannah and Julie uncomfortably tackle the issue of what the term Transgender means. Savannah has her point of view from her experience and research while Julie brings to bare her own quality time and consultation  with her transgender clients. While their points of view may differ, both Savannah and Julie come to the podcast table with the truth as they understand it in their hearts.
November 11, 2020
Blue Sky 10.1 - Long Exhale for Many
Welcome to another BLUE SKY episode. These are bite-sized episodes for your listening pleasure. In this episode, Savannah and Julie touch on the week of the election, the anticipation leading up to Tuesday, and the historic and news-worthy rollercoaster of emotions in the aftermath during the rest of the week as the votes were counted and the Nation held its collective breath. They voice their individual emotions and thoughts, while still allowing and experiencing for empathy and compassion all Americans.
November 9, 2020
010 - Dude Looks Like a Lady
While Julie instantly connected with Savannah after meeting her virtually as guests on another podcast, Julie struggled to come to terms with meeting Savannah's male alter-ego, Chuck, for the first time. Julie shares her hesitation and reluctance to meeting Savannah in male-mode for the first time, and how she managed to overcome this strange role-reversal of accepting her co-host's gender duality and actual biology.
November 4, 2020
009 - Halloween... the Crossdressers' Christmas
It's that time of year again. The spooky and hallowed eve when women shed their layers for something with "sexy" in the title and when crossdressers  used the cover of darkness--and the throngs of costumes neighbors, families, friends, and co-workers--to secretly express their need to publicly dress enfemme. But, it is both the season of the witch and the season of the pandemic. What does one do when this most sacred of crossdressing holidays becomes something altogether different this October 31st? Will it be a scary time? Or, will it still be filled with tricks-and-treats?
October 28, 2020
Blue Sky 8.2 - Miscellaneous October Musings
Welcome to another BLUE SKY episode. These are bite-sized episodes for your listening pleasure! In this episode, Savannah and Julie have strung together three topics that include halloween costumes, the habit of hitting the snooze bar, having confidence in oneself in order to beat back our fears of revealing ourselves to loved ones, the confusion about people thinking crossdressing is just a hobby, the head-scratcher of the difference between an analogy and a metaphor, the innocence of children, and more!
October 23, 2020
Blue Sky 8.1 - Oops! I Did It Again!
Welcome to the fourth BLUE SKY episode! These are bite-sized for your listening pleasure! Savannah regales the always supportive and lovely Julie with a second tale of accidental discovery. This time, Savannah misuses technology so badly as to reveal herself to her girlfriend's youngest adult daughter... and the hijinks commences. What will happen this time? Will Savannah be caught with her skirt down? Will she be driven from the village by an angry  mob? 
October 21, 2020
008 Accidental Discovery over Wine and Cheese
What happens when your male self attends a vendor-sponsored, work-related, virtual wine and cheese tasting event... and your femme name in on your Zoom profile pic? Well, Savannah unravels the aforementioned event--and, the aftermath-- to Julie in this riveting and suspense-filled re-telling. What happens when you are faced with an accidental discovery of your feminine persona? Listen in and find out how Savannah handled herself. 
October 14, 2020
007 Its All About That Book... About That Book... No Trouble
Julie starts off with a serenade of a song snippet! What? Then, it's all about book learnin' as Savannah and Julie both share about their writing experiences and how the process itself provides a powerful outlet for enlightenment, better understanding of one's self, processing grief and uncertainty. 
October 7, 2020
Blue Sky 6.1 - All or Nothing
Welcome to the third BLUE SKY episode! These are bite-sized for your listening pleasure! Uh oh... Savannah climbs up on her soapbox to preach (sister!) about how she is very binary in her gender expressions, while trying to hammer home the point that how people decide to dress  goes so far beyond just a strictly--and socially expected--male or female presentation. While Savannah may be "all or nothing", there are so many out there with very fluid identities and ways to demonstrate it.  Let's listen in!
September 30, 2020
006 Marilyn Monroe and an Updraft, plus more...
Savannah and Julie finish their chocolate milk and PB&J to ramble on about topics not even meant for the podcast! A simple question about "what are you wearing" turns into a conversation about wrap dresses, the wind beneath a skirt, and how crossdressing men tend to take over lots of storage space. Then, the conversation turns to the benefits and risks of underdressing, being aware of revealing too much about your feminine life in your masculine existence, reveals to co-workers that lead to... no follow-up questions about your feminine persona... at all (awkward!), and how ignorance isn't a bad word and how it is easily overcome when you take a keener interest in what makes us all human.
September 23, 2020
005 Debunking Deuteronomy 22:5... and other things
American King James Version (Deuteronomy 22:5) "The woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination to the LORD your God." Savannah talks about being approached by a person on social media who feels that they come down on the wrong side of God's Word, no matter what decision they try to make concerning their crossdressing.  Julie gives her Jewish take on traditions involving love and acceptance.  Savannah regales her first Drag Queen Story Hour counter-protest efforts and the angel she met there. Julie shares her concerns about spirits looking down on her during inopportune times, causing her to break into song. 
September 16, 2020
Blue Sky 4.1 - Truth and Consequences
Welcome to the second BLUE SKY episode! These are bite-sized for your listening pleasure! How can any crossdressing men live a best life? It starts with the journey to self-discovery and ends with self-acceptance and gender expression ownership. And, in our current Western Culture, its important to understand the rewards for living an authentic life, as well as the risks for wanting to do so. Let's listen in!
September 9, 2020
004 Family Jules - From Stylish Fashionista to Proud Ally
In this episode, Savannah grills Julie on how she started the style and fashion consultancy of Fox and Hanger, as well as how she found herself fulfilling her desire to support and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community--specifically male-to-female crossdressers and trans women. Julie talked about her "first time" at a Halloween party from her past, Savannah soapboxes about feminine body image and crossdresser-specific feminine dysphoria, and they both share their hope for a better tomorrow.
September 2, 2020
003 Savannah's Song - From her First Time to Visibility in the South
Savannah is on the hot seat this episode as Julie peppers her with questions about her crossdressing. From her earliest crossdressing memories where Savannah realized she had an attraction to feminine clothing, to adolescent exploration of femininity in a time when information about a boy wanting to dress as a girl was scarce and stigmatic, Savannah bares all (in words only!) what it was like to grow up a teenager of the 80s and a grownup of the 90s wrestling with her own understanding of her feminine spirit. Toss in a recent move to the South and you have a wig-raising story!
August 26, 2020
Blue Sky 2.1 - Living on the Fringe
Welcome to the first BLUE SKY episode! These are bite-sized for your listening pleasure! What do we know about different types of crossdressers and what motivates them to dress? Julie and Savannah do a quick dive into the icy waters of the fringes where the sissies, baby dolls, and lolitas dwell. Why do people consider them more of a fetish than the typical head-to-toe feminine crossdresser? Why do we judge the for being different, without trying to understand the psychology of it all? Let's listen in!
August 19, 2020
002 Baristas, Kids Today, The Pandemic, and Hope for the Future
In this episode, Julie Rubenstein, the co-founder and Style Consultant from Fox and Hanger, and Savannah Hauk, author of the "Living with Crossdressing" book series, continue to tackle the technical difficulties of starting a podcast without any pre-existing skills. Along the way, they find time to talk about Savannah's favorite Starbucks drink, her love for the baristas who have embraced her, the irony of Julie's daughter wondering why  "trans" is such a big deal, and their combined hope that the next generation's outlook on the LGBTQ+ community will affect permanent change away from a counter culture.
August 12, 2020
001 Our Superhero Origin Story
Julie and Savannah talk about how they met and how sharing a dream idea through email correspondence led to the creation of a podcast together From the chance meeting of a movie watch party after party, to a courteous exchange of pleasantries, to the sharing of an idea too big for either Savannah or Julie to tackle alone, this is their hopeful start of something big and important for male-to-female (MTF) crossdressers everywhere.... Welcome to the first episode of The Fox and the Phoenix.
August 5, 2020
Everyone loves the trailers before the movies, right?
Savannah Hauk, male-to-female crossdresser and author of the "Living with Crossdressing" book series, joins forces with Julie Rubenstein, proud ally and co-founder of Fox and Hanger--an online styling service for crossdressers and transgender women--to discuss their truth and authenticity in a better understanding of the complexities of the feminine crossdressing experience. Join this sometimes serious, sometimes sassy, sometimes silly, duo for a sneak peek of what to expect from the Fox and the Phoenix podcast,  Non-transitioning male-to-female crossdressers... UNITE! Savannah and Julie love everything about your feminine spirit and journey.
July 10, 2020