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The Fox and the Phoenix

The Fox and the Phoenix

By Savannah Hauk, Author & Julie Rubenstein, Style Consultant
Understanding the Feminine Crossdressing Experience

To de-mystify, humanize, and celebrate the crossdressing community, providing a positive and realistic understanding through conversation between a crossdresser and a cis-ally.
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Blue Sky 8.2 - Miscellaneous October Musings
Welcome to another BLUE SKY episode. These are bite-sized episodes for your listening pleasure! In this episode, Savannah and Julie have strung together three topics that include halloween costumes, the habit of hitting the snooze bar, having confidence in oneself in order to beat back our fears of revealing ourselves to loved ones, the confusion about people thinking crossdressing is just a hobby, the head-scratcher of the difference between an analogy and a metaphor, the innocence of children, and more!
October 23, 2020
Blue Sky 8.1 - Oops! I Did It Again!
Welcome to the fourth BLUE SKY episode! These are bite-sized for your listening pleasure! Savannah regales the always supportive and lovely Julie with a second tale of accidental discovery. This time, Savannah misuses technology so badly as to reveal herself to her girlfriend's youngest adult daughter... and the hijinks commences. What will happen this time? Will Savannah be caught with her skirt down? Will she be driven from the village by an angry  mob? 
October 21, 2020
008 Accidental Discovery over Wine and Cheese
What happens when your male self attends a vendor-sponsored, work-related, virtual wine and cheese tasting event... and your femme name in on your Zoom profile pic? Well, Savannah unravels the aforementioned event--and, the aftermath-- to Julie in this riveting and suspense-filled re-telling. What happens when you are faced with an accidental discovery of your feminine persona? Listen in and find out how Savannah handled herself. 
October 14, 2020
007 Its All About That Book... About That Book... No Trouble
Julie starts off with a serenade of a song snippet! What? Then, it's all about book learnin' as Savannah and Julie both share about their writing experiences and how the process itself provides a powerful outlet for enlightenment, better understanding of one's self, processing grief and uncertainty. 
October 7, 2020
Blue Sky 6.1 - All or Nothing
Welcome to the third BLUE SKY episode! These are bite-sized for your listening pleasure! Uh oh... Savannah climbs up on her soapbox to preach (sister!) about how she is very binary in her gender expressions, while trying to hammer home the point that how people decide to dress  goes so far beyond just a strictly--and socially expected--male or female presentation. While Savannah may be "all or nothing", there are so many out there with very fluid identities and ways to demonstrate it.  Let's listen in!
September 30, 2020
006 Marilyn Monroe and an Updraft, plus more...
Savannah and Julie finish their chocolate milk and PB&J to ramble on about topics not even meant for the podcast! A simple question about "what are you wearing" turns into a conversation about wrap dresses, the wind beneath a skirt, and how crossdressing men tend to take over lots of storage space. Then, the conversation turns to the benefits and risks of underdressing, being aware of revealing too much about your feminine life in your masculine existence, reveals to co-workers that lead to... no follow-up questions about your feminine persona... at all (awkward!), and how ignorance isn't a bad word and how it is easily overcome when you take a keener interest in what makes us all human.
September 23, 2020
005 Debunking Deuteronomy 22:5... and other things
American King James Version (Deuteronomy 22:5) "The woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination to the LORD your God." Savannah talks about being approached by a person on social media who feels that they come down on the wrong side of God's Word, no matter what decision they try to make concerning their crossdressing.  Julie gives her Jewish take on traditions involving love and acceptance.  Savannah regales her first Drag Queen Story Hour counter-protest efforts and the angel she met there. Julie shares her concerns about spirits looking down on her during inopportune times, causing her to break into song. 
September 16, 2020
Blue Sky 4.1 - Truth and Consequences
Welcome to the second BLUE SKY episode! These are bite-sized for your listening pleasure! How can any crossdressing men live a best life? It starts with the journey to self-discovery and ends with self-acceptance and gender expression ownership. And, in our current Western Culture, its important to understand the rewards for living an authentic life, as well as the risks for wanting to do so. Let's listen in!
September 9, 2020
004 Family Jules - From Stylish Fashionista to Proud Ally
In this episode, Savannah grills Julie on how she started the style and fashion consultancy of Fox and Hanger, as well as how she found herself fulfilling her desire to support and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community--specifically male-to-female crossdressers and trans women. Julie talked about her "first time" at a Halloween party from her past, Savannah soapboxes about feminine body image and crossdresser-specific feminine dysphoria, and they both share their hope for a better tomorrow.
September 2, 2020
003 Savannah's Song - From her First Time to Visibility in the South
Savannah is on the hot seat this episode as Julie peppers her with questions about her crossdressing. From her earliest crossdressing memories where Savannah realized she had an attraction to feminine clothing, to adolescent exploration of femininity in a time when information about a boy wanting to dress as a girl was scarce and stigmatic, Savannah bares all (in words only!) what it was like to grow up a teenager of the 80s and a grownup of the 90s wrestling with her own understanding of her feminine spirit. Toss in a recent move to the South and you have a wig-raising story!
August 26, 2020
Blue Sky 2.1 - Living on the Fringe
Welcome to the first BLUE SKY episode! These are bite-sized for your listening pleasure! What do we know about different types of crossdressers and what motivates them to dress? Julie and Savannah do a quick dive into the icy waters of the fringes where the sissies, baby dolls, and lolitas dwell. Why do people consider them more of a fetish than the typical head-to-toe feminine crossdresser? Why do we judge the for being different, without trying to understand the psychology of it all? Let's listen in!
August 19, 2020
002 Baristas, Kids Today, The Pandemic, and Hope for the Future
In this episode, Julie Rubenstein, the co-founder and Style Consultant from Fox and Hanger, and Savannah Hauk, author of the "Living with Crossdressing" book series, continue to tackle the technical difficulties of starting a podcast without any pre-existing skills. Along the way, they find time to talk about Savannah's favorite Starbucks drink, her love for the baristas who have embraced her, the irony of Julie's daughter wondering why  "trans" is such a big deal, and their combined hope that the next generation's outlook on the LGBTQ+ community will affect permanent change away from a counter culture.
August 12, 2020
001 Our Superhero Origin Story
Julie and Savannah talk about how they met and how sharing a dream idea through email correspondence led to the creation of a podcast together From the chance meeting of a movie watch party after party, to a courteous exchange of pleasantries, to the sharing of an idea too big for either Savannah or Julie to tackle alone, this is their hopeful start of something big and important for male-to-female (MTF) crossdressers everywhere.... Welcome to the first episode of The Fox and the Phoenix.
August 5, 2020
Everyone loves the trailers before the movies, right?
Savannah Hauk, male-to-female crossdresser and author of the "Living with Crossdressing" book series, joins forces with Julie Rubenstein, proud ally and co-founder of Fox and Hanger--an online styling service for crossdressers and transgender women--to discuss their truth and authenticity in a better understanding of the complexities of the feminine crossdressing experience. Join this sometimes serious, sometimes sassy, sometimes silly, duo for a sneak peek of what to expect from the Fox and the Phoenix podcast,  Non-transitioning male-to-female crossdressers... UNITE! Savannah and Julie love everything about your feminine spirit and journey.
July 10, 2020