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FPS Voice

FPS Voice

By Franklin Public Schools
The Official Podcast of the Franklin Public Schools, Franklin, MA. Learn more about what is happening in our school district, ask questions, hear from members of the FPS Community and special guests! Connect with us! Submit questions and topics to
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Get the Facts from the Franklin Public School Nurses
A group of our Franklin Public School nurses share important information related to Health Office procedures, guidelines, and COVID-19 testing.  Topics covered include:  FPS Dismissal Procedures Reporting of Absences  COVID-19 Testing and Timelines Travel Information Over the Counter Medicine Where to find information! Thank you to Franklin TV & Radio for their assistance in creating this podcast!  
December 14, 2020
Learn more about the new 8th Grade Civics Curriculum
Our Middle School curriculum now includes the important subjects of the United States and Massachusetts Government & Civic Life.  We talked with Jeff Anthony and Jonathan Mello, 8th-grade teachers from Annie Sullivan Middle School, about the topics covered, their approach in the classroom, and how they are connecting their lessons to what is happening today. 
October 16, 2020
Remote Learning Plan for Franklin Public School District
Steve Sherlock talks to Superintendent Dr. Sara Ahern to learn more about phase II of the district's Remote Learning Plan. 
April 09, 2020
COVID-19 Closure Update with Superintendent Dr. Sara Ahern
Steve Sherlock speaks with Sara Ahern regarding the COVID-19 District closure.  Topics covered include the rationale for school closure, support available to our families and students, how our teachers are Keeping the Learning Alive, and other resources. This episode was recorded remotely with the support of Franklin TV & Radio via conference bridge.  
March 24, 2020
FPS Voice SWAC Committee Insights
Members of the Franklin Public School SWAC committee (Student Wellness Advisory Council) share updates with the community about new initiatives in the areas of mental health, nutrition, and physical activity.  Learn about a new mental health program spearheaded by an FHS student, community gardens, morning movement, attendance awareness and more!  
January 22, 2020
Franklin Food Services Overview
In this episode of FPS Voice, we chat with Franklin Food Services Director Colin Boisvert, who holds both a Culinary Arts and a Culinary Nutrition degree from Johnson and Wales.  Learn more about all aspects of the school nutrition program, exciting initiatives including fresh catch, local seafood, hydroponic gardening, cooking classes and more!  Our Q & A session discusses the decision-making process for delaying/canceling school due to winter weather and we share a few upcoming events to add to your calendars!  Links: FPS Inclement Weather Information
December 16, 2019
FPS Voice Episode 1: Social Media and Q&A
In our very first full episode of FPS Voice, we are joined by Dr. Sara Ahern, Superintendent of Schools and Mr. Paul Peri, Franklin High School Principal.   They share a recap of the Social Media presentation, which was organized by the School Committee, for the benefit of those who were unable to attend and share helpful resources. Anne Marie Tracey also answers questions submitted to our FPSVoice email. Thanks for listening!   
November 19, 2019
FPS Voice Introduction
Welcome to FPS Voice, the official podcast channel for Franklin Public Schools!  Please subscribe to our channel to get updates on the latest episodes!  Email us at to suggest topics and submit questions.  Thanks for tuning in!
October 25, 2019