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Conversations with Frances

Conversations with Frances

By Frances Robin
Conversations with Frances is a podcast for women about women. seeking a safe place to share their experiences.

The goal is to empower women to take bold and courageous steps to live a purposeful and authentic life. To help women regain their voices, identity, and sense of self.
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Thank You
Thank you for your support, love, and patience.  This podcast has become a safe space for women to tell their stories. This year we will be sharing and telling even more stories of resilient women, who overcame great obstacles to pursue their passion. 
January 4, 2021
Conversation with Jacinta: Single Mom, Life Coach and Future Trauma Therapist
Be prepared to be inspired, and encouraged. Jacinta is a champion of a woman. Listen to her story of overcoming abandonment by her church family after she becoming a teenage parent.  Prepare to be inspired by her tenacity and to understand that support doesn't need to come from the crowd.  Join us to learn how you can take steps to pursue your passion. Prepare to be encouraged as Jacinta shared how she pursued her passion and how she is contributing to changing lives in the process. 
December 1, 2020
Surviving a Financial Crisis
A candid conversation with author, mother and wife, Andee Carr. She shares personal information about her marriage, family living and surviving a financial crisis. She shares information on how she was able to keep her family together and steps she took to rediscover herself in an effort to pursue her passions.
November 14, 2019
Starting and Leading a Nonprofit
Special thanks to Jessenia Miranda for hosting me.  We discussed my transition from a full-time government contractor position to start and lead a  nonprofit, Carried To Full Term, a maternity home for pregnant women. Listen as she shares information on how she started and how you can take actionable steps toward starting and leading your nonprofit organization.
November 1, 2019
When Trust Is Broken
What life feels like when trust is broken and how to learn to heal before moving on. 
October 6, 2019
Children's Author and Special Guest Carylee Carrington
Our guest in the studio is children's author, blogger and the host of her very own children's television hour, Cary Lee Carrington. During her visit, she gives little nuggets of information to women, mothers, and entrepreneurs interested in becoming a published author. If you are stuck, join the conversation as she also gives inspirational tips on how to get out of the rut and on to pursuing your dream. Join us and click here or on the photo to take a listen.
October 6, 2019
Generational Consequences
A story of how a random decision can lead to consequences that span several generations. 
October 6, 2019
Be Bold and Courageous
To empower women to take bold and courageous steps to live a purposeful and authentic life. To help women regain their voices, identity, and sense of self.
October 6, 2019
For women needing some inspiration to take steps to own their stories and changing their lives. 
October 6, 2019