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The Typochondriac Podcast

The Typochondriac Podcast

By Francis Chouquet
A kind of audio blog about letters, and the people who create them.
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#4: Interview with Rafa from 36 days of type
Today I had the pleasure to invite Rafa and Nina from the 36 days of type project. I talked to Rafa essentially and we discussed about the story behind the project, how they organize each year and how they deal with issues with Instagram.
July 02, 2021
#3: It's all about your voice!
In this first monologue, I would like to share with you my point about the importance to have your own style but even more important your own voice. In a competitive environment where we work, it is really important to find your own direction by putting a bit of yourself in your work. Books mentioned in this episode: "Find your creative voice" by Lisa Congdon and "The Creative Career Path" by Andy J. Pizza.
June 24, 2021
#2: Interview with Chris Campe and Ulrike Rausch
I invited Chris and Ulrike because they are part of the team behind the fantastic Berlin Letters Festival, but also because they wrote a book together, Making Fonts (in german) and Designing Fonts (in english), which is of a great help for people wanting to dig into font design, but the fun way :-) 
May 25, 2021
#1: Introduction to the podcast
In this short episode, I will introduce you to the podcast: what it is about, what we will be talking about, why I started it and how often it will be published. First episode so not there yet with my english so please be gentle :P
May 05, 2021