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Our Simple Nude Family

Our Simple Nude Family

By Francisco A. Agosto
Discussing different talking points and advice off my personal experiences for families who are at home nudists trying to branch out and to current families debating if this is for them. Helping the next generation continue on this Nudism/Naturist lifestyle with themselves and then eventually their kids. Nudity is natural!
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A new Nudist? Or New to Nudism??
Give me advice and positive energy to those that are trying to experience his lifestyle for the first time
May 20, 2020
Boys will be Boys...& Teen Boys too!!
Talking about nudist life from the eyes of a young boy going into manhood and becoming a young man 15 years of a young boy during New Year’s him the trials in the different things they have to deal with biologically
May 20, 2020
Girls and Teen Girls in Family Nudism
Girls in teen girls in a family nudist setting the pros and cons
February 11, 2020
When to be Nude?! Is there such a thing?!
I look into practicing nudism with your children whether it’s at home or at a friends house or even in public at a park or a national park or camping what to do when you have kids that are openly OK with nudism and like to just takeoff all their clothes and just be free. I discuss the positive ways to let your children know there’s an appropriate time and place to actually be nude but not to discourage them from being nude in general keeping it positive and keeping it not shameful
October 22, 2019
Teens & Preteens, Whats Up?
Looking into the challenges and every day worries of a teenager who has started out as a nudist but has blossom into a young adult. I talk about my experiences with my own teens and how body development is something that their self consciousness still is an issue but bringing that body confidence back out in a positive way. Thank you all who listen!
October 16, 2019
Locations..And Just Locations!
Hello Naked Listeners! Thank you again for coming back. I’m your host Francisco. Just wanted to do an episode on Locations, whether a resort or a local natural location. I feel we need a lot more clothes free places in the natural. I live near a beautiful fresh water river and it so bums that my kids and I can’t just enjoy it in the nude. Also, let’s talk about places I’ve been vs. places I’ve always wanted to go as far as resorts.
October 07, 2019
Social Nudism & other Families
Navigating the social aspect of Nudism, and all it’s norms and things to watch out for. Safety is a priority when it comes to children folks. There’s no question on that. Also, friends who are curious in starting Nudism. Where do they start??
September 30, 2019
Family Nudism, My Experiences & my family
This is my first episode on my journey to educate people and families how Nudism is natural, no shame and freedom at its best. I did this in my car, I apologize for the spotty sound. Hopefully it’s the beginning of great series lol you never know. My priority is to educate folks!
September 26, 2019