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By Francoise Chanovre
is a series of Podcasts where we learn to reconnect with Mother earth and look within our own selves as well as looking at Mother earths gifts .
We learn that gratitude to our Mother Gaia is as important as gratitude to our own lives and all that is a part of that life. That if we are disconnected to our Mother we cannot function to our best abilities because without her there is no life.
Having spent a lot of time in nature , learning about earths cycles and abundance, I have realised how much we have lost .
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Mother Earthers -Episode 1. Be like the Prickly Pear


Mother Earthers Episode 12 THe Kangaroo
Kangaroo Spirit speaks of fierce adaptation. Change is inevitable. When you try running from it, you end up running smack dab into it. Change makes you uncomfortable, but Kangaroo smooths the path of transformation a little. Kangaroo acts as a reminder of the role that thankfulness and appreciation play in your life. Many people overlook a lot of small things; doing so robs you of lessons or opportunities. Kangaroo counsels, “Walk and remain prayerful; live with gratitude.”
May 16, 2021
Mother Earthers - Episode 10 The Snake
As we are all interconnected so let us re connect ourselves back into our mother earth . Today I want to talk about the snake in dedication to my beautiful python that comes and visits me occasionally (especially if she/ he is chasing mice, she s woken me up at night knocking the cup on my bedside dresser and has slept in my clothes and just likes to hang out, and she is a very beautiful, spiritual creature , I can guarantee you that.Snakes have the ability to shed their skins and seemingly emerge reborn, so they are identified with the symbol of regeneration and immortality. The snake demon or serpent God in mythology represents fertility in many cultures. In many cultures, snake meaning is God and the snake symbol is worshiped.
May 7, 2021
Mother Earthers Episode 9 - The Horse s Heart Energy
Understanding the energy field between horses and humans can help improve ourselves and how we react to other beings around us and how we react to horses too as well as how we react to ourselves, because all our energy starts with us before we even tune in to another beautiful being like the horse
April 7, 2021
April 6, 2021
April 6, 2021
Mother Earthers Episode 8- Sway like the Grass
there is a theory called the biophilia theory that says that it is ingrained in us that being in a resource rich forest it helps us improve our mental health and helps us to better our moods and physical health by forest bathing or forest meditation, or gardening .because the aesthetics of the plants calm us down. Gardening helps people unstress and wilderness therapy helps young children deal with their behavioural and mental health Science has been ;looking at cells and neurons and realising it makes such a big difference in our well being to be involved in nature. Nature is a evidenced based health promotion intervention. So if you cant get to the forests or mountains ,this moment, and you are feeling down or stressed, you can get to the gardens and you can find some grass to sit on, so go and sit on the grass barefooted, tune in to Mother Earth. Observe the tiniest flowers and watch the grass sway with the breeze, and you too can reconnect and uplift yourself to sway like the grass.
March 28, 2021
Mother Earthers-Episode 7. Be the white cockatoo, a symbol of change
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
The sound of the cockatoo usually indicates change is coming. Either a change in the weather or they will tell you there is a change in your journey coming. Cockatoos are strong community driven, always together in harmony, they live to play and joke around. They are absolute characters to watch. They will hang upside down and drink from the gutters, playing games, daring each other to do the next funny thing. They really have a sense of entertainment! They bring us so much joy to watch. Lesson for today_ You too can be like the cockatoo, a pillar in bringing about change. A fun community networker and supporter with a beautiful heart and song.
March 23, 2021
Mother Earthers -Episode 6- Sing the song of the Rain
We , Mother Earthers, do not dance to the rain enough, because we have forgotten how. So get up and dance the dance of the rain and sing the song of the rain, listen to the melody of the raindrops falling all around you . Be grateful for the life giving rain that wets your hair and cleanses your souls. And leaves you with a rainbow 
March 17, 2021
Mother Earthers - Episode 5 .Weeds, Keep only the good ones
So is a weed really a weed , it is obvious we have some good and some bad weeds? we carry so  many weeds in our minds  and, we  agree some weeds are highly beneficial to our gardens and our minds and some not so, so how do we identify a good weed in our thoughts? My suggestion is to stop and ponder each thought and if it is a good weed, keep it, if it is not write it down on paper and then put it either in the fire or compost it in your garden ? pot plant? neighbouring park, even more fun is writing a list of our bad weeds on paper, getting our friends to do the same and then have a fire burning weed ritual or burial.
March 8, 2021
Mother Earthers-Episode 4 Tune in to the trees
Trees have a beautiful energy , just like Reiki. Without them we could not live. They give so much to us and all we need to do is just sit under them and tune in to them
March 4, 2021
Mother Earthers -Episode 3. Be like the Guinea Fowl
I am so blessed to have learnt many lessons from the guinea Fowl, they are very self sufficient and hardy,  I remember once one of the guinea hens took off because some people killed her familly. One day I was walking through the bottom paddock and found her , a year later. She had found a way t survive all alone, which would have been devastating for her as they are very team / familly orientated. So she allowed me to bring her back to the first zone where a new guinea fowl familly lived and i vouch she was nearly in tears, it is the first time i have recognised expression on a Guinea fowls face and it was one of joy. We could learn so much from Mother Nature and so much from the Guinea fowl, things like team work, unity, self sufficiency, playfulness, commitment and stubborness. We could be as powerful as the guinea fowl who will attack a snake as a group and protect each other too.
March 2, 2021
Mother Earthers - Episode 2 Be like the little lime tree
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Let us connect back into our Mother Earth, this episode is based on Eco Therapy, helping people to remember where we stand daily, to remember the sky, stars, plants and life all around them and how Mother Earth teaches us to never give up despite all adversities , that we are her creations and we need to realign ourselves in sync with her seasons and other beautiful beings that share her earth with us, appreciating just the simple things that we see but have forgotten how to appreciate.
February 25, 2021
Mother Earthers -Episode 1. Be like the Prickly Pear
Hi My Name is Francine and I am the Bodhi Tree Health and Wellness coach In this series of Podcasts, we learn to reconnect with Mother earth and look within our own selves as well as looking at Mother earths gifts . We learn that gratitude to our Mother Gaia is as important as gratitude to our own lives and all that is a part of that life. That if we are disconnected to our Mother we cannot function to our best abilities because without her there is no life. Having spent a lot of time in nature , learning about earths cycles and abundance, I have realised how much we have lost . We have lost so much knowledge and really lost ourselves to just getting by. Our minds are full of technology and full of gadgets and worries about tomorrow and yesterday that we have lost our real connection with the ones who have always been here for us , no matter what. Ourselves and our Mother earth. So by providing this series of Podcasts I hope we can learn how to do as our ancestors did, The original custodians, who worked together with the natural law and survived with so much less stress and worry. Who were in tune with the foods and herbs that healed them, who told the stories that helped each other grow and heal, who tuned into the seasons of the earth and synchronised their lives accordingly. Who all worked together to survive the storms and triblulations they faced daily. who were grateful for what they received and spoke it out to the universe so its vibration was loud and clear that gratitude was within them and they had no trouble t share that with each other and Mother Gaia. Who realized that we are all interconnected and that you can not kill all the kangaroos , that someone has to be the kangaroo protector , meaning the kangaroo became their totem animal which they must protect and help, thus creating a balance between killing everything due to greed or being grateful by being aware that there needs to be a balance between give and take. Who found ways to make the plants heal and scattered their seeds just as the birds do. Who heard songs in the trees and in the birds and made their own music and followed their own paths through Mother Gaia. Who had so much to share with each other , being happy with the stillness of the day or the shade under the tree. Who did not have time to find complaining and boredom . We too can reconnect and grow , though it may take time as a seed grows slowly through all sorts of adversities we too can find our health and wealth through eco therapy, which I teach and design personal programmes for along with many other tools mainly ones created by Mother Gaia like Aromatherapy and Reiki , Reflexology, Crystals and Colour therapy. in these podcasts I will discuss all types of different earth given tools that we can use to live our lives in enriching, powerful ways that help us through our life lessons and adversities that we will encounter through our journey . Remembering we are here to learn our lessons and become empowered by them not disempowered, and all the tools that Mother earth shares with you are here to assist you on your journey, so I hope you will become a more loving human to Mother earth and treat her with the gratitude, love and help she requires to keep her safe and healthy for us also as this is a life of balance and we must learn to all be able to learn from each other as well as from Mother Gaia So while you site and contemplate your journey, please ask yourself  What can i do today to ground myself to Mother earth and how can i show gratitude to her for my being able to use her to ground and connect myself Have I taken big deep breaths of oxygen today and filled myself with enough oxygen to cleanse myself and what gratitude have I shown the air today? francine Ch
February 25, 2021