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"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso

"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso

By VIAGGIfilms
This is a business podcast centered around the real estate market. On " Real Talk " I discuss the tools that I've acquired over my 30+ year career in the real estate industry here in New York and NJ. Many of these tools can be used in any career path in order to succeed. I will also have guest on that can bring value and expertise to the podcast as well. I hope you'll tune in each week... subscribe ... and download!
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"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Wall Street Journals Top Real Estate Professional in the country, Melissa Greer EP. #19
In this weeks Podcast episode  Frank interviews North Carolina's # 1 Real Estate Agent, Melissa Greer. Melissa discusses a life changing event that catapulted her career and was recently named by the Wall Street Journal as a Top 1000 agent in America. Melissa also shares with Frank great insight on the importance of building lasting relationships to scale any business and how to do so.  
March 14, 2020
"Real Talk" with Frank DiTommaso - Councilman Steve Matteo discusses Emergency Evacuation Plans - EP. #18
In this podcast, Councilman Steve Matteo discusses the handling of concerns on Staten Island such as street potholes, emergency evacuation plans, the development of Business improvement districts, property taxes, and his bid for Staten Island Borough President.
March 7, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Learn the BLUEPRINT of success - EP. #17
In this podcast, Frank interviews Frank Shearon and Erica Orlando as they discuss the blueprint that helped scale their businesses in New York and New Jersey. 
February 29, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - DON'T F@CK WITH THE FLAG!!! - with guest and artist Scott Lobaido ( SCOTT THE PATRIOT ) - EP. # 16
In this weeks episode , Frank interviews Scott Lobaido, American Patriotic Artist.  Scott discusses how his talent for art is bringing respect back to the American Flag and bringing communities together.
February 22, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Guest is Kathy Barzal and how she survived Hurricane Sandy - EP. # 15
In this episode Frank interviews NY/NJ real estate agent.  They talk about business, Kathy's vision for her future and most personally how Kathy Survived Hurricane Sandy. She gets into to detail about how she and her family lost absolutely everything and had to rebuild their life from scratch as well as the charitable organizations they are heavily involved in such as THE GIVING CIRCLE.  They also tap into how she took a successful career in Brooklyn and Staten Island and parlayed that into New Jersey.   If you are interested in volunteering for The Giving Circle: www. visit the website for more information.
February 15, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Guest is international citizen T. W. HUGHS - EP. # 14
In this weeks episode, Frank interviews real estate agent, T. W. Hughs, an international citizen.  T.W has lived in 15 different countries and has learned that hospitality is a universal language.  He has par-laid his career in hospitality all across the world and zeroed in on real estate in New York.  He is knowledgeable not only worldly business but is really tapped into the New York real estate market.  Listen to this weeks episode to hear his incredible story.  
February 8, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Everything you need to know about Staten Island - EP. # 13
In this episode Frank goes into great detail about the " forgotten Borough" of New York City... Staten Island.  He discusses the history and over all changes over the years...  The vast development of not only the residential community but, also the commercial industry.  Frank also sheds light on some of the historic sights the beautiful and convenient Borough have to offer as well as parks, hiking, dog parks and some of the best restaurants, bakery's and pizzerias in the area. Frank also talks about the future development of Staten Island and the convenience to not only New Jersey but Also Manhattan itself. 
February 1, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Guest is Sandra Pike - one of Canadas busiest Real Estate professionals - EP.# 12
In this weeks episode, Frank interviews one of Canadas busiest Real Estate professionals. They talk about the difference in not only the real estate market but also in business practices. Sandra gets into detail about her innovative market strategy and how she went from a part time agent nine short years ago  to  her and her team closing over 200+ deals in 2019.   
January 25, 2020
In this weeks episode, Frank discusses the current housing market, and what that means for you, whether you are a buyer or seller.  He also talks about how it being an election year could possibly effect the interest rates on homes.  If 2020 is your year to buy a home then you'll definitely want to listen to this episode.  
January 18, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - guest is real estate agent Marta Carvo - EP. #10
In this week's episode, Frank interviews Top real estate agent Marta Carvo. Marta is licensed in both New York and New Jersey. Her and Frank discuss the transition from moving from NY to NJ. They also tap into the differences in closing procedures, lifestyles and properties of both states. If you're considering "making the hop" from New York to New Jersey then this episode is one to listen to.
January 11, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Thoughts on company meetings - Ep. #09
In this episode, Frank discusses his thoughts and opinions on company meetings. When to hold them, how to conduct them, and how it is important to bring value to each each meeting for every individual that attends.
January 4, 2020
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Guest Diane Yetman, why transactions are complicated - EP. #08
In this week's episode, Frank Interviews Top Agent, Diane Yetman on “Making Magic” for sellers. Frank and Diane explain the reasons why transactions are more complicated and taking longer to close in this real estate market.
December 28, 2019
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Guest Joe Campagna of Freedom Mortgages - EP. #07
In this weeks episode, Frank brings on Guest Joe Campagna of Freedom Mortgages, to discuss in depth the mortgage process. How to get approved for a mortgage to buy your dream home, What documentation is needed in order to be considered for a mortgage, The whole approval process from pre- qual to approved.   They also discuss interest rates as well as mortgage programs and how to work with your mortgage to find the best program that works best for you and your financial situation.  IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME HOME BUYER OR EVEN LOOKING TO PURCHASE ANOTHER PROPERTY THEN THIS EPISODE IS A MUST LISTEN.  WITH EXPERT REAL ESTATE BROKER  FRANK DITOMMASO of DITOMMASO REAL ESTATE and VETERAN MORTAGE BROKER JOE CAMPAGNA of FREEDOM MORTAGE.  These guys answer all of your questions.    ...and if you find yourself with questions that weren't addressed in this episode then feel free to reach out to either Frank or Joe to get your answer and tell them that " REAL TALK" podcast sent you! t
December 21, 2019
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Becoming a Real Estate agent - EP. #06
In this BONUS episode, Frank dives into detail about how to become a licensed real estate agent.  He talks about everything from choosing the right real estate course to the interview process once licensed and trying to find the right company to work for.  He also discusses annual board fees, fee structures between the agent and the company, questions to ask when interviewing with different brokers and what specific things to look for in an agency when first starting out. **IF YOU'VE EVER THOUGHT OF BECOMING A REAL ESTATE AGENT ... THEN THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!!!** **Listen to the end and find out what Franks podcast special is***
December 18, 2019
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Choosing the right agent - EP. #05
In this episode Frank gets into detail about how to choose the right real estate agent for you whether you are a buyer or seller...  What to look for in a real estate agent... Where to look for an agent.. How to properly do you research on the different real estate agents you may interview in order to make the right decision for yourself.  He also discusses questions to ask and tips and tricks to get your home sold. 
December 14, 2019
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Commissions for real estate agents and sellers with guest Dawn Eugenio - EP. #04
In this weeks episode, Frank brings special guest Dawn Eugenio on the show to discuss the importance of  Commissions for both the listings agent as well as buyers agent.  They discuss the fee structure and break down exactly what goes into an agent listing a property for sale.  They walk you through the process from securing the listing and the work involved to get to the closing of a deal.  
December 7, 2019
"REAL TALK" with Frank DiTommaso - Open houses for both for agent and the seller - EP. # 03
In this weeks episode, Frank discusses the truth behind Open houses and what the pros and cons are for both the real estate professional and the seller.  He also dives into how advertise an open house as well as some tips and tricks for both parties to maximize the benefits of conducting one.   
December 4, 2019
"REAL TALK" Q&A with Frank DiTommaso about his core beliefs of succeeding in the business world and real estate game. - EP. #02
In this episode, Frank is asked a series of questions about his 30 plus year career as a valued NY/ NJ Real Estate broker and his core beliefs that attribute to his longevity and success in the Real Estate game. 
November 22, 2019
A look into your Host, Frank Ditommaso's, world of business. This episode discusses why he chose real estate as his career as well as his 30+years experience and how he continues to thrive.
November 20, 2019