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Frankenstein's RPG

Frankenstein's RPG

By Dave Paterson
In each episode as selected guests run through their RPG history and try to construct the perfect Role Playing Game. Each of the limbs of the game need to be harvested and then stitched together - ultimately I, Professor Frankenstein, will flick the switch to see if "It Lives!"
Join me and Igor and our carefully orchestrated guest list of grave robbers for a little light discussion!
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Episode 5 - Art and That
In this episode we look very closely at Art in RPGs and meander down several long tunnels talking about layout, fonts, collaboration and Kerning (which I still think is making funny faces, but am reliably informed is space between letters?) There is some huge love for the following artists: Behnke, McBride, Sienkewicz, Horsley, McNeil, Hewlett, McKeen, Hartas, Acchileos, Allsop and Fenlon and for some bizarre reason we find that Elmore is inexplicably cruel to trees? We also hand out some awards - The Krause Awards for art "interpretation" - and they're not always for the good... Please find us on twitter @FrankensteinRPG On the web at Via email Huge thanks to Kaye, Paul and John
May 7, 2021
Episode 4 - of Combat and failing forwards!
So in this episode our motley gang explore the Combat system that we'd most like to see from a plethora of examples of good to great combat systems! But it's not quite as clear cut as you might think. We also then look at the concept of "Failing Forward" - and here we just revert to type. So we’re starting to get a shape to the game - I think we’ll be having a go at stitching some of this together soon - and of course we’ll be looking for playtesters! Maybe a con launch? Thank you as always for listening - don’t forget you can find us on Twitter @frankensteinrpg or contact us on email or voice message us via Anchor. If you get time please pass the pod to others you think might be interested or do please leave us a review on your podcast provider of choice. Our music for the podcast is supplied by the Freak Fandango Orchestra “The Gypsy Song” under the open content license and is from their album “Wild Goats and useless heroes”
April 13, 2021
Episode 3 - Characteristics and Investigation - or is it?
Here we are again! This episode we take a look at how you arrive at a Character - attributes, characteristics or skills or traits or stat bonuses or...well listen and see what it is we decide on in the end! We discuss an absolute plethora of games this week and some we touch on: Heroquest Vampire OF The Masquerade Everywhen,in%20any%20era%20or%20background. MERP (we've linked to MERP a lot already!) DC Heroes - this is the one we reference! Gumshoe system - Squadron UK (Golden Heroes) Call of Cthulhu - if you don't know where to look is this the right pod for you??? Several new metaphors come to the fore with this one - Leaky Row Boat, Cleopatra's Barge and squids not the least. And a big thank you to Martin (@mcookie123) Kaye (@k_0) and Doc Cowie (@dracowie) for a superb hour or so of your time! Don't forget to look for us on line at and on twitter @frankensteinrpg or via email on, happy listening!
March 16, 2021
Episode 2 - Magic and Initiative - what could go wrong!?
In this episode Chris, Jim and Kat join me (Dave) in exploring the RPGs that best exemplify the very best in Magic systems and Initiative mechanics. We look at everything from Golden Heroes (Squadron UK) to Troika and even debate the merits of Wargames and Diagetics. No I don't know either! Please find a link to the RP Haven who do sterling work and whom Kat represents: Please do support them if you can or maybe make it to the club when time and lockdowns permit! Also please find the Grognard Files Podcast - the Rolls Royce of pods! They run a Patreon scheme too, which is worth every penny! Important to note that our music is Provided under an open license from the Freak Fandango Orchestra "The Gypsy Song" from the album "Wild Goats and Useless Heroes" which I thought peculiarly apt! Thank you to them. Games discussed: Symbaroum: Liminal: Lyonesse:,conniving%20fairies%2C%20and%20insouciant%20magicians. Troika: Conan 2d20: Feng Shui: Have assumed most people will know D&D, etc Happy listening everyone.
February 21, 2021
Frankenstein's RPG Podcast - Episode One of Char-gen and Social Contact
This is the first episode of Frankenstein's RPG the Podcast - where Dave, Neil and Martin assess the very finest of Role Playing Game mechanics and try and decide on which body parts will make up the ultimate RPG "created" from the body parts of the gaming universe! Thanks so much to Martin (@mcookie123) and Neil (@oldscouserRPing) for joining in and being such great guests. Games we discuss and links to them on Wikipedia or direct to website:  Chivalry and Sorcery (Martin's secret love) Mothership Chaosium Squadron UK (Golden Heroes) Barbarians of Lemuria/Everywhen Beyond the Wall - Beautiful RPG - Liminal MERP - other than looking at Ebay might be worth checking out Against the Darkmaster a modernised version Savage Worlds Old School Essentials The One Ring game - Got to be quick to catch anything of it! We can be contacted via Anchor and also on Twitter @frankensteinrpg - again thanks for listening!
February 1, 2021
The introduction to the Frankenstein RPG podcast
Just a quick intro to the pod and how we might be entertaining you in the future! Follow us on Twitter @frankensteinrpg or leave a message with Anchor
December 11, 2020