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Frantic Thoughts

Frantic Thoughts

By Joshua Leslie
Frantic Thoughts is a show all about what is on my mind this week, sent directly to your ears. I'll deep dive into topics surrounding video games, movies, comics, tv, or anything that week that interests me. It can seem a little random at times, but I have a blast talking and ranting about what I love. Join me and hear how frantic my thoughts truly are.
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Frantic Goes West
In this episode I talk about my journey from Texas to Washington, and the journey to where I'm at right now.  I am open, honest, and don't hold back. Thanks for listening, and thanks to everybody who has made my life better.  Here's to the future...
September 25, 2021
The Final Frantic Thoughts Episode (In Texas)
This is the last podcast I recorded and produced before moving (kind of WHILE moving, lol). I bring back the now-recurring guest, Ryan @itsrocketsauce, we talk about my big move to the Pacific Northwest, Roadtrips, E3 2021 Hopes, and put on our mega-marvel nerd pants for some theories on the future of the MCU and a spoiler filled Falcon and the Winter Soldier review (spoilers start at 1:48:07)! Thanks for listening, and I'll see you on the other side, with plenty of stories :)
May 19, 2021
Star Wars is Rad
The title says it all. May the 4th be with you :) Episode 114
May 04, 2021
Taco Bell Talk: The Frantic Cut
In this episode of Frantic Thoughts, I have Ryan aka @itsrocketsauce back on to... eat taco bell together? yep. We chat about some stories from our teens, dive into an in depth Snyder Cut review, talk a little bit about the MCU and the new tv shows, and wrap it up with some gaming news and game talk! Enjoy this longer episode, and see you very soon for more Frantic Thoughts! Episode 113 TimeStamps 00:00 - Taco Bell Dinner and Telling Stories 37:01 - Justice League Snyder Cut 41:45 - Justice League Snyder Cut SPOILERS 1:02:45 - Justice League Snyder Cut Final Thoughts 1:07:43 - MCU Shows 1:09:27 - Falcon and the Winter Soldier SPOILERS (through episode 4) 1:17:26 - MCU: Building Towards the Future 1:21:19 - Playstation Remaking Last of Us, Days Gone, Xbox Gamepass, and More! 1:51:46 - Closing and Plugs
April 18, 2021
A Movie Watch Party Top 10 Countdown!
In this episode we rapid fire talk about a bunch of movies I've watched over the past few months. The first half a small handful of flicks, the second half a big top 10 list of movies I watched with the polykill discord! I hope you enjoy the show! Expect another one soon! Episode 112 Timestamps 00:00 - Intro and Movies I Watched Alone 10:18 - Top 10 Movies I Watched With The Polykill Discord (Ordered by Enjoyment Level) 29:57 - Plugs/Outro
April 11, 2021
In this episode of Frantic Thoughts, I Josh Aka Frantic, had a couple of drinks and just lay it all out there. It's been a rough couple of months, let's chat... Episode 111 Sorry, no timestamps, it's all about similar subject matter. Song at the end is by Brentwood Duo
April 06, 2021
Let's Talk About the Past Year
Welcome back to the newly refreshed Frantic Thoughts Podcast. The podcast where I - Josh aka Frantic - chat about what's going on in my ol' noodle up there.  This episode we talk about New Podcasts, Doomscrolling, #Backlog50, getting a PS5 and some Impressions! Follow me on twitter: @FranticSociety Check out my other podcasts: @Boxofficebliss, @Indiequest, and @quicksaveclub on twitter! EPISODE 110 Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 02:16 - Let's Talk About the Past Year 09:13 - Doomscrolling and Mental Health 20:21 - Getting a PS5 and First Impressions 33:22 - My New Podcasts 42:49 - #Backlog50 and Outro
February 20, 2021
Frantic's Favorite Games of 2020 (With Guest!)
Welcome to what I'm loosely dubbing "Season 2" of Frantic Thoughts! This podcast is what I use to talk about my life, things I'm into, video games, movies, etc. I dearly missed doing this show. So, I'm Back! What better way to come back but with my annual Game of the Year Episode!? Better Late Than Never! I have my buddy @itsrocketsauce on to talk all things 2020 video games, our favorite old games we played in 2020, and a little looking forward to the future... I hope you enjoy! Expect more episodes VERY soon.
February 14, 2021
Don't Take Anything For Granted - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 108
In this episode I talk about a bunch of cool video games, some tv and movies, and ramble a bit about some things. I had a good time and got some stress off my chest. I hope all of you enjoy the episode, and that it brightens your day. With love and respect, here's Frantic Thought episode 108. Enjoy
September 04, 2020
Blink Or You'll Miss It - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 107
Welcome back to the show! This episode I sit down with my good buddy @blinkoom and chat about video games, and other things including a new segment called "the big 5"! I had a great time recording and putting this one together, I hope you all have a ton of fun listening! Catch you next time! Enjoy!
August 24, 2020
What You Taco-ing About? - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 106
This week I go crazy talking about a bunch of games I played including Carrion and Minecraft! I also talk about chocolate sauce and tacos... typical for this show at this point, haha. Enjoy!
August 08, 2020
Ghost Sushi Photography - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 105
In this episode I talk all about having a few days off finally, Ghost of Tsushima, Xbox vs Playstation, Where's Nintendo?, and an assortment of other fun things! Enjoy!
July 26, 2020
Mythic Kitten - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 104
I couldn't think of a title but I talk about our new kitten, the last of us (no spoilers), $70 games, Yoshi's Island, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Mythic Quest, and lots lots lots more! Listen to my guest appearance on Otaku Brothers Podcast Here: Frantic Frequency: "Happiness" by Hobo Johnson
July 11, 2020
Digital Blockbusters! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 103
Hey hey! What's up guys and gals! This week we talk about Digital video game rentals, tooth pulling, literally, The Last of Us Part 2, Shera, and a whole lot more! I hope you have all been enjoying this format the past couple of months, leave me feedback on twitter @Franticsociety! Thanks for listening!
June 27, 2020
Playstation 5 is Viewed Askew - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 102
Yo! What's up everybody?!  On this episode we talk about the playstation 5 reveal, View Askew movies, my love for Death Stranding, and... I got hit by a car?! I hope you enjoy the episode, and see you on the next one
June 13, 2020
The Hype Begins... Again! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 101
What's up!? Welcome back to the Frantic Thoughts podcast! In this episode we talk Death Stranding, Tony Hawk, Looney Tunes, HBO Max, and other fun things! I hope you're enjoying these episodes because I plan to keep them coming!
May 30, 2020
Hey There! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 100
Hey... It's... uhm... been awhile!  Here's episode 100 of Frantic Thoughts, and it's great to be back! I'm here to stay with a whole new schedule and the same ol' Frantic! I hope you enjoy the episode and I'll see you soon (I promise)!
May 16, 2020
Frantic's Favorite Games of 2019 - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 99
Welcome to my annual Game of the Year Podcast thing!  Usually I take the time to edit down a video version and make it all fancy and whatnot, but instead of that, I just talk for over an hour (with music interstitials, A LITTLE fancy). Hope that's an okay trade off :PLet me know what you think over on twitter @FranticSociety, or on the Cartridge Club forums at THANKS FOR LISTENING, I APPRECIATE YOU! SEE YOU ON EPISODE 100, VERY SOON!!!! Timestamps:00:00 - Intro and Salutations03:42 - Honorable Mentions13:47 - Game #1016:53 - Game #920:52 - Game #826:14 - Game #732:10 - Game #636:27 - Game #543:23 - Game #450:23 - Game #355:38 - Game #21:00:43 - Game #1 - GAME OF THE YEAR 2019!!1:07:16 - Old Ass Games I Liked in 2019, and Wrap Up!
January 20, 2020
The Rise of Skywalker - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 98
On this episode I talk a little bit about my history with Star Wars, the lead up to The Rise of Skywalker, and then I do a complete review both spoiler-free and spoiler filled! Let me know if you all like this more focused type of show, and I'll do them more often! Timestamps:00:00 - Star Wars Background and Lead Up10:00 - Rise of Skywalker Review (SPOILER FREE)22:28 - Rise of Skywalker SPOILER ZONE!
December 23, 2019
State of the Podcast - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 97
HI There, welcome back to the show, this is just a little update on the state of things and the future of the podcast. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!   Also I am still taking Voicemails: ‪(832) 377-0641‬   The ending song is "Twin Sized Mattress," by the Front Bottoms
December 07, 2019
Don't Download This Podcast - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 96
Here we are, back again! Another episode of the podcast full of rambling and good times! Topics discussed include Family Updates, Untitled Goose Game, D23, Gamescom, Minecraft, and A LOT MORE! Voicemails are open! Leave a message here: ‪(832) 377-0641‬and I will play it on the show (as long as it isn't offensive or anything like that)If you are in a different country or would rather leave a voice message over email, send them over to! Timestamps:00:17 - Intro and Life Events25:06 - What I've Been Playing50:10 - Media Corner01:15:00 - News of Interest01:32:00 - Community Section01:38:00 - Wrap it Up!01:40:18 - End Song -- "The Distant Shore," from Steven Universe Soundtrack Vol.2
September 28, 2019
Let's Get Real - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 95
This week we talk a little bit about mental health and impostor syndrome, then we jump into video game and movie shenanigans! Hope you enjoy the show! Community Question of the Week:If from this day forward, you could only play games that have already been released or only games that are released after today. Which would you choose? This was submitted to me to answer by TopSpot123, via my new voicemail line at ‪(832) 377-0641 feel free and leave a message to the question here, or on the forums at also if you can't call a U.S. number feel free to email me at with any audio or text response! ❤️ Timestamps:00:00 - Intro00:42 - Topic of the Week - "Let's Get Real"13:28 - What I've Been Playin'13:48 - Call of Duty14:42 - Violence in Video games weird-ness15:50 - Metro Exodus18:04 - Super Mario Maker 219:10 - News of Interest19:48 - Gamescom Gonna be Big!21:17 - Snes Games on Switch?23:52 - New Dualshock 4 Colors25:05 - Media Corner25:50 - Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling28:31 - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark32:04 - Hobbs and Shaw33:50 - Community Section34:57 - First Voicemail!!! -- from TopSpot123 (THANKS MAN!)38:35 - Wrap it Up!40:32 - Goodbyes and Endsong! Forum Post: Endsong is Super Mario Maker Snow by Noteblock!   Thanks For Listening!!
August 18, 2019
Marvel Phase 4 & Other Things - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 94
This week we talk about a couple of games, but mostly jump into some tv/movie news, including Marvel Phase 4 announcements, and some stuff I've watched over the past month or so! Timestamps:00:50 - Intro01:38 - What I've been Playing05:46 - Media Corner06:24 - Cuphead TV Show07:28 - Ducktales Getting More Disney Afternoon Characters08:04 - Jay and Silent Bob Reboot09:58 - Steven Universe Movie10:48 - Nicktoons on Netflix12:10 - Marvel Phase 420:00 - What We Do in The Shadows 20:54 - Last Episode of IT Crowd?21:47 - Stranger Things Season 322:38 - Orange is the New Black Finale24:07 - Toy Story 424:55 - Spider-Man Far From Home26:35 - Lion King Live Action Remake32:53 - Wrap Up35:11 - Goodbyes and Ending Song Ending music is "Sweden" remix by Noteblock Thanks for listening!
August 12, 2019
I'm Back: With A Vengeance - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 93
HEY Guys, welcome back to the show! Sorry for the long absence, but I am back with more consistent episodes! Topics Discussed this episode include: -- Losing My Phone, Instagram Video Prank, Super Mario Maker 2, Katana Zero, Quick Save Club, Switch Lite, and more! -- I hope you enjoy, and see you very soon!
July 29, 2019
The Pizza Episode - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 92
Yeah. It's an episode entirely about Pizza.  Come tell me this was a bad idea at the Cartridge Club forums or on my twitter @FranticSociety Love you guys. "Real" episode coming soon as well.  this episode is real dumb.
July 03, 2019
E3 2019, You Were Breathtaking - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 91
The Good ol' Electronic Three has passed for 2019 and I had a good time! In this episode I talk about what games and announcements stuck out to me the most!Timestamps:00:00 - Intro3:21 - EA9:00 - Microsoft18:27 - Bethesda21:55 - Devolver23:07 - Pc Gaming Show27:52 - Limited Run29:47 - Ubisoft33:15 - Kinda Funny Presentation36:29 - Square Enix42:40 - Nintendo49:20 - The End ----- Check Out Quick Save Club a Pc Gaming Podcast! Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety or go to the Cartridge Club Forums at to talk about the show!! Rate me on Itunes, or whatever service you listen to the show on, it helps out! I have shirts if that interests you!
June 18, 2019
Pre-E3 2019 Ramblings - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 90
This Week we are going back to the weekly shows! Yay!I dive into a ton of different topics, start off with a bunch of pre-e3 announcements, some hopes for the show, and other e3 musings. Then I talk about what games I've been playing, and our trip to comicpalooza in Houston. I then wrap it all up with some movie/tv chat in Media Corner. I hope you all have a good time listening, and I can't wait to get  back on the weekly schedule again. Thanks for taking the time and supporting me.  Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro01:39 - Pre-E3 Chat 03:15 - Super Mario Maker Direct06:58 - Death Stranding Trailer12:34 - Weird Pokemon Conference/Pokemon Sword and Shield14:45 - Watch Dogs, Spongebob, Simpsons18:00 - 3-ish Things I'd Love to See at E329:54 - What's Happenin - Work and Comicpalooza stories40:29 - Recent Games I Have Been Playing50:29 - Media Corner58:12 - Detective Pikachu Mini-Review01:00:45 - Aladdin Mini-Review01:05:13 - Godzilla: King of Monsters Mini-Review01:06:45 - Booksmart Mini-Review01:08:45 - Ducktales Finale01:10:57 - Game of Thrones Finale01:12:58 - Saying Goodbye and Song "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)," My Chemical Romance ------The Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter Check Out Quick Save Club a Pc Gaming Podcast! - The Newest Episode is all about Half-Life! Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety or go to the Cartridge Club Forums at to talk about the show!! Rate me on Itunes, or whatever service you listen to the show on, it helps out! I have shirts if that interests you!
June 05, 2019
It's the Endgame Meow - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 89
Don't even ask about that title... I kinda just chill and talk which was very cathartic! Hope you guys enjoy it! Timestamps:Mainly just avoid 27:15 - 28:00 for a major !!! AVENGERS ENDGAME SPOILER !!!00:00 - 21:00 - Catching up...21:00 - 35:00 - Marvel Movies35:00 - 41:00 - State of Play and Gaming41:00 - End - Game of Thrones, a little rambling, and the end! ------The Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter This episode was recorded live on! Check Out Quick Save Club a Pc Gaming Podcast! Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety or go to the Cartridge Club Forums at to talk about the show!! Rate me on Itunes, or whatever service you listen to the show on, it helps out! I have shirts too...
May 10, 2019
I Suck at Soundboards - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 88
This week we talk about moving up north, c3, a woody doll, ps5, marvel movies... more! All while fumbling with a soundboard software a lot. What do you think of this format (once I work out the kinks)? timestamps:00:00 - Catching Up!06:58 - Dreams and stuff14:23 - Media Corner30:57 - News of Interest------The Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter This episode was recorded live on! Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety or go to the Cartridge Club Forums at to talk about the show!! Rate me on Itunes, or whatever service you listen to the show on, it helps out! I have shirts too...
April 24, 2019
Don't Ruin the Movie - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 87
This episode we talk about A TON of things including the Quick Save Club, pink concert we went to, health issues, theater etiquette, "Us," review, Marvel movie 1 sentence reviews, I "do it live," Nindie direct, Id @ Xbox Gamepass, Sony State of Play, Google Stadia, and more if you can believe it! Time Stamps:00:46 - What's Happenin' (Pink Concert, Health Stuff, etc)30:45 - Media Corner Begins31:38 - Arguing With My Family review - Theater Etiquette39:00 - Us review43:07 - MCU Rewatch 1 sentence reviews45:52 - Recommendation Minute returns!48:50 - News of Interest------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Check out Caleb J. Ross at  The Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety or go to the Cartridge Club Forums at to talk about the show!! Rate me on Itunes, or whatever service you listen to the show on, it helps out! I have shirts too...
April 04, 2019
When Do Games Become Retro? - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 86
This Week, we ask the question, "When are video games retro?," talk about Anthem, VR, Ape Out, Work Stalkers?, Captain Marvel, some movie trailers, Borderlands 3 teases, and a lot more! Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the show! -- Doin' It Live will return next week -- Time-stamp-stamp-stampersss:00:59 - When do games become retro?16:10 - What's Happenin' 39:37 - Media Corner52:17 - News of Interest58:20 - WRAP IT UP, and ending song! (wonder what I'm up to...)   The Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter
March 16, 2019
My 1st PSVR and Xbox One X Experiences - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 85
This past month has been crazy busy, but that doesn't mean I didn't have time for some really fun pickups and new experiences!In this episode I talk about Playstation VR, Xbox One X, My Anthem first impressions, 4k Lion King, and SO much more. This is a fun one, I hope you all enjoy it! Timestampsssss:00:00 - Intro 11:20 - Xbox One X Pickup 15:60 - 'Anthem' Impressions 22:20 - Switch Gaming - 'Tetris 99' and 'Ape Out '26:50 - 'Toe Jam and Earl Back in the Groove' Thoughts29:15 - Playstation VR Pickup43:45 - 9 Years of Content Creation47:04 - "Doin it Live!"48:51 - Media Corner49:45 - 'How to Train Your Dragon 3' Quick Review52:16 - 'Isn't It Romantic?' Quick Review55:30 - TV Shows and Trailers01:02:03 - News of Interest!01:14:00 - WRAP IT UP and Outro song! ------Check out the Polykill Podcast Here: The Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety or go to the cartridge club forums at to talk about the show!! Rate me on Itunes, or whatever service you listen to the show on, it helps out! I have shirts too...
March 04, 2019
An Incredible Nintendo Direct! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 84
This week I chat all about that really great Nintendo Direct that aired on Feb. 13th! I loved it!I also chat a little bit about some movies and try out a new segment called "Doin' it live!" Timestamperinos:01:20 - Nintendo Direct in Depth Reactions25:19 - "Doin' it Live!"27:47 - What's Happenin'31:53 - "The Lego Movie 2" Quick Review33:36 - "What Men Want" Quick Review35:08 - "Happy Death Day 2U" Quick Review38:48 - WRAP IT UP!40:24 - Ending Song -- "Super Cool by Beck (ft. Robyn and The Lonely Island)"-------------- Check out the Retro Pixel Podcast Here: The Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety or go to the cartridge club forums at to talk about the show!! Rate me on Itunes, or whatever service you listen to the show on, it helps out! I have shirts too...
February 18, 2019
Kingdom Hearts 3 Review - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 83
This week I review Kingdom Hearts 3, and talk about other thingssss... TIME STAMPS YALL: 01:38 - Kingdom Hearts 3 Review (Spoiler Free) 13:31 - Life stuff and Quick "The Kid Who Would Be King" thoughts 20:10 - NEWS OF INTEREST! ---- Check out the Cartridge Club Extra all about the Kingdom Hearts Timeline: The Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety or go to the cartridge club forums at to talk about the show!! Rate me on Itunes, or whatever service you listen to the show on, it helps out! I have shirts too...
February 11, 2019
Podcast Episode Titles Are Hard - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 82
Welcome to this episode! I talk about stuff. I hope you enjoy listening to the stuff I talk about. Thanks. Here are some timecodes for ya: 02:00 Bumblebee Review 05:14 Steven Universe Season Finale Review 08:22 Kingdom Hearts 3 Hype and Life Stuff 12:33 News of Interest 18:01 Twitter Questions --- Podcast Logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter Tee-shirts are available at They help out the show and are very comfortable!
January 25, 2019
Happy New Year! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 81
I'M BACK (with an extra long episode)! Welcome to Frantic Thoughts and the show is back on it's regularly scheduled episodes. Every Thursday (sometimes Friday) expect a new show! This episode we talk about my new job, some shows I've been watching, games I've been playing, talk about upcoming 2019 video games, and my new years resolutions! It's a good time, and it's good to be back! ------ Podcast Logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter Tee-shirts are available at They help out the show and are very comfortable!
January 18, 2019
Life Update & Into the Spiderverse Review - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 80
Hey guys! After missing an episode, here's a quick one talking about my job hunt and reviewing the amazing new Spider-man animated movie! ---- Podcast Logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter Tee-shirts are available at They help out the show and are very comfortable!
December 21, 2018
Finding the Light in the Darkness - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 79
This has been a really rough week, but the weekend really turned it around a great deal. Topics discussed are -- my job -- The Game Awards -- Cartridge Club Extra Life -- and More!! ------- Podcast Logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter Tee-shirts are available at They help out the show and are very comfortable!
December 10, 2018
Catching Up! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 78
This week's episode is a little bit of catching up with how I've been, and some news thrown in there for good measure. Hope you enjoy, and see you next week for Game Awards reactions, Cartridge Club Extra Life, and in 2 weeks for 12 Frantic Days of Christmas!! ---Podcast Logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter Tee-shirts are available at They help out the show and are very comfortable!
December 02, 2018
Black Friday & Wreck it Ralph 2 - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 77
This week I tell about my black Friday (Thursday) experience this year, and review Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet! --- The podcast logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter Pickup a Frantic Thoughts T-shirt to support the podcast hosting over at!
November 23, 2018
Five Years of Playstation 4 - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 76
This week we talk about the 5 year anniversary of the Playstation 4, That new harry potter movie, Spyro, Pokemon, Zoos, The Game Awards, X018, and a whole lot more!! I hope you enjoy this one! Have a great week! ---- Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter Check out my teeshirts at they support the podcast hosting, and you can also get stickers!!
November 16, 2018
Act a Fool - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 75
This week I ramble about a bad christmas movie, a fun christmas movie, a queen movie, red dead, overwatch, diablo mobile crybabies and more! --- Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo Want to support the show? Check out my t-shirt shop, all profits from that will be put towards podcast hosting!
November 09, 2018
Red Dead Piranha Plants - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 74
Heyyyy there. I had a corrupted record, so this is straight off-the-cuff ranting and raving about everything from red dead redemption 2 to Halloween parties to smash bros. directs!!! It's fun, I had a great time, hope you do too!! ---- Podcast Logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter tee-shirts help the hosting costs and are available at They help out the show and are very comfortable!
November 02, 2018
Is Streaming the Future of Games? - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 73
This week I chat about our possible streaming only future for video games. Are you ready for "netflix," for games? Let's talk about it. ---------- The podcast logo is by @BBShelbo on twitter Thanks for supporting the show, if you like the content and want to support other ways, I have a t-shirt shop. ( Otherwise thanks for checking out the show, it'll always be free and laid back. ;)
October 25, 2018
Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'? - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 72
This week I tell a bunch of work place stories, do 3 mini movie reviews, chat a bit about kingdom hearts, and tell some wacky news!!Enjoy! The podcast logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter!
October 19, 2018
Fear of Missing Out - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 71
On this week's episode I talk about my ever prescent fear of missing out on the new, hot thingssss... also I'm sorry about that ending xD Podcast main logo is by BBShelbo Pick up my new Comic Book Style T-shirt over at -- helps support the podcast hosting
October 11, 2018
No Internet!!!!!!! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 70
Imagine a world where there was no internet. It would be weird. I kinda talk about that but mostly I go into a bunch of other topics because I can't ever stay focused. Some call it a.d.d. or a.d.h.d. but I just call it insanity. Maybe insanity is a bit harsh of a word, but honestly I cannot even focus for 2 minutes tonight. You know what else is pretty harsh? Vodka. I rarely drink hard liquor, and that shit is probably the worst. It's like a cleaner for your insides. Like i'm drinking pine sol or lysol... one of the "sols" but way, way worse. I tend to avoid things like that. It's not really worth it to take shots and not feel anything then instantly feel sick. It can be a bummer. Yeah... anyway I should quit typing because I really don't know where this is going. I had a good time with this episode. Episode... that's such a weird word to say. Ep. Is. ode... I dunno. it's just like any other word, you say it enough and it starts to sound weird or odd. Seriously try it with ANY word... Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork... starts to sound like I made up a word. Man I just realized I didn't talk about the Good Place coming back. That show is forking awesome. The premise is a lady passes away and goes to heaven, but she kinda sucks. Like a lot. she's a bad person. like real bad. and yeah it goes from there, but gets a lot weirder over time. worth the watch for sure. Uhm... oh yeah this is a PODCAST DESCRIPTION. I rant for 30 minutes about stuff. I hope you like it. The podcast main logo is by @BBshelbo on twitter, she's a great artist go check out her stuff. The music is from the scott pilgrim ost, it's rad. You should listen to it. Also, mario 64 theme at the beginning because I like it. Thanks for listening.
October 06, 2018
Nice - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 69
Yeah... I ramble a lot here. Tons of news, and I get seriousssss or something. These descriptions are just whatever now. I talk about anxiety too! It's a good'n. Enjoy! Ending song is Axolotl by C418 Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo
September 29, 2018
Open World Games - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 68
This week I talk about open world games, sour candy and... other stuff! Enjoy... yall   Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo Outro Song: OC ReMix 2039 Sunset Riders Mr. Pink Ponchos Western Rock Band [Fight Bravely] by Dr. Manhattan
September 20, 2018
4k Gaming, Spider-Man, and Nintendo Stuff! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 67
This Week I go back to a "normal," show and talk all things 4k hdr gaming, a little spider-man ps4 pro talk, a Nintendo Direct happened, and I'm sure I talk about other stuff... Idk  enjoy? lol   Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo
September 14, 2018
Find Your Happy Place - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 66
“You can do anything here — the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy.” - Bob Ross This week on Frantic Thoughts I chill and just talk, I hope you enjoy the episode!   Music is from Night in the Woods... Greggs Woods and Coming HomePodcast Logo is by @BBShelbo
September 06, 2018
Nintendo 64 & More! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 65
This week I have the fantastic Ryan @itsrocketsauce from the CartridgeClub on to talk everything Nintendo 64, Smash Bros, and a lot more! This is the longest episode yet! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening The podcast logo is by @BBshelbo End Credit Music: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U ReMix by DjjD: 'Incognito' [Menu]
August 30, 2018
Muppets, Moving, and Magic - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 64
THIS WEEK we talk about moving, my new tv, an...okay muppet movie, and some gamescom news/rumors! Enjoy this short and sweet episode! Follow me on Twitter: @FranticSociety Podcast logo is by @BBShelbo!   MUSIC: Shovel Knight OC ReMix by Jorito: "Shovel Power" [Strike the Earth!] (#3758)
August 25, 2018
Let's Talk About Let's Plays - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 63
THIS WEEK I talk about let's plays, both watching them and creating them. I also chat a bit about BlackKklansman, Plagiarism, and Ninja that streamer dude... Hope you enjoy! Follow me on twitter: @franticsociety End music is: Terraria Overworld Day - Remix by Qumu Music! Thanks to @bbshelbo for my podcast logo!
August 17, 2018
Smash Bros Ultimate is Gonna Kick Ass! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 62
This week I forgo a silly topic and deep dive into a few really interesting gaming news stories! Songs are Cavern of Rememberance from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix and Snake Eater remix from Smash Bros. Ultimate! Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety to see when I stream and to chat! xD Podcast art is by @bbshelbo on twitter!
August 09, 2018
Digital Vs Physical - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 61
THIS WEEK I ramble and argue with myself about the merits of digital vs physical video games. I also talk about random stuff including weird chip flavors! Enjoy! Follow me @FranticSociety and our new podcast @Tradepapercast  Music:  - Animal Crossing New Leaf ReMix by AJ DiSpirito Morning Jazz [Main Street (N. Junction)] - Animal Crossing ReMix by Jamphibious Soothing Rain [Rainy Day]
August 02, 2018
An Amazing Weekend - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 60
THIS WEEK I recap one of the best weekends of my life. I Hope you guys enjoy! A normal episode will be up next Thursday
July 29, 2018
Frantic Thoughts Mini-sode
Sorry it was an extremely busy week but I wanted to say "hi" and "what's up". A full episode will be uploaded by Monday. Warning! This was recorded on my phone so it might sound terrible.
July 26, 2018
Snacks? - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 59
THIS WEEK on Frantic Thoughts, I TRY to talk about snacks, discuss Sorry to Bother You, and Get super hyped over some Spiderman news! Follow me on twitter @Franticsociety, and check out our new podcast TradePaperCast over @Tradepapercast on twitter! Songs: Traverse Town from Kingdom Hearts, and Smoothmcgroove's remix of Traverse TownEnding Song is New Beginnings [Deep Jungle] by Blue Magic from OCREMIX @BBShelbo on twitter created my amazing podcast artwork
July 19, 2018
Video Game TV Show Ideas - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 58
THIS WEEK I discuss video game tv show ideas, fortnite season 5, Superstore, and other fun things!I also try out a new edit style... hope you like it! Timestamps:00:00 -- Intro01:24 -- Topic of the Week13:43 -- Recommendation Minute15:53 -- What's Happenin'27:44 -- News of Interest37:13 -- Wrap up, Plugs, and GOODBYES40:09 -- End Song: Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island ReMix by nokbient "A Long Way Home" [Yoshi Start Demo]  @TradePaperBack on twitter for updates on our new show!Music Credit:all music is from OCRemix --------OC ReMix 2859 Yoshi Touch Go "Cloudhopping" [Flower Garden] by ChimpazillaOC ReMix 544 Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island "Dino Band Rehearsal" [Athletic] by McVaffeOC ReMix 184 Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island "Indian Ragga" [Yoshis Island] by McVaffe and Kevin Macleod "Funkorama" Royalty freeTHANKS to @BBShelbo on twitter for my amazing podcast artwork!
July 12, 2018
The Power of Fandom - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 57
THIS WEEK I take a deep dive into fandom, both toxic and positive, and discuss what types of effects it can have. I feel like the conversation goes to some really good places!I also talk a bit about Life is Strange, Fortnite Sky Cracks, and introduce a new segment "The Hit List!" Forum Thread: Timestamps:00:00 -- Topic of the Week29:10 -- Recommendation Minute42:54 -- News of Interest47:10 -- THE HIT LIST53:37 -- Closing and Endsong - "Obstacles," by Syd Matters (From The Life is Strange OST) Thanks to @bbshelbo on twitter for the podcast artwork!
July 06, 2018
Comic Books and More - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 56
This week I talk about comics and announce our new comic book podcast @tradepapercast! Go follow us on twitter! Also I talk about more stuff, lol Timestamps:00:00 -- Intro08:32 -- Recommendation Minute09:15 -- What's Happenin19:39 -- News of Interest31:39 -- Wrap up, Goodbyes and Closing Song 'Submerged in Ambiance' [Aquatic Ambiance] by The Distortionist WE'RE ON SPOTIFY NOW! Thanks to @bbshelbo on twitter for my podcast artwork!
June 28, 2018
The Rest of 2018 in Video Games - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 55
This week I run down all of the games that are left for the year! I also talk about Incredibles 2, Battle Royale Victories, Depression, Playstation Cross Platform Woes, and a ton more!! Timestamps:00:00 -- Show Starts/News of Interest!28:41 -- Recommendation Minute47:37 -- NEWS OF INTEREST56:41 -- Closing Comments, GOODBYES, and End song (Endless Fantasy by Animaniguchi) HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SHOW, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Podcast artwork is by the incredibly talented @BBShelbo on Twitter!
June 21, 2018
E3 2018 Wrap Up! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 54
This episode is all just me recapping e3 stuff! I think it was a pretty solid year all around. SO MANY AWESOME GAMES COMING OUT!Let's talk about it. Forum Thread: Cartridge Club E3 Coverage: Timestamps:00:00 -- E3 stuff (that's it, lol)43:42 -- Ends Song (CyberPunk Trailer Song: Hyper - Spoiler) Podcast Artwork is by @BBshelbo on twitter!
June 14, 2018
E3 and Other Things - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 53
THIS WEEK I try to talk about e3 but everything just goes off the rails, lol Forum Thread: Timestamps: 01:05 -- Topic of the Week: Why I love E3! 11:59 -- Recommendation Minute 13:00 -- What's Happenin' 43:52 -- NEWS OF INTEREST 49:54 -- Plugs and GOODBYES 52:59 -- End Song (Julian Nunes - Cool Thanks)   Podcast Artwork is by the awesome @BBshelbo on twitter!
June 08, 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story Review - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 52
THIS WEEK I review Solo both spoiler free and at the very end with SPOILER ZONE! We went to comicpalooza in Houston, and I talk all about that... Also, there is a ton of cool news including pokemon and fallout stuff! I hope you love it! Forum Thread: Timestamps:01:01 -- Topic of the Week: Solo Review!08:52 -- Recommendation Minute09:52 -- What's Happenin22:02 -- News of Interest31:40 -- Plugs and Goodbyes36:53 -- Ending Song -- Pokemon Gold "Champions Horizon" by Willrock OCREMIX 41:48 -- SPOILER ZONE!!! for Solo: A Star Wars Story  Podcast Artwork is by the awesome @BBshelbo on twitter!
June 01, 2018
One Year of Shenanigans - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 51
THIS WEEK I bring on special guest Player 2 from the Cartridge Club for a celebration of 1 year of podcasts!We have a really fun conversation that ranges from silly to serious. I really had a fantastic time chatting with him. I hope you guys love the episode as much as I do. xDSomehow I made it 52 weeks (there is an episode 0) without missing a week. I hope to keep this trend going, thanks for showing up, listening to this ridiculousness, and being awesome!Cheers to 1 year, Here's to 10 more!Timestamps:00:09 -- Opening Chat About 1 Year Anniversery05:06 -- Topic of the Week15:17 -- What's Happenin'24:08 -- Recommendation Minute26:11 -- News of Interest41:56 -- Community Questions56:57 -- Plugs, Closing Comments, and GOODBYESThanks @Cartridgebrosp2 for coming on, I had a great time!Podcast artwork is by the amazing @BBshelbo on twitter!
June 01, 2018
Down With the Sickness - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 50
THIS WEEK I'm sick as heck! So why not talk about being sick?! I talk about some times I was really sick, and some things I did to distract myself from that. I talk about my really fun and busy week, and chat a little bit about some news. It's a short and to the point episode, but I wouldn't want to miss a week no matter how I feel lol C3 GOFUNDME (DONATE IF YOU CAN!): Timestamps:00:36 -- topic of the week08:25 -- Recommendation Minute24:07 -- News of Interest30:14 -- Wrap Up and GOODBYES Frantic Thoughts Logo is by the amazing @bbshelbo on twitter! thumbnail art is by:
May 17, 2018
We're Spoiled! - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 49
THIS WEEK I talk about how spoiled we all are as nerds, geeks, and enthusiasts. I also talk about my past 2 weeks which was full of ups and downs... Then we catch up a bit on news, including how Walmart CA spoilled E3?! After the ending song there is a new segment called SPOILER ZONE which is 5 minutes of spoilers for whatever I choose. This week I chose God of War 2018, so if you don't want to be spoiled turn it off before you get there! I warn you a ton ahead of time. Here's another warning! Forum Thread: C3 GOFUNDME (DONATE IF YOU CAN!): Timestamps:02:50 -- Topic of the Week08:53 -- Recommendation Minute10:01 -- What's Happenin24:31 -- News of Interest35:58 -- Wrap Up and GOODBYES41:01 -- SPOILER ZONE!!! God of War 2018 Podcast Art is done by the amazing @BBshelbo on twitter! I dedicate this episode of Frantic Thoughts to my Grandmother,Diane Leslie, she was an amazing person and she will be missed
May 10, 2018
A Musical Experience - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 48
THIS WEEK I take you on a journey through a lot of the music that influenced my life.   New Podcast art by @BBShelbo on twitter! Thanks!! Forum Thread:
May 03, 2018
God Of War Lives Up To The Hype - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 47
THIS WEEK I start off by talking about the new God of War in a non-spoilery way. It's super good guys! Then I recommend some food, talk about 4 movies I watched last week, and talk some nintendo news. Forum Thread: Timestamps:01:14 -- Topic of the Week14:44 -- Recommendation Minute15:47 -- What's Happenin'25:30 -- News of Interest38:56 -- Plugs and GOODBYES
April 27, 2018
Cyberpunk Bioshock - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 46
THIS WEEK I pitch my idea for a crazy cyberpunk bioshock game!There's other stuff that I chat about, but that's the highlight. :)Enjoy! Forum Thread: Timestamps:01:54 -- Topic of the Week15:07 -- Recommendation Minute (ish)23:26 -- News of Interest28:58 -- Plugs and GOODBYES Follow me on twitter: @FranticSociety
April 19, 2018
The Return of Mascot 3D Platformers? - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 45
THIS WEEK we have a chat about Spyro, Crash, and if the mascot 3d platformer has officially returned. I played a bunch of games for once! (shocker) including finishing last of us, overwatch, Radical Heights and thomas was alone. We also talk about all the backward compatible games coming to xbox, and apparently God of War is Really, really good.Hope you enjoy the show, if you do please share it around, and leave a rating on youtube or itunes.
April 13, 2018
Infinitely Replayable Games - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 44
THIS WEEK I take a look and chat about some games that I can just play over, and over again. I recommend some music, talk about Love Simon, and Spyro is back! I hope you enjoy this, the edits are a little wonky, but I think it came out good.  Also, let's hope that I can actually keep my promise and make monday youtube videos a thing! Forum Thread: Time Stamps:00:25 - Topic of the Week18:43 - Recommendation Minute19:50 - What's Happenin25:45 - News of Interest36:00 - Plugs and GOODBYES Follow me on twitter @FranticSociety
April 06, 2018
Ready Player One Spoiler Free Review - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 43
THIS WEEK I review Ready Player One, talk about Dragon Ball Z, and make a ton of silly voices as I talk about my week and some news. I'm a huge dork, and I hope you all love the episode!!!! Forum Thread: Timestamps:00:27 - Topic of the Week13:03 - Recommendation Minute14:04 - What's Happenin'31:48 - News of Interest39:49 - Plugs and GOODBYES
March 30, 2018
Video Game Movies - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 42
THIS WEEK I stumble through the topic of the week (I may revisit it at a later date), then we recommend some good food combos, talk about my injury last week, and go through the short but great Nintendo "Nindie" direct.Thanks to all the (very few) people who still stop by and listen to the show every week. I have been having a tough couple of months and this show has got me through it. Love you all. Timestamps:01:06 - Topic of the Week14:15 - Recommendation Minute15:20 - What's Happenin'24:55 - News of Interest Forum Thread: Follow me on twitter if you want to chat about all things gaming or otherwise: @FranticSociety Leave me a rating on Itunes, it helps the show grow! -
March 23, 2018
Changes... - Ep. 41
THIS WEEK I choose to not have a real "topic," and I just chill, answer some questions from the community, and chat about my week. It's a really relaxed episode, and I had a great time with it. I hope you all enjoy it as well!!! 00:53 -- Topic of the Week/What's Happenin'39:26 -- Recommendation Minute40:52 -- News of Interest Forum Thread:
March 16, 2018
Smash Bros Switch Announced! - Ep. 40
THIS WEEK I talk about the Nintendo Direct, and a ton of other stuff... lol(it's a lot of fun! I promise!) Forum Thread: Timestamps: 01:40 -- Topic of the Week23:01 -- Recommendation Minute36:05 -- News of Interest46:10 -- Community and Plugs
March 09, 2018
These Game Series NEED to be Revived! -- Ep. 39
THIS WEEK in the topic of the week I chat about what game series need to come back, have a revival, and just generally series that I missed. I then continue on with some fast recommendations, talk about a couple or great movies, shill for movie pass a few times, and wrap up with some loot box and overwatch news!I hope you enjoy these, cuz I always do!! xD Forum Thread: Timestamps:02:20 -- Topic of the Week26:37 -- Recommendation Minute!39:03 -- News of Interest49:40 -- Community Comments and Plugs   Recommendations:Dollar Dorks Solo Show --'s Reviews -- --
March 01, 2018
Is Battle Royale Taking Over? - Ep. 37
THIS WEEK I talk about the HRI charity stream put on by BuriedOnMars, Beating Celeste, The Good Place, Spyro news, Kingdom Hearts III, and wrap it up with some talk about battle royale games. COMMUNITY QUESTION: Do you think battle royale is here to stay? What company or series would you want to make one? If you don't care, ask me a question with #franticthoughts I'll answer it on the next show! Timestamps:00:50 -- What's Happenin'15:57 -- News of Interest23:30 -- Topic of the Week37:18 -- Closing Song Cover of "Some Nights," by fun. by Walk Off the Earth Ft. Julia Nunes Forum Thread:
February 15, 2018
Grand Theft Brothers - Ep. 36
THIS WEEK I have my brother, Justin, on and we talk about some games we're interested in, do some Grand Theft Auto trivia, and talk about the future of the Grand Theft Auto Franchise (his favorite series). COMMUNITY QUESTION: Do you like the grand theft auto series? What would you want from future iterations of the series? Forum Thread: Time Stamps:01:04 -- What's Happening16:00 -- Grand Theft Auto Trivia23:03 -- Topic of the Week37:55 -- Community Responses
February 09, 2018
Podcasting about Podcasts - Ep. 35
THIS WEEK I talk about buying a new couch, loving Celeste, a block of nintendo news, and Red Dead 2 gets a release date. In the topic of the week I talk about how I got into listening to podcasts, what shows I liked the most, and what I continue to listen to now. In the community section I answer YOUR QUESTIONS!! Community question of the week: What podcast do you like listen to? Any recommendations? And What can I do to better my own podcast? Thanks for listening everyone :) Forum Thread: Timestamps:00:49 -- What's Happening11:34 -- NEWS OF INTEREST18:04 -- Topic of the Week28:00 -- Community Section
February 02, 2018
The Woods
A short descriptive story I wrote around 6 years ago. I hope you like it.
January 28, 2018
Are Video Games a Waste of Time?! - Ep. 34
THIS WEEK I ramble and stutter my way through a story about how Mario Cereal scratched my Switch, talk about John Cena news, Xbox game pass, and ask the old as time question, "Are Video Games a Waste of Time?" (hint: no... they're not) COMMUNITY QUESTION: Ask me a question about anything on the comments on youtube, on twitter with the #franticthoughts, or on the cartridge club forum thread below! TIMESTAMPS:01:18 -- What's Happenin'?11:05 -- NEWS OF INTEREST26:27 -- Topic of the Week35:19 -- Community Section Forum Thread:
January 26, 2018
Our Weird Cardboard Future - Ep. 33
THIS WEEK I go live, for the first time ever! I talk about the wierd nintendo news, youtube changes, and how Brothers is an amazing game! In the topic of the week we talk about speedrunning! COMMUNITY QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If you had infinite time, what game would you choose to speedrun? Here's one of those "cool things" I talked about that went up on the cartridge club site: and here's the forum post for the podcast: TIMESTAMPS:01:24 -- What's Happenin'?12:24 -- NEWS OF INTEREST32:10 -- Topic of the Week34:08 -- Community Section
January 18, 2018
Nintendo Mini Direct & Vacation Talk - Ep. 32
THIS WEEK I talk about my family-filled vacation to Washington. Then I jump into all of the Nintendo stuff including the "mini" direct and other random stuff! COMMUNITY QUESTION OF THE WEEK!What WiiU game would you want to see on the Switch? What other ports would you like? What games would you like? Timestamps!!00:42 -- What's Happenin'10:39 -- News of Interest26:12 -- Topic of the Week26:12 -- Community Question Forum Post for this Episode:
January 11, 2018
Most Anticipated Games of 2018! - Ep. 31
THIS WEEK I talk about some movies I've seen lately, and dive into what game releases of 2018 I'm looking forward to (so far)I hope you enjoy this episode, I love making this every week. :D(I'm still working on the intro, any suggestions are appreciated) COMMUNITY QUESTION: What Games are YOU looking forward to in 2018? Let me know in the comments or on the Forum!!
January 04, 2018
Rambling Into the New Year - Ep. 30
THIS WEEK I ramble into oblivion, but I do get some coherent thoughts out! Especially when it comes to new years resolutions! and tire problem insanity! I hope you enjoy this mad man's rant! See you next year! Community Question: What's YOUR new years resolution? reply on the forums if you can!
December 29, 2017
Frantic's Favorite Games of 2017
WELCOME to the audio version of my Game of the Year countdown and discussion. There is a video component to this episode, but for all of you audio and podcast lovers, I decided to upload this for all of you! 2017 has been an insane year for video games. From the Switch's release, to fantastic 1st party offerings from Sony, to incredible indie games that push video game storytelling further. I decided to try to make a list of my top 15 games this year, I then ranked them! I hope you enjoy this, I spent a really long time putting this one together!  Merry Christmas!!!! For all of the people who may have missed 12 Frantic Days of Christmas, heres the playlist: and it's also on the CC Forums Here:
December 25, 2017
Christmas Memories - Ep. 29
THIS WEEK we continue the 12 Frantic Days of Christmas with your weekly dose of Frantic Thoughts. This one is super special because I have my mom on to talk about our favorite Christmas memories, and just go off topic way too many times. It's a really great show and I had a nice time talking to her. She seemed to have fun too. The perfect accompaniment to any Christmas listening this year. Hope you guys like it!
December 21, 2017
Favorite Media of 2017 - Ep. 28
THIS WEEK to kick off, 12 FRANTIC DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, I sit down with my girlfriend, Sierra, again and we chat about all the movies, tv, music, and more from 2017 that we loved. We then answer some holiday related questions from twitter! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE GAME TO WIN THE CARTRIDGE CLUB AWARDS 2017: COMMUNITY QUESTION: What are some media related christmas memories that you'd like to share?
December 15, 2017
The Game Awards 2017 Recap and Reactions - Ep. 27
THIS WEEK I go over all of the game awards winners and trailers!Then I talk some community questions and thoughts on the future of VR! COMMUNITY QUESTIONS: Leave me a question about the holidays that Sierra and I can answer next week! Over on my twitter @franticsociety use the hashtag #franticthoughtsThanks for listening!
December 09, 2017
The Rise and Fall of Plastic Instruments - Ep. 26
THIS WEEK I spend an inordinate amount of time talking about my Thanksgiving week, black friday, and a ton of cool stuff I played/watched. Then a small news section, not an eventful time right now. The topic of the week is an in depth look at Rock Band and Guitar Hero's history. The rise of the plastic instrument games, and the fall, why it failed, and the possible future of peripheral based music games. Then in the community section we read some really great comments! Enjoy!!! QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What are some of your favorite peripheral based music games, and what do you think the future of these kinds of games are? Remember you can answer the question on the forums at cartridgeclub.orgorTweet me @FranticSociety with the hashtag #FranticThoughts the answer to the question, or even questions of your own! Next week should be 2 episodes for 2 different reactions, and then the week after that is the 12 Frantic Days of Christmas kick off episode! It should be an eventful holiday!
November 30, 2017
Justice League & the Future of DC Movies - Ep. 25
THIS WEEK I talk about seeing Justice League and how DC could change and improve the future of its movie output. Also we talk (yet again) about Battlefront 2 and how lootboxes effect gaming, and about how Splatoon 2 is the OPPOSITE of all of that bs. It's a good show. I hope you all enjoy it. :) COMMUNITY QUESTION: What do you think DC could do to turn their movie universe around? Also do you even like Superhero/comic book movies?   tweet me and use the hashtag #franticthoughts or visit the cc forums at:
November 23, 2017
What Studio Should Make a Star Wars Game? - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 24
THIS WEEK I explain why I love Steven Universe, and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. I then jump in to some news about TMNT, Gamestop, and tons of info about all of the Battlefront 2 hullabaloo. Topic of the week: If EA lost the Star Wars IP, what studio would make a great Star Wars Game? Community Question of the Week: (See topic of the week) :P
November 16, 2017
Finding a Creative Outlet - Ep. 23
THIS WEEK I talk about Mario Odyssey, American Vandal, and then I go on an incredible personal ramble. I talk about stuff I don't normally talk about, and just get some stuff off my chest. I also talk about creativity and how it can be a stress release.... I hope you enjoy, and next week I'll have a more "geeky" topic. Opening/Closing Song:Avicii - "Levels" Topic of the Week Song: C418 - "Chris"
November 09, 2017
Sony Paris Games Week 2017 Reactions! - Ep. 22
THIS WEEK we talk a ton of news from animal crossing to brutal last of us 2 trailers to gamestop rental services? yup. I hope you all enjoy this one! COMMUNITY QUESTION: What's your favorite announcement from sony's paris games week press conference, and what do they do now at Playstation Experience?
November 02, 2017
Cute Character Horror Games - Ep. 21
THIS WEEK it's super spooky halloween time! yay! This is a laid back podcast with less of a format and me just shooting the shit. I have a great time coming up with horror games based on cute characters (mostly nintendo characters).  I hope you have as much fun listening as I did making it!  COMMUNITY QUESTION: What cute character or game series would be fun to turn into more of a horror game? Let me know!
October 26, 2017
EA Shuts Down Visceral Studios - Ep. 20
THIS WEEK Frantic talks about his Super Nintendo-y birthday gift, movie pass experience, and a gaming news packed second half.EA shutting down Visceral sucks, Dead Space will be missed... COMMUNITY QUESTION OF THE WEEK:What game company would you be the most sad to see close down? or what game company are you sad that has already closed?
October 19, 2017
Hype: Is It Worth It? - Ep.19
THIS WEEK I talk about Hat in Time, Shadow or War, getting hyped up, and other stuff! Community Question of the week: When did hype leave you disappointed? When did it pay off? Let me know! (the audio had some issues so I had to make audio bandaids, sorry it won't happen again!) Follow me on twitter: @FranticSociety
October 12, 2017
The Death of the Wii Shop Channel - Ep.18
THIS WEEK I talk about the amazing Cuphead, and about how Nintendo is killing off the Wii Shop channel in 2019. What does this mean for the future of Digital Storefronts? Let's talk about it. COMMUNITY QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What do you think about Nintendo killing off the wii shop channel? What are your opinions on digital vs. physical games? Jump over to my twitter @FranticSociety to respond! I'll read the responses next week (if we have some) Let me know if you guys like this segment idea!
October 05, 2017
What I Want In Borderlands 3 - Ep. 17
THIS WEEK I spend a lot of time talking about Destiny 2 and building shelves, dive into some news about Battlefront 2, and other things. Then I go into some questionable quotes from the CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, regarding Borderland's art style and success. Then to wrap it up I lay out what I would like in the third Borderlands game! Follow me on Twitter: @FranticSociety Leave me a rating on Itunes please! It helps the show grow!
September 28, 2017
The Untitled Q&A Episode! - Ep. 16
THIS WEEK My girlfriend, Sierra is back! Don't worry it's barely even a q&a, but we talked about so much stuff I couldn't think of a proper title! Some subjects we bring up include green burritos, rainy rickmobiles, tgs stuff, Monster Hunter, Epic Games turning on cross play (?), some pewdiepie talk, we review It (2017) and of course we take some questions (like 4 or so) I hope you enjoy this episode! It was a blast! Subscribe for more like this! - Tweets: Thoughts on Itunes:
September 21, 2017
Nintendo Direct (Sep 2017) Reactions - Ep.15
This whole episode is my thoughts about the Nintendo Direct on 9/14/17 and the direction that Nintendo is going in for the future... I recorded it pretty late for me and was sleepy so I apologize in advance! If you like/don't like this idea of a whole episode of a "reaction" to something, let me know. I'm just trying something new out. Check me out on Retro Fandango: And as always follow me on twitter: @FranticSociety
September 14, 2017
Microtransactions - Ep.14
I have a super relaxed chat, talk about poor CoD Betas, Mega mans, Some small news stories including Secret of Mana news and during my topic of the week I have a heated conversation about micro-transactions (hint: I'm tired of them) Enjoy! Follow me on Twitter: @FranticSociety
September 07, 2017
Why I Collect Games - Ep.13
THIS WEEK I talk about Hurrican Harvey, some rambling on what I've been playing, then jump into the news where I talk about the Nindie direct and the  bummer that is Halflife 3. I then jump into the topic of the week-- collecting and why I enjoy it. Let's chat! @FranticSociety Check out my Youtube for future videos and reviews! Frantic Youtube
August 31, 2017
The Uncertain Future of Xbox - Ep.12
THIS WEEK we talk more about cartridge craft, some game announcements, the snes classic preorder fiasco, and then in the topic of the week we talk about the shaky ground that xbox is on and it's uncertain future. (sorry if the last segment isn't as polished I was feeling weird at the time) Let me know what you think! Let's Tweet! @FranticSociety
August 24, 2017
Preorder Expectations - Ep.11
THIS WEEK we talk about my Sonic Mania first impressions (hint: It's super cool). Then we talk about CartridgeCraft. Then dive into the news about Movie Pass, Crackdown Delays, and... Cat RPGs? No Man's Sky has an update, one year later, and amazon changes their 20% off policy - This ties together with the topic of the week, Preorders! I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think! Let's tweet: @franticsociety Sub to Retro Revolutions: Qdawg Preorder Video:
August 17, 2017
Will Valve Ever Make Half-life 3? - Ep.10
THIS WEEK, not much is going on in my life, but we talk about 2 gaming controversies. The Hellblade "permadeath," and Shadow of War Micro-transaction scandals. Then for the topic of the week we dive into Valve's business practices and if they can ever count to 3. Let me know if you liked the episode, constructive criticism is appreciated! Tweet me @franticsociety with your "frantic thoughts" Please leave a rating on itunes, let me know how I can improve. if you have a moment go leave a rating on youtube for the podcast video at comments are always appreciated
August 10, 2017
Gaming Tattoos and Voice Acting - Ep. 9
THIS WEEK SpectreSpark (aka Sierra) joins me again and we talk about a few topics including voice acting in games, and video game tattoos. We also have some couple furniture talk... It's fun, I hope you all enjoy, see you next week! Please leave feedback or responses to @franticsociety on twitter, if you don't like twitter please leave a review on itunes or a comment under the youtube video here
August 04, 2017
I Love the Nintendo Switch - Ep.8
THIS WEEK we talk about Nintendo Switch, Splatoon, and a bad Gamestop experience. We also get into some news from d23/sdcc 2017.Let me know how you feel about this new format on twitter @franticsociety or check out my youtube.
July 28, 2017
Growing Up With Video Games - Ep.7
THIS WEEK I bring on a very special guest, Sierra, my girlfriend. We have a nice chat about the history of gaming in our lives, and how gaming/collecting is a bonding experience for us.Hope you enjoy this episode, we had a blast making it. Add Sierra on stuff: SpectreSpark Youtube: Tweets:
July 21, 2017
Backwards Compatibility - Ep. 6
In an ideal world we would be able to play all of our old games on the newest consoles, but it doesn't always work that way... THIS WEEK we dive into the history of backwards compatibility, and wrap it up talking about why it's important to look back. Share if you enjoyed! Youtube: | Tweets: | Twitch:
July 20, 2017
My Top 10 Favorite Nicktoons! - Ep.5
THIS WEEK I do a rambly top 10 for you about all of my favorite nicktoons I grew up with. Enjoy! Youtube - | Tweets: | Twitch:
July 20, 2017
The Rest of 2017 in Video Games - Ep. 4
THIS WEEK I talk about what games I'm looking forward to in the rest of 2017. It's been a great year for games, and I don't think it's stopping anytime soon! (I forgot to mention Mario x Rabbids, it's interesting and looks cool like an xcom-light, I will be totally picking it up!) Sometime in July I will have an audio rss for the podcast! Youtube - | Tweets: | Twitch:
July 20, 2017
What Minecraft Means to Me - Ep. 3
THIS WEEK I talk about why I love minecraft, and the awesome community that cultivated around a server I helped run. It's really an awesome game! Are there any games that helped you through a tough time, let me know in the comments below! Catch you next Thursday! Youtube - | Tweets: | Twitch:
July 20, 2017
E3 Opinions and Other Ramblings - Ep. 2
THIS WEEK I bring on my good buddy, Xevious, and we talk about our favorite things we saw from E3, and other stuff. Thanks for listening/watching! Youtube - | Tweets: | Twitch:
July 20, 2017
Wonder Woman & More! - Ep.1
This week I talk about Wonder Woman, the DCEU, and some games I've been playing this year.   Youtube - | Tweets: | Twitch:
July 20, 2017
E3 2017 Predictions! - Ep. 0 (Pilot)
This is the pilot episode I will be working on my setup in the coming weeks. I know I say "Frantic Speaks," my train of thought was off that day. The show is called "Frantic Thoughts." WELCOME everybody to my first attempt at podcasting alone. Leave me any feedback below, I know it's rough, but I will work to improve in the future!I've been wanting to make some videos and podcasts for forever, so I just did it. I feel like it came out okay, but could be a lot better. but I enjoyed doing it, and that's what counts. :)E3 is next week! yeeeahhh!!! Youtube:
July 20, 2017