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By freddy garcia
My experience with the police from the 90s the progression and changes I have seen and how it is relevant to today's issues.
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This is an interview with Joe Garcia my father about his experiences as a Chicano.(identity, language,and life)
May 06, 2021
My name is
In this podcast I will discuss the importance of pronouncing you name correctly, putting in the effort to learn how to say a name, I will share a poem that impacted me profoundly and has altered my view. The poem is "When you say my name!" By Zachary Caballero. Https://
May 06, 2021
The police some of my experience, the progress and current events.
I describe the difference in views from the youth today and those that have been around longer. We are fighting the same fight we are just at different parts of the fight. The young adults today are fighting what I fought when I was thier age. When they get to my age thier children will be fighting the same fight and they will be where I am God willing seeing progress and positive change.
May 06, 2021