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Free Consultation

Free Consultation

By Louis D. Michael, Nick Leydorf
Nick a real life lawyer, and Lou a real life ignoramus talk about the American legal system, and how its never wrong! Things you can’t do, weird laws, BS defense, and offer FREE Consultation to strangers hilarious emails. These goofs have a ton of fun making this comedy-law podcast!
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Free Consultation 060
Well hello there Scamster nation!  We are back at it... and then the remote recording hardware took a dump.  So unfortunately the guys only got the first part of the episode recorded today.  It sucks, but hey not the worst thing that has happened this year.  As a treat the guys dug up one of the funniest weird laws from the past episodes to round out the episode.  Sit back, relax, and chuckle listening to a little; free consultation.  
November 30, 2020
Free Consultation JTE 005
It's black Friday!  Don't stoop anyone for a dumb TV, and pop a mask on.  We have another episode of "Just the Emails!" have fun with it, you made it through another week:).  If you are new here, the fellas get real life emails form peeps on the internet looking for a little; free consultation.
November 27, 2020
Free Consultation "clip me baby one more time" 001
Hey gang, this apocalypse sucks horse dong cheese.. it's making it tough for Nick and Lou to get together and get some brand spanking new episodes out to you guys.  Luckily, there are some great clips from back in the day that we're sure you all have forgotten about:)   We are showering these dirty old bits off, and popping them back in your face like the freshed up nerd gal ready to go to prom with the hot jock!  This week we revisit the heart throbs.  The Menendez brothers on: free consultation. 
November 23, 2020
Free Consultation JTE 004
It's Friday, It's Free Consultation: Just the Emails!  It's like lucky charms "just the marshmallows!"  If you're new here, Nick is a real life lawyer, and Lou is simple of mind, but strong in heart, and together they read emails from ridiculous human beings looking for a little; free consultation.  
November 20, 2020
Free Consultation JTE 003
It's Friday so you know what that means, you're getting an episode of "Just the Emails!"  Silly peoples sending real emails, to a real lawyer, looking for a little; free consultation. 
November 13, 2020
Free Consultation 059
Hey Scamster nation!  Sorry the episode came out a lil bit later today, but Lou needed a night off to edit!  This week the guys get real about the election, how it went down, what's going on, and where the country is headed.  Things get real.  After, the guys get to the silly fun time we all love, as some grade A ding-dongs write in some ridiculous emails looking for some; free consultation.  
November 10, 2020
Free Consultation: Just the emails 002
You know what this is! It's the emails! It's the goofs online! It's real people on the internet looking for a little; free consultation!  
November 6, 2020
Free Consultation: Just the emails 001
Hey Scamsters! Unfortunately the guys couldn't get together to pod this week because this apocalypses sucks nards hard.  BUT, cool new thing that you are getting a taste of.  Every week on Friday's (Yes I know today is a Monday they had to test it out this week) there will be an episode out of just classic funny emails.  Is it a cash grab to get twice the money for ones the content?  It would be if they was making that cheddar! For real though, the guys just thought it would be a fun way to get some oldies but goodies back out there for some of the new listeners!  Thanks gang, you'll get a fresh episode next week!  And look for more "Just the Emails" coming out on Friday's   
November 2, 2020
Free Consultation 058
Hey Scamster nation!  Long time, no listen, sorry, sorry that's the fellas bad.  That dang virus has made getting together and doing the show tough for the guys.  But they are back at it and fully ready to get their giggle on.  Lou is nursing a bit of a hangover, and Nick's been dealing with all kinds of wanna-be dead people.  This week the guys cover a bit of all the legal nonsense that has been going on with the highest court in the land, and then they get right to answering some emails from real life people on the internet looking for a little; free consultation.   
October 26, 2020
Free Consultation 057
Hey gang, this week Nick and Lou cover all things police.  Qualified Immunity, police brutality, local PD very Federal law enforcement, posse comitatus, the Insurrection Act, and so much more.  If you have been questioning what the heck has been going on the last few weeks we high recommend you tune in to this episode!  You'll have a chuckle as you learn about how boned we all could be.  As always, the guys kick it light hearted ending the ep answering a few emails from people looking for a little; free consultation.   
July 27, 2020
Free Consultation 056
HEAR YEE HEAR YEE!  Gather round you colonial rapscallions for Nicholas and Lou shall bequeath you with a learning for the ages.  It is the Free Consultation Constitutional Convention!  This week both the guys figured they'd take a stab a re-writing the Bill of Rights.  Are you head over heels for the Bill of Rights as is?  Does it make you rock hard/wet?  That's fine, totally understandable.  As far as bangable documents from history go, the O.G. Bill of Rights is top 10 for sure, right behind that hot ass Magna Carta.  That said the guys give the BoR a solid makeover.   As always the guys end out the pod answering some emails from people looking for a little; free consultation.     
July 20, 2020
Free Consultation 055
HEY hey Scamsters!  The Free Consultation season 2 opener is here!  Boy oh boy does it have some facts and fun:P  The fellas revisit the grand ol' Constitution and recap the Bill of Rights.  Why?  Why, you may ask.  Because the fellas are finally going to drop the Free Consultation "Constitutional Convention" next week!  That's right, slug through this boring old Bill of Rights, because next week it's two, TWO brand spankin' new Bills of Rights written by none other than two white guys!  As always the guys answer some fun emails this week, one is from a Canadian buddy of theirs, looking for a little; free consultation. 
July 13, 2020
Free Consultation 054
Hey Scamsters!  This week the fellas are back in the sweat lodge that is Lou Micheal's room, masks on, coronavirus and sucka free!  Still in prep for the drop of season 2, LONG TEASED: season TWO, the second seasoning, the guys have another episode of just the titular segment; free consultation.  This week the guys tackled questions about, herpes, sexual harassment at the work place, what a snitch is and so much more!  Thanks for listening gang.  It's been tough recording during the pandemic, but we the team is excited for things to come!
July 6, 2020
Free Consultation 053
Hey you beautiful party people, Nick and Lou are back at it baybay!  Covid-19 and all kinds of end of the world stuff has been keeping the fellas away, but the Free Consultation team is making moves to push the podcast forward.  To the loyal Scamster fans thank you so dang much for sticking with us!  Tune in to the episode to here about some of the new cool stuff the fellas have plans, new segments, promo for the pod, merch, tech, the guys have been planning and learning during the break.  They WANT A CHANCE AT THE CHAMP!  As sweet treat the guys end the pod with some emails from all the lovely goofs on the internet looking for a little; free consultation. 
June 22, 2020
Free Consultation 052
Nick's in lockdown, Lou's in lockdown, WE ARE ALL IN LOCKDOWN. Buckle up for marshal law and a whole bunch of wakado shit in part 1 of episode 52!  The fellas had a shit ton of tech problems with the E-mails this week so they are going to record and release them later this week.  Thanks for being cool.  Stay safe scamster nation!
April 6, 2020
Free Consultation 051
Hey gang, for the first time the fellas did a pod apart, Nick called in and the fellas made it work.  Socially distant, still funny's as phuck.  Covid-19 gets a lil bit of a chat about in "Judgement Call!"  Lou struggles to spell and then sound out the words this week in "Legally Speaking."  Guns and Ammo get the spot light in "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws."  As always the guys have a bunch of fun reading panic emails from people just looking for a little; free consultation. 
March 24, 2020
Free Consultation 050
Hey gang, sorry this one took an extra day to get to you!  But you know, the world has a bigger thing going on.  Nick and Lou hope that this silly podcast helps give you a laugh in these trying times.  That said this episode is funny as hell!  Lou made me say that.  You know me, the guy typing. Nick?   No.   Lou, well yes, but it's the royal Lou!  but for real, they got "Judgement Call," "Legally Speaking," "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws," and as always the gents get to those emails from a few people looking for a little, free consultation:)
March 17, 2020
Free Consultation 049
Hey you legal law licks, we got some tasty comedy-law based goofs coming too you this week!  The gents keep it up with "Legally Speaking," "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws," and that sweet sweet final segment, where we get real people sending in emails looking for a lil, free consultation!  Normally there would be more to this type up fam, but the hour is late and I'm very tired.  Oh and tell your closest friends to stop listening to this, this podcast is just for us;)
March 9, 2020
Free Consultation 048
Hey guys we are back!  Nick and Lou get right to it with "Legally Speaking" and spoiler alert Lou goofs up pretty much all of them this week.  Next up is that sweet book of weird laws, "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws."  Find out what taking a dump in public can cost you.  Finally the guys get to those sweet, sweet email and boy howdy are they funny this week.  Never a dull moment when people are looking for a little free consultation.  
March 2, 2020
Free Consultation 047
HEY Hey hey gang!  We know, we know it has been too long.  That's our bad, Nick had some real lawyering to get to, and Lou had some bunk murder charges to deal with.  With that said the U.S. of A's 3rd favorite comedy-law podcast is back at it!  We got all your favorite segments, "Legally Speaking," "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws," and some new ones!  As always, and until the end of time the fellas end the podcast reading real emails from peeps on the internet looking for a little free consultation.   Good to be back, fam.   Best, the fellas. 
February 3, 2020
Free Consultation 046
What's going on you beautiful scamsters!?  This week the fellas have a fun one for you, a whole lot of laughs were had recording it!  Lou starts off with a legally charged story about when to keep your mouth shut in front of a crowd of people.  Then the fellas get into the "Legally Speaking" segment, where Nick picks out lawyer jargon terms, and laughs as Lou struggles to read them and give a half assed guess as to what they mean.  The dudes keep it going with "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws!" talking about man trying to put laws on nature. Spoiler; nature don't give a shit about us.  Finally the guys get to answering legal questions from strangers emailing the internet looking for a little; free consultation.
November 25, 2019
Free Consultation 045
Nick's sick.  Lou was sick.  The emails from last week didn't post, CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER, MASS HYSTERIA!  It's gunna be okay, the guys got the emails for you this week, and sweet Lou will explain the rest. 
November 18, 2019
Free Consultation 044
Hey Scamster nation!  The fellas hope you had a fantastic weekend, if not, don't worry the guys have what you need.  A touch of learning about the law, and a WHOLE lot of laughs!  Keeping it going with "Legally Speaking" segment, Lou takes a stab at reading and defining legal terms, as Nick laughs and laughs at how simple his buddy is.  This week the guys crack open "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws" and talk about all kinds of BIRD LAW.  You do not F*CK with a man's bird law.  Finally, they guys get to those emails from strangers like you looking for a little; free consultation!  
November 11, 2019
Free Consultation 043
Hey, hey, hey, party peoples!  The fellas are back and happy to be at it!  Nick and Lou hit you up front with a little plan about how they want to take the podcast to the next level, you guessed it.  Truck stop bj's.  After, the guys get into the "Legally Speaking" segment where Lou struggle to read and then define legal terms Nick pretends to use daily.   It's a hoot:) .  The guys then crack open "Bernies Big Book of Weird Laws!" and talk about some sexy titty laws!  TITTY LAW, tell your friends.  lol jk, all your friends listen to the pod (If they don't you're not doing your part).  Finally after a nether swelling amount of ads the guys come back to answer emails from people online looking for a little; free consultation. 
November 4, 2019
Free Consultation 042
This week the fellas are back at it!  No podcasting and driving this week, nope, nope it's back to podcasting in a good old room, and oh boy this is a funny one!  The guys have fun as Lou continues to struggle to read legal, jargon, nonsense and give a half assed guess as to what they mean in, "Legally Speaking."  Are you ready for some food law?  Heck yes you are!  Listen up on this weeks "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws!"  Finally, the guys answer a few emails and messages from people looking for a little; Free Consultation.  
October 21, 2019
Free Consultation 041
WoW this one was done on the seat of our pants!  Mystery Ep give it a listen!
October 14, 2019
Free Consultation 040
Holy smokes gang, Scamster Nation, we made it to 40 episodes!  WHAT!?  Thank you guys so so much for all the support, and, and sorry this episode was a touch late, Lou was hanging out with stand up comics all weekend telling their yuk yuks to each other:) .  This ep the guys tell you a little bit more about the newest sponsor the show has, it's a big deal.  Then Lou struggles to read some legal jargon as Nick corrects him and then tells him what the term actually means in the newest segment, "Legally Speaking!"   The gent's then crack open "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws" and find out all about pinball law!  Finally, those funny (and sometime tragic) emails come flooding in from a few people looking for a little; free consultation. 
September 23, 2019
Free Consultation 039
Hey gang!  This week the guys have a whole bunch of fun goofing around with a new sponsor: Green Lumber.  Promo code: Salsa.  Fellas, you're welcome;) .  Getting back into a new segment, Lou sounds out legal terms and then gives his best guess as to what the jargon means before Nick has a hoot laughing at just how wrong the simple minded sweet boys was in, "Legally Speaking." is all done so the fellas have to get their weird laws else where.  Luckily Lou's older brother Bernie is a fan of the show and hooked the gents up with a book of weird laws, so they will keep the segment going thanks to, "Bernie's Big Book of Weird Laws!"  Finally the dudes clown around with people on the internet who blindly email the internet looking for a little; free consultation.
September 16, 2019
Free Consultation 038
Yo gang!  Y'all have been real good, so the fellas are busting out a brand new segment!  In "Legally Speaking" the Lou reads a legal jargon term, takes a guess as to what it means, and then Nick laughs and laughs at how wrong Lou is and then tells us all what the term really means.  It's a super fun segment!  "World Wide Weird Laws" from as powered by pintrest are wrapped up this week, so long Redbook!  A new sponsor takes on the show, something everyone should use:) .  Finally the guys end the show reading those all to silly emails from listeners like you looking for a little; free consultation.
September 9, 2019
Free Consultation 037
Hey Hey gang, we got some low energy coming at you this ep.  Sorry they're not all zingers!  Nick got called a b*tch from a fella from Detroit, find out way in our filler segment, "Lawyering is hard!"  We got the World Wide Weird Laws coming at you!  Finally, you know it, some silly peeps on the internet sent in some emails looking for a little, free consultation!
September 2, 2019
Free Consultation 036
Hey hey party peeps!  This week the fellas finish up all those pesky articles from the Constitution, thank god!  A sexier document there has never been written, but I think we are all ready to move on from "Constitutionally Now!"   Are you chomping at the bit for some weird laws? Only if they're powered by pintrest?  Heck yes!  We got you on this weeks segment of "World Wide Weird Laws!"  Finally and always the guys get into those sweet sweet emails from people not so different then you and I (except they are so far off the mark from us) looking for a little; free consultation.  
August 26, 2019
Free Consultation 035
Hey Gang, it's real late so here's the gist this week.  Those free Consultation fellas talk about the finer points of article 2 of the Constitution and what it means to be the executive, and all the sweet power that comes with it.  If you a real gangsta you can send a million troops off to fight a war.  All we're getting at is you gunna learn on this weeks, "Constitutionally NOW" segment!  "World Wide Weird Laws" coming at you, find out what places suck, and where you can't touch a duck!  As always, too help make the world a better place the guys help out people emailing in looking for a little, free consultation.   
August 19, 2019
Free Consultation 034
Hey HEy HEY gang!  This week the guys get into the article 1 of that sexy Constitution!  It's all about the legislative branch in this weeks section of "Constitutionally NOW!"  Oh what's that baybay?  You're into the funky stuff?  Well, Nick and Lou got a whole lot of odd things going on in this weeks "Weird Laws!"  Find out what you can and can't do with a rubber ducky this week!  Finally, out of the sweat shack the guys find some funny emails from a few people looking for a little; free consultation. 
August 12, 2019
Free Consultation 033
The HEATWAVE goes on as the fellas record in Lou's sweatshop of a bed room!  But with all these hot amendments how could the gents not be sweating?  This week on "Constitutionally NOW" the guys finish all of the beautiful, beautiful, dry, beautiful amendments 24-27!  Do you have chickens?  Find out where in the world you can't let them cross the road thanks to the hard fact checking folks over at (powered by pintrest) on this weeks "WORLD WIDE WIERD LAWS."  Finally the gents get to those sweet, baybay, sweet fun emails!  Spoiler, one of the emails gets real this week on, free consultation. 
July 29, 2019
Free Consultation 032
GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN IT'S HOT OUT!  The gents are back this week and hotter than ever, literally... the guys have swamp-ass bad in Lou's bedroom. The guys jump right into explaining the 22nd and 23rd amendments in, "Constitutionally Now!"  We know, the last few amendments aren't as sexy as the bill of rights, but it takes work to keep up a hot bod;)   Prep yourself for some outlandish nonsense because (powered by pintrest) has more odd laws that the guys try to make sense of in, "World Wide Weird Laws."  If you can, where ever you are, crank that A/C up because the dudes try their best despite the heat, try to help strangers emailing questions looking for a little free consultation.   
July 22, 2019
Free Consultation 031
Hey hey hey gang, the boys are back and getting back on schedule!  This week the fellas talk about a mad man Lou had to deal with at work, Nick backs him up by telling what he did was fine, legally speaking.  Hope you are ready for some more amendments, because the guys are going to give them to you in "Constitutionally Now!"  World Wide Weird Laws on powered by Pintrest are a lot of fun this week, the globe has some real goofy laws in the books!  Get ready to blow your load during the commercial break, wipe yourself off and come on back and listen to the fellas give real life internet people looking for legal help some free consultation. 
July 18, 2019
Free Consultation 030
WE ARE BACK BABY!  The guys took a few weeks off to have themselves a summer, but now they are back at it making each other laugh as only a couple of lovely goofy buddies could.  Nick kicks it off with some funny lawyering stories, if you like jacking it you'll love this one!  The fellas get back to all those fun amendments in Consitutionaly Now!  Weird laws keep going thanks to the amazingly bad  As always the fellas read you those sweet sweet emails from good people on line just looking for a little free consultation. 
July 1, 2019
Free Consultation 029 The UPDATES
Just a lil F.Y.I. from sweet Lou about our summer break! 
June 11, 2019
Free Consultation 028
Today the guys kick it off with Nick letting out some steam about being a real life lawyer.  If the 14th and 15th amendments seem sexy to you, you're in luck because they guys dress them up and throw rose peddles on the bed for you.  "World Wide Weird Laws" has some goofy nonsense from the Philippines or Italy, well Lou finds out the hard way. Flipboard got hacked and the gents have a hoot making fun of the one paying sponsor they have.  Finally they get to those ever nuttier emails offering real oddballs from the internets some free consultation.  
June 3, 2019
Free Consultation 027
This week the guys keep the good times going on "Constitutionally Now" by covering the 11th, 12th, and 13th amendments, spoiler 13th is the big deal!  On "World Wide Weird Laws," the guys have a hoot with Winnie the Poo, just listen it's funny as hell.  As always the guys some up the fun with some outlandish emails from real people on the internet looking for a little free consultation. 
May 27, 2019
Free Consultation 026
This week the guys finish up talking about the Bill of Rights by breaking down the 9th and 10th amendments, find out which one the fellas would take out to a nice dinner! Sadly most of the World Wide Weird Laws got cut out do to some tech nonsense, so check out the live video for those, and hear maybe the funniest pooping in the ocean story.  As always the guys get into some wacky emails sent in from people who are just looking for a little free consultation!
May 20, 2019
Free Consultation 025
This week the fellas keep up on the Bill of Rights in the "Constitutionally Now" segment by talking about the super sexy 7th amendment, and the homely 8th amendment.  The death penalty comes up; which is always a good time!  After those laughs the guys get into some more Scottish laws, and where you can and can't do it as a married couple in "World Wide Weird Laws."  As always the guys get to those tasty emails from real life people who are just looking for a little free consultation. 
May 13, 2019
Free Consultation 024
This week the fellas keep up the newest segment "Constitutionally Now" by talking about the sexy 5th and 6th amendments.  If you plan on breaking the law you are going to want to pay attention to this one!  After that the guys find some more goofy laws from around the world in "World Wide Weird Laws!"  Good news for anyone that has to take a dump, or desperately needs to wack off in Scotland.  As always they guys end the show by reading those silly emails from real internets people looking for a little free consultation.  
May 6, 2019
Free Consultation 023
This week the fellas talk about why sailors and soldiers have to leave your bed when you're done with them, unless you want them to spend the night;) .  If you have been having 99 problems, and the 4th amendment is one, don't worry the guys and Jay-Z have your back!  Lou goes off on the World Wide Weird Laws!  You may learn more about your love life than about what not to do in Tasmania.  Finally, the guys get to those oh so goofy emails and try and offer some knob knockers on the internet some free consultation. 
April 29, 2019
Free Consultation 022
SORRY THIS ONE WAS LATE!  Totally Lou's fault.  This week the fellas have a whole new segment they think you're going to like.  It's called "Constitutionally NOW!" and they are going to walk you all down the fun times of our lands highest laws:).  The guys get into a good back and forth about the first and second amendment.  You've got some World Wide Weird Laws coming at you.  And as always the dudes end it by reading some emails and offering those nutty people on the internet some free consultation.  
April 23, 2019
Free Consultation 021
This week Lou goes off on some inside baseball about people that don't what comedy open mics are for.  The guys get real on "hey you can't do that!" talking about how lawyers can be overworked, and specifically Nick's experience as a young criminal defense counselor.  It's a fun in depth look at the legitimate law part of the podcast with a heart warming story of Nick's hurricane story!  The fellas then get the goofs going with World Wide Weird Laws from Around The World!  As always the guys get to the emails and have fun offering up a bunch of internet doofs some free consultation.  
April 15, 2019
Free Consultation 020
What happens when two goofs get a new soundboard for their podcast? The overuse the hell out of it! But good fun was had:) This week the fellas talk about voter fraud, dead people voting, and problems with voting across the board.  Lou has a few rants about the topic. Nick proves lawyers can have brain farts. Later, the guys finish the 50th states weird law!  That’s right all 50 states and their weird laws are covered. As always the guys finish the show reading and roasting emailers looking for a little free consultation.   
April 1, 2019
Free Consultation 019
This week the fellas find an old dusty letter addressed to Lou, is it an old Vietnam draft letter or a law school offering money???  Nick goes into some solid detail on why you shouldn't steal someone's identity on this weeks: hey you can't do that.  If you are a lady with some chomper problems in Vermont, or a dudemister in Virginia that wants to hunt raccoons all willy nilly you're going to want to tune in to this weeks weird laws!  After an add read that will make you busta'nut the guys get on to those oh so funny emails from people whom are just looking for a little free consultation. 
March 25, 2019
Free Consultation 018
Nick and Lou are having beers!  It was St. Patrick's day let it go!  the fellas talk about drugs, why you can't do them, why you can't sell them and why it's BS!  The weird laws keep on coming and the beers do too:p.  This week the guys have a lot of fun with all the peeps sending  emails, and of course offering these goofs some free consultation.  
March 18, 2019
Free Consultation 017
This week the fellas talk about the thrills of shop lifting, and taking stuff that isn't YOURS!  Try it you'll feel alive, but be careful otherwise in 10 years you'll find yourself wearing a rubber mask waving a gun around in a bank asking yourself, "how did i get here?"  Really you shouldn't steal, because you can't do that!  What's that?  You want to know about the country's weirdest laws state by state?  The guys have your back this week going over those odd laws that shouldn't have made it in the books.  As always, Nick and Lou get to those oh so funny emails from people around the globe looking for a little free consultation. 
March 11, 2019
Free Consultation 016
This week the fellas talk about what you can and can't talk about other people, lies, slander, and liable!  If you are going to talk smack it has to be your opinion or based in fact!  Steve Hansen, Harvard law gets a shout out, Sean Penn gets knocked down a peg,  and the guys get into some weird laws.  With a change up in the format of the show the guys aren't doing BS defense this week.  They are planning on bringing in a few new rotating segments.  Whats that mean for this week?  Double meat, and emails on this burrito bowl of fun!  You know, the part where Nick and Lou get emails from internet peeps looking for a little free consultation.  
March 4, 2019
Free Consultation 015 The Hits!
On his way home from a comedy festival Lou got stuck somewhere in BFE Iowa because of a blizzard!  Needless to say the fellas are bummed they couldn't meet up for the weekly pod, but they have a back-up plan!  Like all great shows that run out of funding mid season the gents have a clip show;)  Free consultation ep.15 "The Hits" has some of the best email reads, and the most laughs!  Thanks for understanding gang, sometime life happens...  but, will be back with new goofs next week!  Have a good one all.   
February 25, 2019
Free Consultation 014
This week the fellas talk about their experience at the boarder, the does and don'ts and all the fun you can have at the boarder, the Canadian one.  Just when you thought the country had enough on it's plate turns out there are some weird laws on the books still!  Listen up, Nevada wants you getting the real deal;) .  Don't know what we mean, well tune into weird laws!  On BS defense this week the guys talk about a real American hero; Barry Bonds leading the league in homers and "I didn't think it was illegal!"  As always if you're one of the beautiful people that sticks around to the end, the fellas have a lot of fun reading real emails, from real people seeking: free consultation.  
February 18, 2019
Free Consultation 013
This week the fellas can't keep there eye's off their phones, maybe it's because they don't text and drive!  You know, because you can't do that.. Do you think the deep south is weird, just wait until you hear some of the laws they put in the books.  On BS defense this week the OG of home decor Martha Stewart is up on the block.  Stick around until the end because Nick and Lou lose there minds laughing at the last email this week, as they always do offering a touch of free consultation. 
February 11, 2019
Free Consultation 012
HEY you can't say that! This week the duders talk about what you can and can't say under the LAW! Yo, you can say a bunch of wack stuff. The guys keep up on the weird laws from around the country, some of which don't seem that odd. On BS defense ol' Billy Clinton is on the defense for what your honor? Having a good time! Turns out Bill did some messed up stuff. As always the fellas pick out some fun emails from strangers (and Dan) and give these folks some Free Consultation!
February 4, 2019
Free Consultation 011
This week the guys talk about if you plan on boozin' why you shouldn't go'a cruzin' on Hey You Can't Do That.  They keep up on some of the nations weirdest laws, like did you know kicking a vending machine can get you in mad trouble?  On BS defense this week the guys chat about the musical genius of R. Kelly, also he may have peed on people.  Mans got flow.  As always the guys cap it off by reading emails from strangers and offer them a little free consultation. 
January 28, 2019
Free Consultation 010
This week the fellas talk about where you can and can't be naked, and what it takes to make the sex offenders list; SPOILER ALERT more then you'd think!  The guys keep on about weird laws from around the country, did you know there's a law about how you have to eat fried chicken?  There is.   Twinkies and Harvey Milk come up on this weeks BS defense!  Lou calls out Sean Penn.  And finally the dudes get to those Oh'so funny emails from strangers and offer some free consultation.
January 21, 2019
Free Consultation 009
Nick is back!  And happy are all we for that.  This week the guys get into self-defense, what you can and can't do when crew of no gooders roll up on you.  They take a look at some weird laws, that, may not be that odd after all.  Did you take your red pill this morning?  If you did maybe you can say the Matrix made you do it on this weeks BS defense.  As always the guys find some funny emails online from people who need a little free consultation in their life.  
January 14, 2019
Free Consultation 008
This week Nick is out being a good family man.  Lou, despite some rambles, does a solid job of talking about his philosophy, and government background.  With a few deeper tones, and some life advise from a dummy it's still worth the listen.  BUT we all want Nick back in a big way.  Please come home Nick, things will be better.  Just come home.   
January 7, 2019
Free Consultation 007
The guys definitely had a song on their mind this week, sing along:)  They also discus squatters’ rights, so you can get your free home on, and parking laws!  They also get on about weird laws about clothing, and the worthlessness of the MSU parking patrol, $25 can't stop rock 'n' roll.  This week on BS defense Casey Anthony is all the kid killing rage!  As always stick around for some funny emails where the guys offer some free consultation.
December 31, 2018
Free Consultation 006
The fellas talk about traffic stops and all the fun you can have with the cops!  Find out about some odd laws from around the world, then stay tuned because the guys get into some dick cutting fun with the Lorena Bobbitt defense.  As always they wrap it up with some fun emails and offer some free consultation:)
December 24, 2018
Free Consultation 005
This week the fellas talk about the fun of good old fashioned dueling, and why we don't do it anymore. Lou stumbles through an ad read, and finds out a weird law he thought was fake is, in fact, TRUE! On BS defense Ted Kaczynski the "Unabomber" is on trail. As always the guys end the show with some very funny email reads asking for, Free Consultation.
December 17, 2018
Free Consultation 004
The fellas, in keeping up with law and goofs talk about anarchy, can it work? Nope. They explore odd laws from around the country, talk about those silly Menendez boys, and finally offer some amusing free consultation to people in need on the internet.
December 10, 2018
Free Consultation 003
Boy howdy, the fellas had troubles with the electronics this week, but the show is still packed with all kinds of silly law goofs! From anarchy, to Lou's college nemesis, weird laws, Scott Peterson's case (what a classy guy), and finally the guys get into some hilarious emails and offer free consultation!
December 3, 2018
Free Consultation 002
Nick and Lou gab about sovereign citizens, WEIRD LAWS, the OJ Simpson Defense (and how super innocent he was!), and finally they help some strangers out on the internet by giving them some Free Consultation.
November 27, 2018
Free Consultation 001
Nick a real life lawyer, and Lou a real life ignoramus talk about the American legal system, and how its never wrong! Things you can’t do, weird laws, BS defense, and FREE Consultation are all covered by these goofs in their pilot podcast.
November 26, 2018