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Philosophy, self-improvement, stoicism, existentialism.
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Marcionite Christian Church and the COVID Scam
I talk with Darren Kalama of the Marcionite Christian Church. We talk about how the Marcionite Church is one of the only Christian churches to come out against the COVID insanity. We also discuss the history of the church and about Marcion of Sinope. Links: Church: Marcionite Bible: Marcionite News Network: Marcionite Podcast:
October 29, 2021
COVID Lockdown Insanity with Hugh McTavish
Dr. Hugh McTavish argues that the madness of COVID lockdowns caused more harm than good. Links:
September 2, 2021
Daniel Krawisz on Bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, Economics Part 4
00:00:00.000 Daniel Krawisz 00:00:51.691 What comes after bitcoin? 00:01:16.117 Get as rich as possible 00:01:25.613 Bitcoin is like building an engine 00:01:45.799 Austrian economics is like thermodynamics 00:03:34.687 The problems of socialism 00:03:58.870 Money is efficiency 00:04:51.565 Without money we lack cooperation 00:05:25.167 Without money we get central planning 00:06:47.390 What is profit paying for? 00:07:11.065 Profit is superior planning 00:09:18.703 Entrepreneurs are superior planners 00:11:09.064 Knowledge of the future is the most valuable thing 00:14:59.046 Profits are caused by differential knowledge 00:18:21.421 Anti-inductivity 00:18:36.272 Scientism 00:19:21.549 Marx said capitalists are parasites 00:19:55.751 When you get rid of profits, you get rid of planning 00:21:52.723 Is bitcoin a ray of sunshine? 00:22:28.276 Bitcoin is a way of getting wealthy by understanding economics 00:25:27.507 A block is a history of the economy 00:26:01.918 Miners will apply knowledge for profit 00:27:04.582 Will bitcoin become undeniable? 00:27:26.381 Selfish mining 00:28:21.896 What is a selfish miner? 00:34:26.616 Hurdles to bitcoin 00:34:56.619 Bitcoiner's big mistake 00:35:34.527 Entrepreneurship is spending money to make money 00:36:46.917 Make things for other bitcoin entrepreneurs 00:37:31.591 Ignore non-bitcoiners 00:39:23.370 Bitcoin is like Galt's Gulch 00:40:24.840 We need SPV service and programmers 00:41:17.048 We need bitcoin miners 00:42:44.725 Accountancy 00:43:48.906 Bitcoiners need to be more realistic 00:44:00.109 Chain-analysis 00:44:53.100 Privacy 00:45:52.254 Crowdfunding on the blockchain 00:48:57.106 What happens if you lose your keys 00:50:09.881 Craig Wright getting stolen funds back 00:51:15.468 Craig Wright's lawsuit 00:52:34.372 Is there a turning point in bitcoin coming? 00:55:19.705 Up next: time
May 7, 2021
Daniel Krawisz on Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Bitcoin Part 3
00:00:00.000 Daniel Krawisz 00:00:51.000 The Night Fox 00:01:52.000 Daniel's favorite BSV token? 00:02:05.000 When will BoostPow be back? 00:03:55.000 Solana 00:05:00.000 Proof of stake system 00:05:35.000 Austrian Economics 00:10:20.000 Litecoin 00:10:50.000 Altcoins 00:11:32.000 Speculative bubble in crypto 00:12:45.000 Synergistic energy in bitcoin 00:13:30.000 Philosophy vs Economics 00:14:11.000 Economics tells us where we are going 00:14:40.000 Daniels Videos 00:16:10.000 Skin in the game: Austrian Economics and Bitcoin 00:19:00.000 Bitcoin is the most important thing going on the world right now 00:20:00.000 Craig Wright 00:20:38.000 Craig Wright, Whale Pool 00:21:40.000 Jeff Tucker on Altcoins 00:22:28.000 Mises on profit and loss 00:24:25.000 Mises on Socialism 00:26:42.000 Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the Austrian Method 00:29:28.000 Economics tells us if the market is working 00:31:30.000 Barriers to bitcoin 00:33:27.000 Lack of knowledge in bitcoin 00:34:00.000 Peter Schiff on money 00:35:25.000 Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread 00:36:10.000 Would it be better if more economists joined BSV? 00:38:02.000 Bitcoiners should look to each other 00:39:56.000 Daniel's journey into bitcoin and entrepreneurship 00:41:41.000 Daniel did not think bitcoin would work 00:44:20.000 Matterpool 00:47:40.000 Economics is like a navigation system 00:48:20.000 Consumers and bitcoin 00:49:37.000 The need for entrepreneurs in bitcoin 00:51:00.000 We need people who want to earn bitcoin 00:51:25.000 What are the most exciting projects in bitcoin? 00:52:29.000 We need a proof-of-work service 00:53:20.000 Proof-of-work eliminates scammers 00:56:47.000 We need more people who listen carefully 00:58:50.000 What kind of collaborators do you need? 00:59:15.000 We need open-source in bitcoin 01:03:45.000 We need more people who can program 01:05:00.000 How long does it take to learn bitcoin programming 01:07:15.000 Programming is similar to literacy 01:09:15.000 The biggest hurdle in programming is believing you can do it 01:10:55.000 Religion 01:11:44.000 Marginal utility and opportunity costs 01:14:20.000 Marginal utility of money 01:16:49.000 Diamonds vs water paradox 01:19:00.000 Thomas Sowell 01:20:50.000 The world is insane 01:21:30.000 Cathedral as proof-of-work 01:22:45.000 Outro
April 29, 2021
Per Bylund on Entrepreneurship, Austrian Economics, and Intellectual Property
00:00:00.000 Professor Per Bylund  00:00:36.107 How did you become interested in entrepreneurship?  00:03:08.377 Theory vs practice of entrepreneurship  00:03:26.372 Mises: Human Action  00:04:28.346 Will understanding economics help us become better entrepreneurs?  00:04:46.894 Errors entrepreneurs make  00:04:59.100 Production process vs value process  00:08:15.300 Serving yourself by serving others  00:09:14.261 Creativity and imagination  00:09:53.810 Ideas vs implementation  00:09:57.590 Invention vs innovation  00:11:47.666 Value first, cost second  00:15:06.411 Entrepreneurship: Thinking about the economy in the right way  00:15:49.231 What projects get you excited about entrepreneurship?  00:16:11.760 Decentralization of technology  00:17:09.611 Social media  00:20:26.529 Future of content creation  00:21:28.986 Cryptocurrency  00:22:09.028 Ethereum  00:22:13.817 Nano  00:22:31.627 Micropayments  00:23:09.352 What hasn’t crypto had wider adoption?  00:23:33.028 Fiat currency  00:25:00.919 Security vs ease if use in cryptocurrency  00:26:07.982 Barriers to cryptocurrency  00:26:49.228 Responsibility in crypto  00:27:44.403 Over-engineering in crypto  00:28:41.022 Crypto has not become money  00:29:12.480 Intellectual property  00:30:24.896 IP distorts the market  00:32:59.205 IP and big pharma  00:33:17.117 Nexium vs Prilosec  00:36:03.192 Big pharma and vitamins  00:37:19.990 IP as monopoly privilege  00:37:35.537 IP is not benefiting the consumer  00:38:05.682 IP fosters inventions instead of innovations  00:39:55.611 IP and cancer drugs  00:41:48.707 IP is based on the assumption that the idea matters  00:42:25.540 Smartphones and IP  00:44:37.947 Copyright and creative works  00:47:03.336 Metallica and IP  00:47:33.959 Ways to make money other than royalties  00:49:33.249 Monopoly privileges coddle creatives  00:51:23.296 Getting rid of IP allows for different business models to flourish  00:53:35.363 Crypto and creative services  00:55:02.043 Where to go to learn more about entrepreneurship?  00:55:29.836  00:55:52.440 Per Bylund on Twitter  00:56:48.467 Economics in one lesson
April 28, 2021
Remembrances of Thomas Szasz with Anthony Stadlen
00:00:00.000 Anthony Stadlen 00:00:16.899 Anthony's interest in psychotherapy 00:02:24.037 Sartre 00:04:23.061 James Joyce 00:04:29.562 Freud: Interpretation of Dreams 00:05:21.125 Leonardo Da Vinci 00:08:21.490 Existential analyst 00:08:27.437 Ronald D. Laing 00:08:28.518 Aaron Esterson 00:09:46.627 The Divided Self 00:09:58.269 Existence Rollo May 00:10:36.515 Ludwig Binswanger 00:10:52.429 Case of Ellen West 00:13:52.286 The Myth of Mental Illness 00:15:05.405 Praxis 00:15:07.044 Human Action 00:16:50.937 Reason and Violence 00:16:57.188 Sanity, Madness and the Family 00:17:07.867 David Cooper 00:19:54.390 Szasz was an intellectual terrorist 00:22:16.654 When did you first meet Szasz? 00:23:46.731 Anthony Clare 00:26:46.277 Case of Dora and Caterina 00:29:12.498 A Poor Model for Students: The Case of Thomas Szasz 00:30:00.845 Inner Circle Seminars 00:30:52.644 Szasz Inner Circle Seminar 00:31:05.942 Thomas Szasz Award 00:32:15.575 Szasz was my best friend 00:33:41.920 Szasz was an out-and-out atheist 00:34:36.363 The Myth of Psychotherapy 00:35:21.212 The cure of souls 00:35:33.326 Carl Jung 00:36:50.441 The Question of Lay Analysis 00:38:57.796 Religious leaders as psychotherapists 00:40:03.788 Payment in therapy 00:40:31.500 The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 00:42:13.453 The Myth of Psychotherapy 00:44:02.599 Attending to the soul 00:44:53.205 Did Szasz believe in psychotherapy? 00:45:59.848 Against Therapy 00:47:13.783 Psychoanalysis under Stalinism 00:50:14.893 Possibility for repentance in psychotherapy 00:51:19.931 Money and psychotherapy 00:52:30.378 Contract in Psychotherapy 00:56:54.184 Worldly care of the soul 00:57:07.553 Secular pastoral counseling 01:03:35.776 Why is it so hard for people to understand Szasz? 01:05:13.137 Involuntary psychiatry and the insanity defense 01:06:48.050 How Szasz came to his thinking on psychiatry 01:10:12.714 Ignaz Semmelweis 01:21:49.341 Why I am not a health professional 01:30:07.528 The religion of the state 01:33:38.296 Will Szasz's ideas ever become mainstream? 01:34:50.283 Szasz said psychotherapy was finished in the US 01:36:31.687 How did Szasz remain so prolific? 01:39:42.916 Szasz's suicide 01:41:49.343 What is your most fond memory of Szasz? 01:44:22.120 Szasz and the meaning of life
April 23, 2021
Daniel Krawisz on Bitcoin and Austrian Economics Part 2
00:00:00.000 Daniel Krawisz 00:00:51.045 People don't know the bottom line in bitcoin 00:01:59.657 The nature of success in bitcoin 00:02:38.457 Understanding economics is understanding success 00:03:54.667 Theory vs practice of success 00:04:34.721 Can we understand success by thinking about it? 00:05:33.429 Tradeoffs 00:07:59.852 Economics lets us look at trade-offs in an abstract way 00:08:11.536 Virtue ethics and economics 00:09:24.508 Courage and bitcoin 00:10:36.808 Austrian economics professors lack courage 00:13:14.829 Peter Schiff doesn't understand money 00:13:22.680 Austrians only think of money as gold 00:14:03.690 What does success mean in bitcoin? 00:14:58.492 How does an entrepreneur join the bitcoin economy 00:16:43.746 Price versus value 00:19:42.183 Value is what ultimately happens 00:25:58.918 When you invest in Bitcoin you get access to future entrepreneurs 00:26:39.453 Marginal utility 00:28:17.484 Diamonds versus water paradox 00:30:57.532 Unique insights about marginal utility and Austrian economics 00:33:24.543 Readability of the Austrian school of economics 00:33:37.982 Mises 00:33:39.507 Hayek 00:33:54.910 Is economics a science? 00:34:46.057 Karl popper 00:35:28.934 People make choices that maximize their own benefit 00:39:25.162 Maximize benefit versus achieve girls 00:41:15.368 Thomas Szasz 00:45:27.511 BTC price vs value 00:49:22.548 Subjectivity of various coins 00:50:07.547 Subjective enjoyment of BTC 00:51:24.213 Consumer good versus higher order good 00:55:59.926 Does the Austrian school use circular reasoning? 00:59:28.595 Form next time: profits and the entrepreneur 00:59:40.327 Socialist calculation problem
April 15, 2021
Daniel Krawisz on Bitcoin and Austrian Economics Part 1
00:00:00 Intro  00:00:07 Daniel's Bitcoin Videos on YouTube  00:00:10 Interview with Daniel  00:00:30 What is money?   00:01:01 Austrian School of Economics  00:05:07 Money is cooperation   00:10:18 BTC vs Bitcoin SV  00:13:09 Socialist calculation problem  00:15:51 Domesticated animals   00:17:12 Bitcoin opens the internet   00:18:15 Central bankers   00:20:02 Bitcoin vs Gold   00:25:59 How vulnerable is BitcoinSV to attacks?   00:27:38 Consensus mechanism in BSV   00:28:46 Satoshi Nakamoto  00:34:25 Proof of work can end mass scams   00:38:26 Biological handicaps  00:47:05 Twetch  00:49:14 Cheap talk on Twetch   00:50:56 Energy is the fundamental cost of the universe   00:51:38 Spending money is not provable waste   00:52:19 Spent energy is the signal of a rational actor   00:53:03 Christianity and proof of work   00:54:36 Sacrifices as costly signals   00:57:36 Bitcoin is a religion without the divine   00:59:46 Proof of work ending mass scams   01:08:41 Boostpow  01:11:16 What can entrepreneurs do to help bitcoin?   01:17:10 Daniel's videos on Streamanity  01:17:45 Bitcoin at scale video  01:18:36 Homo Bicoinus  01:20:07 Narratives vs proof of work   01:22:06 The obvious advantage of BSV   01:26:56 Libertarians and bitcoin   01:34:17 Peter Schiff and bitcoin   01:34:36 Jeff Tucker and bitcoin  01:35:05 The calculation problem of socialism  01:38:40 Not enough people understand money   01:46:41 Do entrepreneurs understand bitcoin?   01:51:24 Think about how to serve others in bitcoin   01:54:48 Less talk more doing
April 14, 2021
Seneca: Meditations for Life
The philosopher Seneca the Younger (4 BC-AD 65), or simply know as Seneca, was one of the wisest and wittiest philosophers of all time. He looks at the shortness of life and encourages us to live with vitality. He prompts us to examine our soul. He invites us to laugh at ourselves rather than cry. Listen or read these selected quotes to improve your life. Gain wisdom from a man who has helped many people live better throughout the ages. These 99 quotes have been selected from Seneca's wisest sayings as meditations to live your life by.
August 11, 2018
Thomas Szasz on Libertarian Principles and Psychiatric Practices
Thomas Szasz presents his views on why libertarians should care more about psychiatric practices. Shows why psychiatric practices are a direct assault against the libertarian principle of non-aggression. Szasz argues that you have a civil right to believe crazy things. Towards the end of the video, he takes questions from the audience which help clarify his views. Originally posted at
August 4, 2018
Scott Perry on Stoicism and Creativity
I talk with Scott Perry, author of The Stoic Creative. We talk about how to use Stoicism to create a rich life of tranquility, creativity, and satisfaction.
September 29, 2017
Jeffrey Schaler on Thomas Szasz
I talk with Jeffery Schaler about his new book, Thomas Szasz: The Man and His Ideas ( Thomas Szasz was an iconoclastic psychiatrist who did not believe in the concept of mental illness. He saw emotional distress as, "problems of living". We talk about Szasz and what he meant when he wrote that he did not believe in "mental illness".
September 26, 2017