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Turning Your Post Into Profit

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By Matt Beck
Welcome to my podcast!! The number one goal of this podcast is to have fun and connect with the creative and awesome hairdressers of the world. Add me to your favorites ⭐️ to receive tips on Hair, Salon Marketing, Social Media, and more!
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Welcome to my podcast!! The number one goal of this podcast is to have fun and connect with the creative and awesome hairdressers of the world. Add me to your favorites ⭐️ to receive tips on Hair, Salon Marketing, Social Media, and more!

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It's About What's Best for YOU | Special Guest Jason Everett
In this podcast I have on Jason Everett and we discuss booth/studio rental and why commission salons are still a good option if not the best option for most stylists. Plus we dive into why playing is the best way to learn and social media strategies. If you like this podcast please share it and tell your friends. Thanks so much!! This podcast is brought to you by my friends at Minerva Beauty
November 7, 2019
Not Busy? Hate Social Media? 🤔
On this episode I answer your questions on subjects like Not being busy in the salon and I also share with you why you should be grateful you have social media to market yourself. 
October 11, 2019
You Should Quit...
People reach out to me a lot about their boss saying they have to do a women’s haircut in 15 minutes or they will lose their job. Do yourself a favor and QUIT 💯 go work for someone who cares about quality and relationships. It’s the only way you will truly be happy and proud of your work 👍❤️
October 11, 2019
Turning Your Post Into Profit
Why are you getting no engagement on social media? Most people post on social and reach the wrong audience by accident. What if we flip the way we post and stop posting to the masses and start targeting the individual? This class is packed with tips on just that. I hope you enjoy!! Thanks for listening! 
October 11, 2019
Why Facebook Groups Are Great For Your Business
Anymore Using facebook to promote your salon or yourself feels like it gets you no where, unless you want to drop some 💰In this podcast we discuss adding your customers to a facebook group that focuses on styling tips and hair discussions. Imagine if your clients had a way to connect to you where they could ask questions about their hair and you could share tips. Facebook groups is the best way to build your own hair community and it brings a ton of value to your customers.  
July 10, 2019
Should you take deposits for Appointments??
On this episode we discuss if taking deposits for your clients appointments is necessary and maybe some better options to help deal with no shows
May 7, 2019
The Value of Hairdressers Working with Brands in 2019
What is an Influencer and how many followers do you need to be an influencer? Should brands care how many followers you have? In this episode we discuss the value of hairdressers working with brands in the Social Media world. 
May 1, 2019
My Hang Out with Andrew Carruthers from Sam Villa
Ever wonder the difference between cheap Tools Vs Pro Tools or Cheap Mannequins Vs Quality Mannequins? On this episode we talk hair tools with Andrew Carruthers from Sam Villa about the process of making tools and we have a great time doing it. You don't want to miss this episode. Hope you enjoy! 
April 30, 2019
Talking Hair with Sam Villa and Andrew Carruthers 🙌
The other day I had the pleasure of not only hanging out with Sam and Andrew but filming 15 youtube videos for Sam's Youtube channel. After a long day of shooting we jumped on the podcast LIVE to answer peoples questions and talk about our thoughts on the industry. This is a podcast that is sure to inspire and for me it's always my favorite thing when I'm able to sit down with people that have the same passion as me. Hope you enjoy the podcast and please give this a share on social to help spread the word. Thanks for listening! 
April 15, 2019
Sued for $30,000
Loved hanging out with you all again this morning. Today we talked about a women that sued her hairstylist for damaging her hair in the blonding process leaving her with a mullet when her hair fell out. Also we discuss cheap shampoo ruining your hair, cutting your own hair at home, and I share with you my favorite way to cut a face frame haircut on super thick hair. Hope you enjoy this episode and I look forward to seeing you all on the next one. Thanks for watching! Check out the full LIVE Podcast including the Haircutting portion on our youtube channel Join me for a NEW morning adventure filled with Hair, Social Media, and Conversation
April 10, 2019
Professional Henna Hair Color discussed and Education = Sales 💵
On this episode we discuss a new Professional Henna Hair color from Matrix, why hairdressers sell less than one bottle of product per guest, and why Amazon is taking over hair product distribution To check out the video podcast with the Pixie haircut tutorial visit our youtube channel 
April 10, 2019
What's a SMART Salon?
On this episode we discuss what a smart salon is and if you should transform your space into a futuristic salon experience plus online booking in 2019
April 5, 2019
How To Become Famous In Your Town | MATT BECK PODCAST 4-3-19
Most stylists don’t want to be “famous” on the internet yet they market themselves that way because they don’t know any better. The internet is more local than you think. In this podcast me and @hairestyle chat about this subject and more  Get your Sideline Phone Number Here:
April 4, 2019
I want this exact haircut but different...WHAT?!
Sometime figuring out what a customer wants can be the hardest part of our job. In this clip we talk about just that. 
April 1, 2019
How to start working with a product company
This clip might sound basic but it really is the easiest way in. The way I started working for my first product company was by staying after a class and talking to the sales rep. I asked them where the next hair show was and if I would be able to volunteer. The key is to do it for the love and experience first not the money and you will go far. Good Luck!! 
March 25, 2019
Quality VS Quantity on Social
Being worried if a photo or video is good enough quality holds people back from posting. This message is to remind you that as long as the message you are delivering has the intention to effect the person on the other end in a positive way quality doesn't matter. Happy Posting!! 
March 13, 2019
How To Raise Prices Without Customers Freaking Out 😤
Having trouble raising your prices in the salon? The hardest part about raising your prices is understanding when to do it. Check out this clip where I discuss my thoughts on raising your salon pricing. Thanks for listening! 
March 11, 2019
Being in two places at once
In this episode I received a question from a listener about how to balance your time when opening a second location. Although I don't have experience running two salons my wife and I run Free Salon Education and Salon Gratitude so I speak from the perspective of juggling those two businesses.  
February 28, 2019
Be Careful What They Ask For...
We start off in a professional relationship with our clients and before you know it we are friends and some take it too far. In this episode I go over my thoughts on customers asking for free services. 
February 27, 2019
Interview with the Schorem Barbers - (G)old Clips
To give some context to this interview. I was attending NAHA in Las Vegas, NV and had the opportunity to sit down with guys for the Schorem Barbier a barbershop based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This interview tells their story of opening the shop and how they started their brand Reuzel. This interview is sure to leave you inspired and entertained 😂
February 27, 2019
Understanding Haircutting and Growing Outside of Beauty School
Get your Sideline Phone Number Here: On this podcast I get real about what to do when you get out of beauty school or if you're transitioning from assisting and I also throw out my thoughts on haircutting. Hope you enjoy and please share with you friends. Thanks so much! 
February 21, 2019
Mastering Your Social Media Presence - Q&A with Matt Beck
With over half a million subscribers on YouTube, Matt Beck has leveraged the power of social media to spread a wealth of knowledge to hair stylists around the globe through his platform, Spend the afternoon with Matt and Millennium’s Tanya Reece as they discuss how to create a better brand presence across your social media platforms and the necessary skills to take your social media accounts to the next level.    In This Coffee Talk We’ll Cover:   -Creating stronger social media content  -Mastering video as a useful social media tool  -How to improve your brand presence on social media  -And so much more!    Rock Angel by Joakim Karud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library
February 5, 2019
Working together RUINS friendships?! - (G)OLD CLIPS
Matt Beck and the team discuss the realities of having good friends as colleagues and partners in business.   From the SPLITTING HAIRS PODCAST #113  Watch the full podcast here:
January 24, 2019
Lazy mentors and apprentice struggles - (G)OLD CLIPS
Matt Beck, Ryan Teal and Thaddeus Boland give advice on being an apprentice or assistant and choosing good mentors.  From THE MATT BECK SHOW 7-13-17  Watch the full talk here:
January 23, 2019
What to work on besides hair skills... - (G)OLD CLIPS
Matt Beck and the team talk about important skills hairstylists should focus on outside of work to stay inspired and relevant in the industry.  From the SPLITTING HAIRS PODCAST #113  Watch the full podcast here:
January 13, 2019
They Won't Rebook!? 😡
Do you have that guest that no matter what you do they won't rebook? then take a listen to this podcast where I discuss tips on getting your guest excited to rebook with you every time. 
January 10, 2019
The State of Platform Artists, Brands, and Hair Shows
If you're a Hairdresser, Educator, Platform Artist, or Brand please take the time to listen to this episode
November 9, 2018
You Could Be Making More Money
To my commissioned friends. Early in my career I worried so much about my commission percentage. Especially when I ran out of money. Now after owning a salon for 9 years I look at things different. I now understand that 90% of salons close within 10 years because even well run successful salon businesses are working with at best an 11% profit. which is not even 10% of the industry. The beauty of this business is we all have the power to make the paycheck we want. To get 40-45% of what you bring in is incredible if you think about it. I want to challenge you to focus on 3 things for 3 months. #1 build better relationships with your guests for instance listen to things they are saying about their hair and then offer some exciting things for their next visit. Doing this will instantly bring up your Frequency of Visit and Your rebooking percentage. #2 Average Ticket. Grow your average ticket by staying educated. Think about how when a new product comes out and you effortlessly sell it to your customers because it’s new and cool. This works the same with services. If you keep up on the latest trends through education you will easily be offering new services to your guests which will raise your average ticket. #3 change your work experience. Take pride in the way you prepare for each guest. When you’re not with a guest get a mannequin and try something new. Keep busy. There is nothing less motivating to yourself and the people around you then complacency. My point is The average U.S. Stylist brings in 50k in services. That means they take home 25k or less take home. Focus on these 3 things and send me a DM in 3 months I want to hear the changes in your mindset and paycheck. #makeyourownluck #freesaloneducation
November 8, 2018
Are You Taking Too Much Time?? MATT BECK PODCAST 10-10-18
Last night on Instagram someone asked me what I thought about stylists that take too much time cutting hair. Well here is my answer. Thanks for listening!!
October 10, 2018
When To Raise Your Prices
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network
October 2, 2018
Does Popularity Mean QUALITY Education?
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network
October 1, 2018
Be a better listener
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network
September 30, 2018
Premiere Philly Hair Show!!! #LoveThat Splitting Hairs Podcast
Ok seriously if you haven't taken time in a while to listen to our podcast then you should check this one out. We had a lot of fun discussing the Philadelphia Premiere Hair Show, I show off my new scissor, and we share pictures of your work in the #lovethat segment. Let me know what you think of the show below. Thanks for watching!
September 28, 2018
Don't Waste Your TIME at a Hair Show
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network
September 20, 2018
Give Yourself A Raise
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network
September 12, 2018
Would You Rather??? The Hair Edition
On this episode we play a new game "Would You Rather Hair Edition" and answer questions like Would You Rather.... 1. have a client come in and know exactly what they want or a client that says do whatever you want... 2. Cut long hair client in to a pixie, or take a level 1 client to platinum... 3. keep the client that tips well, but no shows occasionally or keep the client who always shows up but, doesn’t tip Join the fun every Wednesday night LIVE on our YouTube Channel!
August 9, 2018
Spontaneous & Huge Giveaway Show!!! Plus Rapid Fire Q&A | Splitting Hairs Podcast LIVE
On this episode we were planning a special guest but it didn't work out this week so we ask you guys for questions and man did you deliver! This show turned out great and we spun the FREE Wheel multiple times. Thanks for listening and like always please share this episode with your friends
June 28, 2018
Psychedelic Hair Technique, Strandlights, and Olaplex WINS!!
In this episode we talk about a couple new hair color trends including the magic hair trend and a super fine weave highlight called strandlights. Also we share big news about the Olaplex and L'Oreal Court Case. Hope you enjoy the show and if you get a chance Join us live on Wednesday night on our youtube channel while we film the show. Talk to you soon!
June 22, 2018
How I'm Using IGTV and New YT Features - Matt Beck Podcast
Are you as excited as I am about the new Instagram TV app? The thing I'm most excited about is the fact that I can now upload long form education videos to youtube. In this video I tell you how I'm going to utilize this new feature to fit what Im doing Plus I tell you about a new Youtube Video Premier feature that I can't wait to implement into the FSE community. Thanks for listening and like always let me know what you think of the show!
June 22, 2018
We Try Caboki on Thad and Talk Pro Tips on Thinning Hair | Splitting Hairs LIVE
On this episode we discuss our favorite tips for thinning hair and share some of the winners from the Cosmoprof #Licensetocreate awards
June 7, 2018
How To Raise Your Prices When You Work Alone?
On this episode I talk about when the right time to raise your prices is. My thought is people try to raise their prices to early and delay their growth. Let me know your thoughts!! Like always thanks for listening!
June 4, 2018
Making Hashtags Local | The Matt Beck Podcast
This is a quick Q&A episode answering Benjie's question about using hashtags to get local business. If you have a question for this podcast be sure to send it through the Anchor app. Thanks so much!
June 4, 2018
How 2 Use Hashtags 2 Grow Your Business | Matt Beck Podcast
On this episode I talk about What a Hashtag is and how you should use it. I think the majority of people on social media are not being specific enough when they use hashtags and in turn are not growing the audience that they want or need to grow their business. Take a listen to this if you struggle with Hashtags. Thanks for listening!
June 2, 2018
One on One with Charlie Price
I this podcast interview I sit down with Charlie price to discuss the state of the beauty industry, Health, leadership, and his prison time lol! J/k about that last one. If you enjoy this podcast please let me know and also make sure to follow us on anchor so we can keep the conversation going. Thanks for listening!
June 1, 2018
Are They Sell-Outs!?! | Splitting Hairs Podcast
On this episode we go over Tips Sponge Highlighting curly hair, We discuss Pulp Riot being acquired by L'Oreal and whether or not they sold out, and we have our good friend Ryan Teal on the show in a new segment we like to call Teals Two Sense on Industry Situations. Remember you can always join us live on youtube every Wednesday night at 8PM EST just go to and also if you have any questions or comments about this episode please send us a message through Anchor and you might just hear it on the next show. Thanks for taking the time to listen!
May 31, 2018
Don't Make Things Sound So Difficult | SAM VILLA INTERVIEW
His hard work and passion for the industry shines through in his education. Sam Villa is a true ego free, class act with a passion to give. In this interview I talk to Sam about his haircutting philosophies, his career, and so much more. Please enjoy and remember you can ask questions directly to us on the anchor app Thank you! Music by:
May 25, 2018
Interview w/ @hairlikeaboss + Meghan Markle's Hair mistake?
On this episode of Splitting Hairs we Interview @HairLikeABoss and discuss if having a huge following really = a paycheck, we give our thoughts on whether or not the Royal Wedding Hair was a Mistake + Everything about Our Trip to the Minerva Beauty Open House Party in ATL
May 24, 2018
Become More Tomorrow Keynote | Cosmoprof Nashville 5-21-18
Those of you that missed my presentation in Nashville over the weekend don't worry I got the whole thing right here for you! This keynote is all about what it takes to be a truly successful hair stylist (Spoiler Alert!!!) It's not being the best haircutter or colorist. Please if you have any additional questions download the Anchor App by going to and you can submit voice messages to me so we can keep the conversation going. Thanks for listening!! If you like Free Salon Education Videos Check Out our website Oh and if you like the music on this podcast check out
May 23, 2018
Debunking Hair Myths, Hair Tattoos, and My Mom Cut My Hair!!! | Splitting Hairs Video Podcast LIVE
We want to hear your thoughts!! If you would like to leave us a message right here on Anchor with any questions or comments about the show we would love to hear them! Show Topics: 1. Debunking mom’s myths on hair 2. Love That segment - showing love to #freesaloneducation photos that were shared on social 3. Special Guest - Johnee Livingston Barber from Pa nominated for BTC award best design 4. Blow dryer give away from Minerva Beauty 5. Win something cool on the FSE Free Wheel 6. Remember to leave us a message about the show THanks!!
May 17, 2018
ONE on ONE with Robert Cromeans
At the beginning of I had the opportunity to sit down one on one with Robert Cromeans at the Millennium Experience which is an amazing business seminar that Millennium Systems International puts on every year. I spent the first 10 years of my career studying Roberts businesses so this was a fun interview to finally sit down and spend 30 minutes with him. Hope you enjoy!!
May 11, 2018
Thank you!
Just wanted to aay a quick thank you to everyone that has favorited the FSE Podcast network so far and to encourage you to download the anchor app so we can have a two way conversation. Thanks!!
May 10, 2018
Water Gun Hair Color + Interview w/ Andrew Carruthers
This week on Splitting Hairs we test out the new Water Gun hair color technique which I think you will find our thoughts on this surprising plus we have an awesome conversation with our good friend from Sam Villa Hair Andrew Carruthers, and Matt unveils his NEW Scissors to the world. Be careful on the treadmill listening to this one. its a good time!!! Also be sure to join us live for the taping of this podcast every Wednesday night on youtube at 8pm EST
May 10, 2018
#HAIRFAILS - What went wrong!?! Plus Interview with Kelly Cardenas LIVE
Huge shout out to our good friend Kelly Cardenas for coming on the show and dropping some knowledge plus I'm pretty sure someone put something in our cups because everyones a little rowdier than usual. Hope you enjoy the show and remember you can always join us for the live taping on Wednesday nights at 8PM EST on youtube
May 4, 2018
Haircut banned from school?!? PLUS Curling Wand Differences | Splitting Hairs Podcast LIVE
You won't believe what haircut is banned from a school in the UK plus we describe the differences in curling wands and take your calls LIVE. To watch this podcast on video click here:
May 2, 2018
Harry Potter Hair Color? Spring Hair Trends & Client Conversation Starters - Splitting Hairs Podcast
On this podcast we discuss the new hair trend Harry Potter Hair Color and also go over 25 questions that will get the conversation started with your client. To watch this podcast in video form go to
May 2, 2018
Social Media Strategy 2018, Smacking Your Client's Head, & Animal Testing | Splitting Hairs Podcast
Another fun episode of Splitting Hairs! We had on a Dr. Who has launched her own natural hair care company, We discussed Video Strategies for Social Media in 2018 and a new Idea for creating instagram stories that showcase your salon. We also share a new technique of smacking your client to get the blood flowing (Watch the video before you try it) and we talk about the fact that soooo many companies are still testing their hair products on Animals. This show is packed with useful info and fun to watch. Let us know that you love it by hitting the like button. Thanks so much! Remember we are live every Wednesday Night at 8pm EST on YouTube if you would like to join in on the show. See you next week!
May 2, 2018
Baby's First Highlights | Highlights With Hairestyle Episode 001
This is it! The maiden voyage of the USS HaireStyle as we explore the highlights of our current events and pop culture. Just a few useful topics to help you engage in convo with everyone from your clients, to your barista, and even your haters. In this episode we talk about how to tell if you’re drinking too much coffee (spoiler, you’re not), as well as get into the royal baby and how his place in the line of succession is a notable historical moment. I also talk about photographer Josh Rossi and his current, amazing project featuring some tough little Super Heroes. Also, Movie Pass. Good? Bad? Too soon to tell? In my coverage of celeb social media, we hit on why Lea Michelle is adorable again, why Chrissy Teigen got tricked by her friends, as well as why David Beckham is adorbz, and what Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry will hopefully be up to this summer. Rounding it out with some Dancing with the Stars recap, obvi including that darling Adam Rippon, and why maybe you should get yo
May 2, 2018
Mizutani Scissor Winner Announced + A Cordless Blow Dryer?? Splitting Hairs Podcast
The very first episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network!
May 2, 2018
Facebook Groups Vs. Pages & 3 Things To Make More Money In The Salon |The Matt Beck Podcast LIVE
On this show I hint of a new idea for salons to get more attention on facebook and I share my favorite 3 numbers to watch to make sure I'm always growing behind the chair. Thanks for listening
May 2, 2018
Hair From The Oscars 2018 and #DRIPHAIRCOLOR Trend Yay or Nay? Splitting Hairs 3-14-18
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network
May 2, 2018
My Favorite App for Editing Hair Photos + How Much Are Your Haircuts? | Matt Beck Podcast LIVE!
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network
May 2, 2018
How To Gain MORE YouTube Subscribers + Your Questions | Matt Beck Podcast 007
On todays show I go over my top 6 tips for getting more youtube subscribers fast plus I talk about how every job I ever had lead me to this one. To join me live during the recording of this show subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks!
May 2, 2018
Is The NEW Social Media App VERO Any Good? | Matt Beck Podcast 006
Today I give my first thoughts about the new social media app Vero plus we talk about keeping inspired and how to get more confident behind the chair. If you would like to join this podcast live then subscribe to my youtube channel to get alerts when the show starts. Thanks for listening!
May 2, 2018
Queer Eye Inspired Hair Product Must Haves Plus LIVE CALLERS!! | Splitting Hairs Podcast 2-21-18
On this podcast episode we talk about a new dry shampoo and conditioner, our favorite product regimens inspired by the relaunch of Queer Eye on Netflix, and we jump on the phone with some of you to hear your opinions and to answer questions.
May 2, 2018
How To Get Noticed In Beauty School & Rebooking Tips | MATT BECK PODCAST 005
Today I unloaded some tips about getting yourself notice by a salon while still in beauty school and we also discuss what to do about No shows, Late Clients, and How to talk to your client about Rebooking.
May 2, 2018
Quality YouTube Cover Photo, 9 Minute Instagram Videos & Getting Followers | MATT BECK PODCAST 004
On todays podcast we dive deep into the importance of creating a great youtube cover photo plus I share my secret to posting a 9 minute instagram video, and we discuss the best way to gain genuine followers and why thats the best way to do it. Send me you thoughts or questions or questions for the show by texting 833-373-5483 Thanks for listening
May 2, 2018
Best Time of The Day To Post and Changes In Education | MATT BECK DAILY PODCAST 003
The very first episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network!
May 2, 2018
Why So Serious?? w/ Special Guest Ryan Teal | MATT BECK DAILY PODCAST 002
The very first episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network!
May 2, 2018
Are You Growing Enough?? And New Facebook Regulations MATT BECK PODCAST 001
The very first episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network!
May 2, 2018
Not knowing how to lose, Jealous Educators, and Giveaways | Splitting Hair Podcast LIVE 2/7/18
Latest episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network
May 2, 2018
How To Grow Your Social Media, The Grammys and LIVE CALLERS!!! Splitting Hair Podcast LIVE
Splitting Hairs Free Salon Education Podcast Powered By Minerva Beauty was jammed packed this week with infotainment. We talked about my top 5 tips to growing your social media, Demoed Lady Gaga’s hairstyle from the Grammys, introduced some new protools from @Paul Mitchell and brought back live callers to play some games with us. Check out the show and let me know what you think in the comments also be sure to join us live every wednesday night at 8pm EST to be a part of the fun. Thanks!!!
May 2, 2018
Augmented Reality Hair and Hair Horror Stories | Splitting Hair Podcast LIVE 1-26-18
Splitting Hairs Free Salon Education Podcast Powered By Minerva Beauty was a blast This week. On this episode we talk about Augmented Reality Hair by Schwarzkopf Professional, A New Multi Level Marketing Hair product, and we start our weekly blow dryer giveaway. Remember you can join the show live with us on Facebook or youtube every Wednesday night at 8pm EST. If you like the show please share it with your hairdresser friends. Thanks!!
May 2, 2018
Our New Salon, Education, and Social Media - Splitting Hairs Podcast Season 3 | 1/17/18
The very first episode of Free Salon Education Podcast Network!
May 2, 2018
Coconut Oil Is The Devil! | Splitting Hairs Podcast Season 3 1/3/2018
Last nights episode of Splitting Hairs LIVE got a little heated in the chat when talking about using coconut oil on your hair and 4 other tips for taking care of your hair at home. What are your thoughts? We also discussed another list of 2018 hair trends that included a lot of head accessories, and if payment plans are a good idea in the salon. Oh and of course we gave away some sweet prizes! Remember you can join us live every wednesday night on youtube to be a part of the show. Hope to see you in the chat next week! Watch the Video Version Here:
May 2, 2018
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