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Frequency Sweep Magazine

Frequency Sweep Magazine

By Bert Jerred
Featuring the creative work of musicians and sound artists creating experimental ambient audio and modular synthesizer music.
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The approach is over: something new is born. In this episode, my virtual instruments and filtered Yamaha PSR-3 are mixed with the audio contributions of Grandma Bette, whose members recorded ambient sounds and narration as well as a musical track, "Birthing Force," using the semi-modular Noiselab, theremin, and kalimba.
October 17, 2020
An ambient & electronic mashup featuring the works of Logan Aubeuf and Z Radio. Produced by Bert Jerred. Logan Aubeuf created, "We Kayaked to the Stone Columns," using the Korg Poly-800 and Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizers, plus ambient audio from Crowley Lake, California. Z Radio created, "Fantastic Space Raid," "HydroJam1," and other experimental audio - including hydrophone recordings of the Ashley River in South Carolina using gear from Cold Gold Audio. Other gear includes Korg's monotron DUO and monotron DELAY. Z Radio was founded in 2006 in Philly and showcases DIY music from around the world. It is currently recorded in Charleston, SC and is hosted by MBinge and DJ Jonny Wray. Find their podcast on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts Samples Several brief (3-4 seconds) vinyl samples from the early 1960s through the mid-1970s are interwoven with the work of these independent artists, including looped sounds from: Ján Cikker’s, Dramaticka Fantazia (Supraphon E1716, 1970); Minister Louis Farrakhan’s, Black Family Day (1974); Leoš Janáček’s, Sinfonietta, Moderato (Supraphon SUA ST 50380, 1962); Anatoly Lyadov’s, Volshebnoye ozero (Vox STPL 510.280, 1963); and, Vladimir Ussachevsky’s, Creation, Prologue (Columbia MS 6566, 1961).
September 16, 2020