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A Breath Of Fresh Tea Podcast ☕

A Breath Of Fresh Tea Podcast ☕

By A Breath of Fresh Tea
4 gay friends tackling everything LGBTQ+, with musings on race, sport and general tea.

Find us on socials and slide in our DMs: @freshteapodcast.

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'Wet' January - Episode 3
The drinks were flowing for this one. The guys talk Clubhouse, how flexible Jay is, new lockdown hobbies, the new Drag Race seasons and Slag Wars
January 21, 2021
Mask 4 Masc - Episode 2
It has been more than a minute, but the boys are back with episode 2 of the new season. Recorded one day before 2020 ended, the guys reflect on the year, Christmas traditions, tea (or lack of) and Dr Ollie busts some vaccine myths around Covid.   With a few episodes already recorded in 2021, there's a lot more to come in the next few weeks.  Proudly sponsored by Bumbu Rum.
January 13, 2021
Biiiiiiiiii-den - Episode 1
The huns are back to spill the tea after a long hiatus. The guys go deep on politics and current affairs, give some insight into what's keeping them busy in lockdown V2 and spill the tea on the most embarrassing things they have ever done.
November 19, 2020
Never Have I Ever - Episode 8
It's the final episode of the season and the guys take some time to reflect on how the podcast has grown. Jay takes the hosting reins and leads a game of 'Never Have I Ever', and the tea is scandal filled. 
May 26, 2020
Half Cut w/ Martyn Fowler and Ginny Wetherell - Episode 7
The chat is as free flowing as ever due to the boys being out in the sun with a beer or 5 prior to recording, with Jay still seemingly in denial about turning 30. This week, the focus is on LGBTQ allies in our lives and through sport. We feature interviews with Martyn Fowler from Stonewall FC and speak to Ginny Wetherell about why we need support from outside the LGBT community. 
May 19, 2020
Flag Hags - Episode 6
It's tea time for the guys as they spill a few personal dating experiences, talk about race and discuss the modern day dating culture of swipe + throwaway. The lads also dig into the wider meanings behind the range of LGBTQ+ flags and the impact of conversion therapy. 
May 12, 2020
Coming 'out out' with Jon Holmes - Episode 5
The guys strip things back this week and delve deep into the topic of 'coming out', recalling personal experiences, being 'outed', and the support available for LGBT athletes. We also have a special interview with Jon Holmes from Sports Media LGBT and Sky, talking about the progression of LGBT reporting in the media, his personal experiences, and much more. 
May 05, 2020
No Forking Chance with Adam Turner - Episode 4
The ever intriguing Dr Ollie takes the hosting reigns this week, and it’s all about LGBT events and nightlife. The gang talk about their first LGBT nightclub experiences, venue survival post-lockdown and Ollie also catches up with DJ, producer and artist Adam Turner for a chat on clubbing, favourite spaces and the gig economy.  We finish up with some tea from Curious Cat, how not to make a whisk and thoughts on support for LGBT athletes. 
April 28, 2020
The Person Behind - Episode 3
It’s Martyn’s turn to host and we soon discover that the guys are adjusting to lock down in differing ways, with Jay seemingly entering the 'acceptance' stage. The boys have a few things on their mind this week as they discuss the latest season of Drag Race; UK vs USA and thoughts on who might have been some of the worst Queens of all time. Discussions move on with thoughts on body image, validation in the LGBTQ community, race and body shaming. Things finish with feedback on last week’s LGBT sport segment and a lot of laughter as they work their way through this week’s offering of questions from the Curious Cat inbox. Hosts: Jay Lemonius -@jayDot90, Leon Williams - @will_elll, Oli Rabie - @orabie88 and Martyn Richards - @richardsmartyn. Edited by @sonictapistries. Contains adult themes and strong language
April 21, 2020
Swimming in Options - Episode 2
It's smooth operator Jay's turn to host this week and the mic issues that plagued the first episode are nowhere to be heard 💪. The guys kick it up a gear and go deep, sharing personal experiences around being LGBT in sport and the mental health implications that come with it. We also get thoughts on Hoopla being cancelled, how Martyn deals with social distancing whilst shopping, Jay paying homage to KFC🍗 and Dr Ollie smashing a few myths about Covid-19 and which orifices might transmit the infection 👀. Hosts: Jay Lemonius -@jayDot90, Leon Williams - @will_elll, Oli Rabie - @orabie88 and Martyn Richards - @richardsmartyn. Edited by @sonictapistries. Contains adult themes and strong language.
April 14, 2020
H2HO - Episode 1
It's the guys first crack at hosting a podcast, with Jay's mic proving to be a little unreliable and some initial nerves all round. Hosts Leon, Jay, Martyn and Dr Ollie tackle a range of topics, from LGBT quarantine hookups, birthdays in lock down, testing relationships, cooking and a view on the NHS.
April 07, 2020