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Fretman’s Podcast

By Fretman
Welcome to Fretman’s Podcast. Whether your walking, sitting or driving. Stay tune as we
Journey the World through Music. Together with your host, we will discover the many wonders of earth’s greatest organized noise maker “Music”. We’ll cover everything and anything as small as a baby toy rattle and big like talking to musician’s and their creative process, gear and inspiration. We’ll also talk to sound professionals and company representatives that make these wonderful products for us to enjoy.
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Episode #31 Musician's Unite! Together Wherever
Hello and Welcome Back, A big Thank You too you for coming back for some more traveling with Fretman's Podcast. On this episode we speak to the CO-Founder's of Musician's Unite! Together Wherever. It's an amazing interview so go ahead listen to it. Don't forget to subscribe to their channel and catch all the live festivals on their facebook page. More information to follow....
June 07, 2020
Episode #30 DSM/ Humboldt Electronics & Molly Miller Trio
Hello and Welcome to this episodes show notes.... First off- a Big Thank You, to You for reading this. I'm never sure if anybody ever reads these. Also, I have no idea why I laid out the show notes in this unprofessional style. I'm out the door with this proper etiquette today, as I've been sheltered in place and it's like one hundred degrees today in sunny Southern California. Second off- a Big Thank You to Jano and Daniel from DSM/ Humboldt Electronics. I met then in Winter NAMM 2020.  Third off- a major Thank You to the Molly Miller Trio for allowing to play their reimagine of The Vice of Killing from Ennio Morricone. The original theme song  Western/Spaghetti Western "For A Few Dollars More" movie from 1965 with the fame Actor Clint Eastwood as Monco. Many people don't know this, but the reason they called Spaghetti Western, is because the director for these movie are from Italian Descent. Thank You All who read this, I should do a giveaway just to see who reading this and listening to my boca! Please be safe, help each other and let's work together like a human race to live happy in our only planet that we know has life.
April 25, 2020
Episode #29 Mount Royal
Hello and Welcome to Episode #29 with The Band Mount Royal. If you are new Thank You for find us, if you are a returning customer (I guess I'm doing something right). Nonetheless, Thank you for coming back and enjoying  a incredible band. Thanks to Mount Royal for reaching to me and giving us the opportunity to interview these talented musicians. As you can see we had an incredible time speaking about music and how to take over the world. What is Mount Royal, well.... we let them explain to us. "Born with a sense of purpose and drive to breathe life into this new era of music. Built on a strong foundation of friendship, playful expression and powerful performance, Mount Royal strives to lift up its audience with catchy hook-driven Rock ‘n’ Roll that will make you feel good and think deeply." Thank You Mount Royal for explaining what you stand for. Don't forget to purchase their latest single that will become available on April 1st. The name of the song is Hunted Demands.  Please Like or Dislike our Instagram page, Facebook page and our podcasting page. We accept anything value that one has to give.
March 28, 2020
Episode #28 NAMM 20202 Recap Part 1
Hello and Welcome back! Our first interview is with Golden Age Project. It's a wonderful company that provides this show with an amazing microphone. We get the load down of the their new microphone that will compare better then any other mic out there. Do give them a try before going to a large company. We meet the following segment a few years back at NAMM, since then we have always made it an effort to always visit their booth and continue to support the local business. They might not be the larges corporate company at NAMM, but they do punch through the market and make themselves present with some incredible craftsmanship with their products. I am talking about Romero's Creation. Besides making the worlds best ukulele, They also have venture out and have made the incredible 6 string guitars. All their work is done by hand by the amazing Pepe Romero Jr. Oh, and if you are wondering who he has backing him up as an Artist and co-operator of the company, let me list it for you. First off, he has his Dad as artist relation highlighting his product. The master classic guitar player/ guitar god Pepe Romero Sir. And if that wasn't enough, he also has Daniel Ho, master ukulele player/ ukulele god. I can't say enough, how wonderful of relationship I have had with the Romero Creation team. They truly are what you expect from a family business. So enjoy the music provided by this hard working team.  The next segment is with a small boutique guitar company that custom makes guitars out of Atlanta, Georgia. That is with Alsip Guitars, I meet the CEO Jake and the COO Shane, in which the interview is based out of with him for this segment, These guys and ladies, make some beautiful hand crafted guitars that are just priceless.The attention to detail is the up most important. Give then a visit if you are looking to have a guitar upgrade.  Next we have an amazing guitar amplifier company that makes amp the way they were built back in the 40's and 50's. This technology has been around for years. But has been made popular again as Peter the owner and creator has brought it life for the world to see and hear. As a close friend and partner to the world famous Cesar Diaz, only the big's amplifier/ guitar pedal builder for Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bob Dylan. A matter of fact Cesar was SRV's guitar tech almost for his entire career as a musician. And that's were Peter comes in, as Cesar tour the world with the greatest guitar player- Peter maned the amplifier store that Diaz operated. The birth of Homestead Amps came in 2014 when Peter McMahon decided it was time for a change. After 15 years of owning and operating Diaz Amplifiers, it was time to call it his own. Don't  get me wrong Cesar and Peter grew up together as young kids to grown adults. Lastly, we have a new boutique pedal company from Chile. That right, we continue our quest to travel the world and found an amazing guitar pedal company that makes a one stop shop. One guitar pedal that will double as your effects maker and your amplifier. Is it possible, Yes it is. You start to see more of this as companies learn how to fit things in smaller packages. DSM/ Humboldt Electronics have created a small footprint in the world of music. That's right the worlds smalls Direct Line/ Amplifier that will connect to the house speakers (the PA system that you are playing at) and with incredible sound. Thank You to all that allow me to interview at Winter NAMM 2020, It was an incredible year and I was lucky to be able to interact with some the worlds greatest minds in music creation. As now we are facing difficult times, it's unknown if we will ever be able to interact like we did that year.  Please stay safe from my family to yours. P.S Don't forget to subscribe to receive the least episode and blog post.
March 19, 2020
Episode #27 with Mackie Gear at NAMM
Do you folks read the show notes? Or am I spinning my wheel! Anyways, regardless I’m going to post you the notes for this episode. What can I say about Mackie (, (Instagram- mackiegear)besides being the best in the industry. Make sure to visit their site and checkout their newest microphones 🎤 “Element Series Microphones” plus they have a killer deal on a bundle package that includes everything you need to start recording your voice for a podcast, voiceover session, or simply just creative music. The sky is the limit of how creative you can be. With 30 year commitment to serving the sound industry, Mackie will serve you right.
March 05, 2020
Episode #26 Christian James Hand
Today's amazing episode is with the talented and amazing (I dig his voice) gentleman Mr. Christian James Hand. Just listen to the episode (you'll wish you were British again)......  A bit about Christian James Hand, a man that wears many hats. Besides being a audio producer he is also a DJ on 95.5 KLOS in Los Angeles. Over the past couple of years he has curated, and grown, a ground-breaking radio segment he calls “The Session” where he takes you through a track-by-track breakdown of some of the greatest songs ever recorded and reveals the magic behind the music. This SoundCloud page is an archive of his appearances on the Frosty, Heidi, & Frank Morning Show, as well as his occasional appearance with Gary Moore in the Afternoons. Look for more news about this incredible piece of radio soon. Enjoy! For a night of incredible music AND many ridiculousness, that may and will somewhat POSSIBLY go wrong? Visit The Session at or follow Mr. Hand in Instagram at @kingtrut To buy ticket for his show, Click on The Session on Air Facebook page Don't forget to subscribe, follow and rate us at Fretman's Website, Podcast (with many platforms to chose from) and our Instagram. Also, if you read this far, Visit Mackie's Instagrams page and follow them to help achieve 10K followers.  The Fretman's Podcast is a Proud user of Mackie.
February 27, 2020
Episode #25 Lia Paris
Lia Paris is born in São Paulo, Brazil, began her performing career as a circus acrobat and trapeze artist. It was also during this time that she began her journey as a musician. Lia launched her solo music career at the Path Festival, and in the same year toured Europe to promote her debut single “Wild Boy”. The video clip for Wild Boy was lmed and performed at the Left eld bar on the Lower East Side of New York City, and featured Fredo Ortiz from (Beastie Boys). Lia’s self-titled debut indie pop album was released in 2015. Lia’s second album, “The Red Moon”, was produced by Daniel Hunt (Ladytron/UK) and was released in October 2016 by a multimídia performance at MIS ( Sound Image Museum of São Paulo BR). Since then Lia in presenting her multimedia project named Lva Vermelha in some different formats. Among the 2017 presentations are the Meca Inhoitim festival, MIS, C-base in Berlin, Vínil in Iceland, Sp Urban Cinemateca, the village in Bogotá, and the Visual Brasil Festival in Barcelona. In 2018 Lia presented the show Lva Vermelha with Orchestra at Funarte in São Paulo. In 2019 following the MultiVerse's premiere at Rio2C, Lia released her second album at the Ibirapuera Auditorium in São Paulo, followed by an Europe tour at some relevant venues in between Portugal, France and Germany like Silencio (David Lynch club ) in Paris, Casa da Música at Porto and Music Box in Lisbon. In October she got three international awards, on the LHAFF in London as best breakthrough international artist, and two at LABRIFF in Los Angeles with the music video "Gypsy Heart". Lia has just returned to Brazil straight to the Music Professionals Award where she was a finalist as director. She continue the MultiVerse tour for the November shows with her acoustic concert on the 15th at Trancoso Jazz Festival (BA), and the full MultiVerso concert on the 17th at SESC Belenzinho in Sao Paulo. Her 2020, Year has been very busy with her new up and coming release of her latest album MultiVerse, dropping February 22nd. She will also be opening for Ladytron on March 2, 2020 at the London Heaven in the UK.  Make sure to follower at her Instagram site Lia Paris or visit her website at Lia Paris. Support her by buying her album. Don't for to subscribe to this podcast and rate it a 5 Star!!! Thank You for listening 
February 20, 2020
Episode #24 Dophix Handmade Guitar Effects
Hello and Welcome Back, On Today's Episode, we interview Dophix Guitar Effect Pedals at Winter NAMM 2020. Dophix has been a great supporter of this podcast as well as this podcast has been a great supporter to guitar effects. We have seen this small Italian company grow into an amazing large handmade pedal maker. 
February 13, 2020
Episode #23 Furch Guitars from Winter NAMM 2020
Welcome back my listeners!!!  Did you miss me? I sure did miss you folks! Let start by saying that we did our fair share of walking and talking to the many great folks at Winter NAMM 2020. And with that, I was able to get many great interviews from more than a hand full of like-minded folks like us. This episode is a very special one to me. As I was given the opportunity to interview the CEO of Furch Guitars. That's' right, the CEO!!! WOW!!! What a great opportunity to be able to talk history of the company, it's process for creating eye catching/ best sounding guitars. I do want to Thank the Furch employees that attend NAMM. They were very helpful and amazing in bring everything together. In my option, they had one of the best displays in the whole convention floor.  So, enjoy this episode, as I enjoy learning straight from the chief executive officer of Furch Guitars. Don't forget to visit Furch Guitars, you can follow them on Instagram and on Facebook as well. Please don't forget to subscribe to Fretman's Podcast and follow us to receive the latest episodes as they become available. 
February 06, 2020
Episode #22 Not your usual interview!!
Hello and welcome back listeners. I have survived Winter NAMM 2020 and Grammy’s week. We are knee deep in mud of things, editing our brains out. So, bear with me as I continue to edit/ polish and improve the audio from our NAMM interviews. A big Thank You to Andrea from Dophix Effect Pedals, Peter CEO from Furch Guitars, Wolfe from Wolfmesiter and the many more that I can’t recall from the top of my head. A special shoutout to Larry Milburn from Roadie Free Radio, I finally got to meet him. And a super big 🙏🏼Thank You to NAMM and the LIPPIN Group, for allowing me to interview some of the world’s greatest music companies and musicians that were more than willing to go on the mic with me. Stay tune as I continue to edit NAMM episodes and I began to pump them out. Thank You for your support and stay tune.
January 30, 2020
Episode #21 Winter NAMM Media Day with Wizz Drums
Hello my Listeners, Welcome to the start of our pre-game show, this is the super bowl to musicians. Coming to you from Anaheim, California will kick off this episode with attending NAMM Media Day Preview. That's right, we had the chance to preview some of the greatest products before the first kick off. On this episode, we speak to the representative to Wizz Drums, which gives us a quick and short overall demo of their product. Using 3D printing, Wizz drums have a minimized size and weight of the drum kit and increased its portability. The total weight of the kit and suitcase is about 18 kg/ 40 lbs. Stay tune as we post more amazing products from Winter NAMM 2020.
January 16, 2020
Episode #20 Joe Gagan
Hello and welcome back, Hopefully, you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's celebration. On this episode, which I try very to air before the end of the year (but failed too), I interview the one and only "King of Wah" Joe Gagan. You can purchase his wah pedals by clicking on his name or you can watch his youtube channel. I do want to Thank him for being patient and humble. Stay tune as we podcast from Winter NAMM 2020......
January 15, 2020
Episode #19 with Swagata Biswas
Hello and Welcome Back to Episode #19 with the lovely and talented Swagata Biswas. What an amazing interview, which almost didn't happen! As Swagata was trying to make it back home to Seattle, Washington from New York, plane was grounded in LAX for awhile before taking off. I guess I could of taken a trip to LAX and interview her in person while she waited for flight to board.  Nonetheless, she got home in time for this Skype interview after more than +27 hours flying the blue sky's. Listen as we chat about her least single song release "Lens" (Buy it here).  Don't forget to add her and follow her on Instagram, facebook, and twitter as she journeys through the music world.  Also, don't forget to subscribe to Fretman's Podcast and get the least podcast as it rolls of the press. A special thanks go to the following folks: Anchor FM/ Spotify, Wordpress, Mackie, Shure Microphones, Zoom, Golden Age Project, Fender, ZT Amps, and of course my loving family.
December 19, 2019
Episode #17 Vayper Guitar’s
In this episode we receive a studio visit by Owner/ CEO Jim Galinato. Besides being an guitar maker, this young man once Roadie for Jeff Henneman a founding member of Slayer and also is an active guitar player for the band Lived and Anger the Giant. With him are two beautiful looking guitars that were brought to the studio to check out. VSS model (Stra style) that’s is now available to buy, and also his newest release coming out on Black Friday VMT model (Tele style).
November 12, 2019
Episode #16 with Jason Sinay
On this episode we hear from a humble down to earth one of a kind guitar hero. That's right, my list of guitar heroes/guitar teachers/ session musicians/ guitar players/ philanthropist continues to grow as we chat with Jason Sinay. Listen in as he talks about his time with Five Easy Pieces, his work on his musical albums and his work with The Dirty Knobs.  He also gives us a break down of the gear he uses; Fender, TC Electronics, Way Huge Camel Toe Pedal, Two Rock Amplifiers and that just a few we talk about. Once again Thank You Jason for the opportunity to be featured on this podcast and we wish the best in all your endeavors. Jason Sinay Instagram Jason Sinay Facebook Jason Sinay Website The Dirty Knobs The Dirty Knobs Facebook Fretman's Podcast Fretman's Podcast Instagram Thank you Golden Age Project Microphones, Shure Microphones, Zoom, Mackie, and of course my Loving Wife and kids. 
November 05, 2019
Episode #15 Larry Milburn
Welcome listeners, episode number fifteen!! My super special awesome guest for this episode is a mentor to me, which he is also a talented and a is rocking Hollywood Actor, musician, podcast host and creator of Roadie Free Radio Larry Milburn. Don't forget to swing by his podcast and check out Episode #144 were he breaks down his journey to his short film the movie “The Roadie”. Also on that same episode he covers his podcast beginning.  Don’t forget to visit his web site, social media or simply leave him a voice message through the anchor VM service. Visit any of the following site that have make this possible; Roadie Free Radio, The Roadie Movie, Roadie Free Radio Merch Store, Fretman’s Podcast and Fretman's Website, Golden Age Project Microphones, Shure Microphones, Zoom , Mackie, SE Electronics, Apple MacBook Pro, Audio-Technica Microphones and Headphone, Sennheiser Headphone, Samson Headphone, Craftsmen Workbench, Fender Guitar’s, On-Stage Microphone Stands, Audiomute Sound Proof Blanket, Winter NAMM, Father’s Who Care, LA Pride, Grace Royse, JJLA, All Ace Productions, Eight Day Sound, 
October 18, 2019
Episode #14 The Band Spectre
Welcome back Fretman listeners, if you are new to the podcast welcome to a show about the music, the artist and the journal that takes us around the world via music. On this episode we meet up with the band "Spectre" at their rehearsal/ setlist rundown before flying out to Mexico for their first international show. By the time, I edit this episode and published it, this would be Tuesday after they have return back from their show.  To follow the band at specter.rock in instagram or follow them on the record company website at KillJoy Records. We do want to give thanks for the following: -Eastside Rehearsals, for allowing us to record in the studio -King Cole Pizza, for allowing us to interview the band inside the pizza parlor and enjoy a well made pizza. Also want to give thanks to the following companies that have help create this show. -Zoom Recording N4H, Share Microphones-SM57, Haas Cables, SE Electronics and the Dynamite DM-1, Apple MacBook Pro and Waves Plug-ins. Don't forget to follow us and subscribe to the show at Fretman's Podcast and to the website were you will see the behind pictures, videos and bonus material for the episode. Thank You  
July 03, 2019
Episode #13 The Blue Stingrays
On this episode we introduce the Blue Stingrays, a lost forgotten band that claims nobody. The mystery behind his band starts right from the studio and continues to this day. Join us as we seek to search who are the members of the mysterious band member of Blue Stingrays.  On a side note "Happy Mother's Day Weekend" Don't forget to visit our home page were we will be posting emails and finds of our search, visit us at While there don't forget to subscribe to the page. Also, don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and continue to seek the Journal of Music.
May 11, 2019
Episode #12 with Drummer Ted Kelliher
Hello Listeners,  Welcome to the Fretman's Podcast. If you are new to this podcast, "Thank You" for finding this podcast and don't forget to subscribe. If you are a returning listener, I'm sorry and I feel for you. LOL!!!  On this episode, I interview drummer for the band Roses and Cigarettes and the band North, Ted Kelliher which give us the 411 (information) life of a drummer. We cover everything from his up brings in Boston and all the way to his experience living the dream of a musician in California. By the way, Ted is also endorsed by Salt Drums ( and by Los Cabos Drum Sticks (  Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and the blog and get breaking music related news.
April 23, 2019
Episode #11 Pepe Romero Jr.
Hello Listeners, Thank you for join me on my journey if you are new to the show and a big Thank You if you are a returning listener to the show. On this episode we dig into the NAMM 2019 interview bag and highlight an amazing guitar maker that comes from a long line of musicians in its heritage blood line. We also have some bad news to cover early in the show that broke our hearts. If you like what you are listening to, please subscribe to this podcast. If you don't like what you hear fill out the comment area below so I can delete it later (J/K). If you have any ideas, comments or wish to speak to us- feel free to drop us a line at For more information on Pepe Romero's Creation, visit their website at  
April 13, 2019
Episode #10 Leeann Skoda
Hello Listeners, Welcome to Episode #10, were I interview Leeann Skoda minutes before her stepping up on stage. That night she was opening for Brad Colerick at the awesome FretHouse Guitar Store in the City of Covina. Visit Leeann Skoda at were you can purchase her latest album "Call Me Back Home". Just a side note, if you are seeking a good and honest luthier work from a professional, seek no more! Visit the FretHouse (, and you will receive the best work and advise from a true professional staff that have more than 50 Years in the business.  A big Thank You to Leeann Skoda for your time and beautiful music you create and also to Rick & Tom Seymour and the rest of the staff at the FretHouse.
March 27, 2019
Episode 9 Zoom & SE Electronics
On Episode 9, we highlight two more companies that we interviewed at the NAMM Show. Visit Zoom and SE Electronics for more information regarding products featured on this episode.
March 08, 2019
Episode #8 Mackie & Bell Brothers Music
We get the inside scope of the new Mackie products while at the 2019 NAMM Show. And we also have a chance to interview the Bell Brothers from Columbia as we start our trek around the world. 
February 21, 2019
Day 1 Recap of NAMM 2019 Winter Show
On this episode, we give Thanks to NAMM and the Lippin Group for allowing the Fretman Podcast Team to invade the shows floors with full access. We also had a chance to watch and listen Roses & Cigarettes perform at the Fishman Electronics Stage Booth. 
February 04, 2019
NAMM 2019 Media Day
On this episode, the Fretman's Podcast Team heads to NAMM 2019 Media Day. What a wonderful experience to be able to preview and interview some of the best in the business before the morning rush hour at NAMM. A big Thank You for the following Companies as they give us a little bit of their time to give us an in-depth of the their newest product; Roland/ Boss, C.F. Martin Guitars, Fender Musical Instruments, Music.iLuv and Soundmarker B.V.
January 24, 2019
Special Announcement
This is a Special Announcement Broadcast!!!! Today, we get wind that the Fretman's Podcast will be attending the NAMM 2019 Show. So stay tune as we broadcast from the NAMM show floor. Also, coming up in the next episode, we meet the famous lap steel guitar player Hexx Henderson.
January 16, 2019
Roses and Cigarettes
On this updated episode, we cover Today in Music History for October 24 2018. I also interview the ladies from Roses and Cigatettes Jenny Pagliaro and Angela Petrilli. Don't forget to visit there website at and catch them on their next show at The Mint in Los Angeles on October 26 2018 (hint hint it's Jenny's Birthday).
October 25, 2018
On Today's Episode, I review the movie "Quincy" that is airing on Netflix. If you haven't watched the documentary, you are missing out on the life-story of the greatest contributor to music in the world.
October 14, 2018
Didgeridoo Episode
In Today's episode (this episode is like a soft opening), I cover what is a didgeridoo and how it relates to music. Also, I introduce myself to you and cover the prime reason for this podcast. Stay tune as I continue to working out the bugs; with uploading, editing and preparing for artist interviews. Come back next week for a Special Inaugural Show with The Band Roses and Cigarettes.
September 28, 2018