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Friendly Rev

Friendly Rev

By Etienne LeSage
Away from Church and closer to God? Why not! Imagine a chat with a minister with whom you are comfortable, knowing that you will get authentic, non-judgemental, easy to understand answers. This FriendlyRev is Rev. Étienne LeSage. As a young gay disabled white ordained minister, he knows what it is to be both privileged and stuck in the margins of society. No recruitment, no arrogance, no church duplicity; just an engaging friend filled with empathy, helping you understand christian spiritual concepts that can free and uplift you without trying to get you into a Church.
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Racism : If even Jesus himself had to change his mind about it to allow miracles to happen, why don’t you?
How do you react when someone tells you that you said or did something racist? Find out what Jesus did when he was called on it. If even Jesus himself had to change his mind about racism to allow miracles to happen, why don’t you?
April 26, 2021
Recognizing the voice of God in and around you
Etienne announces new services and introduces a spiritual practice of discernment that helps to recognize God’s guidance in the midst of your preoccupations wherever you are. Some references: Tetlow, Joseph A. 2021. “Discernment in a Nutshell.” Ignatian Spirituality (blog). 2021.
April 19, 2021
Your questions : Science vs Religion
Etienne explores 3 of your questions related to science vs religion: 1-Is Science at odds with religion?  Is Science saying there is no  God? 2-Can I still be a Christian and embrace the theory of Evolution? 3-If we accept evolution, then what does it mean that we are made in the image of God? Some references: kangielczyk, Kenneth. 2017. “What Do We Mean by ‘Theory’ in Science?” Text. Field Museum (blog). March 10, 2017. LeSage, Etienne. 2018. “Sermon: Interrupted Movings.” Martelet, Gustave. 2011. “Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Prêtre jésuite, homme de science et philosophe.” Jésuites (blog). September 23, 2011. “Religion and Science in Schools.” 2021. Beyond Belief. BBC Radio 4. Rennie, John. 2002. “15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense.” Scientific American. July 1, 2002. Sober, Eliott. 2005. “Evolution and Creationism From Core Questions in Philosophy: A Text With Readings (Fourth Edition).” California State University Long Beach. University of California Museum of Paleontology. 2021a. “Even Theories Change.” Understanding Science. 2021.$baseURL;%20?%3E/howscienceworks_20. ———. 2021b. “Science Aims to Explain and Understand.” Understanding Science. 2021.$baseURL;%20?%3E_0/whatisscience_04. ———. 2021c. “Science and Religion: Reconcilable Differences.” 2021. ———. 2021d. “Science at Multiple Levels.” Understanding Science. 2021. ———. 2021e. “Understanding Science: Glossary.” 2021.
April 10, 2021
Stop the Shame : Jesus did not die for your sins
Etienne wipes away guilt and shame - two feelings heavily associated with Good Friday - and simplifies theories of atonement that attempted to explain how Jesus’ death worked to reconcile us with God. Only one of them consistently honours God AND us, away from shame and into free love.
March 31, 2021
Questions about God, Sex and Love : Masturbation, Homosexuality and Same-Sex/LGBTQ2S+ couples
Etienne addresses questions from listeners about masturbation, homosexuality, LGBTQ2S+ couples and sheds light on mishandled Bible verses which should not be used to justify exclusion nor condemnation. Some contributing references: DesRochers, Jacob. 2017. « Transgressing Boundaries: Non-Productive Sex ». Kingston, ON: Queens University. « The JEPD Theory ». 2010. St. Mary’s Press.
March 26, 2021
Forgive and breathe better
Forgiveness is a present we offer ourselves as much as others and even God. Since the very beginning, Adam, Eve, Cain, Lamech, Peter and Jesus have something to do with it.
March 19, 2021
Why Jesus?
Such a short question that could go in many directions. So much to say, but the challenge is in keeping it short and useful. Étienne boils it down to 10 minutes
March 12, 2021
Don’t Say That - some expressions to avoid when talking to someone in pain
Do you catch yourself repeating sayings like : ”I told you so”, ”everything happens for a reason” or ”God will never give you something you can’t handle”? Learn why these are not helpful and even harmful to those you are trying to help Also, a question from the audience : why do I still doubt despite my faith?
March 05, 2021
The story of Job - Why do bad things happen to good people?
When misfortune strikes, we can offer wonder ”why me?” or ”why did God let this happen to me, what have I done?” The book of Job in the Bible is meant to make us reconsider those questions. I boiled down its 42 chapters to a 15 minutes story. Explore it with me!
February 26, 2021
Turn the Other Cheek Without Being a Doormat - Jesus astute way of exposing injustice without violence
Did you know Jesus coined the expressions ”Turn the other cheek”, ”give also your shirt” and ”walk the extra mile” ? Discover how their real meaning is not suggesting submission, but a true power to change things. For more information about Jesus and social justice/power, check out the work of Walter Wink : Engaging the Powers and other books
February 23, 2021
Crushing the fear of Hell
Hell : the eternal human BBQ of a sadistic God? No. Let’s unburden you of this concept that has been heavily distorted over time to control and hurt people.
February 09, 2021
The Friendly Rev says Hi!
Etienne is eager to say Hi! Listen to an introduction to the English version of his FriendlyRev Podcast.  Come back soon for our first episodes!
January 26, 2021