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From Home

From Home

By FromHomePod
A podcast about checking-in and interrupting your daily routine.

Hosted by a British-born Nigerian looking to turn a 5 min catch-up into a 45 min journey but you know...From Home.
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We All Need A Li'l Trash TV (feat. Riva)
This week Riva and I chatted about the kind of television she makes, how she worked her way up in the industry and what being a Black woman working in television is really like. We also discussed Love Island, work crushes, RHOA and had a few Netflix suggestions for you lot...  Keep an eye out for Riva's name in some amazing upcoming projects! Follow this podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
August 06, 2021
Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Racism (In My Head #7)
I'm back this week with an episode on what its like being back to commuting, how football was never gonna be the cure for racism and good ol' colonialism. Follow this podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
July 14, 2021
If You're A Real Ally, Drop Money In My CashApp (feat. Sayma)
This week, I chatted to the wonderful Sayma about being the "Mum of the Group" and why that title sucks, adultification, white supremacy, patriarchy and why she's saying no to roadmen. Follow Sayma: @Sxymah @saymahaque Follow this podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
June 10, 2021
Instead of Reading My Bible, I Check Twitter (feat. Bianca)
This week I chat to Bianca about everything. From toxic positivity to podcasting, Black American vs Black British culture, 2020 being the year of realisations, global and internalised anti-blackness, people finding ways to pit freeing Palestine against the Black Lives Matter Movement ,and our favourite app, Twitter. Follow Bianca on Twitter and IG: @biancaaabrown and @biancaaabrown Bianca's website: Go listen To Whom It May Concern, and keep an eye out for Bianca's upcoming podcast, Bianca Has A Pod. Follow this podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
May 20, 2021
Are You Even Building The Table? (feat. Munch Club TV)
I was so hungry by the end of this episode... This week I chatted to Nyasha, better known as the face of and brains behind Munch Club TV. We talked about how it's not always easy to achieve your dreams and balance a 9-5, the gentrification of food and the lack of Black chefs in the media, what we all can bring to the table and the number of Black people who love Formula One. Plus, he tells the sweet story of his and his girlfriend's first date, and fills us in on some exciting projects that he'll be bringing out soon... Follow @munchclubtv on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Listen to Quick Stop, wherever you get your podcasts Follow the podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
May 13, 2021
Hormonal Contraception & Tomato-Flavoured Kisses (In My Head #6)
*Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault discussed from 15:43 - 16:35*  Heyooooo This week's solo episode was a mix of Yoruba Name Pride, the importance of Black and Brown people in every space, time travel and discussing the worst of the worst in Oloni's most recent thread on male hygiene 😣🤮. A link to the infamous thread here. Oloni's IG for the highlights: Follow the podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
May 05, 2021
State Of Grind (feat. Deep Gusto)
This week I talked to the amazing and hilarious Deep Gusto about what success looks like, the dangers of comparing yourself to others, moving the goalposts vs being content, body image, whiteness as a default and the tools we can learn from therapy. Also, find out why he's ready to settle down and be a house husband. Follow Deep: @deepgusto Follow the podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
April 29, 2021
Maybe Its Empathy, Maybe You're Over-Identifying. (In My Head #5)
This week, I chat about the Derek Chauvin trial, the murder of Ma'Khia Bryant and the fact that boundaries change as we grow. Follow the podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
April 22, 2021
My Internal Dialogue Was A Stylist With A New Jersey Accent (In My Head #4)
This week, I talked about some of the reality TV I've been watching recently. I also spoke briefly about Richard Okorogheye, Evan Smith, Daunte Wright and DMX, and why social media is so quick to repost videos showing the deaths of Black people. Links to the trailers of the shows I mentioned: Buried By The Bernards - Dating Around - Styling Hollywood - UnReal - Trailer audio courteousy of Netflix and Lifetime Follow the podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
April 14, 2021
What Is The UK, If Not Colonialism Persevering? (In My Head #3)
[I can't take credit for the title. Bless the gift that is Twitter] This week, I chat about the Sewell Report (aka the latest form of government gaslighting), the Derek Chauvin case, Lil Nas X's latest music video and the police's "appropriate" handling of protestors at the Sarah Everard vigil. My Black Ballad article: Where Are All The Black Women In Love On Our Screen? My website: Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
March 31, 2021
In My Head #2: Cheating in the 3rd Person
This week it's a solo episode, and the second of the minisodes where I dive into something that caught my eye this week Cheating? Have you seen it, done it, experienced it? In light of Saweetie leaving Quavo on 'take care' and Derrick Jaxn being just...ugh...I ponder on how accepting cheating from male partners has been peddled to women, how some Christians will justify cheating, and how Derrick Jaxn and the genre of male relationship gurus scares me a little. Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
March 25, 2021
If You Drop, You Drop (feat. Just The Tip Podcast)
Hey everybody, guess what? This week I chatted to the lovely Georgette, host of Just The Tip, the wonderful sex positive podcast. We delve into workplaces and mental health, the power of therapy, Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah, the protests/vigils following the death of Sarah Everard, the realities of being a Black woman in this country, Georgette's love of skating and how men need to do better. Follow Georgette: @just_georgette Follow Just The Tip: @justthetippod Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
March 18, 2021
Chicken Wings In Your Face On June 21st (feat. Fahed)
This week I chatted to Fahed co-host of @seethroughpanelpodcast  We chatted about comic books, chicken shops and YouTube greats like the Chicken Connoisseur and First We Feast, homelessness and anti-homless architecture, Brazilian ju jitsu, conspiracy theories and cults. Follow Fahed:@social_blunderer Listen to his podcasts: @seethroughpanelpodcast , @inconstantpodcast , @audiobookishpod Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
February 25, 2021
In My Head
This week, it's another solo episode, which I'll be doing on occasion to let you check in with me and see what I'm getting up to. This week I chatted about freelancing highs and lows, my recent piece in Sistem Magazine, Valentine's Day being a guest on Just The Tip, wearing masks and making eye contact, Tessica Brown and vibrators. Check out my Sistem article: Listen to Georgette on Just The Tip Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
February 18, 2021
Bringing The People In (feat. Kamilla Rose)
This week I talk to Kamilla - Capital FM presenter, creator of The Bring In and industry know-how queen. We talk about starting out in TV and radio, trying to turn your dreams into reality and paying it forward. Check out The Bring In on Twitter(@thebringinuk), Instagram (@thebringinuk) and subscribe to the newsletter at Follow Kamilla: @kamillahrose Listen to Kamilla's show on Capital, from 10pm to 1am Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
February 11, 2021
A Recovering Renaissance Man (feat. Shaun Flores)
This week I talked to Shaun. And when I say talked, we talked ooo A recovering renaissance man, we discussed modelling and how he got into the industry, podcasting, Black conservatives, Clubhouse, his TEDx talk, being Left or Right Wing and catfishing. Follow Shaun on Instagram @theshaunflores and Twitter @shaunflores1994 Check out his podcast Flower Hour Follow From Home on Instagram @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Yung Kartz: Seattle -
February 04, 2021
Ife and Side Hustles (feat. Ayo's Cakes)
This week I chat to fellow Yoruba babe and baker extraordinaire Ayo! Ayo talks to me about running your own business during a panoramic, learning Yoruba to be a "good" Nigerian, and why it doesn't always have to be about the 'rise and grind' mentality. Follow Ayo's Cakes on Instagram: @ayos_cakes Visit the website: Follow From Home on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music courteousy of Young Kartz: Seattle -
January 28, 2021
There Doesn't Only Have To Be One (feat. Cherise)
Meet Cherise - host of Interconnected Voices and general joy of a guest. This week we chatted about Bridgerton, sex scenes, Black television in the UK and the US, pursuing goals, and making the time to be still and hear yourself. Make sure to follow @interconnected_voices on Instagram and listen to the podcast Follow Cherise on Instagram: @ailliyah_cherisex Follow From Home on Instagram: @fromhomepod Cherise and I connected through Rise and Shine's podcast promo club. For more info, click here. Music courteousy of Young Kartz: Seattle -
January 21, 2021
The Math isn't Math-ing
Happy New Year! 2021 is here and I start off this week's episode chatting about setting goals, White Supremacists storming the Capitol, and why in Tory maths £15+£15 = £5.68. Plus I recommend something I've been enjoying in my home. Follow the podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Music: Yung Kartz - "Seattle" ->
January 14, 2021
Jesus Hung Out With Badderz (feat. Blue Ticks Podcast)
It's the final episode of 2020! This week I was joined by the hilarious Blue Ticks Podcast.  In this week's episode I chatted to Atu (who was a guest earlier this year), Calvin, Pupz and Alex about mixed identity and Black identity, religion and church scandals, plans for 2021 and how much it would truly take for you to get involved in some...interesting kinks. Follow the guys: @spcetu, @trillcalvs, @itskenjisworld, @pupz_ig, @isthatalexr Follow Blue Ticks: @bluetickspodcast Follow From Home: @fromhomepod Music: Yung Kartz - "Seattle" ->
December 31, 2020
Red, Burgundy and Orange Flags...From Home (feat. Tencey)
This week I chatted to Tencey - friend, entrepreneur, recovering hothead and Queen of dropping gems. We talked about love, trusting yourself, red flags, cutting our hair and setting boundaries. Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod Tencey's hair company: @_shesa10 Music: Yung Kartz - "Seattle" ->
December 17, 2020
A Vulnerable Black Woman...From Home
Vulnerability is the theme this week... In this episode you don't get all my emotions but I think I did a nice job of talking about vulnerability, why that can be a struggle for me and why the trope of "Strong Black Woman" needs to gooooooooo Also, there are so many examples I could have used but ain't it the way that they come to mind when you finish recording... Let me know your thoughts on Twitter and Insta with #fromhomepod  Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod
December 11, 2020
Love: the Disney Way vs the Nigerian Way (feat. KG)
This week I talk to KG - friend, bad bish, student, BAME Network officer and currently developing a non-profit organisation called 'Unity For Justice'! KG and I discuss love - the Disney Way and the Nigerian Way -, expressing vulnerability, people who don't see colour and presenting as masculine or feminine.  Follow KG on Twitter: @Kgisamazing1 Follow KG on IG: @kgisamazing Find her music: @ordinarycitizns Follow 'Unity For Justice': @unity4justice Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod
November 27, 2020
B00B President...From Home (feat. Ayo)
This week I chatted to Ayo about if Ghanaians are the Canadians of the continent , running for tittay president, why boobs are like snowflakes, dating, Nollywood and the politics of aso ebi.  Have a listen and follow Ayo:  @ayo_alli_ Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod
November 19, 2020
Free Will Might Be A Scam...From Home (feat. Davino)
Episode Twen-Twen-Twenty!! This week the wonderful Davino stopped by to chat with me about growing into different versions of yourself, friendships, therapy, astrology, and did God really give us free will in that garden? Follow Davino on all the socials: @davino__ Follow the pod: @fromhomepod
November 12, 2020
Pisces' Emotions...From Home
I don't know the most about star signs...but my name is Ibukun, and I'm an emotional Pisces... In this episode I chat about emotions *cue Destiny's Child* and not dismissing them. Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod
October 29, 2020
#ENDSARS (feat. Sophie)
This week I brought on my friend Sophie, digital content creator, slow fashion blogger and fellow Nigerian to discuss the #EndSARS protests currently going on, what we in the Nigerian diaspora can do and learning more about our culture and history. To donate check out The Feminist Coalition: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi an be purchased anywhere you get books, but this is my favourite black-owned bookstore: Sophie's IG: Sophie Sophie YouTube: From Home IG:
October 22, 2020
Nigh-time Skincare Thoughts...From Home
Top Tip: Listen to this episode while doing your skincare routine - or don't. I can't force you
October 15, 2020
The Weight of a Black Woman's Words...From Home (feat. Shelby Wilburn)
I'm gonna gush, prepare yourselves. This week I was joined by the incredible Shelby.  Content creator, black woman and gem of a person. We discussed white privilege, being expected to be strong as black women, being willing to say things that need to be said, self-care, James Baldwin and the Diaspora. Whewwwwwwww... The gaps of silence are me just really sitting and taking in what she has to say. Follow Shelby to see more of her and her Storytelling Studio work: @shelbywilburn_ Follow From Home: @fromhomepod
October 07, 2020
Where's the Male Contraceptive Pill Then??...From Home (feat. Elijah Lawal)
 I'm baaaaaackkkkk Sometimes you need a week off, and sure yeah let's call it that. But I'm back baybeeee with Episode 15, featuring Elijah! Author of The Clapback: Your Guide To Calling Out Racist Stereotypes, avid reader and wearer of the finest t-shirts, Elijah and I chat about being called on to speak for the Black community, knowing when convos aren't being had in good faith and learning about feminism. Also hit him up for his amazing hydrating hand sanitiser... Follow Elijah: @Elijah_Lawal Follow the pod: @fromhomepod
September 30, 2020
You May As Well Say 'Friends' Was the White 'Living Single'...From Home (feat. Halimah)
Happy 14th Episode! This week I chat to Halimah - artist, fellow podcaster and lover of cottagecore. We talk about the Universe, capitalism as the root of most evils, fetishisation worries while dating, why 'Chewing Gum' isn't the Black 'Fleabag', manifesting the world you want and therapy. Loveland Foundation: Homegirls Unite Therapy Application: Follow Halimah: @hali_xx_xx Listen to Halimah's podcast: @theawordpodcast_ Check out Halimah's art: @haliigwe Follow From Home: @fromhomepod
September 17, 2020
Second Date...From Home (feat. Akwesi)
This week I want you to meet Akwesi. We went on a date a few weeks ago and thought it was time to catch up. And what better place than my podcast :D We chat about gentrification vs town planning, microaggressions in the workplace, Diversity & Inclusion committees, Black representation in media and why he's in the running to fund my trip to Afronation 2021... Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod Gal-dem article: Special thanks to Yung Kartz for the music
September 10, 2020
First Dates...From Home
Iss another solo episode! This week I take a look at some generic and not-so generic questions I've been asked while on some recent first dates, plus examine what I want out of my current dating experiences. #wineanddineme Follow the podcast: @fromhomepod Thanks to Yung Kartz for the music
September 02, 2020
Yellow Crocs and Taking Care of Your Mental Health...From Home (feat. Faith)
This week I chat to friend, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed croc-wearing aunty, Faith We chat black mental health, working within healthcare, cake disasters, institutional racism, and masks! Varied as always :D Follow Faith: @fejth Link to her mask and clothing store: Follow the pod: @fromhomepod
August 26, 2020
BS Body Standards...From Home (feat. Omolade & Dami)
WE MADE IT TO EP 10 WOOOOOO!!!1 This week I chat to my co-hosts from another pod, Omolade and Dami We talk the body positive movement, "married v single life", toxic aunties, pastors, 6ft men and cults y'know...regular shit lol The documentary Omolade talked about: Netflix Explained: Cults Follow Omolade: @sheisacrown Follow Dami: @prettydamincredible Follow the pod: @fromhomepod Thanks to Yung Kartz for the music
August 19, 2020
Hiding Boyfriends and Break Ups...From Home (feat. I Saw Him First)
This episode I chat to Taiwo - host of I Saw Him First, an amazing sex and relationship podcast and fellow UKC student. Taiwo and I chatted about A LOT: dealing with break up pain in a Nigerian household, dating/not dating during quarantine, not introducing our significant others to our parents, the importance of friendships and virginity - that old regular-degular social construct. Oh and there's more. So, listen to the episode... Follow Taiwo: @isawhimfirstpodcast and listen to her podcast Follow From Home: @fromhomepod Special Thanks to Yung Kartz for the music and Taiwo for letting me use her jingle!
August 12, 2020
The Only Black Person in the Room...From Home (feat. Marilyn)
In this week's episode, I chat to Marilyn - friend, healthcare professional and fellow Black woman. We talk about being the eldest daughter of immigrants (Nigerian - gang gang), being the only Black person in work, uni, the club...I mean the list goes on tbh, and hair (low-key our favourite topic). Follow From Home: @fromhomepod Follow Marilyn: @marilynnio Shoutout to Yung Kartz for the music
August 06, 2020
The Creative Process...From Home (feat. SpaceTU)
I'm back with friend, musician and fellow The Challenge alum (lol if you know, you know), Atu.  We discuss working with your emotions during your creative process, spirituality vs religion, and what happens when you run into a friend on Hinge... Follow Atu on Instagram and check out his music: @spcetu Follow his podcast: @bluetickspodcast Follow From Home: @fromhomepod Special thanks to Yung Kartz for the music
July 29, 2020
#SayHerName...From Home
CW : I do discuss I May Destroy You and sexual assault from 20 mins for about 10 mins Hey it's me! Having a conversation with me!  This week I chat about my favourite Black-owned businesses, Black podcasts and TV shows. I also take a look at some of the latest stories of injustices against Black women, before having an open and honest convo about female pleasure and cunnilingus.  We touch on all the important topics this week... Favourite Podcasts: The Read, The Receipts Podcast, Laid Bare, Thirst Aid Kit, No Country For Young Women, Say Your Mind, Just The Tip, Black Gals Living, Why Won't You Date Me, Best Friends, Dissect, The Nod, Too Rude For Radio Black-owned businesses: Narloa, JOASAccessories, MVHairBoutique, Legendary Rootz, Oyin Handmade, Gangster Wraps, Omolola Jewellery, Purete Nature, Silhouette Stylez, Earthtone Coco #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #JusticeforGrace #FreeGrace #StandWithJennifer #JusticeforSaraya #JusticeforMiracleBoyd Protestors being kidnapped in Portland #JusticeforChrystulKizer Treatment of Haitians in DR Oloni Licking Pussy thread
July 23, 2020
Protest...From Home (feat. Aaron)
In this week's episode, we welcome Aaron to the From Home mic. We discuss the BLM protests in London, the way the education system fails Black people, raising Black Women, fetishisation, being the "Angry Black Person", performative allyship... yo...we chat-ted. Follow the podcast on Instagram: @fromhomepod Special thanks to Yung Kartz for the track
July 15, 2020
Ignoring You in Korean...From Home (feat. Jillian)
This week, I chatted to my friend Jill whose currently working and living in South Korea. We discussed trash individuals (you know who you are), being Black in Korea, communication in friendships and relationships and what lockdown life looks like where she's at. Follow Jill on Instagram: @vesprtheory Follow the pod on Instagram: @fromhomepod Special thanks to Yung Kartz for the music.
July 08, 2020
An Unshaved Leg Flex...From Home (feat. Adeva & Nisha)
In this episode, I chat to two of my friends about sexy octopuses, if 2000s/2010s music is still as good as we once thought, and the snake otherwise known as Facebook. Adeva's Instagram: @diivaa_xo Nisha's Instagram: @halalharami Special thanks to Yung Kartz for the music.
July 01, 2020
Speaking my Language...From Home (feat. Obi)
Trigger Warning: From 47:30 - 1:04:39 we do discuss sexual assault and rape in light of recent discussions on Twitter, the show I May Destroy You and the recent passing of Oluwatoyin Salau (may she rest in power and peace). In this episode I chat with my friend Obi about...everything - allyship, Nigerian-ness and wayward protest signs that fetishise. Therapy resources mentioned: (correction: it's Black, African and Asian Therapy Network) Article on not confusing D&I with BLM: Follow @fromhomepod Follow Obi: @heelobi Music: Seattle by Yung Kartz
June 24, 2020
Me?...From Home
Have you ever thought about the version of "you" you are? Welcome to "...From Home", where we check in on people - and ourselves - for random chats which often turn into in-depth talks. Music: "Seattle" by Yung Kartz, downloaded from the Free Music Archive.
June 17, 2020