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From The Hart - Presented by Orange Kiwi Consulting

From The Hart - Presented by Orange Kiwi Consulting

By Frazier Industries Studios
Welcome to From The Hart a show created and hosted by Ed Hart to share stories that will inspire you. Hart interviews leaders, pastors, actors, athletes, and family business owners and gets them to tell stories that will inspire and touch his listeners. What's in YOUR heart?
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13: AmyK Hutchens | Communicating With Those You Love and Serve, In These Unprecedented Times

From The Hart - Presented by Orange Kiwi Consulting

13: AmyK Hutchens | Communicating With Those You Love and Serve, In These Unprecedented Times

From The Hart - Presented by Orange Kiwi Consulting

62: Blanca Cobb - Body Language Expert | I Hear What You Are Not Saying
Blanca Cobb, M.S. Psy, Body Language Expert & Media Personality How can you spot a liar?   How do you when someone is interested in you? How can you tell when someone is angry, happy, or confused under that mask? How can you learn to interpret unspoken messages even more powerfully and accurately, at times, than what we hear? Blanca Cobb has been a people watcher since she was a little girl. From a distance, she’d watch people to get a sense of who was friendly, trustworthy, and approachable. She learned early on that people try to hide what they feel. But, if you pay close attention to the way they move their bodies and react in situations, they can’t hide their feelings. They unknowingly reveal who they are. This is the power of body language. Silent messages are more credible than spoken words. If you know what to look for and how to respond to body language, then you can connect with anyone. And in business and in life, this is your ticket to happiness, success, and peace. Blanca has appeared with such TV show hosts as Steve Harvey, Dr. Oz, Megyn Kelly, and countless more.   Now you can hear here on today's episode of the From The Hart podcast.   #bodylanguage #nonverbalcommunication #fromtheheart #fromthehart #blancacobb #edhart #csuf #familybusiness #steveharvey
April 15, 2021
61: Serena Poon: Celebrity Chef, Nutritionist, Reiki Master | Nutrition for the Mind, Body and Soul
Celebrity Chef, Certified Nutritionist, and Reiki Master Serena Poon has made it her mission to promote further education around the mindful combination of food, nutrition and healing intuition through her unique Culinary Alchemy® programs. A leading chef, nutritionist and Reiki master to the Hollywood elite, Serena sets herself apart in a saturated industry with her genuine passion for curating intentional healing and wellness programs designed to help people achieve optimal, sustainable health. Integrating energetic techniques with guidance and education on food nutrition, how food affects our bodies on a physiological level, and how it affects the emotional body, Serena’s goal is to optimize and heal the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of her clients. Her motivation for concentrating on intuitive and functional food healing began long before she created contemporary meals, menus and nutritional plans for the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer, Kerry Washington, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, and other high profile clientele.  She lost her Dad when he was just 48 to liver cancer, and she has made complete health in Mind, Body and Spirit one way she honors his legacy.  You can learn more about Serena, and how to reach her, at
April 1, 2021
60: Retired Army Major Gerald Gangaram | From The Streets of New York City to the Skies of Afghanistan
"Gerald’s is a story of incredible challenges met with courage, character, and honor." Senator Bill Brock; 18th United States Secretary of Labor He built his body in high school so he would be strong enough to defend himself in prison, assuming that is where he would end up.  Instead, he went to West Point, later got an MBA from Georgetown, and a Certificate in Leadership from George Washington University. If you clicked here today be inspired and touched, you have come to the right place.   Despite early condemnation that he would not amount to anything more than a gangster, Gerald Gangaram is a retired U.S. Army Major, who many consider a war hero from his combat service during “Operation Enduring Freedom”. Raised by a single mother in a low income area within Queens, New York City, he always strove to improve himself and hardly imagined being the recipient of numerous medals along a career piloting the Apache – an attack helicopter his enemies described as “The Dragon”.  Now retired from the military after 11 years of distinguished active duty service, Gerald enjoys contributing to events where he can provide his unique perspective as a servant leader and plans to continue a life of public service; always forging forward. You can learn more about Gerald by visiting his website at Army Major Gerald Gangaram Commendations: Meritorious Service Medal Air Medal Army Commendation Medal with Valor Army Senior Aviator Badge Combat Action Badge.
March 19, 2021
59: Linda Nguyen and Tam Nguyen | #StopAsianHate - First Person Experiences
Hate crimes against Asians in Orange County, America, and around the world have increased 10 fold in the last two years, with the highest numbers being since the outbreak of Covid-19.  This heartfelt discussion between Linda, Tam and Ed aims to shed light on the ignorance and hatred that is on full display, and the hope is that people will hear this message and TAKE ACTION!   “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke   We must do something now!  Comments are open, and we hope the ignorance of people will not be on full display.  Any hurtful comments will be deleted immediately, so please only leave a comment that is meant to be beneficial. Click here to learn how you can STEP UP and be the change! Nailing It for Health Care Workers - Orange County United Way (
March 12, 2021
58: Christina Pascucci KTLA 5 News | The Humanity of the Story Speaks Volumes
In our interview conducted on International Women's Day, Ed and Christina talked a lot about her role as an influencer in the media, her message to women who might be facing obstacles, real or imaginary, in reaching their goals. What drives this successful, award-winning journalist to bring the news into people's homes each and every day? How does she focus more on the humanity, and less on the brutality, of the news? Why does she fly a small plane, dive with sharks, mentor others, and get opportunities to go to places like India to interview people like the Dalai Lama, and others? Christina Pascucci has traveled to all seven continents to tell the world’s untold stories. From interviewing the world’s spiritual and political leaders, to exposing and prompting change of corrupt policies, Christina’s passion for uncovering the truth transcends borders. The Emmy Award-winning journalist, licensed pilot, Spanish speaker, and humanitarian has worked as a reporter and anchor for KTLA, the #1 news station in Los Angeles, since 2011. In 2020, she was awarded L.A. Press Club's Journalist of the Year. Join us in this wonderful conversation with a human with a massive heart for others, and a love for all people.   You can reach Christina at and on most social media platforms.  
March 8, 2021
57: Jesse Bradley | From Professional Soccer to Pastor - Keeper of the Faith
"I believe good things can come out of the worst and most traumatic situations in life." Jesse Bradley is a former Ivy League Champion soccer goal keeper.  He also played professional soccer, and is now a Pastor at a church in Seattle.   But that is just the beginning of Jesse's story. How can you strengthen your marriage in 30 days?  Ask a guy whose parents divorced when he was just 7! How does a person nearly die from a treatment that is supposed to prevent you from a fatal disease? What do adoption, soccer, and healing have in common? How does a pastor and former professional soccer player use his life experiences to influence others? How do you become a great leader, and significantly influence the culture of your organization? All this, and much more, can be found as you unpack this conversation between Jesse Bradley and Ed Hart on today's From The Hart episode. You can reach Jesse at  You can reach Ed Hart Servant Leadership From The Heart From The Hart Finding Faith Healing Adoption Leadership
March 2, 2021
56: Michael Reddington, Certified Forensic Interviewer | Disciplined Listening
Michael Reddington, CFI is an expert at moving people from resistance to commitment. As a Certified Forensic Interviewer, he achieved the highest professional designation available in the field of interview and interrogation and spent over a decade training investigators around the world on the successful application of non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques. Michael arrived at two key realizations while expanding his observation and persuasive skill sets. First, the very best leaders and the very best interrogators capitalize on the same two core skills - vision and influence. Second, the cognitive processes that lead customers to commit to saying "I'll buy it", employees to commit to saying "I'll do it" and suspects to commit to truthfully saying "I did it" are all nearly identical. These realizations caused Michael to recognize he could teach executives how to reduce missed opportunities and increase commitments to action. As a result, he developed the Disciplined Listening Method, transitioned to serving as an executive resource and founded InQuasive, Inc. You can reach Michael at - Disciplined Listening (
February 19, 2021
55: Catalina Villegas | Passionately Sharing Stories That Move People
Catalina Villegas is an anchor and reporter for Spectrum News 1 in Los Angeles. She anchors Your Weekend, a one-hour news show Saturdays at 5 p.m. This veteran journalist is known for her passion and extensive experience in every area of the newsroom from anchoring to producing to reporting. Catalina has a passion for bringing stories of underserved communities, families, businesses and individuals to light so that they can feel honored and more respected.  She has a heart for service, volunteering, and mentoring.  She has interviewed such people as NFL Hall of Famer Jerry rice, and iconic comedian/actor George Lopez, among others.   She moved to the USA from Colombia when she was just 9 years old, and began her career as a journalist while in college at UC Berkeley. She has a unique ability to connect with English and Spanish speaking audiences, and loves the opportunities to serve others that her career brings.  Catalina is a breath of fresh air, and you will enjoy this conversation.  She can be reached on all social media platforms at @catalinaoffcl, and you can see many of her stories at Catalina Villegas — Anchor/Multimedia Journalist (
February 8, 2021
54: Susan Kenny, CASA OC | We are All Just Walking Each Other Home
Susan Kenny has a heart for serving.  For the past 18 years, she has worked in a handful of nonprofit organizations in Southern California, and currently is the Chief Advancement Officer for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Orange County.  CASA works with foster kids who are needing an advocate to help them get through the rough times in their lives.  Many of these children have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Susan and the CASA team are working daily to dramatically increase the likelihood that these kids will enter adulthood with a chance to succeed and break the cycle that put them in the foster system to begin with.   Susan is warm, funny, engaging, and committed to making the world a much kinder place.   Enjoy this conversation from Susan's heart.   To learn more about how to give to CASA OC, you can contact Susan directly at  To learn more about CASA Orange County by visiting CASA OC
February 5, 2021
53: Dave DesRochers | Is Your Life Driven by Agenda or by Purpose?
As a former NFL lineman, DesRochers has faced many big challenges in his life.  From being told as a high schooler that he was no good at football, to being benched during a college football game because he was getting outplayed by his opponent, Dave used these challenges and setbacks to propel himself into success, on and off the playing field.   He says "when I approach a meeting or relationship with an agenda, it is all about meeting my own needs.  When I approach these with purpose, it becomes about the other person, and the end result usually turns into a win for everyone."   Dave is a man with a purpose, in everything he does.  He uses his life experiences, good and bad, to teach and inspire others, and to help them discover how to match their talents with their purpose and their desire.  You can learn more about Dave and his business on his LinkedIn profile here:  (2) Dave DesRochers | LinkedIn  For more about PATH 2, visit Home - PATH2 - Online Career Discovery Program and use the discount code HART50 to save $50 off of your PATH2 program!  Watch this video to learn more PATH2 Online Career Discovery Program – Overview on Vimeo
February 3, 2021
52: Jack Hart - Wisdom from His 94 Years About God, Family, Career, Relationships...and Bogie
The main reason the From The Hart podcast exists is to teach, motivate, and inspire people to be become their best self.  Our guests have tremendous stories of hope, redemption, love, impact, and legacy.  Jack Hart has not only been a great role model for the people in his professional life, in his Church, and his community, but most importantly in his family.   As the youngest of Jack and Elaine Hart's 5 kids, I have been led and mentored by one of the best!  In this episode, he talks about his near 70 year marriage to my Mom, his 40 year career in one company, his faith, his love of sports, his "man's best friend" Bogie, and so much more.   You will gain nuggets of wisdom that will guide you in your daily life.  You can reach Jack at  We are originally airing this episode on his 94th birthday.  
January 28, 2021
51: Fred Claire, Charlie Hough and Pete Arbogast Pay Tribute to Tommy Lasorda, Don Sutton, and Hank Aaron
Join From The Hart Podcast host Ed Hart, as he sat down on January 22, 2021 with former Dodgers General Manager Fred Claire, former Dodger knuckleballer, and 25 year big league veteran Charlie Hough, and former Dodger PA announcer, and current voice of USC Trojans football, Pete Arbogast, as they paid tribute to the lives of the legendary Tommy Lasorda, the greatest Dodger pitcher in history statistically, Don Sutton, and the home run king, Hammerin' Hank Aaron.  What a special conversation with these three great men, about three legends of some Vin Scully stories.  You don't want to miss this one!
January 23, 2021
50: Tillys Life Center | Empowering Teens with a Positive Mindset
January 13, 2021
49: Dann Van Der Vliet, Cornell University | Inspiring Family Business Leaders of Today and Tomorrow
Dann Van Der Vliet is Executive Director of the Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell University.  The Smith Family Business Initiative provides education, networking and research for family business owners, successors and students from across the globe. Previously, as Director of the Family Business Initiative at the University of Vermont (UVM) for 12 years, Dann helped to grow a respected program that included numerous peer groups, statewide business forums and was co-founder of the Family Enterprise Case Competition, the only global competition devoted to family business. He received his B.S. in Natural Resources and his M.Ed., both from the University of Vermont.  Dann can be reached by going to Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell | Cornell Johnson
January 7, 2021
48: Gratitude During Our Most Difficult Year - From The Hearts of My 2020 Guests
2020 has been recognized by some as the year of our highest highs and our lowest lows.  In our family alone, within 48 hours we had a sudden death of a family member, and then we bought a house.  We personally experienced this past year in just about every way imaginable.  Since we launched the podcast in January 2020, we have seen it all.  Sit back and hear excerpts of dozens of our guests as they tell you what has been in their hearts during this unprecedented year that we just completed.   We hope you are inspired, and hope you will tune in to future episodes in 2021, and beyond!
January 2, 2021
47: Kara Goldin | Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts & Doubters
Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., best known for its award-winning Hint® water, the leading unsweetened flavored water, and the author of Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters.  She is an active speaker & writer and hosts the podcast The Kara Goldin Show where she interviews founders, entrepreneurs and other disruptors across various industries. She lives in the Bay Area.  Follow Kara on all social handles @KaraGoldin You can find Kara's best-selling book, "Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts & Doubters here
December 9, 2020
46: Early Jackson | Chief Empowerment Officer and Hope Dealer - Inspiring a World in Times of Desperate Need
Early Jackson's young life was a riches to rags story.  After having a comfortable life being raised by his parents, his Dad left, and his family moved into the projects.  Finding himself being raised by a single Mom, and then losing her when he was just 19, it would be easy to understand if he turned the losses in his life into reasons to be angry, destructive, and bitter.  Instead, from the lessons he learned from his Mom over Egg McMuffins at McDonalds growing up, he has made it his life mission to inspire and empower others, and to leave a legacy that is felt well beyond his years here on Earth.   Early and I met in 2016 when he coached me through our inaugural Black Business Leaders Hall of Fame event in Los Angeles.   He inspired me then, just as he does today, to be a better husband, father, man, and leader, and I believe his story will inspire you, as well.  We dove headfirst into social injustices, racial tensions, division and diversity, and other topics that are ripping our country apart.  His vision is of hope, inspiration, and empowerment, and he guides us through the process of accepting and embracing diversity and transition.  You do not want to miss a moment of this conversation.  Enjoy my dear friend, Early Jackson Jr.   You can also hear his inspiring 2014 Ted Talk here.
November 16, 2020
45: Judd Wallenbrock | A Lifetime Living His Passion Making Wine
Judd is a seasoned veteran of the wine business and has the scars to prove it. Yet after 40 years in the business, his excitement for the industry couldn’t be stronger, his love for wine more intense, nor his commitment to experience marketing more passionate. Judd cut his teeth in the 80’s learning the ropes as a wine retailer, restaurateur, broker, and wine educator for nine years. After a break to earn his MBA, he spent four years at Nestle, forging a marketing discipline in consumer packaged goods, and a very acute desire to bring that discipline back into the wine industry. He has served as a Vice President for Robert Mondavi, COO of De Loach Vineyards, President of Michel-Schlumberger Estate, President, CEO and Managing Partner of The Good Life Wine Collective (Jessup Cellars and Handwritten Wines), has experienced the thrill of the entrepreneurial world as proprietor of his own winery, Humanitas, and is now President and CEO of C. Mondavi & Family, home to Charles Krug, CK Mondavi and Purple Heart.  To learn more about Judd and Charles Krug Winery, visit 
November 5, 2020
44: ILA Borders | Empowering, Inspiring, and Transforming Lives - First Female Professional Baseball Player
ILA Borders started playing baseball at the age of 10.  She went through all the ranks from Little League, 4 years on boy's Varsity High School Baseball, 4 years on men's collegiate baseball (becoming the first woman to get a win on a men's collegiate team in NAIA and NCAA. and to receive a scholarship to play), 4 years of men's professional baseball in the American Association (became the first woman to win a men's professional baseball game). Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. After retiring from baseball, she started to coach kids, high school and collegiate athletes baseball skills and became a firefighter/paramedic. She has been in the firefighting world for 15 years.  She recently wrote a book called "Making My Pitch" with co-author Jean Ardell and started up a non-profit called, “Fire Up Bootcamp”. Ultimately they are looking to inspire, empower and transform lives by providing opportunities for growth. To learn more about Ila and her journey, you can contact her on her LinkedIn page at
November 1, 2020
43: Jane Olvera | Creating Wins and Cultivating Relationships - From Miss California to Successful Business Leader and Mentor
At  15, Jane Olvera was told by her high school guidance counselor that her dream of owning her own business in 10 years "was not possible" because she was female, she was Latina, and she would need many more years to eventually have her own business.  His biases and discouragement were exactly what it took to motivate her to not only reach that goal, but to now be a successful and award-winning business owner and leader.   In 1993, she was crowned Miss California USA, and was driven by a tough Director who also played a key role in the inspiration Jane needed to succeed.  Part of her message on this podcast is to have gratitude for those who challenge us, or tell us something can't be done.  For Jane, it has motivated her to succeed and to lead her organization.   Visit to learn more about how Jane and her team can help you be more successful and to stand out from the crowd!
October 25, 2020
42: Fred Claire | A Member of Two World Championship Teams, the 1988 Los Angele Dodgers and The City of Hope Team
Fred Claire served 30 years as an executive with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was the team’s Executive Vice President and General Manager from 1987 until 1998. During his tenure, Claire earned a reputation for his integrity and for his fighting spirit that built what ultimately led to the team's last World Series championship in 1988. His drive and determination in the face of opposition and doubt from all sides became a defining trait not just of his time with the Dodgers, but of who he is as an individual. In the spring of 2015, Fred would again tap into his fighting spirit after being diagnosed with skin cancer that later migrated to his jaw. Again, the odds were against his survival, but Fred was determined. This time, he found his championship team at City of Hope National Medical center in Duarte, California. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, frontline research, and staffed by top oncologists, City of Hope was the perfect home base for Claire's treatment. Extra Innings highlights how both the landmark career of Fred Claire and the remarkable rise of City of Hope exhibit mutual endurance and give promise to those facing cancer diagnoses.   To support City of Hope visit 
October 20, 2020
41: Heather Falcone | Leadership Through Service and Giving a Voice to All
Heather Falcone is the Chief Executive Officer for family-owned Thermal-Vac Technology.  Heather’s passion lies in breaking things. Whether it's revenue goals, glass ceilings, or tired rhetoric, her 17-year track record in one of the world’s most exacting industries shows a dedication to destroying the status quo.  As an Ironman triathlete, alpine hiker, wife, and mother, Heather seeks to promote growth and opportunity outside of people’s comfort zones with an invitation to be “Green and Growing”, to reject mediocrity, and embrace their unique talents to create meaningful and lasting legacy impact.
October 19, 2020
40: Caroline Wiederkehr | Part 1 of Our Coping with Covid in College Conversations - When They Tell You It Can't be Done
Caroline Wiederkehr is a senior at California State University Fullerton in Southern California.  She is graduating in December, and was one of millions of students around the globe who woke up one March morning in a world with in-person classes, and woke up the next with all of her classes online!  How she shifted, adjusted, and what she has learned about herself, her surroundings, her relationships, and society will inspire, educate, and move you.   Her insight and wisdom far exceed her young age of 22, and her advice for leaders, professors, and others is profound.  What do you do when someone tells you "it can't be done"?  Hear her response.   Join us for this first of many "Coping with Covid in College" conversations.  Presented by Orange Kiwi Consulting.  Visit 
October 18, 2020
39: Bea Boccalandro | Do Good At Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Well-Being
Bea Boccalandro is author of "Do Good At Work," a delightful manual for making work meaningful for anyone in any job. She also helps companies, managers and individuals make a positive social impact from everyday work. Job purposing, as this practice is called, increases employee engagement, performance and wellbeing, and makes meaningful contributions to societal causes. Her clients include Aetna, Caesars Entertainment, FedEx, IBM, PwC, Toyota and Western Digital. To stay sane, Bea snowboards while in Park City, Utah; surfs (if such term can be applied to flopping off the board) in Southern California; and draws cartoonish portraits of colleagues in meetings.  Bea can be reached, and you can purchase her book at  
October 15, 2020
38: Ryan Gottfredson | Success Mindsets in Life, Work and Leadership - What Makes a Great Leader?
Our mindsets fuel our thinking, learning, and behavior. Yet, for most people, our mindsets are something we are not aware of. Did you know that there are four primary mindsets that fuel our success?  Ryan is a leadership professor (Cal State Fullerton) and consultant, and helps (1) individuals awaken to and improve their mindsets to enhance their effectiveness and success, and (2) organizations improve their leadership/employee development and their cultures to become more agile and future-ready.  You can his FREE personal mindset assessment:  He is also the author of a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling book: Success Mindsets, click here:  Join Ryan and Ed, and guest host Charles Antis on this deep exploration into what makes great leaders great!  
October 12, 2020
37: David Carter | The Impact of 2020 on the Future of the Business of Sports
David M. Carter founded the Sports Business Group in 1999 following more than ten years of consulting for the sports and entertainment industries. As a sports business consultant specializing in strategic marketing, Mr. Carter has consulted for corporations, sports organizations, sports and entertainment venues, law firms, municipalities, and individual athletes. He is also an associate professor of sports business at the USC Marshall School of Business, having served on the faculty since 1994. Further, Mr. Carter has also authored four books about the sports business industry and serves on multiple sports business-related boards as either an advisor or director. Additionally, he regularly provides sports-business commentary to both domestic and international media outlets.  Tune in and hear Mr. Carter's opinion ad expertise on the impact of 2020 on the sports industry, learn about his new venture with Altius Sports Partners, and daydream as he shares his amazing 25 year sports bucket list!   You can contact David Carter at and learn more about Altius Sports Partners at
October 6, 2020
36: Charlie Hough | 25 Years in Major League Baseball - A Life of Influence and Gratitude
Charlie Hough was drafted out of high school by the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He never would have made it to the leagues without the influence of many mentors, including Tommy Lasorda.  He learned to throw a knuckleball when he was in the minor leagues and was suffering from a sore shoulder.  Thanks to learning that pitch, he played 25 years in Major League Baseball, pitched in three World Series, and was an All- Star.  He played for managers like Walter Alston, Lasorda, Del Crandall, and Duke Snider, and pitched to Hall of Famers like Reggie Jackson, George Brett, Kirby Puckett, and many others.  Not a day has gone by in the last 50 years when Charlie Hough hasn't felt grateful for the life that he is living...whether pitching into his 40's, or coaching and teaching into his 70's, Charlie knows how blessed he is to have the life he has.  Married to his childhood sweetheart Sharon since 1969, Charlie lives his life with passion, gratitude, and a choice each day to be happy.   He is a living lesson for all of us.   To learn more about Charlie Hough, visit
September 28, 2020
35: Stephanie Stuckey | It's My Name on Those Billboards - The Legacy of Rebuilding an Iconic American Brand
Stephanie Stuckey is the CEO of Stuckey's Corporation, whish was founded by her grandpa in 1937.  This roadside oasis became a household name for travelers across America, but has dropped from 370 stores in their peak, to around 20 today.  Stephanie is leading the rebirth and rebrand of this American icon.   A career lawyer and public servant, Stuckey served for 14 years in the Georgia House of Representatives.  In late 2019, Stuckey became the third-generation CEO of Stuckey's Corporation. Stuckey stated her optimism and personal connection to the Stuckey brand. In addition to modest store growth, she shared how pecans (pronounced PEE-cans, by the way!) and supporting the vision of the "great American road trip".  To learn more about this dynamic and energetic leader, you can find Stephanie on social media at and visit their website at   Enter the Discount code HART to receive 5% off of any purchase!
September 21, 2020
34: Alden Mills | Life and Leadership Lessons from A Navy Seal and American Hero
Alden Mills is a high-energy, humble, and charismatic leader with a track record of superior performance.  As an Olympic Festival rower, he went on to become a standout at the US Naval Academy, then a Navy SEAL platoon commander (three times), then an entrepreneur. He founded and grew Perfect Fitness from zero to $63m in sales, becoming the fastest growing consumer company in America.  He has created over 40 patents in the consumer sector. Thanks to his time in the military, then in business, Alden has accrued over 25 years of experience working on high-performance leadership, company strategy, growth, and team-building.  His experience and vibrant storytelling skills makes him a sought-after speaker around the world. Alden is the acclaimed author of BE UNSTOPPABLE: The Eight Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything and the pending book, UNSTOPPABLE TEAMS: The Four Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership (HarperCollins, March 2019).  For more information, or to contact Alden, visit
September 19, 2020
33: Dr. Lola Gershfeld | Maintaining Emotional Connection During This Time of Isolation
We are living in times of heightened emotion.  Unlike any time in our lives, the next day is as unpredictable as ever before.  Companies are closing, jobs have been lost, schools are still closed in most places, and families are still trying to figure out how to balance their new work/family/school/personal lives.  Dr. Lola Gershfeld and I had a wonderful conversation about how to keep our emotions, and those of our loved ones and those over whom we have stewardship, under control and how to effectively communicate with one another.   You will gain tremendous tools and insight as you listen to her advice and wisdom.  Visit to learn more!
September 17, 2020
32: California Love Drop | Jennifer Annes, Charles Antis and Wing Lam - Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Us
What happens when you bring great corporate partners together, with the passion, drive and heart of people like Jennifer Annes, Charles Antis, Wing Lam and more?  You make an indelible impact on the lives of thousands of people in your community.  Whether it is feeding frontline care givers and workers, hosting blood drives that literally save lives, feeding those less fortunate, caring for those directly impacted by Covd-19, or simply offering a virtual hug or a literal smile, this team of servant leaders is forever blessing the lives of everyone around them, and leaving a legacy that will inspire us for generations to come.  We hope this episode inspires you, like it did us, to give just a little more of your heart to those around you.   To support this team, and their efforts, we encourage you to visit today!
September 15, 2020
31: Sarah Dandashy | Your Concierge to the World - During and Post-Pandemic
Sarah Dandashy is an award-winning concierge and travel expert. In 2015 she won "Best Young Concierge in the World," making her the Miss Universe equivalent of the concierge industry! More than a travel influencer, her many years of working in hotels make her a verified travel expert. People seek her out for her travel tips, advice, and knowledge of trends from the “frontlines of travel.” She has produced over 200 travel videos covering all the best there is to eat, see, and do in Los Angeles and around the world! Sarah has appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and is a regular contributor on Good Day LA. She has been featured in numerous publications from the New York Times, Reader's Digest, and American Way Magazine. As a content creator, she works with some of the top brands in travel, including Marriott International, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruiseline, and Allianz Travel Insurance. She also consults and trains various companies on enhancing their hospitality and service standards.  For more information about Sarah, or to reach her, visit.
August 10, 2020
30: Ben Malcolmson | Walk On - Pete Carroll's Assistant and God's Ambassador
Ben Malcolmson is in his 14th season as the right-hand man to Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. The journey began after Ben played one storybook season as a walk-on wide receiver on the USC Trojans football team. Following his brief yet memorable football career, Ben worked for Coach Carroll at USC for three seasons before joining him in Seattle, where he has served Carroll and the Seahawks for the last 11 seasons. In 2018, Ben released “Walk On,” an inspirational memoir published by Penguin Random House. A highly sought-after speaker, Ben shares his amazing story to businesses, churches, and other groups looking to be encouraged to live with purpose. A native of Dallas, Ben is married to Brittney, a pastor who oversees the college ministry at Reach Church in Kirkland, Washington.  You can order Ben's book "Walk On" on Amazon, and learn more about him and his inspiring story at
July 29, 2020
29: CSUF President Fram Virjee | Leading One of America's Largest Universities From The Heart
A first-generation college student, the product of public schools, and an immigrant who arrived in the United States at the age of five on the deck of the Queen Mary, Framroze “Fram” Virjee is both the personification of Cal State Fullerton’s inclusive, equitable mission and the inspiration for others to tap into its transformational power. As president of CSUF, the most populated university in the largest system of higher education in the country, Fram provides leadership for over 4,000 educators who collectively serve more than 40,000 students. It was the potential of these students — and all students who look to Cal State Fullerton as a beacon of hope and opportunity — that compelled Fram to bypass retirement and join the Titan family in January of 2018.  To learn more about President Virjee, and California State University Fullerton, visit
July 20, 2020
28: Scott Warner | Driven by Faith, Passion, and Trust
Scott Warner is a serial entrepreneur. His portfolio of success covers everything from tech start-ups to restaurants, from online blogging to film. He has a visceral passion for building companies that are innovative, profitable, and viral. Scott is a natural leader who exudes confidence and energy. He has personally consulted hundreds of businesses and influencers on brand building and better utilizing the social media landscape. From restaurants to health care products to savvy tech, Scott has always had an interest in discovering and building startups that have true potential and uses his abilities to take these platforms to the next level. Currently as founder and CEO of Gigg, Scott is focused on helping businesses provide stronger ways to align with target audiences using quality content, strategic campaigns, and result driven social media initiatives.  Scott is a devout Mormon, and dedicated husband and father of 4, and his passions for faith, family, music, sports, and leadership are clearly evident in this conversation.  Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottWarner18 and learn about Gigg at
July 13, 2020
27: Heather Monahan | Leap Frogging Your Villains and Creating Confidence
Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Boss In Heels. Having successfully climbed the corporate ladder for nearly 20 years, Heather is one of the few women to break the glass ceiling and claim her spot in the C-suite. Heather is a Glass Ceiling Award winner, was named one of the most Influential Women in Radio in 2017, and Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018.  Her new "Confidence Creator" shot to #1 on Amazon's Business Biographies and Business Motivation lists the first week it debuted on Amazon.  Heather is a confidence expert and is currently working with Fortune 500 companies and professional sports to develop confidence in the workplace and on the court. She is a mentor and coach, and teaches people how to succeed and build their confidence. To contact Heather, visit  
June 24, 2020
26: James Fratzke | Teaching People to Fish
James Fratzke, a Cal State Fullerton graduate, along with his twin brother Ryan (and James' wife Lisa), run Fratzke Media, an Orange County, CA- based digital marketing consultancy. His passion for storytelling comes from years with the Walt Disney Company where his team executed record-breaking media events. He has helped tell the stories of major brands like Dollar Tree, Advance Auto Parts, and Jelly Belly.  Working as the Head of Client Success for Fratzke Media, a family-owned business, James works closely with his clients to ensure they are seeing transformative results in their companies.  To learn more about James, and Fratzke Media, visit  
June 15, 2020
25: Dr. Allie Taylor | What Every Family Business Needs to Know
Dr. Allie Taylor of Orange Kiwi LLC makes a huge impact on the lives and businesses of family business leaders all over the world.  Her approach to her clients is unique and powerful, and the results these family business leaders see is astounding.  Her approach to getting her clients to really dive into the details about their money, their ownership, and their management, leads these business owners on a journey to making a greater impact now, and into the generations to come.  Everyone who owns a business, leads people, or is looking to pass their business to the next generation should listen to this podcast over and over.  The wisdom in her words will make a lasting impact that will change the course of your business.   Visit to learn how to engage Allie and her team.  
June 11, 2020
24: Kate Inglis | A Difficult and Illuminating Evening
·Kate Inglis is a Halifax, Nova Scotia native.  She is an award winning writer, a brand strategist, a photographer and an old soul.  In 2007, with life cruising along nicely - no major trials to speak of, no significant hardships, her world came crashing down.  She gave birth to twin boys prematurely, at 28 weeks into the pregnancy.  Ben and Liam, identical twins, each weighed under 3 pounds.  After 2 months, Liam died, sending Kate into a journey unlike any she had ever faced.  She has inspired millions with her books, a Ted Talk, and her attitude about her loss.  She formed Glow in the Woods, the world's first online community for bereaved parents, and continues to write novels and children's books, and her approach to grief and life and death is refreshing and thought-provoking.  This interview with Kate will provide comfort, and warm your heart..  Parallelism is a word that you will now use in your vocabulary after you listen to our discussion.  You can learn more about this amazing woman at  
June 6, 2020
23: Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks | A Passion for Health, Hard Work, People and Family Business
In 1967, Van Vlahakis, who grew up during the pre-WWII era in Nazi Germany, started the ECOS brand with an eco-friendly laundry detergent.  Now, over 50 years later, Van's daughter Kelly has turned the ECOS brand, and its manufacturer Earth Friendly Products in to a worldwide household name.  When Kelly talks about family and family business, she lights up.  Her passion for creating a more healthy world for the next generation, for her family, and for her legacy come out in waves on this interview.  You can see all of the ECOS products at,  You can also view the trailer for the 2012 feature film, "A Green Story", here:   This is an amazing film about Van, Kelly, their family, and their inspiring story.  
May 29, 2020
22: Deanne Mendoza | Creating a World in Which Children Love to Learn
Deanne Mendoza runs Huntington Beach, CA based Teacher Created Materials with her Mom Rachelle and sister Corinne.  These three dynamic women are strong businesswomen, great leaders, and compassionate educators , and TCM has been providing materials for teachers and families for decades.  Deanne has learned through her experiences the value of hard work, honesty, and loyalty.  She is driven and focused on being a great Mom, a great leader, and a mentor and role model to those around her.  She is the type of boss we all should have...fair, consistent, forgiving, and honest.  I sat down with Deanne at the end of the 10th week of the Covid-19 lock down, and heard her thoughts on how to lead and teach in these difficult times.  To reach Deanne and Teacher Created Materials, visit 
May 22, 2020
21 | Susan Parks - Orange County United Way: A True Leader in Good Times and in Crisis
Sue Parks was a successful leader in corporate America when she was asked to serve on a variety of non-profit boards.  The Rockford, Illinois native comes from a family and culture of high integrity, values, and close relationships.  To this day, she still stays in regular contact with her closest friends from childhood, even though most are separated by thousands of miles.  She is a great connector, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in building and maintaining close relationships.  In her work as President and CEO of the United Way of Orange County, Sue is a leader and influencer for good, and truly has a heart for service.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, she is leading the charge to keep people safe, housed, educated, and healthy.  For information on how to get involved with Sue and the Orange County United Way, visit  
May 13, 2020
20: Jenny Dinnen and Katie Rucker | The Power of True Partnership
Jenny Dinnen and Katie Rucker are twin sisters who run a successful data analytics and market research firm in Orange County, CA.  They grew up watching their parents each run their own businesses, but never had aspirations of working in either company.  As kids, they had a lot of differences, and even went to different high schools.  As they approached college age, they both chose to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder, and for the past decade have become so close that they are now co-Presidents of MacKenzie Corporation.  They work well together, and have become so close that, in 2019, they were selected into the Family Business Hall of Fame at Cal State Fullerton.  To learn more about their family business, their journey, and their team, visit
May 1, 2020
19: Meridith Elliott Powell | After the Pandemic - An Economy of Evolution and Growth
Meridith Elliott Powell is a nationally renowned author, speaker, and business growth expert.  She lights up any room she enters, and her high energy style, combined with her wisdom in building great strategies, has her in high demand year round.  Join us for an in-depth conversation about how our world will look as we transition into a new economy as we come out of this pandemic.   This is a great hour of nuggets.  You just might want to take notes!  To reach Meridith, and learn more about her engagements, books, and articles, visit
April 24, 2020
18 SPECIAL EDITION - Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge - April 22, 2020
As part of our partnership with Hart Leadership Group, and the CSUF Center for Family Business, Dr. Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager, Servant Leadership in Action, and about 60 other books!) and Garry Ridge (CEO and Chairman of WD-40), both guests in season 1 on From The Hart, joined Ed Hart and about 60 leaders from family businesses around the country to discuss Servant Leadership in Unprecedented Times.  For more information about the Center for Family Business, visit
April 22, 2020
17: Lynsi Snyder | The Key Ingredients to In-N-Out Burger's Success? Love and Family.
Lynsi Snyder has been working with In-N-Out Burger, one of the most respected and admired brands in America, since 1999.  After the loss of her grandparents, her uncle, and her parents, Snyder found herself leading the family business in her late 20's.  She has had many challenges in her life, including addiction, and failed relationships.  Today, she takes the lessons she has learned from her life and uses them to show grace and empathy not only to herself, but to everyone around her.  She is passionate about the In-N-Out brand, but even more so about the people of In-N-Out.  Her love and commitment to God and her family, drive her in all she does.  She is a wife, a mother, a President, a leader of three non-profits, and balances these roles with dignity and a great sense of humor.  To learn more about In-N-Out Burger, its history, the foundations they lead, and more, visit 
April 22, 2020
16: Tam Nguyen & Christie Nguyen | Nailing it for Health Care Workers
Dr. Tam Nguyen has been the President of Advance Beauty College since 1999, where he and his sister Linh have partnered to become a leading family business in the region.   Christie Nguyen, together with her parents, founded Studio 18 Nail Bar in Tustin, California, in 2017.  For both, business was booming, and expansion was just weeks away for Tam, and in discussions for Christie.  Then, as for all of us, the Covid-19 pandemic drastically changed their plans.  Being the kind-hearted leaders that they are, Tam and Christie (and several others) teamed up to form Nailing It for Healthcare Workers, an initiative that is gathering donations for Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs), food, and more to take care of those working to save lives in this crisis.  To donate, either call the From The Hart studios at 714-458-3064, or go to
April 20, 2020
15: Manna Kadar | It's All Cosmetic -The Birth and Growth of a Worldwide Brand
Hailing from what is arguably the most fashionable city in the world, beauty guru Manna Kadar was born in Paris, France. Surrounded by the very best that fashion and beauty has to offer, Manna developed a passion at a very young age for not only the finest beauty products on earth, but for the business behind the most cutting-edge brands.   Manna's commitment to women doesn’t stop with providing them with the tools to look their best. Her true passion is empowering women to chase their dreams and achieve their goals. She is a successful businesswoman, philanthropist, wife and mom, and has battled through tremendous obstacles to build a successful company that serves women and men around the world.  To learn more about Manna and her company, visit
April 19, 2020
14: Andrea Hamilton Binley | Perseverance, Faith and Gratitude - A Songwriter's Journey Through Sickness and Health
Andrea Hamilton didn't grow up in a musical home, but her love for music, especially songwriting, was recognized when she was 16 years old and was honored by Gospel Music Association as one of the nations top young songwriters.  As a young adult, she moved from Nashville to Los Angeles to launch her music career.  After touring in Asia and other parts of the world, she developed a debilitating illness that kept her alone, sick, and away from the people, and career, she loved.  She used that time to get close to God, and eventually has gone on to a successful pop music career, all while serving as worship leader at a Southern California mega church.  To learn more about Andrea, and her incredible journey, and to listen to her music, visit 
April 17, 2020
13: AmyK Hutchens | Communicating With Those You Love and Serve, In These Unprecedented Times
Good communication has always been the core to loving and trusting relationships.  Now, more than ever, we need to choose how we communicate - with children, employees, customers, spouses, and everyone around us.  We are all in uncharted waters, and how we talk with others makes all the difference.  Whether you want more intimacy & connection in your marriage, or a promotion and a raise at work, or you want to say no without feeling guilty, or you want to stop a difficult person in their tracks, AmyK knows how to help you.  GET IT is a proven, easy to follow book, filled with conversation tips and Magical Phrases so you can get exactly what it is you want.  To reach AmyK, and see all the wonderful things she does, visit
April 15, 2020
12: Dr. Katherine Bihr | Method - Mindset - Mastery: The Core Values of the Tiger Woods Foundation
Tiger Woods is not only arguably the greatest golfer to ever tee it up, but he is also a tremendous philanthropist and educator.  In 1996, he created the Tiger Woods Foundation, now known as TGR Foundation, and in 2006 opened his flagship TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California.  Dr. Katherine Bihr has been with TGR Foundation since 2004, and has watched the STEM-focused after school program blossom into one of the leading educational non-profits in the country.  Join us for a closer look at Kathy's career, and the work she does with TGR Foundation.  For more info on TGR Foundation, visit
April 13, 2020
11: Tim Mead | Hall of Fame President, Hall of Fame Man
Tim Mead's first job in professional sports was with the Los Angeles Angels in Major League Baseball.  39 years after starting with the Angels, he started his second job in professional sports, as the President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York.  Tim has seen just about everything in his career, from the lows of comforting the families of players who died suddenly, to the high of winning a World Series in 2002.  He has been honored as a National Father of the Year, and is widely regarded as the nicest man in sports.  Listen as Tim shares stories from his illustrious career, and about what it is like to work with some of the game's best of all time.  You can visit the baseball Hall of Fame at
April 9, 2020
10: Pastor Josh Crain | A Calming Leader in a Season of Uncertainty
In August of 2018, Inland Hills Church (IHC) in Chino, California, lost their Lead Pastor to mental illness, which eventually led to him dying by suicide.  Just a couple of years prior to that, his father, the founding Pastor of IHC, lost his lengthy battle with leukemia.  In September 2019, Pastor Josh Crain and his family packed up and left their home in Pennsylvania to take over leadership of IHC.  After just a few short months, Pastor Josh finds himself in the thick of leading the IHC family in their grief journey once again, this time due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic that is unprecedented.  To learn more about Pastor Josh and IHC, visit 
April 5, 2020
9: Steve Carroll | Faith, perseverance, and gratitude
Radio Play-by-Play voice of the NHL's Anaheim Ducks, for the past 21 seasons. Steve Carroll has been working as a professional sports play-by-play man for 46 years, and for the past 21 seasons he has been the voice of the Anaheim Ducks.  He wormed his way up from covering low minor league hockey and baseball, and college basketball to his dream job in major sports.  His life has been full of trials and challenges, but his faith, perseverance and gratitude have pushed to where he is today. I hope you will enjoy my conversation with my good friend, Steve Carroll.
March 30, 2020
8: Edgar Sotelo | The power of being yourself, serving others, and knowing your why
Watch this episode: Welcome back to the From The Hart podcast! The goal of this show is to share stories and insight from real people that inspire and uplift us all.  In this episode, Ed talks with radio host and entrepreneur Edgar Sotelo. Edgar has hosted morning radio programs across the country and he talks about the power of being yourself, serving others, and knowing your why. Sit back and get ready to be inspired!
February 17, 2020
7: Charles Antis | Missions, families, and making a difference
Watch the show: Welcome back to the From The Hart podcast! The goal of this show is to share stories and insight from real people that inspire and uplift us all.  In this episode, Ed talks with founder of Antis Roofing, Charles Antis.  Charles has a unique ability to bring positivity and perspective anywhere he goes.  He shares how he went from the mission field to serving families through his business and making a difference every day. Sit back and get ready to be inspired!
February 10, 2020
6: Wing Lam | Action, tacos, and family business
Watch the show: Welcome back to the From The Hart podcast! The goal of this show is to share stories and insight from real people that inspire and uplift us all.  In this episode, Ed talks with co-founder of Wahoo's Fish Taco Wing Lam.  Wing and his brothers have a great story and we can't wait to share it with you. Sit back and get ready to be inspired!
February 3, 2020
5: Denise Brown | Speak up and be bold
Watch the episode: Connect with Denise: Welcome back to the From The Hart podcast! The goal of this show is to share stories and insight from real people that inspire and uplift us all.  In this episode, Ed talks with speaker and advocate Denise Brown.  Denise and her family were thrust into the limelight during the trial of the century in the late 90's. Since then she has been speaking about and advocating for domestic violence across the country and all over the world.  Denise has a great story and we can't wait to share it with you. Sit back and get ready to be inspired!
January 27, 2020
4: Greg Grunberg | Focus, hustle, and relationships
Watch the episode: Connect with Greg:   Welcome back to the From The Hart podcast! The goal of this show is to share stories and insight from real people that inspire and uplift us all.  In this episode, Ed and Todd talks with actor, producer, writer and musician Greg Grunberg. They talk about his experiences in movies, tv shows, playing in a band, and his family.  Greg has a fantastic story and we can't wait to share it with you. Sit back and get ready to be inspired!
January 20, 2020
3: Garry Ridge | It's all about people and a dog named Max
Watch the episode: Welcome back to the From The Hart podcast! The goal of this show is to share stories and insight from real people that inspire and uplift us all.  In this episode, Ed talks with CEO and Chairman of WD40 Garry Ridge.  Garry is an extremely accomplished executive and he shares his secrets to leading a Fortune 500 organization along with his daily routines that include a dog named Max. Sit back and get ready to be inspired!
January 13, 2020
2 The TOP 5 qualities of successful leaders
Watch the episode: Welcome back to the From The Hart podcast! The goal of this show is to share stories and insight from real people that inspire and uplift us all.  In this episode, Ed and Todd sit down to discuss the "Top 5 qualities of a successful leader". Sit back and get ready to be inspired!
January 9, 2020
1: Dr. Ken Blanchard | How to lead well
Watch the video interview: Welcome to the From The Hart podcast! We are so excited for this first episode and to start this journey with each and every one of you.  The goal of this show is to share stories from real people that inspire and uplift us all.  In this episode, we sit down with Dr Ken Blanchard and discuss his journey from his youth to world renowned author and leadership expert.
January 6, 2020
A: Season 1 is coming January 2020!
Subscribe to the podcast:   We are getting REALLY excited over here to share season 1 of From The Hart with you in January.  In this video, we reflect a little on what's been going on and talk about the guests that we already have recorded to give you just a LITTLE taste of what's to come.  Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode.   Thank you,  Ed + Todd
December 17, 2019
Trailer: What is From the Hart all about?
Welcome to From The Hart a show created and hosted by Ed Hart to share stories that will inspire you. In this episode, Ed sits down with the shows producer, Todd Frazier to discuss what this show is all about and share why Ed wanted to make a podcast in the first place.  The show is scheduled to launch January 1, 2020 with sneak peeks along the way so stay tuned! Enjoy!
October 24, 2019