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FROM THE VAULT: A True Crime Podcast

FROM THE VAULT: A True Crime Podcast

By JPF Productions
FROM THE VAULT: A True Crime Podcast is a new podcast that is being carried over from its predecessor, True Cold Case Files. From The Vault offers a new look into cold cases from across the nation--cases you may or may not have heard of before. We get to the story quick, no BS, and we bring a respectable discussion on each case we cover. We must remember these victims too, and with this podcast, we hope to honor them.
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Henry County John Doe Revisited (Feat. Daisy Chains)
On this episode of From The Vault, Jason revisits the episode of True Cold Case Files on the Henry County John Doe; a young man found in Knightstown, Indiana on October 2nd, 2003. He had been shot in the head and left at the abandoned gas station that he was found at by two Indianapolis Police detectives and an inmate that had information about other crimes in the area. Later, detectives discovered that the man had been seen alive at a Walmart in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on September 30th, 2003. How did they know about this visit? And could a tell-tale purchase he made at the Walmart be an important clue into why he was killed? Jason hashes it all out on this episode of From The Vault!  IF YOU HAVE ANY INFO ON THE HENRY COUNTY JOHN DOE'S MURDER, CONTACT HENRY COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE AT (765) 529-4901. REFER TO CASE NUMBER 03-020257. ORIGINAL TCCF EPISODE: RESOURCES: MUNCIE STAR PRESS: INDIANAPOLIS STAR:
May 30, 2021
Hendrixville John Doe: An Elusive Suicide (Feat. Nat and Ash)
In September of 1991, two hunters going through a densely wooded area in Hendrixville, Dekalb County, Alabama, made a shocking discovery: partially decomposed human remains hanging from a tree. What follows is one elusive lead after another as investigators attempt to piece together the John Doe's life prior to his discovery. Part of the investigation included a car that was found abandoned nearby with a very shocking note in it that will leave you scratching your head. Nat and Ash of "Crime Time Nerds: A Sister Podcast" joins Jason on this episode as they discuss in-depth the case.  BEFORE THE SHOW: Jason talks with Zach Bibeault, the guy who makes the show sound pretty awesome!  Crime Time Nerds: A Sister Podcast is hosted by sister-in-laws Nat and Ash, who discuss cases in the Vermont area, but will occasionally discuss cases outside of their state. Check them out at You can also listen to them wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts! RESOURCES:
May 22, 2021
Ken Rex: Murder of the Town Bully (Feat. Jeni Decker)
On this episode of From The Vault, Jason and special guest Jeni Decker from the Down & Away podcast discuss the infamous case of Ken Rex McElroy, the town bully of Skidmore, MO. The two of them discuss Ken Rex’s early brushes with the law, as well as his misdeeds prior to the events of 1981. It was in July of 1981 that the town finally stood up and collectively decided that enough was enough, and he had to go. Jason and Jeni look into the final moments of Ken’s life, and the reason why his murder has been unsolved for so long. Special thanks to Jeni Decker for joining Jason on this episode of From The Vault. You can check her podcast out at A new season is now available, as Jeni delves into the mystery surrounding Florida suspect Andrelo Witcher in the disappearances of three women between 2003 and 2012. RESOURCES: No One Saw a Thing (Sundance Channel): Kansas City Star: Wagner and Lynch Law:
May 09, 2021
Shotgun Jane Doe: A Robbery Gone Wrong
On June 1st, 1987, Jennifer Northern and her friend that was staying with her was awoken to the sounds of a scuffle. The scuffle was happening on Jennifer's front porch. A man and a woman were fighting, which prompted Jennifer to tell her friend to call 911. While attempting to get the authorities dispatched, the woman yelled "HE'S GOT A KNIFE!" While she was attempting to gain entrance into the house by pulling the storm door, Jennifer, triggered by a past event that involved a robbery at her home, got her shotgun and shot through the window of the door. The bullet struck the woman in the right side of the head and killed her instantly. The events that transpired before and after the robbery is one that has been told by many online, but largely unheard of by the average person. Who was the woman who attempted to gain entry into the Northern home? What was she doing in the company of two men that had records? And what happened to Jennifer after the events? Jason and Nick dig into all this and more on this episode of From The Vault! ALSO: NEW MICROPHONES!!! RESOURCES: Autopsy Report (Please Reach Out If You Would Like A Copy of the Report) Incident Report: Unidentified Wiki: NamUs: The Doe Network:
May 01, 2021
Reet Jurvetson Part 2: Manson, Fresh Leads, Identification
In this episode of From the Vault, Jason and Nick continue the story of Reet Jurvetson as they discuss the "Manson Connection", as well as fresh leads that would eventually lead to Reet's identification.  RESOURCES: The Fifth Estate, Who Killed Jane Doe 59: The Case of Reet Jurvetson: The New York Times: Wikipedia: Unidentified Wiki:
April 15, 2021
Reet Jurvetson Part 1: Life, Death and Early Leads
On this episode of From The Vault, Jason and Nick explore the life and death of Reet Jurvetson, who was formerly known as Jane Doe #59. In Part One of this two part series, Jason and Nick talk about Reet's life in Canada, her move to the United States, and her murder that would bring great mystery to the Los Angeles area. Tune in next week (4/5/21) when we discuss Charles Manson, the big lead, and her eventual identification.  PODCAST NOTE: There is some background noise in the podcast when Jason speaks. That is due to a fan running, and was unable to be edited out.  RESOURCES: The Fifth Estate, Who Killed Jane Doe 59: The Case of Reet Jurvetson: The New York Times: Wikipedia: Unidentified Wiki:
March 29, 2021
MINISODE 2: When Jason Met Lars
On this mini-episode of From The Vault, Jason discusses the Joan Leigh Hall case with Lars Larson; a radio show host from Portland, Oregon. This marks the first time in over a decade that Joan's case has been presented to a larger audience. Jason shares his thoughts, and also replays the interview with Lars. The episode was recorded on March 5th, 2021.  The Lars Larson Show(c) recording is a production of Alpha Media LLC. All audio belongs to Alpha Media LLC, and is being used for educational purposes. All Rights Reserved. MORE ON JOANIE'S CASE: FROM THE VAULT EPISODE ON JOANIE:
March 15, 2021
Septic Tank Sam: Torture in the Prairie
On April 13th, 1977, a body was discovered in a septic tank in Tofield, Alberta, Canada. How it got there, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police still don't know. There has been great mystery surrounding the story of Septic Tank Sam, and his case still needs to be solved. Jason and Nick discuss in depth the case of Septic Tank Sam, and discuss how the RCMP have been working toward identifying his case. It is also worth mentioning that Dr. Clyde Snow assisted in this case; the same anthropologist who helped in the John Wayne Gacy case. RESOURCES: Royal Canadian Mounted Police-Tofield: Wikipedia: Unidentified Wiki:
March 02, 2021
The Sims Homicide Revisited (Originally Recorded 1/2020)
On this week's episode of From The Vault, host Jason Futch presents listeners with a previous episode of True Cold Case Files as Jason and former co-host Daisy Chains discusses the brutal homicide of Dr. Robert, Helen and Joy Sims of Tallahassee, Florida. They cut to the chase as they talk about the details surrounding the case, along with talking points concerning two particular individuals who have been identified as persons of interest in the case.  The episode is only one of several TCCF re-releases that is planned for the next few months. The Sims Homicide was originally recorded on 1/2020, Season 2 Episode 10.  RESOURCES: The Tallahassee Democrat: Leon County Sheriffs Office: 641 Muriel Court: A Florida State University Documentary:
February 22, 2021
Sumter County Does Identified
While preparing to record the Joanie Hall episode, Jason and his guests Gwen and Jessi, learned about the shocking developments surrounding the Sumter County Does case. Though From The Vault or its predecessor True Cold Case Files never discussed the case; it is one of the most notorious unidentified persons cases in North America. Their reactions are raw, as prior to the recording, the news had just come out only a couple of hours before.  Two days after this was recorded, we learn that the John and Jane Doe found brutally murdered in Sumter County, South Carolina on August 9th, 1976 are identified as James Paul Fruend and Pamela Mae Buckley. May they rest in peace now that their names have been returned to them.  
February 15, 2021
Joanie Hall: The Oregon Coast's Great Mystery
On September 30th, 1983 Joan Leigh "Joanie" Hall had her day planned out. She was to go to the Warrenton Grade School after classes at the high school to help her Aunt Ruth grade papers and help tutor. However, she never made it to the school. She had last been seen at the Warrenton Mini Mart making a purchase, while catching a ride with a fellow student who has remained a person of interest in this case. But is there more to the story than just that? Could some of the details in this case cause the case to not be prosecuted in the future? And will Joanie ever be found? Jason is joined by Gwen Barringer of "A Light For Ericka" and Jessi Veltstra of Trans Doe Task Force as they breakdown the Joanie Hall from beginning to end.  EPISODE SPONSOR: Crime Time Nerds: A Sister Podcast Special Thanks to Dena Rush, who has been vigilant in helping the Hall family seek justice for Joanie! You can visit her Facebook page dedicated to Joanie at Resources: The Daily Astorian: September 26th, 2013 - October 3rd, 2019 - KATU News September 2010 - Police Report: Made Available by Dena Rush (message for request to access) Clatsop County Sheriffs Office: The Charley Project: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:
February 15, 2021
Marjorie Luna: Stolen
On May 27th, 1984 Marjorie "Christy" Luna walked to the Belks General Store; only a few hundred yards from where she lived, to purchase cat food for her kittens. It would be the last time anyone saw little Christy Luna. In this tragic tale, Jason Futch and guest co-host Gwen react to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office documentary on the case, and also discuss the case in depth in between clips. In this case of stolen innocence, predators are exposed and the dark facts surrounding the neighborhood Christy lived in come to light.  Special thanks to the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office for allowing us to use "The Lead: Finding Christy Luna" for this podcast! You can watch the video at this link: Resources: Palm Beach Post:  May 29th, 1984  May 30th, 1984 South Florida Sun-Sentinel May 31st, 1984 June 1st, 1984 August 14th, 1984 Orlando Sentinel (Wonyetye Info) The Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida) Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: The Charley Project:
February 08, 2021
Marjorie Luna Episode Preview
On the next episode of From The Vault, Jason and guest co-host Gwen Barringer (A Light For Ericka, Seriously Mysteriously) discuss the Marjorie Cristina Luna case from Greenacres, Florida. Christy, as she was known as, disappeared after not returning home from the local general store in her neighborhood. Several suspects were revealed in the case; yet no one has been charged in the disappearance. From The Vault will be using segments from the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office's documentary on the Luna Case called "On The Hunt", and Jason and Gwen will discuss each segment. They will also include additional information that was excluded from the documentary! An episode you will not want to miss! 
January 14, 2021
New Episodes Coming Soon!
Jason provides a quick update regarding new episodes!
December 13, 2020
Millie Doe: Mystery on the Spokane River
NOTE: This is a Re-Edited episode, originally released on September 14th, 2020. This episode contains extremely graphic details concerning Millie Doe's murder. Listener discretion advised. In June of 1984, two fishermen on the Spokane River discovered the dismembered body of a woman on the west bank of the river. It caused a dramatic episode of events that occurred in Spokane, Washington over the years that would be felt for some time. On this episode of From The Vault, Jason and Nick discuss this case and explore some motives behind this murder, as well as the possibility that this could have been the work of either a serial killer, or someone she knew well. All this and more on From The Vault! IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION ON MILLIE'S CASE, PLEASE CONTACT THE SPOKANE POLICE DEPARTMENT AT (509) 755-2489. MILLIE'S CASE NUMBER IS 84-31733.
October 04, 2020
MINISODE 1: Eric Franks Follow-up
On Episode Two of our True Cold Case Files episode on Eric Franks, Jason and Daisy Chains discussed the events surrounding Eric Franks' mysterious disappearance. It followed an emotional interview with his mother Joanne Franks. On this minisode, the first of many covering our cases, Jason Futch provides listeners with updates concerning the case and how the original suspect in this case can now be easily confirmed. This also includes a clip from the interview Jason did with Joanne Franks discussing evidence found in Eric's room.  If you have information on Eric’s case, please contact the Michigan State Police at 989-495-5555 This Episode is sponsored by Anchor and Democracy Works.
September 23, 2020
Robert and Frieda Wheatley: Murder on North Holman
Robert and Frieda Wheatley were found murdered in their North Portland home on August 29th, 1988. It was shortly after Frieda's daughter had alerted Portland Police to the fact that she nor her siblings had heard from Robert or Frieda in days. On this episode of From The Vault, Jason and Nick discuss the final days of Robert and Frieda and also reveal some personal information you will not find anywhere else, thanks to the help of a confirmed insider in the case. We discuss this case and more on our first episode of From The Vault!  IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION PERTAINING TO ROBERT AND FRIEDA WHEATLEY'S MURDER, PLEASE CONTACT THE PORTLAND POLICE BUREAU AT 503-823-HELP (4357).
September 14, 2020
On this episode of "In Depth" Jason revisits his interview with Brandon Johnson of the Grundy County Coroner's Office in Illinois. For the first few minutes, Brandon had his hands full while talking to Jason (as you will notice), but was able to discuss the case of the Grundy County Jane Doe. The discussion also details the steps that Coroner Johnson has taken to ensure that Grundy County Jane Doe gets her name back. UPDATE: In November of 2019, the DNA Doe Project discovered that this Jane Doe had relatives in Alabama; specifically Selma, Alabama. However, despite the new revelations, it still has not been enough to establish her identity. Investigators are still needing the public's help in this matter.  GRUNDY COUNTY JANE DOE DNA DOE PROJECT LINK:
June 13, 2020
In this episode of "In-Depth", Jason revisits the interview he did with Rosemary Norris-Southward, the younger sister of James Norris, who disappeared from San Francisco in October 1974. His remains were located in rural Dixie County, Florida in 1976 by a heavy equipment operator working the side of US Highway 19. In this interview, Rosemary reflects on James' life, the investigation prior to and after his identification, and how his legacy has shaped her fight for justice in his case and others! Enjoy this interview from  April 21st, 2019! JAMES NORRIS EPISODE: VISIT ROSEMARY'S WEBSITE: 
June 13, 2020
IN DEPTH WITH NICK: Carl Koppelman
Carl Koppelman has been doing forensic art for over a decade. A skill set he worked on while caring for his ill mother, Carl managed to build faces for many John and Jane Does across the nation. One of his most famous faces was the Caledonia Jane Doe; which would help detectives in this New York town to identify her as Tammy Jo Alexander. His work appears prominently in the Walker County Jane Doe case; which Nick Wagler and Carl discuss in depth. Also discussed is the work that he has done with the DNA Doe Project, as well as an interesting encounter as a teenager with a man Carl believes may have been Randy Kraft, a serial killer who did his bidding up and down the West Coast!
May 29, 2020
In this lengthy interview of "In Depth", Jason interviews Nancy Galloway, the mother of Troy Galloway, via a phone call. At the time, a phone interview via our usual ways was not permitted, so the conversation instead was recorded on the phone. Jason and Nancy discuss Troy's life prior to his disappearance; and Nancy makes clear about Troy's struggles as well. Also discussed is Nancy's drive to also work with others sharing the same pain she has felt through a yearly event "Missing in Tuolumne County". All this and more on this episode of "In Depth"!  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- True Cold Case Files (TCCF) is an episodic program that occasionally releases new episodes centered around cold cases in the United States. The episodes covered are cases that are rarely heard of or have had minimal media coverage, with exceptions at times. The cases range from cold case homicides to missing and unidentified persons. TCCF has been on the air since January 2019, when it began as a YouTube show. In November of 2019, TCCF debuted as a podcast and has reached thousands of listeners across the United States and around the world. Our music is brought to you by Mitch Murder©. Mitch is a renowned synthwave artist with a broad library of synthwave music. Mitch has worked with synthwave artists such as FM-84 and The Midnight; and has worked with movie director David Sandburg and actor David Hasselhoff. You can find Mitch on Spotify at: Glass Cities™, the theme of TCCF, is licensed by Proton LLC and 2 Music Rights Societies. All Rights Reserved. Permission to use the songs “Glass Cities” and “Best of the Best” from the album are used with permission with Mitch Murder’s direct consent.  
April 23, 2020
On a special episode of "In-Depth" Jason interviews J. Todd Matthews, former administrator for NamUs and co-founder of The Doe Network. Recorded in October 2019, Jason and Todd discussed Todd's work in the true crime community, and how his help in a very cold case led people to believe that he may be the first cybersleuth in history. The two also discuss Todd's role at The Doe Network, and what he is doing to help the True Crime community post-NamUs. Also discussed is the George Hawkins case, which follows up our latest episode of TCCF on the Hawkins case. NOTE: Todd left NamUs at the beginning of 2020. Please pardon any present-tense discussion about his time at NamUs, as at the time of recording he was still employed by the program. 
March 29, 2020
CORRECTION: The date of Kamrie's disappearance was August 2012, not 2011 as stated in this episode. On this special episode of "In Depth", Jason interviewed Stefani Warden, the mother of Kamrie Cherai Mitchell, who disappeared on August 25th, 2012. In her first on-air podcast interview, she talks about Kamrie and her struggles, as well as the events surrounding Kamrie's disappearance from her side. She also gives her opinions on Andrelo Witcher and his involvement in Kamrie's case. 
March 18, 2020
In Depth with Jason: Joanne Franks
On this edition of In Depth, Jason speaks with Joanne Franks, the mother of Eric Franks. Eric went missing in 2011, and has not been heard from since. As the years wane, Joanne is desperate to know where her son is and what happened; and that she highly suspects certain individuals to be responsible for his disappearance and likely death. In this hour-plus long interview, Jason and Joanne discuss Eric's life, his disappearance and what has been going after the Michigan State Police took over. Also, Joanne shares candid information regarding the motel room Eric stayed in and what investigators were able to uncover using scientific methods! 
November 11, 2019
In Depth with Jason: Detective Lindsay Schultz
Detective Lindsay Schultz of the Clark County Sheriffs Office in Washington State joins Jason for a one-on-one phone interview discussing the identification of Sandra Renee "Sandy" Morden's identification as the Fly Creek Jane Doe. Though it is brief, some important questions are brought up. However, Det. Schultz encourages the public to review the Clark County Sheriffs Office official release on the case for more thorough details, and that if you have information to please come forward. 
November 04, 2019