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By Zach Silveira
In depth content on all things frontend
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React Query and
In this podcast we talk with Spencer Jones, creator of We discuss his post on React Query and also talk a bit about Chime and how it uses the library.
September 13, 2021
Building Component Libraries with Tailwind and TSDX
Blog post This week, we discuss building component libraries with Tailwind, React, and TSDX.  Check out the video version of the podcast to see the blog post sections as we discuss! Video Podcast Chapters: 0:42 - TSDX  1:24 - Tailwind 2:46 - HeadlessUI 6:04 - What TSDX Includes 7:09 - Tailwind + PostCSS Setup 9:59 - Building in Storybook 12:11 - Less dependencies, the better! 16:39 - Tips for pickup up Tailwind 18:22 - HeadlessUI + Tailwind 20:12 - Building Tailwind for Production 21:41 - Publishing to NPM 24:02 - The Example Playground 26:12 - TypeScript or JavaScript! 28:16 - Component Building Process 30:05 - Conclusion
August 30, 2021
From Knex to Prisma? An In Depth Q&A
This week we have a special podcast only episode.  Rob Shaw from and Tristan Siegel from join to discuss adding prisma into their applications. If you've used other database libraries in the past, the questions asked in this podcast will give you a good idea of how Prisma works. 00:00 Intro 00:48 Rob on using Knex + Bookshelf currently 02:52 Tristan aded Prisma to an existing Knex app 03:57 Prisma solves the N+1 Problem The talk Tristan mentions: 05:16 Dataloading at Bustle with Redis 07:15 Prisma's Schema is a Superior Solution 08:58 How do migrations work with Prisma? 12:41 Prisma supports transactions! 14:17 Auditing with Middleware? 15:29 Automatically set updatedAt? 17:53 Typescript and Prisma 22:47 What about edge cases with the ORM? 26:20 Tristan's Prisma gotchas 30:08 Prisma and JSON fields
August 23, 2021
Being The First Designer
Blog post for this episode: Relevant links: Lightning Decision Jam - Mural - Chapters: 1:30 - Why I wrote this article 3:05 - First Presentation 3:50 - Who should you present to? 4:30 - Generating Excitement with Developers 5:30 - Educate about your role 6:05 - Run workshops! 9:11 - What is a lightning decision workshop? 11:40 - Running Workshops Remotely 13:02 - Running Workshops alone 14:56 - What to get out of a workshop 15:43 - Real world Workshop Example 17:30 - Starting a Book Club 20:17 - You need support 26:57 - Getting notice outside your team 27:57 - How to prioritize work 32:39 - Tailwind?
August 16, 2021
Building a SSR Framework from Scratch
The video version of this podcast is available on youtube. In this episode we go over building a server side rendering framework and compare it to NextJS. This episode should be listened to while reading the accompanying blog post.
August 02, 2021
We're launching August 2nd!
What is this? is a weekly newsletter and podcast. Every Monday a new post drops. On Wednesday, a podcast will be released covering the post in depth.What makes us differentOur podcast will have developers and designers discuss and attempt our blog posts, complete with video content.We think this is the best way to learn and grow your skills.Whether your learning style is through reading, listening to audio, or following along with video, we'll have you covered.Who's involved?Naman Goel - Front-End Engineer putting evermore CSS in JS in React. Works on Facebook’s soon* to be open-source stylex and Flow apologist.Jed Watson - known for creating react-select, classnames, and most recently KeystoneJS v6. Runs a React Sydney meetup. Zach Silveira - Prisma ambassador. Original creator of the React Podcast alongside Jed and Michael Chan. Loves full stack TS, and SwiftUI.Scott Massengale - Our design expert. Spent time working on enterprise applications at Apple. Has a passion for improving design culture.Javier Orejarena - Looking to break into the frontend development industry, he's the perfect person to test out coding tutorials and cover interviewing topics. Chris Scott - Senior frontend developer interested in teaching you all the latest in the JS world, from new frameworks, to setting up frontend processes.Spencer Jones - Indie startup hacker. With a goal of 2k MRR per month this year, he'll teach us how to make side projects that succeed.If this sounds interesting to you, consider subscribing!
June 28, 2021