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By Ryan Davis
I’ll teach you to make more money and spend less while enjoying an abundant life. Learn from an MBA, husband, and father of four.
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Millionaires In Mirrors: Richard Paul Evan's Quote
Once upon a time Richard Paul Evan's daughter asked him if he had ever seen a millionaire. He responded with he saw one in the mirror everyday as he shaved. So what are the lessons we can learn from everyday millionaires? What do they do about clothes, cars, and houses? And are they often flamboyant or ostentatious?
January 19, 2022
Vida Dutton Scudder
Vita Dutton Scudder said creation is a better means of self-expression than possession; it is through creating, not possessing, that life is revealed. As we constantly create for ourselves and for others, we will cease becoming mere accumulators. And we will experience much more joy happiness and meaning in life. And as a byproduct you always have enough if you're constantly creating.
January 10, 2022
Frugal Workouts & Tom Brady Diet
It's fascinating to think what you can do to have a healthy fit body when you use tools that are frugal. Have you ever noticed what Tom Brady and LeBron James do to be able to have 20-year careers at levels that have never been seen before? Does it cost a ton of money? No, not if you use tools that have already been bought and paid for by someone else. Use other people's exercise equipment, pools, massage chairs, and saunas.
January 03, 2022
Josh Becker's 5 Minute Money Advice
Josh Becker is a thoughtful minimalist. His ideas on simplifying our life so that we can maximize our relationships are profound. In today's episode I share a few of his ideas on maximizing money and minimizing stress.
December 31, 2021
Snow Plows, Gumballs, and Hot Water Heaters
Problems turned to money. No ROI kids business turned to new business. And major repairs with level-headedness and generousity.
December 17, 2021
365 Books for $240 & Infinite ROI
What if you wanted to listen to a book each and every day of the year? What's the lowest cost to be able to do something like that? A few years ago I tried to do just that. Browsing Amazon and Barnes & Noble I was able to find some of the best books in many different genres. And then I listened to some of them on my library app called Overdrive and many more on audible. What could you do in life if the initial cost was zero or very low? How much more could you invest and how much would your ROI be?
December 07, 2021
If I Were A Landlord
If you're a landlord of commercial buildings or duplexes or anything like that take note. Create a waiting list so you always know the next five to 15 people that want to rent from you. And definitely have some high-quality background reports available for each of your prospective tenants. And make sure that the lease money or rent money you're receiving doesn't just cover your mortgage, but it also will provide for major repairs and economic downturns.
November 22, 2021
Winning The Money Game
What are the key takeaways from playing a fast version of Monopoly? Have you ever played Cover Your Assets and leared more from your children than from the game? And what version of Acquire is in your closet? The lessons from these iconic games will help you as you buy, sell, merge and acquire businesses.
November 17, 2021
Never Enough
Eric Hoffer said "You can never get enough of what you don’t need.” Contentment and gratitude alleviate the need to keep a accumulating more and more and more. Affluenza as talked about in the show several years ago doesn't have to attack us like a nasty virus. We can constantly increase our income, decrease our expenses and use the difference to invest and give to others.
November 08, 2021
The Biltmore Estate: Your Upkeep Shouldn't Be Your Downfall
Bill Earle said “If your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep will be your downfall.” The original Biltmore Estate bleed a millionaire dry. George Washington Vanderbilt built an estate near Asheville, North Carolina. It's beautiful to tour the gardens, the massive estate, but it's also a testament that when our wants exceed our income then no matter our income are upkeep will be our downfall. What expenses can you systematize and trim today so no matter your income you can live in such a way as to be a huge giver?
November 01, 2021
Dollar Store Grandmas
Ben Franklin taught "a fool and his money will soon part." So how can we be more wise with the money we have? In three states three grandmas taught me what it means to be frugal with the money that we've been afforded. Whether buying for birthday parties or buying the essentials a dollar store is a great metaphor for using money wisely so that it extends. Wholesale not retail, search and scour don't just buy at full mark-up.
October 28, 2021
Kiyosaki's Quadrant: Money Working For Money
One of the best practices to understand financial intelligence is to learn about your place in the Cash Flow Quadrant. In what ways are you currently earning money? And what is the best, most enjoyable way for you to have your money work for you?
October 11, 2021
Parlay Today
Using a second car to make income through Uber or Lyft. Renting out a portion of your home as an Airbnb or as a rental. Maybe taking a single family residence and turning it into a fourplex. What can you parlay, take from making some money or no money and make into a massive asset?
October 06, 2021
The Big Tuna And A Little Herring
Last week in Boston, Massachusetts I went fishing off the coast near Cape Cod. My brothers-in-law and I had a wonderful opportunity to see how a Tuna business is conducted. In today's episode I compare and contrast those who had residual ongoing income to offset their expenses to those who relied solely upon big scores.
September 29, 2021
The Man In The Ram
Spending a few hours with a newfound friend taught me quite a few lessons about frugality. Perhaps a hotel or an Airbnb is not always in order, but rather maybe you could camp in the back of a covered truck. Or perhaps keeping a vehicle for several years and then buying one at an auction could save you tens of thousands of dollars.
September 20, 2021
15 Quotes On Wealth
He is rich or poor according to what he is, not what he has." –Henry Ward Beecher "There is nothing wrong with men possessing riches, the wrong comes when riches possess man." –Billy Graham "Rich people stay rich by living like they’re broke. Broke people stay broke by living like they’re rich." –Unknown "The only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time." –Robert Kiyosaki "Gratitude is riches. Complaints is poverty." –Doris Day "Content makes poor men rich. Discontent makes rich men poor." –Benjamin Franklin "I make myself rich by making my wants few." –Henry David Thoreau "That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest." –Henry David Thoreau "The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own." –Benjamin Disraeli "The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn." –Warren Buffett "You can’t fix a financial problem with money. You can only fix a financial problem by fixing yourself." –Suze Orman “More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go instead of asking them where they went.” -Roger Babson “To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.” -David Bailey “All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas—not money.” -Robert Collier “It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.” -Charles Jaffe
September 13, 2021
Grasshoppers, Air-Space and Assetize
Looking at someone's budget recently I realized that the budget was focused on decreasing expenses instead of eliminating expenses and converting expenses into assets. How could your house become an asset? Your vehicle? In today's episode I share a few ideas on taking some of your highest cost liabilities and converting them to assets.
September 11, 2021
Returning Ice Cream
Who controls your spending? The limbic, lizard brain or your non-emotional self? How often do you pause before moving forward? And are you comfortable backing away from poor financial deals?
August 31, 2021
The 28 Year Old With Three Homes
We often hear about the dramatic and the extreme,the quantum leaps in real estate investing. We're inundated with 1-800 numbers about getting rich in real estate. So it was with great delight that I talked to an ordinary person who taught me how he is about ready to take purchase of his third home. Him and his wife bought one home, and very pedestrian like began to pay it down before using some equity to buy another home. And now they're about ready to buy their third home. The homes are collectively worth over $1,000,000 and yet my friend is the sole income owner in his family and just recently became a citizen. What is your family doing daily to achieve your financial goals?
August 28, 2021
Hunted: Offense & Defense + Confrontation
There's a fun TV show that my family absolutely loves. It's called Hunted. The show is about a group a former experts who search for about 10 teams of two people hiding in three southeastern states. The teams stand to earn over $200,000 if they avoid being caught for 30 days. As I watched the show I realized that the best teams have a couple things in common: they play great offense and defense and they openly confront each other and challenge each other not only to find a good solution but the best solution. Interestingly some teams use technology while other teams eschewed technology, but they often sought discussion to make ideas even better and to eliminate poor ideas.
August 14, 2021
Too Much DIY?
In financial circles it's cool to talk about how much money you can save by DIY. But there's also a cost to DIY. Sometimes DIY means you're saving money but blowing time. If you hired your next project out so you can spend more time with your family would that be the frugal and right thing to do? Always question how much your time with your family is worth. Your most valuable asset is your family. And being frugal is commendable, well being cheap is silly.
August 03, 2021
Outdated Financial Advice?
If you study any books in the financial section of a bookstore you'll see a common theme. One financial guru will tell you to get deeply into debt so that you can have more money. Another financial guru will tell you that his advice that he's been giving for 20 years applies to each and every person irrespective of their current or future financial situation. He will tell you that his advice is the only advice that works. And yet another financial advisor will tell you there's only three needful steps to be financially free. Each financial guru seems to be selling a product that they feel is made for everyone. It's not true! There are many principles and ideas that can benefit your family. It's up to you to discover them from multiple sources and not put your trust in one financial guru.
July 31, 2021
Frugal Female Fashionistas
One of my sisters reminded me of what it means to be frugal when you're shopping for fashion. Are you such good friends with a thrift store that you call Salvation Army Sally's? And have you heard about the woman who taught Ryan Davis how to be 80% more frugal by questioning, thinking researching and doing?
July 31, 2021
Principles of Financial Power
Best effective and lasting finincial advice I've ever received? It comes from sages. Be modest in expenditures. Discipline yourself to avoid debt. Establish reserves. Responsibility to manage finances shared between husband and wife with attitude of trust and openness. Save for unexpected & expected. Set financial goals. Be honest. Make sacrafices. Pay off debt as quickly as possible.
July 12, 2021
A Spartan On An Electric Motorcycle
This man is not only frugal he's a spartan! He was able to relocate jobs so that he could drop his commute time and buy an electric motorcycle so that his total cost for transportation was only $23 a year for 4,000 miles traveled. Where should you apply Spartan principles in your life? A Spartan is one who is time frugal and money frugal. Modern day Spartans cut back on unneeded expenses so that they can enjoy more time with family, building relationships and enjoying experiences.
July 09, 2021
Prepping Without Fear
What will I do before the next COVID or other emergency? I'll buy a home gym at 80% off. Increase my storage of water, Clorox spray and wipes, favorite foods, meat, and toiletries. l'll buy a used 8 year old electric vehicle at 25% of the original sticker from 2013 and I'll get a generator. Preparation conquers and prevents fear.
June 28, 2021
1,000 Cuts: Expensive Hair and Teeth Or Hawaii?
Did you know that you'll spend over $10,000 on haircare in your life? Or did you know that not spending a few minutes a day on your teeth with the right products can cost tens of thousands of dollars in dental care throughout your lifetime? Plan well now and invest wisely so that you can cut thousands off of these expenses and play more in the places you like to play in.
June 23, 2021
Faithful Frugal Friends Forever
A friend invited me and another friend over for a reunion and to watch a basketball game. We hadn't been together in a couple years and to see each other was a treat. And boy did I learn from this friend in his family! He reminded me about what a frugal vehicle looks like versus a cheap vehicle. He reminded me of the importance of investing money now to have more time with family later. And he taught me the importance of involving faith in finances.
June 19, 2021
Collaboration For Heated Floors
A young couple had a important decision to make. They could either have warm carpeted floors that could possibly agitate allergies, or they could have bare floors that were too cold for their children during the winter. So what did they do? Neither! They decided to collaborate and discuss a better solution. They ended up finding a solution that they didn't even know existed. And now they have a warm floor, no allergies and an affordable sustainable solution which blesses their family.
June 14, 2021
Seneca's Cravings
"It’s not the person who has too little, but the person who craves more, who is poor…" Seneca. "What is the proper limit to wealth? It is, first, to have what is necessary, and second, to have what is enough." Dan's Daily
May 27, 2021
2 Ninjas For $300
A couple strugglef to figure out how to take care of their children during the summer as they both worked full-time jobs. Should they spend a few thousand dollars on a babysitter to ensure that their teenagers weren't glued to electronics all summer long? Should they just let them take care of themselves even though they were younger teenage boys? Then one day at a ninja park the parents came up with a strategy. They would allow their boys to play pretty much all day every day during the summer at a ninja training facility. These boys would be allowed to get much of their energy and excitement out while strengthening their bodies. And the cost? Only a 10t ($300) of what it would cost for a babysitter all summer.
May 17, 2021
Liabilities To Assets
Is a Rolex watch a waste of money? How about a Michael Jordan collectible jersey? Could a Ferrari really earn income? What are the things that seem like a complete waste of time and money but actually could be an asset? Find out today what makes an asset an asset and what makes a liability a liability. Or more aptly who makes an asset an asset and what kind of thinking turns liabilities into assets.
May 10, 2021
30 Million Dollar Peanuts and Marilyn Monroe
Residual income: buy or create a series, a product, a business or multiple businesses once and get paid forever.  Elvis made 23 million in 2020. Bruce lee made 10 million. JK Rowling 60 million in 2020. Charles Schultz drew over 17,500 cartoons and his estate earns 30 million a year. Marilyn Monroe made 13 million in 2020. Need ideas? Check out The $100 Startup and 4 Hour Workweek.
May 05, 2021
Eliminate The Big 5
What if you no longer had to worry about credit card debt? Or how would it be to have no mortgage? What would you do with the money that you're currently paying for your mortgage? Discover five key areas to eliminate debt and to keep yourself financially sound.
April 26, 2021
The Money Pool And The Paid-For Car
It's amazing what you can learn from people younger than yourself! In the last few weeks I've been privileged to listen to two people who've taught me what it means to pay things off quickly and create investments. Did you know a very expensive pool can become an asset? Or did you know that it's possible for seemingly irresponsible yet profoundly hard working 21 year olds to pay off debt $400 to 500% quicker than the average American?
April 20, 2021
4 Ways To Dilligently Dominate
Setting company records and breaking company records is a real fun game. Over two decades in sales has taught me some key principles to win big at work. First make sure you have goals, weekly monthly and even daily. Second make sure you have a daily plan to achieve your goals. Third track your progress with attaining your goals. And lastly bring some competition and fun to the game of work.
April 12, 2021
$100,000 Before 25
You may want $100,000 before your 25 or sometime in your life. Or you may just want much more than 100,000. In today's episode I cover how education resume creating and looking or searching in multiple industries can yield huge income.
April 07, 2021
Wonder Women
My two my two daughters are wonder women! It's been rewarding to see them grow and develop emotionally and financially. I've seen my daughters earn money, look at starting businesses, and constantly share their time and money to better others. I'd like to share what I've learned from them and how Melissa and I have tried to help them grow and develop.
March 29, 2021
Raise Your Child's Financial IQ
From Raise Your Child's Financial IQ by Robert Kiyosaki. Financial intelligence is not about how much money you make but how much money you keep and how hard that money works for you. you know your financial intelligence is increasing if as you get older your money is buying you more freedom happiness health and choices in life. Financial intelligence is freedom and time. Intelligence is the ability to make finder distinctions. Nature multiplies by dividing. The more distinctions you make the quicker you learn. Quantum learning not linear learning. Quantum learning exponential geometric not linear. Not how smart is this child but rather how is this child smart? The rich don't work for money but rather have their money work for them. Excessive rebellion a teenage years is often a form of delayed communication. s stands for solo stud Superman Superwoman stubborn and often slave to their business. A b works on creating a great system and finding great people to run the system. If you want to be rich choose the quadrant that offers you the most control over your taxes. Doodads are things that lose value immediately or turn cash to trash. by focusing on buying more and more assets the rich are able to have their assets by their luxuries. If he is not control of his numbers he is not control of his financial future. the real asset or liability is not the asset but more the person who is control of the asset. A middle class person is a person who has long term liabilities. A rich person is someone who has assets that produce income! A financial statement is a scorecard. for there to be an asset there must be a liability for there to be an income there must be expense. Until you sell a house it's value is an opinion. Always remember that your business buys your assets you don't. arguments are often clashes between one winning formula and another. boys and their mothers often have a strong bond simply because a mother often loves the child regardless of what the child does. information age is that via the alchemy of technology we can produce more and more from less and less like the computer. Avoid denigration of character. Mortgage means engagement until death. Employees work hard for money and business owners have money and people work hard for you.
March 24, 2021
The $5,000 Twinkie
How will you use your next windfall? Tax refunds, stimulus refunds or inheritances are a few ways we are occasionally given extra money. Invest in an asset or pay down debt and you will reap long-term rewards. Buy "Twinkies" and you'll have a dopamine hit and and adrenaline for a moment. It's your move.
March 16, 2021
Boys To Men
It's rewarding to watch boys become men, to watch our children become independent and interdependent instead of dependent. As they start businesses or begin employment and advance and grow and develop not only their income but their competency is very special to see. In today's episode I show how my boys are following a template of increasing income and becoming better creators and givers to others.
March 08, 2021
The Airbnb Realtor With A Cabin
We met a husband and wife team where the wife is a realtor and they both reny out an Airbnb up in Island Park, Idaho. The Airbnb is rented out most of the year and they enjoy a lifestyle living in their dream cabin. Who takes care of the repairs? And who does the cleaning? They hire it out and still make tens of thousands of dollars a year.
February 28, 2021
The One Skill
Yes I've been reading many Robert Kiyosaki quotes and thoughts and the one that hit me very hard over this last weekend is the thought that you're one still away from an exponential increase in your income. Sowhat's the one skill you should work on? Are you studying it? Are you ready to apply it?
February 22, 2021
Multiply Not Diversify
Discover a few lesser known ways to produce income and learn why intelligent asset multiplication trumps safety diversification.
February 16, 2021
The Velocity Of Money
Robert Kiyosaki talks about the velocity of money-putting money to work for you and not letting it just sit idly in a low interest bearing account. What can your money do for you? What wise investments will give you a great return and still protect your money?
February 06, 2021
Robert Kiyosaki's Wise Words
Have you read Cash Flow Quadrant? Or perhaps you're familiar with Rich Dad Poor Dad? Robert Kiyosaki has some deep wisdom such as "whenever you feel short or need of something give what you want." Or "wealth is a person's ability to survive so many days forward." Or how about this, "failure is part of the process of success."
January 31, 2021
4 Billion From A Bezos?
Some financial pillars are earning, spending, investing, saving and donating. Why should we donate or give to charities? Lauren Powell jobs gave $100 million to revamp education. Mackenzie Bezos gave $4 billion in the last few months to food banks and emergency relief. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have given billions to change the world. Willard Marriott and John Huntsman Sr. gave consistently millions of dollars every year to lift others. Should you give? Yes. And often. And until it hurts.
January 23, 2021
Thrifty Spartan
The Spartans were people a few words and they can lead us and being people of few cost and great appreciation. Thrift is a noble word and a key to financial prowess.
January 19, 2021
The Four Laws of Debt Free Prosperity
In today's podcast I talk about four lessons for debt free prosperity. Learn about the four t's: trimming, tracking training and targeting. The lessons come from a remarkable short book. The best way to become financially independent is to daily track your expenses know what your goals are, and constantly trim your expenses while you gain more financial intelligence.
January 09, 2021
Warren Buffett Wealth
There are a number of books out there about Warren buffett. Today I'll cover what I've learned from a few of my favorite books about Warren Buffett. What role does emotion play in investing? What's the difference between price and value? Should you buy a company because you want the stock to go up or because you like the company? How much cash does Warren Buffett keep on hand in case of an emergency? Should you buy a business with major problems?
December 26, 2020
My Top 24
Best Books For Growing Wealth & Businesses 1. Your Money or Your Life 2. Warren Buffett Speaks 3. The Behavior Gap 4. Rich Dad Poor Dad 5. Total Money Makeover 6. The Recovering Spender 7. The Richest Man In Babylon 8. Think and Grow Rich 9. Cash Flow Quadrant 10. The One Page Financial Plan 11. The 4 Hour Work Week 12. Security Analysis 13. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits 14. The $100 Startup 15. Warren Buffett Wealth 16. One Minute Millionaire 17. Millionaire Mind 18. The 7 Day Startup 19. The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me 20. Killing Sacred Cows 21. All The Money In The World 22. Meet The Frugal Woods 23. YNAB 24. Any Jane Bryant Quinn books
December 19, 2020
Stacking The Decks? Owning All The Decks
In this episode we talk about when a medical procedure may be negotiated, how to negotiate for the best deals with cash or an insurance, as well as how to find the perfect make and model of car that you want. Also discover the pertinent questions for a refinance or purchase for your home.
December 13, 2020
The Reluctant Multi-Millionaire
A new multi-millionaire told me she discovered money isn't a curse to be handled but rather a great gift to bless others. She no longer thinks of riches and spirituality as incompatible and mutually exclusive but rather as a unified inclusive whole. Her money lifts others up. It's a resource to rescue and redeem.
December 06, 2020
These Things I Can Do Without
In today's episode I discuss about 50 things that are no longer important to me. Because of the book The 100 Thing Challenge, I've decided to focus on what matters most by stripping away the extraneous things.
November 29, 2020
Warren Buffett & Larry H. Miller
Young Warren Buffett invested in pinball machines! And then he went on to invest in land. It wasn't until much later that he was investing in stocks and businesses. Young Larry H. Miller invested in car dealerships, restaurants, and movie theaters. His 27 million dollar investment in the Utah jazz turned into a 1.6 billion return 30 years later. In today's episode learn lessons from these masters of finance.
November 21, 2020
Turn Back Time: Preparing For The Future
Whether it's Covid-19, loss of a job, health issues or a myriad of other challenges, preparation and trust in God are two foundational principles that yield huge results. In today's episode learn what my family has done and will do to best prepare for Covid-19 and other difficulties.
November 14, 2020
Time & Money Multiplication
What's the difference between Kairos and Chronos? Would you rather have more and more fields or herds and flocks? What kind of results do you get when you invest in an employee? Should you collaborate with your spouse before or after purchases? In today's episode learn the difference between Kairos and Chronos, investing in investments or money drains and begin doing the most important things not just doing things right.
November 08, 2020
Average HH Spends 30k on Two Things
The average American household makes about $70,000 per year. Yet this typical family spends $30,000 a year on mortgages and car payments! If you simply spent half of what a typical family does on these two purchases, you would have an extra $15,000 a year to spend on your dreams, values, family, and experiences! Learn how to do just that in today's episode.
October 31, 2020
Gamifiying Debt Destruction: Lessons From Minecraft & Mario
Think of your favorite video game, and what comes to mind? Of course you always know the score of your favorite game, you enjoy it and you often like to play it with friends. Furthermore you love to study the game and learn the hacks and the tips so that you can master it. What if you apply the same techniques and tips to your personal finances? Debt destruction can become a game that you absolutely thrill to play!
October 24, 2020
Purple Beds and Vibrams
Tell me what you would spend really good money on in your house? Are there certain things that are worth a really good investment? For me it might start with a Purple bed, or the Bosch dishwasher but it doesn't end there. I'd go on to invest money in a great family picture and shoes that heal my feet naturally.
October 20, 2020
What Bernie Missed
Do you remember Bernie Madoff? You might remember him as the man who ran a Ponzi scheme back in New York City for decades. He stole money from hundreds of people. Was he successful because he had money, friends, political clout, and influence,? Bernie lacked the biggest asset available! He didn't have the love of God and Mankind. Money without values and morals is like sex without intimacy and love. Or like faith without God.
October 11, 2020
No Cost Is Better Than Low Cost
We may oftentimes get stuck in a perpetual pattern of lowering our cost. But there is something better than continually optimizing and reiterating. Elimination of an expense is the best way to keep expenses low. Sure maximize your favorite things and experiences, but eliminating many of your wants and needs is a sure way to ensure you have plenty of money for the things that you enjoy.
October 03, 2020
Eggs In A Basket & Redundancy
What's your night gig? Can you make38 money in the gig economy? And are you stuck with one customer? One product? Build a backup revenue stream or two with a few of these ideas or some of your own. More money can help you solve most financial problems if combined with money smarts.
September 27, 2020
Guerrilla Finances
The Vietnamese used guerrilla warfare and had massive success against American forces. In finances, using gorilla tactics means increasing your assets with little cost, hacking your way to bargains luxury and comfort.
September 18, 2020
Acquisition, Maintenance & Disposal Costs
Maybe it was my time at the landfill with my wife, or maybe it was getting rid of a bunch of furniture and electronics in a couple offices, but I've been thinking a lot about what it the true cost of acquiring, maintaining and disposing of possessions is. Why not rent? Do we have to buy everything? Or anything?
September 12, 2020
No More Scrooge, No More Misers
Cheap is dirty, unclean and selfish. Frugal is selfless Frugal creates value Cheap exploits people and takes value. Frugality lifts others, taking advantage of bargains not people Frugality is abundance, not scarcity. Frugality may  upgrade, beautify or enjoy classic style for many years. Cheap is miserly. Frugal is philanthropic, and a humanitarian. Frugality seeks more for all not less. Its Redemption not just salvation. Creating more not preserving the status quo.
September 05, 2020
Stephen St. Amant's Assets & Free Solar
Stephen St. Amant asks some excellent question about assets: What can you use, rent, or borrow? Where do you have access? What can you have if you just ask? * * * At times, we have what we need (or we can get it) but we’ve convinced ourselves that a few critical elements are still missing. But that might not be true. We might have enough. More than enough, even. So what’s holding you back?
August 27, 2020
Investing In Tesla & PotatoBois
PotatoBois ( is a YouTube channel that my son and 2 of his friends started. It doesn't make a lot of money right now but it's one way he's creating residual income. And would you think the Davis family did when they heard about Tesla offering 4 pieces of stock for every 1 piece of current stock? We talked about it over dinner and decided to invest a little. Family dinner time can be one of the best places to not only learn about investments but to invest in your number one asset and your most enduring asset-your family.
August 21, 2020
For Freeeee?
Is anything truly free? Yes. Generous people share freely. Learn about how a kid received a free lawn mower, why free is possible and who is in charge of all that is free.
August 15, 2020
Bargains Because Of Constraints: The $50 Pool Table
Bargains, bargains, bargains! Melissa wanted a pool table. And so did I. So we set a constraint, we would only spend $50. And I found a way to make a few extra dollars. Then we went to look on the classifieds for a bargain. And that's exactly what we found because we set constraints and earned some extra money.
August 06, 2020
FPU & YNAB: Why I Love Them
Jesse over at YNAB taught me some amazing things in his Podcast. I can't recommend it enough. And of course you know I love Dave Ramsey and one of his best resources is Financial Peace University. As Melissa and I attended Financial Peace University, we learned some great basics and built a solid foundation for financial success.
August 01, 2020
What's The Language of Financial Independence?
I heard it said that there's something called fuzzy math. There is no such thing as fuzzy math, because if it's fuzzy for you it's very clear for others. And when it comes to being financially independent you must know the math. Just like a sports junkie knows all the statistics for shooting and scoring, you should know the statistics of your expenses, your equity, your income and outgo.
July 24, 2020
Income #1? No Mr. Ramsey
Recently I saw some things on social media that got me thinking a little bit. Dave Ramsey mentioned that your income is your most important financial tool. I immediately questioned this in my mind. No I don't think income our most important tool. Our financial intelligence is even more important than our income, our credit score or our family history or anything else that can happen to us.
July 18, 2020
An RV Full Of Cash & Clocks
Whether you buy mutual funds or start your own business it's imperative to learn how to run a business successfully. I ran into a gentleman who taught me some fine points about running your own business. He not only made money during COVID 19 and before, but he also put together systems that allowed him to be away from his business for 2 months and still have a good return on investment.
July 10, 2020
$10,000 Yard For 1/2; Free Forgotten Money
I couldn't believe the article I read about lost money in the state of Utah. I checked out the link and found out that I had 300 bucks unclaimed.. And when my wife and I wanted to improve our yard, we thought it would cost about $10,000, but we were pleasantly surprised to pay half that and to do it in cash.
July 02, 2020
Rich College Kids & Acing The ACT
In today's episode discover how your kids can go to college virtually free. Find out how to help them ace the ACT, and become truly independent.
June 25, 2020
Free Concerts & Sports & Try Before Buy
Two tips today on how to see Dave Ramsey for free, go to any concert, attend plays and enjoy any sporting event for free. Also how to avoid buyer's remorse by trying before buying.
June 20, 2020
The Math Teacher Meets A Multi-Millionaire
Deejays who make $25,000 a summer working only two days a week and 50k teaching school. Consultants who make $105 an hour. How you can increase your income doing what you already do.
June 12, 2020
Dave Says Act Your Wage, Robert Says Cashflow 101
Learn about Income Statements and Balance Sheets and what games teach financial Intelligence in a fun way.
June 05, 2020
The 17 Year Old With 30 Kicks & Infinite Returns
Learn about the kid who has an infinite return on investment with 30 pairs of shoes. And also learn about how to rent more and buy less including boats, ATV's, RV's, movies, and music. And what are some frugal finds on Amazon? Or how about trading in goods on Amazon to cut your future expenses? Have you heard about the idea to improve your furniture with very little cost? And how about getting paid to cut your water bill?
May 28, 2020
MacGyver Goes Appliance Shopping
I found MacGyver! Unbeknownst to me I have a friend who can fix pretty much anything! On a recent visit he told me about several fixes he's completed on appliances and furniture throughout his house. Just as impressive is the deals he gets on appliances. He bought a $60 dishwasher that needed a $20 repair. And he scored a $3500 double oven for only $200. Or how about his clothes dryer that he got for 50 bucks? Craig's list, patient searching and a willingness to drive are a few of his secrets.
May 20, 2020
The $50,000 Yard Sale Man
A man reached his income limit at work. His solution? Buy items at yard sales and sell them on EBay. Now he makes $50,000 a year part time and in addition to his day job.
May 13, 2020
Diderot Effect: Tools Of Tools
Henry David Thoreau talked about having tools of tools. By buying one thing we often need to buy another thing and another thing to take care of it. What if you lived simplistically and thankfully? What if you learned to counteract the Diderot Effect: buy a robe and then a chair then a desk and then a table? Getting long lasting and self cleaning and self maintaining items can save you a lot of time and money. Discover some of the best ways to save time and money in this episode
May 08, 2020
$5 Book Bribes and Nada For Chores
Raising children can be very difficult. That's why Melissa and I decided that we wouldn't enable our children by giving them allowances for chores that are part of the normal expectations of running a household. But we did decide to give them money for reading books that are transformational and powerful. And we felt it a great idea to help them start and improve their own businesses.
May 01, 2020
A Free Prius, And A Free Bed
I love bargains and I love high quality. But even better than good bargains and good prices is free. I met a gentleman the other day who taught me how to parlay one free car into two free cars. And while he was telling the story he was picking up a free bed. Having good connections and also making sure that you're searching for free items are two wonderful ways to live within a budget and have plenty of extra.
April 24, 2020
6 Minutes To Live
With 6 minutes to live if my kids wanted me to tell them everything I knew about finances this would be it. I would tell them about legacy, and about stewardship and about using money to help others. I'd each them what to work hard for and how to pivot before they nedd to.
April 17, 2020
3X Internet Speed At 10% Off
Anyone that knows Melissa knows that she knows how to get good deals. So when my wife heard some of our children mentioning how slow our Internet connection was, she didn't just tell them to deal with it, she decided to do some homework. She studied the options of our current Internet provider and found out that their offers to new customers were better than our current offer. She then negotiated with a sales person to get 3 times faster Internet at 10% off of our current cost.
April 09, 2020
Disagreeing With Dave
I love Dave Ramsey! My wife Melissa and I have had an opportunity meet him a couple times. He teaches so many good things. We've loved his books his seminars and his recorded teachings. There is one point that I disagree with though. On every purchase whether it be a service or product you and your spouse should ask does the warranty make sense? I don't believe that we should always get a warranty nor should we never get a warranty. Sometimes warranties will save you many dollars in the long run. Look for value in warranties on high cost items. Some of these items include refrigerators, dishwashers, flooring, and other high end electronics.
April 02, 2020
5 Frugal Tips For Now
See what I have been thinking about over the last few weeks. I've come up with a few tips and tricks on how to be more frugal and have more freedom with your finances. In today's episode you'll learn about frugal options for sports and activity, actual cost value versus replacement cost, what dinners at home really save you, and how to turn your children into assets.
March 26, 2020
When To Refi? Or Buy
When looking to refinance or buy a house you may want to consider not only interest rates and payments but also principle or capital. Additionally your loan officer and where you get the loan from are vital components to make sure you get a good long term deal.
March 20, 2020
Fix It Up, Make It Do, Or Do Without
Living within our means is not easy but it's totally possible if we think of the phrase fix it up make it do or do without. It's not OK just to finance when we can't afford something. Resourcefulness and gratitude demands that we find a way to make what we currently have work or do without. We shouldn't be so quick to rush to purchase something brand new so as the fix a problem. Buying new simply adds a payment to the problem and brand new things DO break down and often cost more to fix then used items.
March 11, 2020
Preppers For Emergencies
March 05, 2020
The 4 Hour Work Project: Projects Not Hours
Do you work too much? Not a big fan of micromanagers? Track your accomplishments and you'll never track hours again.
February 28, 2020
Six Experts: Get Help Improving Your Net Worth & Income
Investors, travel hackers, spiritual gurus, psychologists, family experts, and repair persons are best found through asking wonderful questions. The 6 gurus can help you make more money preserve your money and help you with your emotional and spiritual health.
February 20, 2020
Financial Truths, Financial Lies: FI>Money; Gap Insurance, Equity>payments
Are there really people out there trying to take your money? Of course there are. They offer products such as gap in surance, lotteries, low monthly payments, and the offer of more money and less intelligence. In today's episode learn how to be more financially intelligent so your not taken for a ride.
February 13, 2020
Yin and Yang Finances
Who's got the best financial ideas? Men? Or women? The answer is.... they come up with better ideas together than separately. Talk daily amongst yourselves to find solutions, to find opportunities and to prevent instead of repent. To prepare instead of repair.
February 06, 2020
Spending To Create Wealth
The founder of IDEO, David Kelley, me that the best way to create wealth is to spend wisely. Often we spend money to consume products and experiences. But the best way to use our expenses is to create wealth. So how can we create wealth by spending money? Listen to today's episode.
January 30, 2020
A $5,400 Toothache: Question Experts Early
Have you ever been taken to the cleaners? Paid so much stinkin' money that you're so frustrated that you've overpaid? I have met some people recently that overpaid in a major sort of way. In today's episode learn how to question experts early and often so you can avoid complaining often and loud.
January 25, 2020
The $1,200 VS $70 Mechanic
Sometimes you have to pay a truckload of money to fix a vehicle. Sometimes you don't. What principles create abundance? Keeping emotions in check while prayerfully pursuing discussion and referrals.
January 18, 2020
BMX, Geos and A Hotel: Cost>Price
In this episode I share stories from my life about how I have sometimes valued price more so than cost. Cost is figured by the time and emotions and money we give to any item over time; not just at initial purchase. What's more important than being cheap is being frugal: using our time and money to buy high quality items that enhance relationships.
January 08, 2020
There's Always A Way: Professor Mike's Tips
One of my best friends, Mike, shared with me his philosophies about finances. He taught me that there's always a way and everything is negotiable. He shared experiences about graduate students who had options to go on to graduate school and others who didn't have options; they had only an option. How do you negotiate yourself into graduate school with money to boot? Or how do you get shoes at a discount? Learn more in today's episode.
January 05, 2020
Finding Remote, High-Paying Work
So what does it take to be able to find a remote, high paying job? Might I suggest submitting several applications every month, uploading your resume on 3 to 5 of the top job boards? You might also want to consider uploading only the best resume showcasing your top talents and who you really are. Usually you can get a high quality resume of yours uploaded on the top sites for free.
December 30, 2019
The Home Depot Investor With A Bored Wife
Investing is not about luck, timing or magic. It's about buying high quality companies (great leadership and customer centric) for a low to moderate price. Just because a stock is low doesn't mean its bound to increase. Pan Am didn't rebound. Nor did Enron/Circuit City/MCI/Motorolla. Financial Intelligence + patience>lucky guesses.
December 21, 2019
Little Puppies, Big Profit
Bear, White Lightning and Credit were a few of my childhood dogs. I loved their companionship. And their independence. White Lightning raced our bus in the morning and often won for the first 40 yards or so. I raised Credit for the seeing eye foundation yet he ended up as a bomb sniffer in NYC. He often pulled me down the street when I tried to take him for walks. So when our children wanted a dog, Melissa and I discussed breeds, temperament, purpose, allergies, cost, longevity, etc. A Goldendoodle named Lucille (Lucy) was the best fit for our family because we wanted an athletic, smart, healthy, cuddelable puppy. We also knew we wanted to eventually breed her and so we researched top health certifications and pedigrees to ensure she met every health test. We paid nearly $1,000 for Lucy. The result? She's been a delight for our family. She cuddles, and plays and is intelligent. And when we sold 7 of her puppies we netted over $3,500 after her cost and all other expenses. We even kept one of her puppies, a Double Doodle named Mozzie (Mozart). When she has more puppies in a few months, we will sell them to wonderful families who want cuddles, love and energy. Opportunities are everywhere. What will you see? Research + Discuss + Invest = $
December 14, 2019
BAM: 3 Steps To Halt Hackers
Getting your identity stolen, or having someone steal your credit card information or anything else where they have taken advantage of you financially can be very frustrating. In today's episode I share 3 tips and what my wife and I have used to help halt hackers.
December 05, 2019
$40,000 Escape Room With Failing Physicians
How about making a product that is so cheap that when it's sold the profit is nearly infinite? Would you invest $40000 if he knew you could make $60000 every year for the rest of your life?
November 28, 2019
Do Your Wisdom Teeth Earn Money?
It's easy to pay a few hundred dollars to get your wisdom teeth removed. But have you ever heard someone make a few hundred dollars getting their wisdom teeth removed? That's exactly what happened when my wife decided do her due diligence by finding a deal for my son's wisdom teeth to be removed.
November 18, 2019
Daily Disciplines Done Dirt Cheap
Are the things that you can do each day they will cause peace and contentment for your soul and allow you more joy? What are the things that done daily would cause great happiness in your life? In this episode I share many little things that cost little to no money but bring immense joy.
November 14, 2019
Oh The Terror: Collections, Judgements & Liens
Have you ever had to deal with collections judgments or liens? Many of us at one time in our life or another have had to deal with collectors. Today's episode goes through some ideas to help you or others struggling with collections, judgments and liens.
November 08, 2019
Your Complete Financial Checkup
What if you and your spouse knew your income, your outgo, your weaknesses, deficiencies, as well as what to do to make more money, spend less money eliminate debt, and decrease expenses? In today's episode we do a complete financial check up to see what you can do to improve your finances.
October 31, 2019
Low To No Healthcare Costs: Prevention Not Intervention
Arguably one of the top expenses we have in life is healthcare. Preventative medicine, diet's, and surgeries cost thousands and even sometimes tens of thousands of dollars a year. Today I share best practices for sleep and eating to avoid large medical costs.
October 31, 2019
Establishing & Elevating Your Credit Score
What if you had a bankruptcy? Or maybe you're just getting credit for the very first time? How about getting your credit score way up so you qualify for home or perhaps get lower interest rates on your insurance or just may be get into an apartment? In today's episode I'll share tips and tricks on how to get a credit score from 450 or 600 points clear up to well over 700 or 800 points. After all there are 3 main ways to increase your credit score and establish a credit score. 1. how many open lines of credit do you have? 2. how much revolving credit do you have? And 3. how quickly do you pay off your debts?
October 19, 2019
What An Eskimo Wants: Sales Tips For More Money
We've all had those really tough times when we were hard pressed to make ends meet. So what can you do to build and have more money? Learn to sell. Just saying it is going to make some people freak out. But selling; truly helping other people is one of the best ways to earn some extra money and build your family finances. In this episode learn how to sell often, to care about people, do research on similar products and to find out what customers want.
October 10, 2019
Barnacle Busting: Content With Divinity
Do you have so many things, experiences and stuff in your life that you have affluenza? Get rid of stuff and focus on the good things that matter in life.
October 03, 2019
Ensuring Your Insurance Insures
When it comes to insurance there's a lot of opinions. Many will tell you to get a high deductible or get rid of your agent, but what really matters most when it comes to insurance? In today's episode learn from nearly a decade of experience in the insurance world working with over 800 people.
September 28, 2019
The Dodgers, A Giant and Thriftiness
What does a Corvette, the Los Angeles Dodgers and a Giant bike have in common? Thriftiness. And is thriftiness even a word? What does it mean?
September 21, 2019
The Man In Ecco Shoes: Shop Like You Mean It
7 years ago I bought a pair of shoes for $120. And then a few days ago I bought nearly identical shoes for $75. I checked 4 to 5 stores and spent about 60 minutes to get shoes that will last for several years. In this episode I share some lessons on bargain hunting, involving your spouse, gratitude, and quality goods.
September 11, 2019
28% Of Your Income: Two Costs To Kill
Would you believe there are 2 categories that represent nearly 28% of your income? I share some tips and ideas to cut expenses in these 2 key areas.
September 04, 2019
Dave's 7 Baby Steps
If you've ever read the book The Total Money Make-Over by Dave Ramsey, you will know about the 7 baby steps. When I discovered these steps over 15 years ago, they began to change my financial life. As Dave Ramsey says, financial peace is available if you pay the price now.
August 31, 2019
Bumped By Delta: $500 to wait 3 Hours
I asked a guru how often he gets bumped, what concessions he asks for and what the secrets are. Here's what he told me
August 22, 2019
Queen Bee? It Takes A Hive
Money matters fail when we go solo. Learn from bees. It takes a hive of advisors, consultants and idea to find financial felicity. Don't go John Wayne and DIY.
August 15, 2019
High Off The Hog
My dad used to describe the abundant life as "living high off the hog." No matter your income, there are many ways to get your needs and many of your wants. How? Through using sites and apps offering free goods. Buying at thrift stores and gradually improving your possessions. Time and cash are your friends.
August 06, 2019
Giving What You Got
Why was a lower income retiree happy? And a multi-millionaire lonely? Giving was the difference. What's your legacy? Giving? Money? Are big, showy gifts better than consistent, unseen gifts?
July 31, 2019
Credit Card Caution
When should you get a credit card? Is all debt bad? Should you get a credit card to travel the world? Or for cash back?
July 22, 2019
$999 Samsung Note 9 for $260
It's true. I had to wait 11 months to buy my dream cell phone. And I chose to study multiple options. But eventually I obtained a debt free cell phone.
July 13, 2019
Not Scammed: Protect Against Pirates & Punks
From Florida to Nigeria scammers selfishly lust after your money. Here’s a few signs to know so you’ll be protected from pirates and punks. Beware geography constraints , over-payment and unseen buyers.
July 06, 2019
We’re Not Going To Take It: Allowing Others To Fix Problems
A large amount of money can be consumed by fixing others’ problems when we should allow them to fix their own problem. A mechanic misdiagnoses, a home inspector misses a huge issue, a vandal tags your home, or a teacher fails to challenge your child. Let it slide? No. Never. Speak up. Listen and love so the person can fix the problem responsibly. They fix it; not you. It will save you money. But better yet, it will allow them to grow and become better.
June 28, 2019
Don’t Want To Think About It: How To Automate Everything
What if 30 seconds a day gave you access to your credit score, net worth, budget, and financial warnings? What if you never had bank fees? Find a great credit union/bank with an app designed to give you a snapshot of your Cashflow and net worth. And make sure your bank/credit union abhors fees as much as you do.
June 13, 2019
How Low Can You Go? 80% Off?
How to lower costs on clothes, pianos, skateboards, Legos, cars, electricity, books and more. Is 80% off legit? Why my Huffy from K-Mart inspired me to never be cheap.
June 07, 2019
Engineers & Janitors Meet Up
The Most important word for wealth. Faith. What creates lack? Fear? An in-depth discussion about destiny. fate and predicting your financial future. How to increase your cash flow.
May 31, 2019
The Lexus and The Ab Ball: Eliminate High Costs and Poor Prices
Intrinsic value is what Warren Buffett looks for over price and cost. Who determines worth? Marketers? Salespersons? You?
May 22, 2019
Afford Anything, Not Everything: Paula’s Podcast and Blog
Paula hosts one of the best money saving and money making blog and podcast ever. Her ideas are simple but power packed. In this episode I share a few of her lessons I love most!
May 16, 2019
Real Estate Investing: Making Money With Apartments
Buying apartments at the right time for the right price is a science and an art. And making money monthly as well as when you buy and sell are skills that will pay you well. How can you manage your property instead of having your property manage you? Enjoy!
May 03, 2019
Paradoxical Intention: Getting The Right Focus
Contrary to popular belief, obsessing on wealth can inhibit it. Focus on family, faith and others while studying and applying financial principles is the best way to financial independence.
April 25, 2019
Begin Your Business With A Bang
Learn how much to pay employees, what the lifeblood of your business is. how to ensure your bets will pay off and how to prepare for a successful business.
April 19, 2019
Killing Sacred Cows
Be, Do, Have. Beliefs are key to lasting monetary success. What role do questions play in abundance? Ideas>money?
April 08, 2019
Death By A Thousand Cuts: A Lesson From Dave Ramsey
Perhaps the reason why many struggle with money- too many expenses. This episode includes a simple way to gauge your success and a tip to eliminate many debts.
March 29, 2019
Don’t Blow It: Solving Emergencies
Bald tires, blown engines, creditors, braces, and dents. When an emergency strikes: slow down, find options, and pay cash. And remember an emergency doesn’t necessitate urgency. Discuss and unitedly proceed with wisdom and options.
March 13, 2019
Break Out The Scissors: Cutting Expenses
Find ways to save money on cell phones, houses, cars, clothes and utilities. It’s not what you pay, it’s what you get. Be frugal not cheap.
March 06, 2019
Financially Independent Children
What if your children had their own money trees? Who should pay for college? Parents? Children? How can Children grow up and move out without handouts from their parents?
February 26, 2019
Build Your Assets
From Real Estate to Businesses I’ll guide you to finding income streams best for you. Cattle and Cows too.
February 13, 2019
Budgeting: Tell Your Money Where To Go
There are three main keys to an effective budget: partnering, goal setting, and elastic expenses. Budgeting can be super easy.
February 06, 2019
Mo’ Money
Values and unity drive wealth. Discounted luxuries and vacations
February 01, 2019
January 31, 2019
January 31, 2019