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Your Not My Father! (Or God or My Boss)

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For The Culture is a podcast focusing on anything going on in the world that is worth talking about. Although we focus on hip hop, nothing is off limits here. Follow us @FTC__Podcast on IG and Twitter.
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Mia 12 Stacks
Yerrr. Listening guide below.  7:48: Mia Khalifa only making 12k (would you wife a porn star) 13:53: new music (thug, QC, ferg, and more) 32:17: Jay-Z NFL deal fair or foul? 43:56: Niki Minaj vs Joe Budden podcast 52:22: Thoughts on “cancel culture” 1:00:55: Emilio’s Something 2 Think About Segment: The truth about Antartica‼️‼️ 1:09:54: Ranking Travis Scott’s projects  1:16:06: Josh Gordon reinstated. Does he deserve it? 1:23:21: Biggest fantasy football sleepers and busts  Topic of the week 1:36:15: Bullying in today’s society  Follow us at @NTRG__Podcast on IG and Twitter. Rate and review ASAP!!! 
August 19, 2019
3 Guys 1 Podcast
7:36: Thoughts on recent mass shootings 16:25: New Music (Rozay, Ugly God, Trippie Red and more) 36:00 Lizzo tweet at Future and Swae Lee 42:01: Best athlete rapper ? 45:55: Blueface slept with 1000 girls?  48:42: Rick Ross or The GAME?  51:32: Chance’s tweets/rappers dealing with mental health  1:02:38: AB helmet situation  1:07:13: Zeke situation  1:10:21: NFL Preseason Week 1 1:13:51: Fantasy football talk 1:17:44: Crazy videos from our youth  1:20:48: Mike Posner bit by snake  1:22:36: Pyramids conspiracy  Topic of the week 1:29:00: Thoughts on cheating in relationships  @FTC__Podcast. RATE and REVIEW!!! Helps out a lot!! 
August 12, 2019
If You’re Reading This It Didn't Happen
Back with more flames! Listening guide below.  5:20: new music (Drake and Durk) 11:40: A$AP Rocky free (Trump tweet) 12:55: politician thoughts  16:29: Joe Rogan conspiracy theory time (we all died in 2012/Mandela effect) 31:19: Melo vs Emilio twitter beef 33:32: Mid Year top 5 albums  50:33: You guys sucking toes? 55:18: Busta Rhymes kicked off plane  1:00:23: Port of Miami 2 track list (50 cent Rick Ross beef) 1:03:54: Lil Nas X breaks billboard record 1:04:40: 2000s hip hop appreciation  1:08:47: thoughts on STANS 1:16:19: As seen on Twitter: Zendaya overrated? Topic of the week 1:23:17: Lebron doing too much on the sidelines? Follow us @FTC__Podcast on IG and Twitter and also please rate and subscribe. Everyone have a good week!
August 5, 2019
Sad Boy Chunes
What up everyone! This week's topics...  4:55: The Big Day review 13:01: Does Niki get enough respect? 12:43: YBN Cordae The Lost Boy review 19:33: Drake and Ross Golden Rosses  23:53: Key Glock and Dolph tape 25:32: Bryson Tiller single 29:18 Big Sean singles 32:28: Yung Bans album 34:26 NF Album =/ 41:44: Iggy Azalea album 48:46: Trippie Redd joins the podcast 52:35: XXL Cyphers - Favorite XXL freshman covers 59:30: Young Dro arrested 1:01:14: XXXtentacion Comedy Central joke 1:03:29: R Kelly’s crisis manager quits 1:05:14: A$AP Rocky update 1:07:52: Future’s body guard KO’d 1:10:40: No Guidance video 1:13:21: Tay-K’s trial wraps up 1:14:36: Should Tay-K be cancelled like R Kelly?? Topic of the Week 1:26:10: Marijuana (Legalization thoughts/personal experiences)  As Seen on Twitter 1:31:23: J-Lo vs Mariah Carey Songs and thoughts of the week to end! Please rate and review, subscribe and follow us on IG and Twitter @FTC__Podcast
July 28, 2019
Peppa Azalea
What up everyone! More content but please rate and review this week as we have some eyes on us! Also follow us @FTC__Podcast on IG and Twitter. Much love to everyone that supports!!! Listening guide 7:03: New Music (Maxo Cream, Lion King album, NAS, Tory Lanez) 9:55: Beyoncé overrated ? 17:30: Peppa The Pig vs Iggy Azalea  25:05: Chance The Rapper overrated? 27:11: Your most overrated hip hop artist  33:56: what producer would you pick for your debut album? 37:23: Trump freeing A$AP?  41:50: ICE bae (Zay Rant) 44:20: Tay-K and El Chapo gone 53:10: best hip hop group currently  56:44: 66 year old Tupac Stan fired 1:01:12: Best NBA duo  1:08:58: Tyreek Hill no suspension 1:13:26: Early super bowl prediction  Topics of the week  1:18:14: Eric Garner case/Trump “send her back” chant thoughts 1:28:46: is it possible to be friends with an ex? 
July 22, 2019
Your Not My Father! (Or God or My Boss)
What up everyone! Back this week to speak on.. 2:56: Emilio’s dog keeps his nuts 6:12: thoughts of pet/family deaths 10:11: Ben Askren RIP (UFC talk) 16:46: Zay fixes baseball 19:36: first thing you’ll buy if you win the lotto 20:56: 🤫🤫🤫 22:14: Corn hole championship 28:29: Westbrook to Houston 36:20: Baker Mayfield or Cam Newton? 41:57: Area 51 raid (do you believe in 👽?) 48:08: Disney land brawl for all 50:50:  new music drops (BIG KRIT, DVSN, Nas, old town road remix and more) 1:02:24: OVO Fest lineup (waxing for tickets) 1:04:22: Jermaine Dupri comments 1:08:42: Diddy brining Making the Band back? 1:09:39: R Kelly (thoughts on the entire issue)   Topics of the week 1:22:56: could you date someone that has a kid? (would you be a step parent?)  1:30:07: is male body shaming a thing? (Small dude wilding out inspired)   1:34:38: Songs and thoughts of the week!   Love to everyone that listens. PLEASE rate a review it really helps us a lot and like always follow us on IG and Twitter for the laughs @FTC__Podcast.
July 14, 2019
Cucumber Summer
The boys get ready for fight night as we talk 2:45: NBA Free Agency 21:34 Cam Newton airplane 1500 seat offer 23:28: grocery store madness (cucumber and ice cream) 29:47: new music ROD 34:50: J Cole vs Lil Wayne (who’s better) 37:30: MGK album review 42:07: Lil Nas X coming out 46:22: Jaden Smith album 51:01: Nike Air Max recall 56:14: Emilio’s dad (Kyle) checks in 56:30: Lil Mermaid 59:37: ASAP Rocky locked up Topic of the week 1:06:26: proper going out etiquette (Zay Yeezy rant) 1:10:33: how important is sex in a relationship? 1:13:14: what defines cheating? Songs of the week/thoughts of the week and more! Follow us at @FTC__Podcast on IG and Twitter, rate and review!
July 8, 2019
Listening guide below 2:26 - New music review (Chris Brown, DJ Mustard, J Balvin Bad Bunny and more..) 25:48 - Is sampling older songs a "cheat code"? 32:32 - Knicks sad boy story/NBA Free Agency 39:47 - another LBJ vs MJ debate  47:13 - Darren Collison JW mission/Dating a Jehova Witness  55:37 - Best hooper rappers 1:00:22 - FTC Podcast vs Iggy Azalea hive 1:05:30 - Zay admits Carti is his fav artist *+:) ***Topics of the week** 1:12:03 - Gay characters on children shows  1:21:44 - Is it possible to keep a friends with benefits relationship with someone?   Plenty or more topics/content in between as well! Go follow us @FTC__Podcast on both IG and Twitter. Please subscribe and rate! Thanks to everyone for the support.
July 1, 2019
Squirtin and Fartin
This week we cover.... 2:30: Emilio's birthday recap 6:11: NBA Awards/Free Agency talk 24:37: Why does Pitt hate AB and Bell? 30:00: New Music (Lil Nas X, Pierre Bourne, Gucci, Ross) 38:28: Jussie Smollett video 50:15: What would you do if you found out you were hooking up with a trans women? 56:50: How would you go about approaching someone that owes you money/only hits you up when they need something? 1:03:32: G-Eazy headlining Rolling Loud - we rank white rappers 1:06:03: XXL Freshman class 1:17:30: Lavar Ball ESPN beef TOPIC OF THE WEEK 1:19:54: Could you date someone that had a significant other that died? Finals thoughts and songs of the week and much more! Follow us @FTC__Podcast on twitter and IG. Rate and subscribe and spread the word if your feeling us!
June 26, 2019
Sound The Alarm
This week the crew discusses... NBA Finals Aftermath Where does the latest Drake and Ross rank on their collab list? Would you be okay with your girl chilling with your friends one on one? Lil Durk gone gone Do black men cheat? and wayyy more Topic of the Week: We hit our to answer... have you ever faced a demon? How to handle a busy boyfriend. How do you make yourself happy? and more.   Follow us at FTC__Podcast on twitter and IG. Rate, subscribe and spread the word!
June 17, 2019
Pray For Nayvadius
We're back! This week... The crew finds their Florida Man Future album review  Chris Brown and Drake Single Lil Zan and 50 cent get pulled up on Khaled hates on Tyler Old Nickelodeon shows NBA Finals   Topic of the week: would you rather questions and some bonus freak freak talk.   Follow us @FTC__Podcast on twitter and IG, subscribe, and rate!
June 11, 2019
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