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Fuelled By Tea

Fuelled By Tea

By Jade Johnson
A journey that is Fuelled by Tea and powered by curiosity. There is so much we can learn through great conversation and we are constantly inspired by the stories that unfold with our guests. Bonus episode content is available on our website at such as curated music playlists and much more.
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The Berry Tea Shop - How to grow and thrive with quality
With its history steeped in the traditions of the British tea culture, coupled with a determination to execute to the highest possible standard, The Berry Tea Shop continues to grow, thrive and make a name for itself, both in-store and online. Trusted for its unwavering commitment to quality and homemade values, its owners, Cliff and Paulina, bring their collective hospitality know-how and growth-mindset to the table. Creating what started out as a much-loved tea shop, into what is now, a much-loved brand. Read more about the berry tea shop on our website at tea:lc If you enjoy this episode please consider subscribing and leaving a review, we'd really appreciate it. 
September 22, 2022
The Laundry Garden - A vision brought to life
Jenny and Tom’s home, dates back to the 1770’s and was originally the outbuilding that belonged to the Hall residence, and it was in fact used as the laundry. Transforming their property through passion and creativity, the Laundry garden is now home to a collection of remarkable gardens and short stay accomodation for those looking to embrace the incredible views.  For more information on the Laundry Garden Retreat and our conversation, be sure to visit our website at To book a stay with Jenny and Tom go straight to their website If you enjoyed this episode please consider subscribing or leaving a review, we'd be truly grateful.
August 21, 2022
Scotland Tea Diaries - Passion, Friendship and all things Afternoon Tea!
As two girls searching for the best afternoon tea in Scotland, (and around the globe) both Bryn and Jamie are about as genuine as it gets and so is their love of all things afternoon tea.  Their stories and insights are both as captivating and as charming as they are, and with a realism and humour that makes this a match made in afternoon tea heaven! Much like their instagram account ‘Scotland Tea Diaries,’ this conversation is a positive, feel good listen for anyone, that has an extra dollop of goodness on top, that is two truly great friends, sharing something they love together. Join us for more tea goodness at our website!
June 26, 2022
Katia Sokolskaya - Artisan Tea crafted from the heart and an endless quest to discover
Full of tea stories and insights from around the globe, Katia illuminates her pathway to creating her award winning brand Nauteas, as well as highlighting the connections that tea can bring each of us. If you enjoy handcrafted tea blends and people who are speak from the heart then you must open your ears to   - founder of Nauteas London.  For more Fuelled by Tea conversations and tea inspired creations please say hi to us at: Web: Instagram: Tea L C or Fuelled by Tea. Podcast
May 30, 2022
Andrew Gravett: The Executive Pastry Chef delighting Afternoon Tea guests at the Langham Hotel London
If you have sweet tooth for British nostalgia and Afternoon Tea, then Chef Andrew Gravett, the Executive Pastry Chef at the Langham Hotel London, will not disappoint.  With a passion for bringing his guests a childlike enjoyment from his ‘British Biscuit’ inspired menu, his insights and stories around Afternoon Tea, creative expression and a concept of sharing through mouth watering treats will leave you wanting more!  This is such a special conversation with the man creating new and relatable, full-flavoured experiences & traditions in the original home of the Afternoon Tea.  If you're looking for more things 'TEA' please say hi at our website or take a look at our book on amazon as a gift to yourself or someone else. 
May 21, 2022
Victoria Eggs: Hand crafted homewares made in the UK
Creating with love and a cup of tea in hand, this was an incredible conversation with Victoria. Sharing the story behind the designs and the journey of building a brand sold across the world. Grab one of her creations as the perfect tea gift, accessory or personal treasure. To grab a copy of the book we discuss during the podcast you can either check out our website, or grab it from Amazon. Tea. The Great British Answer to Everything.
May 16, 2022