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By F&L Asia Limited
Listen to news and opinion on a wide variety of fuels and lubricants industry themes. Presented by F&L Asia Limited.
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Episode 8 - Conversation with ALMU Executive Director Bernard Wong

F+L Webcast

Episode 9 - A Conversation with business strategist Rob van Zwieteren
Downstream set to play a larger role for oil and gas companies Not too long ago, the only way to develop a wind or solar energy business was with the support of the government. Economics did not support a viable entry into these renewable energy markets. It is only in the last five to 10 years that companies could operate wind and solar from an economic perspective, says business strategist, Rob van Zwieteren.
January 22, 2021
Episode 8 - Conversation with ALMU Executive Director Bernard Wong
ALMU Executive Director discusses his 35+ year career with Mobil, BP and Lubrizol, including 19 of those years in China. Now, he has taken on a new challenge since retiring in July 2018 from The Lubrizol Corporation, where he was Asia-Pacific region head based in China. Bernard will play a key role in guiding ALMU members through a period of transformation for the lubricants industry while meeting the organisation’s ambitious growth targets. “My role is a new role. This role is to really drive and execute the over-arching mission ALMU has. To do this, I will need to provide the leadership to the ALMU Team. Delivering events, services, to all our members. I believe if we do it properly, and I believe we will, this will ensure that ALMU’s growth and success will continue which will benefit all the members in ALMU. What’s important over the next two years, the four priorities have already been set by ALMU. What I need to do is to be able to work very closely with our Chairman Pai Kok Tan, the ALMU Council and also the subcommittee leaders to help them make sure we deliver all the projects and initiatives that have been set up.”
December 7, 2020
Episode 7 - Mark Miller discusses Biosynthetic Technologies’ new novel additive for metalworking fluids and the company’s plan for ILSAC GF-6
Biosynthetic® Technologies recently announced the global launch of their new product line of novel additives for metalworking fluids (MWF) called Biocea™. These novel sustainable additives use the patented estolide technology. These MWF additives are biobased, biodegradable, non-bioaccumulative, and non-toxic. Biocea additives leverage Biosynthetic Technologies’ proprietary estolide technology for high demanding water soluble, synthetic, and conventional oil additive applications. Biocea additives, which are produced from castor oil derivatives in India, enhance the lubricity, polarity, film strength, biostability, hydrolytic stability, and oxidative stability of the base fluid. In this podcast, Mark Miller, CEO of Biosynthetic Technologies, talks about this unique biodegradable MWF additive, plus the company’s plan in the engine oil space, as it pursues its ILSAC GF-6 certification from the American Petroleum Institute (API) for its estolide base fluids.
November 10, 2020
Episode 6 - Fred Passman discusses how to minimise risks from Covid-19 exposure in the industrial workplace
By the end of September, there were 33 million cases of Covid-19, and more than one million deaths, worldwide. With the U.S. President, his wife and his close aide, contracting the virus themselves in early October, Covid-19 once again occupied the headlines throughout the world. Dr. Frederick Passman, one of a few industry experts on industrial microbial ecology, discusses how people can return to work safely in the industrial setting, where social distancing could be challenging. The greatest risk of exposure to airborne viruses occurs in enclosed spaces. Passman discusses the measures that can be taken to minimise the risks, and explains how it is not as simple as following general health guidance.
October 2, 2020
Episode 5 - Top 5 Auto Trends with Michael Dunne
Top 5 Auto Trends: “Just-in-Time” being replaced by “Just-in Case” In our September 2020 edition of F+L Webcast, Michael Dunne, president of ZoZo Go, discusses the Top 5 Auto Trends and the Asian automobile market post Covid-19. Investment sentiment is swinging back to Southeast Asia, the darling of the 1990s, as the relationship between the U.S. and China continues to deteriorate. The principle of “Just-in-Time” or lean  manufacturing is being replaced by “Just-in-Case,” as automakers move to diversify their production centres to Southeast Asia. ZoZo Go is an investment advisory firm that advises automakers, suppliers and investors on how to win in Asia.
September 7, 2020
Episode 4 - Conversation with Trevor Gauntlett: Brexit, REACH, and Covid-19
Recorded on July 31, 2020 - In the latest episode of F+L Webcast, we speak with Trevor Gauntlett, an independent industry consultant with over 25 years’ experience in Blue Chip Chemicals and Oil companies, including 18 years as the technical expert on Shell’s Lubricant Additives procurement team. During the podcast, we delve into a variety of topics including the UK’s upcoming withdrawal from the European Union and the likely impact on the lubricants industry. We discuss the effect on industry bodies such as the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) and the voluntary environmental certification EcoLabel; as well as concerns around what divergence in legislation could mean for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) in the UK. We also consider how the Covid-19 pandemic has sharpened issues for both UK manufacturers and companies that rely on UK suppliers as part of integrated supply chains. Edits have been made for factual accuracy.
August 7, 2020
Episode 3 - Conversation with STLE President Paul Hetherington
STLE turns 75 in 2020, but has had to cancel celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. STLE President, Paul Hetherington, talks about how the organization is evolving to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances of 2020, Paul tells us a little about where STLE has come from, and where it is heading as a result of its Emerging Trends Report.
July 3, 2020
Episode 2 - ExxonMobil’s Tim Nadasdi on the future of Group I base oil post-Covid 19
F&L Asia's Editor-in-Chief, Vicky Denton, interviews Tim Nadasdi, Product Development Advisor, Basestocks and Specialties at ExxonMobil Fuels and Lubricants discuss the future of Group I and Group II base oils in Asia, Europe and the Americas, as well as the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on base oil and lubricant manufacturers large and small.
May 27, 2020
F+L Webcast: Episode 1 - Jeff Harmening, American Petroleum Institute - GF-6 and API SP
We interview Jeff Harmening, Manager of the Engine Oil Licensing Certification System (EOLCS) of the American Petroleum Institute (API) about GF-6, and their recent decision to open emergency provisional licensing for oils during the COVID-19 pandemic.
April 30, 2020