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The Full10Yards American Football Podcast

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American Football Podcast covering NFL, CFB, XFL, Fantasy Football, Retro and Betting

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Fantasy: TNF Review, Week 9 Preview and Bacon Butties

The Full10Yards American Football Podcast

College Football - Scouting Podcast Episode 6: Interior Defensive Line
S C O U T I N G  P O D C A S T  E P I S O D E  #6: I N T E R I O R  D E F E N S I V E  L I N E 
January 16, 2021
NFL Divisional Round Preview
Shaun, Tim David and Adam give you everything you need for the Divisional round action including Game previews, DFS plays, betting and predictions.
January 14, 2021
College Football - Super Wildcard Weekend Mock Draft
The college football team are back and are bringing you their first post- regular season mock draft...
January 14, 2021
Super Wilcard Review
Lawrence and Kieran join the buzzing host Shaun as they look back on super wildcard weekend. 
January 11, 2021
College Football - Scouting Podcast Episode 5: Interior Offensive Linemen
S C O U T I N G  P O D C A S T  E P I S O D E #5  I N T E R I O R  O F F E N S I V E  L I N E M E N 
January 9, 2021
NFL WIldcard Weekend Preview
Shaun, Tim, David and Adam get together to break down every game and give you their thoughts, opinions and predictions for the games including DFS and Daily fantasy advice and the betting markets. 
January 7, 2021
College Football - Ohio State Upset Clemson
The college football boys get you all caught up on everything college football playoff semi finals
January 7, 2021
NFL Week 17 recap, Black Monday
Shaun, Lawrence, Tim and Steve are behind the mics to talk about the Eagles shenanigans, the AFC South and Miami/Arizona missing out on the playoffs. We talk about the current vacancies on Black Monday and predict our Super Bowl. We also give away a couple of T-shirts!
January 5, 2021
NFL Betting Week 17
Tim and Adam return for the final regular season week. Where is the value with all of the betting chaos that is week 17? We'll find it for you.
January 2, 2021
College Football - Scouting Podcast Episode 4: Safeties
S C O U T I N G  P O D C A S T  E P I S O D E  #4  S A F T I E S
December 31, 2020
Fantasy: Week 16 - Championship Review
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and Adil (@dillytoon) break down the matchups from the week 16 Championship games. They close out the show with their MVPs and Busts of the week.
December 30, 2020
College Football - Bowls and Playoff Talk
With the college football season drawing to a close, it's all about bowl games and playoffs - We're here for it all before draft season comes into everyone's focus.
December 30, 2020
NFL: Week 16 recap and Playoff Picture
Shaun, Tim, Lawrence and Kieran recap the jostling in the playoff pictures including Colts loss to Steelers, Washington's loss to Carolina and the Seahawks win in the NFC west. Plus Stats and Dwayne Haskins news.
December 28, 2020
College Football Scouting Podcast Episode 3: Tight Ends
The college football team have you covered with the next generation of tight ends that will be hitting the NFL in 2021! Do you have a New Rob Gronkowski, or Travis Kelce?
December 24, 2020
Fantasy: Week 16 Preview - Part 1
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and Adil (@dillytoon) breakdown the Christmas Day matchup between the Vikings and the Saints. They also look at the Boxing Day triple header; including games between the Buccaneers and the Lions, the 49ers and the Cardinals, and the Dolphins and the Raiders.
December 23, 2020
College Football - Crowning the Champions (and Ohio State)
The college football team are back with your weekly dose of college football goodness, this week they are talking about the conference championship games. We mention Ohio State too, briefly.
December 23, 2020
Fantasy: Week 15 Injuries, MVPs, Busts and Waivers
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) , Rob (@FFBritBaller) and Adil (@dillytoon) review the Monday Night Football matchup between the Steelers and the Bengals. They also look at the key week 15 injuries before discussing their semi-final MVPs, busts and waiver wire pickups.
December 23, 2020
NFL Week 15 Recap, Playoff Picture
Shaun, Tim, Lawrence and Kieran recap a huge week 15 in the NFL AFC South, NFC West battles and the ramifications on the Jets win over the Rams! Stats and what the boys want for Xmas!
December 21, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Week 15 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and Adil (@dillytoon) recap the Thursday Night Football game between the Chargers and the Raiders before previewing their favourite fantasy matchups of the weekend.
December 19, 2020
College Football - Scouting Podcast Episode 2: Linebackers
The college football team have you covered with the next generation of linebackers to hit the NFL
December 17, 2020
College Football - Big Ten Bulls Hit
The Big Ten Conference is looking after its big dog. Is it the right thing to do, or not? Come on in and get our views on this and also the week's college football action.
December 16, 2020
Fantasy: Week 14 Injuries, MVPs, Busts and Waivers
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y), Rob (@FFBritBaller) and Adil (@dillytoon) dissect the Monday Night Football matchup between the Ravens and the Browns before looking at their week 14 MVPs, busts and the top injuries. They close at the show with their top waiver pickups and a look ahead to the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Chargers and the Raiders.
December 16, 2020
Week 14 Recap and Washington debate
In Today's episode we recap the reshuffle for both the AFC and NFC #1 seeds and focus on whether the current 4 game winstreak for Washington could harm them in the long run...
December 14, 2020
NFL Betting: Week 14
Tim and Adam go through their best bets for week 14 after a good return from week 13, going 4/4 on their best bets.
December 13, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Week 14 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Adil (@dillytoon) as they review the Thursday Night Matchup between the Patriots and the Rams before they delve into their favourite fantasy matchups of week 14.
December 11, 2020
College Football - Scouting Podcast Episode 1 - Running Backs
S C O U T I N G  P O D C A S T  E P I S O D E  #1  R U N N I N G  B A C K S 
December 10, 2020
College Football - Mullets vs. Mormons
It got pretty spicy between Coastal Carolina and BYU on Saturday! The guys have you covered on that and all of the rest of the college football action from this past week. Don't forget the college football guys are back tomorrow with their new venture, the F10Y Scouting Podcast - Just another string to the F10Y bow. 
December 9, 2020
Fantasy: Week 14 Injuries, MVPs, Busts and Waivers
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y), Rob (@FFBritBaller) and Adil (@dillytoon) take a look back at the week 13 injuries, MVPs and busts before closing out by talking about their top waiver pickups for week 14.
December 8, 2020
NFL Week 13 recap and playoff pictures
Tim pilots once more and is joined by the usual guys in the huddle. They discuss the Browns statement win, the race for the #1 seed in the NFC and discuss head coaches on the hot seat. Plus the usual Winners/Losers and some stats to round us off. #Eyespeeled #NFL
December 8, 2020
NFL Betting: Week 13
Tim and Adam give their thoughts over the Week 13 games
December 6, 2020
Fantasy: WAF (Wednesday Afternoon Football) Review and Week 13 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by James (@NFLHypeTrain), Adil (@dillytoon) and Chris (@DetroitBeastie) as they review the Wednesday Afternoon matchup between the Steelers and the Ravens before delving into the top week 13 fantasy matchups.
December 5, 2020
College Football - You Go, Girl
Shout Out Sarah Fuller for her debut for Vanderbilt this weekend! The guys have that covered and all the rest of the weekend's action in the college ranks.
December 1, 2020
Fantasy: Week 12 MVPs/Busts, Week 13 Waivers
David is joined by Rob, Dave and Adil to recap week 12 and give their MVPs/Busts before each giving you a waiver wire target to prioritise in week 13. #FantasyFootball #NFL #Waivers
December 1, 2020
Week 12 review and playoff picture
Tim, Lawrence and Kieran discuss the week 12 games and the playoff implications before being joined by Shaun to go through their winners and losers and give you some stats in a weekend where plenty were available. #NFL #NFLPlayoffs 
November 30, 2020
Kieran's Korner: Week 12 Preview
Kieran is back with his Week 12 preview and we go to the only and only place to preview: Tampa Bay hosting Kansas City. What are Kieran's thoughts on the game? Find out here! #Buccaneers #Chiefs #NFL #SNF
November 28, 2020
Fantasy: Thanksgiving Review and Week 12 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Dave (@davieremixed) and Adil (@dillytoon) as they review the Thanksgiving games before previewing their favourite fantasy matchups of the weekend.
November 28, 2020
College Football - Sit Down Dabo, You Idiot
The guys are back to review the week's college football action and they also discuss Dabo Swinney's bizarre comments after Clemson's game with FSU was cancelled this past weekend.
November 26, 2020
Kieran's Korner - INTERVIEW : Coach Harris Last Chance U
Kieran sits down with Last Chance U Season 3 & 4 HC Kiyoshi Harris (@IndyFBHC) @DreamU_IndyFB Coach talks about what it's like being a head coach, the ups and downs along with what the Netflix Cameras changed for him and the players throughout the series before finishing off talking about the trials and tribulations of becoming a coach and how it's not all fun and games. #LastChanceU #DreamU
November 24, 2020
NFL Week 11 reaction, playoff pictures
The boys gather around the mic to discuss the AFC/NFC playoff pictures   Are the Ravens done?  What about Taysom Hill's start?  Raiders moved up a tier?  The Cowboys win the East?!?   PLUS: Bonus argument on Carson Wentz   
November 24, 2020
Fantasy: Week 11 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) are joined by Chris Robin (@DetroitBeastie) as they recap the week 11 action. The team discuss their fantasy MVPs and busts and look at the key injuries. They then turn their attentions to waivers, the trade market and the Thursday Thanksgiving matchups.
November 24, 2020
Fantasy: TNF, Week 11 Preview and Yorkshire Puddings
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y), Rob (@FFBritBaller) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) are joined by Bob (@i80_Sports) from i80 Sports as they review the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Cardinals and the Seahawks before previewing their favourite week 11 fantasy matchups. However, the most important question asked on the show is: Do Yorkshire Puddings belong on a Christmas Dinner?
November 21, 2020
College Football - Early (ish) Heisman Candidates
The boys are back and this week alongside the usual college football rundown, we give you some of our early Heisman front runners, some you will expect but we also throw out some non-QB names too, to spice things up a little.
November 18, 2020
NFL: Week 10 Review, week 11 lookahead
🚨 PODCAST 🚨 Week 10 review In my best Scott Hanson voice: "We go to the Quadbox" The guys recap all the big games and storylines from last weekend. Stats, winners/losers and week 11 preview Visual 👇 #nfl #week10 #stats
November 17, 2020
Fantasy: Week 10 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Dave (@davieremixed) and Chris Robin (@DetroitBeastie) as they discuss their week 10 MVPs and busts. They also discuss the main injuries from week 10 before turning their attentions to the waiver wire and trade landscape.
November 16, 2020
Betting: NFL Week 10
Tim and Adam back once again behind the mics (and cameras on YouTube!) to run the rule over week 10 betting opportunities. Total Points handicaps Anytime TD scorers Props NAP/NB
November 15, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Week 10 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y), James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) look back at the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Colts and the Titans before previewing their favourite fantasy matchups of week 10.
November 13, 2020
College Football - Mock Draft Week
This week here at the Full 10Y Yards, it's mock draft week! All week we're putting out mock drafts now that we have reached the mid point of the year. On today's pod, we review the weekend's action as we always do (note that Rob is very happy about Notre Dame's win over Clemson) but then we turn out attention to our picks and we also pick each other's picks apart too. In this episode we also announce our winner of our Von Miller jersey winner too, so ears peeled!
November 11, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 10 Pod
The boys are back and joined by Kieran to discuss week 9 in the NFL. As we are at the mid point of the season we also crown some winners selected by you the full 10 yards fans based on our twitter polls.
November 10, 2020
Fantasy: Week 9 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) break down the week 9 matchups and discuss their fantasy MVPs, busts, waiver targets and trade candidates. They also look at the key injuries before turning their attention to the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Titans and the Colts.
November 9, 2020
Betting: NFL Week 9
Tim and Adam take a look over the week 9 betting odds and give you their best bets and their anytime TD scorers.
November 7, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review, Week 9 Preview and Bacon Butties
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) take a look back at the Thursday Night Football game between the 49ers and Packers. They also preview their fantasy football matchups of the weekend before asking the all important question... red sauce or brown sauce on a bacon butty?
November 7, 2020
Kieran's Korner - Week 9 Preview
Kieran's Korner back once again getting you in the mood for Week 9. Kieran breaks down the 3 most exciting games of week 9! First up is the MVP Front runner Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks facing off against the always electric Josh Allen, then we Take a Trip to Tompa Bay to see the goat face against against first ballot hall of famer Drew Bree’s and his Saints and finally can Ryan Tannehill recover from a stunning loss against the Bengals when his Titans take on the formidable Bears defence? All this coming up in this week’s episode of Kieran’s Korner!
November 6, 2020
College Football - Our Pac-12 Show
The guys are back to preview the final Power-5 conference to get underway this year, the Pacific-12 conference. We bring you players and teams to watch out for, as well as our championship contenders from out west, as well as your usual college football weekly roundup.
November 4, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 9 Pod
The boys are back discussing the games that sorted the men from the boys, some surprising scorelines and all of your usual favourite segments. This marks the first ever live streamed episode of the full10yards podcast so go check it out on our facebook, twiiter and youtube channels!
November 3, 2020
Fantasy: Week 8 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) look at their week 8 MVPs, busts, waivers and trade targets. They also discuss the key injuries for the week and look ahead to the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Packers and the 49ers.
November 3, 2020
Betting - NFL Week 8
Tim and Adam return once more and look over the week 8 betting slate.  We give you the games that could be affected by weather as well as our best bets and anytime TD scorers.  Please gamble responsibly!  Follow us on Twitter @Full10Yards and don't forget to give Adam's work a read over at (@Touchdowntips on Twitter)
October 31, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Week 8 Sunday Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) take a look forward to the best week 8 fantasy matchups. They discuss the main injury concerns headed into the weekend and also recap the Thursday Night Football game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers.
October 31, 2020
Kieran's Korner - NFL Week 8
Kieran's Korner is a bit Krowded today as Kieran (@DCCYTFootball) welcomes on Andy Moore (@AJmoore21) to help cover the Rams/Dolphins game and Lee Wakefield (@wakefield90) to help cover the Chargers/Broncos Game as well as a beat down on the Pats as they take on the Bills What does the future hold for Belichick? How will the Dolphins operate with Tua at QB? How good is Justin Herbert? That and a lot more in an extended (spooky) edition of Kieran's Korner.
October 30, 2020
College Football - AP Poll Nonsense
The college football team is back and they are angry. Angry about the nonsense that is the AP Poll. Why are Pac-12 teams in there? Why are Big 10 teams flying up the rankings? W H Y are the AP such cowards?! The guys look back at the weekend's games and give their usual rundown - Kieran is declaring that LSU are back, so this episode is worth listen for that alone.
October 28, 2020
Fantasy: Week 7 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) look back at another WILD NFL Sunday to discuss their week 7 MVPs and busts. They also turn their attentions towards the waiver wire for week 8 and talk about their top trade for and away candidates. 
October 26, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 8 Pod
Blow outs, games down to the wire, the NFL delivered another great week of action. The boys review what went down, with the usual mix of stats and highlights and turn their eyes to some week 8 goodies on the menu. 
October 26, 2020
NFL Betting: Week 7
@Tim_MonkF10Y & @TouchdownTips had a great week 6, going 3/4 on their best bets. The boys are back for the week 7 slate with their best bets & some juicy anytime TD scorers
October 24, 2020
Kieran's Korner Week 7
Kieran is back to give you his thoughts on this week's top games in the NFL. In the Korner this week, the Steelers get some big ups, but does Kieran give them the win against the Titans? Which way does Kieran have the Las Vegas Raiders going against Tampa Bay and as well as those two games... Kieran is asking and imploring Pete Carroll to L E T  R U S S  C O O K.
October 24, 2020
Kirean's Korner - Interview with Sir Yacht
Joining our man in America this week is the self proclaimed “CEO of Ohio” the scourge of Steelers fans everywhere and the internet phenom, Sir Yacht. Talking all things Ohio, including the buckeyes, skyline chilli and why Steelers fans are the worst! Note: This was recorded prior to the Browns/Pittsburgh game.
October 24, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Week 7 Sunday Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) look back on the Thursday Night Football Matchup between the Giants and the Eagles. They also each pick out their favourite two fantasy matchups of the weekend and discuss starts, sits and injuries. Head over to @F10YFantasy for all of the latest updates and news #EyesPeeled
October 24, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 7 Pod
The boys are back a day late discussing superstar players faltering in the spotlight, teams with 100% records and your usual mix of stats, scores and laughs.
October 21, 2020
College Football - Our Big 10 Show
Today the guys are back to look back and also look ahead. We're looking back at another great weekend of college football action and looking ahead to the Big 10 conference, which returns to our lives and televisions this coming weekend. We give you some teams and some names to watch throughout the conference and then round off the podcast by revisiting our playoff picks from a few weeks ago!
October 21, 2020
Fantasy: Week 6 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) discuss their week 6 MVPs, busts, waiver pickups and trades. They also analyse the week 6 injury impacts as well as looking ahead to the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Giants and the Eagles.
October 19, 2020
Betting Week 6
Tim and Adam talk about some themes thus far in the NFL through week 5, talk about the week 6 lines and then give your their best bets and anytime TD scorers. No thrill in this video as Tim is moving house but Adam provides all the stats and insight to help you make your decisions. Good luck with all your bets and please gamble responsibly!! #NFL #Week6 #betting #Gambling
October 18, 2020
Kieran's Korner - NFL Week 6
Kieran is back once again and inviting you into his korner to give you his thoughts on three of this week's best games from the NFL. Who is Kieran backing for a big dub? Who is he giving the MVP to? Well, press P L A Y and find out. Smash the subscribe button to get Kieran's thoughts each week as well as the rest of the great F10Y content too. Check out our Instagram where you'll find Kieran in our stories too, and follow him on Twitter @DCCYTFootball.
October 17, 2020
Fantasy: T(Tuesday)NF Review and Week 6 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) take a look back at the Tuesday Night Football matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans. They also choose their favourite fantasy matchups from the upcoming week 6 slate.
October 16, 2020
Full10Yards "Overtime" - Hannah Wilkes Sky Sports NFL
Its a special bonus edition of the NFL pod this week as @Shaun_F10Y is joined by the host of Sky Sports NFL "Overtime" @hannahjwilkes. They discuss the newest addition to the Sky Sports NFL lineup and Hannah's journey into sports broadcasting. There is plenty of chat about the season so far and a preseason Supber Bowl prediction that Hannah is sticking to.
October 15, 2020
College Football - NFL Coaches and Tray Lance
It was a super high scoring weekend of college football and Lee , Andy and Liam have got you covered! We also begin the interview process of the Texans and Falcons by sounding out some college coaches who could make waves in the NFL and then finish off by giving our thoughts on Tray Lance and his NFL prospects now he's had his showcase game against Central Arkansas.
October 14, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 6 Pod
The guys are back to discuss the QB's at either end of devastating injuries in the NFC East, the coaches clinging on to jobs (or not), the 3 beauties served up on SKY this week as well as your usual dose of stats, laughs and opinion.
October 13, 2020
Fantasy: Week 5 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) run through the week 5 injuries, fantasy MVPs and busts and look at their favourite waiver wire pickups and trade targets for week 6 #EyesPeeled @F10YFantasy
October 12, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Week 5 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Chris (@DetroitBeastie) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) as they review the TNF matchup between the Buccs and the Bears and look ahead to the top week 5 fantasy matchups.
October 10, 2020
Kieran's Korner - NFL Week 5
Kieran is back to preview a couple of games coming up in Week 5 of the NFL! Check out our Instagram pages where Kieran will be giving his stories on this week's action! @DCCYTFootball is where to find him on Twitter!
October 10, 2020
College Football - Week 5 and Some Conferences are Wide Open
We're back for some wholesome football chatter to get you through your midweek malaise until Kieran drops an absolute bombshell on the pod about Spencer Rattler and his Gran.... No it's not that he's done a Wayne Rooney, either.
October 7, 2020
Fantasy: Week 4 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Rob (@FFBritballer) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) as they discuss week 4 injuries, their fantasy MVPs and busts. They also discuss their favourite waiver and trade options heading into week 5.
October 6, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 5 Pod
The boys are back discussing COVID, plenty of points on the scoreboards, stats galore and Lawrence steps in to mediate the Browns/Cowboys breakdown. 
October 6, 2020
Betting: Week 4
Tim and Adam are back with their week 4 bets. Tim maintains his NAP streak whilst Adam is searching for some winners. Tim lays out some appealing anytime TD scorers and both like the Skybet enhanced treble. Subscribe !!!! #NFL #Betting @Touchdowntips @Full10Yards @Tim_MonkF10Y
October 4, 2020
NFL Week 4 Preview: Kieran's Korner
In the first of a new weekly segment. Kieran Patterson gives you a quick gloss over each game in the upcoming slate. His key to each game, where it'll be won and lost and his predictions. He puts Carolina, Detroit and Philly on blast. No holding back here! Which Korner are you in?
October 3, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Week 4 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y), Rob (@FFBritBaller) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) review the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Broncos and the Jets, breakdown some of the key fantasy matchups of week 4, and close out the show with a game of "Play Your PPR Fantasy Points Through 3 Weeks Right". Head over to @F10YFantasy or to check out the full analysis for the week 4 matchups this weekend.
October 3, 2020
College Football - Our SEC show
The whole college football team are back after a week away and they are talking some SEC football. The best conference in college football returned this weekend so we though that we'd better give it it's own podcast! We talk about this week's games, key players and give you our playoff predictions for the SEC and college football as a whole. Kieran GOES OFF about LSU's loss. We talk Florida, Georgia and Mike Leach's Mississippi State too.
September 30, 2020
Fantasy: Week 3 Injuries, MVPs, Busts, Waivers and Trades
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Dave (@Davieremixed), James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) as they discuss week 3 injuries, their weekend MVPs & busts, their favourite waiver wire targets and who they are trading for and who they are trading away.
September 29, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 4 Pod
The boys are back to talk about the sack race and Adam Gase continually stealing a living. Some high performing QB's get some love, winners and losers, stats and MNF talk. Plenty to get your teeth into. Like/Share and review
September 28, 2020
Betting - Week 3
Tim and Adam take a quick look back at week 2 and TNF before looking ahead to the Week 3 games in the NFL. #Gambling #Betting #NFL
September 26, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review, Week 3 Preview and Mock Draft Update
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) as they recap Thursday Night Football, before diving into the rest of the week 3 matchups. They talk starts, sits, injuries and close out the show with a recap of the mock draft that they completed back in August.
September 26, 2020
Fantasy: Week 2 Injuries, MVPs, Waivers and Trades
In this jam packed episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritballer) as they digest the week 2 injuries, name their week 2 fantasy MVPs and busts, talk waivers and trade targets and close out with a sneak peak of the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Miami Dolphins and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
September 21, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 3 Pod
The regular 3 man huddle of Tim, Lawrence and Shaun discuss week 2's action. Plenty of injuries to discuss, an update on the pick em league, where 3 go for perfection and stats galore. Tim and Lawrence throw out some puns and one of them gets a little tongue twisted.
September 21, 2020
Betting: Week 2 Best bets
Tim and Adam recap Week 1's successful start and then take a look ahead to Week 2 with the lines, bets and discussion ahead of the other 15 games left to go.  For all your American Football needs, check out and make sure to check out for Adam's work.
September 19, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Week 2 Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y), James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) take a look back at the fantasy standouts in the Thursday Night matchup between the Bengals and the Browns. They also look ahead to Sunday's matchups by previewing starts, sits and injuries.
September 19, 2020
College Football - Week Whatever It Is Round Up
The boys have a new addition to the team, Liam, and we welcome him in to the team by discussing the week's happenings in the college football world and then look ahead to next week. College football really feels like it's back, we just don't exactly know what week it is.
September 16, 2020
Fantasy: Week 1 Review and Waiver Wire
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) as they look at the fantasy standouts in each of week 1 Sunday matchups. They also discuss their favourite waiver wire targets for week 2 and beyond.
September 15, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 2 Pod
Time to panic? The boys discuss a few upsets, blast out some stats, rank some debuts and have some winners and losers from week 1. All this and an update on the pick 'em league and a look ahead to MNF and week 2.
September 14, 2020
Betting: Week 1 best bets
Tim and Adam recap the TNF game results and then go through the rest of the Week 1 games.  We give you our best bet & our next best and finish off with anytime touchdown scorers at juicy odds!
September 12, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Review and Sunday Preview
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) as they look at the fantasy standouts from Thursday Night's matchup featuring the Texans and the Chiefs. They also look ahead to Sunday's fixtures and the Monday Night double header. Don't forget to check out the Full 10 Yards season guide featured on both Amazon and the Full 10 Yards website.
September 12, 2020
Fantasy: TNF Preview, Waivers & Streamers
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Dave (@davieremixed), James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) as they look at starts and sits for Thursday Night Football, last-minute waiver options and the best streaming options for week 1.  Make sure you're following us on Twitter @F10YFantasy and, if you haven't already, head on over to to pick up your copy of our 2020 Season Guide.
September 9, 2020
College Football - Storylines and Players to Watch in 2020
The real college football season is almost upon us, as Rob says, we've had 2 weeks of preseason now and it's now time for the real football to start. This week we talk about some storylines for the coming college football season as well as some more players to watch out for, to give you even more guys to look out for after our mock draft episodes last week! The lads also have a surprise for Lee too, which means he now has a team to follow for the 2020 season.
September 8, 2020
NFL 2020 Week 1 Pod
The regular 3 man huddle of Tim, Lawrence and Shaun are joined by Alex to discuss roster cuts, Jadeveon Clowney and make some predictions ahead of the big kickoff. They also discuss what they are looking forward to in week number 1 of the NFL season
September 7, 2020
Ante Post Betting
Tim and Adam take a look at Super Bowl odds as well as AFC/NFC, divisional betting, team win totals as well as most passing/rushing/receiving leaders. Adam then gives us some of his favourite request a bets before rounding off with the opening kickoff betting lines and thoughts. Go give our YouTube channel a watch where it has all the odds, picks and opinions as a visually beautiful creation. Don't forget you can purchase our NFL season guide from amazon or the PDF version at and use discount code BRITBALL for 20% off! Profits go to our "Make it Official " Scheme, encouraging people to become officials or coaches in the British game.
September 7, 2020
New Season - F10Y Coming At Ya!
A whistle stop tour of off season 2020 as we get ready for a whole new campaign at full 10 yards HQ. Hear what the boys have in stock for the upcoming season and what they can (or indeed can't) remember from the past few months.
September 6, 2020
College Football - Preseason Mock Draft Part 2
Welcome back for part 2 of our preseason mock draft! Today we pick up from where we left on on Wednesday's podcast (if you haven't yet listened, hit pause on this pod and go back now for picks 1-16) from the Cleveland Browns who are picking at 17 overall in our mock draft. Lots of great picks and a particularly spicy one from Andy at 31st overall... Let us know your thoughts on this by tweeting us @Full10YardsCFB
September 4, 2020
NFL - 2020 Vision
Tim, Shaun, Lawrence and Kieran talk through all the latest news (Ngakoue, Fournette, Mixon) before going through the things they are most looking forward to seeing play out in 2020. We take a look at what YOU are looking forward to as well.  Don't forget that our NFL Season guide is on sale over on Amazon as well as our website Get ready for the new season for just £4.99! profits go towards our britball scheme "Make it official".
September 2, 2020
College Football - Preseason Mock Draft Part 1
We are back for another week and just before the season gets really started we wanted to bring you guys a mock draft! We wanted to highlight players who we like moving into what is a truly unique college football season! How will this affect the draft stock of many top prospects? Seriously, nobody can tell just yet. However, we wanted to give you guys some names who we like and play matchmakers for those players. This is part 1 with picks 1-16 and on Friday we will bring you part 2 with the second half of the first round, so eyes peeled for that one.
September 2, 2020
Fantasy: Favourite Players in Each Round
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y), Rob (@FFBritBaller) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) look at their favourite in each round from 1 through 10. It's the season finale of Play Your ADP Right and, of course, they finish out the show with Trade of the Day.
August 29, 2020
College Football - Small School Talent Factories
The college football lads are back again for another week of CFB chat and this week we've banned COVID talk in order to talk about some football! In this episode we discuss some recent news, the AP preseason top 25 and then move on to our main segment and giving love to some smaller schools who really punch above their weight and produce top level talent! We also talk kickers and punters a lot in this episode which was completely unplanned and then tell you all about what content is going to be hitting your screens and ears from us in the near future. Enjoy!
August 26, 2020
Fantasy: Sleepers & Busts
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Rob (@FFBritBaller) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) as they look at their 2020 sleepers and busts. They also discuss the fantasy impact of training camp injuries, have another round of Play Your ADP Right and, of course, finish out the show with Trade of the Day.
August 22, 2020
College Football - *Special Interview with Five Points*
We had an opportunity to interview YouTube Star, Five Points. We spent some time discussing how he got started, his videos, how he triggers fan bases with a few clicks of a mouse and much more. If you're not familiar with Five Points, you really should be, check out his YT channel here We'll be back with the regular college football podcast on Wednesday, so keep those eyes peeled.
August 22, 2020
College Football: Talking About Transfers
With all the recent happenings in college football with COVID-19, will we see players whose seasons have been cancelled or moved, upping sticks and transferring to another team? Some will say it's not ideal because the players need time to integrate, learn the playbook or even just move across the country... However, who ever let realism stand in the way of a good podcast topic? Lee, Kieran and Andy give you some of their most intriguing transfer candidates.
August 19, 2020
Fantasy: Redraft Darlings & Auction Draft Recap
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Rob (@FFBritBaller) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) as they look at players to target in redraft leagues that they wouldn't want to in dynasty and they also recap the recent auction draft that the F10Y crew completed. James tries to close his lead on Rob in Play Your ADP Right and they close out the show with Trade of the Day.
August 15, 2020
College Football - Will We Get a College Football Season?
The college football boys are back with their second episode of the new season! After we started with a bang last week, well this week we're a little bit unsure of whether we will even have a season to podcast about next week. We talk about the effects of losing the B1G and the Pac-12 (at the time of recording these were the only 2 conferences that had cancelled), we talk potential solutions and what this means long term for the college game and the players who play in it. This was a little bit of a therapy session for us and we got a fair bit off our collective chests when recording it, so we hope it has the same effect for you when listening.
August 12, 2020
NFL Pod - Guice/Covid/Hard Knocks
A mixed bag of NFL chatter with Shaun, Tim and Lee chatting as we draw ever closer to the new NFL season, plus an announcement of a full 10 yards project coming soon #eyespeeled
August 11, 2020
Fantasy: Covid Opt Outs & Fantasy Impact
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by James (@NFLHypeTrain), Tim (@Tim_MonkF10Y) and Chris (@DetroitBeastie) as they discuss the 2020 players who have opted out due to Covid and the fantasy impact this will have. Play Your ADP Right and Trade of the Day close out the show.
August 8, 2020
Fantasy: Draft Strategies
This week, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Rob (@FFBritBaller) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) as they discuss draft strategies for redraft, dynasty, bestball, superflex and more. James and Rob battle it out once again in "Play Your ADP Right" and the gang finish out the show with another edition of "Trade of the Day".
August 6, 2020
College Football - Going the JuCo Route
The college football team are B A C K and back with a bang! The boys kick off the new year off college football podcasting with an interview with Laney College running backs coach, K.C Adams, who recently appeared on the popular Netflix series, Last Chance U. The boys then gave their thoughts about Junior College, the series Last Chance U and then turn their attentions to the developing #WeAreUnited movement that is gathering pace out in the PAC-12 conference with players threatening to boycott the college football season unless demands for more safety measures and social justice for athletes of colour are met. It's a jam-packed episode and one that sets the bar really high for the coming year for the CFB team.
August 5, 2020
COVID - Finger Lickin' Good?
Tim, Shaun and Lawrence talk about the potential impacts of Covid19 on the NFL season and bring you up to speed with the protocols, the players that have opted out along with other NFL News. Jamal Adams trade, Mostert, Bosa contracts and why Drew Brees hasn't licked his fingers for 3 months.
August 3, 2020
Fantasy: Live Mock Draft Part 2
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y), James (@NFLHypeTrain) and Rob (@FFBritBaller) conclude the Full 10 Yards live mock draft, "Play Your ADP Right" makes it's debut appearance and, of course, we close out the show with another round of Trade of the Day.
August 1, 2020
Fantasy: Live Mock Draft Part 1
In this episode David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Rob (@FFBritBaller) & James (@NFLHypeTrain) as they complete the first half of a LIVE mock draft. It's a 12-team, PPR, Superflex league with no kickers but who will come out on top?  Of course, the show is closed out with trade of the day.
July 25, 2020
Fantasy: Breakouts and Busts with Mike Tagliere
In this episode David (@Dav_F10Y), Rob (@FFBritBaller) and James (@NFLHypeTrain) are joined by Mike Tagliere (@MikeTagliereNFL) from Fantasy Pros as they look into players primed for a breakout season and players who will be busts in 2020.  There's a game of "Boom or Bust", a look at the opinions from Twitter and, of course, Trade of the Day.
July 19, 2020
Fantasy: Rookie guide to Dynasty and Bestball strategies
We are joined by Murf from 5 yard rush to give you a starter's guide to Dynasty and Bestballs including large fields like #SFBX/#SRB/#FFCC.  A really good podcast for those experiencing these formats for the first time, we give you lots of tips and tricks to help you get accustomed to them and also give you details on how to win a spot in the FFCC as well as a Fantasy Football Playbook. Details on how to enter on the pod! If you want a fantasy football playbook FOR THE LOWEST PRICE, use code FULL10 at checkout over at
July 15, 2020
NFL: Miami Dolphins Outlook
Tim and Shaun are joined by the fabulous Nat Coombs to talk all about the Miami Dolphins. The effect of the heavy reshaping of the team and the effect it will have, the team's confidence in Brian Flores and when we will see Tua on the field. Make to go find Nat's great work over on his podcast We also talk about his thoughts on the Mahomes deal and Washington Redskins name change.
July 13, 2020
Fantasy: Rookie Diamonds in the Rough
In this episode, David is joined by Rob and James from the F10Y family and Rich King from King Fantasy Sports as they look at NFL rookies with an ADP of round 10 or lower. 
July 11, 2020
NFL: Mahomes, Newton & the Washington what?
In this episode:  -We explore Mahomes' contract/favourite stats/tweets, -Newton's arrival in NE. -A spot Josh McCown trivia question & -Suggest new Redskins names.
July 8, 2020
NFL: Salary Cap deep dive with Zack Moore
We are joined by the fabulous Zack Moore to talk about the dynamics of the salary cap in the NFL. We talk about his two books - "Caponomics" and discuss the ins and outs of the salary cap.  Roster bonus vs signing bonus,  Why the Patriots have been salary cap smart and what makes teams live in salary cap hell. The problem for running backs with contracts.
June 29, 2020
Fantasy: ADP Bargain Hunting
In this episode, David (@Dav_F10Y) is joined by Chris Robin (@DetroitBeastie) to discuss the players being most overlooked in 2020 Fantasy drafts. 
June 26, 2020
NFL Pod - Faucci/Trump and the NFL 2020 season
Plenty of off field chatter for Shaun and Lee to get their teeth into in this weeks NFL pod.
June 23, 2020
Fantasy: ADP Buyer Beware!
In this episode, David is joined by Tim and Rob from the F10Y family and Chris Robin from DFS Cheat Sheet as they discuss players they just will not touch at their current ADP. This episode contains a new segment, some new drops and a new guest. It's NOT to be missed.
June 19, 2020
NFL: Dalvin Cook and the Curious Case of RB contracts
Tim, Shaun and Lee bring you up to speed with a few NFL news tidbits before going into depth about Dalvin Cook and his current holdout threats. We look at what fixes could be done to help RB with their contracts and decide whether Dalvin will follow through with his holdout threat and look at the argument from both sides of the coin.
June 15, 2020
Fantasy: Dalvin Cook Holdout and Fantasy Implications
In this episode, David and Tim discuss the potential Dalvin Cook holdout, fantasy implications and how it has fared for previous running backs. WARNING: show contains terrible puns and more Blake Jarwin love.
June 12, 2020
NFL: Bounceback Teams for 2020
Tim, Shaun and Lawrence get back behind the mics to talk about 6 teams due for a bounceback in 2020. We talk about the latest news and have our say on the #BlackLivesMatter. Let us know what team is your bounceback team on Twitter @Full10Yards.
June 5, 2020
Dynasty Sell Highs and Buy Lows
In this edition of the fantasy podcast, David is joined by Tim and Dave to discuss the prime candidates to be selling high and to be buying low. The first winner of the first 5 Yard Rush Playbook giveaway is also announced.
June 4, 2020
Betting: NFL Futures
Tim & Adam take a look at how the off-season has shaken up the betting for the Super Bowl, MVP & a lot more including DAN MARINO JERSEY WINNER (00:55). Make sure you check out the YouTube version of this podcast!!
May 11, 2020
Fantasy Winners and Losers from the NFL Draft
Tim, Shaun and James discuss some winners and losers from the NFL Draft. Which player is the equivalent of Woody in Toy Story 1? And who is Buzz Lightyear? Is Derek Carr a value in 2020 for Fantasy? Find out here!
May 7, 2020
NFL Draft Fallout and 2020 Futures with Nick Kostos
Time for some more NFL Draft fallout with a view from across the pond given by Nick Kostos. Was the Jordan Love/Jalen Hurts picks middle fingers to the current starting QBs? Who do we like for the 2020 outrights? Find out here! Follow Nick and his tips by following him on Twitter @thekostos to find out when You Better You Bet returns!
May 4, 2020
NFL Draft Round 2-7 Recap
Tim is joined by Lee, Rob, Andy and James to recap rounds 2-7 of the NFL Draft. We talk about favourite picks, surprising picks and discuss teams that had good/bad drafts. We sprinkle a bit of fantasy advice in there too! Please leave a rating and review and follow our shenanigans over on twitter @full10yards! You can also get 10% OFF NFLShopEurope with code FULL10 #ad
April 28, 2020
Draft Day 1 Reaction
Day 1 is in the books - The boys react and look ahead to the rest of the draft action
April 24, 2020
NFC South Wayyyy Too Early Preview
A tasty division gets a king size discussion. @davieremixed , @Jamie_byromKM and @Murf_NFL join to break it all down.
April 23, 2020
NFL Draft Betting + £100 Challenge
Tim (@Tim_MonkF10Y) and Adam (@Touchdowntips) run the rule over the main markets to bet on for the NFL Draft, give you some great advice, only for Tim to totally ignore it on the £100 challenge... We talk about the NFL Draft as a betting event and then look at some of the bets we like the look of. Go and give Adam's content a read over at and dont forget to enter our NFL Draft competition through our pinned tweet.
April 22, 2020
Staff 2 Round Mock Draft
Tim and 6 other Full10Yards crew gather round and play out a 2 round mock draft. For those that watched our YouTube podcast, Round 2 starts at around 1hr 20 mins. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube and enter our NFL Draft Competition on our pinned tweet @Full10Yards!
April 21, 2020
NFC West wayyy too early preview
We go round table and discuss the NFC West as Shaun and James are joined by @BritishBirdgang, @JBBFootball, @MichaelLavery98 and @LARams_UK. Like, share and subscribe and get involved in the debate.
April 18, 2020
NFC East wayyy too early preview
NFC East is next on the menu with @JackHumphreyKM and a host of @full10yards contributors in tow.
April 18, 2020
BRITBALL WEEK: Jason Scott - GB Lions
Our final podcast of Britball week sees us talk to the man at the top! Making his 3rd appearance on the podcast, he talks about his new role as the HC of the GB Lions. Why did he take the job? What are his plans? Does that affect his other roles? We also talk about what keeps him ticking over during Covid19 and ask him a series of questions to help you know a little bit more about our GB HC, like favourite films, books and music! We hope you have enjoyed all our Britball podcasts. If you have, PLEASE DO US A FAVOUR and subscribe to our podcast and leave a 5 star review! The more we get, the more people we'll be able to interview!
April 13, 2020
How FA affected the 1st round of NFL draft
We are 5 strong today as Tim is joined by Lee, Rob, Euan and Andy as they go through the first round picks in the draft and discuss how Free Agency has affected team needs. NOTE: This was recorded prior to Brandin Cooks being traded. Give our branches a follow @Full10Yards, @Full10YardsCFB and subscribe to us on iTunes and please leave us a review!
April 12, 2020
BRITBALL WEEK: Sheffield Giants
Today we take a look a bit more into the Youth/Junior side of the game. We head to the steel city and we talk to Kieran Williams and how he got involved with American Football. We learn about his aspirations and what he wants to achieve in the sport and with the sport. A very inspirational interview. Hope you enjoy it! Please please please do us a quick favour and subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts and give us a 5 star review too!
April 12, 2020
BRITBALL WEEK: Sussex Thunder
Time to turn our attention to the south coast and we talk to HC Ian Ellis and Nev Reid on the playing side of things. We talk about how their support mechanisms work with regards to youth players and player development in association with the Scorpians and Hound Dogs. We also find out how Coach Ellis got into American Football and why Nev travels from St Albans to play with the team! Hope you enjoy the interview, please don't forget to leave us a 5 STAR REVIEW on Apple podcasts and follow us on Twitter @F10YBritball.
April 11, 2020
College Football: Defensive Draft Prospects - Collapsing Pocket Collaboration
This week we have a little bit of a different college podcast for your listening pleasure. We are in the midst of draft season, so Lee has hooked up with Simon Carroll on The Collapsing Pocket Podcast (@PocketCrumble) for part 2 of their collaboration where they are taking a look at the best prospects at each position who will be available in the 2020 NFL Draft. This week the lads look at defensive prospects. Enjoy! For part 1 and the offensive side of the ball, take a look at the Collapsing Pocket podcast available wherever you found us.
April 10, 2020
BRITBALL WEEK: London Olympians
243: Time to head to the Capital and time to talk to the London Olympians Riq and Victor give us the lowdown both on and off the field and talk about the history of the Olympians and how they get on with their neighbours the Warriors and the Blitz. Riq has recently taken over the reigns at the Olympians and Victor is only a few more playing positions away from having a full house! Enjoy it! Whilst you are, please subscribe to us on apple podcasts and give us a 5 star review!
April 10, 2020
AFC West Wayyyy Too Early Preview
Shaun and Rob are joined by @5yardrush, @Wakefield90, @rossstirling83 and @TylerArthur69 to talk all things Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders. Subscribe, review, tell a friend and interact.
April 9, 2020
BRITBALL WEEK: Yorkshire Rams/Leeds Samurai
Double header today and we head to the North West. We talk to Jason Shaw, who gives us an introduction in to the Yorkshire Rams, their setup and the Yorkshire Academy. In the 2nd part, we speak to Paddy Gunn who plays for the flag team as we give you an introduction to the Flag side of the game! Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast and give us a 5 star review! Hope you are enjoying Britball week!
April 8, 2020
BRITBALL WEEK: Susannah Taylor
240: It's official, it's Zebra time! Delighted to be joined by Susannah Taylor (@SusannahTaylorx) to talk about her involvement in the game, how she got to be an official, the all women crew for International Women's Day and a cool anecdote about Jeff Fisher! If you enjoy the podcast, go give us a 5 star review on Apple podcasts, give us a follow @Full10Yards and tell your friends to do so to!
April 7, 2020
NFL: Ross Tucker Interview
Little treat for all of you as the great Ross Tucker chats with Lawrence, who puts him through his paces as they talk about life during Covid 19. They talk about Ross's draft experience and lead up to the draft along with some highlights of his career including his baptism of fire in the NFL as he was thrown in at the deep end at Left Tackle on an O-line where he had taken zero snaps with in the game vs a stout Falcons D line. Make sure to give Ross Tucker's plethora of podcasts a listen and follow!
April 7, 2020
BRITBALL WEEK: East Kilbride Pirates
Time to move north of the border and visit East Kilbride. We talk to HC Jamie McLaughlin and DB Stephen Nicol. We give you an introduction into the team, what makes Jamie tick and talk about their recent documentary from last season "Return to the top" and finish off with some quick fire questions where Jamie gets to roast a few players. We then talk to Stephen, who joined East Kilbride last year and he talked about the transition to the team and how he approached it. Make sure to give our other Britball podcasts a listen throughout this week! If you like any of them, please do us a favour and subscribe over on Apple podcasts and give us a 5 star review! Don't forget, you can get 10% over at NFL Shop Europe with code FULL10. Take advantage of their sale!
April 6, 2020
BRITBALL WEEK: Hertfordshire Cheetahs
OFF WE GO! Britball week starts with Hertfordshire HC Craig Barnes. We talk about his connection with the game, an introduction to the Cheetahs and some quickfire questions. We have plenty of podcasts coming your way so make sure to subscribe over on Apple podcasts, and do us a huge favour by leaving a 5 star review. Don't forget, 10% over at NFLEurope Shop with code FULL10 at checkout. Coming tomorrow - East Kilbride!
April 4, 2020
AFC East Wayyyy Too Early Preview
Shaun is joined by @FFBritBaller, @DrSuperBowl, @downthemannyrd and @5YardLee to talk AFC East. Tell a friend, get involved and debate along with us @full10yards
April 2, 2020
AFC South Wayyyy too Early Preview
Shaun and James are joined by @FFMiz1, @dissy89, @ADFoxcroft and @FFBritBaller to talk all things AFC South. Tell a friend and get in touch...…………….
March 31, 2020
AFC North Wayyyy Too Early Previews
The first of a series of pods looking at every team in every NFL Division. First up Shaun and Rob are joined by Adam, James and Chris to look at things in the AFC North
March 26, 2020
NFL CBA and Free Agency roundup
We are BACK. We cover the main points of the CBA before giving you a comprehensive review of the Free Agency at EVERY POSITION! We shout out the Thirst and Goal podcast (@GoalThirst) before giving you the winners and losers of FA. Make sure to subscribe to our podcast and tell a friend!
March 21, 2020
So long XFL 2020
***Breaking News Podcast*** The XFL 2020 season is over as coronavirus causes sporting heartache
March 13, 2020
Potential NFL Draft 1st round trades
Tim back once again to talk about the NFL trade and more specifically, teams that could look to trade in the first round. We bring you up to speed with the latest news and also picks 1 player from every team to fill out a hypothetical roster before 4th down (a.k.a YOUR DOWN) we give you a few early predictions. Check out all our great written content over at and don't forget to use code FULL10 at checkout over at NFL Europe Shop for an extra 10% off anything on site!
March 11, 2020
XFL Week 5 Podcast
"Whoa we are halfway there!" Mid point of the XFL season so get your weekly digest of all the action, news and a week 6 betting preview.
March 10, 2020
NFL - Defence, Mailbag and FA predictions
Tim is back with a solo pod taking a look at a whole host of names on defence that are flirting with free agency. Before that, all the latest news including Brady and Edelman at a B'ball game. Also on the pod, we have a mailbag segment and Tim rounds off with his FA predictions. Don't forget to use code FULL10 at checkout over at NFL Europe shop for 10% off!
March 4, 2020
XFL Week 4 Podcast
Shaun and Michael back on duty to break down week 4 of XFL action as finally all teams are now winners! DraftKings Review, Power Rankings Debate and a week 5 sneak peak, all for #Theloveoffootball
March 4, 2020
College Football - NFL Scouting Combine Winners & Losers
Lee is back and after spending all weekend in his jammies, he's back to bring you his winners and losers from the event in Indy.
March 3, 2020
XFL Week 3 Podcast
Shaun and Michael are back, even a sore throat can't keep these boys down! Your weekly XFL chatter, reviews, previews all #fortheloveoffootball
February 27, 2020
NFL Wide Receiver Chat
Shaun is joined by Lawrence and James to discuss those pass catchers. Some CBA ramblings and 4th down gives us some XFL crossover.
February 26, 2020
College Football - NFL Scouting Combine Preview
Lee is back and is taking you through everything you need to know about the NFL scouting combine. He looks at the schedule of the week, the combine events, what they mean and who they should matter to, plus, he also gives you his picks for the main combine events! Be sure to be back next week to catch Lee's combine winners and losers.
February 25, 2020
XFL Week 2 Podcast
The boys review week 2 of XFL action and take a peak into week 3. A sprinkling of news including the impressive beer snake on display in Washington! Foe the love of football!
February 20, 2020
NFL Running Back Round-Up
Shaun is joined by Alex and James. The boys discuss the Myles Garret reinstatement and then turn their focus to the ball carriers. The full 10 questions is back as is "4th down = your down" as the lads discuss off season plans.
February 17, 2020
XFL Week 1 Podcast
New league - New Pod! Full 10 Yards XFL enthusiasts Shaun and Michael recap week 1 of the brand new league. Roger Goodgroves drops by to talk rules and the guys bring you the news and early views ahead of week 2.
February 13, 2020
College Football - Intriguing Teams at the Top of the Draft Part I
We are back talking college football for the first time in a couple of weeks and it's the first podcast of #DraftSZN. Lee is joined by Tim as they take a look at some of the teams at the top of the draft order and examine what they may do, their areas of need and also how free agency may change their draft strategy. The lads also go off a couple of tangents about Philip Rivers and also the XFL too, for a bit of bonus content for you.
February 11, 2020
NFL: QB Carousel
Fatal 4 way on the pod. Tim is joined by Shaun, Lawrence and Alex as they talk everything QB: 1st & 10 - QB 2019 quiz 2nd & 10 - Dak, Rivers, Brady, Brees, Carolina 3rd & 10 - Teams that will draft a QB, potential trades and QBs available 4th & 10 - International Series Talk Don't forget to Check out our XFL Coverage and get 10% off at NFL Europe Shop with code FULL10
February 10, 2020
Super Bowl and NFL Honours
Tim, Shaun and Lawrence recap the events at the Super Bowl and all the fallout from that including does Kyle Shanahan trust Jimmy G and why some of Shanahan's decision making was a bit peculiar. We talk about why the 49ers lost and also talk about some other quirks from the game. Prior to that, we revisit the night before in the NFL Honours event and debate whether Michael Thomas was a worthy winner of the offensive player of the year. Don't forget you can get 10% off at NFL Europe shop with code FULL10 at checkout.
February 3, 2020
Super Bowl Betting, DFS and £100 Challenge
Tim and Adam give you absolutely everything you need to know for the Super Bowl and all the bets you need to place. National anthem stats, coin flip stats, Gatorade colour insight all alongside the more common markets. Shaun gives you a breakdown for those that like to DFS. We then do a £100 challenge which you can find on the website. Head over to for Adam's great work.
January 31, 2020
Super Bowl Week - Super Bowl Breakdown and Predictions!
Tim is joined by Shaun, Lawrence, Lee and James as they break down the Super Bowl, give their thoughts on how the game will go and read out some of your BOLD PREDICTIONS. Be sure to check out the SF and KC podcasts and check out our Retro article along with a special piece on Mecole Hardman over at Betting podcast on Friday!
January 29, 2020
Superbowl Week - Kansas City Chiefs
Superbowl build up continues! Shaun is joined by Dave and Alex from F10Y staff to look at the Chiefs season, some key players to look out for and the all important question....why will they win the Superbowl?
January 28, 2020
Superbowl Week - 49ers
Shaun is joined by James and Jacob to look at the 49ers season, who are the key players to look out for and that all important question.....why will they win the superbowl?
January 27, 2020
NFL Conference Champs Review
Shaun, Lawrence and Euan chat conference championships, bring you some stats, and at least one of them tries to hype up the pro bowl.
January 20, 2020
NFL Championship Game Betting Preview
Tim and Adam with their best bets for the AFC and NFC championship games! Check out for Adam's great in depth analysis.
January 18, 2020
College Football - Lee Meets Reid Harrison-Ducros
A shorter podcast this week as we were unable to record the main podcast, however we were able to bring you our interview with Reid Harrison-Ducros, cornerback from Duquense Universty. We dive into Reid's upbringing around football in Texas, his college career and also Reid as a player and who he looks up to. Enjoy!
January 17, 2020
Championship Weekend, 2020 playoff predictions
Tim and Lawrence at your service! We recap a bundle of news including welcoming 2 players into the Retro branch of the Full10Yards (yes another jingle from Tim!) and look at the centennial HOF class for this year. The boys then break down the Championship games, giving you the history of the teams, the matchups and the reasons why each team can make the Super Bowl. Finish off with a few early 2020 playoff predictions, picking a few teams to miss next year that made it this year and some teams to make it next year that missed out in 2019.
January 16, 2020
Divisional Round Review
Tim, Shaun, Euan and Jacob are the knights of the round table for this one. We bring you up to speed with some front office movements, go through all 4 divisional round games and then give you some Jason Garrett Corner treatment for Bill O Brien and some stats from the weekend.
January 13, 2020
NFL Divisional Round Betting Preview
Tim and Adam run the rule over the NFL Divisional round games and take a look at the Super Bowl Betting along with the AFC/NFC championships. Don't forget to give Adam a follow over @touchdowntips on Twitter if you aren't doing so already and Adam's great work can be found at
January 11, 2020
NFL Divisional Preview
Shaun and Euan guide you through divisional weekend. A head coaching vacancy update and what should happen with TB12?
January 9, 2020
College Football - CFB Semi Finals & Bowl Season Round-Up
For the first college football podcast of 2020, Lee is back and he is joined by Maxwell who has been valiantly holding down the fort for a few weeks. The guys review the College Football Semi-Finals and also the bowl season and finish off with some news about a new Head Coach in the NFL who they've been talking about all year.
January 7, 2020
BONUS POD: Jason Garett fired, Mike McCarthy hired
We are joined by Patrik Walker, the go to guy for all things Dallas Cowboys. We talk about where it all went wrong for the Cowboys in 2019, the purgatory period between the end of the season and his firing and the road ahead with Mike McCarthy. #science You should give Patrik a follow on Twitter @voiceofthestar
January 7, 2020
Wildcard Weekend Review
Tim and Lawrence on duty to recap all of the Wildcard Weekend games, giving you the game breakdowns, the big plays and also all the stats you can shake a stick at. Also Tim has a tribute song to send Jason Garrett off... It's worth the wait to the end of the podcast!
January 7, 2020
2019 Fantasy Review
Tim and Rob go through the top performers of the Fantasy season and also those that won and lost you your fantasy titles. They boys then take a look at how the 1st and 2nd rounds of drafts will shake up for next year!
January 4, 2020
Wildcard Weekend
Shaun has the keys to the Wildcard Weekender and he is joined by Tim and Lawrence. -Head coaching update -Final edition of season 3 - Full10Questions -Wildcard weekend games -Shoutout of some of your highlights of the season Don't forget to go to our pinned tweet over @full10yards and enter our free competition!
January 2, 2020
Week 17 Review, Coaching changes and Playoff Predictions!
Tim, Shaun and Lawrence recap a wild week 17 in the NFL including the Eagles and Titans getting in and some coaches heading out. We give you stats and our playoff predictions along with details on our Playoff competition! Please share with a friend and tell them about us and the competition! We would like to wish all our listeners a happy new year! See you in 2020!
December 30, 2019
NFL Xmas Week Double UP
Week 16 review and Week 17 mini preview all in 1 as Shaun and Lawrence take the xmas NFL podcast. Merry xmas to all of our listeners.
December 29, 2019
NFL Week 16 Preview
Triple threat on the podcast today: -Shaun and Euan go through the latest news and through the week 16 games in the NFL -Tim asks the questions to @ADFoxcroft in the Full10Questions.
December 20, 2019
Jacob Barner - World Record Breaker pt2
In the 2nd part of the podcast, we surprise Jacob with a very special Full10Questions about his trip and get him to name a few of his favourite things like his favourite stadium, best fans and everything in between! GO and make sure you give him a follow over on Twitter/Instagram @JBBFootball
December 19, 2019
Jacob Barner - World Record Breaker pt 1
In the first of a 2 part podcast, Jacob Barner relives and takes us through his world record journey. The games, the tailgates and everything in between as we ask him how it all came together and what memories he took from his 84 whirlwind tour around the USA.
December 18, 2019
College Football - Playoff & Bowl Previews
Maxwell is joined by Rob this week, since Lee is on IR. The guys talk about the season finale - Army vs. Navy and preview the college football playoff and bowl season! Oh... and we also ask Rob why he switched his NFL allegiances this season.
December 17, 2019
*POD 200!* NFL Week 15 Review
Double Century is up for F10Y A plethora of Full10Yards staff in for this one as they recap all of the week 15 games. It's all too much for Tim as he goes AWOL during the podcast but Shaun, Lawrence, Euan and Adam all chip in and help a man out... >Week 15 games review >Stats Life >Jason Garrett Corner >Playoff Picture Prize winner announce at around the 2:50 mark.
December 16, 2019
NFL Week 15 Preview
THE BOSS IS BACK! Tim is joined by Lawrence as they bring you up to speed on all the latest injuries and news around the NFL before looking ahead to a pivotal week for the playoff seedings. Murf from 5yardrush tackles the quiz. Dont forget to use code FULL10 at checkout over at NFL Shop Europe for 10% off your xmas gifts!
December 12, 2019
College Football - Championship Week Review, Coaching Carousel & Who's going bowling?!
Maxwell and Thomas are on the podcast this week and they discuss a whole host of topics for your listening pleasure! - The guys review Championship Weekend - Discuss the latest coaching hires and fires & - Talk who's heading to the bowl games. Enjoy!
December 11, 2019
NFL Week 14 Review
The Midlands boys are back as Shaun and Lawrence recap week 14, including a review of the game of the season so far and some love for Ryan Tannehill's tackle!
December 9, 2019
NFL Week 14 Preview
Just 4 weeks remain as Shaun and Euan reunite to look ahead to an important slate of games in week 14. Lawrence makes an appearance for the full 10 questions, how does the "stat man" get on?
December 5, 2019