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Kepler's Ark

Kepler's Ark

By Full Metal Workshop
Follow the saga of the ISS Life Preserver and it's brilliant crew of space-faring weirdos, as they embark on a mission to terraform and populate new worlds. Their mission, however, is thrown off course when someone starts toying with the ship's genetic material, creating 36 new, unique, and often intelligent species. What begins as a routine mission with the most qualified crew in the universe, transforms into a jungle of beautiful oddities, bizarre behavior, cosmic anomalies, and caterpillar assassination plots in this sci-fi comedy created by Ben Holbrook and directed by Andrew Scoville.
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6. Dimensional Descent (Part 2)
So they're doomed, right? There's no way they can make it out of this alive. Time is splitting, the ship is stretching, reality is warping, and Poppy and Stanza are bonding?? Yeah, this is definitely the end. 
October 27, 2021
5. Dimensional Descent (Part 1)
Oh, is that how Astral Veins work? I've been waiting to hear more about them, but now I can't stop thinking about the sociological questions! Does the Earth own the Moon? Is Sweet Baby Deez a knock off of Nasty Brody?? The implications are heavy. Also, WHAT THE DEUSSICAL IS GOING ON?!?!
October 19, 2021
4. Butterbeeeees!!
Wow, Green is right, their attempts to murder those larvaepillars has become super volatile! Are they really THAT ugly? And can Joo Lee-In survive their attempts? Also, I researched Lozen, now she's MY new hero! Thanks for the heads up, Stanza!
October 11, 2021
3. Floral Fundamentalism
I like plants just as much as anybody else, but this is just ridiculous! Also, wow, Joo Lee-In, that was really cold blooded. This crew really should have a regular yoga practice. 
October 06, 2021
2. Osiris
Wait, I'm just starting to like Green! He can't get eaten this early on, can he?? And can this crew really pull off a super secret, strong-armed, crazy, psycho rescue mission? I have my doubts.  
October 06, 2021
1. Biological Breakout!!
Wow, so this is really how it really started? You mean to tell me that these were the most qualified scientists available? Just listen to how they bicker and where's the captain?! I have bad feeling about all of this. 
October 06, 2021
0. Preview
So what is this show all about? Join the crew of the I.S.S. Life Preserver for a brand new cosmic adventure! Brought to you by the weirdos at Full Metal Workshop.
October 06, 2021