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The goal of Full 90 Coaching is to have members of the soccer community share their experiences, insights, and tips to inspire others and become better!
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Rose Shoen - Founder and Director of Coaching of Azteca FC

Full 90 Coaching

Rose Shoen - Founder and Director of Coaching of Azteca FC

Full 90 Coaching

Rob Mahoney – Girls’ Varsity Head Coach with Melrose High School
Rob is the Girls’ Varsity Head Coach with Melrose High School in my home state of Massachusetts, and he is a fellow member of the United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Class of 2019-2020. During our conversation, Rob and I reflect on our time as roommates during this year’s United Soccer Coaches’ Convention, we discuss his work as a teacher and how it parallels coaching, and the importance of goal setting and reflection. Contact: Twitter: @CoachMahoney90; @melroseGSoccer IG: @mhs_ladiessoccer 0:30 background in soccer and current role 1:45 decision to stick with coaching girls 3:30 realization to become a coach 5:22 how coaching different age groups mirrors teaching 7:33 knowledge from teaching that translates well to coaching 9:25 the value of Goal setting and reflection 13:30 notes from the 30 Under 30 experience 16:26 former coach/teacher as a mentor 18:15 current experience in COVID with HS soccer 23:45 wife is a fellow coach; discussing relationship 25:00 preparing the team to play in COVID 29:20 developing captains/ leaders within the team 33:15 discussing issues with captains 35:10 plans for remainder of 2020 39:00 Final three coaching points 44:22 One piece of advice for any coach
November 20, 2020
Micah Collins – Youth Program Director with the Philadelphia Union
Micah is the Youth Program Director with the Philadelphia Union, and he is a fellow member of the United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Class of 2019-2020. During our conversation, we discuss Micah’s playing experience of transferring from Villanova to Penn State and his coaching journey, how Goalkeeper Coaches need to put themselves out there to avoid limiting themselves to one role, and the importance of being your authentic self to build trust with your players. IG: @micahcollins28 0:30 background in soccer and current role 1:51 juggling multiple roles as a soccer coach 2:55 cognitively challenging sessions for more advanced players 4:20 growing up playing for FC Delco 6:52Advice for younger players with the dream of playing at a higher level, whether D-1 or professional 8:26 difference between playing at Villanova and Penn State 10:45 lessons learned from both colleges 13:00 graduate assistant position and realizing he wants to be a coach 15:15 making the jump from graduate assistant position to coaching at Belmont University in Nashville 18:55 first paid coaching job with a Middle School Girls’ team 22:00 being your authentic self to build trust with the players 24:40 coaching journey continues to Michigan State 27:31 coaching goalkeepers vs. coaching the whole team 29:00 advice to Goalkeeper Coaches on how to not be pigeon-holed in the role and have the ability to be an Assistant Coach and Head Coach 31:00 Thoughts on the 30 Under 30 program 35:00 plans for the rest of 2020 37:50 final three coaching points 41:55 One piece of advice for any coach
November 13, 2020
Nick Barron – Assistant Coach/ Goalkeeper Coach with Principia College
Nick is the Assistant Coach and Goalkeeper Coach with Principia College, located in Elsah, Illinois, and he is a fellow member of the United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Class of 2019-2020. During our conversation, we discuss the importance of watching soccer as a kid to have a role model to emulate or learn about opposing positions, a key fundamental of goalkeeping aside from using your hands, and his experience working with Grassroots Soccer in South Africa. Twitter: @foot_thoughts 0:25 background in soccer and current role 3:35 the importance of watching soccer as a kid 5:40 how watching a forward like Ronaldo (Brazilian) is helpful as a goalkeeper 8:50 benefit of playing multiple positions to better understand both sides of the ball 9:50 point of realization to become a goalkeeper coach and dealing with the mental side of the game 13:05 top fundamentals for the goalkeeper position 16:15 example of positioning work 19:40 United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 free coaching course 25:05 coaching Grassroots Soccer in South Africa 28:45 balancing the Assistant Coach role with Director of Operations role with the college and getting through some challenging times 32:30 greatest challenge through Nick’s time with Principia College 37:00 final three coaching points
November 7, 2020
Kristin Cox – Head Women’s Soccer Coach with East Texas Baptist University
Kristin is the Head Women’s Soccer Coach with East Texas Baptist University located in Marshall, Texas, she coaches the 2007 Girls North Texas ODP team, and she is a fellow member of the United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Class of 2019-2020. During our conversation, we discuss how Kristin utilized her volleyball experience to develop her leadership skills, her Christ-centered philosophy that helps develop her student-athletes’ characteristics both on and off the field, and the value of keeping a positive mindset. Twitter: @etbu_wsoc; @coach_kcox Instagram: @kriskris8; @etbuwomenssoccer 0:25 background in soccer and current role 2:00 playing volleyball then soccer in college 3:55 How volleyball complements her soccer playing 5:55 the moment Kristin realized she wanted to become a coach 9:20 sharing her experience as an Assistant Coach with East Texas Baptist University 10:44 current coach education and discussing both pathways: USSF and United Soccer Coaches 13:00 Transitioning from the Assistant to the Head Coach with ETBU 15:35 Christ-centered philosophy to help develop players’ characteristics off the field 16:55 helping student-athletes build self-confidence 19:50 differences between coaching at the collegiate level vs. the ODP team 22:30 working through the situation of a new/ incoming player coming into the program and taking an upperclassman’s spot 24:35 managing a 3-hour commute between the college and the ODP team 27:30 key takeaways from Kristin’s own coaching experience 29:25 favorite pieces of being a member of the 30 Under 30 Program 32:00 women’s group providing support and mentorship to female coaches 34:55 Moving towards the end of 2020 36:15Final three coaching points 40:30 One piece of advice for any coach
October 30, 2020
Sarah Leiby – Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach with Saint Leo University
Sarah is the Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach with Saint Leo University located in Florida, and she is a fellow member of the United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Class of 2019-2020. During our conversation, we discuss her transition from coaching high school to college while the program was in its inaugural season, comparing recruiting to completing a puzzle, and the joy of session planning. IG: @coachsarahleiby; @saintleowsoc 0:25 background in soccer and current role 2:00 Sarah’s ability to balance soccer and a career in forestry 3:08 soccer in Alaska is limited 3:45 introduction to coaching as an assistant coach for a high school boys’ team 5:30 experience as a female coach coaching male players 8:50 lessons learned from the Head Coach at the high school 10:30 advice to coaches to develop a culture where the leaders within the team are empowered and can pass on those skills to teammates 11:20 transitioning from the high school to college level of coaching 12:40 types of challenges encountered during the inaugural season 14:50 changes perceived moving from year 1 to year 2 16:25 surprised by the knowledge gap between the diamonds in the rough vs. those better off with soccer IQ 18:00 the demand of the role changed from one assistantship to another 19:15 favorite/ most challenging part of the admin job of college coaching 23:00 describing Sarah’s time with Saint Leo’s 23:55 key lessons learned from her mentors 26:20 the enjoyment of session planning 28:05 thoughts on the 30 Under 30 Program 31:45 going into the blended version of coach education – blended being online and in-person 33:15 positive outlook for remainder of 2020 35:00 final three coaching points 37:59 one piece of advice for any coach
October 24, 2020
Brian Mitko - Head Men's Soccer Coach with SUNY Delhi
Brian is the Head Men’s Soccer Coach with SUNY Delhi, located in Delhi, New York, and he is a fellow member of the United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Class of 2019-2020. During our conversation, we discuss how we met during convention but actually met while playing against each other in college, his experience as a multi-sport athlete in college, the emotions of getting that first collegiate win as a coach, and some important lessons learned from his mentors. Before we dive in, here’s a quick word from our sponsors. IG: @bmitko; @unleashedsoccertraining; @sunydelhisoccer Website: 0:25 background in soccer and current role 2:10 Brian’s decision to play at Skidmore as opposed to other Liberty League schools 3:20 ability to manage the college load and social aspect while being a 2-sport athlete 5:00 instead of playing club, Brian did a lot of ID camps 6:55 the moment realizing he wanted to become a coach 7:55 the emotions of the first collegiate win 10:30 transitioning from coaching at Bard to University of Vermont 11:35 deepening his soccer knowledge at UVM 14:55 the difference between being the best in your league vs. the best in playoffs 16:50 key lessons learned from mentors 18:20 value in staying connected through email and social media 19:50 how Brian’s program helps players develop their character 22:25 training during the winter months in New York 24:15 thoughts on the United Soccer Coaches’ 30 Under 30 Program 26:00 the in-person vs. online format of coach education 28:00 the beginning of Unleashed Soccer Training 29:35 looking forward to upcoming tasks 2020 30:55 final three coached points 34:05 one piece of advice for any coach
October 16, 2020
Natasha Flores - Georgia Military College Women’s Assistant Coach
Natasha is the Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach with Georgia Military College located in Milledgeville, Georgia, and she is a fellow member of the United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 Class of 2019-2020. During our conversation, Natasha shares her experience of beginning her role as an Assistant Coach during the Pandemic, the challenges and some solutions of dealing with drama within the team, the value of pickup soccer and key lessons learned while at the Convention. Twitter: @tashbepunny and @gmc_w_soc Facebook: /natashaflores89 IG: @tbomb98 Website: 0:25 background in soccer and current role 2:40 transitioning to a new job during the Pandemic 4:40 prior to getting out on the field, a description of training 6:00 process of keeping everyone engaged during distance learning 9:15 example of team bonding and ice breakers 10:51 juggling Assistant Coaching and Volunteer GK positions 12:35 preparing the team for the transition from non-contact to contact 16:35 coach’s role when players start to split off from the group or there’s some drama within the squad 19:08 difference between being the Head Coach at the High School level vs. the Assistant Coach at the Collegiate level 22:05 biggest lesson learned from the Head Coach at GMC 24:05 thoughts on being a fellow member of the 30 Under 30 Class of 2019-2020 though United Soccer Coaches 26:03 networking component of the program from fellow 30 Under 30 candidates 27:17 the difference of playing pickup vs. a structured team practice 35:00 plans for the rest of 2020 38:20 Final three coaching points 41:17 One piece of advice for any coach
October 9, 2020
Jeff Guinn - Head Men's Soccer Coach with Union COllege and Owner of Pro Kick Soccer
Jeff is the Head Men’s Soccer Coach with Union College in Schenectady, NY and runs his own soccer company, Pro Kick Soccer. During this interview, Jeff shares his own playing background and journey from spray painted milk jugs in the backyard to playing professionally, valuable lessons he’s learned from his mentors, the importance of relationship-based coaching, and we spend time reminiscing about my class of 2012 at Union. Before we dive in, here’s a quick word from our sponsors. Website: Website: IG: @prokicksoccer IG: @unionmsoccer 0:35 background in soccer 5:55 key lessons learned growing up under German and Argentinian Coaches 7:45 lessons learned from his mentor, George Tarantini, on and off the field 9:00 Learning about the start and development of Pro Kick Soccer 16:15 coaching similar topics to different age groups but changing the coaching style to meet their needs through relationship-based coaching 26:30 Controlling the controllables or give away your power 31:40 reminiscing about my class of 2012 at Union College 42:30 Final three coaching points 46:55 one piece of advice for any coach
October 2, 2020
PJ Ordaz - Head Coach with San Ramon FC
PJ and I met 5 years ago coaching together with Benicia Arsenal, and now PJ is the Head Coach of the 09 and 04 boys’ teams with San Ramon FC. During this interview. We discuss the differences between his former and current clubs, the value of futsal in the development of young players, his journey to Brazil, and the opportunities available for players and teams to travel to Brazil and train. How to Contact PJ: IG: @internationalgoalsinc @pbnjaay 0:20 background in soccer 3:15 Experience with Benicia Arsenal and our meeting 4:20 comparing Benicia FC to San Ramon FC 5:40 larger clubs have competition between players within their own teams 6:20 similarities and differences between coaching 09 and 04 teams 7:10 working through COVID-19 9:55 PJ’s journey to Brazil 12:30 the structure and feel or trainings at a professional setting in Brazil 16:20 pitching futsal as a priority for u-12 and younger 19:40 similarities and differences between Santos and Portuguesa Santista 23:25 understanding the development phase of the game vs. the top level when winning is a priority 27:10 key takeaways from being in two professional atmospheres in Brazil 29:40 opportunity to travel and play in Brazil 33:40 types of programs offered 35:35 final three coaching points 38:00 story from Brazil 43:05 one piece of advice for any coach
September 25, 2020
Nick Manzoni - Founder of SportsLab360
SportsLab360 is a fantastic online platform that promotes the development of youth soccer players by providing them with an accessible and holistic learning program that increases their Soccer IQ. Whether you're back on the field, semi locked down, or still fully remote, you’re going to want to check out SportsLab360. I’ve used it with my own teams over the past year and it has yielded some real results that will discuss in this episode. As a special offer to our listeners, you can use code BEST15 to sign up for SportsLab360 and receive 15% off your subscription. Again, that code is B-E-S-T-1-5 to get 15% off! IG: @sportslab360 Twitter: @sportslab360 0:21 background in soccer 2:40 summary of SportsLab360 5:00 actual game footage included in software with players of like-ages in each area 7:40 SportsLab360 complements the on-field training with modules for different topics- positions, tactics, and systems for example 11:05 feedback on the quizzes that check for understanding while players develop soccer IQ 14:25 coaches can creatively use SportsLab360 to support their players’ learning; my example was using zoom and polling the players to have them defend each of their viewpoints 17:55 added session plans to SportsLab360 to simplify the coaches’ job of tying training sessions to the online modules 21:05 upcoming developments coming to SportsLab360 23:25 Final three coaching points 29:40 One piece of advice for any coach
September 18, 2020
Ted Steen's Guest Interview - Graham Mayle's Master's Program
Today we flipped the script once again as I am interviewed by one of my former guests, Graham Mayle. Graham is the Director of Coaching for Benicia Arsenal, and you can dive into episode 7 to hear his interview, but now he is the one interviewing coaches as part of his Master’s Program. During our conversation, we dive into my reflective practices and how I utilize the time after training to contemplate how the session went, what can be improved, and the action steps that need to be taken before the next training, not only in terms of player performance, but my performance as a coach.
September 11, 2020
Ted Steen's Guest Interview- United Soccer Coaches Podcast
Our host, Ted Steen, was a guest on the United Soccer Coaches Podcast with Dean Linke. He was interviewed as a member of the 2019-20 30 Under 30 Program. During the conversation, Ted shares how he heard about the 30 Under 30 Program,  growing up in Massachusetts and and playing club and college before moving out the California, best memories as both a player and a coach, supporting the underserved community surrounding Contra Costa College here in the East Bay through the program and through his work with Spurs FC, and the value of the upcoming United Soccer Coaches virtual convention in January 2021.
September 4, 2020
Jane Grimley – Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach with Goldey-Beacom College and Head Coach with Sporting Delaware and Philadelphia Union Youth
Jane is a fellow member of United Soccer Coaches’ 30 Under 30 class of 2019-2020, and she is currently the Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach with Goldey-Beacom College located in Wilmington Delaware. She also coaches teams at the club level for Sporting Delaware and Philadelphia Union Youth. During our conversation, Jane shares her experience transitioning from a player to coach with Goldey-Beacom College, working with players who are facing personal challenges like eating disorders, encouraging her players to watch and learn more about the game, her worst coaching moment and Mean Mondays, as well as coaching within your personality. IG: @jgrimleysoccer TikTok: @jgrimley_soccer 0:15 soccer background 1:15 realizing that coaching was the right career path 3:10 discussing a player’s experience going through a disorder and supporting her 6:40 using professional players as an example for your players to look up to through their books 7:55 supporting the women’s national team but realizing her players need to watch the game more often 9:45 supporting her girls by promoting watching the game 12:05 watching videos/ webinars to learn about the game 13:57 the value of female soccer players having female role models in leadership positions 15:35 developing a bridge to support the mentor-mentee relationships 16:45 Differences between coaching at the club and college level 18:20 having a team push on into the Girls Academy (GA) 19:15 difference between the Development Academy (DA; no longer exists) and GA 20:00 combining two teams and holding tryouts during the pandemic 22:25 coming back into the training environment 25:30 players struggling to win the pause and make the most out of the added time off from soccer but the extra load of work and stress from life 27:40 keeping players engaged during these difficult times 33:00 dealing with the difficulty of combining two teams into one 34:30 fellow 30 under 30 coaches and our upcoming ‘return from COVID-19’ socially distanced assignment 37:20 potential changes to the game structure to accommodate pod/ contact restrictions 40:00 feedback on the experience of 30 under 30 and the Convention 44:00 the birth of ‘mean Monday’ 45:55 the importance of having a growth mindset 48:00 plans for the rest of 2020 49:30 final three coaching points 52:00 one piece of advice for any coach
August 28, 2020
Mario Felix - First Assistant Women's Soccer Coach with Southern Utah University
Mario is currently the Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach with Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah. During our conversation, Mario shares his experience coaching at a variety of colleges, his strength in recruiting at the collegiate level, learning patience from his time in the military, and sharing his work for coach education through Global Coaches Presentation. IG: @coachmfelix @suusoccer Twitter: @coachmfelix @coachesglobal Global Coaches Podcast: 0:30 mutual friend Francisco Cantero 1:42 background in soccer 4:00 experience graduating from high school and then coaching high school JV team 5:55 setting a line of respect when close in age with the players 8:45 diving into his experience as a referee 12:05 parental behavior on the sideline and setting expectations around the coach doing his job 15:40 what can we do as a soccer community to keep referees in the game? 18:45 coaching Bethel College and 2 Wichita Rush teams at the same time 23:25 benefits of having a military background 24:50 highlights from both the college and club sides of the game 26:30 the level of stress changes as your job isn’t based on results at the club level 27:30 making the decision to stop doing club (for now) and focus on coaching college 29:50 how Mario found his passion for recruiting and his process 32:45 coach’s ability to be vulnerable when working with a women’s program 35:10 advice for coaches to overcome the obstacle of cliques within a team 40:10 Global Coaches Presentations webinars 46:20 selecting a coaching mentor 49:00 Final three coaching points 51:50 One piece of advice for any coach
August 21, 2020
NicoSuave – Street Soccer Athlete, Freestyler and Co-Founder of American Panna Championship
Nico Suave is a Street Soccer Athlete, Freestyler and Co-Founder of American Panna Championship. During our conversation Nico shares his passion for the game of soccer on a variety of levels, from helping players at the grassroots level of the game to coaching at high school and college level, he describes the difference between freestyle soccer and street soccer, teaches our guests about panna, and explains why street soccer and futsal are the missing links in U.S. Soccer. IG: @nicosuave15 facebook: NicoSuaveOfficial 0:20 mutual friend Ariel Rosenman 1:12 background in soccer 8:12 thinking globally, not locally 12:20 futsal practice with Sonoma State Women’s soccer program 16:26 Summer Work at the college and coaching through COVID-19 17:48 stay connected as parents, kids, and coaches 21:02 venting moment for Nico Suave about online trainers using a lot of equipment and clubs charging same amount of money for zoom as they do for regular season 27:18 Freestyle Friday, Street Soccer Saturday, panna 35:50 key reasons why street soccer and futsal are the missing link in U.S. soccer 42:35 how to increase mental toughness in our players 48:00 Sonoma State’s growth from futsal training 51:10 final three coaching points 59:25 one piece of advice for any coach
August 8, 2020
Alex Cobo – Founder and Director of AC Football Academy
Alex discusses playing for the Boca Juniors youth team, the origins and growth of AC Football Academy and its structure, the focus of their training sessions prioritizing the development of the tools of the game and decision-making, as well as building and maintain a strong culture within the Academy. IG: @alexcobo369 @ac_football_academy 0:22 background in soccer 2:10 from training a few kids in the park to the beginning of AC Football Academy 4:45 building AC Football Academy after being sacked from another coaching position 9:05 advice to other people facing adversity or are down on their luck 12:00 the structure within AC Football Academy 19:05 evaluating players’ abilities to transition between programs 25:04 difference between the Academy and Excellence programs 34:00 taking the time to evaluate players before they can sign up for any program 38:40 overcoming challenges once players/ families are already accepted into the program 48:08 future growth of AC Football Academy 54:00 final three coaching points 59:30 One piece of advice for any coach
July 31, 2020
Sean Casey - Co-Founder of Universal Dialect
Sean is a Co-Founder of the organization, Universal Dialect. During our conversation, Sean dives into Universal Dialect and the creation of the organization, their sustainable structure to provide soccer balls to children in need, seeing soccer as an adventure and as an escape for some from the harsh realities of daily life. IG: @universaldialect 0:36 background in soccer 2:20 playing soccer across two states while working 3:49 working during the day and diving into his passion, Universal Dialect 8:15 Nick’s story of playing in Peru 12:08 the breakdown of how Universal Dialect give back through soccer 15:45 return trip to Peru and the National team’s scouting system 18:10 the importance in quality of the tee to have clients look good AND feel good 21:10 the ball allows the young players to go out and have an adventure 24:00 currently offer 2 tee’s, a beanie, and a hat, but no ball? 27:35 the start-up and growth of UD 29:30 re-entering the market after COVID-19 33:05 the process of vetting organizations prior to partnering with them 38:25 defining Red Zones and supporting children in these areas 42:20 utilizing soccer as an adventure to escape from some harsh realities 43:00 total soccer balls given away to date 44:35 three coaching points 47:10 one piece of advice for any coach
July 18, 2020
Deb Biche-Labbe - Head Women's Soccer Coach with Thomas College
During our conversation, Deb and I connect over our mentor, Nancy Feldman, and what Deb learned from her time playing for Nancy, we discuss recruiting and looking for characteristics of the ideal player, and we talk about some of the differences playing at the Division 1 vs. the Division 3 level. IG: @thomas_college_womens_soccer 0:30 background in soccer in Trinidad and Tobago and in USA 1:40 playing background 2:30 realizing that coaching was the right career choice 4:00 Liberty League connection: St. Lawrence and Union 6:15 small soccer world continued: Nancy Feldman 7:45 playing for Nancy Feldman and experiencing a coaching change within her junior year of college 15:15 extending our own boundaries and being comfortable being uncomfortable 17:40 understanding how to push your players to the next level without pushing them away 20:25 adapting and adjusting coaching throughout this pandemic 24:40 the impact of COVID-19 on recruiting 26:50 describing the ideal player 31:40 differences between the demanding schedule of Division 1 and the balance provided in Division 3 36:12 taking a break from coaching to work as an Athletic Director 39:42 highlights during time with Thomas College 42:00 small world story 44:12 looking forward to most in 2020 46:45 Final three coaching points 50:23 One piece of advice for any coach
July 11, 2020
Simba Aberdeen – Albany High School Boys’ Varsity Coach and Spurs FC Coach and Community Outreach Manager
Along with coaching with Spurs FC, Simba is also the club’s Community Outreach Manager, and he is the Varsity Boys’ Coach at Albany High School. During our conversation, we discuss Simba’s experience growing up and playing soccer in Trinidad and Tobago, playing within their youth national team system and high school soccer, facing several challenges when playing in the U.S.A., and his passion for coaching and helping players improve their understanding through moments in the game. IG: @simbaaberdeen 0:25 background in soccer in Trinidad and Tobago and in USA 25:50 current coaching roles 26:40 start playing soccer with the coaching school at a cost 27:47 after coaching school, competitive soccer is free 29:25 playing on the youth national team starting at 16 under 3 different coaches 31:00 having to win back his position for each new coach 34:25 having the ability to bet on yourself and become better 37:00 competing in T & T’s prominent high school system 41:30 whether at the highest or lowest points in your career, being able to manage the emotions 44:10 playing experiences in college and facing the adversity 50:00 strange encounter while volunteering with Habitat for Humanity 52:00 Dealing with the cold in upstate New York 54:02 being asked to play in a different position 57:45 reflecting - understanding WHY you did what you did and how you did it 1:01:08 experience of playing semi-professional and professional around the world 1:11:42 coaching in California with Spurs FC 1:14:12 prefers to coach the older teams because it is where he feels he sees the game best 1:18:30 helping players understand their roles and functions within a team 1:21:35 comparing the team to an orchestra and focusing session plans on a certain player (instrument) to understand how the team supports that player 1:31:35 some challenges in coaching 1:33:05 having players desire to play as much as the coach cares 1:38:27 final three coaching points 1:43:03 one piece of advice for any coach
July 3, 2020
Ted Steen Solo Session - Episode 74
In this episode, I recap the events of the past month, including podcast interviews, coaching through zoom with the Women's Soccer program at Contra Costa College and on the club-side with Spurs FC, the benefits of these zoom sessions for our players, and the health and nutrition coaching I'm offering to help players and clients live healthier, fitter lives. I also share the line-up of Full 90 Coaching guests coming next month!
June 26, 2020
Theo Booras - Techincal Director with Abbey Villa Soccer Club and Founder of United Through Football
Theo is the Technical Director for Abbey Villa Soccer Club and is the Founder of United Through Football. During our conversation, Theo shares his coaching journey and the evolution of Abbey Villa Soccer Club, the depth of his role as a Technical Director that supports the club across multiple regions, and the story and progression of United Through Football. How to Connect Ig: @theofanisbooras @Avsc2002 0:28 connected by Jose Mesa 1:17 background in soccer 3:15 focusing his attention on the club side of the game 5:15 the value of offering 1-on-1 training sessions 6:15 merging two clubs together to form AVSC 7:00 progression of the club 8:05 coaching four teams within the club and managing the schedule 10:33 Theo’s role as the Technical Director makes it easier for players to move within the club 12:35 how they make sure the teams are properly prepared to progress to the next coach 15:30 managing the coaching staff 17:00 how the coaches are kept up-to-date and share ideas 21:45 how Theo encourages coaches to speak their mind more often, whether they are too shy or would rather hold on to their training ideas 23:25 managing a club that stretches across multiple regions 25:00 most rewarding pieces of being a Technical Director 26:00 Theo’s non-profit United Through Football and their story 29:58 diving into their trip to Theo’s home country of Greece and the trip to the Congo 33:25 the growth of donations to United Through Football 34:36 planning the next big trip 35:20 experiencing challenges in the coaching and non-profit world 37:00 parent education 39:45 mentors and influences in the coaching world 41:30 final three coaching points 45:00 One piece of advice for any coach
June 19, 2020
Mary Orozco - Head Coach with Spurs FC
Mary is a fellow Coach with Spurs FC, who actually started as a player for the club. During our conversation, Mary shares her transition from playing outside back to center mid and the joy she finds in being able to spot those through balls and perfectly weighted passes to teammates, recognizing the off-field drama that went on during her high school season and being able to keep her focus on the game, living through an ACL injury and the physical and emotional toll it has, and her experience transitioning from a player to a coach within the club. How to connect: IG and TikTok: @maryjulia.o Twitter: @maryjuliaa 0:35 soccer background 3:10 transitioning from outside back to center mid 4:30 playing as an outside back to prepare to become a center mid 7:50 the feeling of playing center mid 10:25 taking on additional risks to help her teammates 12:15 the experience of playing for her Aunt 14:50 speaking of her siblings and the impact on her playing career 20:36 discussion of ACL injury, surgery, and recovery 29:15 advice for others who have suffered an ACL injury 31:25 experience of off-field drama impacted the game 35:28 the process of becoming a coach with Spurs FC 42:18 asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength 45:12 final three coaching points 48:47 One piece of advice for any coach
June 12, 2020
Val Pishchyk - Head Youth Coach with New York Red Bulls
Val is currently a Head Youth Coach within the New York Red Bulls Academy. During our conversation, Val talks about growing up in Belarus, playing around the world and using the language of soccer to ease the transition from one country to the next, he shares a unique experience meeting and learning from Unai Emery, he dives into differences between playing in Belarus, Venezuela, and the U.S., and discusses understanding the value of triangulation between the coach, the player, and the parents. How to connect with Val: IG: @pishchyk YouTube: 00:46 background in soccer 3:33 having to adapt and adjust through language barriers around the world 6:10 value of being multi-lingual to support a diverse team 9:52 building relationships with players by sharing flaws 10:30 differences playing in different countries 15:10 lessons learned from playing in different countries 18:00 coming into a new team, especially if there’s a language barrier 22:00 coaching education: variances between U.S. Soccer Federation and CONMEBOL 29:05 how these coaching courses changed Val’s mindset on the game 36:45 experience so far working with NY Red Bulls Academy 39:15 inspirational coaches in Val’s life 43:35 plans for 2020 47:35inal three coaching points 50:20 One piece of advice for any coach
June 5, 2020
Ted Steen - Solo Session
Ted wishes everyone well during these unprecedented times, thanks all the listeners for helping the podcast reach 7000 total plays over 70 episodes, shares that Be Elite Soccer Training will be offering free Zoom workouts through the month of June, and discusses the opportunity for Sports Nutrition Coaching!
May 29, 2020
Oisín Seager - Founder of SeagerCoaching
Oisín Seager runs a very successful Instagram page, @seagercoaching, which I highly recommend to players and coaches of all ages and abilities. During our conversation, Oisín shares his experience with Southend United of England and Waterford FC of Ireland and the differences between the two structures, the psychological side of the game and how it has to be a part of a coach’s toolbox, always having a growth mindset as a coach to find any opportunity to grab a new idea, and having a player-centered approach focused on developing players as good people first. How to contact Oisín: IG: @seagercoaching 0:30 background in soccer 6:20 first getting into coaching 7:55 simplifying the difficult concepts to help players understand easily 10:25 understanding the multi-faceted responsibilities of coaching goes beyond the x’s and o’s 11:30 greatest takeaway from Bachelor’s Degree experience in Sports Coaching and Performance 14:05 influence of his Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology and how coaches can implement it 21:45 doing a year abroad in England as part of the school’s program 23:00 working within Southend’s Academy program and working at different age groups 26:00 diving into the little details that make a big difference 28:00 mentors within the Southend United structure 32:45 transitioning back to Ireland and the difference in the league structure 37:45 pulling a group of players aside to do some functional training; different age groups involved 39:20 the meaning of a player-centered approach 42:45 implement reflection into the club’s culture; players and coaches 45:00 recommendations for players to improve during this unprecedented time 47:05 Final three coaching points 49:35 One piece of advice
May 22, 2020
Jensen Shipp - Head Coach with FC Stars Worcester
During our conversation, Jensen shares how his career in special education has influenced his coaching and vice versa, the all-important coaching objective of preparing players for the next step in their journey, and the value of building the culture at a club where the coaching staff become more than just co-workers and the players and members become a family. How to connect with Jensen: IG: @jensen.shipp and @fcstarsworcester 0:28 soccer background 1:55 beneficial knowledge gained from the United Soccer Coaches and USSF 2:46 transitioning to online coaching 3:46 keeping in shape with one-hour workouts 5:10 how his career in special education has influenced his coaching 6:36 the moment Jensen decided he wanted to become a coach 7:40 coaching inspired him to become a teacher 8:50 what challenges in his teaching career has coaching helped prepare him for 9:45 coaching with FC Stars 11:45 preparing players for the next step in their journey 12:35 The time that coaches should stay with the same team and pass them along to the next coach 15:40 biggest coaching influence was his High School coach and the lessons learned 17:50 experience participating in the United Soccer Coaches courses 18:55 discussing his journey along the USSF coaching licensure pathway 21:48 bringing the connections full circle with two prior guests, Jose and Traci 24:45 building the culture at a club where coaching staff is more than co-workers 26:50 aspirations to move up the administration ladder in the club, while still being involved in the coaching 29:05 next steps in Jensen’s coaching journey and building a sense of family within the club 34:50 goals for 2020 36:20 final three coaching points 39:30 One piece of advice for any coach
May 15, 2020
Jason Navas - Head Coach with Chargers Soccer Club and Assistant Women's Coach with Florida Southern College
Jason Navas- IG: coach.jasonnavas,, Jason is currently a Head Coach with Chargers Soccer Club and an Assistant Women’s Coach with Florida Southern College. In this episode, Jason shares his story of suffering a serious injury and being able to return to play, the value in finding multiple mentors in a variety of industries to learn from, and learning from as many resources you can-podcasts, webinars, coaching courses- and looking to implement that new knowledge with his teams. How to contact Jason: IG: coach.jasonnavas club website: college website: 0:20 soccer background 2:15 dealing with injuries and adversity 6:45 period before-during-after the back injury 8:55 the feeling of return to normal 10:25 transition into coaching alongside his mentor 14:30 key takeaways from his mentor 17:45 differences b/t his mentor’s coaching style in games 21:05 Giving the viewpoint from a player’s perspective when you’re positioned on the field right by your coach 25:00 being confronted by an upset parent 28:05 open communication between the players, parents, and coaches 28:46 developing from coaching at summer camps to coaching in a team setting 33:15 current experience taking the USSF C License 38:26 learning to raise our own abilities to reach a higher level of coaching 42:30 applying what he learned at the C License with his teams 45:55 helping his players with the recruitment process 48:50 being assigned as the club’s College Recruitment point-person 51:16 what Jason is looking forward to in 2020 54:05 final three coaching points 59:05 One piece of advice for any coach
May 8, 2020
Evan Burokas - Director of Coaching with Scorpions Soccer Club ECNL
Evan is currently the Director of Coaching with the ECNL side Scorpions Soccer Club based out of Massachusetts. In this episode, we talk about our playing days back with the club FC United and the lessons learned, Evan shares his insight of playing at the club, college, and semi-professional levels and the change in demands along the path, and he dives into the importance of having a strong culture throughout his experience as a player and coach with Merrimack College and how he has built it into Scorpions SC. How to Contact Evan: IG: coach_burokas IG: @scorpions_sc_ 0:02 soccer background 3:05 played together with FC United and some memories from club soccer 4:50 memorable lessons from our former club coach Ahmad Boura 6:30 transitioning to college ball and deciding to play at Merrimack College 9:00 having supportive parents at all the games 11:15 dealing with parents that drive a player to compete rather than supporting the player’s internal drive 13:30 making the jump from club, to college, to semi-professional with Western Mass Pioneers 18:15 dealing with injuries and the impact on your love of the game 20:46 Evan’s stubborn transition from playing to coaching 23:50 working as a collegiate Assistant Coach at WPI and Merrimack 27:20 benefit of recruiting for your alma mater 28:45 the importance of having a strong culture in the program AND school when working with a diverse community 31:00 moving from coaching college to coaching club soccer 34:45 diving into the pros and cons of coaching boys and girls 40:20 building trust in the team; boys becoming more selfless and girls becoming more confident 42:10 elevating from club coach to club co-director 45:45 playing a role in player movement between teams as a co-director 47:50 plans moving forward through quarantine 2020 54:30 final three coaching points 1:02:56 one piece of advice for any coach
May 1, 2020
Yane Coceski- Co-Founder of the non-profit Boots for Balkans, Sales Manager for Gordian Sports, and Goalkeeper Coach with Moreland City FC
Yane is the Co-Founder of the non-profit Boots for Balkans, he’s also the Sales Manager for Gordian Sports, and Goalkeeper Coach with Moreland City FC who compete in Australia’s NPL Victoria 2. In this episode, we discuss setting up your environment for success, including making the best decisions in terms of nutrition or the people you surround yourself with, controlling the controllables, which is a valuable takeaway during these unprecedented times where some current circumstances are out of our hands, the role of the second-choice goalkeeper within the squad, and the value of communication. How to contact Yane: IG: yanecoceski IG: bootsforbalkans 00:40 soccer background 2:50 defining moment when Yane knew he wanted to be a goalkeeper 3:40 current coaching responsibilities 4:35 sales manager for Gordian Sports 5:30 Co-Founder of Boots for Balkans 6:05 beginning philanthropic work with Boots for Balkans 8:30 setting up your environment to succeed and the consequences if you don’t 15:20 preparing on gameday speaking as a former semi-professional 19:30 setting objectives for yourself prior to the game 21:00 make a list of objectives- simplify and prepare- to provide clarity and topics for reflection 26:20 control the controllables 27:00 helping goalkeepers keep a positive mentality after a goal 29:45 goalkeepers stepping up as leaders within the team 31:00 creating your destiny: make a highlight video and find an agent 32:10 finding the right fit with an agent 34:00 triangulating responsibilities as a coach between players and agents 38:00 difficult decision of selecting starting keeper and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice keepers understanding their role within the team 39:15 understanding your role as the second-choice goalkeeper 44:30 the value of communication from the goalkeeper 49:40 encouraging goalkeepers to communicate more 52:40 videos and webinars offered through Gordian Sports 54:50 final three coaching points 57:25 One piece of advice for any coach
April 24, 2020
Gabe Rocha - DOC/ Head Coach at FC Sonora Soccer Club and Varsity Boys' Coach with Catalina High School
During our discussion, we talk about Gabe’s experience being coached by his dad and the pros and cons, coaching in an underserved community, and building the culture by engaging the community and including OKG’s, better known as Our Kinda Guys. How to Contact Gabe: IG: grochacho Twitter: CoachGRocha Blog: 0:20 soccer background 4:00 pros and cons of being coached by his dad 11:00 coach’s ability to read players 14:10 characteristics of a player’s coach 19:52 instituting the Spartan identity within the club and high school 23:30 building and growing the good culture 30:30 Working with a group of players from different cultures and minimizing the bad culture 40:55 balancing the workload across multiple teams and responsibilities 45:40 sharing the United Soccer Coaches 30 Under 30 experience 50:15 moving forward into 2020 56:55 final three coaching points 1:02:30 One piece of advice for any coach
April 17, 2020
Gary Curneen - Founder of Modern Soccer Coach and Former Assistant Coach with the Chicago Red Stars
Gary's Modern Soccer Coach podcast inspired me to begin the Full 90 Coaching podcast so it was great having him on as a guest. During our conversation, Gary shared some advice for aspiring young athletes aiming to play at the highest levels of the game, differences in coaching collegiate vs. pro and the change in demands on coaches, the one piece of technology every coach needs, and how to motivate players during these unprecedented times.
April 10, 2020
Traci Sipniewski - Head Coach with the Germantown Legends
Traci currently coaches in Tennessee with the Germantown Legends. During this interview, We discuss differences amongst parent interactions and expectations throughout age groups, understanding the need for clear communication and always improving this skill, increasing the number of female coaches and women in higher positions in the game, and improving players through strengthening team culture. How to contact Traci: IG: @coachtsip 0:24 soccer background 2:15 mutual friends through soccer 3:00 first experience coaching was at the volunteer level for the Y 4:10 the difference in parent interactions between different age groups 6:00 coaching before and after having her own children and how that impacted the parent dynamic 7:30 setting guidelines with parents to encourage player development 10:00 utilizing a cool-off period for communication following an event 13:20 breaking down communication barriers within a team 16:30 favorite parts of United Soccer Coaches Convention 19:45 how to go about increasing women participation in the coaching world and the phrase “mom guilt” 25:15 the increasing cost of coaching education and the viability of coaches progressing through the licenses/ diplomas/ badges 28:30 making the jump to coaching full-time 31:40 the most rewarding bit of being a parent coach 34:40 pushing kids to follow in your footsteps 37:55 multi-sport athletes fueling players to continue their playing 40:25 potential improvements to practice schedule to reduce player burnout 44:00 Traci’s first competitive coaching role with a high school program 46:40 steps to take to establish the team culture 49:35 overcoming challenges when working with your players 52:00 the impact of Coronavirus on coaching and family life 56:40 final three coaching points 1:00:06 One piece of advice for any coach
April 3, 2020
Pedro Cortes Garcia - Head Men's Soccer Coach with Contra Costa College
Pedro Cortes Garcia is the new Head Men’s Soccer Coach with Contra Costa College. We discussed the first steps he’s taking in his new role as the Head Men’s Coach, the importance of developing a relationship with your student-athletes beyond the game, the value of journals, books, and pictures, and he dives into the project he’s working on for his Master’s Degree. How to contact Pedro: Email: 0:00 soccer background 1:30 becoming the new Men’s Head Soccer Coach at Contra Costa College 2:40 recruiting during this Spring season 4:00 meeting the returning players at CCC 6:05 advice for recruiting enough players to build a team AND sustain a program 12:31 supporting the student-athletes along their journey, both on and off the field 17:45 Pedro’s Master’s Degree Project 22:25 student self-advocacy tied to personal development 28:45 How Pedro’s handbook will help coaches close the gap between what coaches say and what coaches do 31:25 the importance of having mentors 34:30 benefit of having mentors outside of your profession 37:30 two book recommendations 39:20 starting his Head College coaching career being close in age with the players 42:20 greatest challenge Pedro has faced as a coach 44:45 example of utilizing Pedro’s handbook to better help your players 47:10 preparing for Fall 2020 during this Coronavirus outbreak 48:45 final three coaching points 52:45 One piece of advice for any coach
March 27, 2020
Cristina Baggio - Head Women's Soccer COach with Yuba College
We discuss how Cristina prepares players to transfer from the Junior College to the 4-year level, utilizing her previous coaching experience at Chico State to support her work at Yuba College, and the constant learning process of being a coach. How to reach Cristina: Facebook: IG: Email: 00:20 soccer background 1:35 transitioning from the East to West Coast 2:15 experience attending at multiple colleges 3:25 preparing players to transfer to their next college 5:10 implementing systems to support the student-athlete and their responses 6:05 changing the culture as the new Head Coach at Yuba College 7:05 what she learned at Chico State 8:10 leading the player, the team, and leadership as a coach 9:10 trust-building technique 10:45 transition from an Assistant Coach with Chico State to becoming a Head Coach at Yuba College 11:50 elaborating on the change in on-field responsibility as the Head Coach 13:20 learning from Kim Sutton – Head Women’s Soccer Coach @ Chico State 14:35 the importance of having a mentor 16:30 valuable life skills 17:45 have players buy-in to team culture when it comes to time management 19:55 getting the sophomore class to support the freshman 21:30 recruiting for the junior college level 26:45 biggest challenge at Yuba College 28:00 improving the attitude from only fun to compete and have fun 29:30 focusing on our habits and values 31:00 there is no part-time job as a soccer coach 32:00 the campus community supporting each other like a family 32:40 supporting our student-athletes in their pursuit to transfer to a 4-year for academics and/or athletics 36:15 taking on additional roles to help us as coaches and passing along those lessons to our players 37:40 next step along her coaching journey 38:25 plans for 2020 39:05 final three coaching points 41:15 one piece of advice for any coach
March 20, 2020
Josh Perkins - Head Coach with North Carolina FC Youth
Josh is a fellow United Soccer Coaches' 30 Under 30 Candidate and the Head Coach of three teams with NCFC Youth. During our conversation, Josh discusses the similarities and differences amongst his teams, his club's youth - to - pro pathway, developing relationships with players, amongst other topics.
March 7, 2020
Alexia Poon - Head Women's Soccer Coach with Sacramento City College
Alexia shares what she learned as a player and assistant coach at Cal State Stanislaus, how she went about getting players to buy-in to her fitness training, and our time at this year’s coaching convention amongst a bunch of other topics. How to Contact Alexia: IG: @alexiaruns @saccitywsoc Twitter: @alexiapoon 00:20 soccer background 3:30 making the switch from playing with to coaching friends at Cal State Stanislaus 4:40 learning the difference of perspective as a coach vs. a player 7:50 tying in her passion for running with soccer and getting player buy-in 11:30 the response from players to see their coach joining them for fitness 13:30 inspiration to run with the players 15:45 transitioning to becoming a head coach at Arizona Western 18:25 learning from Adrienne Sorenson of San Joaquin Delta College 23:05 balancing multiple jobs when coaching as a part-time role 26:15 thoughts on being a fellow member of United Soccer Coaches’ 30 Under 30 Program 29:15 building connections with coaches at different levels for ourselves and players 29:55 the importance of a coach having a mentor 33:00 understanding the psychological component of being a student-athlete 36:00 breaking up the team into different groups: social, academic, etc. 39:15 tying in social media and mental health 40:15 there’s a reason why we get our players at Junior colleges 43:40 differences at the junior college level vs. D-II level 47:15 plans for 2020 49:30 final three coaching points 52:30 one piece of advice for any coach
February 21, 2020
Wissem Bouali - Head Coach with Spurs FC
Wissem is in his first year of coaching with Spurs FC, and has an interesting perspective on the beginning of his coaching journey. We discuss his time shadowing other coaches through our club's mentorship program, working from the same club philosophy and methodology but being able to put your own spin on things, and formal vs. informal coaching education. How to contact Wissem: Facebook: Wissem Bouali Linkedin: Wissem Bouali
February 14, 2020
Zach Sullivan - Head Women's Soccer Coach with Los Medanos College
We focused on Zach's work at the junior college level and his current role as the Head Women's Soccer Coach with Los Medanos College. During this interview, Zach shared his insight into the recruiting process, the ambiguity for high schoolers about their options following graduation, as well as formatting a campus tour, just to list a couple topics. How to contact Zach: IG: lmcsoccer IG: diablovalleywolves 00:00 coaching background 2:44 introduction at LMC 4:10 keys to developing programs 6:30 keys to recruiting 9:33 bringing players into the program 10:45 communication with players 11:25 campus tours 13:45 utilizing new facilities and hiring a strength coach 14:30 balance b/t academics and athletics 16:00 difference b/t genders and locations 18:30 team meetings and rule setting by players 20:50 reinforcing guidelines 22:55 constants found across time with Merritt and LMC 25:00 challenge of retaining players for sophomore year 26:30 eligibility reminders 28:25 how to assist players that want to take the next step academically  31:45 individual meetings 34:42 differences in academics/ athletics/ work across genders 36:20 how to assist players that want to take the next step athletically 37:00 sophomore showcase and the benefits 38:10 plans for Spring to Fall 2020 39:45 three coaching points 42:50 one piece of advice
February 8, 2020
Bejan Esmaili - Head Coach with Lamorinda Soccer Club
Bejan opens up about working with players from under-served areas and creating a positive atmosphere to develop his student-athletes, his personal soccer journey from playing at the junior college level to moving on to play at Cal Berkeley, and the connections we make in soccer while having shared moments, through the ups and downs and the joy and the craziness. How to connect with Bejan: 1:00 amount of energy and work needed to coach 3:30 soccer and the relationships we build 4:40 background in soccer 7:40 preparing for Surf Cup experience with players from underserved areas 11:00 finding ways to fundraise for your team/ club 12:30 focused on developing the whole student-athlete at the high school level 17:40 players need to take the initiative 18:30 building trust with players 20:00 understanding the options available after high school 22:15 dealing with adversity and taking second chances 24:00 Bejan’s experience playing at Junior College (community college) before joining UC Berkeley 27:00 transitioning from 2-year to 4-year program 28:45 implementing the work ethic found at Cal with his LaMo team 30:45 difficulty of working with egos and man management 34:55 running into difficulty with groups and reconciling the situation 35:50 some mentors or idealistic coaches 39:30 fun coaching teams to enjoy the ball in possession 41:45 working in soccer outside of coaching 43:00 FootyMarket 44:45 building your soccer network and supporting the soccer community 49:00 plans for 2020: players returning from high school, tournaments, and preparing for college 51:30 three main coaching points 54:35 One piece of advice for any coach
January 24, 2020
Anmol Singh - Spurs FC Competitive Player and Coach
How to Connect wtih Anmol: IG: anmolsb13 0:20 soccer background 1:10 discussing Lil’ Spurs program 1:50 difference in coaching competitive club soccer 2:30 speaking to playing within Spurs FC and progressing to coaching with same club 3:40 the impact of coaching on his playing style 4:15 picking up ideas from other coaches and identifying areas of growth 5:30 discussing the benefits of having our coaches’ meetings 6:30 transitioning b/t playing club and high school under the same coach 7:00 learning from Coach Simba and building confidence 9:45 discussing our experience during the USSF D License course 11:50 playing experience and the impact on his coaching 12:45 developing the growth mindset 12:30 challenges found when coaching 2011 (U-9) 15:00 the moment Anmol decided to become a coach 16:00 balancing school, work, and life 17:35 highlight moment of player development 19:20 coach as a mentor 20:00 transitioning to play in America from Germany 21:25 the fun of playing in adverse weather conditions 22:35 benefit of playing year-round, multi-sport athletes, and taking time off 27:15 final three coaching points 29:30 one piece of advice
January 10, 2020
Ariel Rosenmann - Assistant Men's Soccer Coach with San Joaquin Delta College
Ariel returns to the show to share his experience with San Joaquin Delta College in his first year as the Assistant Men's Soccer Coach.
December 14, 2019
Jose Meza - Girls' Director of Coaching (Central MA) with Global Premier Soccer (GPS)
Jose is Girls' Director for the Central Region of Massachusetts with Global Premier Soccer. During this conversation, Jose shares his playing background growing up in Santiago, Chile and transitioning to play in Massachusetts, his experience coaching youth soccer, club and high school, and his role as a director. Before that, a quick word from our sponsor. How to Contact Jose Meza IG: dremez
December 6, 2019
Silvia Garcia - Head Coach with Woodland Soccer Club
 Silvia has been an assistant coach with Woodland Soccer Club for the past three years and is currently in her first year as a Head Coach. During this conversation, Silvia shares her experience transitioning from an assistant to a head coach, her playing time at the club, junior college, and semi-professional levels, and she opens up about becoming the first female coach and board member in her club's history.  Silvia's Contact Info: E-mail: IG: sillviiia_garcia530 0:10 Soccer background 1:25 transitioning from assistant coach to head coach 2:40 why not more women coaches? 3:30 working as Secretary/ Administrator on the club’s board 5:25 working at Woodland (small club) vs. Davis Legacy (large club) 9:15 benefit of clubs offering a semi-pro level of play 12:45 experience of playing at American River College 16:45 transition from Junior College to Semi-Professional 19:15 remaining discipline in the offseason and when dealing with injuries 22:30 influential advice from previous coaches 24:25 coming into the reality of being a coach 26:30 reflecting on Silvia’s first session 31:30 playing/coaching in first college showcase 33:50 student comes first in student-athlete 34:20 discussing NorCal’s Summer Symposium 38:15 looking forward to the remainder of 2019 40:50 difference between being an assistant coach vs. head coach at the u-12 level 44:15 reflecting on past coaches’ session planning 46:25 final three coaching points 50:05 Silvia’s contact info 50:50 one piece of advice for any coach
August 9, 2019
New Opportunities and Summer Sabbatical
It's episode 50! Today, Ted and Tomás discuss new opportunities that have developed over the past month as well as training sessions while many of your players are on Summer vacation.  Links as mentioned in the episode: Rotations and Interchanges Will Parchman tweet on Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan writer
July 9, 2019
Rose Shoen - Founder and Director of Coaching of Azteca FC
How to contact Rose: IG- rshoen_15 - aztecafc
June 28, 2019
Kevin Crow - Executive Director of Ballistic United (Pleasanton, CA) and Scout Manager of International Futbol X-Change
How to contact Kevin: 
June 22, 2019
Zac Robin - Assistant Girls’ Soccer Coach at College Preparatory School (Oakland, CA)
 Zac is just beginning his coaching journey, and recently completed his first season as an Assistant Coach with College Preparatory School in Oakland. During this conversation, Zac shares his playing background, the differences he's found in coaching soccer and basketball, and dives into the time he almost gave up on soccer.  Show Notes   0:25 Coaching background 3:30 lessons learned through coaching 5:00 introduction to coaching- soccer and basketball 6:15 why Zac became a coach 10:15 choosing between coaching soccer and basketball 16:00 communication is key across the team, but it can be difficult 18:40 heading the ball- pros and cons 23:05 playing experience and the impact as a coach 27:45 getting recruited to play in college 29:20 struggling with injuries 35:55 on the verge of quitting soccer in high school 41:40 playing in college 43:55 coaching mentors 47:50 drama within the team 51:50 learn from CPS Head Coach Godwin Odiye 57:02 plans for the remainder of 2019 1:04:03 three coaching points scenario 1:09:45 connect online thru FB or email 1:10:45 one piece of advice for any coach  How to Contact Zac: email:
June 14, 2019
2019-5-28 TTT U20 World Cup, Losing Players and Tournament disparities
In todays talk we touch on the U20 World Cup, disparities in tournament flighting and more talk on losing players to outside clubs. We also give our picks for the Europa League and Champions League Finals.
May 28, 2019
Samantha Browne - Head Coach with Spurs FC, Head Women's Coach with Head Royce High School, and Assistant Women's coach with Mills College
Sam Started coaching at a young age helping her dad coach her brother’s team and volunteering with various organizations including the Special Olympics and now coaches with Spurs FC, Head Royce High School and Mills College, Sam and I discuss how coaches bringing the enthusiasm and passion into the session fuels the players, the value of having a sports psychologist with any sports team, differences between soccer in Canada and the U.S., and the limitations of practicing in a small space. Show Notes 0:15 coaching background 6:45 deciding to become a coach 8:10 experience as a multi-sport athlete 11:45 playing background and the impact on coaching 16:00 climbing the levels of soccer in Canada 19:40 competing at the highest level 23:05 advice for a youth player to make it to the top level 29:30 the benefit of utilizing a sports psychologist (mental skills practitioner) 33:30 the importance of clubs having a sports psychologist (mental skills practitioner) on staff 35:45 difficulty of the same person tying in sports psychologist (mental skills practitioner) work with coaching 39:30 differences in the soccer environment: Canada vs. USA 45:15 coaching and practicing in limited space 48:30 watching the growth of a team over a couple years 52:30 intra-club scrimmages and observations 55:20 helping players learn to solve problems 1:00:13 favorite (and not so favorite) parts of coaching 1:02:15 differences between high school and club soccer 1:04:20 moving forward in 2019 1:05:50 three coaching points 1:08:35 one piece of advice for any coach How to Contact Coach Sam: IG: @12coachsam
May 24, 2019
Jake Pesarcik - Head Men's Soccer Coach at Anna Maria College
Jake is in his second season as the Head Men's Soccer Coach at Anna Maria College. During our conversation, we discussed his quick transition from being an undergrad, to becoming a graduate assistant at Anna Maria College to becoming the Head Coach in under a year, the value of recruiting early and developing relationships, and his experience as a goalkeeper and how it prepared him to become a coach. How to contact Jake: e-mail: IG: @amcat_mens_soccer 0:55 Playing and Coaching background 4:30 transition from graduate assistant to becoming head coach 6:35 highlights of college coaching- developing a foundation with current players 8:35 background of soccer at Anna Maria and deep-dive into foundation/values 10:30 working with a smaller roster 12:00 importance of recruiting and how to find success 15:20 taking over as a head coach- what do you keep and what do you add? 17:15 running an ID Clinic 20:20 the value of coach education and networking in preparation for becoming a head coach 23:30 how being a goalkeeper has aided in coaching journey 25:20 coaching philosophy 26:15 Advice for players that are struggling with playing time 29:50 summer training program 31:00 mentors and influential coaches 34:45 tying in academic education in Social Work with coaching 36:50 looking forward to for remainder of 2019 39:20 three coaching points 44:30 one piece of advice for any coach
May 17, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays - League Director Woes and Uncovering Hidden Gems
In episode 43 of the Team Talk Tuesdays series, Ted and Tomás discuss the trial and tribulations of being a league director. They also touch on parent behavior on the sidelines and possible deterrents to that negative behavior, as well as finding new roles for players on your roster.  Podcoin
May 14, 2019
Nate Northup - Head Coach with Davis Legacy and Folsom Lake Earthquakes
Nate has 10 years of coaching experience, and has been coaching with Davis Legacy and will be transitioning to Folsom Lake Earthquakes this summer. He has coached as the club, high school, and college level. During this discussion, we talk about our shared experience during this past Cinco de Mayo tournament weekend, advice for high school players, some of his favorite managers and coaches, and much more. How to Contact Nate: Email: Website: 2:15 coaching background 4:25 moving between clubs 6:15 Similarities between coaching and parenting 8:10 tournament play – player resilience through small rosters and parent/ spectator behavior 15:40 repercussions of poor parent/ spectator behavior 19:42 challenges of coaching 21:30 parents asking deeper questions than “did you win?” 23:30 differences between coaching club, high school, and college soccer 26:40 advice for high school players looking to play in college and find the right fit 34:20-41:00 favorite professional team 35:05 players are students of the game 35:42 favorite manager/ coach 41:05 favorite part about coaching 43:02 players need to have the right mentality 44:25 vision for remainder of 2019 46:00 ideal players and teams “Good luck happens when hard work meets opportunity.” 50:11 three coaching points 55:54 One piece of advice for any coach
May 10, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays-Tryouts and Losing Players
In this episode Ted and Tomás discuss tryouts season and their roles within the setup! They also touch on the potential loss of players during this transitional time of year. 
May 7, 2019
Team Talk Tuesday - Goal Kick Rule Change and Weekend Review
Ted is back from his birthday vacation! On his arrival we discuss our thoughts on the goal kick rule change as well as recap our youth team’s  successes from the weekend. Lots of goals were scored.
April 30, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays-Impact of Player Attendance
Thanks for listening to Full 90 Coaching Podcast! In this episode Ted and I recap games from our boys games this weekend. In the conversation we discuss player mental space before and during the game, attendance of players in the spring and the application of training concepts in game. 
April 23, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays-Play How You Practice and Player Attendance
Thanks for listening to another session of Team Talk Tuesdays!  In this episode Ted and Tomás recap games from our boys games this weekend. In the conversation we highlight the beauty of seeing your teachings applied during the game, the different types of support offered by your club and dealing with different pre kickoff variables.
April 16, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays-Champions League Preview
We get caught up in the Champions League hype! Ted and Tomás give their picks and thoughts on the various Champions League Quarter Final fixtures. Argue why we're wrong on our social media: Ted's Instagram: kickit_withcoachted Tomás Twitter - tito117m
April 9, 2019
Mason Webb - Director of Soccer Operations with Mavericks Soccer Club
Mason has 5 years of coaching experience and is currently the Director oSoccer Operations with Mavericks. In this conversation, we talk about Mason's playing career and tf he advice he'd give aspiring professional players, the need to have a mentor, as well as a growth mindset, whether you're a player or a coach. How to reach Mason:
April 6, 2019
Francisco Cantero - Head Women's Soccer Coach with Pasadena City College
 Francisco is currently the Head Women's Soccer Coach with Pasadena City College and is also coaching high school and club soccer. In this conversation, we talk about Cisco's personal dedication to learning and how he incorporates it into his coaching, some of the difficulties of coaching at the junior college level, as well as the ability to assess the needs of your players at different ages.  How to contact Francisco: IG: @fcisco.c Twitter: @cisco_cantero
March 30, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays-Lesson Planning and Periodization
After a brief hiatus, thanks to telecommunications breakdown and a freak motorcycle accident, we're back with another Team Talk Tuesday's episode. Today we highlighted the different ways to create a lesson plan for your coaching sessions. Thierry Henry Freedom
March 26, 2019
Kevin Esquivel - Director of Goalkeeping with Spurs FC, Goalkeeper Coach with San Francisco State University, and Co-Founder of Bay Area GK
Kevin has 6 years of coaching experience, and is currently the Director of Goalkeeping with Spurs FC, the Goalkeeper Coach with San Francisco State University, and is the Co-Founder of Bay Area GK. In this conversation, we talk about Kevin's experience growing up as a goalie with minimal goalkeeper-specific training, the mentors that helped guide him along the way, and how he trains goalies in all aspects of the position- physical, mental, technical, and tactical. How to contact Kevin: Email: IG: bayareagk
March 23, 2019
Josh Martinez-Reyes - A Local Player and Coach's Outlook; Now a Spurs FC Coach
Josh Martinez-Reyes has 6 years of coaching experience, and is a fellow coach with Spurs FC. In this conversation, we dive into how soccer has the power to positively impact all types of people, the influential coaches that Josh had growing up, as well as the differences amongst clubs, even those within a mile or two of each other.  How to Contact Josh: email:
March 16, 2019
Mike Carlson - Founder and CEO of International Fútbol X-Change
Michael Carlson is the Founder and CEO of International Futbol X-Change. In today’s discussion, Mike shares his own experience of playing soccer abroad while in Germany and how it sparked the idea for him to start IFX 16 years ago. We dive into the different programs offered by IFX and how we provide ongoing support to our players during their journey. How to Contact Mike: Phone: 510-599-4625 Email: Coach Ted’s Scouting Email
March 11, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays - Weather Adjustments and Using Video as A Tool
On todays episode of Team Talk Tuesdays, Ted and Tomás are rained out! Instead of resting on their laurels, they discuss strategies to continue leading their squad when the practice field is unavailable. Scan ahead to focus on one of those ideas below: Timestamps: 0:00 - 03:30 - Dealing with Field Closures 03:30 - 05:10 - Homework for Teams - Player Questionnaire  05:10 - 18:03 - Game Video Analysis as Teaching Tool 18:03 - 23:47 - Challenges of Recording Games
March 5, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays-High School Soccer v Club divide, NCS Playoffs, Spring Season Goals
On todays episode of Team Talk Tuesdays, Ted and Tomás touched on the relationship between NCS High School Soccer and club soccer, NCS playoffs and some personal goals for their Spring season. Timestamps:  0:00 - 03:09 - Ted’s players in NCS Playoffs 03:10 - 26:30 - Overlap High School and Club Soccer 26:30 - 35:06 - Personal Goals for Spring Season
February 26, 2019
Omar Bautista - Albany High Girls' Varsity and Spurs FC Coach
Omar has 10 years of coaching experience, and currently runs the Girls' Varsity program at Albany high school and is also a fellow coach at Spurs FC. In this conversation, we dive into the influences that had the greatest impact on Omar's coaching career, the differences between age groups and between club and high school, as well as the tactical side of the game and how it relates to the strategy of chess. How to reach Omar: or @omar_bautista510 on IG
February 23, 2019
5-Minute Reflection
It's great taking the time to reflect on where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go! Life is the greatest teacher.
February 16, 2019
Team Talk Tuesdays- USSF vs United Soccer Coaches, Player Development, Soccer Schedule
I am happy to re-brand our Tuesday episodes to now be known as, Team Talk Tuesdays! Tomas Ortega has officially joined the Full 90 Coaching team and as you’ve heard in our last episode and during our interview, Tomas has a lot to offer to the podcast! In this episode, we go on a slalom of a conversation, weaving between soccer licenses in America, the timeline for player development, the annual calendar for youth soccer here in California, and touch on the calendar for college and professional leagues. Timestamps 1. Start - 21:00 - Soccer Licenses in American Soccer ⁃ United Soccer Coaches ⁃ USSF Soccer Licenses ⁃ Fiorentina Soccer Course ⁃ La Liga Course in Livermore 2. 21:02 - 33:20 - Player development Perspective ⁃ Short/Medium/Long-Term ⁃ Rotating Players during season 3. 33:21 - 52:51- Northern California Youth Soccer Calendar/Timeline ⁃ NorCal Premier ⁃ Cal North ⁃ State Cup 4. 52:55 - End College and MLS Schedule
February 12, 2019
Josh Lino - Inside the Role of the Referee
Josh has refereed for over 7 years and at various levels of the game. In this episode, Josh shares how he became involved in refereeing, the difficulties that come along with the position, some of his most memorable and challenging moments, and so much more. How to reach Josh: Instagram: @jolishuano_0
February 8, 2019
Coach Ted Talks Tuesdays! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Side of Parenting with Tomas Ortega
 Tomas and I enjoyed this discussion about parents, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fortunately, the good experiences like Tomas and the parent at the snack bar, far outweigh the number of bad and ugly experiences, though it is still something we can all work towards improving by sharing stories like these and continue the process of educating those around us. 
February 5, 2019
Pablo Perez - Lil' Spurs Coordinator
Pablo is in his 6th year of coaching with Spurs FC, and recently took on the position of Lil' Spurs Coordinator. In our talk, Pablo shares the joy he has coaching the youngest soccer players, the difference he sees between the different levels of the youth game, some of his plan to develop the Lil' Spurs program by engaging the community, and so much more. How to contact Pablo. email:
February 2, 2019
Coach Ted Talks Tuesdays! Life as a Scout
Today, I discussed my role as a Scout, both for Diablo Valley College Women’s Soccer and for International Futbol X-Change (IFX). Learn what coaches are looking for and the many options available to players of all ages, genders, and abilities. Players interested in attending DVC and playing for the Vikings should visit: Players interested in participating in one of the many International playing opportunities provided by IFX should send me an email:
January 30, 2019
Tomas Ortega - Youth Soccer League Director with Bladium
Tomas is entering his second year as a Youth Soccer League Director with Bladium, a Sports & Fitness Club located in Alameda, California. In this discussion, Tomas shared his background growing up as a baseball fanatic and how he became transfixed on the game of soccer, the importance of two key skills for coaches- communication and patience, and much more about his management role.  How to contact Tomas: Email:
January 26, 2019
Postseason Follow-Up with Nancy Feldman - Head Coach of Boston University Women's Soccer
Nancy and I discuss the 2018 season and their journey to becoming Patriot League Champions, the experience of competing in the NCAA tournament, and her time at the United Soccer Coaches Convention. The Convention is a MUST for coaches that are interested in learning, networking, and being surrounded by like-minded people.
January 18, 2019
Ian Barker - Director of Coaching Education with United Soccer Coaches
Ian has over 30 years of coaching experience, including time with division 1 and Division 3 college programs, International programs, and educational roles. In this episode, Ian and I covered a lot of topics, jumping around quite a bit, covering man management and the value of proper communication, focusing on the intangibles of the game such as individual and team psychology, the importance of parent and coach education, and so much more.  How to Reach Ian: Twitter: ibarkersoccer Resources:
January 4, 2019
Niall Irwin - Technical Director and Coach with Spurs FC
Niall is a former professional player and has been coaching for 10 years, most recently with Spurs. In this episode, Niall and I cover a lot in this discussion, like the pay-to-play model and the dynamic it creates, how he took the opportunity to become a player-coach of his college team, the importance of developing decision-makers, and so much more. How to reach Niall: e-mail:
December 14, 2018
Gina Woodward - Soccer Coach and Strength and Conditioning Expert with Spurs FC
Gina is a former professional player and has been coaching for 8 years, 5 of which has been with Spurs. In this episode, Gina and I covered a bunch of different topics, such as insight into her playing career going from youth soccer to the professional ranks and playing overseas, how she combines her career in strength and conditioning with soccer through functional training and how it’s essential in multi-directional sports, overcoming sexism and gender inequality in the modern game, and so much more. Sign up below for the FemmEDGE program: How to reach Gina: Instagram: @nextlevelsoccernls E-mail:
December 7, 2018
Manish Doshi - Executive Director of Tottenham Hotspur East Bay
Manish has over 20 years experience coaching soccer at a variety of age groups and levels, from youth soccer in recreation, comp, and PDP, to high school and college. In this episode, Manish discusses his experience growing a club from 100 to over 1,000 participants, the financial implications involved with running a club, the importance of continuing education for coaches and parents, and so much more. How to reach Manish: E-mail:
November 30, 2018
Scott Allen - DOC of Tottenham Hotspurs East Bay
Scott has over 30 years experience coaching soccer at a variety of levels, which includes coaching his son’s team. In this episode, Scott shares his personal experience going through the process of applying to and graduating from junior college and college, as well as having soccer be a part of his identity, like myself and other players. How to Contact Scott: Email:
November 17, 2018
Victor Mba - First Guest Referee!
I had the pleasure of speaking with Victor Mba, who in my opinion is one of the best referees in the Bay Area of Northern California. Victor has been a referee for 10 years and has run games from the youth level through the collegiate Division 1 level. He shared a lot about the preparation needed prior to games, the in-game management of players, teams, and coaches, as well as the differences among referees. How to Contact Victor: Facebook- Victor Chike Mba
November 9, 2018
Nancy Feldman- Head Women's Coach at Boston University
Nancy is the Head Women’s Coach at Boston University and has over 30 years of experience coaching at the collegiate level. We had a deep discussion around the importance of community service, the value of young athletes playing multiple sports, and how she supports the development of her players into young women through soccer. How to reach Nancy: Instagram and Twitter: terrierwsoc website:
June 29, 2018
Kezia Perez - Head Coach with Juventus SC
Kezia is entering her 4th year of coaching, and she is currently working with Juventus Soccer Club here in Northern California. In this episode, we cover a lot of topics, including the reasons why Kezia became a coach, the challenge of playing against bigger players, and her role in inspiring the next generation of female athletes. How to reach Kezia: Instagram: kezperez07
June 28, 2018
Cailin Mullins- Women's Head Coach at Diablo Valley College
Cailin is entering her 18th year as the Head Women’s Coach with Diablo Valley College. In this episode, we cover a lot of topics, including the challenge of finding the right job as a coach, the growth of women’s soccer in America, as well as the various influences we have as coaches and the impact we have on our players. How to reach Cailin: E-mail:
June 1, 2018
Noelle Lemos- Technical Director at Diablo FC
With 6 years of coaching experience, Noelle is now the Technical Director at Diablo FC and will begin her role as an Assistant Coach with Diablo Valley College this August. In this Episode, we cover a few topics, including the difference between playing at the Division 1 level, club level, and junior college level, the importance of sharing your love and passion for the game with your players and your team, as well as the value of playing after you’ve had the chance to coach. How to reach Noelle: Email: IG: noelle_lemos FB: Noelle Lemos
May 25, 2018
Oren Rosenmann- Technical Director at Benicia Arsenal
With over 10 years of coaching experience, Oren is now the Technical Director at Benicia Arsenal in Benicia, CA. In this Episode, we cover a few topics, including the difference between coaching from a player’s perspective vs. a coach’s perspective, the ability to demonstrate technical skill and why it’s so important to the education of your players and your team, as well as the value in being true to your coaching philosophy and style. How to reach Oren: Instagram: @premiumsoccerco
May 18, 2018
Eliseo Prado- Soccer Academy Manager at Bladium
In episode 8 of the Full 90 Coaching Podcast, we hear from Eliseo Prado, the Soccer Academy Manager at Bladium! In this Episode, we cover a few topics, including the differences between coaching for and training with the soccer academy vs. a soccer team, the importance of focusing on the student-athlete as a whole, and future aspirations of coaching at the next level. How to reach Eliseo: Facebook: Eliseo Prado Website:
May 11, 2018
Graham Mayle- Director of Coaching at Benicia Arsenal
In Episode 7 of the Full 90 Coaching Podcast, I get to speak with Graham Mayle- DOC of Benicia Arsenal- on a windy day in Benicia. We discussed a few topics, including the differences in the youth soccer systems in England and America, the feeling when a player learns a new skill, and how to become a better coach. How to reach Graham: e-mail:
May 10, 2018
Chris Traina- Men's Head Coach at Nichols College
In this episode, Chris and i had a great discussion! Topics included: the influence coaches have on players, how having a playing background can help a coach explain the WHY to players, and the importance of keeping a positive mindset throughout a game! How to reach Chris: email: phone: 508-213-2355
April 20, 2018
Ariel Rosenman- Goalkeeper Coach at Benicia Arsenal
In this episode, I had a fun conversation with Ariel Rosenman. We covered a few topics, including the differences between playing at the junior college and collegiate levels, what it takes to be a goalie, and the importance of sharing your love for the game with your players! How to reach Ariel: Instagram: @premiumcoachr
April 13, 2018
Alex Lobban- Academy Director at Mustangs SC
In this episode, I had a fantastic conversation with Alex Lobban. We covered a lot of topics, including: differences between coaching at the club, academy, and junior college level, what it takes to play at the professional level, and the importance of having a favorite player. How to reach Alex: website: Contact: Mustangs Soccer: Diablo Valley College:
March 30, 2018
Manuel Valle- Director of Coaching at Union City Premier
I had a great conversation with Manuel Valle. We covered a lot of topics, including: coaching a team with family on it, the politics that come in the youth game with parents, building character, and the importance of decision-making. How to reach Manny: facebook- Manuel Valle Contact- Union City Premier-
March 23, 2018
Episode 1 - Meet the Hosts: Coach Ted Steen and Coach Ugo Duro
Coach Ted and Coach Ugo introduce the Full 90 Coaching Podcast. The goal of the podcast is to have great coaches share their experiences, insights, and tips with other coaches and players to become better!
March 17, 2018