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The Full Toss

The Full Toss

By Jim Law
Jim Law and Lee Dixon deliver 'The Full Toss' on all things Chester Boughton Hall and beyond with special guests.
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The Full Toss Podcast 38 - Men's senior pre-season nets (a galaxy of 'stars')
Outside and together (ish) at last - we're down at the nets... With the season just around the corner and the potential of real cricket in the air, time to get out and meet some of the players as nets open up once again. Jim Law chats to some of the lads as they're put through their paces as Lee Dixon gets on with the day job and nearly gets away with avoiding the mic - but not quite! Catch the guys as they enjoy a gorgeous Spring evening in the sunshine.
March 31, 2021
The Full Toss Podcast 37 - Didsbury's Nick Anderson, life post lockdown with Adam Roberts, juniors with Dave Atkin.
We're heading for 12 April - Adam Roberts tells us what we can expect from the new bar facilities and with the juniors as busy as ever, Dave Atkin updates us. Jim Law and Lee Dixon also welcome Didsbury captain, all-rounder and Cheshire CCC T20 skipper Nick Anderson on all things Chester and  Didsbury. Plus the return of the badger!
March 16, 2021
The Full Toss Podcast 36 - CBH legend Alex Kegg in focus, Chris Fleet looks forward to 2021
Jim Law and Lee Dixon with the latest Full Toss and time to talk to Alex Kegg about something other than being a groundsman! Alex looks back on a Liverpool Competition and Cheshire County League career that got going with Chester back in 1994... with one or two anecdotes! And all being well, we've a new marquee facility opening up from 12 April - Chris Fleet brings us up to date. Plus for the final time (for now!), can you guess the identity of CBH's 'masked slinger'.
March 3, 2021
The Full Toss Podcast 35 17 February 2020 - Ash Davis in the fast lane, all things CBH and the 'Masked Slinger'
Jim Law and Lee Dixon light up (?) Lockdown with all things CBH in the latest Full Toss podcast. It's an old friend in Neston and Cheshire's  Ash Davis as we look back over Ash's two years at Chester and all things quick bowling and club cricket. Alex Kegg gives the latest on the building work at CBH and once again, we invite you to identify a mystery bowler - The Masked Slinger...
February 16, 2021
The Full Toss Podcast 34 2 February 2021
The boys are back in town as Jim Law and Lee Dixon catch up with the 1st XI's George McCormick, reflecting on his development and move to Chester. Jo Herbertson, Di Totty and Dave Atkin update on preparations for our girls, ladies and juniors plus...can you work out the CBH bowler? Who is the "Masked Slinger?'
February 2, 2021
The Full Toss Podcast 33 20 January 2021
A special edition of the Full Toss Podcast as we reflect on the life of Don Speakman, a special member of the CBH family who passed away in early January. Scorer, umpire, welfare officer, and more, Don put time and effort into everything Chester Boughton Hall. We reflect and salute Don... and say thank you. Hosts Jim Law and Lee Dixon, contributions from Chris Fleet, Di Totty, Robin Fisher and Dave Atkin. Plus our CBH round-up.
January 20, 2021
The Full Toss Podcast 32 15 December 2020
Jim Law and Lee Dixon are back with the final Full Toss podcast of the year featuring Christmas wishes from across the Club, Junior Chairmen Robin Fisher and Dave Atkin with some exciting news for 2021, a Christmas badger and all the latest from the club including fixtures, a kit update and the thorny issues of teas...
December 15, 2020
Full Toss Podcast 31 1 December 2020 'Parry and Harry' Chester skipper plus Lancs' Stephen Parry
Catch up with Jim Law and Lee Dixon on the latest [i]Full Toss[/i]. We've Chester's all new 1st XI skipper, Harry Killoran and we chat with with Lancashire CCC's Stephen Parry about his Lancs and England, his benefit year, rescuing planned activity and some great events in the pipeline. All the latest CBH news too...
December 1, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 30 19 November 2020... 'Meet our 2021 kit supplier plus the Chairman updates...'
The Full Toss hits 30 and Chairman Chris Fleet has exciting news about building works over the winter and our new batting and bowling coaches for next year. Jim Law and Lee Dixon chat all things CBH as it's all change ion the captaincy front in 2021 and Lee talks to our new kit supplier ahead of its forthcoming launch.
November 19, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 29 - '1st XI season review with Rick Moore'
Rick Moore joins Jim and Lee to review an 'interesting' 1st XI season. The highs and lows from the fabulous 'Neston double-weekend' to defeat at Elworth. And more. There's a bit of 'badgering' too as Rick andLlee go head to head.
November 6, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 28 - 'Ladies' season review'
Once the 2020 season was up and running, it was all go for the CBH ladies. Jim Law is joined by Di Totty who chats with Jo Herbertson, Nicole Fisher, Tilly Buss and Ali Cutler.  It's exciting times for our girls and our ladies at Chester Boughton Hall!
November 5, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 27...'Ian Thistlewood and the 4s winning year, and get ready for CBH FC'
This time it's 4th XI champion skipper Ian Thistlewood reflecting on 2020 with Jim Law and Lee Dixon plus the badger's back. Dave Atkin gives the latest on Covid, news about the forthcoming AGM plus Simon Law reveals plans for CBH FC's entry into the Dewsbury Cup.
October 20, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 26..."Tommy, three tons and a badger - 3rd XI review"
Jim Law, Lee Dixon and Tom Evans look back at Tom Evan's first season at the helm of the 3rd XI, and the Badger arrives for the first time... There's news about what's on at CBH too (or more like what isn't!).
October 7, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 25 23 September 2020 ... "Let's hear it for the 2s plus what's on in these changing times.."
The season may be over for Chester Boughton Hall CC but there's still plenty for Jim Law and Lee Dixon to get their teeth into. This latest Full Toss sees the boys catch up with Dan Riley to mull over the 2nd XI's season - from selection to the games themselves and more, it's all there. Plus the latest on what's happening (or not) at the Club on the social side as we move into the football season.
September 23, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 24 - 'And another season bites the dust so it's party time...'
It may have been a short one, but it doesn't feel that way! Here's the views from a the last full Saturday... Join us for another podcast as we see off the season in style (albeit the 4s have a game left). Jim Law and Lee Dixon hold some of it together as we review the games, look forward to what's happening at Chester Boughton Hall and chat with a plethora of stars about cricket, cakes and a load more.
September 15, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 23 7 September 2020 - "Pick the bones out of that lot..."
The penultimate weekend - at least for the 1s and 2s - and there's good news and bad news across the sides. Jim Law and Lee Dixon pick through the action with contributions from Dan Riley, Reg Wyatt, Tom Evans, Ian Thistlewood and Di Totty with Nicole Fisher. News of our forthcoming awards night and all the usual updates around CBH including CBH v Lancashire 2s' T20. There's the winner of the Changing Home player of the week award too...
September 7, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 22 1 September 2020 - That was the weekend that was....
It's tough times for the 1s as they fall short at Nantwich and crash out of the Cheshire Cup. Wins for the 2s, 4s and Ladies though. Jim and Lee dissect an indifferent weekend. Simon Law, Tom Evans and Nicole Fisher round up their games and Lancashire have been in town (on the field). We've a look ahead to what's on and a CBH 'Beer and Beverage XI' too. It can only be another 'Full Toss' podcast.   
August 31, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 21 24 August 2020 - Not our best weekend, but we're still smiling!
Jim and Lee are back reflecting on as poor a weekend as last week's was good. Defeat for the 1s, 2s, 3s and Ladies.  We talk to Tom Evans and the fourth team star, young Archie Riley. News about Chester v Lancashire 2s as well plus the Changing Home player of the week.
August 24, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 20 21 August 2020 - Special edition with David Bailey, Chairman, Cheshire CCC
We take a break from the regular league action as Jim Law catches up with David Bailey during a recent visit to Chester Boughton Hall. David updates on a non-event of a county season, reflects on a successful 2019, discusses Cheshire CCC's role in the 'player pathway' and looks forward to the future. 
August 20, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 19 18 August 2020 - Three is the magic number. Salute the centurions!
Jim Law and Lee Dixon reflect on three centurions and wins for the 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s and ladies 2s plus a fifth team takes to the field at Neston. Hear too from Rick Moore, George McCormick, Warren Goodwin, Tom Evans, Ian Thistlewood, Joe Maddocks, Nicole Fisher and Holly Chambers. Plus we look forward to the weekend ahead and of course there's the Changing Home Player of the Week!
August 18, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 18 11 August 2020 - A bumper weekend with league and cup cricket
Jim Law and Lee Dixon look back at a full weekend of league and cup cricket with contributions from Alex Money, Harry Killoran, Matt Jones, Dan Riley, Ed Owen and Nicole Fisher. Tom Evans won the first 'Changing Home Player of the Week' last week - find out the latest winner plus what's happening at CBH.
August 10, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 17 4 August 2020 - Weekend round-up, Di Totty, Harry Killoran, Freddie Owen, Dan Riley
Jim Law and Lee Dixon are back looking at the weekend past and the weekend ahead. Contributions from some of the participants plus old friend Freddie Owen pops by and Harry Killoran talks about our 2020 junior courses. And of course, all the very latest on what's happening at Chester Boughton Hall.
August 4, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 16 - Up and running with the first league games!
A great start for CBH with a shared T20 double header with Nantwich and wins for the 2s, 3s, 4s and Ladies. Plus there's Jim Law and Lee Dixon's usual round up of what's happening at Chester Boughton Hall and a preview of this weekend's fixtures.
July 29, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 15 - Chairman's Special
In this special edition of the Full Toss, Jim Law talks with CBHCC Chairman and Club Captain, Chris Fleet about life past and present across Chris' six decades at the Club. From the 60s to the present day.. and looking to the future, it's all here.
July 27, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 14 22 July 2020 - reviews, previews and interviews from around CBH and the league
Just a few days before the league season finally gets underway ...  but we've some round-ups to deal with first as well as the previews. Plus Nantwich have been on their bikes and Lancashire have been in town. Join Jim Law and Lee Dixon for all the latest news.
July 21, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 13 14 July 2020 - cricket's back!
Cricket's back at last and after a busy opening weekend, Jim Law and Lee Dixon review the five friendlies at Chester with Hyde and Lindow and the two 'El Classicios'. Contributions from Ian Thistlewood, Rick Moore and Jack Williams, a look at the week ahead and Lee chews over the new 1s and 2s fixture format. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts: / Twitter: @cbhcc /
July 14, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 12 5 July 2020
Cricket's back! Hear the thoughts of Jim Law and Lee Dixon plus Dave Atkin explains how the bar system works now the clubhouse is back open. Plus we've a 3rd XI frenzy with Dave Fisher, Dave Maddocks, Ben Spaven and Reg Wyatt.
July 5, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 11 28 June 2020... featuring Liam Livingstone
Hear the latest from CBH with Jim Law and Lee Dixon. Exciting times with the clubhouse reopening on 4 July - Bar Manager Adam Roberts gives us the lowdown.  Lancashire and England's Liam Livingstone talks about his career to date including his time in the Cheshire County League, and there's the usual news round up from Lee and Jim plus a fleeting appearance from Alex Money coaching the CBH women.
June 28, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 10 21 June 2020
With Lancashire training at Chester Boughton Hall, Jim Law catches up with groundsman Alex Kegg while Lee Dixon chats to CBH 2nd XI captain Dan Riley and Andy Metcalf about their double success last season.
June 21, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 9 12 June 2020
Welsh special featuring ex-Glamorgan and CBH all-rounder, Will Owen with current Glamorgan CCC one day captain, David Lloyd. Jim Law and Lee Dixon chew over what's happening at CBH too.
June 12, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 8 8 June 2020
Jim Law and Lee Dixon reflect on a great weekend as Simon Law rips through his 24 hour walk around CBH. A great turnout from CBH, Chester Nomads and one or two surprise guests!
June 8, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 7 1 June 2020
Jim Law and Lee Dixon chew the fat over all things Chester, there's a preview of Simon Law's forthcoming walk and a catch-up with Junior Chairman, Robin Fisher. And Clarky's back! Surrey CCC's Jordan Clark looks back over his time at Chester and talks about life with Lancashire and with Surrey at his new Oval home.
May 31, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 6 25 May 2020
Simon Law talks about his 24 hour walk planned around Chester Boughton Hall, women's captain Nicole Fisher discusses life in lockdown, Lee Dixon and 1st XI skipper Rick Moore pick CBH XIs to include players from across the Club and we've an eighteenth birthday in the first team! 
May 24, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 5 17 May 2020
Join Jim Law and Lee Dixon for the latest CBH cricket news. Welcome to The Full Toss 5 podcast. Dave Atkin explains how the new ECB regulations mean we can have at least some net practise, and we catch up with one of the best ever bowlers from the Cheshire County League, Nantwich's Jimmy Warrington. Jimmy talks about graduating with Alsager, finding his way with Nantwich and games with Chester. Who would you rather bowl to? Warren Goodwin or Rick Moore? All that's new at CBH too.
May 17, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 4 9 May 2020
Join Jim Law and Lee Dixon for the latest Full Toss including an in-depth discussion with Chester Boughton Hall CC spin twins Harry Killoran and Jack Williams. There's the latest edition of 'Team Mate talks' with 2020 3rd XI skipper Tom Evans and all the latest club news.
May 9, 2020
The Full Toss Podcast 3 30 April 2020
Cheshire County Cricket League Chairman David Humpage, and CBH Women's Coach Jo Herbertson join Jim Law and Lee Dixon for this edition and there's a round-up of all things CBH too. 
April 30, 2020
The Full Toss 2 featuring Alex Money, Warren Goodwin and James Duffy
A treat in store in an extended edition of The Full Toss from Chester Boughton Hall CC . Jim Law and Lee Dixon are joined by arguably the best right and left handers from the Cheshire County League's last 20 years... plus there's a round-up of all things CBH and Head Junior  Coach Alex Money brings you up to date with our stay at home cricket tips and how you can design next year's CBH T20 kit.  
April 22, 2020
The Full Toss 1 13 April 2020
Jim Law and Lee Dixon deliver 'The Full Toss' on all things Chester Boughton Hall and beyond including your guide to what's on (what isn't), how you can take part in the Run for Dan (Woods) this Saturday, 13 April, what on earth a cricketer does with no cricket...and more. 
April 13, 2020