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Functionally Fit

Functionally Fit

By Jennifer Rice
Prioritizing and optimizing your health using anti-aging and functional medicine.

Functionally Fit podcast mission is to bring awareness, conversation and inspiration in your journey to better health. Topics and guests curated with specfic messaging to lead you to transformation, becoming more resilient and to continued self-powered wellness.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach to Lessen Your Anxiety with Lucy Smith

Functionally Fit

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach to Lessen Your Anxiety with Lucy Smith

Functionally Fit

Is Wearable Tech a Health Tool You Need? with Shefaly Ravula
Are you already using a wearable health tracker?  Not sure if its for you?  Shefaly Ravula makes a second appearance on the podcast to discuss the Big topic of wearables and we dive into the list of top devices, weigh in on the pros and cons.  Shefaly was a guest on episode #14. Check out that episode for more from her, that was a great topic on spices!  Shefaly is the founder and medical provider in functional medicine practice in Austin, Texas.  She serves patients throughout Texas and gives us a peek at journey to launching this uniquely personalized practice.   Learn more about her services here Connect more with her on social  Linked In IG @precisionmetabolichealth and FB 
May 11, 2022
Day 9: Is Dairy Addictive?
Day 9 of 21 days, audio which accompanies The Elimination Diet Companion.  Find out if dairy is really addictive and what are the best choices in beverages for the 21 days.  Stock up on these so you have them ready at home and to take to work.   The Elimination Diet Companion is available on  Find hidden food sensitivities which contribute to all kinds of gut problems, headaches, brain fog and more.  This simple step by step program guarantees you can not fail!  If you tune into the daily emails, plan, use the built in support and accountability.  This is NOT for weight loss, it is to discover foods that may be at the root of your symptoms.  The side effect of findings is often weight loss.  
April 20, 2022
Meet the Tennis Elbow Queen Emma Green
Virtual Physical Therapy.  It's a thing and it works.  Emma Green shares with us how she has helped many people around the globe recover from injuries from sports like tennis and golf without surgery or invasive measures.  Back pain?  She has a program for you too.  Emma found physical therapy through being a patient herself at age 13 – after the doctor told her that she needed to give up gymnastics – which she thankfully didn’t have to do. She quickly realized that physical therapy was the career for her as she thoroughly enjoys helping people and solving people's health and wellness challenges, many times surprising the medical doctors by how well her clients recover.  A common phrase you’ll hear her say is “I love proving the doctors wrong!” when clients are told they will have to give up something they love, like soccer, running or even long walks.  Learn more and connect with Emma here IG  @tenniselbowqueen 
April 13, 2022
Day 10: Set Social Schedule for Success
Day 10 of 21 day Elimination Diet Companion.  Setting up your social schedule for the 21 days to avoid situations which can throw you off your plan.  When you know there is a major social event you're attending, this may not be the time to begin.  I believe there is never a perfect time to do this but putting it off isn't helping one get to the root cause and heal.  Get the entire Elimination Diet Companion Guide at  Uncover Food Sensitivities and Start Healing  
April 07, 2022
6 Essential Functional Lab Tests Your Doctor Should Be Running (But Probably Isn't)
Inside the class recording on the topic of 6 essential lab tests to help pinpoint specific problems, guide treatments, and get to the root causes or contributors.  This is the first in a series of online classes audio version.  To join us in person in a FB room, join the free Facebook Group Healthy Gut, Healthier You.   Learn more at 
March 30, 2022
Day 8: Lowering Stress with this Tool
Day 8 of 21 and you are getting the How to of following food and beverage directions but how is your stress level?  Bringing in meditation can be a huge benefit that builds and builds for you over time.  Starting simple is the key, short and sweet.  
March 27, 2022
Safe Detoxing Tips with Heather Flanagan
Safe Detox does not mean use coffee enemas or drink green juice for week.  Safe detoxing is often done alongside a qualified practitioner who understands the risks that present to patients when they use methods which can throw off your entire system vs healing it.  Heather joins us today to go over why one would want to do a detox and how to go about doing it so that you do not compromise your health while trying to get healthy.    Heather Flanagan is a Nurse Practitioner who is certified in functional medicine and offers her patients in Tampa a holistic approach to wellness and combating chronic disease states.  She helps many women with hormone issues and finds they often need to detox to heal.  You can connect more with Heather online and on social media as well as send her an email with any questions you may have after hearing this episode.  Peak Total Health
March 24, 2022
Reversing Hashimotos with Sunny Brigham
Does it seem like everyone is having or has had thyroid issues?  It is a growing problem and when it comes to Low thyroid it can be from an autoimmune trigger.  Not all doctors test antibodies when a patient has hypothyroid TSH results.  They may test Free T3, T4 but we are missing the diagnostic testing of antibodies.  When checked, antibodies can show Hashimotos and prescription meds are a band aid approach.   Learn how you can reverse this with Sunny as she shares tons of great nuggets that are actionable in this episode.   Sunny Brigham is a certified nutrition specialist, they do over a 1000 supervised hours with a Masters in nutrition and board exam.  She is a global coach in Thyroid, specifically Women with Hashimotos.  She offers a free facebook group and programs.   Connect more with Sunny here Free Facebook Group
March 09, 2022
Integrative Approach to Obesity and Weight Loss with Patrice French
Pushing back on the Obesity Bias with a multi prong approach to helping patients with weight loss, and keeping it off.  She receives many referrals from physicians who simply do not have the time in their 10 min visit tackle deep root cause and help patients fully with weight. She has many success stories and shares a few with us today.   Patrice has been a healthcare worker for over 35 years, first as an RN in Oncology and then as an advanced practitioner, ARNP in family care.  She shares her personal story as a caregiver and as a patient diagnosed with MS in her 40's.  We so appreciate her vulnerability and openness in sharing her own health journey and how an integrative approach keeps her not merely functioning but Running!   Integrated Medical Weight Loss mission:  We use the three I's: Integrated (treating the whole person), Individual (because each person is unique) and Incremental (meaning we take it one visit at a time). "Everyday people tell me this approach has helped them lose more weight and keep more off than they ever did, and in a way that is kinder to themselves." Real lasting change happens when the change comes from the inside out. Through education in various mind-body medicine approaches from Harvard, UMass, Kripalu, Omega Institute, UCSF and more, she has been able to teach people to be in the scientifically validated Relaxation Response, a state of mind in which change flows much more easily.  Learn more here
March 02, 2022
Day 7: Ideas for Lunch (Series of Shorts)
Day 7 of 21. Congrats on being 1/3 of the way there in this exploration for hidden food Sensitivities. If you need some creative ideas for your lunches, this episode will help.
February 10, 2022
Day 6: Reviewing the Benefits of Completing (Series of Shorts)
Day 6 of 21 day elimination diet audio companion. Many suffer from symptoms a long time before the connection is made to food. This episode reminds us of the why and what we will get as a result of doing the 21 days.
February 07, 2022
Root Cause Medicine Freedom with Carly Linick
Carly Linick joins Jenn today to speak about her illness she developed while in PA school, how she used functional medicine to find answers and keep her medical problems from worsening.  Her POV as a young 20 something struggling with stress, food, energy, sleep and more brings to light the need for all ages to know the options they have beyond allopathic medicine.   Carly practices family medicine in New York and she is passionate about helping high achieving women to improve their health but making shifts in lifestyle, nutrition, and habits. She gets to the root cause of dysfunction so they can perform at optimal levels (and feel optimal too).   Alongside her practice she offers coaching using functional medicine, the Goddess ReNEWal Method is accepting applications for enrollment.  Visit her on IG  to learn more, send her a DM with any questions. 
February 06, 2022
Day 5: Is it Gluten or Fructans? (Series of Shorts)
Day 5 of 21 the Elimination Diet audio support. What does it mean to be celiac vs. gluten sensitive? What are frutcans? New researcher from Norway suggests Fructans could be causing more sensitivity than gluten. Tips to decifer unique to you. Check out the Elimination Diet Companion at
January 30, 2022
Day 4: Are You Nutrient Deficient? Most likely Yes. (Series of Shorts)
Day 4 of 21 Day Audio Elimination Diet Companion. Nutrient deficiency occurs in 3 main ways and from medications, alcohol as well as certain diets followed. Learn the key supplements needed while on the Elimination Diet plan.
January 30, 2022
Day 3: What to Eat for Breakfast?! (Series of Shorts)
Day 3 of 21 Day Elimination Diet Series of Short Episodes with Jenn Rice, founder of Love Your Gut Club. Breakfast can be really hard to change if you've been eating breads, eggs, cereals or oats. We have several delicious and Elimination friendly suggestions for you! Tune in and keep going.
January 23, 2022
Day 2: Smoothies are the Secret (Series of Shorts)
Elimination Diet Day 2. Smoothies made right at home are incredibly helpful to get you to Day 21. In this short episode Jenn offers 5 reasons to embrace making Smoothies. Enjoy recipes inside Love Your Gut Club, learn more here
January 22, 2022
Elimination Diet: Day 1 of 21 Take Time to Prepare (Series of Shorts)
Welcome to Day 1 of 21 days of short podcast episodes curated to be used alongside your journey on the Elimination Diet. I have had so many people ask for for help over the years to begin and complete this diet. These short episodes are available in the Elimination Diet Companion in addition to shopping lists, food journal, receipes, top tips. You can find this Companion product at
January 16, 2022
Getting Started: Elimination Diet
Why 21 days? There's science there. 3 steps to do before beginning. 1.) Take stock of your symptoms? 2.) Note your current eating in a food diary, download Love Your Gut Club companion tools on Elimate gluten, dairy, eggs, alcohol, fast food is basic... 3.) Do's and don'ts quick list get full shopping lists on website. Free download there.
January 08, 2022
Elimination Diet: What, Why and How with Jenn Rice
Maybe you've heard about elimination diets and you are wondering if it's for you? Perhaps it's been suggested to you by a provider and you aren't sure since it sounds like a lot of work...If you are already sold on doing it but want further help in starting, this is the spot for you. Tune into this episode and subscribe to be notified when we post Jan 10 to 31 a series of shorts daily to guide you along 21 Day Elimination Diet. Let's do this together! Visit to sign up for email recordings and tips
January 05, 2022
Powerful Mindset Shifts to Accelerate Your Health Goals
Who else has been in survival mode for 2 years?! I know I have. We don't need to be coached on more rules for health changes to stick. Mindset coaching usibg the psychology of habit change is how targeted mindset shifts happen. One habit at a time. Join me for this 20 minute 2022 kick off episode. I'd love to hear your feedback on the content and what resonates with you, leave a review or comment where you listen. Please subscribe and check out the special announcement at the end! Cheers to a year ahead of personal health victories!
January 01, 2022
Pivoting to Alignment with Lynda Stretton
Like so many women, Lynda was all about the hustle, she thought she thrived on being busy, busy, busy.  Lynda was a self proclaimed workaholic and perfectionist struggling with a long time eating disorder.   As years passed, she began to have health problems including anxiety, depression, night sweats, migraines, memory loss, brain fog, hypothalamic amenorrhea, insomnia, and then...trouble conceiving.  We talk all things health, how we can heal when we tune into our bodies, how you can flip the script in your head and achieve the connection with self you desire.  Learn how Lynda made it through 17 years of being infertile to natural conception within 12 months the first time they tried weeks ahead of her 37th birthday... and then again just weeks before her 40th birthday...In fact, she is quite pregnant for our interview which was really wonderful to witness.  Lynda Stretton is a nutritional therapist, speaker, life coach, and business coach to women in the wellness industry, best known for her popular online programs ‘Fast-Track Your Fertility’ and ‘The Energy Solution’. Lynda is on a mission to help women all over the world escape hustle and burnout, reconnect with their true selves and embrace their feminine essence. Connect more with Lynda here:   IG @lynda.stretton Pick up her FREE 7 day Fertility Mini Course Fast Track Your Fertility 12 Week Program, Self Study
November 22, 2021
Gut Inflammation & Skin Problems
The 5 most common chronic skin conditions (like acne) frequently have underlying gut imbalances. Correcting and optimizing gut health can help you to prevent and miminize flares. This episode was sponsored by Love Your Gut Club. Learn more here
November 03, 2021
Creating Confidence that Lasts with Eimear Zone
Good Health is often taken for granted. It is a pretty normal for us to do as humans but when your health begins to fail you and you are diagnosed with a chronic non-curable condition like Eimear was, you have to dig deep to push forward.  She shares her story of the power of healing using a holistic approach.  Eimear did not innately have the confidence she needed to make changes but she was able to create it and expand on it with inner work.   Eimear Zone Confidence Coach | Author | Voracious Reader | Coach to Creatives, Leaders and Entrepreneurs  Eimear is a Confidence Coach and author of "The Little Book of Good Enough" - an impact focused guide to help readers quieten their inner critic, release themselves from the depletion of self-doubt, and ultimately own their worth. In her coaching she takes a "values first" approach to help clients uncover what they truly want to be about in life before digging in, throwing rocket fuel on the spark of their passion, helping them build the “challenge over comfort” muscle, and a pathway to their full potential.   Eimear is a native of Dublin, Ireland and now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and 3 teenage children. She’s an avid runner and ran her first marathon in 2019 to celebrate turning 50 and is currently toying with the idea of an Iron(wo)man.   Connect more with Eimear here Website   Instagram:
October 28, 2021
Caregivers: Its OK to be Selfish with Anne Lamantia
Anne knows what its like to be a full time caregiver first as an RN and then more recently she watched her mom provide full time care for her father for years.  She shares her families journey through a long term illness and how difficult it can be to watch those you love lose themselves in the care of another.   Whether you are caring for a loved one, a professional care giver, we can all experience burnout, fatigue, loss of self and keep pushing ourselves when it would serve us well to stop, say no, get help and take time to be alone.   I hope you enjoy this deeper dive with Anne and to connect more with her, visit   Questions?  Want to learn more about upcoming Yoga for Caregivers, email Anne  
October 10, 2021
Functional Medicine Approach to Improving Autoimmune Conditions with Anindita Rungta
Anindita Rungta joins me today from her home in India...women's health and wellness is a global concern, and autoimmune conditions are on the rise everywhere.   With a background in finance, she never thought her life path would take her here, to holistic health.  As a worried mom with a daughter who was suffering with a chronic condition, she began to seek solutions outside of allopathic medicine.  They visited a functional medicine based practice and found the answers they had been searching for and this is where Anindita would find her way to coaching women with one or more autoimmune conditions.  Listen in on her powerful story today.   If you'd like to connect more with her please visit her website "Healing Autoimmune from Within" Podcast launches soon so be sure to join her mailing list so you are notified when this is live.   Questions?  Comments?  Please send us a message.  Subscribe to where you are listening to your favorite podcasts. 
September 29, 2021
How to Move Away from "Busy" and Chronic Stress Patterns with Megg Leddy
Megg Leddy began having autoimmune driven condition in her 30's.  As a practicing PA since 2005, she had allowed relentless chronic stress to creep in and it took its toll.  She shares this "wake up call" with us and how she is on a mission to help others prevent the going down same path by offering tips and lifestyle changes you can start sooner than later, for you and your family.   Megg has her own podcast you can check out here... What I Have Learned so Far with Megg Leddy is available where you listen to podcasts.  She shares how she integrates wellbeing into her busy day to create the life she wants.
September 01, 2021
Flourishing Financially is an Inside Job with Robin Hanover
Robin Hanover, RICP®  is a financial consultant and behavioral coach based in Naples, Florida and serving clients nationally.  In this episode we talk all things money...stress, belief, how it effects our entire metal and physical health.  Her "flourish formula" is definitely something you'll want to hear more on.   Robin is on a mission to help others achieve their financial goals without the grind, the hustle and the limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.  Take a listen to the episode and download her FREE worksheet on her website Connect more with Robin online via her blog
August 12, 2021
Deepen Your Wellness Journey Using the Power of Moon Cycles with Talei Loloma
The fascination with the moon is ongoing since the beginning of time.  Many ancient cultures believed the moon held power to physical and mental health.  Many scientific studies have been conducted around sleep, mensural and fertility cycles and the moon.   Tune into this episode, it was tons of fun to record and learn from Talei.  Please offer your feedback and send us a message.    Moon Magic Journal & Planner on Esty  Holistic Modern Mystic Shop +++Coupon code for listeners to receive 15% off any product(s) in the HMM store: FIT15 (discount taken at checkout)++++ Interact for Quizzes: Follow Talei Loloma on Pinterest  
August 04, 2021
"Transcend" Burnout with Shanna Beyah & Amy Ruff
Shanna Beyah is a PA-C who felt she was getting burned out and she was looking for self help options.  She found an ancient technique with over 420 peer reviewed evidence based studies on what happens in the brain with Transcendental Meditation.   Shanna attended the Pancha Karma Retreat and her life was forever changed for the better with this daily practice of TM. is the retreat center link to learn more.   Amy Ruff RN, BSN is the is the National Director, Transcendental Meditation for Nurses and Education Director, Transcendental Meditation for Women.  Learn more  Amy is always available for questions.  You may email her at Here is the Oprah 2012 episode Shanna viewed which sparked her interest in learning more Jenn Rice is the host of Functionally Fit Podcast. This episode is sponsored by Love Your Gut Club, a membership to create whole body transformation by healing and optimizing your gut health.  Learn more here   @loveyourgutclub on IG  Follow Jenn @jennricepa 
July 26, 2021
Why does gut health matter and how do you know if yours needs help?
Jenn covers what good gut health can do for our overall health and the symptoms/signs your gut may not be optimal. She offers 3 tips to begin your own healing right away at home.
June 23, 2021
Gaining Control of Diabetes and Pre-Diabeties with Amy Jones
Amy Jones is a practicing PA and health coach. She is focused on helping people prevent and reduce diabetes medications by coaching them to adopt new lifestyle and food changes. Balancing blood sugar is not only an issue for those with diabetes but for many prediabetics. Insulin resistance, when caught early can make a big difference in future health and need for medications, specialists or interventions.   Grab Amy‘s Free Guide  5 Ways to Crush Cravings and Balance Blood Sugar  Join her FB group for support for weight loss and diabetes  Ditch the Scale and Craving for Women FB group  Follow her on IG @romainehealthyllc
June 13, 2021
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach to Lessen Your Anxiety with Lucy Smith
Lucy J Smith is a Mental Health Advocate, Author & Podcaster supporting others with understanding and managing their anxiety after her own struggles.  Lucy invested years into researching how best to manage anxiety to free herself from her own, then put the research and experience to good use becoming a mentor for others.  Lucy is also certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.   You can read more about Lucy at her website where you can listen to the Stand Up To Anxiety Podcast and access free resources for support with your anxiety.  Listen to the Stand Up To Anxiety podcast:   Get the Stand Up To Anxiety book:   Get the Stand Up To Anxiety journal:
May 24, 2021
Crush Your Cravings Using Food as Medicine with Lety Algeri
Lety Algeri is a mom, wife and Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach certified with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Lety has helped many to use food as medicine and knows first hand how disruptive cravings can be in your journey to lose weight, to get to better health.   If you struggle with cravings, its not your fault.  Often there are hidden ingredients in food that can make cravings worse and derail progress.  Lety shares all about this and more in this episode.   Connect and learn more  Lety's Thrive Comminty Free Facebook group Lety's Program Website
May 17, 2021
Thousand-Year-Old Drink, The Benefits of Bone Broth with Laya Barak
What is Bone Broth? What are the benefits?  Laya Barak shares her transformational healing from Crohns disease flares with the use of bone broth since age 16.  Her mother home cooked her remedy right in the kitchen and it sent them both on a new path to helping others by providing their unique, delicious bone broth to others through their company BrothMasters.  This mother/daughter duo is growing and changing lives with their broth.  "Perfecting the broth has become my passion." - Dorothy, Co-Founder (Layas mom)  Questions about bone broth? Drop them in the message tab of the show.   ++Listeners of the podcast can enjoy a $15 off savings using the code FFPodcast at checkout.   To connect more with Laya, her mom Dorthory and team visit  @Brothmasters on IG  Facebook Pinterest  Website 
April 28, 2021
How To Get Healthy Using Functional Plant Medicine with Melanie Cross
Melanie Cross MSN, NP-C, FMP of Crossable Health shares how Functional Plant Medicine can help people in many ways. Plant medicine, often cannabis, makes getting relief easier and more fun while simultaneously uncovering the root cause and correcting the imbalance. After her own Functional Plant Medicine Journey, Melanie realized she didn’t know it was possible to ever feel this good. Now, she is on a mission to help givers go from feeling crappy to happy. Connect with Melanie Follow her and connect on IG Send us a message from the podcast with your questions and comments. 
April 22, 2021
A New Path in Healing Using EMDR with Courtney Faunce
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.  Repeated studies show that by using EMDR therapy people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy that once took years to make a difference.  Courney takes us through this therapy and shares how she is using this to help her clients with various conditions.  Contact Courtney Guaranteed future inquiries to be addressed within 24 hours. Email: Phone: (239) 285-5883 Instagram: @courtney_lifescape
April 11, 2021
Hardwire Your Health with Dr. Tracy Hill
Our powerful brains are the leader in all decisions and actions we take.  Physical Therapist and neuroscience coach Tracy Hill shares the key to your success in losing weight, hitting that fitness goal or feeling better overall is held in your brain.   Things you say to yourself, how you say matters.  Check out the episode and leave any comments, questions or feedback using the message option of the Functionally Fit Podcast.  Please hit the subscribe button to make sure you don't miss any new episodes, we appreciate your support! To connect more with Tracy please visit her free facebook group To connect with Dr. Tracy Hill  1:1 Follow her on IG   @bejourneystrong 
April 03, 2021
Disrupting Traditional Pelvic Health Therapies with Dr. Chelsea Beyers
Dr. Chelsea Beyers, PT, DPT, OCS.  Her passion for pelvic floor started after learning her Grandma wasn’t going to be able to come to her wedding due to a limiting pelvic health problem. Then as she started her career in physical therapy the more people she treated, the more she realized how big of an impact this has on people’s lives.   In this episode we discuss leakage for women and men and bust myths around these conditions.  She shares her Push Prep course for soon to be mothers.   Push Prep Webiste   Join her free FB group Femine Healing and Pelvic Health 
March 21, 2021
Eating Global & Spicing it Up for Better Health with Shefaly Ravula
Shefaly Ravula is a Functional Medicine PA-C and a culinary educator.  Her two loves: teaching and food! She help busy people streamline their home cooking by teaching them how to cook and eat well to improve their overall health.  In her medical practice she helps patients to get to the root cause of symptoms and learn how to eat, what to eat to feel better.  Connect more with Shefaly here:  website Online cooking classes: Practice link: and all social (fb/twitter/insta) is @shefskitchen Feedback on this episode?  We'd love to hear from you, please click subscribe to support our podcast 
March 13, 2021
Functional Medicine Approach to Acne
Breakouts, maskne, what else can you do to improve skin?  Besides antibiotics and topical creams, a functional medicine approach to acne can benefit many.  Allopathic medicine deals with symptoms and treatments while functional medicine deals with root cause, helping to lower inflammation, decrease overall stress and encourage better gut health.   This is one supplement mentioned, Guggul supplements (also known as guggulsterone), used for anti-inflammatory effects. Check with your doctor or health care team before begining any supplement protocol. 
March 05, 2021
Finding Bliss in Movement with Marissa Staley
Marissa Staley is a mom and a wife with a passion for fitness, especially running. Working out has always been part of her life but it did not become her passion until she became a mom. Finding bliss in her workouts and her runs has helped her through the struggles in motherhood. She shares how running became a family event as a child and how she now grounds herself in the activity for wellness. Marissa is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and running Coach, she helps women, especially moms, fall in love with fitness and feel amazing from the inside out.   Marissa has a free Facebook group The Busy Moms Fitness Circle  You can read more about her and her group and 1:1 work here at  Questions? Comments.  Send Jenn a message using the message option here on the podcast 
February 27, 2021
Learning to Love Your Body with Nicole Olsen
Nicole is a recovering perfectionist, recovered bulimic and achievement addict!   She has turned her mess into her mission.  Nicole leverages her life experience and 22 years as a physical therapist to serve as a health and life coach for women.  With a focus on intuitive eating, Nicole shows women how they can discard the diet mentality and live with joy and confidence in their body. How do we become healthy? Not through diets. Nicole believes that mindset matters. “It’s what you believe about food, it’s what you believe about your body, it’s what you believe about life that determines your health.” If you want to join a community of like-minded women on the journey to vibrant health, check out Nicole’s facebook group, Journey to Wellness. Learn about intuitive eating in a supportive environment and develop a mindset that is critical to overall well being.  Here is the link: If you are ready to explore one-on-one coaching please reach out to Nicole directly via email  at for a complimentary “Total Health Discovery Session”
February 21, 2021
Healing Beyond Rx Meds with Rita Brewer
The power to heal yourself, or at least decrease symptoms can be found beyond prescriptions.   Jenn interviews fellow PA of 30 years on how she helped her own health by implementing lifestyle medicine, with results that spurred her to go on to further her education and specialize in helping others.  Rita shares her health struggles which began in her 20's and presisted with little treatment options.  Today, she has adjusted her work to fit her life versus the other way around we are so accustomed to doing.   Please send us a voice message with any questions and feedback on the episode.  Guest info:  Rita Brewer PA-C, DFAAPA, Private Health Consultant, Health & Lifestyle Expert, Certified Physician Assistant Diplomat American College of Lifestyle Medicine Connect with Rita here:  FB: IG: LinkedIn: Website:
February 10, 2021
Functionally Fit 5 Minute: Breathing for Anxiety
Anxiety help with deep breathing. Developing a daily habit in breathwork can not only help when anxiety is high but it can also help prevent it. Take a listen and give it a try. If you already have a breathing practice we'd love to hear from you. Send us a voice message.
February 07, 2021
Total Family Health & Wellness with Nellie Harden
Join Jenn and Nellie as they talk whole family health and wellness in this time.  Nellie shares her journey to family focus after her husbands shocking severe health crisis at 32 years old.  As a family unit, the 6 of them now plan intentionally to live each day to its fullest incorporating laughter, play, good food choices, family business, school work and more.   Nellie Harden is a family coach and business owner.   The 6570 Project is focused on helping parents develop a strategy for achieving their unique family goals so they can fully enjoy their time together and give their kids every success tool they need before they leave home.  Learn more about 67570 here Family Business The Seaglass Company Reach to Nellie on her website Functionally Fit with Jenn & Leslie Text Community, Text FFPodcast to 313-710-9697, we will make sure you don't miss an episode and stay up to date on topics to come.  
January 30, 2021
Macros 101
Jenn interviews Leslie on the how, what and why of using Macro counting to lose weight, gain weight, optimize your nutrition intake and understand food as energy.  What do you need to get started.   Functionally Fit with Jenn & Leslie Text Community, Text FFPodcast to 313-710-9697, we will make sure you don't miss an episode and stay up to date on topics to come.
January 20, 2021
Mental Wellness is Whole Body Wellness with Dr. Charity Godfrey
Dr. Charity Godfrey joins Jenn on this episode to share how mental wellness can be the obstacle holding you back from transformation.  For over 10 years Dr. Godfrey has served others as a licensed therapist.  She is passionate about making mental wellness as important as any other health issue.  She offers great tips on coping during this time of unrest.   @lifescapecouselingteam  239-478-6817  Functionally Fit with Jenn & Leslie Text Community, Text FFPodcast to 313-710-9697, we will make sure you don't miss an episode and stay up to date on topics to come.
January 10, 2021
Health & Wellness Trends to Watch in 2021
Jenn surprises Leslie with some trends in health and wellness to watch in 2021.  Weigh in with your opinion on these 10 trends to watch in 2021 with a thumbs up or thumbs down.  Functionally Fit with Jenn & Leslie Text Community, Text FFPodcast to 313-710-9697, we will make sure you don't miss an episode and stay up to date on topics to come.
January 07, 2021
Reflections on 2020 and Why You Must Set ACTION Goals for 2021
Leslie recorded this episode New Years Eve afternoon.  Sharing her year end review (what a year it was for us all, right?!) and how to finally move the dial on your health with lasting action.  
January 01, 2021
Is the pandemic weighing you down?
We know many have put on what's called the "quarentine 15",  weight gain sometimes in excess of fifteen pounds during a global pandemic where our rountines have been shifted and life has been testing our coping skills.  In this episode we share how functional medicine and nutrition can help you start removing the weight, lift some of the stress and get feeling better than you have in months.  Functionally Fit with Jenn & Leslie Text Community, Text FFPodcast to 313-710-9697, we will make sure you don't miss an episode and stay up to date on topics to come.
December 25, 2020
What does it mean to be Functionally Fit?
Welcome to our first episode of Functionally Fit with Jenn& Leslie.  We are 2 allopathic trained PAs who found ourselves caring for everyone else but doing a pretty poor job of taking care of our own health.  It wasn't a priority and began to show up physicially and mentally in our relationships and in our ability to cope with stress.  By using a holistic approach to our own health problems, we healed from within with the side effects of major weight loss, better skin, more energy and the passion to help others push through excuses, doubts and fear to experience better health than you have in years.  Our mission is to show others you can never go wrong when you prioritize and optomize your wellness.    Along with being practicing PAs, Jenn is board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and Leslie is a certified nutrition coach.  Functionally Fit with Jenn & Leslie Text Community, Text FFPodcast to 313-710-9697, we will make sure you don't miss an episode and stay up to date on topics to come.
December 14, 2020