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Fundraising Radio | Startups | Venture Capital | Angel Investing

By Konstantin Dubovitskiy
We specialize in the talk of startup funding, including diverse guests from all over the world with stunning portfolios. Fundraising Radio has proudly hosted ceo’s, chief entrepreneurs, internal ambassadors, risk officers, venture capitalists, angel investors, crowd funders, and much more. Ever since creating the talk show, we have realized that there are numerous problems that startups run into. Such as the journey to series a, bootstrapping, creating your pitch deck, receiving a venture capitalist, working with the angel investors, etc!
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15 years of investing experience - what do founders do wrong? By Ali Jamal
Ali Jamal, Growth and Product Executive, Founding Partner at First Check Ventures, Angel Investor and a Startup Advisor talks about the major mistakes that founders make while pitching their ideas. We also spoke about what qualifies as a competitive advantage for a startup and how to present it to others. Ali's LinkedIn: Ali's Twitter: First Check Ventures:
January 26, 2021
Raising money in capital-intense fields#2 - fundraising in space. By Daniel Faber
Daniel Faber, CEO at Orbitfab explains why he decided to go into the space field, what is happening there right now and what is more importantly - how to raise money in the field that is very capital-intense? We spoke about what it takes to get to such a complicated space and what Daniel's advice would be here for aspiring founders going into this industry. Daniel's LinkedIn: Orbitfab: Space Ventures:
January 24, 2021
PLASMA THRUSTERS - how to raise money in capital-intense fields? By Mark Stokes.
Mark Stokes CEO and Co-Founder at Magdrive, a company that is developing a plasma thruster for the new space age talks about raising money for such complicated projects, what it takes to get into the space startup field, what are the major pitfalls in the space startup world and how to avoid them. The next episode about fundraising in the deep-tech/hard-tech field is coming up Friday. Mark's LinkedIn: Magdrive: More episodes on Deep-tech:
January 20, 2021
Finding the right investors at the right stages, by Andrew Gluck.
Andrew Gluck, General Partner at irrvrntVC talks about how startup founders should choose investors for every stage of fundraising that they go through. We also talked about what qualities should founders look for in VCs and why is it important. irrvrntVC: Andrew's LinkedIn: Crunchbase:
January 18, 2021
371 ideas and $1.7 million raised at pre-seed. Story of Heru by Stiven Rodríguez
Stiven Rodríguez, Co-founder and COO at Heru talks about how they managed to raise such a large pre-seed round, why they decided to satart a company in Mexico instead of the US and how his work at Uber helped him. We also talked about how they pivoted after going to YC and how they have gone through 371 ideas choosing the best one. Covered the offline promotion of Heru and how does it work. Stiven's LinkedIn: Heru:
January 15, 2021
Raising during covid Winter, by Adam Jackson.
Adam Jackson, Founder & CEO at Braintrust talks about how he managed to close a round during the covid and how different it was from the "normal" fundraisings. We spoke about early stage fundraising VS raising for Series A+ and much more. Adam's linkedin: Braintrust:
January 11, 2021
Looking at key factors. By McKeever (Mac) Conwell
McKeever (Mac) Conwell, Managing Director at RareBreed Ventures talks about investing in minorities through the RareBreed Ventures fund and also talks about what major metrics he personally looks at when reviewing a startup. Mac's Twitter: RareBreed Ventures:
January 8, 2021
Money, Data, Product and Healthcare. By Abboud Chaballout
Abboud Chaballout, Co-Founder at Diagnoss talks about working in a heavily regulated field and what it takes to get into healthcare space. We also talked about fundraising for Diagnoss and how he approached it during the pandemic. Abboud's LinkedIn: Diagnoss:
January 6, 2021
Building relationship after the rejection, by co-founder of Toucan - Taylor Nieman.
Taylor Nieman, Co-Founder and CEO at Toucan talks about raising money from investors who previously rejected her. We spoke how to maintain good relationship with investors and how that can lead to an investment from someone who previously rejected you. Taylor's Twitter: - tool to find emails of leads. Toucan:
January 4, 2021
Investing in Fintech by principal at Costanoa Ventures - Amy Cheetham
Amy Cheetham, principal at Costanoa Ventures talks about investing in Fintech during the pandemic (and post-pandemic) and how founders in these fields should work with investors at times like this. Amy's LinkedIn: Amy's Twitter: Costanoa Ventures: P.S. Happy New Year! The next episode will be released only on January 4th. 
December 30, 2020
Using referral networks and how to get intros to investors. By Martijn De Wever
Martijn De Wever, CEO & Founder of Force Over Mass and Floww, talks about using (and building) referral networks and getting warm introductions to investors you've never met before. Martijn also talks about his experience of raising money during COVID and his advice to founders who want to raise money soon. Martijn's LinkedIn: Floww: Force Over Mass:
December 28, 2020
YC during pandemic - how did it work out? By Vladimir Klimontovich
Vladimir Klimontovich, Co-founder & CTO @ Jitsu (YC S20) talks about how it felt to be in the YC during the pandemic. He explained what major problems he saw in participating in the program fully remotely and also discussed the benefits of remote-YC. We also spoke about creating the momentum for fundraising and how YC still manages to do its main job even during the pandemic. Vladimir's LinkedIn: Jitsu:
December 23, 2020
Raising from overseas investors, by Pascal Unger from Darling Ventures.
Pascal Unger, Managing Partner at Darling Ventures talks about raising money from non-US-based investors and who should try this strategy, we also spoke about raising money for funds and how funds approach their fundraising. Touched onto San Francisco being not the center of the startup universe anymore and much more. Pascal's Twitter (super useful for founders) - Darling Ventures:
December 21, 2020
Importance of startup culture and mission statement. By Steve Morin
Steve Morin, Head of Mobile Engineering at Asana talks about the importance of the mission statement of the company and its culture and how it affects hiring talented employees. We also talked about Steve's investment/mentorship thesis and his advice to early stage entrepreneurs trying to create their own companies. Steve's newsletter: Asana: Steve's Twitter:
December 18, 2020
How to make customer interview if you don't have much money? By Sandy Huang
Sandy Huang, Head of Product Growth at Alexa Mobile, talks about understanding your customers early on, running individual customer interviews, releasing surveys and doing the customer development in a lean way. We also spoke about how larger companies do that and when a founder needs to hire a professional to do the job. Sandy's LinkedIn: How to run customer interviews:
December 15, 2020
The Band of Angels - how do they work? By Dave Krauthamer
Dave Krauthamer, Founder and CEO at QuSecure, Founder at Quantum Thought, Founder at Neural Sales and Chair of Digital Disruption Group at the Band of Angels. In this episode he speaks about how the Band of Angels invests, what major metrics do they look at and how to get to them.  We also discussed how one can be a founder of multiple companies simultaneously and how does that work. Dave's LinkedIn: Band of Angels: Neural Sales: Quantum Thought: QuSecure:
December 11, 2020
Disruption was disrupted - story of iStrategyLabs. By Peter Corbett
Peter Corbett, founder of iStrategyLabs talks about his journey through the startup world and shares his thoughts on fundraising for early stage startups. Peter's LinkedIn: ISL:
December 9, 2020
Selling the company and talking to 170 startup founders. By Blake Smith
Co-Founder and CEO at Cladwell that exited in 2019 and currently the founder of (formerly named talks about his previous experiences in fundraising and selling his company. We also spoke about the major problems that startup founders are having and how to avoid those problems.  Check out (in episode referred to as - Blake's LinkedIn: We've got SWAG (merch) now so check it out:
December 7, 2020
Fails and Wins of fundraising and how to get there. By Pascal Levy-Garboua
Pascal Levy-Garboua, currently the Venture Partner at Long Journey Ventures, talks about his previous experiences with both - fundraising and building companies in general. We also talked about what Long Journey Ventures likes to invest in and those who are good fit can ping Pascal and LJV using links below. Pascal's Twitter: Long Journey Ventures' Twitter:
December 4, 2020
How the seed round was raised. By Drew Moffit
Drew Moffitt, Exited Founder turned Corporate Venture Builder, Mentor at Techstars and a Fledgling Angel, talks about how he raised his seed round for Tailbus and how that company got to an acquisition. We've also talked about how a startup founder can raise a series A round instead of the acquisition.  Drew's LinkedIn: Venture Sails: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
December 2, 2020
Raising money through KickStarter - how and who should do it? By Zach Cohen.
Zach Cohen, currently the Director of Business Development at Vista Investments and previously the President at Cohen and Sons Apparel that was acquired in 2018. In this episode he speaks about his fundraising experience and specifically about raising money through KickStarter - how did it work for him and who he believes should pursue that path.  Zach's LinkedIn: Vista Investments: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
November 30, 2020
How do SAFEs work? By Phil Nadel
Phil Nadel, Founder and Managing Director at Forefront Venture Partners (formerly Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners), talks about the major instrument used for raising money - SAFEs or SAFE notes. We talked about the major misunderstandings about this instrument, who should use it and when is it time to price your round instead of using a SAFE note. Phil's LinkedIn: Forefront Venture Partners: Forefront Venture Partners on AngelList: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
November 23, 2020
Growing a US-based startup in China - how and why? By Victor Zhou
Victor Zhou, Ex Founder & CEO of Sentinel Tec that was acquired by DT talks about how he managed to grow his company in China and why that happened. We also looked into who should try to look abroad while being based in the US and how your startup can prosper in another country. Victor's LinkedIn: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
November 20, 2020
Senior technology leadership and how are startups built. By Alex Eckelberry.
Alex Eckelberry is a technology CEO with an extensive background in senior technology leadership, with private, venture/PE backed, and publicly-traded companies. Alex was most recently President and COO of AutoLoop, a SaaS disrupter in the automotive technology space, now merged with Affinitiv Alex's linkedIn: Affinitiv Inc:
November 18, 2020
How does reward-based crowdfunding work and who should try it? By Stefanie Yu.
Stefanie R. Yu, Partnerships, Strategic Lead at IndiegoGo talks about reward-based crowdfunding and what kind of startup should try to pursue it. We talked about the major steps founders should take while preparing for it and the major mistakes founders make while raising money through this source. Links mentioned in the episode:  The very successful campaign that raised 17M I mentioned, they did extremely well in storytelling and social media community building: If founders/creators are not sure about what agencies/services they should go after, we have an expert directory for reference: "Start your campaign" link: and a downloadable field guide:
November 16, 2020
Building scout network - how can it help founders and future VCs? By Wade Fletcher
Wade Fletcher, Founder at ScoreTwoMedia that was acquired in 2020 and currently the Founder of UndercoverVC, talks about constructing scout networks and how a high school student can grow a small startup. We've also discussed how can startup founders take advantage of such scout networks and how do they work. UndercoverVC: OnePagerVC by Open Scout: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
November 13, 2020
The stats - how to evaluate companies. By Daniel McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy, Director and Co-Founder of Theta Equity Partners and Co-Founder and Chief Statistician of Zodiac acquired by Nike, talks about building and selling companies, how some funds invest based on stats only and how he personally approaches fundraising and investing. Daniel's LinkedIn: Pipe - get access to your annual cashflow today (funds based on stats only): Wareclouds:
November 11, 2020
Guerrilla marketing, mergers and sales, by Jason Myers.
Jason Myers, Partner at and Chairman of Various and Guerrilla Marketing Global, talks about how he grew multiple businesses into cash-generating machines and how he managed to get through the very first stages. We also discuss Guerrilla marketing and how it works and other customer acquisition channels. Guerrilla Marketing Global: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
November 9, 2020
Two rounds through equity crowdfunding - lessons learned. By Andrew Christodoulides.
Andrew Christodoulides, Founder & CEO of Moro that has raised one round through equity crowdfunding and is planning to raise the second one through equity crowdfunding again talks about the major lessons he learned in the previous round. We also talked about how his strategy will change in the upcoming fundraise and why did he decide to choose equity crowdfunding again. Moro: Republic:
November 6, 2020
Raising pre-seed and seed rounds and surviving golden rush. By Scott Schwab
Scott Schwab, Co-Founder at Bottega, Managing Partner at Aethos Ventures and Partner at Mett Corp talks about his first fundraising experience and how his approach to fundraising changed since then. We also discuss how startups can survive and prosper in heavily saturated markets.  Scott's LinkedIn: Mett Corp: Non-Profit that Scott runs - Success in Education:
November 3, 2020
Building advisory boards - how does it work? By Skip Sanzeri.
Skip Sanzeri, currently the founder and partner at Multiverse Capital and founder at QuSecure and Quantum Thought, previously the founder with several exits and failures. In this episode we talk about creating advisory boards - how to compensate advisors, what kind of contract should you have with an advisor, how to chose the right advisors and much more. Multiverse Capital: QuSecure: Episode on deep tech investing and AI:
November 2, 2020
Founder of one of the largest LA accelerators talks about early stage fundraising. By Brian Mac Mahon.
Brian Mac Mahon, Founder at Expert DOJO - one of the largest and most active accelerators in Los Angeles talks about fundraising for early stage startups, investment thesis of Expert DOJO and funding availability during the pandemic. Brian's LinkedIn: Apply to Expert DOJO: Miki Reynolds talking about accelerators in Los Angeles and SoCal:
October 30, 2020
The new American dream - how does it affect startup field? By Joost van Dreunen.
Joost van Dreunen, ex-Co-Founder of SuperData Research acquired by Nielsen in 2018 and currently Investor and advisor, lecturer at NYU Stern and Author of "One Up" talks about fundraising for his exited company and about the major trends he sees in the universities. Joost's LinkedIn: Interesting article about fundraising by Joost: Book Joost wrote on gaming industry: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 28, 2020
Growth marketing for startups leading to an exit - by Hasan Luongo.
Hasan Luongo, VP Growth Marketing at Chipper Cash, previously Director of Growth Marketing at Voicea (acquired by Cisco), Growth Marketing Lead at Fairy acquired by Postmates and Head of Growth at Honey acquired by PayPal, talks about growth marketing and how founders with no experience in this should approach it.  Hasan's LinkedIn: Chipper Cash: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 26, 2020
How a student study group evolved into a decentralised venture capital? By Poseidon Ho.
Poseidon Ho, Founder and General Partner at Outliers Fund talks about investing in deep tech and the real moonshots. We've also talked about crypto investing and how Outliers Fund was started and how it became what it is in 2020. Poseidon's LinkedIn: Outliers Fund: Episode of FR on working with the US department of defence:
October 23, 2020
Oversubscribing a round in COVID world - how did that happen? By Audra Gold.
Audra Gold Co-founder and CEO at Vurbl Media in this episode explains how she managed to close the round after the covid hit. We've also discussed the major tactics she used while raising money and how her approach to investors changed after covid. We also talked about the moment that Vurble started getting more attention from VCs and the round got oversubscribed. Audra's LinedIn: Vurble: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 21, 2020
What it takes to raise the pre-seed round? By Adrian Sedlin.
Adrian Sedlin, serial entrepreneur with 5 successful exits and currently the CEO at CANNDESCENT, talks about - what do you need to have to raise the pre-seed round? What is FFF round (friends family and fools) and how those are being raised. Adrian's linkedIn: CANNDESCENT: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 19, 2020
2 exits and 2 IPOs - how do startups get to an exit? By Srinivas Kilambi
Srinivas Kilambi, founder with 2 exits and 2 IPOs and currently the Founder at Accelenovate talks about the exits in his career and one unsuccessful venture he had. We also discussed the major steps he took to get to those exits and his thoughts on the major mistake he's done in the past in terms of fundraising. Srinivas' LiN SAB Group: Make the most of your professional life If you want to join Srinivas' group in whatsapp ping him: whatsapp +17707140963 Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 17, 2020
43 investments in 2 years - how is angel capital deployed? By Steve Walsh.
Steve Walsh, angel investor, Advisory Board Member at ZenSports and the CEO at Procurrence talks about angel investments, working as an advisor, fundraising for Procurrence and comparison of fundraising in the pre-COVID VS COVID world. We also discussed Steve's work at Procurrence and how he is approaching to investors right now.   Steve's LinkedIn: Procurrence Inc: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 15, 2020
Talk to customers damn it - how to pivot. By Angad Singh.
Angad Singh, Founder and CEO at Casette that was acquired by Evernote and currently he is a Product Manager at Coda. And in this episode we spoke about differences between small and big startups from fundraising perspective as well as customer acquisition and much more. Touched onto an interesting pivot and a happy ending as well:) Angad's LinkedIn: Coda: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 13, 2020
SoCal Super Angel - why accelerators? By David Mandel.
David Mandel, SoCal-based super Angel, investing in emerging technology startups who Invested in over 500 startups up to date, talks about early stage startups. We focused our conversation on how helpful accelerators can be and why founders should consider applying to those. We also talked about David's investing thesis and the way he gets his deal flow. David's LinkedIn: Emerging Ventures Capital: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 10, 2020
First steps in the fundraising - preparing to close a round during COVID. By Danny Done.
Danny Done, CEO at GoBekli explains how his approach to fundraising changed in the post-COVID world and how he interacts with investors now. He also talks about methods that work for him now and those that clearly don't. For everyone who is trying to raise money now - this is for you:) Danny's linkedIn: GoBekli: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 8, 2020
Health tech field - how should founders overcome legal and financial barriers? By Sunny Kumar.
Sunny Kumar, Partner at GSR Ventures talks about the healthtech field. How can founders overcome multiple regulation barriers and get through the capital-intense field? How should they get in touch with the right people in healthtech space if they don't have the right network? Sunny's choice of newsletters that he recommends Fundraising Radio's listeners to follow (I like those too!) -  StrictlyVC (VC) Axios Pro Rata (VC) CB Insights Newsletter (VC/Health/Fintech) Fortune Brainstorm + Emerging Tech Newsletter (Health) Rock Health Newsletter (Health / VC) Seeking Alpha Morning Newsletter (General) Morning Brew + Emerging Tech Newsletters (General / Tech / VC) Accelerated (VC / Tech) Sunny's LinkedIn: GSR Ventures:
October 7, 2020
Bootstrapping VS raising funding - lessons from failures and successes. By Igor Belagorudsky
Igor Belagorudsky, serial entrepreneur with several exits, currently an angel investor, mentor and president at FastCTO, talks about his previous experiences of starting companies, failing and winning. We talked about his major takeaways from that experience and the major mistakes he made in the past. We also talked about the major achievements, so this episode isn't too dark:) FastCTO: Igor's LinkedIn: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 6, 2020
60 investors participating in one round - how was it done and why? By Daniel Kravtsov
Daniel Kravtsov, previously co-founder and CEO at RTBmedia that exited in 2016 and currently co-founder and CEO at Improvado talks about his approach to fundraising and why he decided to raise from so many investors. We also talk about major pros and cons of that approach and about ways to manage that process. Speaking of management, below are the tools that will help you manage your leads, investors and clients:  Streak - CRM: Quip - alternative to Notion to keep all records: Improvado -Daniel's current startup: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
October 5, 2020
How big corporations work with startups and how to get in touch with one? By Anya Cheng.
Anya Cheng, who worked as Product Head | Facebook, eBay, Target | eCommerce, Growth and others talks about how big corporations chose partners and how a small startup can partner with smaller teams at large corporations. We also talk about best ways of getting in touch with those and getting the deal closed eventually. Anya's LinkedIn: Anya's Book: Episode about startup selling merch to big firms:
October 4, 2020
Mentorship and resources in the US vs other countries. By Gail Christine Gannon.
Gail Christine Gannon, Managing director at WaveEdge Capital, mentor to startups at US Market Access Center and an angel investors talks about her experience traveling the world to help founders in other countries. In this episode we talk a lot about the resources that the US provides to the entrepreneurs and how founders can use those. Email Gail:  Gail's LinkedIn: WaveEdge Capital: Episode on government support (tons of resources there) -
October 3, 2020
Department of Defence as a startup customer and investor - how to work with government? By Ellen Chang.
Ellen Chang, director at BMNT and partner at Syndicate 708 talks about working with the DoD as a startup, she explained how a startup can get funding from the Department of Defence, what are the major problems of working with it and much more. We've also covered the major challenges for deep tech startup founders. Resources mentioned in the episode:  DEF: SBIR: DOD SBIR: Syndicate708:
October 2, 2020
Traditional banking explained - how can startups work with banks? By Reza Sabahi.
Reza Sabahi, Managing Director at Wells Fargo Capital Finance explains how traditional banking works. What do you need to have in order to get a loan from a bank for your startup? How do bankers evaluate startups and what are the decisive factors? All in this episode. Reza's LinkedIn: Wells Fargo Capital Finance: Alternative sources of capital for startups:
September 29, 2020
Fundraising through crypto - is it still viable? By Pelli Wang.
Pelli Wang, managing partner at DeerCreek talks about fundraising through crypto currency issues. Are ICOs still alive? Who should raise through crypto currency and what are the major downsides of this process? We've also discussed STOs and more. List of events, I highly recommend attending toastmasters: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
September 28, 2020
Old VS young fund - who to reach out to and why? By Amit Mehta
Amit Mehta, partner at BuildersVC talks about reaching out to funds - should you reach out to an older fund that has been operating for 5 years after the raise or should you reach out to a freshly-raised fund? And why? And what are the indicators of the fund's activity? All in this episode. Amit's LinkedIn: Fundraising Radio on acquisitions: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
September 27, 2020
2 weeks for fundraising - how to raise a fast round, by David Yaffe.
David Yaffe, Co-Founder at Estuary, Previously Co-Founder of Arbor (Acquired by LiveRamp) talks about closing a very fast round (2 weeks only) and how that happened. We also discuss the best strategies of gaining new connections and assembling the right network to accelerate the fundraising process.  Estuary: David's LinkedIn: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
September 26, 2020
First employees in successful companies - how to build that dream team? By Andrew McIntosh
Andrew McIntosh, Director and Product Management for Platform & Integrations at Veritone Inc that went public in 2017 explains what he believes were the core strategies of the company founders that brought the company to a success. We also talked about early employees getting involved in the fundraising process and how does that work. Andrew's Twitter: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
September 25, 2020
Accelerating fundraising process - Adrian Mendoza on how to raise a round faster.
Adrian Mendoza, Founder and General Partner at Mendoza Ventures talks about his very first fundraising and why it took him so long. Adrain also talks about the ways to accelerate that process and what methodologies can be applied while fundraising. Mendoza Ventures: Connect to Adrian on LinkedIn: Put the kittens in the box - how to close the round: More articles from Adrian: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
September 24, 2020
Feature diarrhea - how to build product and how to start company in a new country. By Gabriel Paunescu
Gabriel Paunescu, CEO at Naologic talks about his experience of opening 7 startups at 3 different countries and raising money for some of them. He talks about creating a useful and cheap product and how to start new business in a new place or even a new country.  Gabriel Paunescu: Gabriel's company, Naologic: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
September 23, 2020
Angel groups VS Venture Capital - how to choose? By Ryan Whittemore.
Ryan Whittemore, Chief Investment Officer at Florida Funders explains the major benefits of working with an angel group versus a venture capital. We also discussed what major factors should founders look into while making their decision. Florida Funders: Ryan Whittemore: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
September 22, 2020
Moving to the Silicon Valley as a founder - when? By Carlos Ochoa.
Carlos Ochoa, Founder and Managing Partner at Alpha Impact 8 Ventures explains what it means to expand to the South Americas, who should do it and when is it applicable. We also talked about moving to the silicon valley and specifically - when is it safe enough (in the economic sense) to move to the valley to run your company. Alpha Impact 8 Ventures: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors:
September 21, 2020
Investing in "unsexy" fields, by Denis Kalyshkin
Denis Kalyshkin, principal at I2BF Global Ventures explains what does it mean to work in the "unsexy" field and how the non-technological fields present a great opportunity for startup founders. We also talk about how startup founders can get involved in such fields. I2BF Global Ventures: Fill out this form to get connected to investors and mentors: Research on your competitors: Tracking competitors X2: Crunchbase - pretty much where any startup search starts:
September 19, 2020
Free accelerators and what does the government support mean for startups, by Miki Reynolds.
Miki Reynolds - Co-Founder and Executive Director at Grid 110 talks about the support that government provides to the early stage startup founders and specifically talks about Los Angeles eco-system. We discussed a variety of government programs aimed to support startups and how founders can use those. Below you can find the list of very helpful links mentioned in the episode:  Make a research on the funding options you have: Spreadsheet with grant options.  SBIR - America's Seed Fund: Community for underrepresented founders: Post that Miki co-wrote about alternative funding sources (this is super helpful) -  Grid 110:
September 18, 2020
Advisers to CEOs - who needs them and how much do they cost? By Sherwin Estanislao.
Sherwin Estanislao, Founding Partner and Investor at Creative Interlace Tech Ventures in this episode of Fundraising Radio talks about who needs an advisor, how to find one and how much approximately should you give him/her. We also talked about the venture studio model and what kind of founders should work with such. Sherwin Estanislao: Creative Interlace Tech Ventures:
September 17, 2020
Acquired for $780 million - lessons learned about Fundraising and moving to the US, by Zain Jaffer.
Zain Jaffer, currently Partner at Blue Field Capital and previously the Co-Founder and CEO at Vungle that was acquired for $780 in 2019. In this episode Zain talks about how he managed to move from the UK to the US and who should try doing the same. We also talked about the major mistakes that he had made during the fundraising process and his major accomplishments. Blue Field Capital: The Proptech VC podcast by Zain: Episode on Proptech by Fundraising Radio:
September 16, 2020
Stock buyback - how does it work in a startup? By Mike Preuss.
Mike Preuss, Co-Founder and CEO at explains how he managed to raise the first rounds of funding and how later on his company bought back some of the equity it sold to its investors. We also discussed the importance of following up with current investors and how it should be done. Connect to investors (completely free) here: Follow up with investors here: If you are too early for VC (and even Angel) funding, apply here:
September 15, 2020
What is a Hedge Fund and can startups raise from them? By Ryan Zhang and Mi Tu.
Ryan Zhang and Mi Tu, Partners & Co-Founders at Standard Capital L.P. explain how do hedge funds work and how can startup founders raise money from them. We also talked about investing in securities vs investing in startups. Book recommendations from Ryan and Mi: The Intelligent Investor - Ben Graham (this is classic, I highly recommend it as well) One Up on Wall Street - Peter Lynch:
September 12, 2020
Investing in sports, fitness and gaming industry - what's happening during covid? By Vasu Kulkarni.
Vasu Kulkarni, Founder and CEO at Krossover that raised $50 million and got acquired in 2017 and currently a Partner at Courtside Ventures. In this episode he talks about how he personally managed to raise funding for his company and why he didn't go the traditional way with it. We also talked about Courtside Ventures and what's going on in the gaming and fitness industry now. Courtside Ventures: Register to vote in the US:
September 12, 2020
Alternative sources of funding - no dilution for you. By Thomas Rush.
Thomas Rush, Founder at Bootstrapp explains the major non-dilutive funding sources that he believes work best for founders and explains what are its major pros and cons. We also talk about the fastest method of raising money and what are it's major downsides. Bootstrapp, find revenue-based funding sources: Find Grants:
September 10, 2020
Constructing MVP and a team - Jon Vlachogiannis about creating success.
Jon Vlachogiannis, currently the Founder at AgentRisk and the Founder at Bugsense that was acquired by Splunk talks about building a successful company and staying lean as long as possible. He explains his approach to fundraising and investing. Jon's LinkedIn: AgentRisk: More links will come:)
September 8, 2020
Birthday Special!
This episode is featuring the team members of Fundraising Radio. I (your host - Konstantin Dubovitskiy) answer the FAQs that I get and the other team members present themselves and talk about the reasons why they joined FR, what they do here and what they plan to do in the future. To get in touch with any individual team member go here: Follow us on Patreon to support the team: And here is the link to Openland that I've mentioned:
September 7, 2020
How to extend your runway to a maximum and still scale? Troy Bolus about Seated.
Troy Bolus, Co-Founder at OmniPanel and the Co-Founder at Seated that was acquired in 2019 talks about his journey to the acquisition, raising funding for his first company while being a student at UCLA and about extending that runway. Troy also gave his advice to student entrepreneurs and explained the reasons to risk. OmniPanel that will help you understand your users' feedback better: Acquisition story for $985 million by eBay:
September 6, 2020
Proptech and sales in proptech - by Zach Aarons.
Zach Aarons, Co-Founder and Partner at explains what is going on in the proptech field and how it reacted to the COVID-19 hit. We also discuss how founders in this field should make sales, when is it appropriate to hire salesman/saleswoman and how to become a better salesman/saleswoman yourself. Awesome resources below! MetaProp: 101 Proptech written by Aaron: Get better in sales by becoming a volunteer at a a political campaign:
September 5, 2020
Silicon Valley path - how does it work and what are the alternative routes? By Rolan Reichel.
Rolan Reichel, CEO and Co-Founder at Custom Social explains how he views the "Silicon Valley Path" and who should try to follow it. He also explained his own approach to fundraising and why he follows it. We touched onto a very important subject - incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurial communities and below you can find the links to the ones that Rolan mentioned. Custom social: Creative Destruction Lab: Endless Frontier Labs: Make it Studio (which I mentioned) -
September 4, 2020
How to report to your investors and to prospect investors? By Dan Akivis.
Dan Akivis, Senior Associate at Expansion Venture Capital explains what kind of reports you need to send over to your investors and to prospect investors. We've discussed how to get in touch with them and how to retain a good connection. Expansion Venture Capital: SalesQL: Our video:
September 3, 2020
Acquired for $985 million by Ebay - legendary serial entrepreneur, Greg Shepard talks about building startups.
Greg Shepard, Founder at BOSS Capital Partners, Founder and CEO of the 12 startups that have successfully exited, one of which was AffiliateTraction acquired by Ebay for $985 million. Greg in this episode explains how he managed to create so many successful companies and shortly explains the BOSS system. He also talks about the major mistakes he saw other early stage founders making and talks about the mistakes he has done himself in the past. BOSS Capital Partners: BOSS system explained in greater detail: For founders who are too early for Greg's investments, submit your idea here:
September 2, 2020
Student-led VCs - how do they work? By Ayushi Sinha, Co-Founder at Prospect Student Ventures.
Ayushi Sinha, Co-Founder at Prospect Student Ventures explained how their student-led Venture Capital works, what do they invest in, how do they source their deals and how did they manage to raise it. We've also discussed major mistakes that students make while building their startups, so this episode is a must-listen for any US-based student founder. Prospect Student Ventures: Ayushi's publication on finding a role at a Dope Startup: Book about Yale's female entrepreneurship: Our video recording:
September 1, 2020
When do you make a pivot and how to use your first round of funding? B Andrew Ermogenous
Andrew Ermogenous, Co-Founder at Real Factors acquired by 7ParkData explains what major mistakes they have done with the company and what were the major achievements. We also talk about the importance of planning the first funding round and some alternative sources of fundraising that Andrew recommends. Andrew's LinkedIn: 7ParkData: You can contact Andrew at his website,
August 30, 2020
Scale and Exit - by Brett Lewis, Co-Founder at SkillBridge.
Brett Lewis, Co-founder and Co-CEO at SkillBridge acquired by TopTal, talks about the acquisition, the major mistakes they've done with SkillBridge and the major successes they had. We also talked about business development - what does one actually do and how is business development at google different from business development at early stage startup. Brett's LinkedIn: Acquired by Lyft: The video record:
August 29, 2020
No investor wants to be "just money" - how to work with investors, by Tim Lozott.
Tim Lozott, CEO and Managing Director at Green Life Capital explains what the phrase "No investor wants to be just money" means and how to apply it to your fundraising process. We've also touched onto the Linked ventures (and their upcoming summit) and how Linked Ventures cooperate with the Green Life Capital. Linked Ventures summit: Green Life Capital:
August 27, 2020
NY Super Angel - how to find fundraising support for your startup? By Jack Greco.
Jack Greco, founder at One Link Ventures who is also a very active angel investor and strongly believes in the power of community. And in this episode we've discussed what is going on the early-stage fundraising world right now, what is Jack's advice for founders who are trying to find best advisors and mentors and much more (that's why episode is so long).  One Link Ventures: Jack's Calendly link:
August 26, 2020
Mucker Capital's focus on LA ecosystem by Kiyan Yazdi, Investor at Mucker Capital.
Kiyan Yazdi, Investor at Mucker Capital explains what is going on in the LA ecosystem, why Mucker Capital is so focused on SoCal startups and how it operates during COVID-19. We also discussed two different arms of Mucker and talked about which one fits what kind of startups. MuckerLab accelerator: Mucker Capital: Venture Studio VS Accelerator - how to choose:
August 25, 2020
Acquired by Chegg - lessons learned from raising $5.1 mil and getting acquired - by Dan Johnston.
Dan Johnston, currently the Co-founder & CEO at WorkStep and the Co-Founder at InstaEDU explains what major lessons he had learned from building InstaEDU and raising $5.1 million for it. We also talked about what he would do if he can go back in time and change one thing in the process. Super helpful for any early stage founder and specifically for founders in educational field. Workstep: Similar story of acquisition of SchoolMint:
August 24, 2020
Venture Studio VS Accelerators - how to chose the right start for your startup? By Carey Ransom.
Carey Ransom, Founder and President at OC4 Venture Studio in this episode talks about the differences between venture studios, incubators and accelerators and explains how to choose the right program for your startup (hint: know your 3-month goal really well). We also discussed major downsides of venture studios to help you make a better decision. OC4 Ventures:  Carey's LinkedIn: Office hours with Make it Studio: - it's time to get some extra questions answered.
August 23, 2020
Product managers as champions in your sales to businesses - SC Moatti on selling through product managers.
SC Moatti, Managing partner at Mighty Capital and a founder at Products That Count in this episode of Fundraising Radio explains how to make sales through product managers, when should startups start working on content generation and how long it might take to pay off. We also discussed different strategies of getting in touch with those product managers and Moatti explained why product managers are the best points of contact in the organisation. Mentioned in this episode: Webinar by Products That Count (with Ravi Mehta, who was on Fundraising Radio as well) - Sandler Sales Training: Toastmasters, improve your speech: Mighty Capital:
August 22, 2020
Double exit founder's thoughts on early user acquisition - by Dan Held.
Dan Held, Growth Lead at Kraken Digital Asset Exchange with two companies sold explains how to acquire your first customers and why paying for your first customers might be a bad idea. We discuss few particular ways of being "cheap and scrappy" in user acquisition and talk about low-budget startups in this episode. Dan's LinkedIn: Kraken Digital Asset Exchang: Episodes about blockchain fundraising: Office hours with Make it Studio: - it's time to get some extra questions answered.
August 21, 2020
Investing in immigrant founders and when do people really become entrepreneurs - by Nitin Pachisia.
Nitin Pachisia, Founding Partner at Unshackled Ventures explains how does immigrant-focused investing work, how does Unshackled Ventures source its deals and how should immigrant (and local) founders start building their network during COVID-19. We also discuss the best ways to identify if the investor is a good fit for your specific company. Nitin's LinkedIn: Unshackled Ventures: Office hours with Make it Studio: - it's time to get some extra questions answered.
August 20, 2020
Building remote teams and living the COVID - Michael Dunn, the CTO at Ultra on current events.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio Michael Dunn, the CTO at Ultra explains how he sees the future of team building, networking and fundraising and he also talks about the current situation and how early stage startups can use it to their advantage. We also touch onto what value Techstars and similar incubators/accelerators provide.  Michael Dunn's linkedIn: Office hours with Make it Studio: - it's time to get some extra questions answered. How to legally start a startup:
August 19, 2020
What is product-led growth and how to acquire customers in B2B? By Arthur Nobel - B2B SaaS Investor.
Arthur Nobel - B2B SaaS Investor, Associate at Knight Venture Capital explains how to acquire your first customers in B2B field and how to present those customers to investors. We discuss B2B fundraising and international sales for B2B SaaS startups. Arthur's LinkedIn: Knight Venture Capital: YC library: Office hours with Make it Studio: (it's extremely helpful, trust me).
August 18, 2020
What KPIs should founders in consumer space track the most? By Kofi Ampadu.
Kofi Ampadu, Founder and General Partner at SKU'D ventures explains how should founders in consumer space fundraise and specifically those who are in CPG (consumer packaged goods) fundraise. Kofi Ampadu's LinkedIn: SKU'D ventures investing in consumer brand startups: Jamal Ashraf, acquired in a year after reaching over 40 million downloads:
August 17, 2020
Selling Esgut for millions and building a top 5 Facebook app company, by Jamal Ashraf.
Jamal Ashraf, the founder of Esgut, talks about how he turned down funding from Naval Ravikant and how the company was acquired by Shervin Pishevar's Social Gaming Network (now Jam City) after a 2 hour conversation at a conference. We also discuss growing to 1 million users just 4 weeks after starting the company, how products can go viral, and what to focus on other than the number of downloads. Bulk Probiotics: Office hours with Make it Studio: (it's extremely helpful, trust me).
August 16, 2020
Capital strategies - what is it and how to develop one? By Jeffrey Silverman.
Jeffrey Silverman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Laconia explains the meaning of having a capital strategy and explains how to develop one. We also talk about how much money should founders raise, how long should that money last and how to calculate the ideal amount of funding. Laconia's website: Office hours with Make it Studio: (it's extremely helpful, trust me).
August 15, 2020
Fundraising after two exits - Christopher Hussain about his lessons learned from previous fundraising experiences.
Christopher Hussain, the Co-Founder and CEO at RealKey in this episode talks about what he learned from his past fundraising experiences and how it affected his approach of raising money for his current company - RealKey. We also discussed what should early stage founders do to raise money now and who should consider accelerators (hint: pretty much anyone early stage). Christopher's email: RealKey: Office hours with Make it Studio: (it's extremely helpful, trust me).
August 14, 2020
Going through first stages of building a product without fundraising, and getting acquired - Mayur Motgi on Propl's acquisition.
Mayur Motgi, the Co-Founder and CEO at Propl, acquired by explains how he managed to bring his company to an acquisition with no funding raised and he also talked about who should consider fundraising versus bootstrapping. Mayur Motgi's LinkedIn: Get access to our custom content: Our YouTube record:
August 13, 2020
Cross-border investing and global expansion, discussing Asian markets with Sungjoon Cho.
Sungjoon Cho, General Partner at D20 Capital explains who should try to expand globally and how to prepare for an abroad expansion. We specifically focused on Asian markets expansion and talked how founders can benefit from working with cross-border investors. D20 Capital: Our YouTube channel: Our premium channel:
August 13, 2020
B2B customer acquisition during pandemic and how to hire sales people, by Sid Trivedi.
Partner at Foundation Capital, Sid Trivedi explains how he sees startups making B2B sales in the enterprise sectors. We also discussed hiring commission-only salesman and full time account executives. If you are an early stage startup in B2B field this episode is right for you. Sid Trivedi's article on Cybersecurity being the next trillion dollar market: Sid Trivedi's article on Cybersecurity during pandemic: Foundation Capital: For those who want to see ideas turning into fundable companies - Student Startup Battle: Record of the call:
August 11, 2020
$5B in M&A transactions and sale of auto tech company - RideKleen, Mars Shah on M&A now.
The CEO and Founder of Red Rock Capital and former JP Morgan Global Innovation & Digital Strategy, Mars Shah explains how M&A works now and how he personally sold RideKleen Inc, to Cox Automotive. Mars' LinkedIn: Acquired by Lyft within a year: YouTube: 
August 10, 2020
Why you should NOT raise and how to work in retail - by Artem Mashkov.
Artem Mashkov, COO at SwagUp and Founder and President at Intelligent Ventures explains why founders shouldn't hunt for VC or angel funding and instead should try thinking more traditional and work on your credit line. We also discuss current situation and how founders can survive this pandemic.  Artem's Twitter: Artem's LinkedIn: SwagUp: Our YouTube record:
August 9, 2020
Sport-focused startups during COVID - how are they doing? By Steve Gera.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio Steve Gera, Partner at Hickory VC explains what's going on in the sport-focused startup world right now and what he sees coming. This episode is for anyone in the sports field who thinks/currently works on creation their own startup. Steve Gera's LinkedIn: For those who want to see ideas turning into fundable companies - Student Startup Battle:
August 8, 2020
Drafting financial projections and getting early traction - by Jesse Randall.
Jesse Randall, Partner at Citrine Capital Partners explains who should take time to draw financial projections and at which stage one should do that. We also talk about what should go into those projections and how to get the first traction for those projections. Sweater Ventures - become a venture capitalist: Acquired by Lyft in less than a year:  Video of our interview:
August 7, 2020
Who gets acquired during covid and what are the major issues in the M&A field now? By Deven Soni.
Deven Soni, the Co-Founder of Kingmakers explains how the acquisitions of small-cap business is going now, who can expect to get acquired and what are the major problems associated with it. He also gives a brief overview of the M&A field and gives his opinion on where the market will go. Deven's LinkedIn: Kingmakers/Acquira: For those who want to see ideas turning into fundable companies - Student Startup Battle:
August 6, 2020
Covid unfolding for founders - how to react and where to go during these times, by Brandon Maier.
Brandon Maier, Founder at LVLup Ventures explains how he sees coronavirus unfolding for founders (hint: according to Brandon - not too well, the inflation is coming). We also talked about acceleration programs and where should early stage founders go now. Fundbetter: Brandon's LinkedIn: For those who want to see ideas turning into fundable companies - Student Startup Battle:
August 5, 2020
Acquired by Lyft in less than a year - how to approach the process of acquisition, by Kenan Saleh.
Kenan Saleh the Co-Founder and CEO at Halo Cars explains how his company got acquired by Lyft in less then a year after it was funded and how he approached this process. We also talk about the fundraising of Halo and how building a strong self-sufficient team can help you fundraise. Kenan's Twitter: Halo Cars: For those who want to see ideas turning into fundable companies - Student Startup Battle:
August 4, 2020
What is founder-market fit and what to do if you don't have one? And how to find a lead investor? By Daniel Fetner.
Daniel Fetner, principal at Corigin Ventures in this episode explains what does it mean to have a founder-market fit, who can claim that they are the perfect founder for a company and what to do if you realise that you don't have a founder-market fit. We also talk about how founders can find the lead investor and what the term "lead investor" mean? It means that the lead investor will lead your whole round - he/she will cut a first check for you, help you set terms for all other investors, introduce you to other investors and much more. Daniel Fetner's LinkedIn: Corigin Ventures: For those who want to see ideas turning into fundable companies - Student Startup Battle:
August 3, 2020
Your first call with investors - how to not butcher it and how to get one? By Sarah Leners.
In this episode Sarah Leners, Venture Capital Senior Associate at Bull City Venture Partners explains how to lead your first call with an investor and more importantly - how to get that first call with an investor. We also talked about the current situation in the world of startup fundraising. Bull City Venture Partners: Sarah's email: For those who want to see ideas turning into fundable companies - Student Startup Battle:
August 1, 2020
How to build a new branch within a startup - Airbnb story. Also, how do you evaluate a company with no revenue? By Marc McCabe
In this episode Marc McCabe tells how he created Airbnb for business travel, how he acquired first customers and what does he like to invest in now. We also discussed the process of evaluation of the companies that have no revenue and fundraising climate during coronavirus. If you have a company that could fit Marc's investment criteria, here is his email: 2.5 hour long podcast with Marc where he talks about fundraising in details: For those who want to see ideas turning into fundable companies - Student Startup Battle:
July 31, 2020
How AI field reacted to the pandemic and how founders in this field should raise now? By Caroline Duffy.
In this episode Caroline Duffy, Investor in AI Fund explains how she thinks AI field was affected by the COVID-19 and how founders in this field should approach fundraising now. Caroline's Twitter: AI Fund: Directory for founders and investors sign up sheet - Confluence:
July 30, 2020
Coming up with pricing for your product and raising from Sequoia scouts - Nirman Dave on ObviouslyAI fundraising.
In this episode Nirman Dave co-founder and CEO at ObviouslyAI explains how they raised their pre-seed round without having any traction and we also go into discussion of raising money from scouts of large funds (such as Sequoia capital). We also talk about how ObviouslyAI came up with their pricing plans and how they acquired their first customers. Obviously AI: Student Startup Battle:
July 29, 2020
Family offices VS venture funds during covid and where should founders go to get funding, by Matt Thompson.
In this episode Matt Thompson, Partner at Skyview Capital explains why he thinks that family offices are more mobile during covid and why some of them might be a better option for raising money. We also discuss how Skyview Capital invests during these uncertain times and how they find the projects to invest in. Skyview Capital:  Matt Thompson's email:  Our Patreon page with exclusive content: Check out our new event Student Startup Battle (if you have fun ideas for startups, it's for you) -
July 28, 2020
Angel Capital Association, what is it, how does it work and how to use it - by Juliana Garaizar.
Juliana Graizar, the board member at Angel Capital Association, member of Portfolia, President of Business Angel Minority Association and Launch Director at Greentown Labs in this episode of Fundraising Radio explains about work of ACA and how can entrepreneurs benefit from it. We also talk about other organisations that Juliana is a part of and speak about the ways founders can work with those associations. Angel Capital Association: Portfolia: Our Blog:
July 27, 2020
What to do if you have a small network? Matt Miesnieks explains how to grow it organically.
Co-Founder and CEO at Matt Mieskieks in this episode of Fundraising Radio explains how to grow your network organically and what are the best tactics for it. We also discuss the acquisition of by Niantic and talk about how this happened. Website: Our Patreon page with exclusive content: Check out our new event Student Startup Battle (if you have fun ideas for startups, it's for you) -
July 26, 2020
Series C raising and spinning out of Coca-Cola's incubator - Jeremy Burton on the fundraising for Wonolo.
In this episode, Jeremy Burton the Co-Founder and CTO at Wonolo explained how they managed to raise over $52 million dollars, how Wonolo pivoted after it was created in Coca Cola's incubator and how it is operating now. We also go back in time and see what mistakes would Jeremy fix in terms of fundraising. Wonolo: Our Patreon page with exclusive content: Check out our new event Student Startup Battle (if you have fun ideas for startups, it's for you) -
July 25, 2020
2008 VS 2020 crisis - how should founders deal with it? By Emanuel Pleitez.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio Emanuel Pleitez Investor at East Los Capital, tech-enabled private equity firm. Emanuel also worked at the U.S. Department of Treasury during 2008 crisis and a large part of this episode is about comparing the 2008 crisis to the current crisis and of course we talked about how East Los Capital makes its investments and what does it mean to be tech-enabled PE firm. East Los Capital: Our Custom paid channel: Check out our new event Student Startup Battle (if you have fun ideas for startups, it's for you) -
July 24, 2020
Staying focused on one field and getting acquired - Brock Weatherup sharing his experience of creating companies in pet industry.
Brock Weatherup, the CEO and Co-Founder of Metamorphosis Partners, the CEO and Founder of Pet360 acquired by PetSmart and the CEO and Co-Founder of Petcoach acquired by Petco explains how staying super focused on one field helped him in his career and also talks about his experience raising money for his companies and then selling them. Metamorphosis Partners: Link to Fundraising Radio Premium:
July 23, 2020
Fundraising during COVID-19, who will struggle and who can use it to their advantage? By Phin Upham.
Phin Upham, the Managing Partner at Haymaker Capital explains what is going on in the fundraising world during coronavirus, what kind of startups can raise money right now and what should early stage founders do when all investors are focusing on later stages. Haymaker Capital: Pipe, SaaS financing: Talking about 3 different sources of capital for startups with Todd Thompson: Take a look at our custom channel:
July 22, 2020
Pipeline Angels - how it works and how is angel investing working during covid, by Rishwie Cauvery.
Rishwie Cauvery, member of Pipeline Angels and a CTO at Time Study in this episode explains how Pipeline Angels work, how she personally invests and how she sources deals. We also cover the current situation on the market and discuss what should early stage founders do to raise money during COVID-19. Pipeline Angels: Time Study: Episode on pitch events and networking during COVID-19 with Nick Adams from Differential Ventures:
July 21, 2020
Investing in psychedelics - how does that work and where to start? By Marik Hazan.
Marik Hazan, the Founder at Tabula Rasa Ventures explains what does it even mean to "invest in psychedelics" and how this can be done. If you are interested in investing in CBD and related fields or if you want to open a startup in this field, this episode is just perfect for you. Tabula Rasa: Psychedelics Industry Analysis: (no similar episodes really, this one is unique)
July 20, 2020
Your competitors might be dead soon - advice on going through COVID by Roberto Machado.
Roberto Machado the CEO at BetaBlocks and a member of Tech Coast Angels explains his vision of going through COVID and emerging as a stronger company while many of your competitors die. We also talked about Roberto's view on the pitch decks as he has seen over 4,000 of them and wanted to share his major takeaway from them. Roberto Machado's LinkedIn: BetaBlocks: Related episode on VCs behaviour during COVID:
July 19, 2020
Fundraising for capital-intensive and highly regulated fields, how does it work? By Katelyn Johnson.
Katelyn Johnson, the Principal at American Family Ventures talks about starting a business in capital-intensive and highly regulated fields like insure-tech. We discuss how these startups should fundraise and where should people, willing to work in those field start. American Family Ventures: Generator Accelerator: Speaking of raising a lot of capital - interview with Adrian Druzgalski whose company raised over $107mil:
July 19, 2020
Consumer internet space fundraising - how does it work and how is it different from other fields? By Jad Esber.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio Jad Esber, the Co-Founder at Koodos and a Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard talks about the consumer internet, how fundraising in that space works and what founders in this field focus on. Here are the links to some of the things mentioned in the episode: Koodos Hiring a creative developer Koodos: Berkman Klein Community Unshackled Fellows Pear Fellows
July 17, 2020
Comparing 3 sources of capital: equity crowdfunding, Friends and Family and grants - which one is better? By Todd Thompson.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio Todd Thompson the Co-Founder & CEO Carnot Compression goes over the 3 sources of capital that Carnot used to raise money. In this episode Todd compares Friends and Family, crowdfunding and grants as sources of capital for a startup. Carnot Compression campaign on Startengine: Grants 101 by the CEO of - Sedale Turbovsky : Equity Crowdfunding by the CEO of Republic - Chuck Pettid:
July 16, 2020
Educational episode #7 - major mistakes while hiring new employees and how not to get sued, by Kristina Subbotina.
This is the 7th educational episode by Fundraising Radio and in this episode Kristina Subbotina, corporate and securities attorney at Ross Law Group explains what are the major mistakes that founders make while hiring new employes. Video explanation that Kristina made specifically for this episode:
July 15, 2020
What is a Venture University and how it sources its deals, by Jasmine Yu Zhang.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Jasmine Yu Zhang explained how Venture University works, how do they source deals and how their deal sourcing is different from other firms and individual angels. We also discussed the current situation and talked about fundraising during pandemic. Venture University: SoGal Ventures:
July 14, 2020
Pitching your company right and speaking with investors, by Brandon Walker.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Brandon Walker a Venture Fellow at Go Paladin explains how to construct your pitch deck, shares the major rule of it and then goes into details of the common mistakes he sees on the pitch decks of the founders he works with. We also discuss how much time should you spend on researching your competitors and how much should you know about the competitive landscape. Brandon Walker's LinkedIn: Go Paladin:
July 13, 2020
Investing in African startups with Osayi Igharo, Managing Parter at Ripple VC.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio our guest speaker is Osayi Igharo, the Managing Parter at Ripple VC that focuses on investing in African startups. And Osayi explains why Africa is a good place to invest in, how can you do cross-border investing while living in the US and how funds are being raised for VCs. Osayi's LinkedIn: Ripple VC:
July 12, 2020
Getting acquired by IBM and starting to invest in companies - Edith Simchi-Levi on how the investment climate changed.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Edith Simchi-Levi the VP of operations at Logictools explains how the acquisition by the IBM went and how times are different now. We also discussed where should founders go to get their first funding. New York Angels: Leaf Logistics:
July 11, 2020
Biotech in Los Angeles and how should founders not in health tech industry raise during COVID, by David Whelan.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio David Whelan, the CEO of BioscienceLA explains how founders working in bioscience and health tech can use this pandemic to their advantage during their fundraising and how other founders should adjust. BioscienceLA:  David's Twitter:
July 10, 2020
Fundraising for Biotech during coronavirus - how should founders use it to their advantage, by Jason Scharf.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Jason Scharf the Associate Director at Illumina and a Co-Fund Manager at San Diego Angel Conference explains how biotech and life-science startups should adapt to the current situation and use it to their advantage and how should other founders make sure they are prepared for the investor's questions regarding covid. Illumina Accelerator - San Diego Angel Conference -
July 9, 2020
On-demand CFO - what does that mean, who needs a CFO and what is the major role of a CFO? By Georgia Athanasiou
In this episode, Georgia Athanasiou the on-demand CFO and an angel investor at Keiretsu Forum explains what CFO's do, who really needs a CFO and what CFO really does in the company. We also talk about early stage founders and how should they make their financial projections. Article on making financial projections for your startup by Guy Kawasaki: Georgia's LinkedIn:
July 8, 2020
USA vs Canada - where to raise money and how does the startup cross-border investing work, by Saeed Zeinali.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Saeed Zeinali co-founder of Tranqool acquired by HumanaCare and a private investor at Keiretsu Forum explains how Canada is different from the US, how he invests in the US-based startups and how cross-border investing works. Saeed's current company - EdgeCollab:
July 7, 2020
Raising from impact investors - who qualifies, what are the major benefits and how to reach out to impact investors, by Preethy Padman.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Preethy Padman an impact investment Partner at SV2 and a member of Portfolia explains who are impact investors, what impact investing even means and who should try to take this route. Preethy also explains how to reach out to the right impact investors and what are the major benefits of working with them.  Apply for funding at SV2: Portfolia:
July 6, 2020
Selling competition - how to raise when you have a large firm working in your field? By Greg Miaskiewicz.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Greg Miaskiewicz the Co-founder and CEO of Capbase explains how he managed to raise money for Capbase, while there is such a large firm (Carta) operating in this field. He also explains how to differentiate your company from large (and small) competitors and sell that to investors. Capbase (simple to use legal and financial foundation for your startup):
July 5, 2020
Who are Pipeline angels and how to prepare your company for post-covid fundraising, by Kristina Francis.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Kristina Francis Principal at The Marathon Fund and a member of Pipeline angels explains how this angel group works and who should try working with it. Kristina Francis' podcast: Get Found Get Funded
July 4, 2020
Do family offices invest during pandemic and how do they invest in the "peace" times, by Sebastian Zhou.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Sebastian Zhou Investor at Alpha Square Group explains how family offices act now VS how they act in the "normal" times and also gives recommendations on which investors to approach first during this pandemic. Alpha Square Group's website:
July 3, 2020
Raising money now - CEO and co-founder of Persosa explains how they are raising money during COVID-19.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio Gregory Lim, the CEO and co-founder of Persosa explains how they are raising their new round during this pandemic and how is it different from fundraising in the times of "peace".  Gregory Lim's LinkedIn: Greg's Email: Stratechery:
July 2, 2020
Reaching out to angels during coronavirus and raising money in safe times, by Steve Shwartz.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Steve Shwartz, co-founder of Device 42 that raised nearly $40 million and who is currently an angel investor explains how founders should reach out to angels now during this pandemic and how he himself raised money for device 42. Device 42:
July 1, 2020
First time entrepreneurs raising money in deep tech - by Ramsay Brown.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio Ramsay Brown, the co-founder of Boundless Mind explains how he as a first time founder was raising money for his company and gives advice to other entrepreneurs on this process. Ramsay's LinkedIn:
June 30, 2020
Making a good pitch and giving it to the right people - by Jim Connor.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Jim Connor the member of Sand Hill Angels and an Executive Producer at Game Changers Silicon Valley, explains how to find the right investors, how to reach out to them and how to give a great pitch (and how to prepare one!) Sand Hill Angels:
June 29, 2020
Corporate Venture Capital #4 - using corporate venturing as a strategic tool , how CVCs make their decisions – by Vivin Hegde.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Vivin Hegde the Director at Hilti Tech Office explains how Hilti CVC department makes its decisions, what metrics they use and what do they like to invest in. Hilti Group:
June 27, 2020
Helping startups to raise money for no fees or equity - how Mother Teresa works in the fundraising field - by Landon Ainge.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio Landon Ainge, the Managing Director at Assure Syndicates explains how he helps startups to raise money without charing any fees or even taking any equity. He explains how the syndication process works and what he gets out of it. Article by Landon on Assure Syndicates: Landon's LinkedIn:
June 26, 2020
Angel investing during pandemic - where should founders go first during COVID-19 to get funding? By Grant Van Cleve
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Grant Van Cleve an ex-President at Tech Coast Angels at Orange County and a current member of Board of Governors of Tech Coast Angels as well as an angel investor and a Managing Partner at Hangar 75 explains the current landscape of investment field from the investor's perspective. He also explains where should founders head to get funded. Hangar 75: Tech Coast Angels: Angel Capital Association:
June 25, 2020
VCs infusing more cash into startups after 3 months of stagnation - current investment climate by Vishal Uttam.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Vishal Uttam Founder and Managing Partner at Veloquence Capital explains why is it a good time for fundraising now and how VCs behave. He also explains how Veloquence Capital invests and how their approach to investing changed after the COVID-19 breakout. Vishal's LinkedIn: Veloquence Capital's site: Pitchbook:
June 24, 2020
Corporate Venture Capital #3 - who is the right fit for the CVC and how to improve your chances of getting funded, by Tina Tosukhowong.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Tina Tosukhowong the Senior Director at GC International explains how their investment strategies work and how their approach of looking at the companies is different from a VC's approach. We also discussed how founders can improve their chances of getting funded by a corporate venture capital and how to get in touch with them. GC International's website:
June 24, 2020
Corporate Venture Capital #2 - how small and mid-cap corporations invest, by Gianluca Guerra.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Gianluca Guerra the CEO at Virgilius Wealth explains how he connects corporations to young startups and how this process works. He also talks about the multistage fundraising process and how it can be done in an efficient way. If you have some questions, reach out to Gianluca Guerra via LinkedIn (link below). Gianluca's LinkedIn:
June 22, 2020
Corporate Venture Capital - how does it work and how is it different from a Venture Capital, by Mark Crawford.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio, Mark Crawford - Venture Capital Investor at Stanley Ventures and Intel Capital will explain how does Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) work and how is it different from a Venture Capital (VC). Lots of insights into this question by an experienced investor who was on both sides of it - the VC and CVC. In this episode we also discussed the government-sponsored venture capital funds, specifically Invest Nebraska Corporation, how it invests and who should consider it. Stanley Ventures:
June 21, 2020
Educational episode #6 - using Foundersuite for your fundraising, by Nathan Beckord.
In this educational episode Nathan Beckord, the founder and CEO of Foundersuite explains how his software can be used by founders to accelerate and make their fundraising easier. Foundersuite: This episode is NOT sponsored by Foundersuite and was chosen purely as an example of software exploitation for fundraising. 
June 20, 2020
Fundraising as a sales process - how long should the preparation take, by Nathan Beckord.
In this episode of Fundraising Radio the guest speaker is Nathan Beckord, the co-founder and CEO of Foundersuite - the tool that helps founders fundraise. And in this episode Nathan explains the major strategies used to fundraising, how much time should you use making a research on investors, how big should the lists be and much more. StrictlyVC: Foundersuite:
June 20, 2020
How do VC analysts work#2 - explaining the importance of the younger generations in funds - by Christian Pankovcin
In this episode of Fundraising Radio the guest speaker is Christian Pankovcin, analyst at 13 Ventures and he explains how much more useful a connection to an analyst can be rather than to a managing partner. We also touched onto the deal flow and deal sourcing of 13 Ventures and New York Angels. Christian's LinkedIn:
June 18, 2020