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The Funsized Podcast

The Funsized Podcast

By Kierstin
Welcome to The Funsized Podcast where your host, Kierstin Cifelli, talks about about nutrition, fitness, health and wellness for females under 5'3"

This podcast will always give you a dose of realness, practicality and empowerment you truly need to develop the highest version of you and be proud to be petite. So subscribe now if you’re ready for solo episodes from me and interviews from the best little guests around to support you on your mission to be funsized!
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67. Carbs: A Petite's Secret Weapon

The Funsized Podcast

67. Carbs: A Petite's Secret Weapon

The Funsized Podcast

86. 2 Year Anniversary of being recovered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
On September 5th, I celebrated 2 years of being recovered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea! Instead of period talk or the "All-In" process, I use this episode to reflect on my experience. Do I feel like I did the "right" thing?  Was my process effective?  Did it help my business?  Tune in to find out! If you want to learn more about my HA journey, Listen to episodes 12, 29, 38, 48, 61, & 65 Links Crop Tops: Instagram: @funsized.nutrition
September 8, 2021
85. The Funsized Formula [LAUNCH]
Wouldn't it feel nice to know --for certain--that all the time and energy you put into living a healthier lifestyle... ...ACTUALLY aligns well with and feels good to YOU? Introducing... Your SHORTcut to understanding your petite body... THE FUNSIZED FORMULA! My new course for petite women to ditch the mainstream methods & discover how to eat, train, and think like a lean petite machine! Listen to the episode to get the details! Enroll now for Under $53: 
August 26, 2021
84. What Muscle Soreness Really Means
Ever wonder why you feel super sore 1-2 days after a modest workout? Or better yet... have you ever wondered why you DIDN'T feel sore after a tough workout?! Truth is... muscle soreness doesn't tell you whether or not your workout was good or bad. It actually is an indicator of a few other things! Tune into this episode to learn what your muscle soreness means, when & why it happens, what you should do about it, and how to use muscle soreness as a gage so that you can maximize your muscle-building workouts! Links👇🏼 Instagram: @funsized.nutrition Strength Quiz: Funsized Fitness App: 1-1 Coaching:
August 17, 2021
83. Overcoming Hyperthyroidism, Fad Diets, & The Fear of Eating More With Sydnee Weinberg
Guest: Sydnee Weinberg is a 5' 1.5" (ya'll know how important that half is!) is an all around FIERCE AF badass nutrition coach for women to ditch diet culture and start LIVING. On this episode, we dive into the depths of Sydnee's fitness journey and cover topics such as Hyperthyroidism, our experiences with multiple fad diets, overcoming our fear of eating higher calories, and helping other women learn how to use flexible dieting to live a healthy lifestyle they ACTUALLY enjoy, and SO MUCH more! Links Follow Sydnee on Instagram: @viciousfitbysydnee Grab her freebie: Sydnee's Website: The Petite Posing Guide: Funsized Recipe Library: Take 10% off Pamcakes Protein Pancakes using coupon code FUNSIZED
August 10, 2021
82. Living a Colorful Life with Your [Petite] Pal, Jordyn Rush
Jordyn Rush is "just a gal trying to make the internet a little brighter" - according to her Instagram bio. Standing at a solid 4'10", sharing rainbow-licious content, and spreading positivity, she embodies the true meaning of FUNSIZED! On this episode, we dive into her life as a petite, where her love for color stemmed from, what she shares on social media, how to support and keep getting valuable tips & tricks from your favorite influencers, and styling tips for petite women! You won't want to miss this episode because she is probably one of the most vibrant, enthusiastic, optimistic people you'll ever meet! Follow Jordyn on Instagram @yourpaljordyn Shop her favorite things :
August 3, 2021
81. Mini Cut Month 2 (Wrap up!)
For more about this "Mini Cut", Listen to 'part 1' in episode 79 and check out my story highlights "cut month 1& 2" on my Instagram: @funsized.nutrition
July 26, 2021
80. How Fitness Helped Me Find Femininity
Who would have thought that something like going to the gym, building muscle, and looking stronger — which embodies a masculine energy — could help someone actually find their femininity!?   Tune into today's episode to learn how I developed my personal style! What's YOUR personal style personal story?! DM me on the gram Links⬇️ Amazon Storefront: Halara 20% off discount code: KIERSTIN20 Instagram: @funsized.nutrition Website:
July 13, 2021
79. Mini Cut Month 1
Hey, I'm back & ready to fill you in on how I'm feeling after the first month of my "Mini" Cut!   For more about what I'm doing and how it's going, Check out my story highlight "Cut Month 1" on my Instagram: @funsized.nutrition   Follow along to my exact workouts by subscribing to the Funsized Fitness App:
June 30, 2021
78. Why the numbers matter more for petite women [who want to shed body fat]
You may be wondering why eating the *right* number of calories & macros is so important for women under 5'3" The answer is: Because smaller figures do not possess a very large margin of error! Once you embrace the numbers and understand their importance in weight loss, you will, for the first time,  understand why your prior weight loss attempts did not succeed (or only worked for a short period of time) and finally understand what it takes to achieve the results you're looking for. *Please note that the numbers I use in this episode are merely examples. There are metabolic differences in women even of the same height, weight & age so just take this with a grain of salt.* Links: Episode 41: Cheat Day MISTAKES for Petite Women Episode 76: How Height Affects Metabolism  Funsized Fitness App: Funsized 1:1 Coaching: Instagram: @funsized.nutrition
May 25, 2021
77. What does "Petite" actually mean? (with Tasha Harris)
If you listen to this podcast you’re probably under 5’3” and you’ve probably been told that you’re petite... But what does petite actually mean? Does it refer to height? build? size?  ...Can you be curvy and petite at the same time?! YOU BET CHA! My girl, Tasha Harris, from CharrishEleven, and I are here to tell you what being petite & funsized means to us! Links Follow Tasha on Instagram @Charrish11 Check out her boutique:
May 18, 2021
76. How Height Affects Metabolism... #SHORTGIRLPROBLEMS
While there are many things that play a role in determining the speed of your metabolism... one of them is height.  That's because the more lean mass you have, the faster your metabolism works.  Taller people have more lean mass simply because of their height.  The more lean mass you have, the higher your BMR will be, and the more you can eat.  So that means the smaller the body, the smaller the organs, the less energy the body needs, and the slower the metabolism.  Can somebody say "Short girl problems"?!  The good news is... there are things you can actually do about it.   I'm here to help you discover the reason why it's been SO hard for you to see progress following the standard programs all these years and what you can do to work with your short stature instead of against it!  Links For more info about my coaching go to  To download my workout app go to  Find me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition
May 11, 2021
75. When You FEEL Good, You LOOK Good — with LaTasha (Chloe Debre)
Ever feel like you've got TOO many things going on that you don't even bother getting dressed? ...You're running so many roles (wife, mother, teacher, caretaker, etc...), that you just don't have time to take care of yourself? ...You miss the days when you'd dress up & feel like a million bucks?!   I think we've ALL fell into the rut a time or two - and it's O-K! But it's amazing what magic can come out of you when you take the initiate to get dressed again - put makeup on again - workout again - whatever it may be - that makes YOU feel good. Because when you feel good, you look good, and you ultimately DO good.     This episode's guest, Latashia Williams (who goes by Chloe Debre on Instagram & Youtube), is a wife, a mother, an engineer, an influencer who loves to wear things that brings her joy and inspire women over 40 to dress in a way that makes them feel GOOD. Find & Follow Latashia on Instagram @chloe_debre_ and on Youtube:     More links: Funsized Fitness App: Instagram @funsized.nutrition 
May 4, 2021
74. My Honest 3-month Review of FLO PMS-relief Gummy Vitamins
Have you seen those ring-shaped FLO gummy vitamins floating around social media claiming to reduce PMS symptoms???⁠ ⁠ IDK 'bout you but my PMS symptoms got me feeling CRAY. ⁠⁠ And at my one of my weakest moments a few months ago, I gave in to ordering these suckers. (well... gummies)⁠ I just wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about ...or if I was just being fooled by REALLY GOOD marketing.⁠ So not only did I try them out, but I recorded my opinion/experience after each period while taking this supplement.  In this episode, you'll listen to 4 parts:  1. INTRO (What they are, receiving my first order, & taste review) 2. Month 1 review 3. Month 2 review 4. Month 3 review & ultimate verdict ⁠ So if you're curious if just 2 little ring-shaped gummies can reduce your PMS crazies, tune into this episode where I give my honest experience of taking FLO vitamins. ⁠ Got further questions? Message me @funsized.nutrition or email
April 27, 2021
73. Petiteness Isn’t A Flaw That We Need To "Fix" By Appearing Taller (with Stephania & Tracy)
How does it feel when someone suggests a styling tip to make you appear "taller" or longer"? Have you ever stopped to think about WHY this seems to be the norm of every single style recommendation? Truth is, I didn’t. That's was until Stephania (Guest) served this question to petite influencers like Tracy (Guest) and myself in our monthly Petite Talks. And what we’ve all come to realize is that petiteness isn’t a flaw that we need to "fix" by appearing taller. Tune in to the episode to learn how 3 petite influencers encourage women to embrace their petite frame by dressing or posing in a way that makes them feel confident and sexy and beautiful at any height! LINKS: Find Stephania on Instagram @vestirpetite and learn more about her brand:  Find Tracy on Instagram @findyourdazzle and check out her blog: Find Kier, your host, on Instagram @funsized.nutrition and discover the world of petite health & fitness: And finally, grab your copy of the Petite Posing Guide Version 2.0:
April 20, 2021
72. 3 Ways to Improve Your Body Image TODAY
Wanna know the one thing all my clients have in common (besides being under 5'3")??  They want to feel better.  What that means exactly is different for each girl. But I think that we can all agree that it means having a positive body image. We all want to feel comfortable with the way we look. In this solo episode, I dive into 3 things you can do TODAY that have helped me accept my body for all that it does and all that it is.  If you're interested in joining a body image challenge group (hosted by me), send me a DM on instagram @funsized.nutrition Links: Funsized Fitness App: Website:
April 6, 2021
71. From Extreme to Reverse Dieting (with my bestie Candice Smith)
Just two 5-foot-nothing personal trainers talking about their experiences with extreme dieting for bikini competitions and using reverse dieting to restore their metabolisms and relationship with food.  Funsized Fitness App: 
March 23, 2021
70. Cali & Dana Curvy Petite Jeans & More!
The struggle to find clothes as a short girl is REAL AF. But what happens if you're curvy too? Are you just SOL?! Not👏🏻 Any👏🏿 More👏🏽 Because Cali & Dana is here to solve your biggest clothing struggles starting with premium denim designed for #curvypetite women.  Founded by 3 very ambitious self-funded women of color (Choua, Ali & Dana), Cali & Dana is a young and ambitious brand who's mission is to facilitate inclusion in the fashion industry and amplify other women's voices as a society.  Tune into this short & sweet episode to learn more about the brand who is making curvy petite voices HEARD and can provide you with your next new favorite pair of jeans (and so much more!) Links: Instagram:@lovecalindana Cali&Dana Website: ⚡USE COUPON CODE CDFUN15 FOR 15% OFF YOUR ORDER!⚡
March 16, 2021
69. Ditch The Debbie Downer
Ever feel like you're walking around with a constant rain cloud over head? Things suck and you can't see to see the light? Listen, girl, we have the power to disarm the Debbie Downer — whether that be ditching that toxic person or calming the negativity down within us. In this episode I talk about my own personal experiences and how I shifted into a more Positive Penny so that you can live a little happier by giving these practice a whirl! Links:  Petite Posing Guide: Website: Instagram: @funsized.nutrition
March 9, 2021
68. Petite Strength-Training // How to Choose the Right Weight to Lift
Whether you’re just getting started with weight lifting, recently getting back into it, OR you’ve been lifting for years, at some point, you've probably wondered "how much is enough for me to lift — without hurting myself — especially as a petite girl!?"  When it comes to finding the right weight to use, it’s kind of like a Goldilocks situation. You don’t want it too heavy, you don’t want it too light, you want it just right!!! Tune into the episode to learn what to focus on when you first start lifting, how to safely increase the weight, and what to do when your rate of strength gains start to slow. Wanna know how strong you are compared to your petite peers? Take my Short Girl Strength Quiz: After viewing your results, tap the button to go to my FREE Funsized Female Strength Chart so you can learn what it takes for you to level up on the most common lifts and be a tiny but mighty badass petite! More links: Learn more about the Funsized Fitness App: Subscribe to the Funsized Fitness App: Instagram: @funsized.nutrition
March 2, 2021
67. Carbs: A Petite's Secret Weapon
How carbs can be used to lose body fat & keep you feeling full, happy, & healthy! For more information about my refeed meal strategy check out episode 41 of this podcast! Links:
February 16, 2021
66. Petite Ave — Personal Shopping for Women Under 5'5''
Tired of spending money on alterations or wearing clothing that's too long?     We thought so. Vanessa Youshaei is here to help.      Like most businesses, Petite Ave was born out of a desire to solve a personal challenge. Standing at 5’0’’, Petite Ave’s founder, Vanessa, always had trouble finding fashionable clothing that fit. This caused her to spend a lot of time and money looking for stylish clothing that worked for her height. UGH!    After talking with hundreds of women under 5'5'', she decided to launch a styling service that helps petite women find exactly what they need - whether it's a pair of jeans or a dress to a friend's wedding.    After receiving my second shipment of clothing that fit me like a glove, I just HAD to share this goldmine find with all of you who share these same #shortgirlproblems !  Check out Petite Ave on Instagram @petite.ave     And score 10% off your first box using this referral link:
February 9, 2021
65. Life After Recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
Just a short update about my training, diet, and body after being fully recovered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea for 16 months. ***FYI: This is not a recommendation to anyone recovering or recovered from HA - this is simply my story*** If there’s anything you take away from this episode is that your setback isn’t your forever. These things happen to teach us something important and I think it’s really important to reflect on why this thing happened to you in the first place because once you figure it out, it’s easier to find a different approach that works for you. Special thank you to all of you who supported me throughout this ever-evolving journey! Love you! My HA story episode #12: See the comparison pic I was talking about: Website: Fitness App: Instagram: @funsized.nutrition Email:
February 2, 2021
64. Where to get your Petite Leggings! with Lucy Scott Brown founder of LACUNAFIT
Wanna know the #1 fitness question that pops into my inbox? It's "Where do you get leggings that fit short girls?" And my answer forever was... "Good questions, still searching for it but right now I just get 3/4 length of 'regular' leggings." But now..... I HAVE A BETTER ANSWER: it's Lacuna Fit Leggings!!      In this episode, I interview Lucy Scott Brown — the founder of Lacuna Fit leggings for petites.  I'm over the moon obsessed with her brand and her leggings (WITH POCKETS).  Check out & follow the Instagram page: @lacunafit We even partnered up to offer you 15% off your total order at  Just use coupon code FUNSIZED15 at checkout!     More info👇🏼 💪🏼Funsized Fitness App Info: 📝Funsized Fitness App Registration: 📸Instagram: @funsized.nutrition 🎙️Support this podcast:
January 26, 2021
63. 10 Ways to Get Over your Workout SLUMP
 Does your workout regime (if you even have one right now) feel stale?    It seems like the world is in one giant workout rut (Thank you, Corona. Really gotta hand it to you for ROYALLY f*n this one up.)    Maybe you’re just waiting for your gym to open back up to get serious... but you’re beyond tired of feeling sluggish, lousy, and like downright dogsh*t now…    Maybe you’ve even had a good streak at home for a little while... but you’re at the point where you’re totally uninspired by the same old repetitive workouts...    But maybe…. Just maybe…. One of these 10 ways to bust out of your workout rut might help...      Petite Power Playlist:  Episodes about Steps & Neat: #59, #44  Funsized Fitness App:
January 19, 2021
62. 6 Home Workout Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success
Hey shorty… Are you toning up yet? Or do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels with ineffective at-home workouts? It’s not your fault this sh*t is hard! But I’m here now to enlighten you with the 6 biggest home-workout mistakes: 1.Being a Cardio Bunny 2.Lifting too light 3.Repeating workouts 4.Random workouts 5.Lack of a plan  6.Not tracking progress Listen to the episode to learn how you can fix these mistakes before you waste your time "working out" Which ones are you struggling with? Dm me @funsized.nutrition For more information about my 1:1 coaching: Grab your copy of The Petite Posing Guide:  
January 7, 2021
61. Food Freedom & Fertility with RD Lindsey Lusson
Are you missing your period? Are you eating enough to be fertile? On today’s show I’m joined by Registered Dietitian, Lindsey Lusson, who successfully conceived after not having a period for 13 YEARS and now she helps other women achieve food freedom to regain their period and become fertile. We talk about our different experiences with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and how we both successfully recovered and what to do if you feel like you need to develop a better relationship food so that your body is healthy & happy! Find Lindsey on Instagram: @food.freedom.fertility  To hear MY HA story/experience, Check out episode 12 on The Funsized Podcast
December 22, 2020
60. Losing 46 pounds & 46 inches in 6 months
Amanda Bassett, 5'0", 35 yo lost 46 pounds & 46 inches in 6 months! Listen to this episode to hear how she did it, what kept her motivated, and what she did when sh*t got tough.    Key takeaways from Amanda: "Today is the tomorrow you wished yesterday would be." & "Don't get married to cute clothes on your weight loss journey."   If you’d like to know more about my 1:1 coaching program or your just ready to apply already go to I provide 1:1 coaching where you’re getting not only a customized set of macros but you’re getting the accounta-fucking-bility you really need to make that lifestyle change. Just think about where YOU could be 6 months from now!
December 15, 2020
59. How to Boost Your Metabolism Via NEAT
There are 3 main ways our bodies burn calories: BMR, NEAT, and actual planned exercise. The biggest portion of how we burn calories is via BMR(basal metabolic rate) which is basically the calories our bodies burn to stay alive and carry out it's basic functions.⁠ The next biggest piece is NEAT(non-exercise activity thermogenesis) which is the calories we burn by being active throughout the day like walking your pup(s), cleaning the house, or even reaching for that top shelf!  ⁠ ⁠And finally, actual planned exercise like weight lifting and cardio and whatever else. This might be surprising to you but remember let's say you're working out for about 1 hour ... that's only about 4% of your day so it's no surprise we would burn more calories outside of our designated exercise window. ⁠ ⁠While I absolutely & whole-heartedly believe in actual planned exercise for toning up and fat loss, we have a greater (and easier!) ability to increase our overall calorie burn throughout the day via NEAT.⁠ In this episode, you'll learn how to increase your calorie burn via NEAT, how to set & reach a challenging step goal, and so much more! Send me a DM on instagram (@funsized.nutrition) Cute Scrunchie Fitbit/Apple Watch bands: 
December 8, 2020
58. Turkey Day Do's and Don't's
The stress of keeping up with fitness through the holidays is REAL and the anxiety over all the food is no joke.  So if you’re wondering how to avoid getting fat yet still live your life, you’re in the right place. [I’m ALL about eating the stuffing, the wine and the pumpkin pie!] In this episode I talk about all topics surrounding thanksgiving like exercise, intermittent fasting, portion control, including alcohol & dessert, and how to get back on track after the massacre! Whatever happens on Thursday, I want you to know that regardless how much you eat or drink, you are not a failure. It's just one day, babe. You got this! Free Pocket-sized Holiday Eating Guide: Free Funsized Recipe Library: Instagram: @funsized.nutrition
November 24, 2020
57. 3 Tips for Eating & Exercising When Sick
Woke up feeling under the weather?  Wondering if you should still workout?  Is it okay to eat that grilled cheese & tomato soup? In this solo episode, I talk about my 3 pro tips for eating & exercising when you're sick.  Got Questions? DM me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition
November 17, 2020
56. Funsized Success Story with Nadia
We all have this fear of 'giving up food' when starting a health/fitness program. ⁠ ⁠  Couple that with being a short girl... UGH! it just sounds like hell on earth.⁠ #shortgirlproblems⁠  But it doesn't have to be like that. ⁠ ⁠  This 4'5" cutie, was able to lose 6 pounds & her quartan-tummy by eating balanced meals and filling her plate with foods she actually enjoyed eating! ⁠ ⁠  Just hear it for yourself.... ⁠  For more information about my coaching program go to  or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition
November 3, 2020
55. Consistency is the Solution to Most of Your Fitness Probs
"The key to progress, while effective, is extremely boring. ⁠It is, simply, consistency.⁠" say's Beth Skwarecki in her article 'Consistency is the Solution to Most of Your Fitness Problems' on After reading this article, I was dying to share it with you! Tune in to find out if consistency is YOUR answer! For more information on my 1:1 coaching program message me @funsized.nutrition on Instagram or apply at
October 27, 2020
54. How to Make Getting Fit More FUN!
The process of losing weight can feel pretty far from fun sometimes. In this episode I give you 6 ways to make getting fit more FUN! Watch my IG TV series and Contact me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition Apply for my coaching program
October 20, 2020
53. Funsized Success Story with Anonymous
This 5'3" client has been working with me for 1 whole year! When she first started working with me she told me she wanted to GO SLOW and she was fine with results taking a little longer if that meant she wouldn't feel restricted*.  As always in my 1:1 program, I respected her wishes by customizing her programming to her needs and goals. We kept her total calories above 1750 and I'm sure she could attest that most weeks she didn't see look or feel much different BUT her 1 year transformation photo is P-R-O-O-F that it all adds up over time!! In this episode she talks about her experience in my program for 1 full year  how my program has created a safe space for her to transform without a poor relationship with food, exercise or the scale how the switch from cardio-focused workouts to strength-focused workouts has decreased the amount of stress she put on her body and therefore decreased the amount of weight  the minuscule macros changes from week to week that are hardly noticeable but actually works  how she's continued to make progress even with being out of the gym for 6 months (half her time with me) how having my guidance with food and workouts takes out all the mental work and it's just so EASY to follow what the expert says her 3 favorite things about working with me and what to do if you're on the fence about signing up for my 1:1 program! IF you're interested in working with me go to or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition *Trigger warning: Please skip the first 11 minutes of this podcast if you are sensitive towards disordered-eating topics **This client wished to remain anonymous out of respect for a loved one. 
October 13, 2020
52. Optimizing Exercise Around Your Period
Learn how you can use your cycle to optimize performance and strength and overall happiness! In this episode, host (Kier) and guest (Jaime Glassman), talk about their experience with exercise throughout their cycles, tracking their cycle and gaining awareness of your body so you can live your best life without pain and feeling like a victim of your body.  Jaime is a Kinesologist in Ontario, Canada who’s super passionate about helping others get relief from chronic pain and find ways to incorporate exercise into their lives that they actually enjoy. Find her on Instagram @themovementmaven or her website
October 6, 2020
51. Check-in Call with Funsized Client, Nadia
In my 1:1 nutrition and fitness coaching program for women under 5'3", I check in with my clients once a week via email AND we also hop on a video call about every other week to touch base really just talk about all the things we can’t quite cover in an email. Last week I decided to hit the record button during one of these calls and I really wanted to share it with you because it was such a good call and such a good example of what really happens on check in days. So this is my conversation with my client Nadia who is 17 years old, stands tall at 4’9”, and lives in Scotland. We recorded this on week 7 of my 16 week program and she has already lost 5 pounds. I can't wait to continue this journey with her and many more funsized clients just like her! If you’re interested in my program and want to get more information go to And if this recording hyped you up so much and you’re just like "I’m so ready to do this and feel as good as Nadia does!!", then go to
September 29, 2020
50. Nutrition Q&A
Celebrating episode 50 with a Question & Answer episode!  Questions of the day: What are some carbs to add on higher carb days or on days where I just can’t get enough? If I accidentally went slighlty over on fats and protein, should I still try to reach my carbs? I think I’m addicted to diet soda… How do I stop? Intermittent fasting. Yes or no? Any suggestions for a steamer appliance for cooking vegetables? Listen to get the answers! Links: Funsized Recipe Library: Insta-pot: Insta-pot Air Fryer: Funsized Coaching: Campus Protein: Got Questions? Email me or message me on instagram @funsized.nutrition
September 22, 2020
49. Pregnancy, Moving, and a New Puppy During a Pandemic
With all that excitement comes some stress and uncomfortable moments. In this episode, I interview my funsized sister from another mister, Jess Uthe (@fitness_funsized), about these exciting but stressful times.  In this episode we talk about...  The good (how she became pregnant even though the doctors told her she was infertile),  The bad (the reality of fitness and nutrition when you're pregnant - on top of being in a pandemic in a new state),  And the ugly (negative comments and fake people on social media) and so much more! Join us as we get real, raw, and downright honest!
September 15, 2020
48. My 1 Year Anniversary of Getting My Period Back!!!🎉
September 6th, 2019 will always be a day to remember for me and a day to celebrate how amazing and incredible my body is for bouncing back to healthy! In this episode I share a few thoughts on how I’m feeling as I reminisce on the past year. If you’re going through Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition and check out my journey in my story highlights and IG TV.
September 6, 2020
47. The Short and Sweet on Sugar
Do you have to eliminate sugar to lose body fat?  In this episode, I’ll explain what sugar does for a female under 5’3” and how you can have your cake while eating it to. After all, you can’t spell funsized without the FUN!!  To get my full funsized recipe library go to  For the best ever protein pancake mix go to [use code FUNSIZED for 10% off] Check out for all your supplement needs(and healthy snacks too!) [use code FUNSIZED for 10% off]
September 1, 2020
46. Condiments for Petites?
Is it okay?  How much can I use?  In this episode, learn how to use condiments and read nutrition labels when you're funsized! See the blog: Learn more about Funsized Coaching: Message me on Instagram: @funsized.nutrition Email me
August 25, 2020
45. Shifting to Spark Motivation
Sometimes, you don't feel 100% motivated or creative or what-ever else it is you feel you need to be. And sometimes, you just need to take a break to recharge. Recently, I have been feeling some resistance and a lack of motivation so I took a short break to get re-aligned to my goal.  In this episode, I basically vent about how I'm feeling, what I've done to recharge, and how I will continue to reflect to get out of my rut. [For that Barbacoa recipe go to]
August 18, 2020
44. Petite MISTAKE: Inconsistent Steps
Do you wear a step tracker? How many steps are you averaging? Did you know if you use this device a certain way you could make weight loss a lot easier? Listen to this episode to learn how to use a step tracker the right way and to learn many steps you should be taking per day. For more information about my coaching program go to If you’d like to purchase a cute FitBit or Apple Watch leopard print band like mine go to And be sure to leave a review to be entered to win a funsized crop top!!
August 11, 2020
43. The 6 Healthy Habits of Lean Petites
Every heard of the 7 habits of highly effective people? Well this is my version for lean petites! For more information about my coaching go to or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition and check out for your supplement needs. don’t forget to use my code FUNSIZED at checkout
August 4, 2020
42. Is the Pandemic Turning Americans Against the Gym?
Are we in the middle of a fitness revolution? Are there other options to be fit outside of the gym? On this solo episode, I talk about my experience inside the gym since the re-opening and my thoughts about fitness moving forward. I wanna hear from YOU! Message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition to share your thoughts on this topic.
July 28, 2020
41. Cheat Day MISTAKE for Petite Weight Loss
You might have heard that throwing a cheat day has weight loss benefits but it could be a recipe for disaster for women under 5’3”. In this solo episode, I explain how cheat days stall progress, how many calories are truly needed in order for petites to achieve the same fat burning effect from cheat meals and how I use ‘refeed levels’ with my clients to elicit body composition changes. For more information about my coaching go to or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition
July 21, 2020
40. MISTAKE: Calorie Calculators for Active Petites
It seems odd yet somewhat believable when calorie calculators tell active short girls to eat 1000 calories per day. But as a short girl myself, let me tell you why these calculators are WRONG, what to do instead and how to know if the calories you are eating are appropriate for your height. If you enjoy this episode, you should also check out episodes 22 & 27. If you have questions, dm me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition and for more info about my coaching program for petites go to
July 15, 2020
39. 10 Ways to Prevent Stress-Eating
Emotional eating and stress eating is very common! Especially now with these 2020 shenanigans. In this episode I talk about MY experience with stress-eating and how I overcome it and help my clients overcome it too. For more information about my 1:1 coaching program, visit my website and apply at
July 9, 2020
38. Getting Back to a HAPPIER Weight
An update in my personal health and fitness journey. Check out my 6 months progress picture on my Instagram @funsized.nutrition
July 2, 2020
37. Funsized Success Story with Sheena Hua
This 5’0” Canadian cutie talks about her experience during my 1:1 coaching program, how she lost an inch around her waist, toned up her arms, and boosted her confidence (all during the quarantine!) For more information about my 1:1 coaching program and to see Sheena’s transformation pictures go to or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition
June 29, 2020
36. Over on your Macros... Now What?!
On this short and sweet episode I talk about going over on your macros as if you were one of my one-in-one clients. I help you uncover why it happened, what to avoid, what to do, and how to prevent it from happening again in the future. For more information about my coaching programs go to kierstin
June 25, 2020
35. Funsized Success Story with Felicity Smith
My client, Felicity Smith, talks about her experience in my 1:1 program and how it’s been her one saving grace during the Covid pandemic. Check out her art and connect with her on Instagram,
June 22, 2020
34. How to Stay on Track on a Trip
I LOVE traveling, don’t you? But not every trip is a “vacation” from eating healthy. Follow these tips for various travel situations so that you don’t fall too far off track but still have FUN on your adventure! To purchase some of the items talked about in this episode go to and for more information about my coaching programs go to and as always, feel free to message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition
June 18, 2020
33. Standing Tall as a Short Girl - in America, Sports, and Cosplay
Story time!!! On this episode, my guest, Angela Fernando talks about the short girl struggles when she moved from the Philippines to the United States. We talk about our perspective in teen sports, our biggest petite probel, being called names, modeling & cosplay, and so much more! Feel free to connect with Angela on Instagram @angela08trekz and with me, @funsized.nutrition
June 15, 2020
32. My Morning Routine
Links of things talked about in this episode: Jordan’s Skinny Coffee Syrup: 5 min gratitude app or journal: Funsized Formula: Free meal planning outline: Calm Magnesium: Sweat Belt: Sweet Sweat: Aminocore BCCAs: Dry Brush: Beautycounter: Multivitamin: My coaching programs: Contact me: @funsized.nutrition or
June 11, 2020
31. Funsized Success Story with Rachel Kuhl
On this episode, my client, Rachel, talks about her experience in my 1:1 coaching program and how she lost 20lbs for her wedding by counting macros, finally gained the confidence to start wearing crop tops in public, and tried something completely out of her comfort zone! For more information about my coaching programs and to see Rachel’s transformation pictures, go to
June 4, 2020
30. Mic SWAP! Kierstin gets interviewed on The NXTLVL Show
The boys from The NXTLVL Show (Jon, Mike, and Gabe) interview me about my fitness journey, competing, being petite, niching down, food and more! Check out their podcast on Apple and Spotify (The NXTLVL Show and on Instagram @thenxtlvlshow
June 1, 2020
29. How to Return Back to the Gym
You didn’t lose all your strength girl! But can shouldn’t just pick up where you left off 3 months ago. In this episode I compare returning to the gym after HA recovery to returning to the gym after quarantine and how similar they really are. Remember to go slow and ease back into heavy lifting and always listen to your body. If you want accountability and/or strategy for getting back into the gym, check out my 1:1 coaching programs at
May 28, 2020
28. Q&A [Goal Setting, Body Image, Tracking OCD, Metabolism, and more]
If you have questions you’d like to ask email or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition. For more info on my coaching programs go to and
May 22, 2020
27. Small Macro Adjustments for Small Women
The problem with “diets” and online macro calculators is that they put you in a huge deficit too fast AND they don’t change over time and therefore your body doesn’t change over time. If your goal is to get leaner, consider my weekly approach to altering your macro goals so that you continue to make progress every week. For more details about my coaching programs go to or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition
May 14, 2020
26. How To Appear Taller
6 healthy and natural ways you can appear taller as a female under 5’3”! For more solutions to your short girl problems check out @funsized.nutrition on Instagram or email me at
April 30, 2020
25. A Petite Partner’s Perspective
On this episode I interview my 6’1” boyfriend about how he’s learned to understand and accommodate for my small-er needs when it comes to eating food together. If you want more from Justin and I, check out his podcast “It’s Justin Time” and peep our Instagram @stin_adventures for the fun foods we share together and more!
April 27, 2020
24. For Long-time Macro-counting Petite Females Only
All others: KEEP OUT! I⁠f you’re under 5’3” and at the point where you’re feeling like you’re pulling your hair out because you don’t know what else to do with your macros to elicit results, this ones for you! Here are 2 things you can implement to FEEL your best! If you have any further questions, Feel free to message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition or email me or check out my website
April 23, 2020
23. Yoga Off The Mat
Practicing yoga was something I resisted for a long time.... until I went to one of Amber Hennesy’s classes. On this episode, I’m joined by another fun-sized friend, Amber, who also happens to be my favorite Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor! We talk about different styles of yoga, how it’s helped our mindsets and body image, and how you can continue practicing while yoga studios and gyms are closed due to the pandemic(all heights welcome! lol). Check out her virtual classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm EST on Instagram @_nylecoveasana_
April 20, 2020
22. How to Start Tracking Macros like a #girlboss
Ready to make the most of this international lockdown by learning something new that will help you avoid the quarantine-15?!? In this episode I give you the directions for tracking macros that I give to my one on one clients. (Even if the pandemic is over, this can still be applied in normal life!) Find me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition or Email me at for my FREE myfitnesspal tutorial videos or go to for 1:1 coaching!
April 9, 2020
21. What happens if you DON’T stay active
We all know we should be staying active during the quarantine.... but why? What could happen if we don’t? On this episode, I share my experience of taking 3 full months off from the gym, how I’m paying for it now, and what I wish I would have done differently.
April 2, 2020
20. Movement is Medicine
In this episode I interview kinesiologist Jaime Glassman about her fitness and exercise journey. Listen to this episode to find out why you don’t have to be an athlete to move properly, how movement is medicine, and how to go about fixing your pain and dysfunction. You can find more information about Jaime on Instagram @themovementmaven and on her website
March 30, 2020
19. How to Increase Motivation at Home
How ironic that Episode 19 is about fitness and health during the Covid-19 pandemic. I swear that was not planned! Anyway... on this episode I talk about my proven framework to increase motivation and discipline especially when cravings and temptations are high and activity is low. Go to for a FREE pdf download for meal planning. You can find more helpful tips on my Instagram @funsized.nutrition and more information about my coaching on my website ALSO, Go to to get a free preview and to enroll in my 30-day starter program and use coupon code COVID
March 26, 2020
18. Funsized Nutrition meets Fitness Funsized
At 5’0”, Jessica and Kierstin both call themselves “funsized!” In fact, the entire reason they connected was because they both had “funsized” in their Instagram handles! They discuss the similarities and differences of their fitness journeys. From being the shortest on their sports teams to killing it in the bodybuilding world and so much more. They also touch on nutrition, hormones, being vulnerable, love for coffee, dogs(Guss and Goose!), and doing what they love which is empowering other women. Funsized Fact: This episode is actually their first time speaking to each other although it sounds as if they have been best friends since they were little - oh wait!... they still are!!! Follow Jess on Instagram @fitness_funsized and check out her website
March 23, 2020
17. Short & Sweet Stories of Fear
The fear of starting something new never really goes away until it’s done. In this solo episode, I open up about some vulnerable moments where I experienced fear and ALMOST let it get the best of me. Find out what happened next by listening to this episode. For 1:1 coaching information visit and Please check out and share my latest video recipe posts on my Instagram @funsized.nutrition
March 19, 2020
16. Training Strong Women with Mark Breedon
On this episode I interview MY current online personal trainer, Mark Breedon. We talk about my experience during his coaching program, common form/grip issues that hinder progress, and how confidence can grow in the gym. Check out his Instagram @trainingstrongwomen and his podcast, Marky Mark and the Fitness Bunch (be sure to look for our first episode on January 16th here: )
March 16, 2020
15. The Female Brain
Ever wonder why your emotions fluctuate so much?? Or why your confidence can be super high one day and hanging by a thread the next? It has more to do than just “that time of the month” because the female brain actually changes every single day of the month. In this solo episode, I talk about how a lack of sufficient hormones during Hypothalamic Amenorrhea has affected my brain as well as how my brain is changing now that I am recovered. If you’re a female or interested in understanding women, this will BLOW YOUR MIND! For more information on this topic, check out ‘The Female Brain’ by Louann Brizendine!
March 12, 2020
14. Funsized Success Story with Meghann Dendler
I interview my former client, Meghann Dendler, about her experience throughout my programs as well as her experiences after working with me. She was my first client who was shorter than me and one of the many that helped me arrive at my short girl niche. We talk about relationship with food, being petite, macros, intuitive eating, planning for a job where she’s constantly on the go, communicating with our partners about our food struggles, and our favorite superfood!
March 9, 2020
13. How to Get a Flatter Belly
In this solo episode I talk about 5 major puzzle pieces that help my clients tighten up and get a flat tummy. Find more helpful tips and information about my coaching on my website and be sure to follow me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition
March 5, 2020
12. My Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) Experience
In this solo episode I talk about my personal HA recovery journey, how I got it, how I recovered, and what life looks like for me now. I talk about some of the symptoms I experienced as a result of regaining my cycle and where to find help if you feel you might have HA. Warning: I cried a bit during this episode. Learn more about HA by reading “No Period, Now What?” By Nicola Rinaldi. Find out more about my journey on my instagram @funsized.nutrition
February 27, 2020
11. High Vibes of Positivity with Melissa Impett
Melissa is a HIGH VIBRATIONAL Life Coach who helps people heal and manifest through self-discovery and re-writing. In this contagiously positive episode, we talk about vibrations, energy, healing from trauma, vulnerability, forgiveness, and having a community who supports and encourages you to live your best life. This is a must-listen for everyone who wants to live a brighter life! Find her on Instagram @a_healthy_attitude and her website beautifully
February 20, 2020
10. Top 3 Diet Mistakes Petite Women are Making (and how to fix them!)
Ever wonder what you’re doing wrong? Or just not doing right? I’ve got you covered. Once I figured out these 3 mistakes I was making, I was able to overcome them and help other petite women do the same!! If you like this topic I’ve got even more to share with you! I’m hosting a LIVE and FREE webinar about How To Balance Food, Fitness, and FUN for Females Under 5’3”. Go to for more details and to reserve your seat!! Can’t wait to see you there!
February 17, 2020
9. Beautycounter
In this solo episode I talk about how I learned about, started using, and became a consultant for Beautycounter products and why you might consider making the safer swap too because WE ALL DESERVE BETTER!! Find more information at and make sure to choose me (Kierstin Cifelli) as your consultant at check out if you choose to make a purchase!
February 13, 2020
8. Low Tox Living with Jessica Erceg
Jessica is Low Toxin Living Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who will take your healthy lifestyle to a whole new level, as she did for me! We talk about some of the common issues someone might experience from toxins, who low-tox living can help, how to get started in a realistic and practical way that won’t put you in debt. Jess has dozens of resources on her instagram @modernally_balanced and her website Also we mention Beautycounter and EWG (healthy living app) as additional helpful resources! This episode is loaded with tips and suggestions so you may want to have a notepad handy!
February 10, 2020
7. Petite Nutrition & Fitness FAQ
On this episode I answer the top 8 most asked questions by my petite followers(women under 5’3”). I talk about calorie requirements, how to increase your metabolism, if it’s possible to increase height, why weight gain is so noticeable and how you can make progress even if you don’t have access to a gym! You can find more valuable information for petites on Instagram @funsized.nutrition or in my website
February 6, 2020
6. Pretty & Petite Fashion with Sara Ponce
Women under 5’3” know the struggles of finding clothes that fit and being disappointed with the lack of petite choices and styles. Sara Ponce has created a clothing line specifically to celebrate short women. Not only are sizes tailored for short women, they are also designed to empower petite women because being short is totally normal, healthy, and beautiful! Find her on Instagram @prettyandpetites and her shop at
February 3, 2020
5. What is The IBMS? With Patrick McKinney
The International Bikini Model Search(IBMS) is a model and photographer networking event. I’m joined in this episode by the owner and CEO, Patrick McKinney to give you the total synopsis of the magical events he hosts for models and photographers of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels! If you’d like to learn more about these events and sign up for the next event, visit or call 1.800.935.3160 or message Patrick via the Facebook Messenger app!
January 30, 2020
4. Nutrition After Sports with Katie Spada
Katie is a registered dietitian and former synchronized swimmer for Ohio State University. We talk about her struggle to find her identity after retiring from sports and her journey to restore her relationship with food and body image through an intuitive eating approach. Find her on Instagram at @fueling.former.athletes and her website
January 27, 2020
3. Personal Trainer Jonathan Alvarez
Special guest Jon Alvarez is a Personal Trainer and online fitness coach. We talk about his fitness journey, why he enjoys coaching, common fitness myths and the difference between simple and easy when it comes to getting healthy. Find him on Instagram @jonalva7
January 20, 2020
2. Tabitha Carcaba with Island Fresh Meals
Tabitha is a former client and dear friend of mine as well as an OCB pro bikini competitor, coach, mom, and director of operations for an organic meal prep company. We talk about her fitness journey from long distance running to bodybuilding and how fitness and nutrition helped her to transform her body, mind, and even her career! ((Warning: audio on this episode is a little wonky but information is so valuable!))
January 17, 2020
1. Why it’s SO hard for petites to lose body fat
Women under 5’3” have it rough when trying to lose body fat and build muscle. #shortgirlproblems 🙇🏻‍♀️ Kierstin talks about why it’s so hard for petite women to be in a calorie deficit and why she helps them eat, train, and think like a petite to build a body they are proud of!
January 10, 2020
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