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By Jordan Hass
Original Podcast, Do Not Steal. A serialized drama where three friends enter the exciting world of podcasting, but the only way to win is not to play, and if you die in the game, you die for real, and the real treasure is the friends we made along the way.
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Original Podcast, Do Not Steal. A serialized drama where three friends enter the exciting world of podcasting, but the only way to win is not to play, and if you die in the game, you die for real, and the real treasure is the friends we made along the way.

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Jack updates us on Nogvember, Ian becomes a robot, Jordan is suffering, and a big discussion of DISNEY+
November 17, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans #11 - E L _ O
Recapping Season 2, Episode 11 of DC Universe's "Titans" it's called E.L._.O. - no, not ELMO, ELKO! Hope you like Elko.
November 17, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans #10 - Fallen
Recapping Season 2, Episode 10 of Titans - "Fallen"
November 11, 2019
Talking Happy Meals, Minion Memers Ruining Stuff, Exploited YouTubers, Anime Conventions, Egg Nog Democracy and NOT DEATH STRANDING #ImWithCocoa #Nogvember #ToonamiSatuday
November 10, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans #9 - Atonement
Recap of Season 2, Episode 9 of DC Universe's "Titans" - "Atonement" Featuring Butts, Yoo Hoo, and "Aint No Mountain High Enough"
November 4, 2019
Talking about HBO Max, Nog, AEW Dynamite, Nog, INTERNET DRAMA and most importantly - Nog.
November 3, 2019
The celebration of ONE PIECE, a discussion of STAR WARS, and Jordan thinks Marvel Movies are for babies.
October 27, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans #8 - Jericho
Recapping Season 2, Episode 8 of Titans, titled "Jericho" This is Trevor's Favorite Episode, and Jordan found it boring.
October 27, 2019
Jordan learns about the status of munch, Jack hates the McRib, Ian creates a theme park ride - Jackbox Party Pack 6 is Reviewed!
October 20, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans #7 - Bruce Wayne
Recapping Season 2, Episode 7 of Titans - "Bruce Wayne" TL;DR - Dick Grayson is a failure, and the Bruce Wayne on this show annoys him about it like The Great Gazoo on The Flintstones.
October 20, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans w/ Jordan #6 - Conner
Season 2, Episode 6 of "Titans" - Conner Kent and Krypto escape from Cadmus Labs. His search for the truth about his past leads him to Lionel Luthor and genetic scientist Dr. Eve Watson. (This isn't the halfway point, don't tell them)
October 13, 2019
Mister America is Reviewed, Martin Scorsese is Ratioed, and Jordan gets into a WRESTLING SEGMENT and reviews the worst wrestling match and GOOD WRESTLING SEGMENTS!
October 13, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans #5 - Deathstroke
Recap of Season 2, Episode 5 of Titans, they really didn't have a B-Plot this episode.
October 6, 2019
Jordan screws up his Twitter relationships and leaves a cult, Jack eats spicy chips and helps rank chips, Ian talks about Steven Universe Future and has a BRAND NEW SEGMENT  Also, some wrestling bullshit and power rangers talk happened as well!
October 6, 2019
Jack got really drunk, Jordan ate an egg burger and vomited, Ian talked The Last of Us, and we come up with the GREAT POLITICAL JOKES you know and love. after the show, jack vomited and "it was the most colorful vomit"
September 29, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans - Aqualad
Discussion of Season 2, Episode 4 of the DC Universe Streaming Show "Titans" i am miserable
September 29, 2019
Ian brings up Munch, Jack hates Chicken Sandwiches and Peacock, Jordan hates himself.
September 22, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans #3 - Ghosts
Recapping Season 2, Episode 3 of "Titans", it's called "Ghosts". Also, talking Nightwing Discourse!
September 22, 2019
Jack Invents a New Movie Rule, Jordan Talks Funko Pop Ecomomy, Red Vines are Tested, Ian's Nerves are Tested, and Ultimately we try and not get cancelled, not only that, we have a SPIRIT HALLOWEEN UPDATE
September 15, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans #2 - Rose
Trevor and Jordan talk Episode 2 of Season 2 of Titans, called ROSE! Look out for the flashlight bomb!
September 15, 2019
Nintendo Direct, The Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich, and Movie Trailers that are TOOOOOO POLITICAL! These are just a few things discussed in this week's JAW DROPPING EPISODE! also, jordan i think sums up fanfiction or something?
September 9, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans w/ Jordan #1 - Trigon
We watched Season 2, Episode 1, "Trigon" of the HIT DCTV show "Titans" and talked about it. It's exactly what you expected. And we somehow still have to continue watching this.
September 8, 2019
Trevor Talks Titans w/ Jordan Ep. 0 - Recap
Jordan let's go of the "talking titans" and leaves it to Trevor Drinkwater, enjoy this TOTALLY NEW, NOTHING DIFFERENT version of the titans podcast, that Jack and Ian told me we couldn't do! This episode, We recap Season 1, our grievances and the truth - Robin is too old. Also, we find out another tough but true statement - Hawk is actually the main.
September 4, 2019
Jordan enters "The Family" and talks Fast and Furious, Jack reviews Star Wars : Episode 1, we visit our new character. "Mr. Disney, the Disney Attorney", and not one but TWO new segments "Legally Mandated Wrestling Segment" AND "I'm The Joker, Baby"... also i think video games?
September 2, 2019
Chicken Sandwiches! Disney! Spider-man and More! It's an ACTION PACKED EPISODE OF FUN TIME CALLS!
August 25, 2019
Jack sees Rocko, Ian sees Rocko, Jack sees Invader Zim, Jordan sees Invader Zim, Ian sees I Love You Mao Mao, Jordan sees Detective Pikachu, Jack celebrates the death of Lootcrate, NOSTALGIA IS A BAD THING.
August 18, 2019
Jordan reviews The Boys and Rocko's Modern Life, Jack reviews Wreck it Ralph, Ian reviews Memes, Ted talks Vinyl!
August 11, 2019
We are live at! We also got a soundboard! Jordan brings back Hamburger Hass, Jack reviews Hobbes & Shaw, Ian steals snacks!
August 5, 2019
Live on July 28th 2019 on! Jordan has a bad day. Ian makes a Joke, Jack becomes an evil villain.
July 29, 2019
We talk some of the announcements from San Diego Comic Con. Ian wonders where Marvel Movies are going, Jordan makes a regrettable purchase, Jack wants to shame people for getting tattoos. What tattoos do you think would look good on us? Let us know in the comments!
July 21, 2019
Ted returns to the show! Ian talks about the Disney rebooted movies, Jack introduces everybody to his Bob Iger impersonation, and Jordan wants to be cast in the "Treasure Planet" reboot! All this, plus the true identity of Thrilly's Murderer in today's mysterious episode!
July 14, 2019
Jack saw Spider-man : Far From Home, Ian saw (the first half of) Spiderman : Into the Spider-verse, Jordan went on a cruise to the U.S.S. Butterscotch and we all pay tribute to a long-time friend of Fun Time Calls (just don't tell Jordan) O: E: 
July 7, 2019
Jordan loses his love for the 90s, Jack enjoys a hamburger, Ian talks about his e-sports persona.
July 1, 2019
Jack starts a beef with people on the internet, Jordan starts a beef with fandoms and Ian! We just roll with it.
June 23, 2019
Jordan recaps his favorite things about E3, Jack talks about Grookey (the worst starter), and Ian reads YOUR QUESTIONS! All this plus discovering flavors of green replicas of luigi mario.
June 17, 2019
We introduce you to the magical world of E3, Jack talks about DC Streaming and One Piece, Ian talks about his favorite pokemon named Sobble, Jordan screws up his favorite starter and we are introduced to "Goof Troop Pete" to the show. All this, and STAR WAAAARS, tonight! P.S. - send questions our way for a future episode!
June 9, 2019
Ian gives you proper safety advice for dealing with Pride and Parades, Jordan talks about Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, Jack wants to talk about his new favorite romantic comedy, all that and a bag of chips, TONIGHT!
June 4, 2019
Jordan talks wrestling, Jack gives executive decisions, Ian somehow is the sane one this episode. ENJOY!
May 27, 2019
We talk about the endings of all your favorite things, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Eurovision and MORE! Everything is spoiled! We don't even know how to end our show, we're no different than Hollywood!
May 20, 2019
Jack reviews Detective Pikachu, Ian plays the new game "Is that a Munch" and Jordan meets his evil rival, Jordon Hass.
May 12, 2019
Everybody's favorite Sonic the Hedgehog podcast is back, and we are going to talk about THE MOVIES. Also, Adult Swim, Soap Operas, Daytime Emmys, and remind people Saturday Night Live is bad.
May 6, 2019
Ian went to bed, so it's Jordan and Jack and they are going to talk about ALL THE NERDY STUFF, Avengers : Infinity War gets spoiled, Star Wars gets talked about, and we conclude with SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON PREVIEW. DON'T SPOIL IT!
April 29, 2019
Jack is Back! So the gang goes to church, then Jack talks Playstation 5, Ian talks about working Easter AND JORDAN GETS DRUNK!?! All this and chicken tenders, discussed on this week's episode!
April 22, 2019
An Episode without Jack! Discussions about cool guests, talks about bang energy, video games, easy mode in video games, an enjoyment on kirby, and a big talk about star wars and disney plus at the end. I'm on FOX!
April 15, 2019
Jordan updates you on wrestling, Ian updates you on anime, Jack updates you on Kingdom Hearts. It's the podcast people can rightfully claim "exists"
April 8, 2019
What could PAWsibly go wrong? Talking Batman, Talking Evangeleon, Talking Studio Store, Talking Anime, Talking... Bubsy?
April 2, 2019
Jordan Talks Titans - No Risk, No Reward
Look, the original episode was going to be a commentary of "Under The Red Hood" but the internet went out, and the other was more rambly than this. Jordan talks about Snyder's thoughts on "Batman Kills", the most recent Nightwing arc, Titans Season 2, and the awfulness of Hollywood being risk adverse (and doing diversity + inclusion just as a marketing thing, rather than "because it's a good thing, actually") concluding with the the great debate of creativity - Online vs TV/Film. Also, tons of memories of The Warner Brothers Studio Store and why they really dropped the ball on NOT bringing that back in the 2000s.
April 1, 2019
It's Jack's Birthday! So we are going to CELEBRATE! In this episode, we talk about making a chain restaurant, that google video game announcement, and Jordan's past life in Miami in 1980s.
March 23, 2019
This episode is a hot mess, but if you want a podcast that goes through ALL THE ISSUES, and talks about video games and I suppose why Jordan is the only qualified Macaroni and Cheese expert of the three, you have come to the right place! Just don't call him Donut.
March 18, 2019
Jordan talks about vending machines, forgets about his Dave & Busters adventure, Ian reviews sodas in a new segment called Beverage Buddies and Jack talks about Captain Marvel and no longer becomes "The Anime Guy" of the chat.
March 10, 2019
Jordan tries to talk about his birthday (he had a burger, what else?) Jack and Ian talk Pocket Monster news and we get an update on the exciting world of One Piece. ALERT THREE THREE NO DIVING FRESH OCTOPUS MATCH NO MATCH NULL AND VOID PINEAPPLE
March 3, 2019
Jack gets on a rant about the oscars, Jordan gets on a rant about Nickelodeon, Ian talks about Umbrella Academy, and in a hilarious new bit, everybody is Jordan.
February 24, 2019
Space Jam 2 is created, Tetris 99 is talked about, Jordan becomes the new Broly, Jack predicts what's next for Nintendo and Ian escapes from Chuck E Cheese all in today's episode!
February 18, 2019
A gross is 144. We talk pizza, donuts and Apex Legends. Nobody listens to Jordan and it hurts his feelings, Jordan forgets Janelle, and I think things go haywire when talking about brand accounts.
February 11, 2019
Jordan, Ian and Jack cover "The Big Game" and some kingdom hearts news, and I think that was about it. Honestly, you should probably go back to last week's episode where they did the Rainforest Cafe, that was funny. But it was a good time, and brought to you by HALFTIME HEAT
February 4, 2019
Ian doxxes a close friend, talks about Sports Outfits and inspires a roundtable discussion about breakfast. Jack introduces a HOT NEW SEGMENT "Streaming Sensation", and talks about all your favorite manga on Shonen Jump and things available on VRV. Jordan wants to eat Breakfast Burgers and wants to create something better than Medieval Times, and many more bad ideas.
January 27, 2019
Ian braves the cold and goes to an anime convention. Jack braves the IMAX theater to see Broly, and then travel to Texas for PAX South and tells us about the upcoming games. Jordan ate oreos.
January 21, 2019
The boys are back in town with a good podcast where Jack reviews "Food Wars", Ian keeps us updated with AGDQ, and Jordan becomes a cop! An old friend stops by to bring the heat, and we have a bunch of art requests!
January 13, 2019
Everybody's favorite leftist podcast is back, Jordan talks a game show, Jack talks about anime, Ian makes sure Jordan shuts up, there is a bunch of theme songs (AND NO, THEM TALKING ABOUT MOB PSYCHO'S THEME DOES NOT COUNT AS A "THEME SONG" SHUT UP JACK, I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS EPISODE DESCRIPTION) Also, Professional Wrestling and Streaming!
January 7, 2019
2018 End of the Year (Part 2)
The big conclusion of our 2018 recap episode, looking back at all the movies, television shows, video games, music, sports and EVEN anime! Thank you so much for listening to our podcast this year, we hope to see you in 2019 for pretty much more of the same (but in a much shorter length)
January 1, 2019
2018 End of the Year (Part 1)
We are eliminating the usual format for the end-of-the-year by reminding people of all the good stuff (or tolerable things) that came out in 2018 in the world of Memes, Movies, Television, Gaming and Music, and yes, Sports! This half is for the first half of the month (January - June) Tomorrow will be the OTHER HALF (July - December) I thank you all for listening to these episodes, this is very lengthy and I hope you all join us for 2019!
December 31, 2018
In this holly jolly christmas special - none of us bother to edit the awkward pauses! We discuss the anime we've watched, the video games we played and conclude the show with shout-outs to people we enjoy. At least that's what I remember, the good news is no more titans until next year (or maybe Doom Patrol, let Jack know!)
December 23, 2018
Jordan Talks Titans - Season One Wrapup
Jordan watched the season one finale of "Titans" on DC Streaming and decided to record not only his thoughts on this episode, but every episode of the First Season of this broken mess of a show, that has left him broken inside as well. Jordan let the darkness get to him.
December 22, 2018
Jordan is back to a normal computer, somehow everybody sounds way better than normal. Jordan goes back to talking game shows, we remember the titans. Jordan still can't believe titans would have an episode called "Koriand'r" and make it about Raven and her spooky family. Ian talks YouTube. We ask Jack to keep us updated on Kingdom Hearts and finally we say something positive!
December 16, 2018
"THIS WEEK'S EPISODE HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY JACK! THE CO-HOST TURNED HOST IS HERE TO PROVIDE THE BEST PODCAST POSSIBLE! Featuring: Smash Bros discussion, ANOTHER Titans Recap, The Game Awards, and much much more! Guaranteed the BEST episode of the podcast yet, maybe EVER!"
December 11, 2018
Jordan talks game shows, Ian wants to eat like another popular comedy podcast, Jack talks about a video game. And we no longer last an hour long, nor do we edit, BECAUSE WE ARE LAZY. Also, somehow we got sponsored.
December 4, 2018
Hi folks, the podcast went over our hour-long limit, and i decided not to really edit anything except just adding theme songs, so we are DOING IT RAW today. anyway I don't think anybody remembered what they said this episode, but we did talk about what we did for thanksgiving.
November 28, 2018
It's the thanksgiving episode, and barely any food is discussed, Jordan has an encounter with a Rival, Jack and Ian talk video games. This is one of those bizarre episode where even I barely remember what was said!
November 20, 2018
For more information about where to donate: In this episode, Jack and Ian decide not to bully Jordan, but can they last the hour? Jordan talks about a rough week in his hometown, and then tries to find ways to cheer himself up. Ian returns to talk about Anime Club, Jack is drunk before the recording even begins. So you are in for a REAL treat of an episode!
November 14, 2018
sorry guys i barely had time the last few days to edit this, so expect a horribly rushed episode, where jordan talks halloween, jack tries to make jordan racist, ian goes to anime conventions and can't make it so ted decides to shake his head and question why he agreed to come on.
November 7, 2018
In the special Halloween Episode, Jack decides to bring in a familar face to talk Chicken Tenders, Jordan wants to rant about Titans, Ian wants to know about Sabrina. It's an episode full of Tricks AND Treats, and best of all - no jump scares!
October 30, 2018
The show is back as Jack talks a bit about mandy, jordan discusses the jackbox party pack, and ian talks about his movie backlog. We talk a bit about halloween, even though it's not our halloween special, and as you figured, we are now up early because computer issues!
October 22, 2018
Jordan Talks Titans - "Pilot"
Jack and Ian are away, so Jordan decided to spend the week talking about "Titans" that debuted last Friday. His love of Nightwing, and his recap off the top of his head without notes, and pretty much repeating himself a few times, same old stuff will be here next week!
October 15, 2018
We retire a beloved segment of the show, and speed-up everything a bit to reach the hour limit. Jordan still wants to be in Nightwing and his friends are going to destroy that. A new villain is made, and I want to play Super Mario Party instead. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
October 10, 2018
Jordan gets put in the hot seat, literally. Ian gets angry at ye, and Jack talks about video games. That's about it. I hope you enjoy this episode, I finally referred to myself in the third person, even though everybody knows that I, Jordan, upload these and write the descriptions, anyway, I also talk about going a week without caffeine, yet still talk like I am going a million miles a minute. Thank you all for all your kind words, and I hope we can continue this!
October 3, 2018
In this episode of FTC, we try and get topical to the events of the week, mostly that just meant video game stuff. The recording actually went longer than this, but some of the stuff had actual personal stuff that had to be cropped, and i figured the final rant needed to be featured in its entirety, i hope you enjoy!
September 26, 2018
Hi folks, we are now up on Wednesdays and I hope that this makes it easier for me to edit. I recorded this a while back so I did kind of forget what was on it, which means I forgot what was in it, I just remember saying "balls" a bunch of times, and I think I tried to cut a wrestling promo, but I kept laughing, oh well, at least i had fun!
September 19, 2018
Jack had an idea to have the four of us on for a special four-person episode of the podcast, and as you might have expected, we talk over each other a whole lot. This one is very thirsty, because pretty much the entire episode is about food and drink, I don't know if it's one of the better episodes, but it was worth the risk, we will go back to our normal three-person episodes in just a bit, but this one had a quick chat about podcasting, and a soapbox about leaving twitter, other than that, we don't really have any bits planned, it really was just conversation pieces, kind of like the first episode, which made the editing for this episode very light, I think we could probably do something special soon, like a bonus episode or discuss patreon, or something else. I am posting this at 2:18 am a week ago, and I am very tired and honestly, a nervous wreck, I am trying not to overwork myself, but I love doing these podcasts, and I hope you keep listening in on the silly!
September 11, 2018
It's Ian's very own episode, because we realized he never really gets to chime in that often, so please enjoy our sure-to-go-viral series as well as discussion about the video music awards from a few weeks back, an intervention is made, and don't tell Jack and Ian, but I ate a hamburger today, finally, we decide to become voice actors, because we need some sort of back-up-plan in case this whole podcasting thing does not work out. I don't think anime was referenced at all this episode, I hope you officially printed out the FTC bingo cards, where you mark down every time "well" is said, or every time i (jordan) laugh at my own comments, it sure to make the next listen a little more fun. Anyway, that's about it for right now, thank you all for your kind words, and please let us know how we are doing, we are now on iTunes, and it's fun having these discussions, but sometimes I think they go on a little too short, or too long. But hey, we're always a work in progress, that's a good thing.
September 4, 2018
Hello friends, this one is one of the most conversational episodes we have had, because it talks about super smash brothers, as well as donuts, fair food and the beloved movie mac and me. I do have a patreon set-up but there is no content lined up, if you want to send money, go to the website below. I remember at a time when reactionary conservatives would call this "e-begging" and hate the fuck out of it, but they are all hypocrites, so why not just start one for this silly podcast where we reference not one, but two game shows in the span of minutes. Other than that, I might as well give you a bit of an update on my well being, I am trying to do well mentally, but sleep deprivation is bad, plus overestimating what I am capable as, but luckily I enjoy talking to my friends, and I like sharing this podcast with you all, feel free to tell your friends about this weird podcast and join the discord to help share the love. I love you too
August 28, 2018
Hi Folks, in this episode, Ian returns, and we also get a bit nostalgic, and we also try and go through a studio tour. I also think this episode was one where we had to edit the most, but I gotta be honest, it took me very long to edit to get it under the hour. I feel the episodes need to be between fifty minutes to an hour, to make sure you get enough content. I honestly would love to do more episodes, or bonus episodes, or similar stuff, but I think that all depends on if this takes off, it would be cool to see this go somewhere, but who knows? Podcasting is much like opening up a new restaurant, where most of them fail within the first year anyway. I really want this to continue, complete with the silly conversations and skits, and I hope you tell friends about this organized chaos, it would give me so much joy to make more, or get more people editing these and have fun with them as well, we need all the help we could get. And I, Jordan, personally, love you all
August 21, 2018
Hi Folks, this is a special episode as Ian had to deal with personal stuff, so we had Ted stop by to talk Teen Titans Go To The Movies. Ted is our emergency guest on this episode, and so the tone and pace are a bit different, but we also blew the budget on sound effects this episode, holy cow, like, there was so many sound effects, I think this turned into a morning zoo crew, we might tone it back down next week, and try not to reverb the audio because my monitor speakers were too dang loud. I also forgot we did the dragon ball discussion last week as well, but oh well, I think this episode was very fun, so many songs and introductions, every episode, we try something new, and I hope you like this one as well. I think the most important part is having a good time with your friends, and this podcast is just a fun experiment of things to talk about and discuss. One of these days I will go to CiCi's pizza buffet, but today is just not that day, I have indigestion.
August 14, 2018
Your favorite apolitical video game podcast is back, and this time we talk about food. After a bit of a tangent about shark week, we decide it's fun to talk about anime, especially the best one ever created, Spongebob. I think the audio levels are a bit busted on this, and am unsure if audacity is helpful or not. But on the positive side, we are on our third episode, and it seems we have found our niche, we are gonna talk about food. I heard food is apolitical. How does a BLT sandwich vote? Are they neoliberal or are they tea-party? I think that is something to think about, while enjoying a can of Spaghetti-Os and crying because you bingewatched Bojack Horseman, anyway, I am pretty sure I was actually supposed to talk about this podcast again, but honestly I think feedback is most helpful. I enjoy talking with friends, but I know the most important part is having fun, so I hope you have fun with this too. I think I even used a sound effect in post production, how interesting!
August 6, 2018
Thanks for returning to the podcast, usually some people apologize for the audio errors, but one of our three got a bit distracted with something during the podcast, and it was a bit serious, and I didn't know how to reflect that on the show. We talk about food a bunch on this one, including a segment called Hamburger Hass, and discuss Indie Games as possible movies and Pinball Machines. I don't know if it was faster, but I had a good time, and I hope you do too. I just like spending time with friends, and if you subscribe to this show, I like to consider you a friend as well. I am gonna copyright the word "Smunch", a portmandeau of "smooch" and "munch" because smooch is an act of love, and munch is an act of eating, and I think that best describes this show, anyway, I am gonna go watch Toonami right now, so thank you for reading, Good Night!
July 31, 2018
Nobody ever really reads the episode descriptions, so I am just going to take this time to explain that this was a pilot episode. I think it was pretty good, because it talks about Skittles and Trains and other weird stuff. We could have done something better where we talk about the news and be smart, but instead, I think we talked about what to call this, and I think we risk 12 tickets at a Deal or No Deal arcade machine. I hope you enjoy it, but I don't know if this will go anywhere. But I really enjoyed it, and would love to continue. Thank you friends for believing in me, and I hope even if you didn't listen to this podcast, you can just pretend you listened and enjoy it. The internet is a cruel jerk and I think we need to be nice. Maybe if this becomes successful, we could all end up on better podcasts, like Doughboys or Chapo.
July 27, 2018
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