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Future of Work

Future of Work

By Awana (formerly Hire Llama)
We interview and discuss with entrepreneurs how they have successfully managed, hired and transitioned to having a remote workforce. This is the Future of Work
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Future of Work | Hire Llama presents a conversation with Chad CEO from Scanta

Future of Work

Future of Work | Hire Llama presents a conversation with Chad CEO from Scanta

Future of Work

Case Study | Marqii - A conversation with Evan Perlmutter
Evan Perlmutter from Marqii talks about his experience hiring with Awana and the developers he is now working with in Latin America.
May 16, 2022
Find your Llama | Featuring: Alexandra Paredes
An honest conversation about the tools, tricks and mindset to keep going and growing in tech. Get a few tips on how to take charge of your career growth with Alexandra Paredes. Ale Paredes is an Engineering Manager at Stripe and one of the founders of Latinas in Tech NYC. Currently, based in Brooklyn NY. She’s passionate about growing inclusive teams and fostering environments where everyone can do their best work, build resilient and scalable systems, and deliver impactful solutions.
October 27, 2021
Find your Llama | Featuring: Valentina Pozzebon (Spanish session)
Welcome to the Find your Llama 🔥 presented by Hire Llama, where we invite latinas in tech who have made it to the top to discuss how they did it and get some inspiration to keep walking towards our dream jobs. Today we have Valentina Pozzebon, UX/UI designer from Mendoza, Argentina. She started her journey as an Editorial Designer to later find her passion designing user experiences. With 6+ years designing engaging user-centered interfaces for diverse industries, Valentina has offered rapid but effective interaction solutions. Valentina has experience in active listening, agile methodologies and working with worldwide clients and multidisciplinary teams.
August 24, 2021
The Future of Breast Milk | A chat with founder & CEO Adriana Vazquez of Lilu
Being a mother is hard. Pile on top of that these days with COVID, work, and if you just had a newborn breast feeding. The life for a mother is extremely tough and Adriana has created a device that allows mothers to have one less hassle, or maybe two when you listen. Adriana holds a Masters in Integrated Product Design from UPenn and a BSc from MIT in Mathematics and Computer Science. She and her co-founder are YC and NSF I-Corps fellows and their patent was recognized as Philadelphia’s invention of the year in 2019. She has been named one of the top 30 Femtech Healthcare Influencers in 2019 and has won awards such as the SheKnows BlogHer competition (2019) and the AlphaLabGear Hardware cup (2018). She has represented Lilu at SXSW, and TechCrunch Battlefield, and this year she is an Anita.B Org 2020 PitcHer finalist. In her spare time Adriana loves to run, cycle and attempting to snowboard.
March 08, 2021
The Future of Transportation | In-depth discussion with Dollaride CEO Su Sanni
In this week's episode we take a deep dive into the last mile that many people take in the under served population. Local public transportation has failed these people and Dollaride is doing something to fix this problem. CEO of Dollaride, Su Sanni, discusses how dollar vans have provided an essential service for many people throughout the Burroughs of New York. We discuss how public transportation has failed many New Yorkers and with budget cuts Dollaride becomes ever increasingly more important, especially in under represented areas. Through the podcast we will discuss what transportation deserts are, how Su Sanni got into dollar vans, and are dollar vans illegal?
December 28, 2020
Future of Work | Future of Cities
Our host, Trinell Ball, chats with Andrew Miller. Andrew is a city-builder, urbanist, and futurist, who specializes in mobility, land use, and the public realm, and how to ensure that each enriches the rest. He brings 20 years of experience spanning academia; government at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels; and private sector advisory. Also, he is a leading expert in smart cities, particularly in the mobility networks that will link together the cities of the future. He combines this experience with rigorous problem solving and project management. He has improved public transit operations, optimized bike-lane design, and designed infrastructure cities to benefit from automated vehicles. And he is a talented public speaker, firm ambassador, relationship-builder, and forger of consensus. He can take a mobility project and build a critical mass of success among government, residents, and thought leaders. 
November 27, 2020
Future of Work | Leslie Short founder of the Cavu group talks about how companies need to think about Diversity & Inclusion
Welcome to the Future of Work Podcast presented by Hire Llama, where we invite industry experts, and fellow entrepreneurs to discuss how in their industry or company the future is already changing.  Today we have Leslie Short the founder of The Cavu Group, a firm working with organizations and companies to build their diversity and inclusion foundation. We will be discussing what Diversity & Inclusion means in the workplace and how companies should be thinking of it now and in the future. Hire Llama is a recruitment platform and marketplace building software engineering teams for remote opportunities in Latin America with companies in the United States. #diversityandinclusion #D&I #Hirellama #Futureofwork
July 29, 2020
July 21, 2020
July 21, 2020
Future of Work | Brett Martin Interview talking about entrepreneurship in AI/VR
Trinell Ball interviews Brett Martin. Brett Martin is the Managing Partner of a small seed-stage venture fund called Charge Ventures. Charge is a NYC-based pre-seed/seed stage venture fund. They invest 200-500k at the earliest stages of company formation and then help founders take things from 0 to 1. Brett is an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School. His teaching focuses on product strategy and entrepreneurial finance but also has a few war stories to tell. Brett co-founded Switch, a mobile job discovery application, and Sonar, a location-based social network.  Today we will be talking about what is happening in AI/VR and a deeper dive into entrepreneurship and education. Future of travel and what will be happening next. #syntheticmedia #entrepreneurship #newmedia #whereareallthemodels
July 21, 2020
Future of Work: The Hiring Startup Environment and Setting Yourself Up for Success
Join us this week as we discuss The Hiring Startup Environment and Setting Yourself Up for Success with our guest Virgginnia Buccioni-Hillmann. Virgginnia is an experienced senior recruiter form the Bay area. She will be discussing with us how the hiring environment is with startups in San Francisco and through out the US. She will also have tips for how to get ready for a startup interview and how to stand out in this competitive hiring environment.  Virgginnia's Bio  Virgginnia is a talent acquisition professional based in the Bay Area with a proven record of building and improving processes that help find companies find the right talent when they need it as well as orienting candidates on career advising and interviewing coaching. Her journey as a talent acquisition specialist has given her a well-rounded background in acquiring talent across many industries, including tech, non-profit, government relations and international organizations. Her current mission is to positively disrupt and improve startups’ strategies in hiring to make them streamlined and comprehensive, as well as including Diversity and Inclusion protocols to empower companies and talent alike with top-notch talent from underrepresented communities. Virgginnia has a business and political science background, and in her free time she enjoys surfing, yoga, and sommelier training.
July 06, 2020
Future of Work | How the media is being shaped by people with Scopio CEO Christina Hawatmeh
Let's get rid of the stock photo chameleons/mannequins and let people gain control of their content. Is the message simple enough? Are you developing a diverse message? Christina Hawatmeh breaks down what has changed in media and how freelancers & contractors are able to work effectively as part of a distributed team. Finding the right talent for the need that is specific. Look at who your community is and how can you expand your community as part of your team. Christina doesn't just preach this method but she also practices this by hiring by need and diversity. Matching personality is crucial as you don't need to just hire by skill - keeping an open mind. Participate by going to - Get ready to take a journey with us.
June 18, 2020
Future of Work | Hire Llama presents a conversation with Chad CEO from Scanta
How will we interact with Artificial Intelligence? What is the future of Artificial Intelligence. Listen in on how AI will work in the future as we dive into the future of AI.
June 11, 2020
Future of Work | A conversation with Ashley Williams CEO of Rizzarr - Future of Media
Ashley Williams from Rizzarr and Calvin Smith from Hire Llama have a conversation about what the future holds for advertising and media. Ashley takes a deeper dive as an entrepreneur and how she views employment and hiring.
May 26, 2020
Future of Work | Conversation with Sharia Huda - Networking and Teaching Remotely
Sharia Huda is an EdTech expert having experience as a consultant working with schools to actually working in the school. Sharia offers her insight into where we as a society are going and how technology will play a role in education as a classroom is no longer a shared in-person experience.
May 20, 2020
Future of Work | Working Remote in Isolation
Calvin Smith and Trinell Ball, a future society and mobility professional, discuss what it means for people, the planet and society to start working remote. An in-depth discussion on what the pros and cons of working remote and what the future of work looks like.
May 15, 2020
Successful Fundraiser & New Office to Fully Remote in less than a month. 
CEO Joaquin Minerva Talks about his Succesful Fundraise & New Office in NYC too Fully Remote in less than a month.
May 07, 2020
Future of Work: #1 - Working Remote with a Cross Border Team from Europe
Future of Hiring Podcast Series Guest speaker: Andreas Wuerfel – CEO Hospitality Digital Inc. METRO AG Director U.S. Strategic Partnerships Working Remote with a Cross Border Team from Europe
May 06, 2020