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Future Church (Pod)

Future Church (Pod)

By Future Church Pod
A conversation around the future of the church in North America, hosted by Ashish Joy and Taylor Murray.
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018 // what matters most (uvalde)
In this episode, Taylor & Ashish talk about the tragic events in Uvalde, TX, and what matters most as we look ahead.
May 31, 2022
017 // the long game is underrated
Season 2 - Episode 2. How would you live in your community if you knew you could never move? Taylor and Ashish discuss the end of the iPod and the significance of playing the long game.
May 17, 2022
016 // prayer rooms & dinner tables
SEASON 2 / Episode 1 - We're back with a brand new season. A lot has happened in our year away - in our lives and in the church. 
May 10, 2022
015 // old issues new voices
There's a lot going on. Whether it's the Israel-Palestine Conflict or the behavior of humans that is leading to anything but flourishing, the issues we're facing aren't new - they're old. We explore how we should think about these conflicts, and then the conversation shifts to talking about voices we grew up listening to. Preachers, leaders, writers - they shaped us. And while they may not be relevant to the younger generation, they still carry weight for us, because they were relevant in our formative years. Today, the younger generation is navigating what we had permission to navigate. We must give them the space to do what we did. social: @futurechurchpod on twitter + instagram / web:
May 27, 2021
014 // deconstructing the doge
The DOGE has been on a wild ride this last year. And this last year, so has deconstruction. Depending on who you are and who's around you, this word can carry a negative weight, or it could be descriptive of where you find yourself.  We talk about good and bad deconstruction and how we can seek truth, confront the past and aim toward a compelling future. We reference several ideas and quotes from After Doubt: How To Question Your Faith Without Losing It, a book by A.J. Swoboda. Disclaimer: All content on this episode is for discussion and illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice or recommendation to buy or sell any securities. Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. All views expressed are personal opinion as of date of recording and are subject to change without responsibility to update views. Follow us on social @FUTURECHURCHPOD
May 14, 2021
013 // fear your neighbor
We're back after a couple busy weeks with a brand new episode. Things are starting to open up - there are things we're excited for, but there are also things we're realizing about how we've been living. As we move forward, we might need to relearn how to live again. For links and more on the Future Church Podcast, visit or find us on Instagram @futurechurchpod
April 29, 2021
012 // a conversation with Tiffany Bluhm
EPISODE 12: We're excited to have Tiffany Bluhm on the pod. Her writing and speaking have impacted a wide range of audiences the world over. Her latest book "Prey Tell: Why We Silence Women Who Tell The Truth And How Everyone Can Speak Up" is a must read for pastors and church leaders. We talk about the dynamics of power and abuse in organizations, and how faith leaders can think more clearly around these issues for the future. This is a conversation you don't want to miss! Get Tiffany's book & learn more: For links and more on the Future Church Podcast, visit or find us on Instagram @futurechurchpod
April 08, 2021
011 // sticker bushes & sacred spaces
There's been a lot of talk this week about what is sacred and what is profane. Do "satan shoes" push the envelope too far? Why are people mad about it? And, what does the outrage (or lack of it) say about our culture today? For links and more on the Future Church Podcast, visit or find us on Twitter/Instagram @futurechurchpod
April 01, 2021
010 // hope in the middle of pain
EPISODE 10 - Joash Thomas returns to talk about the events of last week's mass shooting in Atlanta that left 8 dead, including 6 Asian women. How do events like these effect the church - and what conversations should it spark in how we approach concepts like sexuality and temptation?  DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded early Monday morning, March 22nd, just hours before another mass shooting in Boulder, CO. While both are tragic, there is only mention of the events in Atlanta.  This episode is sponsored by VIVID Coffee. Enter the promo "FUTURE" at to receive 10% off your order. For links and more on the Future Church Podcast, visit or find us on Instagram @futurechurchpod
March 25, 2021
09 // smokin' hot human flourishing (with Ian Bailey)
In this episode we're joined by Ian Bailey, a pastor, entrepreneur, and friend of the pod. In this conversation we explore church planting, entrepreneurship and what it looks like to seek human flourishing... as well as some tired youth pastor tropes. For info about Ian or VIVID Coffee, visit This episode is sponsored by VIVID Coffee. Enter the promo "FUTURE" at to receive 10% off your order. For links and more on the Future Church Podcast, visit or find us on Instagram @futurechurchpod
March 18, 2021
08 // the stamford branch is closing
What does the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin have to do with the future of the church? We often settle into a groove, a rhythm, a routine of how things ought to be done. This becomes detrimental to the future when we assume it has to stay that way. How do we get out of the groundhogs day rhythm and get a vision for what could be? Follow us on instagram @futurechurchpod | links and info online at
March 11, 2021
07 // let jesus pourover you
Our 7th episode is the one you've been waiting for. Let it pour over your soul like hot water over fresh ground coffee. Okay... that's a little weird. In this episode we talk about graduating from nasty coffee to craft coffee, and how transitions, though often un-welcome, are necessary to bring us into the future. Follow @futurechurchpod on instagram and twitter. Find us online at
March 05, 2021
06 // righteous invasion of truth [R.I.O.T.]
In our sixth episode, Taylor and Ashish celebrate the life and work of the one-and-only CARMAN, whose music defined Christian music in the late 80s and 90s. We also take time to delve into tribalism and explore how important it is to celebrate difference and relate with a kingdom-mindset when engaging with others from different Christian traditions / tribes. What does it mean to "listen to your bishop"? Follow @futurechurchpod on instagram and twitter / Find us online at
February 25, 2021
05 // justice and the local church (BONUS EPISODE)
In this BONUS EPISODE, we have friend of the pod Joash Thomas join us to talk about biblical justice and the local church. Joash leads International Justice Mission’s Advocacy & Mobilization efforts in the US Southeast region. He brings a unique and helpful perspective on how churches can start thinking about and acting toward justice, both locally and globally. He is passionate about seeing the church live out its prophetic call to bring biblical justice to the world through the church. We think this is an important conversation, in light of Black History Month and the larger conversation the North American church needs to have around justice. IJM Resource: God of Justice Study Guide ( Text 'NOW CHURCH' to 52886 Book: 'Reading While Black – African American Biblical Interpretation as an Exercise in Hope' by Esau McCaulley  ( Connect with Joash Thomas: Twitter: @JoashPThomas Instagram: @JoashPThomas Medium: Follow @futurechurchpod on instagram and twitter Find us online at
February 22, 2021
04 // upside down feedback
We're back with our 4th episode. In many ways, this last year flipped feedback upside-down. The mechanisms we rely on to give us a pulse of reality have largely been quenched, while the feedback we're not used to having regularly is in front of our faces constantly with social media and the gig economy. This upside-down feedback isn't all bad... it's actually an invitation from God to rest.   Learn: What is the enneagram and how does it work?(The Enneagram Institute – Article: The Rise & Fall of the Front Porch (The Wall Street Journal – Game: Cards Christians Like (  Follow @futurechurchpod on instagram and twitter Find us online at
February 18, 2021
03 // outside the box without crushing it
It's episode three! Ashish & Taylor talk about how important it is for pastors & leaders to embrace growth mindsets as they look to the future. A static mindset can keep you stuck, inflexible, and unprepared for what's next. Is it possible to have 'outside the box thinking' without 'crushing the box'?  Book: “Mindset” by Carol S. Dweck (  Book: "Jesus and John Wayne" by Kristin Kobes Du Mez (  Game: "Cards Christians Like" (  Follow @futurechurchpod on instagram and twitter Find us online at
February 12, 2021
02 // soil & soul
It’s easy to celebrate productivity or ‘fruitfulness’ or ‘busyness’, while ignoring the overall health of our souls, our teams, and our ministries. In this second episode, Ashish and Taylor explore how important it is to allow for seasons to slow down, pause, and ’decommission the garden’ of our lives.  Book: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear (  Follow @futurechurchpod on instagram and twitter Find us online at
February 05, 2021
01 // rocketships & russia
Welcome to our first official episode! In this episode, Ashish & Taylor explore the big idea of ‘reasoning by first principle’ instead of ‘reasoning by analogy.’ We talk about how churches need to think more clearly about their ‘why’ before they lean into a ‘what.’ Article: “Surge of Student Suicides Pushes Las Vegas Schools to Reopen” ( Book: “Think Like A Rocket Scientist” ( Follow @futurechurchpod on instagram and twitter Find us online at
January 29, 2021
00 // we're just getting started [the trailer]
The Trailer / We're Just Getting Started Welcome to the Future Church (Podcast), a conversation about the future of the church in North America, hosted by Ashish Joy & Taylor Murray. Follow us at @futurechurchpod on instagram and twitter Find us online at
January 25, 2021