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By Team Futurish
Join Gerhard and Pete as they sit down to talk about topics ranging from culture, technology, product design, startups and life in the digital age, whilst they try to maintain some sort of credibility. Drinks will be drunk, long-distance bromance will be maintained and who knows, you might learn something from it.

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e30/ Futurish podcast is DEAD, long live
Join us for our last Futurish podcast episode (for now) as we have decided to try a new format in order to be even closer to our community. Besides the announcement of our new format, we talk about how the movie industry is facing new challenges and how it has changed over the last decade. Then we share some mindful thoughts about our journey so far, what we have learned and why we think we don’t know ourselves at all. Make sure to head to to continue getting the finest Futurish stories! As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish time with Pete and Gerhard.
September 6, 2020
e29/ Can you be sexually attracted to objects?
Join us for our latest Futurish episode full of no stupid questions, but many stupid answers. Get the latest Covid lockdown developments and learn from Pete all about RNA and DNA and why this is important to better understand the latest vaccine developments. We also look into Sony’s reveal event of the PS5. What do we, experts in design, have to say about this very bold and futuristic design? It may or may not have something to do with objectophilia... Yes, you read correctly. This episode is a weird one, after all! Lastly, we end this episode with some nerdy discussions on the future of gaming and why Pete will never see Half Life 3 come to life. As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish time with Pete and Gerhard
July 14, 2020
e28/ How to Make Meetings Less Terrible
With a slight delay due to very important reasons (fighting off an evil alien race and solving some quantum physics problems), we managed to record our latest episode. In this episode, we talk about what we have been up to lately, why meetings suck and how to make them less terrible, and why remote work has probably come to stay. Finally, you will witness something that we thought was once impossible; Pete doesn’t love Elon Musk anymore, and he has some good reasons to do so.  As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish time with Pete and Gerhard.
June 4, 2020
e27/ Guilty Pleasures In Times Like These
In our latest episode we are trying out the fireside chat format, in which we simply ask each other casual questions ranging from our current habits and routines, what books we have read lately, what movies we would recommend and why guilty pleasure like TIGER KING are just perfect for times like these. Lastly, we end this episode with some 100% organic and vegan nerd talk about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What a game. As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish time with Pete and Gerhard. References: Books - Mistborn: The Final Empire, Children of Time, 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology TV Series - The Mandalorian, Tiger King, Too Hot to Handle Games - Animal Crossing: New Horizons
April 21, 2020
e26/ How to Deal with Coronavirus Anxiety
Crazy times we're living in, aren’t we? In this episode, Pete and Gerhard come together to exchange their experience of the coronavirus pandemic as two normal citizens in this world. We look into how Australia and Finland are dealing with the crisis and how we try to make the best out of it. What opportunities can future employers do to change their working culture to support more remote work, and how might we get rid of traditional brick and mortar solutions such as physical supermarkets? We also discuss how to use this time to reflect, reground and come out stronger at the end of this crisis - both as individuals and as a human race. As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish time with Pete and Gerhard :heart: References: Jour - Journaling App It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson Singapore’s model of tracking users with GPS and daily check-ins Location based alert system (Israel starts using GPS to alert users who were in proximity of a confirmed corona patient) Animal Crossing: New Horizons
March 24, 2020
e25/ Why your ego is your biggest enemy for growth
Join us for this very insightful episode where Pete and Gerhard share the three things they have learned in the previous decade, and the three things they would like to explore, or focus on in this decade.  We look into why your ego is your biggest enemy for personal growth, how it is important to never stop being curious and asking questions, and why we should see life as a series of micro lives instead of one big life. Also, Pete and Gerhard discuss their choice of whiskey for this episode. Very important. As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish time with Pete and Gerhard
February 25, 2020
e24/ Are you living in a parallel reality?
Join us for our very first episode of the DECADE! We kick-off this year with some juicy and deep topics. Firstly, we look what the new next-generation consoles will have under the hood and why WE LOVE IT. Then we go beyond time and space, and look into parallel realities, dark matter and why we should see life as a series of micro lives instead of one big life. Also, Gerhard makes an exception and drinks a glass of whiskey on a Sunday morning. You do not want to miss this rare and monumental moment. As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard
January 23, 2020
e23/ Futurish AWARDS 2019!!!!11
Join us for our last episode in 2019 where we give out the most sought-after and prestigious award there is; the Futurish AWARD! Some might even call it the ‘oscars’ for everything, including the movies. We will give out a Futurish award for the best movie-, game-, book-, news-, program/app--, company and gadget of the year 2019! You do not want to miss this. As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard
December 17, 2019
e22/ The ONE question that will define your life
In our latest episode we look into the saturation of subscription services, and what business models we think might dominate the future. We then take a look into our Futurish crystal ball and discuss some potential upcoming trends that not even Google Trends is aware of (just saying: Axe Throwing). Lastly, we discuss the one question that will define the rest of your life. Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard. References: - Cas Holman ( - Glimpse ( - Derek Sivers ( - Oatly ( - Got Milk Decision Fatigue? The Pain and Politics of Soy, Almond, Oat, and Cow’s Milks (
November 18, 2019
e21/ How to RETIRE by the Age of 40
In this episode we explore the “FIRE” concept, which stands for “Financial Independence and Retiring Early”. Pete and Gerhard discuss various ways how to retire by the age of 40 and things that they have tried, or will try. But, we will also discuss why we even need something like FIRE. Why would you want? Why wouldn’t you? Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard! References: - Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez - Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Lund Fisker. - Spaceship Invest ( - Warren Buffett’s Advice ( - Robinhood ( - Freetrade ( - Red Rising - Stardew Valley
October 22, 2019
e20/ Making Ideas Happen (or Getting Sh*t Done)
For our 20th anniversary we decided to talk about how to make ideas happen and get sh*t done. For this we look into examples of companies, and successful creative professionals, who have cracked the balance between the novelty of an idea and execution. Because so often, innovation is overrated and what counts the most is actually great execution. So, what are you waiting for? Make your ideas happen! Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard! References: Book: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky
September 16, 2019
e19/ Growth, Growth, …Growth, or the Insanity of Today’s Market
In this month’s episode we look into the craziness of the unsustainable and ego-driven growth culture of today’s companies. For this we look into the acquisition of tumblr and the book ‘Let my people go surfing’ as great examples of slow and sustainable growth. This and ramblings about whiskey subscription services and Pornhub as a workplace? What more could you ask for? Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard! References: Book: Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard Articles:
August 26, 2019
e18/ F**k Passion, Dance With Life
Join us for a very special episode, in which Gerhard talks about his 4-week coding bootcamp experience and what it taught him about life, himself and learning. Afterwards we use Netflix’s latest documentary, “The Great Hack”, as a launchpad to dive into the dangers of technology getting out of our control, and our data as a human right. We finish this episode with a dystopian look into the future where Elon Musk’s latest startup - Neuralink - will reach the consumer mass market. Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard! Articles discussed in this episode: * *
August 5, 2019
e17/ Simplify Things
Join us for this very groovy episode in which we explore a future in which we will live up to 100-years, or more, and what implications this will have on products and services for such a demographic. Articles discussed in this episode: * E3 2019: * Products for an aging demographic: * The Paradox of Choice: Then we put on our nerdy glasses and take a deep dive into this year’s E3 announcements. Finally, we finish this episode up as we talk about the importance of simplifying things in life, because the illusion of choice is a paradox anyways. Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard!
June 17, 2019
e16/ The One Ring That Binds Them All
Join us for our 16th (!) episode where we explore the future of operating systems that make switching between devices as seamless as putting on new underwear - or even easier! We also discuss the big 5 companies (can you guess which ones?) that currently dominate the market, our lives and even our politics. Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete and Gerhard.
May 27, 2019
e15/ The Meaning of Life
In this very special episode we have the honor to be joined by our good friend Moritz Wenzel, who has been already a guest in episode 6. More than two years have been passed since then and we use this episode to catch up and talk about Moritz’s first SciFi short story, which served as explosive fuel for some very deep discussions about life, the universe and humanity’s future. Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete, Gerhard and Moritz.
April 29, 2019
e14/ Exploring the new Internet and Netflix for Podcasts
In this hot episode Gerhard shares his experience from his trip to Austin, Texas, where he attended the SXSW festival - for which Pete hates him as he has been trying to go there since he learned to walk (which was at the age of 22). We also discuss Spotify’s latest acquisitions and their plan to dominate the world by creating the Netflix for Podcasts. This is a hot & spicy episode you do not want to miss!
March 18, 2019
e13/ The Psychological Costs of Entrepreneurship
In our 13th episode we discuss how an Australian wine company created a blue ocean by offering more accessible wine for everyone. We also look at Facebook and the current privacy implications and peek behind the hidden psychological costs of entrepreneurship and why well targeted advertisement is actually a good thing! Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete & Gerhard.
February 19, 2019
e12/ Celebrating the Past, Present and Future
Join us for our 12th episode, where we celebrate the re-launch of Futurish. We take a deep reflection dive on the last two years and especially 2018: The things we have learned and the things we want to learn more about.
January 19, 2019
e11/ Trump's Jibba Jabba
You thought we have faded away? HA! Wrong! Futurish is back with its monthly portion of bromance and, as a side dish, a brand new episode. Join us for our 11th episode and our discussion about the potential of universal income to save humanity, Trump's new reality TV show "I am President", Pete's secret lover Elon Musk and much more. Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Pete & Gerhard
November 24, 2016
e10/ A Package of Futurish Happiness
Join us for our 10th episode, a milestone in the history of Futurish (after reaching 1 billion listeners). To celebrate this milestone, we talk about whether happiness has become the ultimate consumer product and about Google's latest announcement; the Pixel phone. Relax and tune in for some Futurish times with Gerhard & Pete.
October 9, 2016
e9/ Disconnect to Reconnect
In this episode the topics couldn't have been any more widespread. Join us for a discussion about Snap Inc's (Snapchat) newest product, the legal and political challenges of a Mars colonization and why you should sometimes disconnect to reconnect in life. Make yourself a drink, tune in and wonder how unprofessional a podcast can be.
October 2, 2016
e8/ Love is Bacon and Beer
Life, love and creativity is all about bacon and beer, according to Futurish. Join us for a creative ride as we discuss facts about creativity, Elon Musk's insane mind, Pete's weird affection for Elon and much more! Tune in and enjoy some Futurish-time with Pete and Gerhard.
September 20, 2016
e7/ The Futurish-Love Awakens
The Futurish-Love has awoken! Join us as we talk about Apple's latest product announcements and why trusting your gut feeling is always a wise decision. All that and much more spiced up with some Futurish passion and love, as always.
September 8, 2016
e6/ Summer Cottage Love
Futurish is back from a wonderful summer break with a brand new episode featuring a very special guest! In this episode, we talk about our romantic time at a Finnish summer cottage, our billion dollar ideas, who we would have been during Medieval times and Artificial Intelligence. All that and much more spiced up with some Futurish passion and love, as always.
August 29, 2016
e5/ All you need is Futurish love
Join us for our last episode as we take a little well deserved break away for the summer. In episode five we discuss the outcome of the recent UK EU referendum and the possibilities of an even more restricted world of copyright - all thanks to Paul McCartney.
June 27, 2016
e4/ How to work less and Aha! more
Episode 4 is all about those special Aha! moments and why we should all start trusting in them. Join us as we strive towards becoming digital hippies and discuss how you can work less and focus more on your well-being. Tune in now and get ready for your Futurish Aha! moment.
June 20, 2016
e3/ Mario the Robotic Super Pimp
In this week's episode we talk about a future in which you might lose your job to a less attractive robot, why Super Mario might just be the outcome of Nintendo's failed attempt to successfully run love hotels and why Elon Musk will be our saviour by sending us to Mars (...and by now you should have realised that Pete is really into Elon Musk… which makes Gerhard really jealous).
June 13, 2016
e2/ Zen Life in a Fishbowl
Join us on a philosophical ride as we discuss how zen meditation can benefit your life, how life is just a simulation and how we promote the possibility of an ideological future with the ability to debate with your pet goldfish.
June 6, 2016
e1/ Welcome to Futurish!
Welcome to our first episode! This week we talk about how Google is going to war with Facebook Messenger, how it's like being an analog lover in a digital age, how our privacy is affected by companies like Uber and if our generation is really more open to polyamory or if we just like to cheat, and can we ever commit to just one person?
May 29, 2016