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Fuzzy Lives Forever!

Fuzzy Lives Forever!

By Dr. Will & Emma Pass
Need to know how to pick the perfect puppy? Unsure why your cat pees on your favorite rug? Wondering about the safety of armadillo snuggling? For answers to these pressing questions and more, check out Fuzzy Lives Forever!, a podcast hosted by a veterinarian and wife team. Along with offering useful pet care tips, Fuzzy Lives Forever! explores the wider world of animals - with plenty of breaks for belly rubs, of course.
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Moving With Pets (Sweden, Y'all)
We are fleeing the country in search of new adventures! But first, let's talk about tips for moving with your Fuzzy. After that, some road trippers join us for an animal-themed showdown dating back to the Revolutionary War. Then, a dog in human clothes. Why? Because the internet!
May 14, 2018
Kids & Pets (Literally One Minute)
Let's take this show on the road! After almost missing a flight, we make it to Saint Louis to visit some friends and family. Is there a difference between toddlers and puppies, other than all that fur? We hope to answer this very important question with some help from a pediatric dentist. Then it's head-to-head quiz combat between a pair of couples, followed by an oh-so-fluffy animal online.
May 8, 2018
Vaccines (Yum, Slugs)
Let's talk to a Fuzzy Fan! We answer a listener's slimy question about how to make your dog throw up, chat about vaccines, and then get back to basics with some classic rapid fire. And what's so funny about cat that can't keep his tongue in his mouth? Answer: everything. Also...tune-in and you just might win a bow tie for your Fuzzy!
April 30, 2018
Pricey Pets (Call Us Bob)
Let's talk money. Even though we love our pets, sometimes they end up costing us at the vet's office. Why is medical care so expensive? Why don't vets just help because they love animals? Mysteries abound! In other news, Emma crushes a triathlon, a couple listeners "Come on down!" to play our version of The Price is Right, and meow for a new animal online.
April 23, 2018
Canine Cannabis (Preach, Dr. Will!)
Fuzzy puts on business-casual attire to interview the first-ever veterinarian to research cannabis in dogs. Also, we talk about summer fever, a rather clever vitamin scam, and (definitely not) shipping a pound of marijuana via USPS to a loyal Fuzzy fan.
April 16, 2018
How to Pick a Puppy (Ligers Are Real)
Things start to heat the point of combustion. Plus, puppies! We talk about how to pick the perfect canine companion. Then, a Fuzzy listener tests his knowledge of hybrid animals, followed by an ugly/cute animal of the week. Did we mention puppies? PUPPIES! YAY!
April 8, 2018
Snakebites (Along Came Tilly)
In this episode we talk about man's best friend versus man's worst friend, the rattlesnake. But wait, here's a nice poem. Then we make some difficult decisions about flying snakes, fast snakes, giant snakes, and tiny snakes. Overall, this is a scary episode. Did we mention that we talk about snakes? Also, Pugs again.
April 2, 2018
Food Allergies (Monkeys & Middle Schoolers)
In episode three, we bust some food allergy myths, somehow involving the ingestion of armadillo meat. We continue on with a comparison of tween humans and their closest relative, the chimpanzee. Finally, Emma wants a Pug for some reason.
March 26, 2018
Cat Stress (Vodka Iced Tea Lemonade)
In the second episode, we talk about good intentions with bad cocktails on our second date. Then we get into the world of cats. Dog lovers - it's going to be OK.
March 19, 2018
Dog Flu (Are we all going to die?)
In our first episode, we introduce ourselves and talk a lil bit about the dog flu, then we play a little rapid fire Q&A before talking about the Internet's favorite box-loving cat.
March 11, 2018