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By Ryan Chartrand
Hear from passionate people on a range of topics that will inspire you to keep learning, growing and moving forward. Topics include: remote work, travel, engineering, gaming, parenting, and more.
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Parenting Life for Remote Workers
Being a parent and remote worker is probably one of the most complex lifestyles you can live today, and one that many are starting to get their first taste of with many schools closed around the world. Today's guests are three X-Teamers who have, after many years, pushed past these struggles and found an incredibly rewarding balance. Featuring: Diego Seghezzo, Josh Johnston, David Roberts Host: X-Team CEO Ryan Chartrand
April 10, 2020
State of Location Independent Life in 2020
The location independent lifestyle has evolved tremendously over the last decade, and with more and more people entering into that world, it's changing even more rapidly now. Our featured guest today has lived this life continuously for many years, likely more than anyone you know and comes to talk about the pros & cons of this lifestyle, as well as catch up on its future. Featuring: Wojtek Zajac Hosts: Thomas De Moor, Ryan Chartrand, Josh Johnston, David Roberts
April 9, 2020
Living and Working Remote in Japan as a Foreigner
One of the biggest ways to learn and grow is to embed yourself in another culture. You not only learn another language, you learn more about how to get the most out of life. Our guests today have lived and worked remote as foreigners in Japan for many years, and we'll dive into the challenges they went through and how it's helped them grow and move forward. Featuring: Paul McCrodden, Chris Burkhardt Hosts: Ryan Chartrand, Thomas de Moor, Josh Johnston
April 8, 2020
How to Be a Better Dev Mentor
One thing we've learned over the years about developers is that the most successful ones all have one thing in common: they are dedicated to mastering the discipline and the art of mentoring. When mentorship is at the core of a team, it truly becomes unstoppable. Today's guests have mentored developers for many years, and they will undoubtedly inspire you to think beyond yourself. Featuring: Kasper Myram, Josh Johnston, David Roberts, Nikole Garcia Hosted by: X-Team CEO Ryan Chartrand
April 7, 2020
FwdConf: State of Serverless 2020 + Building your own product
X-Teamer Rafal Wilinski joins us to talk about the state of the serverless community in 2020, as well as talk about how he built his own serverless product, Dynobase.
April 2, 2020