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The Made From Scratch Broadcast

The Made From Scratch Broadcast

By Gabriel Leal
My name is Gabriel Leal...Follow me along my journey as I set out to meet fun and interesting creative minds. We will discuss the creative process with writers, artists, musicians, and anyone with a mindset to create. I chronicle my own journey to becoming a published author, content creator, live-stream host, and entrepreneur.
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Made From Scratch Episode #24 w/ Carol Campos

The Made From Scratch Broadcast

Made From Scratch Episode #24 w/ Carol Campos

The Made From Scratch Broadcast

Made From Scratch Episode #75 w/ Judge Kathy Schrader
Join me for a special presentation. I will be joined by Judge Kathy Schrader. Judge Schrader is one of only 10 individuals in the State of Georgia to be presented the JUSTICE ROBERT BENHAM AWARD for Community Service. She has served the Gwinnett County community as a lawyer for over three decades and as a Superior Court Judge for nearly eight years. Many who have appeared before her have expressed their appreciation for her thoughtfulness and fairness as a judge. Come along with me as we discuss her views on the current situation and so much more. .
June 07, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #74 - The First 4 R Roundtable Discussion on Systemic Racism
Join me as I host my first group round table discussion. The 4 - R table Real People Real Issues Real Conversations Real Solutions We will have roundtable discussions about the ongoing problem of systemic racism, the fear, anger, and frustrations of protesters. Plus we also discuss ways to begin healing and look for solutions to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and people of color. Join our panel of guests that included Tracie Mebane - Jones, Annie Leib, Mila De Chant, Cher Jones, Katie Dundorf, Brian Schulman, Mike Padurano, Me' Ky-el, Harpreet Kaur, and Rick "Peace" Hughes. 
June 06, 2020
The Made From Scratch Broadcast Episode #73 w/ Kaii Torrence
Join me with my guest Kaii Torrence. She has spent the last seven years on a personal healing journey. Through implementing her tailored Transformational Journey of Healing and Self Discover program, and the use of meditation and yoga, She has worked to address her negative patterns of behavior and change the direction of her life. Her healing journey led her to enter the field of wellness and to launch her passion project. She also provides life experience coaching, restorative yoga, and therapeutic yoga services for people who are seeking a personal transformation. She also raises awareness of historical and generational trauma through her podcast The Healing Element. Come along as we discuss her journey.  Prior to becoming a Restorative Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Kaii had a successful career in public service. She worked in state and federal government and on Congressional campaigns. Before starting Kaii Marie she was a Director with the New York State Housing Trust Fund. In that role Kaii was responsible for the operation and management of New York States' Section 8 Program. Kaii previously served as the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery and Director of Operations for NYS Lt Governor Robert Duffy. Kaii’s passion to share the healing power of meditation and yoga was sparked by her personal journey and her work in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 2017, Kaii was contracted to provide restorative yoga services for the Bernard Buddy Jordan Foundation. The Foundation provides free grief counselling and yoga services to the community. Students in the yoga class shared with Kaii how they applied what they learned from each session. They felt more connected to themselves and were better able to manage their thoughts and emotions. This experience motivated Kaii to increase her knowledge of the benefits of restorative yoga and therapeutic yoga by  completing an additional 100 hour teacher certification. ​ Kaii's 5 Steps to Transformation was developed from her personal journey of healing. After reaching several low points, Kaii engaged in a long period of self reflection. She began to recognize certain patterns of behavior. This period of introspection was the genesis of the 5 Steps to Transformation.   In addition to providing yoga and coaching services Kaii Marie is the creator and host of The Healing Element Podcast. The Podcast examines the transmission of trauma, handed down from one generation to the next. The motivation for The Healing Element was based on the work of Dr. Joy DeGruy’s Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome theory and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work on epigenetics. Kaii uses her platform to spread a message of healing from trauma and strategies for people to take control and transform their lives. Kaii’s Profile Website  (Company Website) Phone 980-206-0830 (Work) Email
June 05, 2020
The Made From Scratch Broadcast Episode #72 w/ Reena Friedman Watts
Join me with my guest Reena Friedman Watts. She is a super-connector who can get into any door, but her business journey has been anything but conventional. She has worked every job from being a producer on the Jerry Springer show, to doing court research for Court TV. She hosts the "Better Call Daddy" podcast. Her amazing journey on how she got her foot in the door is nothing short of amazing. She has learned from so many of her mistakes to teach others how to become successful. Come along as we discuss her podcast and her background in the film industry.  🔥 I’m a LinkedIn-aholic and love building community and I want to help you build yours! ☞ Join my Facebook community ☞ Connect with me on Instagram ☞ Connect with me on Twitter Reena’s Profile Email Twitter reenareena
June 04, 2020
The Made From Scratch Broadcast Episode #71 w/ Emily Adams
Join me with my guest Emily Adams. Born and raised in the Amish culture Emily always wondered why things were the way they were. She questioned was there more to life and could true happiness ever be found? At 17 she made the decision to leave the culture and everything she had known her whole life. She made the decision to change her life and she joined a gym and enrolled in college. Four years later she graduated from Purdue with a Bachelor's degree as a single mom working full time. She also lost over 65lbs. and found a passion for powerlifting. After years of chasing happiness, she finally found her true purpose as a public speaker and writer as she inspires others to change their mindset and tap into their full potential as they live life to the fullest. Come along as we discuss her journey. For coaching, workshops, speaking inquiries I'm a business coach inspiring others to scale their business and level up their mindset. Visit to see more about me. Join my free Facebook community Stronger Body and Mindset Find me on Instagram @emily_powerlifting Listen to my latest podcast on The Emily Adams Show Connect with Emily on LinkedIn: Phone 8125938054 (Home) Email
June 03, 2020
The Made From Scratch Broadcast Episode #70 w/ Lolita Guarin
Join me with my guest Lolita Guarin. She is a certified Stress Management Coach and Life Coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator. She is also the author of the book Crush Stress While You Work: tips and tricks on how to stay energized, organized, and happy in your work environment. Also, she has been featured as a guest on The Dr. Nandi Show, Real Talk with Ash Abori, Successful Living with Bill Knapik, Dream Achievers Podcast with Kamran Akbarzadeh, The Mark Struczewski Podcast, Make Sh*t Happen" with Sam Zavary, Find Her Seat with Jennifer Heffer, Innovate iPM with Rob Williams, Randy Mortensen Courageous Recovery Podcast and others. Shared the stage with Mario Lopez, Melissa Gilbert, Toya Wright, and Lynn Richardson. Come along as we will discuss natural remedies and practices on managing stress without medication. Connect with Lolita on LinkedIn: Website  (Company Website) Email
June 02, 2020
The Made From Scratch Broadcast Episode #69 w/ Kiran Bedi
Join me Friday with my guest Kiran Bedi. She has recently published a book titled ‘Overcoming Fear and Failure – A practical guide for women who Overthink. She is a firm believer in following one’s heart because the best work happens when the head and heart are intrinsically aligned. She recently said goodbye to her career in the IT industry to pursue her heart’s longing for being a creator, a writer, and an educator. Come along as we will discuss her journey in following her heart and passion in life.  I am Kiran and I recently published a book titled ‘Overcoming Fear and Failure – A practical guide for women who Overthink.’ You can check out the book here: The book is about healing/removing fear responses from the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual layers of the body. And it is based on your own journey in overcoming fears and failures. I am a firm believer in following one’s heart because I feel the Best work happens when the head and heart are intrinsically aligned. I recently said goodbye to my career in the IT industry to pursue my heart’s longing for being a creator, a writer, and an educator. I Love Meditation and what it does for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. I Love to breakdown complex topics into an easily digestible form, especially those related to Emotional Wellness & Resilience. My intention is to be of the highest service to people and share my knowledge of Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellness. Connect to Kiran on LinkedIn: Email You Tube Channel:
May 30, 2020
The Made From Scratch Broadcast Episode #68 w/ Steve Sullivan
Join me on with my guest Steve Sullivan. He is a Leadership Coach, A certified YouMap Coach, and a very well versed Storyteller. He is one of the most influential people who helped me discover my voice as a communicator. His ability to connect and share his stories and experiences is what I found so fascinating about Steve. Please come along as we will discuss his struggles, his bout with Cancer, and his story of strength and courage that has inspired me and many others.  All these negative thoughts stem from low confidence. Maybe your confidence has been beaten down by the words of others, or by past failures, or dissatisfaction with your current situation. I can help you see your unique value as a Certified YouMap® Coach: ✔️ Believe in yourself ✔️ Understand where you can excel ✔️ Recognize you are worthy of a fulfilled life How to reach me? 🖊 Connect with me on LinkedIn to catch my informative posts 🖊 DM me to ask for more information 🖊 Request a free 30 min call to discuss the value I can bring you Connect with Steve Sullivan on LinkedIn: Website 
May 29, 2020
The Made From Scratch Broadcast Episode #67 w/ Adam Posner
Join me with my guest Adam Posner. He is the founder and Managing Director of NHP Talent Group. Adam is a Power Connector, a Marketing Recruiter, and the host of the wildly popular show #ThePozCast.  His podcast and live streaming shows have been very influential in my own career as a host. Please come along I get the opportunity to interview one of my top 10 people who have made a difference on my journey. Please check out his website at and his site for the podcast at 🎧 Website  (Company Website) Twitter AdamJPosner
May 28, 2020
The Made From Scratch Broadcast Episode #66 w/ Owen Shrink
Join me with my guest Owen Shirk. He has been a ranch hand, horse wrangler, a business development manager for a field marketing company, restaurant management, landscaping, you name it. Having been in the customer service industry for over 5 years, learning to understand the often difficult dynamic of providing for a customer. In his career having many job offerings in leadership, marketing, and sales, he is currently brainstorming to start a strategy/consulting business that will allow him to use his experiences to help others grow and develop their businesses. He is also on the board for Success North Dallas Young Executives as their VP of Communications. Join me as we will discuss his journey to finding success in this ever-changing world.   Connect with Owen on Phone 419-890-6157 (Mobile) Email
May 27, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #65 with Marques Ogden
Join me with my guest Marques Ogden. He is a keynote speaker, business coach, and corporate consultant with a unique approach to elevating your success to the next level. His book "The Success Cycle" which brings value back to the core basics of fundamental relationship building and success in improving a business proves that it doesn't have to be complicated. His experiences in the business world and his past as an athlete have helped him use his experiences to teach others to find success. Come along as we will discuss his journey and what drives him to teach. Connect with Marques on LinkedIn: Websites  (Company Website)  (Ordering Book Link)  (Company Website) Email Twitter OgdenElite
May 26, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #64 w/ Mike Padurano
Join me with my guest Mike Padurano. We will discuss his journey and this motto that he absolutely lives by: "Bringing like-minded people together, to accomplish what one cannot do alone" Come along as my good friend and I talk about life and whatever comes to mind.  Category
May 23, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #63 w/ Elizabeth Westbrook
Join me with my guest Elizabeth Westbrook. She has spent 25 years in operations and customer service. Working her way up from administrative support to Director and VP level where she spent the next 15 years. This led to opening her own company helping CEOs inbox what’s holding them back from growth and fixing it. Married 16 years, 9 yo daughter, Christian. Service-minded. Come along as we discuss her journey into growing her own business, Linkedin and so much more. 
May 22, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #62 w/ David Pollack
Join me with my guest David Pollack.  He has been cooking since he was fourteen years old. In 2003 he was diagnosed with kidney failure and in 2008, started on dialysis. Now being a kidney recipient, David spends his time giving back and helping people on dialysis be creative with their food.  His dialysis diet was created and not to say that his unique recipes will be completely potassium, phosphorus, and sodium-free, but they will be greatly reduced with hints and suggestions as to how to keep yourself out of danger. Come along as we discuss his journey and how he can possibly help you. 
May 21, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #61 w/ Glenda Hoon Russell
Join me with my guest Glenda Hoon Russell. She has been through a few life experiences – losing both of my parents at a young age, dealing with a 10-year secret eating disorder, four job layoffs, anxiety through the roof, and a whole lot of self-hate, to name a few. The Status Foe is a place that questions the status quo. She loves the question of why and ask it often. It's what she teaches her audiences the same tools to use every day on how to find and keep their inner peace and cultivate the courage to create a life on their terms. Check out her story and more on her website at 
May 20, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #60 w/ Katie Dundorf
Join me with my guest Kaitlyn Dundorf. How many 18-year-olds do you know that have been on Tea with GaryVee? That’s right, Gary Vaynerchuk himself. She was one of those lucky few. She first connected with Gary because she wanted his perspective on how to plan a purpose-driven life. But now, she's living it. After being on the show, Kaitlyn has used the momentum and inspiration to launch a social media platform to build a community of empowerment, love, and purpose-driven living and leadership. I’m riding the wave and looking to expand my platform to serve and connect with more people. Come along as we discuss her beginning journey and what plans she has in store for the future. We stream live at 7 PM CST..
May 19, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #59 w/ Kat Daniels & Derek Hanjora
Join me this evening with my guests Kat Daniels & Derek Hanjora.  She is the host of her own podcast The Teachable Soul. He was the host of his own podcast "Shut Up Cam" She has a variety of guests on, that share their mistakes along their journies and encourages others to take a few moments to learn from the experiences of others! “Storytelling” or “Teachable moments” provide us with a vast reference base of real life. Come along as we will discuss her mission to help others grow and she also has a special announcement to share....exciting news indeed. We stream live this evening at 7 PM CST. Check out Kat's website at
May 16, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #58 w/ Mila DeChant
Join me this evening with my guest Mila DeChant. She is a keynote speaker, people scientist, and visionary who partners with leaders, businesses, universities, and communities to drive change, instill empowerment, and courage in the way we lead and cultivate our human capital through inclusivity, culture, catalytic conscious actions, and leadership development. She believes every human has limitless potential to be and become their best versions when the constant epidemic of fear is shifted into courage and empowerment. Her research on The 3 Degrees of Fear ™️ provides insight on how our identity and ability to perform at an optimal level morphs when we experience fear at a nuanced level. Come along with me as we will discuss the ways she continues to share her message with the world.
May 15, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode # 57 with Guest Host Megan Rejman and Jackie Moore.
Join me this evening as my guest host for the evening will be Megan Rejman. She is the Podcast host of sho-e-ate: Brainstorm in Progress. She will be guest hosting for me with her guest for the evening is Jackie Moore. Come along as Megan will interview Jackie and let her share her journey with all of you. I will be technically directing in the background. We stream live here on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Check Out Megan's Podcast on iTunes, Spotify/podcasts, Google Play, Please check out Jackie's website at and her Chicago Knights Robotics Organization. 
May 14, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #56 w/ Gabriel Leal
Join me this evening as I ride solo and talk about current events, everyday life, and anything else that comes to mind. We Stream live at 7:05 PM CST. this evening.
May 13, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #55 w/ Vicki O'Neill
Join me with my guest Vicki O'Neill. Her passion for helping small and mid-size business leaders achieve success was the driving force to launching her business in 2011. Vicki turned her passion into a full-time strategy and coaching business. The founder of KenKay Marketing and the host of the Connect The Dots Podcast and Oh yeah, a fellow pirate, can help take your business to the next level. Reach out to Vicki at her website at Come along as we will discuss her passion for creation, growth, and podcasting.  We stream live at 7 PM CST.
May 12, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #54 w/ Dai Manuel
Join me with my guest Dai Manuel. He knows the struggle of the juggle and keeping his health and happiness a priority. He models his work based on 5 F’s: Fitness, Family, Faith, and Finances with an overarching roof of FUN, built on a rock-solid foundation of Health. Nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to take action to be your best self are guaranteed when you connect with him! He is an award-winning digital thought leader and author, Distinguished Toastmaster & keynote speaker, former partner and Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million dollar retail company, and a sought after lifestyle mentor and executive performance coach. Join me as we talk about his journey to success and all the wonderful resources he shares to help change and shape lives. Check out his website at
May 09, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode Broadcast with Guest Host Wendy Gihula and Kristin A. Sherry
Join Wendy Gihula as the guest host of The Made From Scratch Broadcast with her guest for the evening Kristin A. Sherry. Wendy is the author of The PIKA Bunny children's book series and upcoming host of her podcast "The Write Kind".   Kristin A. Sherry is a seven-time author, international speaker, career consultant, and creator of the YouMap career profile. Her recent book, YouMap, was an Amazon #1 bestseller in Careers in the US, Canada, and the UK. Please follow along as they will have a discussion of life, writing, and all things creative and positive. Follow along for all the fun. 
May 08, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #52 w/ David Munford
Join me Wednesday, May 6th with my guest David Munford. David's journey into self-discovery and his passion for helping others is inspiring. His many travels into missionary work and learning to share his story of positivity is what drives him to grow and develop his message that he shares with the masses. Come along as we discuss his journey on Linkedin and what projects he is currently working on.
May 07, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #51 w / Gabriel Leal
It was another episode where I had the opportunity to talk about life and the positive aspects of life that I share with everyone who watches the show. Living the times of this pandemic is already hard enough on good folks. I bring the brighter things that life that shines hope on the current situation. 
May 06, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #50 w/ Virgie Van Horst
Join me Monday with my guest Virgie Van Horst. She is a Badass Realtor/Broker, a Digital Branding Growth Marketer, a Content Creator, and a big influence for me. Her unique style of growth and marketing are only a few components that make Virgie so special. It's her heart and message that really makes her great. She has some updates on her current projects and talks about her journey on LinkedIn. Come along as we talk about her hashtag #BrandEquity and so much more. Check out her website as
May 05, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #49 W / Russ Johns
Join me tomorrow evening with my guest Russ Johns. He is the host of the #PirateBroadcast that airs five days a week. He is an innovator and trailblazer. His message of kindness and compassion are an inspiration to many, myself included. With over 150 interviews and his growing community of pirates ever-expanding, it's no wonder why I call my mentor. Help me welcome him to the show as we will discuss live streaming, people, and his journey that led him to start the broadcast. Category
May 02, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #48 W/ Pat Roque
Join me with my guest Pat Roque. The Rock Star Career Transformation Coach, is a sought-after keynote speaker, career success coach, and author who lives a laptop life from Myrtle Beach, SC, and Wayne NJ. As a top work from home expert, she founded her virtual company in 1988 and did her master’s thesis on best practices for virtual teams in 2000-01 BEFORE 9/11 made it a hot topic then. She leverages her unorthodox corporate, agency, and virtual team leadership experience as she empowers professionals and teams to rock your career and your life without selling your soul or losing your mind. Come along with me as we will discuss how you can rock on to success.
May 01, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #47 W/ Russ DeSomer
Join me on with my guest Russ DeSomer. He is currently an EDI Engineer. Before that, he was musician, luthier, author, salesman, Air Force Linguist, missionary… the list is lengthy. He is a self-proclaimed Agent of Change living outside the box. But he goes beyond that, Russ blows up the box. He is constantly looking for ways to disrupt the status quo and make things better, faster, stronger, or more efficient. Change is not something to be feared or avoided, it is something to be embraced. Come along as we will discuss his journey into change and how he is making an impact.
April 30, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #46 w/ Dave Bricker
Join me with my guest Dave Bricker. He is an MFA Graphic Designer, an award-winning author of twelve books, a publishing coach, a marketing consultant, a jazz guitarist, and a member of the National Speakers Association. Come along as we will dig deeper into his sailing, writing, and his new book aptly titled "Speak Inside the Box: On-screen Presentation Tips for Speakers, Trainers, and Leaders" Check out his website at
April 29, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #45 w/ Christine Gold
Join me tomorrow evening with my guest Christine Gold. She is an intuitive anatomy reader, Psychic, empath, energy coach, and healer. A spiritual medium and Usui Reiki Master & teacher. She helps women heal at a 360-degree level mentally/physically/emotionally and spiritually, accelerating inner healing. She is the host of her own podcast  "The Power of Healing Your Energy" Check out more about Christine at
April 28, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #44 W Marisa Cali
Join me on with my guest Marisa Cali. In 2016, she founded All The Social after exploring different aspects of digital marketing and recognizing her passion for helping business owners with their social media presence. She consults professionals on how to best leverage social media to maximize their impact in the online world and use social media to elevate their personal brand. Come along as we will discuss the use of social media and her love of integrating sports into her work. Check out her website at
April 25, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode # 43 w/ Stacy Juba
Join me with my guest Stacy Juba. She an author, freelance editor, online course creator, and longtime journalist. After years of working as a reporter and freelance writer, Stacy now concentrates on writing books and helping other authors through her editing and online course business "Shortcuts for Writers" and her international Facebook group for writers. Come follow along as we discuss her journey into writing at such a young age. Check out her works at
April 24, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #42 w. Brian Schulman
Join me with my guest Brian Schulman. Named a 2019 LinkedIn Video Creator of the Year, Brian is one of the pioneering Top LinkedIn Video and LinkedInLIVE Creators in the world and is a sought after international speaker who does speaking engagements throughout the year. In July 2019, he broke the #LinkedInLIVE record, broadcasting live for more than 4 hours. Known as The Godfather of LinkedIn Brian is one incredible human being. Come along as we will discuss how to #VoiceYourVibe.
April 22, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #41 w/ Laura Rubin
Join me with my guest Laura Rubin. Despite seeming to have it all - a full bank account; busy social life; great hobbies, Laura wanted more out of life. She went on her own journey and eventually pieced all her experiences of life together and realized her life's calling - encouraging women in midlife to explore, discover and create a life of passion, purpose, and fulfillment. She now guides women on their journeys using her own past experiences. Come along as we discuss her True North approach to finding a path to success. Check out her website at
April 22, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #40 W/ Mark Morris Jr.
Join me with my guest Mark R. Morris Jr. He is a writer, a father, and a storyteller who also works as a ghostwriter. He has the privilege to work with hundreds of private clients and dozens of writing agencies to produce content marketing, blogs, articles, and books. He also has a background in the theater but his story of fatherhood is just as interesting. Come along as we discuss his career as a writer, a father and so much more. Follow us live on our social media platforms or streaming on our website Category
April 21, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #39 w/ Jennifer Cline
Join me with my guest Jennifer Cline. From widow with two children and a falling-down house...and no fixer-upper skills to a woodworker with a handy reputation. Jennifer has created a name for herself with her creativity and story of inspiration. She has a devoted following on her TikTok page with over 170 thousand followers. Her videos are both creative and fun. Come along as we discuss her journey to becoming Miss DeWalt. Check out her TikTok page Miss Dewalt@jennifer.cline or on Instagram @DeWalt or Check out Her YouTube Channel:
April 18, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #38 w/ Harpreet Kaur
Join me tomorrow evening with my guest Harpreet Kaur. She is a Global Product/Technical Program Leader and D&I Advocate and Keynote Speaker working for Microsoft. She helped her inspire other women wanting to grow in the Technical field. She is also a talented abstract painter. So come along as we will discuss both career and creativity.
April 17, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #37 w / Gabriel Leal & Mike Padurano
Join me this evening as I will talk about current events, news of the day and bring some positive energy to your living rooms. I am joined by a good friend of the show Mike Padurano. 
April 16, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #36 w / Gabriel Leal
Join me this evening as I will doing another Ask The Host. I will talk about a different array of topics and possibly have some guests pop in the conversation.
April 15, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #35 w/ Brandy Holloway
Join me tomorrow evening with my guest Brandy Hollaway. After 17 years in the fitness & Wellness Industry, Brandy knew her mission was to help solopreneurs and business professionals own their fire in life and business. Social media, personal branding, and networking were the keys to her success so she wanted to help others create a way to create an inferno of success in their brand, their business, and their network. Come along as we will discuss her company, career and all things Brandy. Check out her website to find out more about her services
April 14, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #34 w/ Adrian Lyles
Hey Guys...I just wanted to reach out to guys and share how I excited about tomorrow's guest Adrian Lyles. This young and talented musician will be on the show to share his experiences in following his passion for music he will also perform a few songs live. I am totally thrilled for this to come on and share his gift with all of you. Check out his website to check out his fine catalog at www, We go live at 7 PM CST and Adrian has been kind enough to come on and perform three songs
April 11, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #33 w/ Andrea Sanchez
Join me Thursday evening with my guest Andrea Sanchez. She is a people-first communications leader who has built her reputation by transforming individuals, brands, and businesses through genuine storytelling. Her company Spark Story helps people find and develop their story, grow their voice and build their personal brand through proven methods. She hosts her #DareToBe chats on Twitter. Come along as we will discuss developing your own story and adapting to the new environment. Check out her website
April 10, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #32 w/ Inez Barberio
Join me Wednesday evening at 7 PM CST with my guest Inez Barberio. She is an Inspirational Speaker, Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader and Consultant who teaches businesses Diversity & Inclusion. She is a multi-faceted individual with a great message to share. Eagle Rise Speakers is hosting a free virtual event that she is taking part in on April 14, 2020, at 3 PM EST. Come along with me as we talking about her career, this event and all things Inez. Check out her website at
April 09, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #31 w/ Russell Nohelty
Join me tomorrow evening with my guest USA Today Best Selling Author Russell Nohelty.  He is the author of dark fantasy, science fiction novels, and graphic novels.  He has published over 20 books to date and has raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter for novels, graphic novels, and anthologies. He also has two non-fiction books that have piqued my interest and we will discuss it tomorrow evening. Come along as we have a discussion on all things creative. Check out his library of works and podcast at
April 08, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #30 w/ Gabriel Leal
Join me tonight as I discuss what is going in my world and the status of my quarantine. I am looking forward to trying some new things as I continue to grow my show and my abilities as a host.
April 07, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #29 w/ Frank Annello
Join me tomorrow evening at 7 PM CST with my guest Frank Annello. He is an asset finance professional with experience in structuring complex equipment finance transactions as well as corporate lending. But what makes him interesting is his other business entity. The owner of Mastro Entertainment, a music management company, that helps develop and market new young talented musicians wanting to pursue a career in entertainment. Come along as we will discuss both of his careers and his approach to showcasing new artists.
April 04, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #28 w/ Lori Knudsen
Join me with my guest Lori Knudsen. She is a natural connector, coach, mentor, and problem solver. Her approach to clients is through attentive observation of individual styles, active listening, and empathy. Placing a high value on continuous improvement and being a curious, life-long learner enables her to inform, teach, and support others. Come along as we discuss the ways these values can be used in this time of uncertainty. Check out her website for more information at
April 03, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #27 w/ Remy Reilly
Join me with my guest Remy Reilly. Remy is an Indie Pop singer from Dallas, TX. Only 16-years-old Remy Reilly is not only a singer and songwriter with a voice mature beyond her age, but she also plays a different array of instruments like drums and piano. By the time she was just five years old, she was already writing her own music. Come along as we will discuss her journey in developing as an artist, her unique style and take in some of her music as she performs live. Check out her music on her website
April 02, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #26 w/ Jade Nickol
Join me on the show with my guest Jade Nickol. She is a talented singer/songwriter from the Dallas area. Jade's controversial writing and distinctive tone, has been compared to the voices of Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks.  Her knowledge of instruments (piano and guitar) to her fascination with the music business are a testament to her passion to master her craft. Her powerhouse voice is a force to be reckoned with as she continues her journey to develop as an artist. Come along as we discuss her music, career and future plans.  Check out her music at  Here is the link to check out the movie that Jade was in with Noted actor Danny Glover.
April 01, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #25 w/ Gabriel Leal
Join me as this evening as I give of my state of the union address about the show, my situation and what my plans are going forward. I will discuss the guest coming on this week.
March 31, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #24 w/ Carol Campos
Join me this evening on the broadcast with guest Carol Campos.  She is a Life Coach and the Co-host of The Divine Breadcrumb podcast with best friend Deb Sorensen. Carol previously worked in the corporate sector for over 20 years until she made the leap to the unknown to create a career that she is passionate in her pursuit. She has started The Divine Breadcrumb podcast and online community and also launched her coaching practice focused on intuition, awareness, energy healing, and other holistic & spiritual topics, all geared on creating a life you love. Check out her website or her community at Follow along and hope you enjoy the episode.
March 28, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #23 w/ Michael Goldberg
Join me this evening with my guest Michael Goldberg. He is a Recruiting Strategist. Michael helps companies hire faster, smarter, and cheaper while saving time, dollars, and educating managers to make better hiring decisions. Come along as we will discuss the role of a Talent Acquisition Specialist in the business community and how he is adjusting to the new norm in his business profession. Check out his website @  You can reach out to Michael Goldberg:
March 27, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #22 w/ Sophia Annello
Hey, guys join me on the Made From Scratch Broadcast. My guest was singer/songwriter Sophia Annello. This immensely talented musician is currently attending Berklee College of Music to pursue her passion as an artist. Come along as we will discuss the life of a musician, the creative process of songwriting and so much more. Follow us on a multitude of social media platforms. Check out her music, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and her YouTube page
March 26, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #21 "Life is Good"
Join me I as talked about life, the pandemic of COVID-19 and just how video is such a big influence going forward in the new norm of life in this time of unprecedented world events.
March 25, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #20 w/ Sheri St Marie
Join me and my guest Sheri St Marie. She is a realtor in Wisconsin but there is so much more to her than meets the eye. She is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, content creator and a disruptor of human behavior. Come along as we talk about life, social media, and the human psyche.  Follow us as we discuss life centered living, The amazing platform of LinkedIn and living a positive life in difficult times. Sheri is a content creator on LinkedIn and has a series of videos that share her message of love, compassion, and empathy.  Check out her website @ www.
March 24, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #19 w/ Miriam Bulcher
Join me as my guest will be Miriam Bulcher. She is a Luxury Portrait and Headshot Photographer who specializes in Personal Branding. She's been helping people celebrate life in every season, whether that’s motherhood, a new business venture, or just because! Her work speaks for itself as she worked with some of the best content creators on LinkedIn. She joins me as we talk about photography, life and the creative process of developing a personal brand. Come along on and help share her passion for creating memories. Check out her fine work or book a session at
March 21, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #18 w/ Gabriel Leal
Again it is another Ask The Host segment. I will cover the topics of the day and field questions and comments from the viewers.
March 20, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode # 17 w/ El Hoffmann
Join me this evening as my guest will be El Hoffmann. She here to talk about Intimate Partner Violence. Through her own journey of pain, healing, and sexual health; She has developed a deep passion for disrupting the sexual wellness industry as well as the taboo that prevents healing and innovation. She is working to change the sexual wellness landscape allowing individuals to thrive into their health, bodies, and sexuality. We will talk more in-depth about the #ShameFree Challenge and The Healing LInk this evening. Come along as we look to shed light on this subject. Check out the website for more details on IPV.
March 19, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #16 w/ Eric Renteria
Join me this evening with my guest Eric Renteria. He is a fashion designer with his own unique flair for creating a unique line of clothing. He fashions have walked the runways of New York. We talk fashion, creative ideas and how came up with the concept of his signature style. Come along as we fight the quarantine with style.
March 18, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #15 w/ Gabriel Leal
I will discuss the current events locally and around the nation as the spread of COVID-19 aka the CoronaVirus continues to shut down the of so many industries. Join me as I talk about this and living in this current environment.
March 17, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #14 w/ Rabea Ballin
Join me as my guest was Contemporary Visual Artist Rebea Ballin. Born in Germany, raised in southern Louisiana, Rabéa Ballin moved to Houston to pursue her MFA in drawing and painting at the University of Houston. She earned her BFA in Fine Art from McNeese State University. During her years at McNeese, she returned to Germany to attend the Göthe Institute, subsequently studying Art History in Rome and Florence, Italy. Currently a professor of fine arts, Rabéa is living and working in Houston’s historical Third Ward community and exhibiting her works nationally. We talk about art, life and the career of a visual artist. Check out her works at her website @
March 14, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #13 w/ Diana Roiniotis
Join me this evening as my guest will be Diana Roiniotis (pronounced Roy-Uh-Notice). She has just transitioned from a career in Caregiving/Customer Service to a career in IT, with long term sights set on Cybersecurity. a recovering opioid addict with over 5 years of clean time, She is inspired to recognize resilience in the recovery of others. She also creates content on LinkedIn. Come join me as well talk all things, Diana.
March 13, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #12 "Ask The Host"
Join me this evening for another "Ask The Host" Segment. I'll be discussing the learning process of becoming a broadcast host, setting up a podcast and figuring out the technical aspect of putting a show together. Follow along and put in your opinions. Let's have some fun!
March 12, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #11 "Ask The Host"
Join me as I do another "Ask the Host" segment. I field questions room the audience and talk about the status of my book, the coronavirus and all things with living a creative life. 
March 11, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #10 w/ Timothy Minor Jr.
Hey, guys join me as my guest will be Timothy Minor Jr. He is an artist, poet, writer, singer, actor. comedian, photographer, and film fanatic; all pieces of the complicated jigsaw puzzle that mark his own unique style. He writes for his website, where he creates a blog and post regular interviews with up and coming performers, singers, musicians. and a fellow creative using his forum to spread his message and love for new talent. Come along and let's have some fun.
March 10, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #9 w/ Catalina Medrano
Join me as my guest will be Catalina Medrano. Catalina is an ESL educator with a passion for teaching and helping others learn. She has worked with English learners and their communities as an educator in the classroom, as well as in training, administration, and curriculum development in various parts of the state and country since beginning her career in 1997. She is also a published author and an activist for human rights and the rights of minorities. Check out her work at 
March 07, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #8 w/ Wendy Gilhula
Join me as I speak with my guest Wendy Gilhula. She is a children's book author, a kindness ambassador, and creator of The Pika Bunny Kids Kindness Tracker app. She is planning the launch of her adult kindness app on March 12th from MIT. Come follow along and help me spread the word on kindness awareness to the world. Check out Wendy's website for more details. Let's have some fun! — with Wendy Gilhula. #PIKAapp Wendy's affinity for kindness is infectious and we have a  great conversation talking about life, love, and kindness. She has authored a children's book series based on her character PIKA bunny. 
March 06, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #7 "Ask the Host"
This was a segment where I had the opportunity to speak freely and field questions from the viewers.  I updated what was going on with the broadcast and my intentions with future shows.  Join me as I just ramble on about life and finding the creative spirit. 
March 05, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #6 w/ Coila Evans
Please join me as I talk to Big Sky Artist Coila Evans. Operating from her gallery in the small community of Roundup, Montana. She is a talented artist whose work shows the humanistic spirit and expresses the untold story of her subjects through interesting compositions, expressive texture, and brush strokes as they articulate the subject's story through the visual marks left on the canvas. I can only use one word to describe her...amazing. Follow her journey on Instagram @coilaevans • @montanagallery • @coilaevansgallery • @docuhistory.thecoalmineproject http://www.coilaevansartandgiftgaller...
March 04, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #5 w/ Eryk Pruitt
Join Me as I interview the talented and eccentric Eryk Pruitt. His multitude of brilliance includes screenwriting, director, producer, public speaker, narrator, podcast host, and the list goes on. Did I forget to mention that he is an author as well? Eryk is also a small business owner of a bar in his hometown of Hillsborough, North Carolina aptly named "Yonder". His stories and candor are what draws him so much attention...he is a rare type of creative personality. Listen along as we discuss the writing process of his four novels Dirtbags, Hashtag, What We Reckon and Townies.  Also, check his podcast series The Long Dance at 
March 03, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #4 w/ Michelle Fernandez
Hey guys!...Join me where my guest will be Michelle Fernandez. She is a talented author who has an upcoming new release of her second novel "Till I Kissed You". We will discuss the creative process of writing a novel and creating your Happily Ever After. Her journey into becoming a published author started as with a story idea that was put away and rediscovered.  Refined and redeveloped Michelle crafted a world that is now part of a well-known book series "The Salvation Series" by Corinne Michaels. Hear our conversation about her story and what the future hold s for Michelle. Visit her website @
February 28, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #3 w/ Samantha Glover
This evening's guest is Samantha Glover. She is a Data Scientist and Marketing Consultant who has an amazing artistic side to her personality. Her list of talents goes as follows musician, writer, artist, and actress. We will discuss her journey into becoming a Mathematician and her intriguing experiences in life. From being homeless and play music in the gallows of the subway, Samantha has built e reputation that goes past her adversity. She is working with businesses to help streamline their marketing strategies but using data analytics to help maximize their success.
February 27, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #2 "The Creative Soul" w/ Opalina Salas
My guest was a poet savant, musician, writer, author, advocate, wife, mother, creative soul...Opalina Salas. She is a beautiful soul and someone I have admired for a while. We discuss life as an artist, writer, and creator. Her book Black Sparrow Dress is available on Amazon. She is also in two different musical outfits. One is named Your Loving Son which she performs alongside her husband and fellow creative soul Carlos. She is also in a second group "Ambergris" which is an eclectic mix of performers who join collectively to blend their unique sounds.  She is also a very creative writer Check out her blog Black Sparrow Dress Paperback – March 16, 2019 by Opalina Salas (Author), Mad Swirl (Editor), MH Clay (Editor), Johnny Olson (Editor), Madelyn Olson (Illustrator) Follow her journey on social media...
February 22, 2020
Made From Scratch Episode #1 - "The Why"
I lay why I started this journey into podcasting and live video streaming. I talk about what I want to do as a podcast host and creator. This will be a daily podcast that will discuss the creative mind and the process that creative people use to build an idea from scratch into reality. 
February 21, 2020