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Escape From the Burnout Society

Escape From the Burnout Society

By Gabriela Guzman Sanabria
It seems our modern society has failed to facilitate the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Millions of people around the globe get burnt out and suffer from chronic stress. What can we do about this? What can make a difference in your life? This is a podcast where experts, writers and common people talk about stress, burnout and anxiety. It examines burnout and stress from many perspectives and you will definitively find one that matches your interest.
Season 1: Women and stress, S2: The beliefs that get us burnt out.
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EP. 31 Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh: an honest conversation with a doctor that gained financial literacy to escape from debt.

Escape From the Burnout Society

EP. 31 Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh: an honest conversation with a doctor that gained financial literacy to escape from debt.
Have you ever wondered how to gain financial literacy when you are so busy trying to make ends meet every month? The truth is that MONEY is one of the MOST COMMON STRESS FACTORS in the Burnout Society. We work over hours to pay the bills and if possible, to have quality time with ourselves, friends, and family. This conversation is about NOT DOING  WHAT EVERYONE DOES. It is about creating financial independence, about investing on a way out of the rat race. In this honest and brave conversation Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh explains how she was once lost in a serious financial crisis when she couldn't pay her student loans and how she and her husband made a plan and the commitment to change that forever. She explains how she, next to her busy job, gained knowledge about finance. Her plan led her to a whole new way of living and discovered opportunities where most people wouldn't. She also gives us easy to follow advice so we can take the first steps out of debt and create a life with more financial independence in our own temrs.  About Dr. Gainsbrugh Rachel was born in Haiti with a drive to make a difference and not take her parents' sacrifices for granted. She was raised in Miami, worked hard, became a doctor and was left with over $500K in student loans. So, she grinded hard to pay off her loans. When she found AirBNB investing, it became a game-changer for her where she was able to make 15X on short-term real estate rentals over long-term rentals. Now, she’s a healthcare professional by day and a rental investor by night. She’s the owner and manager of 18 luxury short-term rentals with a lucrative cash-flowing rental portfolio, mom, wife and real estate coach that was recently featured on a Netflix TV show showcasing one of her luxury rentals. For more information about Rachel's courses visit:
September 22, 2022
Ep.30 Ishtar Howell: Talk with an experienced Ascension Meditation teacher. Meditation can be easy, simple, effortless and of course, enjoyable.
Before describing how easy and enjoyable Ascension Meditation is, Ishtar takes us first to his early peculiar childhood where he naturally seemed to be able to experience other realms of our reality. Then he narrates how he, in a car accident, lost his beloved mom and experienced his most profound awakening moment during his Near-Death Experience. His whole life flashed before his eyes giving him a complete different perspective on what our earthly experience is about. He says: "Each and every experience of my life was seen in perfect detail, along with a thorough knowledge of every time I had a made a choice from fear, limitation, or conditioning. As I experienced those moments, they were completely forgiven, replaced instead with a sense of wholeness and love. All of my fears and tensions vanished in a sudden instant, and a sublime peace washed over me" This experience stayed with him throughout his entire life and would be the powering energy to find ways to go back to this place of silence, peace and unity with the whole. It became the reason to try many techniques and strict routines from a very young age. When he was 17, he began a regimen of meditation practices and ascetic disciplines that included waking to cold showers at 3 AM, fasting, and 6 hours of daily meditation practice. All this was unsustainable. A bit later he would learn a meditation technique that is called Ishayas' Ascencion what was too good to be truth (and easy to practice). He decided to become a teacher what he achieved after a very intensive teacher training which was a 6-month program, that involved around 12 hours of closed eyed meditation a day. He began teaching classes around the world and living in various regional meditation centers like Hong Kong, Finland, Switzerland, and Michigan. Ascension is a series of easy, effective, and effortless meditation techniques based on Praise, Gratitude, and Love, that allow us to relax deeply into the most expansive strata of consciousness: Presence, Being, Pure Awareness. Ascension is simply a wonderful way of relaxing into deep physical rest, lucid mental clarity, and a healing and transformational sense of peace. It is a very easy to learn meditation that ANYONE with or without meditation experience can learn. If you are interested to learn Ascension Meditation visit Ishtar's website: Online courses are given regularly. Ishtar´s website for astrological readings is
May 15, 2022
Ep.29 Francisco Valentín (Part 2/2) Reading of two of The Transcripts
This is the second part of an interview with Francisco Valentín. To understand better this interview, please listen first part 1. In this interview, Francisco will go deeper in his messages for humanity and reads aloud two of The  Transcripts that you can find in this description. Last year I gave up listening to the news  since I noticed my anxiety levels had become uncomfortable. I looked for messages that would make me understand better what the human race id going through worldwide and would help me to get centered. Is the truth to be found between all the lies that are daily spread? How can I discern truth from lies? I asked myself this daily. This is how I found this episode’s guest: Francisco Valentín. Francisco is since 2011 compelled to share his experiences to attest to the validity of life after death, divine intervention, and communication with those from ‘the other side.’ According to him we all live on after death. His life-changing experience began in 1979 when at age eighteen, he was involved in a deadly car accident that took his life. As he will explain later, he experienced his first NDE during this event and came back to life with a mission that was not revealed to him until 32 years later. These two interviews are quite unique in their kind since their message is in the plane of spirituality and introspection. The Transcripts that were read aloud are: The Resistance to Become One (Transcript T120102215959) Where Love Could Take You (T120114115256) If the links doesn't work go to and fill the number of the Transcripts in the search field. Francisco Valentín is author of the book: NDE (Near-death experiences)—A glimpse at what lies ahead
March 06, 2022
Ep.28 Francisco Valentín (Part 1/2). Narration of a Near Death Experience that started a new way of living. In search of truth.
Since last year I decided to avoid the news as much as possible since I noticed my anxiety levels had become uncomfortable. I started to look for messages that would make me understand better what we are going through worldwide and would help me to get centered. Is the truth to be found between all the lies that are daily spread? How can I discern truth from lies? I asked myself this daily. This is how I found this episode’s guest: Francisco Valentín. He sends every week a message to the world, and these messages are sometimes very simple and sometimes quite complex, but they are always profound and make you reflect upon the very nature of life. He calls them The Transcripts. They are meant to help people find truth, to find out who we are, to find answers to the biggest questions in life. In this episode (that is part one of two interviews), we will talk about how Francisco’s life-changing experience began in 1979 when at age eighteen, he was involved in a deadly car accident that took his life. As he will explain later, he experienced his first NDE during this event and came back to life with a mission that was not revealed to him until 32 years later. This became the beginning of a new way of living for him that led him to see the Burnout Society from a very different point of view. He is author of the book: NDE (Near-death experiences)—A glimpse at what lies ahead
March 05, 2022
Ep.27 S2 Dr. Simon Maltais: An open-hearted converstaion with a cardiac surgeon about healthcare workers, their high levels of stress and burnout.
In this conversation with Dr. Simon Maltais (cardiac surgeon) talks honestly about the unhealthy high demanding work environment most healthcare workers must confront. Based on his own personal experience he explains to us how he was able to stop the roller coaster that was pushing him into burnout and affecting his successful career. He describes how medical staff on all levels can suffer from addiction to depression caused by a system that is incongruent with any ideal of health and mental sanity. With much effort and, learning a lot about himself, Dr. Simon Maltais recovered from his condition and has come together with other professionals that want to make a change and help others break through into their best life. This episode a must-listen for all that work in the healthcare and are looking for a way to stay healthy. If interested, Dr. Simon Maltais has developed some programs that you can find at: He also shares his knowledge and experience in the book Healthcare Anonymous: Put Yourself First to Avoid Anxiety, Addiction and Burnout. This is coming out on April 5th, 2022. Here he explains: - HealthCare Disease: how the system getting you well is creating sick workers. - How high-intensity environments impact the delivery of care and the performance of our nation's finest medical minds. - The symptoms of maladapted healthcare workers. - Findings of an in-depth compassionate case study on healthcare workers. - Simple steps to prevent, stop, and heal from healthcare disease and breakthrough a better life. More about Dr. Simon Maltais He is an active cardiac surgeon in one of the world’s largest provider of healthcare services. Born in Quebec Canada, he is French Canadian and board-certified from Canada in cardiac surgery. He further has a doctorate degree in biomedical engineering and heart regeneration. He is an internationally recognized leader in the field of heart transplantation, mechanical heart devices, and alternative cardiac interventions. He lives now in California, United States.
February 07, 2022
Ep.26 Interview with Julia Arndt. How making the wrong choices will lead you to burnout even in great work enviroments
Julia Arndt is a stress management trainer, international speaker and the creator of the Peak Performance Method (PPM) focusing on peak performance habits, stress management tools and mindset strategies. Julia was born in Germany. She had a busy kind of lifestyle that had seemed like a dream while working for Google but her lifestyle was taking a toll on many aspects of her life. She worked long hours, drove long distances and after too many cups of coffee later, Julia found herself experiencing burnout. She wants to share her story to help others learn what she wishes she had known at the beginning of her career. She talks about her method to prevent burnout and how to understand how we boycott ourselves with limiting beliefs. She is writer of the  book: Winning Mindset: Elite Strategies for Peak Performance Combining her extensive business background working in various roles inspire Julia is now helping professionals in high-pressure environments to rethink their lifestyle and bring long-lasting transformations. Find  more information about Julia, her method, book and courses at
November 26, 2021
Ep.25 Mind over Matter. How Anouk Bindels (Psychologist) cured herself from emotional, physical and mental exhaution and cancer.
Have you ever wondered what mind over matter means? Would you like to hear what an expert says about this not only because of the many patients she has personally helped with issues of chronic stress and disease but also because her own personal experience. Discover in this episode the amazing story of Anouk Bindels, Psychologist, Family & Relationship Psychotherapist, Trainer, Coach and Behavioral scientist. Anouk has such a remarkable story to tell not only because of her paradigm shifting work, but also because of her self-healing experience, after suffering from trauma and physical illnesses for a very long period of time. Her story is described in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book called: Becoming Supernatural. Though terminally ill, she trusted her inner wisdom and survived to continue her work helping people. Anouk works at this moment in her practice in Lent (Nijmegen, next to the German border). She gives workshops, retreats and personal consults in English, Dutch and German. Her book Het Hart & Brein Helingsproces  is expected in September 2021 (that will be translated to English in 2022). Check our upcoming retreats, courses, and events here:
July 02, 2021
Ep.24 Mindfulness. Why it is not only a hype. Interview with Kristiaan bij de Vaate, Psychologist, Coach Counselor Mindfulness and Self-compassion Trainer.
Have you ever wondered why so many people talk about mindfulness, but many don't really know about its origin? In this interview with Kristiaan bij de Vaate he explains to us that Kabat-Zinn brought mindfulness out of the spiritual (Buddhist) context and introduced it in the seventies to the western psychology. Mindfulness changes the relation we have with our emotions and our thoughts and by changing this relation we can overcome chronic stress, treat depression, and prevent burnout. Kristiaan bij de Vaate graduated as a Social Psychologist and after travelling by bike from the Netherlands to India, he decided to become a mindfulness trainer. His passion for travelling took him also to Nepal and both trips changed his view of the world, he learned different meditation techniques and practiced Yoga. He works and lives in Amsterdam. His office is in Amsterdam South where he coaches people 1-1 or in group in English or Dutch. For more information check:
May 26, 2021
EP. 23 Fear is our worst enemy. Interview with Anders Bolling ex-journalist, writer and podcaster. The media portraits a world that makes us afraid, but it is a better place than we believe.
Do you think the mainstream media tells us all the truth? Why would the media only show us part of the whole story? Anders Bolling explains in this interview that according to the extensive research he has made throughout years of experience as writer and journalist, the world is a much better place than we think it is. But fear calls out to our attention, and we blindly obey to this call... Anders worked for one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden and now he is an independent journalist, presenter, writer, and podcaster. His podcast is Mind the Shift and it is about that, the shift that is taking place around the world to a more positive conscious society. If you want to know more about what Anders does, check: and his You Tube channel and social media Instagram and Facebook. He has some articles that are translated to English EFBS (Escape from the Burnout Society) is more tha a podcast, it is a wake up call. If you want to make any suggestion, please reach out to Thanks to Stephen Fearnly (composer of the intro and outro tracks used for the 2nd season of EFBS)
April 23, 2021
Ep. 22 Interview with Ilse de la Cruz. Everybody has talents, discovering and using them will make you enjoy more not only your job but your life in general.
Ilse de la Cruz is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, HR professional and has gained diverse other coaching certificates in Mexico, Germany and Switzerland. She is co-founder of ICG Coaching and a true believer of people development, especially to help people discover their own's talents. She explains how important it is to discover what are we good at and to acknowledge our talents as important tools to be more efficient, more satisfied about ourselves and our lives. If you want to know more about the Gallup method to map talents go to go: and her social media: and She will hold very interesting events soon.
April 16, 2021
Ep.21 Interview with Ingrid Honkala Phd. How a successful scientist became a Light Worker. Why we get burned out and how to avoid it from the spiritual point of view.
Ingrid Honkala has an amazing story. She was born in Bogota, Colombia. She graduated as a Marine Biologist and after a brilliant scientific research career in Colombia she would also obtain a Ph.D. in Marine Sciences and worked for the NASA in the United States where she lives right now.  She is also author of the book: A Brightly Guided Life (which is translated to Spanish). ​As a child, not only she had amazing learning abilities that were astonishing for her age, but she also could see and hear things that other people couldn´t (what she will explain in this episode). All these abilities seemed to be tied up with the aftermath of a near-death experience (or NDE) that she had when she drowned at the age of two in a water container. Ingrid shares her thoughts about stress, disconnection, and worry. She also gives us easy solutions to eliminate our stress and feel centered and explains why silence is at the base of human empowerment. Ingrid has continued using her scientific knowledge to approach spirituality. If you want to know more about her work visit: She has 1-1 mentorships and also holds a monthly webinar where she shares her spiritual and scientific knowledge and answers questions live. Visit het Facebookpage and her Instagram  for inspiration.
April 09, 2021
Ep. 20 (First) Interview with Martine van den Dool (Psychologist, Coach and Trainer). Her experience with burnout and what it brought to her.
Martine van den Dool is a Dutch psychologist that worked for a big multinational company in The Netherlands. After a massive burnout she left this company and started her own business. In this first interview Martine explains how she loved what she was doing and felt like every person that has had a burnout: disappointed and confused. This is the very honest view on burnout of a young brilliant psychologist who loves to learn and challenge herself. She talks about the stigma of burnout and the difficulties to find the right advice from professionals. Martine has opened her own business to support professionals in the search of development. In another interview, she will talk more about the tools she had developed for ambitious professionals. Links:, Although Martine also coaches people in English her website is at this moment only in Dutch. Suggestions for content? Send them to:
April 02, 2021
Ep. 19 Lessons of Burnout. How to reset yourself as often as you need to avoid the accumulation of stress. Tips to start working again after a burnout.
After a burnout we always want to do things differently. We are eager to work but doubt about our capacity to overcome the accumulation of stress that caused a burnout or a breakdown. In this episode I will explain what I have discovered to do that: reset myself. These are very effective technics that are easy to learn and practice on a daily basis if necessary. The links you might like are:,exhale%20slowly%20through%20both%20nostrils. Suggestions for content? Send them to: Visit also:, @escapefromtheburnoutsociety
April 01, 2021
Ep. 18 One methaphor about being in the present moment and about the second season of Escape from the Burnout Society
Have you ever heard about the importance of the present moment? Have you ever realized how many of your thoughts are dedicated to the future or your past but not to the very moment you are living? The fact is that everybody lives continuously thinking about anything but the present moment. In this episode I share a very short story I found in on of Eckart Tolle´s book that describes exactly that. I will also explain what the second season of Escape from the Burnout Society will be about. Suggestions? Write to
March 27, 2021
Ep. 17 The best tips to prevent and overcome burnout. Part 2: how to set your priorities, how to beat anxiety and be mindful
In this episode I will guide you through very helpful strategies (some I got from Saskia de WInter, CEO of Saskia de Winter Training) to prioritize efficiently, to beat anxiety and to succeed in being mindful. For more information visit like my page in FB @escapefromtheburnoutsociety and follow me in Instagram #escapefromburnoutsociety Escape from the Burnout Society is more than a podcast, it is a wake up call to all of us (not only those who have or had burnout). My project reflects also the secret wish everybody has: to escape from a society we have built around ourselves not taking much in account what really matters to us.
January 19, 2021
Ep. 16 The best 15 tips to prevent and overcome burnout in 2021. Part 1: my top 5
if you feel at this moment exhausted or anxious about the future or maybe a bit depressed and you want to avoid burnout (or maybe heal from one) then you are at the right place! I have gathered for all my listeners the best tips from my own experience and that of all the guests I interviewed in 2020 for you. The first 5 are: 1. Overrate your sleep, 2. Avoid alcohol before sleeping and drink less coffee (but the best is to stop at all), 3. Learn a breathing technique to help you recover and to relax, 4. Engage in physical activity every day and 5. Meditate Visit my website for all the related links to this podcast and leave a comment if you like. Visit Follow me on FB and Instagram #escapefromtheburnoutsociety @escapefromtheburnoutsociety or contact me:
January 05, 2021
Ep. 15 Interview with Monica Peón Iyengar Yoga teacher. How the body can heal from stress with Yoga and why breathwork and meditation are crucial
Monica started practicing Yoga more than 20 years ago to cope with the suicide of a dear family member and it became rapidly her best way to deal not only with sadness, anger and disappointment but also with stress. She explains to us why Yoga is much more than postures and how these are intricate related to the mind and the breath. As she puts it: if you can control your breath, you will control your mind. She gives online lessons The practice of Yoga is a invaluable tool we need to survive and escape from the burnout society. So if you wanted to hear from an expert why Yoga is good for everybody then listen to this episode. Monica's lessons can be followed here: (although her blog is in Spanish, she can give lessons in English, send her a message) Send your feedback about this podcast to:
December 17, 2020
Ep. 14 Interview with Dr. Eben Alexander & Karen Newell. Why meditation will improve your life without doubt. Here is how to start...
If you ever asked yourself why meditation could be good for you and how it could change your life then you have to listen to Karen Newell and Eben Alexander. They are a couple that represent the complementarity between science and spirituality. KAREN NEWELL Is an author and specialist in personal development with a diverse body of work that rests upon the foundation of heart-centered consciousness. She is an innovator in the field of brainwave entrainment audio meditation. She is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, and co-author with Eben Alexander III, M.D. of Living in a Mindful Universe and EBEN ALEXANDER III, M.D. Was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years. A pioneering scientist and modern thought leader with a passionate interest in physics and cosmology, he is the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe. Eben had a near death experience (NDE) in 2008 after being deadly ill for more than a week. This event changed his life for ever and the vision he had about science (read his book Proof of Heaven. A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife if you want to know more). Discover in this episode how to start meditating, what it will do for you and enter the world that unites science with spirituality. Do you want to start meditating TODAY? Download a free meditation at Karen's website Sacred Acoustics: If you want to know more about Karen and Eben check these links: or  - a free online workshop and companion to their book, Living in a Mindful Universe. If you want to follow the FREE webinars they give visit  These are  free biweekly webinars with Eben, Karen and special guests, to support everyone during the Covid crisis Do you have any feedback? Send your suggestions to:
November 27, 2020
Ep. 13 Interview with the real and only one Burnout Hero. A real CEO (Chief Empathy Officer) whose mission is to help people prevent and overcome burnout
Have you ever heard about Burnout Hero? His real name is Miguel and he is a very experienced (25 years) product designer in Mexico. He suffered a burnout and after his recovery he returned from the ashes as a real Burnout Hero. He started helping colleagues with free counseling and he decided to start his podcast (in Spanish). Miguel uses many examples from his broad experience in different companies and creates metaphors to explain how you also can survive your work environment and enjoy it. Have you ever thought how to get along, work and even enjoy the presence of a difficult colleague? He will explain you how to accept your Professional Me and not become it. His Podcast is called Burnout Hero. If you want to contact Miguel: #Burnout_Hero Do you have any comments? Send them to:
November 10, 2020
Ep. 12 Why Burnout got the first page on the newspaper in Holland last September and COVID-19 might have detrimental effects on stress figures
Did you know that according to recent research the amount of stressed people has increased to almost half of the population (over 18 years old) in the United States of North America? In the Netherlands it is calculated that about 4 million people suffer from chronic stress. In Mexico, the numbers are increasing fast and the National Institute of Psychiatry has declared that 40% of adults are coping with chronic stress. This are the numbers I share with you in this episode. This has become alarming since COVID-19 might have made things worse. This, according to a newspaper article published on September 18th this year by Het Parool newspaper. I was interviewed and part of my story is explained. It might be that not all people that endure high amount of stress will get burnt out... Where do you begin to realize if the Burnout Society is affecting you? Listen and find out. See: Want to read the article? Click on the link or visit my FB page @EscapeFromTheBurnoutSociety The translation to English will be soon also uploaded there too. Want to give suggestions mail me: Do you have any comments? Send them to:
October 01, 2020
Ep.11 Interview with Natalia Saldarriaga, entrepreneur. She explains why she was a workoholic and the consequences of it.
How can it be that we get trapped in our work environment and become workaholic ? Why don't we stop before it is too late and have to pay the consequences? What are the signs your work has taken control over you? Natalia was a woman working as a consultant in a top position. Her life was her work until her body decided things had to change...drastically. She not only suffered a burnout she also suffered an accident that took her speech. After 2 years of rehabilitation she started her own coaching. Check her next summit: She helps women on the top to stay there healthy. Follow her @natasaldahe #natasaldahe  Want to join my project and defeat the burnout society? Sign for my newsletter here. Follow me @escapefromtheburnoutsociety Do you have any comments? Send them to:
September 17, 2020
Ep. 10 Interview with Jerome Wehrens founder of B-Mind. How to reach balance and overcome burnout by using breathwork, meditation, exposure to cold and more.
Jerome Wehrens narrates his incredible transformation from a busy successful IT manager to the founder and owner of B-Mind. His company teaches people how to reach balance in their life by practicing breathwork, meditation, cold exposure (Wim Hof Method), loose weight, etcetera. In his book HEELWEEK (HEALWEEK) he explains the method he invented and that he uses himself to become 120 years old and reach that age healthy. He is a man on a mission and he does everything to achieve his goal! He has plenty of knowledge to succeed in his endeavor! But for his transformation he had also to pay a high price... Don't miss his story! Want to join my journey against stress? Sign in to my Newsletter and receive the most recent information about the interviews, insights and more. Want to give feedback or do you have questions? Don't be shy! Do you have any suggestion? Send an email to:
September 10, 2020
Ep. 9 How an extreme triathlon athlete deals with stress. Interview with Josta Bolhuis founder of Trispiration Triathlon Coaching
Josta Bolhuis is a passionate coach and a sports woman. She is one of the few women that has participated in many Ironmans and extreme trianthlons like the Celtman and the Norseman. Josta explains in this episode how she transformed after her personal experience with a burnout, changed her job and slowly became an entrepreneur, mother of two and an endurance coach who mailny focus on women.  Josta knows how important is sport to explore your potential. Find out why she loves to be confronted with nature and herself.  You can find more information about Josta and Trispiration at:   check FB:  and Instagram Want to join my journey against stress? Sign in to my Newsletter and receive the most recent information about the interviews, insights and more. Want to give feedback or do you have questions? Don't be shy! Do you have any suggestion? Send an email to:
September 03, 2020
Ep 8. Why I started meditating. Learn some important facts about meditation
In this episode I talk about why I started meditating and how. I also explain some very interesting facts about meditation. Enjoy and relax! If you want to be informed about my upcoming interviews and solo podcasts, sign in to my Newsletter. Don't forget to like my FaceBook page @EscapeFromTheBurnoutSociety Share my podcast with people that are stressed. Help prevent burnouts! Feedback? write me to: Do you have any suggestion? Send an email to:
August 18, 2020
Ep. 7 No amount of stress is healthy. The most important things you have to know about the effects of stress
Have you ever heard someone saying that a bit of stress can be healthy? Nonesense! Listen to this podcast and learn important facts about the effects of stress on your body. If you want to be informed about my upcoming interviews and solo podcasts, sign in to my newsletter here: Don't forget to like my FaceBook page @EscapeFromTheBurnoutSociety Share my podcast with people that are stressed. Help prevent burnouts! Do you have any suggestion? Send an email to:
August 18, 2020
Ep 6. Interview with Saskia de Winter. How to cope with fear at work, the difference between vulnerability and weakness and how we can talk about it at work
In this Episode Saskia de Winter (CEO of Saskia de Winter Training and Gestalt Psychoterapist), explains what the cause is of fear and how we can manage it to reduce our stress. She also clarifies the difference between vulnerability and weakness and the effects of it at the workfloor. She analyzes the vision of the employee and the eployer and give recomendations to managers to work on themselves to become better leaders. If you are more interested on Saskia de Winter as a trainer or a Psychologist check: Her website will be soon available in English. Saskia also gives online coaching for managers online. For contact with Saskia and her team write to:  or visit her FaceBook page @SaskiaDWinter If you want to be informed about my upcoming interviews and solo podcasts, sign in to my news letter here: Don't forget to like my Facebook page @EscapeFromTheBurnoutSociety  Share my podcast with people that are stressed. Help prevent burnouts! Do you have suggestions? Send an e-mail to:
August 18, 2020
Ep. 5 How to recognize the signs of an impending burnout. The 4 dimensions you have to pay attention to.
According to the most recent definition of burnout (defined by the work of Wilmar Schaufeli, Hans De Witte, Steffie Desart), there are basically 4 dimensions to look at if you want to understand better the signs of chronic stress and burnout. In this episode I will explain to you these dimensions and I will give some examples based on my own experience with burnout and stress. If you want to be informed about my upcoming interviews and solo podcasts, sign in to my newsletter here: Don't forget to like my FaceBook page @EscapeFromTheBurnoutSociety Share my podcast with people that are stressed. Help prevent burnouts! Do you have any suggestion? Send an e-mail to:
August 17, 2020
Episode 4. Interview with Grace Asagra holistic healer and creator of the podcast Quantum Nurse
In this episode Grace Asagra brings us closer to the most simple principles of health. Her background as a nurse, Filipino Hilot healer and Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner gives her unique tools to cure people from all kinds of diseases. For her, no body is the same and neither the healing process they need. Grace opens a door to non-conventional healing where energy is the key element. This episode is interesting for those who want to hear more about how holistic healers think about the body, how they test, how the treat people and what they think about attitude and thoughts. Grace also talks about her book: The Healing Dance, A Fusion of Massage & Ancient Healing Arts. This book is a guide for those who want to heal throught massage and ancient knowledge. For more information about Grace's work, listen to her podcast Quantum Nurse:  or Check: For more information an updates of this podcast, please sign up to our mailing list. Click on: feedback is very welcome. Do you have any suggestion? Send an e-mail to:
August 07, 2020
Ep 3. How a CEO copes with stress with Saskia de Winter
In this episode Saskia de Winter (CEO of Saskia de Winter Training) gives us a glimpse of her busy life as an entrepreneur (and private life) and shares with us how she copes with stress. Saskia who is also a Gestalt Psychoterapist, mentions powerful tools to re frame our vision on negative circumstances and how to understand sadness and anger from the Gestalt point of view. She explains also the role that anxiety and neurosis play in our lives and how all these emotions pave the way to burnout. She also explain how companies can look at the burnout conundrum and implement solutions. This is an interview that will help you look at your emotions in a different way and  will make you see you can take ownership of them when you understand their origin. If you are more interested on Saskia de Winter as a trainer or a Psychologist check: (her website will be soon available in English). For contact with Saskia and her team contact: For more information an updates of this podcast, please sign up to our mailing list. Click on:  Your feedback is very welcome. Do you have any suggestion? Send an e-mail to:
August 04, 2020
Episode 2: How to stay away from burnout. Meet Chrissi Long, Reflexologist, Naturopath and Podcaster. She is mother of five (!) and is very busy building her own business
In this episode our guest is Chrissi Long. She is the creator of the podcast Blissful Birthing - From Fear to Power. Chrissi explains how she has managed to stay away from a burnout while raising five children, supports her husband with his company (they have moved more than three times from country!) and starts with her own podcast and business. Her story resonates with the story of many women that want to know how other women deal with such a full schedule and still are able to find "ME" time and recharge their batteries. Join Chrissi and me and discover: How does she recognize the signs that stress levels are getting too high How does she avoid frustration of not having a tidy home and being "perfect" Talks sincerely about her role as mother and wife Explains why she has a life & business coach For more information an updates of this podcast, please sign up to our mailing list. Click on: feedback is very welcome. Do you have any suggestion? Send an e-mail to:
July 27, 2020
Ep. 1: Introduction. How the idea of Escape From The Burnout Society was born.
In my first episode I will explain you how the idea of this podcast was born and why do I think it will be useful for women (and men) that want to avoid get burnt out and find a balance in their lives. I will also talk about me and my background. Join my project and defeat the burnout society we are living in. Please sign up to my newsletter by click here. Don't be shy to reach out for comments and suggestions.  Do you have any suggestion? Send an e-mail to:   Follow me @escapefromtheburnoutsociety #escapefromtheburnoutsociety
July 13, 2020