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Ayurveda, Healing, and Emotions at Aithein Healing with Gagori

Ayurveda, Healing, and Emotions at Aithein Healing with Gagori

By Gagori Mitra
Gagori is the co-founder of the Aithein healing school. She shares her life experience through her courses and retreats in South Goa, India. The philosophy behind the school is "if two hands can heal so many, then many hands can heal the world."
Gagori does not believe in sharing just the technique. But Healing through touch, diet, lifestyle, and emotions. Her knowledge comes from her mother who taught her about Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle.
Come become a part of the healing community and dive into the journey within.
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Marma Points and Emotions
Marma has many definitions. In this episode, I have talked about  How the marma points are hidden or secret and have the capacity to hide emotional memories. Our bodies have specific places where it stores emotional memories. When our bodies react to emotional energy waves. Marma points on the chest are directly connected to the heart and stores emotions like hurt and sadness. A story about my expericence with my client. The ancient wisdom is still not lost. Find more details about Siddha Marma Points on our website
April 16, 2022
Incompatible foods in Ayurveda
When some food and drinks are combined together they create toxins called Ama. Our bodies give early signs like headache, acidity, nausea, acne, and constipation. One needs to take care of the early signs the body gives, otherwise, it becomes a disease. The incompatible foods are FRUITS WITH ANY OTHER FOOD ANIMAL MILK COOKED WITH MEAT, FISH, EGG HONEY FRUIT JUICE AND COFFEE LEFTOVER FOOD To learn more about diet and lifestyle find the AYURVEDA MASSAGE COURSE
March 31, 2022
Habitual state of forgetfulness
Habits can be unlearned.  Our body and mind are a feedback loop, that is if some event in our life keeps repeating it becomes a habit and one consciously forgets how the #habit formed in the first place. Mostly it occurs with emotions. When emotions get stuck in different parts of the body they create a habitual state of forgetfulness. Our bodies react to emotions and stay in a frozen state out of habit. Different parts of the body will give different reactions to different emotions. This state does not require medicine or surgery. It needs education. The topic is a particular study during the Aithein Healing Massage course 
March 17, 2022
Disesase Process, According to Ayurveda
Namaste Everyone,  The disease is a process in itself.  This episode talks about  How disease is a long process? How we do not listen to our body's intelligence What are the home sites of each Dosha? What happens when the Doshas leave their home sites What is a Disease? Understanding that the disease does not appear in one day it takes a few months? I will be happy to answer all your questions. Find me, on Instagram or email at
March 08, 2022
Listen to your heart
Welcome to the Ayurveda, healing, and emotions with Gagori Mitra.  Our heart is the seat of love, compassion, and intuition.  Our mind can talk to us otherwise and it will push us to grasp, cling, and possess. Listening to your heart can guide you to just BE.  To know more about the journey of life, log onto our website or follow us on Instagram
March 01, 2022