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Sisters Speak the podcast of Gaia Sisterhood

Sisters Speak the podcast of Gaia Sisterhood

By Jennifer Harvard
Welcome to Sisters Speak the podcast of Gaia Sisterhood. The intention of Sisters Speaks is to devote energy to holding space for women from all walks of life to celebrate the seasons of the year, phases of the moon, connect with the rhythm of the earth and our bodies, and integrate the magic of ceremony to healing ourselves and the earth. Gaia Sisterhood listens to nature, the stars, planets, our animal and plant friends and we support one another with wisdom, strength and love.
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Sisters Speak to hemp farmer, Fairlight Hubbard about the medicinal properties of hemp
Born and raised in the hills of Kentucky, Fairlight Hubbard grew up in a culture rich with the art and traditions of Matriarchal mountain women, passed down generationally. One of the prized arts of her people is plant medicine. Living off the grid and self-sufficient, days were spent learning arts not simply for function, but also for tradition and transmission of the culture. It is in this time period that Fairlight learned the art of working with our plant kingdoms... growing, foraging and harvesting the medicine of our land. This inherited plant medicine from her family and the mountains has come full circle in the past two years as Fairlight transitioned into her roots once more and started an organic farm. Hemp is a healer and helper for our bodies and our planet. The countless uses for hemp make it an important plant for us to befriend and to incorporate into our daily lives. Fairlight has formulated new medicinal offerings with her line The Flower Key and educating about hemp and other powerful plants.
March 13, 2021
Sisters Speak about Hypnotherapy with special guest Kim Collins of Own Your Ohm Health and creating intentional spaces in our homes during Imbolc
In this edition of Sisters Speak we will discuss Hypnotherapy with special guest Kim Collins of Own your Ohm health and a subject near and dear to my heart. Creating a Magical Intentional living space. And then we discuss some of the benefits of creating intentional living spaces and how Imbolc is a good time to promote magical space in our homes.
February 08, 2021
Sisters Speak to astrologer, Gina Piccalo about the Great Conjunction and the Age of Aquarius
Gaia Sisterhood founder, Jennifer Harvard interviews astrologer Gina Piccalo. Ms. Piccalo was a longtime Hollywood journalist and astrology novice before she earned her astrological certifications at Kepler College in 2014. Now based in Nashville, she uses cosmic cycles + common sense to heal clients of imposter syndrome, inspire self-love and guide them to their true purpose. Ms. Piccalo tells us about the Great Conjunction and answers questions about the Age of Aquarius as well as provides listeners with some ideas about what 2021 will look like!
January 03, 2021
Sisters Speak about Gaia Sisterhood and Celebrating Yule
In the first edition of Sisters Speak, Jennifer Harvard discusses her journey with the formation of Gaia Sisterhood and offers ways to honor Yule and the changes that occur with ourselves as the seasons change.
December 12, 2020