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The Gaki Music Podcast

The Gaki Music Podcast

By Gaki Music
The Gaki Music Podcast is a show for Music Entrepreneurs by Music Entrepreneurs! We will have open discussions, Q&As, guests, interviews and more! With everything to do with the business of Music!
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#56 Gaki Music into the Spring
Today's episode sheds light on what you can expect from Gaki Music in the near future! :)
March 28, 2022
#55 What's New in 2022
A list of what Gaki Music has to offer this year :)
February 28, 2022
#54 Happy New Year! The Shortcut is the long road ft David Andrew Wiebe
Hello and welcome! :) Episode features David Andrew Wiebe from Music Entrepreneur HQ! Links mentioned in the episode: Comment and share! Get in touch through out website
January 28, 2022
#53 Best Wishes for 2022
This is the final episode of the Gaki Music Podcast in 2021 wishing you all the best into the year 2022! :)
December 31, 2021
#52 ANNOUNCEMENT The Gaki Music Podcast in 2022
We have a special announcement for the new year, tune in to find out! :D
December 24, 2021
#51 Vision & Values
Today's episode is about your vision and values, enjoy! :)
December 23, 2021
#50 SPECIAL Fiftieth Episode!
Today we are happy to share our 50th podcast episode with you it has been an experience up until this point and we look forward to sharing more! :)
December 16, 2021
#49 Identity
Today's episode is about identity, enjoy! :)
December 09, 2021
#48 SPECIAL Music Video Production Services ft Gaki Music
To find out more about the service go to
December 02, 2021
#47 Self Actualisation
Today's episode is about self-actualisation, enjoy! :)
December 02, 2021
#46 SPECIAL Leonardo by Clo 9
This is a special episode announcing Clo 9's latest track Leonardo, available to stream on all major streaming platforms.
November 19, 2021
#45 Abundance Mindset
Today's episode is about an abundance mindset, enjoy! :)
November 19, 2021
#44 SPECIAL God Passman by Aso
The latest track by Aso, a new signing under Gaki Music, check out the track now, available on all streaming platforms! :)
November 03, 2021
#43 Honour
Today's episode is about honour, enjoy! :)
November 03, 2021
#42 SPECIAL Through Her Eyes by Clo 9
The latest song by Clo 9 out now available on all streaming platforms.
November 03, 2021
#41 Simplicity
Today's episode is about simplicity, enjoy! :)
October 16, 2021
#40 SPECIAL Grow Your Numbers! With AYV Music
AYV Music is a digital advertising Music agency helping Music Artists grow their streams, fanbase and sale using the power of digital advertising. You can find our more about AYV's services on the website as well as other useful content.
October 05, 2021
#39 Passion
Today's episode is about passion, enjoy! :)
October 01, 2021
#38 SPECIAL This Is Clo 9, Gaki Music playlist
Check out the 'This Is Clo 9' playlist on Spotify now! :)
September 23, 2021
#37 Faith
Today's episode is about faith, enjoy! :)
September 14, 2021
#36 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Through Her Eyes out now! By Clo 9
'Through Her Eyes' is a short story about an encounter Clo has with his own subconscious mind. Unknowingly mistaking this for a girl at a party Clo opens up & the pair exchange deep and meaningful questions about life and our very existence. A hard hitting baseline, fluid R&B melodies & refreshing flow tie together the perfect scene for the listener. Check it out on all streaming platforms now!
September 03, 2021
#35 Commitment
Today's episode is about commitment, enjoy! :)
August 31, 2021
Wach Yu Neba is an energetic Afrobeats track that makes you want to dance! Available on all major digital stores now! Enjoy! :)
August 25, 2021
#33 Expression
Today's episode is about expression, enjoy! :)
August 13, 2021
#32 SPECIAL Big announcement coming soon ft Wolf
We are very excited to give you the news in the coming weeks, stay tuned to find out more! :)
August 07, 2021
#31 Patience
Today's episode is about patience, enjoy! :)
July 31, 2021
#30 SPECIAL The Gaki Music Podcast 30th episode! Ft Wolf
Thank you for sticking with us to our 30th episode! We appreciate you all! There is a lot more to come from Gaki Music so watch this space! :D
July 24, 2021
#29 Gratitude
Today's episode is about gratitude, enjoy! :)
July 16, 2021
#28 ANNOUNCEMENT Beyond Reality Music Video OUT NOW by Clo 9 ft Yani
Beyond Reality is a melodic mash up of hip hop/techno, currently available to view on YouTube. Type in Clo 9 Beyond Reality to watch, enjoy! :)
July 09, 2021
#27 Self Fulfilment
Today's episode is about self fulfilment, enjoy! :)
July 02, 2021
#26 ANNOUNCEMENT Gaki Music has signed JAY JAY to a Distribution Deal!
JAY JAY is a Sierra Leonean Music Artist. Inspired by Artists such as KMan, Rude Boy and Usher. With his infectious melodies and exciting rhythms that make you want to dance - JAY JAY is one to watch! Ready to take Sierra Leone by storm and spread his Music and sound across the West coast of Africa and the world!
June 25, 2021
#25 Inner Peace
Today's episode is about inner peace, enjoy! :)
June 18, 2021
#24 SPECIAL Gaki Music Virtual After Party ft Clo 9
Today's episode is a short after party with information, feedback and details of the first Gaki Music Virtual Party which took place on Thursday 10th June 2021 hosted by Bekki Hlava with performances by Clo 9 and Jerome Arab. Stay tuned for more and enjoy! :)
June 11, 2021
#23 Dedication
Today's episode is about dedication, enjoy! :)
June 04, 2021
#22 ANNOUNCEMENT The First Ever Artist Stamp! Gaki Music! Ft Wolf
Gaki Music is the first ever Artist Stamp, pioneered by Wolf the original creative, a holistic approach to working with Music Artists. The revolution will not be televised.
May 28, 2021
#21 Determination
Today's episode is about determination, enjoy! :)
May 21, 2021
#20 ANNOUNCEMENT Clubhouse! Ft Wolf
Special announcement, Wolf the original creative, Gaki Music founder and Entrepreneur has joined Clubhouse, follow him @WolfTheCreative on Clubhouse :)
May 14, 2021
#19 Happiness
Today's episode is about happiness, enjoy! :D
May 09, 2021
#18 Special Gaki Music Updates 2020/21 ft Wolf
A brief update episode with Wolf the original creative on 2020, 2021 and what we have coming in the future! :D
April 30, 2021
#17 Courage
Today's episode is about courage, enjoy! :)
April 23, 2021
#16 Social Media and Digital Marketing for Music Artists ft David Andrew Wiebe
Today's episode is about Social Media and Digital Marketing ft David Andrew Wiebe. David is an author, entrepreneur, and musician. David is the founder of Music Entrepreneur HQ and the co-founder of The Indie YYC. Check out his website here:
April 15, 2021
April 09, 2021
#14 The effects of the pandemic on the live Music industry ft Sam McIntosh
Today's episode is about the effects of the pandemic on the live Music industry ft Sam McIntosh. Sam McIntosh is the founder of The Loud Spot with Sebastian podcast and founder of the Diamond Noise Agency, a booking agency in the USA. Sam drops a large amount of knowledge and wisdom from many years experience in the Music industry as we discuss the effects of the pandemic on the live Music industry. Connect with Sam: IG @DiamondNoiseAgency IG @SamMcIntosh IG @TheLoudSpot TikTok @SamJMcIntosh
April 02, 2021
#13 SPECIAL: Lingo by Clo 9
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Today's episode is a special for the new track by Clo 9 - Lingo. London based Artist, songwriter and producer, Clo 9, releases Lingo; a bouncy yet melodic and chill modern hip-hop track. In Lingo, Clo 9 reflects on his personal and artistic growth, realising he is no longer a student to the game of life, rather a mentor for whoever chooses to listen. It’s a heavy take on the realism of what it takes to reach this place, and the sense of bliss when reaching it and is perfect for fans of modern UK rap and Hip-hop. Enjoy! :)
March 26, 2021
#12 Women in Music and the effects of the pandemic on the live Music industry
Today's episode is about women in Music and the effects of the pandemic on the live Music industry ft Harriet JW. Harriet is a Music event organiser and promoter and the founder of Girls to the Front. Enjoy! :)
March 19, 2021
#11 Inspiration
Today's episode is about inspiration, enjoy! :)
March 12, 2021
#10 Mental Health Awareness and Inclusivity in the Music Industry ft Joanne Croxford
This episode feature Joanne Croxford, Joanne is a Wellness and Diversity expert with a vast background within the Music industry across live and Artist management. See a list below of all the resources mentioned within the episode - enjoy! :) Music Support                                                      UK Help Musicians UK                                   UK BAPAM                                                               UK Music Industry Therapist Collective         UK/Worldwide         Live Nation backed MusiCares                                             US                          Grammy backed Backline Care                                                              US The Sims Foundation                                          US, Texas Support Act                                                         Australia 24/7 support line Crew Care                                                               Australia Mental Health in Music                                     Berlin, Germany Report from Womxn In Ctrl link: Twitter @Joanne_Does_It LinkedIn Joanne Croxford Panel Discussion Protecting our Ecosystem 05/03/2021
March 05, 2021
#9 Motivation
Today's episode is about motivation, enjoy! :D
February 26, 2021
#8 Building an Artist brand ft Effi Summers
This episode talks about how to build a brand for Music Artists, team building and more! Effi Summers is a Creative Director and branding expert who works with Music Artists and companies. Here's her website: Here's her branding course: Here's her social handles: IG | @Effi_Summers FB | @EffiSummersCreative Twitter | @EffiSummers YouTube | Effi Summers Enjoy! :)
February 19, 2021
#7 Self Belief
Today's episode is about self belief, enjoy! :D
February 12, 2021
#6 Entrepreneurship as a Creative individual, creative marketing online and the power of the internet ft Aengus Boyle
Today's episode is about the pursuit of Entrepreneurship as a creative individual, creative marketing online and the power of the internet A fun, episode full of lots of golden nuggets :) Check out Aengus here: Tea with Gary Vee clip: [FOLLOW HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL!] Aengus' Artwork: The Creative Marketing Podcast:
February 05, 2021
#5 Perseverance
Today's episode is about perseverance and it's importance, enjoy! :)
January 29, 2021
#4 My Journey ft Wolf
Today we dive into Wolf's journey in the Music industry so far, enjoy! :)
January 22, 2021
#3 Momentum
Welcome to the Gaki Music Podcast! This episode talks about momentum and it's importance.
January 15, 2021
#2 Inclusivity in the Music Industry Part 1 ft Jay Ricky
This episode today features Jay Ricky, founder of Sharp Look Productions, you can find him on all Social platforms by searching Jay Ricky. This episode discusses inclusivity in the Music industry from our guest's perspective. Disclaimer: All of the content is freedom of speech and nothing is intended to offend anyone it is an open discussion
January 08, 2021
#1 Greetings and Happy New Year
Welcome to the FIRST Gaki Music Podcast, this is just a quick introduction. Find it through the Gaki Music website!
January 01, 2021