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GAMcast: A BTC & O&G Podcast

GAMcast: A BTC & O&G Podcast

By Marty Bent
A podcast hosted by Great American Mining, a bitcoin mining company, exploring the budding symbiotic relationship between the oil & gas and bitcoin mining industries.
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Bitcoin basics, branding, Catholic guilt, and the managerial class ditching the working class in O&G with Jason Spiess
Join Marty as he sits down with Jason Spiess, founder of the Crude Life, to discuss: - Bitcoin basics - Bitcoin's brand - Catholic guilt - The rich execs throwing the working class in O&G under the bus - much more Check out The Crude Life
March 29, 2021
Green energy jobs fraud, unreliable renewables, climate catastrophe, and controllable electricity with Alex Epstein
Join Marty as he sits down with Alex Epstein, Author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, to discuss: - Green energy jobs v. oil jobs - Subsidies driving energy prices higher - Using fraud as a heuristic to question the anti-energy movement - Developing our environment to protect from climate - "Climate catastrophe" - Why not nuclear? - Moralizing energy conversion - Bitcoin and energy - much more Follow Alex on Twitter Check out The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels
March 17, 2021
Life on the well pad, flare mitigation options, bitcoin as a revenue driver, and oil & gas jobs with Wes Sellner
This week Marty sits down with Wes Sellner, field operations expert, to discuss: - Wes' experience - Engaging with GAM for flare mitigation - How to separate liquids from rich gas - Different types of flares - Oil & Gas jobs are good jobs - America produces a very clean barrel of oil - Not throwing the baby out with the bathwater - much more 
March 15, 2021
OPEC, the Shale industry, common sense, and bitcoin as a settlement currency with Anas Alhajji
Join Marty as he sits down with Anas Alhajji to discuss: - OPEC dynamics - The politics of oil and gas - The history of the shale industry - Common sense - Bitcoin as a settlement currency for oil trade - much more Follow Anas on Twitter Subscribe to GAMcast
March 8, 2021
Tradeoffs, uncomfortable conversations, Bitcoin scaling, and moving production abroad with David Ramsden-Wood
Join Marty as he sits down with David Ramsden-Wood, Host of the Hot Take of the Day podcast, to discuss the tradeoffs made in 2020, how to have adult conversations about energy production, how Bitcoin scales in layers, and why David believes we'll be producing less oil on American soil in the years to come. 
March 3, 2021
Adding value for producer using Bitcoin and adult conversations around climate with Max Gagliardi
Marty sits down with Max Gagliardi, co-founder of Ancova Energy and host of the Talk.Energy podcast, to discuss: - Max's experience adding value to minerals for producers - Why he thinks Bitcoin is a massive disruptor for the industry - How does this solution scale? - How distributed should it be? - Turning the narrative tide around the O&G industry - Adult conversations around climate change - much more
February 25, 2021
Conversion not consumption and profit maximalism with Austin Storms
Marty and Austin Storms, Director of Product Engineering at Great American Mining, sit down to discuss: - Energy conversion - Fossil fuels - Deploying bitcoin mining containers in the Bakken - Mining as a way to stronger revenue streams - Hodling v. selling mined btc - Adult conversations around energy source mix - On grid v. off grid bitcoin mining - Scaling operations - much more Follow Austin on Twitter  Check out what we're building at
February 24, 2021
A path towards resiliency
Join Marty Bent and Tom Masiero from Great American Mining as they discuss: - How GAM came to be - How we stumbled into the oil & gas fields - How Bitcoin and the oil and gas industry can make each other more resilient - much more 
February 1, 2021