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Gameday Cube Sports Experience with Isaac E

Gameday Cube Sports Experience with Isaac E

By Gameday Cube & Isaac E
Welcome to Gameday Cube Sports Experience, as part of LIOJI Podcast Network. Receive thoughtful insight on professional and college sports. We are one of the few podcasts you will find that will talk in-depth about the world of soccer. You can get your gambling fix with bold predictions on weekly football spreads and futures.
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Harden, Jetpocalypse, and NFL Week 13 Recap (Episode 73)
A little commentary on the James Harden growing soap opera in Houston (10:08). The Jets marching their way to a win less season and what may Trevor Lawrence do (22:17). Finally a recap of NFL Week 13 (40:36) and power rankings going into NFL Week 14 (1:12:01). 
December 10, 2020
Week 8 Recap, NFL Rankings, and Week 9 Advantage (Episode 72)
A recap of Week 8 NFL games (1:24), a look at the rankings heading into Week 9 (40:50), and advantage for the upcoming week of games (47:06). Finally a "BE Better" on civic responsibility beyond Election Day (51:14). 
November 3, 2020
Dodgers Claim World Series, EPL, Weekend Preview and Advantage (Episode 71)
English Premier League power rankings after Matchday 7 (9:50). The Dodgers win the 2020 World Series (27:30), and Weekend Advantage/Disadvantage (38:10). Finally a "BE Better" and a plea for College Sports and finding a reasonable way to compensate the sacrifices of their student athletes in the future (55:26).
October 30, 2020
I'm Back! NFL Week 7 Recap and Power Rankings (Episode 70)
I go over the past week of NFL games. I release this week's power rankings based on the metrics. This podcast's "Be Better" message is delivered to University of Florida head coach, Dan Mullen. 
October 28, 2020
The Return, and the NFL Embarks on Playoff Season (Episode 69)
A look back at the NFL season, the future of each team and a look ahead at Wildcard Weekend.
December 31, 2019
Braves! Dodgers! What Happened!, NFL and College Picks (Episode 68)
We put into prospective the disappointing ends to the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers seasons (1:36). We also share are picks for this weekend in the NFL and college football (23:28). 
October 11, 2019
Football Weekend and Power Rankings, EPL Powers Struggle, and MLB Playoffs (Episode 67)
We take a look back at the results from the weekend in the NFL and the Redskins decision to move on from Jay Gruden (3:00). We then go over the matches for the upcoming MLS playoffs and look at the exciting and shocking results from this weekend in the English Premier League (52:10). The podcast ends with a look at the past few days in the MLB playoffs (1:06:00). 
October 9, 2019
College Football, Penny Toler, NFL Recap and Picks, and MLB Playoffs Started (Episode 66)
Picks for the upcoming Saturday of college football (1:44). Brief thoughts on the Penny Toler situation with the LA Sparks (11:45). A recap of the past week in the NFL and picks for Week 5 (15:40). We end the podcast recapping where things stand in the MLB playoffs (59:14).
October 5, 2019
Fair Pay to Play Act, NHL Preview and Futures, NFL and College Football Picks (Episode 65)
Opening comments on the beginning of NBA training camp (3:50), MLB pennant race (15:15) and Kansas NCAA violations (19:05). Further conjecture on the NCAA's challenge posed by the Fair Pay to Play Act (22:18). We pivot to our NHL Preview with predictions for the upcoming season (47:37). The last segment of the podcast is devoted to NFL and college football picks for the weekend (1:07:00).
September 28, 2019
Patriots Release AB, Pennant Races, NFL and College Football Picks (Episode 64)
The New England Patriots release Antonio Brown on Friday (2:40). The MLB pennant races now in the home stretch (17:07). The week in the NFL (29:20) and picks for Week 3; 10-4 against the number this year and 2-0 locks of the week (47:05) and college football picks for week number four; 9-9 against the number this year (57:10).
September 21, 2019
Team USA Reality Check, Jets Drama, NFL Picks Week 2, and College Football Picks Week 3 (Episode 63)
A look back at Week 1 of the NFL (1:39) and a reality check for Team USA (19:15). NFL picks for Week 2 (22:21) and college football picks for Week 3 (45:30).
September 14, 2019
College Football Picks, NFL Picks, Antonio Brown, US Open (Episode 62)
We begin with the US Open on the eve of the men and women final matches. The Antonio Brown saga reaches the likely final stages between him and the Raiders. We move on to NFL over under predictions and Week 1 picks. We end the podcast with college football picks for Week 3.
September 7, 2019
Andrew Luck, Gronk, and College Football Picks (Episode 61)
Conjecture on the decision by Andrew Luck to retire from the NFL and the physical toll of the game on him and Rob Gronkowski (1:43). The podcast ends with college football picks for the weekend (18:00).
August 31, 2019
College Football Picks and Merits of NFL Preseason (Episode 60)
Isaac E makes prediction for the upcoming college football season and picks for the Miami-Florida game and Thursday night openers (10:25). Last year Isaac E went 92-62-5 against the number in college football (23:00). The podcast ends with a hypothetical conversation on what to do with the NFL preseason and should the NFL consider adopting an amateur league to increase revenue (36:18). 
August 23, 2019
Fantasy Football Extravaganza (Episode 59)
A look back at the past weekend and week in MLB, MMA, and in soccer (2:45). An in-depth preview of fantasy football and analysis on how to draft your fantasy football team including players to watch and avoid (35:55). A final thought on the Antonio Brown helmet saga and Jay-Z's deal with the league and the current state of kneeling and silent protest (1:58:00). 
August 20, 2019
EPL Starts, Soccer Futures, NFL Preseason and Antonio Brown (Episode 58)
The English Premier League begins a new season (2:30). I go over soccer future for Champions Leagues and the European Big Five and make predictions (27:20). The podcast closes with conversation on the NFL in particular the Cowboys dilemma and Antonio Brown (39:00).
August 13, 2019
The Importance of Zlatan to MLS, Shane Lowry, and NBA Crossroads (Episode 57)
The show begins with paying respects to Maxim Dadashev (3:55). Shane Lowry wins the Open Championship (9:23), and the NBA finds themselves in a pickle (21:15). The show continues with the importance and impact of Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the MLS (27:53), and ends with another edition of Odds Corner (54:20). 
July 24, 2019
Former Players Win Lawsuit Against NCAA (Episode 56)
NCAA settles with former football and basketball players who competed between March 2010 and March 2017 for $208 million (1:35). Marisnick beaned by Astros and trade deadline approaches (13:55). Oklahoma City no hurry to trade Chris Paul (26:15). Seattle hires Ron Francis as first GM (29:30), and Kieran Trippier moves to Atletico Madrid (31:05). The Open Championship odds for this weekend's final major (33:20). Finally the NFL and NFLPA talks continue on a new CBA (38:40).
July 18, 2019
NHL Atlantic Division Offseason Recap (Episode 55)
A look at the offseasons for the Boston Bruins (3:25), Buffalo Sabres (6:13), Florida Panthers (10:45), Detroit Red Wings (13:52), Montreal Canadiens (15:25), Ottawa Senators (17:30), Tampa Bay Lightning (19:05), and Toronto Maple Leafs (21:35). 
July 16, 2019
Epic Wimbledon Final, Serena's Challenge, Westbrook Trade, and Oklahoma City's Dilemma (Episode 54)
A men's Wimbledon final for the ages (2:16), and the challenge Serena faces in reaching Margaret Court (10:50). The stunning trade of Russell Westbrook for Chris Paul and the wide ranging implications of NBA free agency (22:25). We end the show with Odds Corner looking at futures for the NFL, college football, and soccer (46:15). 
July 14, 2019
Kawhi Power Play, NBA Free Agency, The Image of James Dolan, & NHL Free Agency (Episode 53)
Kawhi Leonard chooses the other L.A. team over the Lakers and pushes the Clippers to trade for George (2:30). The aftermath of Leonard's decision on the Lakers, Thunder, and the rest of the NBA (7:30). James Dolan and how his image has hurt the Knicks fairly or unfairly, and the future for the Knicks as a team on the court and Madison Square Garden as a brand (32:34). NHL free agency major move recap and a final thought on the MLB midpoint (48:50). 
July 7, 2019
NBA & NHL Futures and Bob Ley Retirement (Episode 52)
NHL award winners, free agent talk, and early futures (2:33). NBA award winners, free agent conjecture, and early futures (20:15). We take a look at other odds and talk about additional sports including soccer and baseball (37:10). My respect for Bob Ley his impact on me and sports news after his retirement announcement (51:15).
June 29, 2019
O'Reilly and the Blues, Kawhi Leonard, Lakers Acquire Davis, and State of Warriors (Episode 51)
Discussion on the triumph of the St. Louis Blues and Ryan O'Reilly winning the playoff MVP (8:40). Kawhi Leonard winning Finals MVP and the historic and unexpected run of the Toronto Raptors to the title (12:33). Additional segment added on the Lakers big move to acquire Anthony Davis (30:00). Finally a closing thought on whether the Golden State Warriors run has ended (41:05). 
June 16, 2019
Stanley Cup Final, NBA Finals, and US Women's Soccer (Episode 50)
A look at the week ahead on the U.S. Open, and the hockey and basketball finals (4:45). Thoughts on the Stanley Cup Final Game 7 (7:50), the state of the NBA Finals and the impact of the Durant injury on a larger scale (12:10). The reason the U.S. women's soccer team has nothing to feel sorry about regarding their demolition of Thailand 13-0 in their first game of the World Cup (34:45). A final recap on the end of the European soccer season (43:40).
June 12, 2019
Stanley Cup Final Game 1 and Raptors Delight (Episode 49)
A look at the hypothetical winners and losers of the past week (4:06). A recap of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues (18:24). Final over under totals for the NHL and analysis of my predictions before the season (25:05). A look at the careers of Bart Starr, Bill Buckner, and Niki Lauda (33:10). The week ahead and a closing thought on the Toronto Raptors triumph and what awaits them in the Finals (42:30). 
May 28, 2019
The Return of Choke City (Episode 48)
Kawhi Leonard buzzer-beater and aftermath of the Raptors/Sixers series (3:00). Game 7 of the Trailblazers and Nuggets series (15:00). The NBA Draft lottery who has the best odds and the expectation of Zion (20:27). A breakdown of where things stand with the European big five as they close out their seasons (26:18). A quick look at the conference finals in the NHL so far (39:12). The weeks ahead and a look at the PGA Championship odds (43:06) and the Preakness Stakes odds (47:47). A closing thought on the latest collapse of the Houston Rockets and the brilliance of Golden State (51:23). 
May 14, 2019
Epic Finishes in UCL Semis and NBA/NHL Playoffs Recapping (Episode 47)
A look at the incredible endings in England soccer with Man City holding onto first in the EPL, and Liverpool and Tottenham's improbable comebacks in the second legs of the Champions League semi-finals (1:40). Conversation on the NHL playoffs (23:35). The troubling search for the new Lakers head coach and NBA playoff talk (29:41). 
May 9, 2019
Elite Eight Thoughts and Picks (Episode 46)
A look back at the sweet 16 and thoughts on the elite eight games including picks (2:48). A quick look at the importance of the Duke verse UNLV game in the 1991 semifinal and the impact of the game that still remains today on college basketball (19:20). 
March 30, 2019
Chalk 16 Picks and MLB Futures (Episode 45)
We go over picks for the round of 16 in the NCAA Tournament (4:00), and then we go over MLB futures predictions for the upcoming 2019 season (37:25). The closing thought is on the NFL's replay modification to include pass interference (57:34). 
March 28, 2019
Odell Beckham Jr. (Episode 44)
The second round of the NCAA tournament and thoughts on future rounds (0:37). My thoughts on the Odell Beckham Jr. trade (18:20). The current state of basketball in Los Angeles (39:45).
March 23, 2019
13 for 330 or 12 for 430 (Episode 43)
Some thoughts on Colin Kaepernick (7:00). I spend time discussing the deals of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper (19:50). Preview the next rounds for Champions and Europa League (43:00). Closing thought on Antonio Brown and  Le'Veon Bell comments on Ben Roethlisberger (1:06:55).
March 23, 2019
Harper and Machado Deals, Weekend Picks, and MLS Return (Episode 42)
NBA (13-9 on season) and college basketball (19-13 on season) picks for the weekend (3:03). Champions and Europa League return to play this week and MLS season begins (17:52). Bryce Harper and Manny Machado find deals and what it means for the upcoming season (37:14). 
March 2, 2019
NBA and NCAA Picks, Soccer Talk, Zion Williamson and Pay to Play Conversation (Episode 41)
Some thoughts on this year's NBA All-Star Weekend (6:03). A tale of two cities between the changing fortunes of the Buffalo Sabres and St. Louis Blues this year (9:14). Champions and Europa League recap (17:29) and weekend picks for the NBA and college basketball (33:52). A closing though on the Zion Williamson injury, the NBA age limit, and pay to play in college sports (44:45). 
February 22, 2019
Basketball Picks, Davis, Harper, Machado, and Colin Kaepernick (Episode 40)
College basketball picks for the upcoming weekend (7:43). A deeper look into the continuing sagas of Anthony Davis, Bryce Harper, and Manny Machado (13:33). A look back at this week in the Champions and Europa leagues (25:09). A closing thought on the settlement between Colin Kaepernick and the National Football League (43:09).
February 16, 2019
Look Back at the Weekend, UEFA Champions League, NHL, and Oklahoma City (Episode 39)
We take a look back at the weekend (3:34), UEFA Champions League and Europa League knockout stages begin (23:44). Some thoughts on the NHL Western Conference at this stage of the season (33:59). Thoughts on challengers to Oklahoma City's three-peat in particular Oklahoma City (44:00).
February 12, 2019
Alliance of American Football, Soccer and Basketball Picks, and the MLB Dilemma (Episode 38)
The real things to watch for with the new Alliance of American Football (4:39). Picks for the Champions League Round of 16 (24:29) and Europa League Round of 32 (30:54). Weekend picks for the NBA (35:04) and college basketball (38:14). A closing thought on Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and others still looking for homes (42:31).
February 9, 2019
Super Bowl 53 Recap, Porzingis Trade, and The Rooney Rule (Episode 37)
A recap of the Super Bowl and the proclamation that Bill Belichick is the all-time greatest head coach (3:49). The Kristaps Porzingis trade and the trade request made by Anthony Davis (27:09). A closing thought on the Brian Flores hire and the state of the Rooney Rule after this round of NFL head coaching hires (53:56).
February 5, 2019
Super Bowl 53: The Masters take on the New Order (Episode 36)
Exploration of Belichick teams in the Super Bowl and the blueprint to a Patriots victory (0:36). A winning game plan for the Rams on offense and defense (25:13). Final thoughts on the game and pick (50:00). 
February 1, 2019
NHL Eastern Conference, NBA and College Basketball Picks, and Roger Goodell (Episode 35)
A look at the current state of teams in the NHL Eastern Conference (15:37). Picks for the weekend ion the NBA and college basketball (43:25). A  closing thought on leadership and Roger Goodell (56:15). 
January 31, 2019
Soccer, Weekend Picks, and the Greatest Ever Statements (Episode 34)
Conversation on recent happenings in the world of European soccer (2:27), picks for the weekend in the NBA (21:58), and college basketball (26:24). A closing thought on the talk of greatest ever and the Patriots, Lebron, etc., and the ultimate disrespect given to former elite players and coaches while making these statements (29:50).
January 26, 2019
NFL Championship Game Recap, Soccer, and the State of the NFL (Episode 33)
Recap of the Rams/Saints game (3:06), and recap of the Patriots/Chiefs game (19:20). A conversation on the headlines from this past weekend in European soccer including the issues at Stamford Bridge (35:34). A closing thought on where the NFL stands at the moment on and off the field in the public consciousness (46:59).
January 22, 2019
NBA and College Basketball Picks, NFL Picks, and Kyler Murray's Decision (Episode 32)
NBA and college basketball picks for Saturday, January 19 (9:39). Conference championship picks in the NFL (28:54). A closing thought on Kyler Murray's decision to pick the NFL over baseball and the history behind the spread offense and how the black NFL quarterback is seen today in the league (58:05).
January 19, 2019
NFL Playoff Recap, Sports News, Soccer Talk, and Zion (Episode 31)
A look back at last week's divisional playoff (4:12), general sports news (27:42), Commentary on European soccer and Atlanta United's Martinez deal (38:49), and a closing thought on whether Zion should shut it down (51:14).
January 17, 2019
Recap of Playoff Games and NFL Picks (Episode 30)
A recap of wild card weekend in the NFL and the College Football National Championship (Clemson vs. Alabama) (1:08). NFL picks for divisional playoffs (22:49), and a closing thought on the Rooney Rule (44:05).
January 12, 2019
Black Monday and New Year Day Bowls (Episode 28)
Thoughts on Lebron James calling himself the best ever (8:12), the recent Black Monday firings in the NFL (23:45), college football talk with recap of New Year's Day bowl games (54:22).
January 8, 2019
NFL Playoffs and College Football Championship Predictions (Episode 29)
A breakdown of wild card weekend in the NFL and picks (1:27). National Championship Game prediction (20:23). Closing thought on the power of emotion and picking lines (33:04).
January 5, 2019
NFL Playoff Scenarios and Week 17 Picks, NBA State of the Union, & The End of the U (Episode 27)
The playoff scenarios for week 17 are discussed and the current state of every NFL team (2:00). NFL picks for Week 17 (48:45). NBA State of the Union with thoughts on all 30 NBA teams at this point of the season (1:01:18). My closing thought delves into the dilapidated state of University of Miami football (1:25:40). 
December 28, 2018
Bowl Mania and College Football Playoff Picks, NFL Week 16 Picks (Episode 26)
Bowl Mania and College Football Playoff Picks, NFL Week 16 Picks (Episode 26).
December 23, 2018
NFL Week 15 Commentary & Picks (Episode 25)
A short podcast with news and picks for Week 15 of the NFL action.
December 16, 2018
MLS Cup, NFL State of the Union, NFL Picks & College Football Recap (Episode 24)
MLS Cup talk with Atlanta United hosting the Portland Timbers (4:04). NFL State of the Union with conversation about all 16 AFC teams (13:21), and commentary on all 16 NFC teams (53:32). NFL picks for Week 14 (1:12:06), and recap of college football playoff committee decision and Heisman Trophy thoughts (1:30:58).
December 7, 2018
Sports News, NFL Weekend Recap and Week 13 Picks, and Week 14 College Football Picks (Episode 23)
Recap of Champions League and MLS Playoffs (07:21). NBA, NHL, and MLB news (24:04). NFL Week 12 recap (42:09). NFL Week 13 picks (1:08:57), and College football playoff thoughts and Week 14 picks (1:30:48).
November 29, 2018
UCF and College Sports, Chiefs verse Rams Thoughts, NFL and College Football Picks (Episode 22)
General thoughts on non-conference play between the powers of college football and college basketball and the difficulties that UCF faces (0:25). Chiefs verse Rams game big picture (18:30). NFL picks (33:31) and college football picks (1:10:30).
November 22, 2018
NFL and College Football Picks, The Week As Is (T.W.A.I.), and Golden State Drama (Episode 21)
College football picks (3:18), NFL picks for Week 11 (22:14), and The Week As Is (T.W.A.I.) with thoughts on the Golden State Approaching Dilemma (43:30).
November 17, 2018
NFL and College Football Picks, The Week As Is (T.W.A.I.) (Episode 20)
NFL picks (1:05), and college football picks (34:25), and The Week As Is (T.W.A.I.) (51:49) (Episode 20)
November 10, 2018
NFL Picks Week 9, College Football Picks Week 10, and The Week As Is (Episode 19)
A recap of the events from the past week during The Week As Is (0:20). College football picks (29:38) and NFL picks (46:30) for the week.
November 2, 2018
NFL State of the Union - Mid Season Report Card (Episode 18)
NFL news and trade deadline recap (0:20). Mid season report cards for teams in the AFC East and North (6:29), AFC South and West (24:35), NFC East and North (35:24), NFC South and West (49:00).
November 1, 2018
MLB 2018: The End (Episode 17)
A look back at the 2018 season and a look ahead to the off-season. Congratulations and a retrospective on the Red Sox accomplishment (0:20). AL East recap (14:26), AL Central recap (31:01), AL West recap (38:29), NL East recap (50:08), NL Central recap (1:04:48), and NL West recap (1:11:03).
October 30, 2018
NFL and College Football Picks, The Week As Is (T.W.A.I.), and The World Series (Episode 16)
NFL picks for Week 8 (1:00) and College Football picks for Week 9 (28:22), The Week As Is (T.W.A.I.) (47:58), and The World Series (1:00:21). (Episode 16)
October 26, 2018
The Chargers Dilemma, NFL and College Football Picks
The Los Angeles Chargers dilemma (00:37). MLB Playoffs talk (18:02). College Football picks (25:29) and NFL picks (46:40).
October 18, 2018
NBA Preview (Epidose 14)
2018-2019 NBA season preview with over/under predictions. Top stories going into the season (0:17). Atlantic Division predictions (24:08), Central Division predictions (46:05), Southeast Division predictions (1:02:45), Northwest Division predictions (1:21:25), Pacific Division predictions (1:36:08), and Southwest Division predictions (1:53:45). Playoff, MVP, and Rookie of the Year predictions (2:08:29).
October 17, 2018
NFL and College Football Picks, Khabib, Hazard, and Butler (Episode 13)
NFL picks for Week 6 (0:20), college football picks for Week 7 (34:25), General conversation on Khabib/McGregor aftermath, Jose Mourinho, Eden Hazard, and Jaguars London possibilities (52:23), Jimmy Butler saga and MLB playoffs (1:23:18).
October 12, 2018
MLB Playoffs, NFL Picks, College Picks, Mourinho & McGregor (Episode 12)
Major League Baseball playoffs discussion (0:17), college football picks (36:50), NFL picks (53:21), and other general news talk with topics of Mourinho's manager status and the McGregor fight against Khabib (1:24:38).
October 6, 2018
NHL Season Preview (Episode 11)
NHL season preview with point total picks. Atlantic Division predictions (2:53), Metropolitan Division predictions (25:14), Eastern Conference predictions (48:47), Central Division predictions (51:02), Pacific Division predictions (1:05:36), Western Conference predictions (1:22:35), and Stanley Cup predictions (1:24:56).
October 4, 2018
NFL State of the Union - After Quarter 1 (Episode 10)
AFC recap and conversation (5:39), and NFC recap and conversation (43:02).
October 3, 2018
NFL Picks Week 4 & C. Football Picks Week 5 (Episode 9)
NFL picks for Week 4 (0:30), college football picks (24:12), and European football picks (43:41) for the weekend.
September 28, 2018
Baker Mayfield, NFL and College Football Picks
The Browns first win in nearly two years (0:40), NFL picks (14:16), and college football picks (55:27) for the weekend.
September 22, 2018
NFL Week 2 Recap and Champions League Group Stage Starts
A recap of week 2 in the NFL (1:14), and the beginning of Champions League group stage (1:14:43).
September 19, 2018
Canelo/GGG Recap, Urban Meyer, College Football Week 3 Recap
A recap of the Canelo verse Golovkin fight (0:58), Urban Meyer interview (2:27), a summary of this weekend in college football (3:48), and European soccer discussion (41:15).
September 16, 2018
NFL and College Football Picks, Canelo verse GGG
NFL picks for Week 3 (3:35), college football picks (31:20), Canelo verse GGG (57:37), the Chargers dilemma (1:03:25), European soccer (1:22:24), and pennant races (1:34:50).
September 15, 2018
NFL Week 1 Recap, College Football Weekend Recap, and MLB
A recap of the first week of NFL action (1:08), a recap of the college football weekend (52:53), and MLB pennant races talk (1:08:31).
September 12, 2018
Matt Ryan The Enigma and College Football Week 2 Picks
Recap of Atlanta vs. Philadelphia game (20:28), the enigma known as Matt Ryan (23:51), European Big Five talk (33:12), and Week 2 of College Football (46:33).
September 8, 2018
NFL Season Predictions and Week 1 Odds, Miami/LSU Recap
Final thoughts on the Miami verse LSU (4:12). NFL Preview with over/under and odds and predictions for the season and first week odds and predictions (19:15). AFC West (19:56), AFC East (42:05), AFC North (1:02:50), AFC South (1:15:05), AFC Playoffs (1:26:14), NFC North (1:29:52), NFC South (1:37:58), NFC West (1:43:22), NFC East (1:53:36), NFC Playoffs (1:59:40), and Super Bowl Pick (2:03:00). Week 1 predictions and odds (2:05:00).
September 4, 2018
First Saturday of C. Football, Pennant Races, and Mack Trade
Isaac E breaks down the first Saturday of college football and what to expect this season (0:20), the MLB pennant races (1:05:06), the U.S. Open reaches the round of 16 (1:10:40), the week in soccer (1:13:45), and the Khalil Mack trade (1:22:38).
September 2, 2018